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Bvlgari Blv   

90 Reviews

The fragrance for the unpredictable man" - A unique blend of cold and warm notes based on the spicy freshness of Ginger combined with the mellow scent of tobacco flower. Cardamon and Ginko leaves add a note of freshness while gradually blending with warm notes of Cedar, Teak, Sandalwood and Musk, which adds depth and sensuality.

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The fragrance for the unpredictable man" - A unique blend of cold and warm notes based on the spicy freshness of Ginger combined with the mellow scent of tobacco flower. Cardamon and Ginko leaves add a note of freshness while gradually blending with warm notes of Cedar, Teak, Sandalwood and Musk, which adds depth and sensuality.

  • BETTY01/06/2012

    My husband likes this crisp scent and I love it!

  • BETTY V01/06/2012

    My husband likes the fragrance and I love it.

  • AQUARIUS4.704/07/2011

    ..........or Bulgari Blu. Icy n' spicy woody scent screams attention wherever I go but just wish it could last a bit longer. Overall a good quality cologne.

  • FRANCESCO05/18/2010

    I have posted something a few years ago and since then I have tried so many scents that I have lost track..........and still I can't stop getting back to Blv!!It is the most amazing scent to this day that I have come across....

  • JLP08/07/2009


  • LUCKYCATS02/05/2008

    Have you tried Joop! Use sparingly!!!!!! Don't go by the initial spray, it settles into a very different, wonderful scent. I used to love KL for Men, if you can find it, or Perry Ellis for Men, both spicy scents. Be careful with those spicy, warm scents, they can be very obnoxious if too much is used or if the weather is too hot. And, please, stick to fresh ones if you wear it to work out. BLV is divine.

  • LUCKYCATS02/05/2008

    I don't understand anyone who doesn't LOVE this delicious fragrance! I have a friend who wears it and EVERY TIME I would run into him, I would ask what that fantastic fragrance was, and it was always the same, BLV. Clean, yet sexy and interesting. I absolutely adore it, never get sick of it. It is delicious!!!!!!!

  • PAUL C11/21/2007

    There's definitely something interesting about this fragrance that makes it stand apart from others I've tried. While it initially comes off as being soapy or baby powdery, the smell fades into something definitely more mellow and sophisticated. Simply put you will smell NICE, without getting too much attention. This is the one for daily use. its not overly romantic or overly sporty so I guess the lady at the store knew what she was talking about!!!!

  • VICKY07/07/2007

    I have just bought this perfume for my boyfriend... I was not sure which one to buy trayed in the store at least 30 perfumes... this one was the 1st I trayed and I knew it that I would end up chossing BLV!!! Is modern classy as every Bvlgari but very different fragrance from the rest... It susprised me how similar is to the Blv for woman...for me they smell almost the same so I like it most for women than for me

  • EDO05/02/2007

    And it smells so blue. This smells to me like freedom, the perfect aroma for the perfect plan. The fragrance we will want to have when we first encounter them. The cologne that will make you abstractly philosophy the description of a scent. If there were a Six, this would be the cologne to sport it.

  • MAHRAN AMONA03/27/2007

    Whenever I let people have a sniff from the bottle, I notice almost the same reaction everytime; they pause for a moment and with closed eyes, they will show a broad smile of amazement. Unique, marvelous, clean, and stays for very long time

  • AUSSIE FAN!02/24/2007

    This has to be the best male fragrance ever!! It just has the most distinctive scent that u want to smell over and over again (but u never get tired of it) . I absolutely LOVE this cologne and wear it all the time when going out. Although no one has really commented on it. I know i smell nice!!! and they know it to. I get looks from poeple where u can see there little nostrils sniffing away. then they have a smile on their face once they realise its BLV!

  • BEARSCENT01/06/2007

    I had been sampling different fragrances, trying to find one that might be “me.” So, far, I had come close but had not gotten quite there yet. I had reservations about BLV because of its mixed reviews, but the price was right, so I went for it. I am sure glad I did! This is an exquisite fragrance that smells like no other I have ever tried. Yes, it does have a baby powder scent to it initially. Give it about an hour, though, and it turns into something absolutely delicious but difficult to describe—sort of like a sweet, dewy forest mixed with the flavor of purple Chiclets. On me, it has great lasting power, too. It is definitely different—some might say weird—and it is probably not for everyone. But I think it is definitely me.

  • MARTINA11/16/2006

    Love it on my boyfriend. When he wears it I can't keep my hands off him. He bought it few days before our first date and 3 years later he keeps on bying it.

  • ADRIAN09/28/2006

    I really wanted to like this. The bottle is beautiful, and I'd heard good things about it... so I bought some. But OH MY GOD I could not wash it off fast enough. It smelled exactly like something that a woman in the 50+ age group would wear. There is absolutely nothing masculine or manly about it. They could remove the "pour homme" wording from the bottle and a lot of mature women would buy it. I dunno... maybe I got a bad batch, but I just can't see how any man would want to wear this. One of my female friends even said I smelled like her grandmother. :(

  • DAN08/23/2006

    Initially, i really liked this, but after a few wks of wearing it, i realized that it smelled like talcum powder. i wouldn't recommend it

  • ARMYGUY08/18/2006

    This is a wonderful scent. Fresh and crisp, its number two on my all time colognes list (Mont Blanc Individuel being #1). I wear this and women always ask what it is. I've never had one complaint about this one, and it lasts a decent amount of time if you use the body wash. Great product and I'm anxious to try the Notte version.

  • JOE P.06/15/2006

    Dom: I'm a 42-year old professional with a decent collection of colognes -- some of which were purchased in Italy and are not common or over-used here in the U.S. Here are two completely different colognes for you to try that you may just be interested in. The first one is Trussardi Uomo. It is a difficult one to find in shops in the States but I believe you can get it here on Perfume It is a very classy Italian cologne with the scents of floral, powder and musk that you are looking for. Perfect for wearing at the office and/or early evening dinner. Not a cologne for casual wear. Try it -- it's a classic gem. The second is Bvlgari Black. This one is a powerful nighttime only cologne that is unlike any other you will find. It has powerful top notes that hint vanilla, tobacco leaves and (some say) the smell of burning rubber. Once it settles down after about 20 minutes the underlying notes reveal subtle vanilla and sandlewood. You should give it a try. It has become one of my all-time favorites because of it's uniqueness and it is extremely long-lasting as well. Definitely not one you want to wear at the office because the scent can be very strong and masculine. While Blv is a great, spicy aroma from Bvlgari, I am far more intrigued by the scents of Black. Hope this helps.

  • DOM05/27/2006

    I need some help! Single guy, 36...close work area with women and other guys...not much into the club scene anymore...very conservative career. I've outgrown my college colognes and I need some advice on what to get. I know what I like, but there's so much out there! I don't like fresh, watery, or fruity...CKone, Cool Water, Candies or Happy. I'm looking from something powdery, musky, floral, and a nice spicy finish. I worked with a bunch of Indian guys in the UK last year and they always smelled rich and deeply spicy with hints of orange and musk. I'm wearing Obession Night right now. It's OK. I'm finding most of the stuff I'm buying these days to be very weak rip-offs of CK scents or too strange to wear in public (Davidoff's Good Life!). Something French and classic? Italian? I used to wear Soprani Unomo...great stuff though a little too casual for work. I own: Anteaus, Catalyst, Dunhill Desire, CK Eternity Summer (gift), Good Life, Burberry Touch, Burberry Brit, D&G (sample), Kenneth Cole (sample), and an essential oil mix called Kush. Anway, any help would be greatly appreciated...Dom

  • *BARBARA W*05/14/2006

    Byme (a previous poster), says it all. I feel exactly the same way he does about this scent and all of Bvlgari creations: subtle masterpieces that sophisticated noses will treasure. Thank you, Bvlgari, for elevating the perfume experience to a new level!

  • *BARBARA W*05/14/2006

    My boyfriend and I were shopping yesterday and he spritzed this on...we both loved it immediately. The ginger blends so well with the other spices, but this is not harsh or overpowering at all. Masculine and very, very sexy!! In the top 5 of my favorite men's scents.

  • DAVID05/10/2006

    I love this fragrance. I smelled it before but on me I love the smell and its long lasting

  • EXPERT04/22/2006

    This is one of the best smelling colognes you will ever smell out of the bottle and skin. That alone, I give it 5 stars and that is what it has going for it. It's extremly sporty, fresh, spicy and yet so intriguing. It's great for dayware. I'm not so sure about the longativity about it. Seems to disappear fast. This seems to be the norm for most of the Bulgari's colognes. But may depend on the person. But as I said the scent out of the bottle makes you want to bathe in it.

  • THEHONESTLLAMA01/21/2006

    This stuff is just a fresh scent, its makes you smell a little better than clean (if you can understand that). I like it a lot

  • AKEN401/17/2006

    ehh, I really don't care for this one. I thought that with the tobacco flower, I would like it. Didn't work for me. I have a large collection and this ranks among the lowest :( Cool bottle tho. Glad I only got a mini :)

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE01/14/2006

    This spicy & icy-woody cologne from the designer is not bad at all and is probably the most bold and masculine of the lineup.

  • SABBO01/12/2006

    A subtle fragrance that is never overpowering, but always there! A very clean, 'just showered' smell accompanies the soft, almost talcum-like smell. It is great for both summer and winter wear, being neither too strong, nor too weak. Different, unique, it often invites favourable comment!

  • ICE_HEAD01/04/2006

    This is a great and ice at the same time , but is does not last for at all not even for ten minutes.


    Not that appealing but not a total waste of is unique though. If you wanna smell different, you can give this a try...not my type though

  • JAY12/02/2005

    This is an intriguing perfume i personally dont think its very masculine and i would pefer it to be a little stronger so that it would not seem as if you are wearing a scented talcum powder

  • YUMMY YANC10/02/2005

    i have this an i think it is great... it really wokrs well on my skin an isnt too strong it also lasts a while on me plus all the girlys at wok an play seem to think i smell like something they want to eat!!!! ;p

  • EDDIE09/20/2005

    I just got this in the mail and so far I like it (need to see what the wife thinks). It's not very strong and overpowering which is what I think I like the most about it. Although I haven't worn it long, I can see how it wouldn't last too long (like someone said in another post)

  • FRANCESCO09/11/2005

    Thank you,Bvlgari...for giving us Blv Notte!So now the BLV lovers can change and still be loyal to that great BLV frangrance!

  • LAURINHA08/16/2005

    I've been wearing BLV for many years, and bought the new BLV Notte, bouth for woman. I'd like to know if BLV for man is indicated for women, because I think it's good to use in hot days at work... What do you guys think?

  • A SPARE07/31/2005

    I love this scent, who wouldn't. Problem? It doesn't last at all. Comes and goes. The new Aqua is much more powerful then this. Also, there is a limited version of the BLV called Blv Notte which is one of the most powerful colognes ever made. It's like BLV on steriods. I smelled it at a store, but I like Aqua better

  • SAEF06/10/2005


  • BYME05/26/2005

    Kudos to Alberto Morillas' creative mastermind and to all working at Bulgari's fragrance branch who made it possible. Very well done - thank you. Blv Pour Homme is a flawlessly conceived and executed fragrance, a strong signature for the man with a good taste. Top-class quality and distinction inside and outside, truly a finely honed gem. Such innovation, subtlety, texture and elegance is rarely seen and felt in today's perfumes. And the same applies to all Bulgari scents as well. Most designer perfumes smell harsh and vulgar compared to a Bulgari scent. I sincerely hope it will never become widely known or used and eventually become dull. However, even then I think such an original and cool scent will keep people with a discriminating nose surprised for a long time. By the way, Blv Notte is even more immense and captivating. Many thumbs up.

  • FRANCESCO04/10/2005

    the more I try this perfume the more i love it........I have been wearing so many over the years but I always go back to this one!

  • SIMON04/02/2005

    Great cologne, lasts, sexy, recomend it for everyone just picked some up this week

  • MAVERICK04/02/2005

    Well,got these as a gift from an uncle and honestly,i dont really like it.No idea why,but it just smells very weird.I'm a big perfume(cologne) user but these one just doesn't seem to appeal to me when i look at my other collections.Dont put on to much too.....allitle too sharp and strong.Lasts for awhile but starts to fade of say abt an hour or soon.Not up to my standards.

  • BRYAN03/28/2005

    This goes on with the crisp fresh scent reminiscent of Davidoff's Cool Water, but warms down to a completely different scent that is distinctly Bvlgari! Very masculine in the manner of Bvlgari, Fahrenheit, Cool Water, Safari and Elements by Hugo Boss.

  • DAVID03/16/2005

    This is such an amazing scent. It's crisp, light, and very original without being strange. It's kind of a powdery scent. First time I smelled it I immediately thought of Kramer's idea for a cologne on Seinfeld, "The Beach". For some reason it just reminds me of the beach, and trips to exotic beach resorts. It's such a classy scent, I don't know why anyone wouldn't like it unless it just didn't work with their skin chemistry. The only downside is that it doesn't last too long, but then again, people seem to notice it when I don't. Use it with the shower gel and it should last long enough (maybe?). Two thumbs and a big toe up.

  • NIKITA 02/22/2005

    Chris is so right. It does smell like talcum. So plain and light. Not worth the money at all. And this cologne i so overhyped!

  • PEPE LEPEW02/22/2005

    Is far better. It is richer, deeper and more sensual. Top notes are like heaven. Seductive and sexy. When it dries down it is slightly powdery but still sensual. Its a really great "dirty deed" scent. So if you like Blv Get BLV Notte it;s much better.

  • REESE02/14/2005

    Good old days coz it reminds me so much of a men's cologne I've smelled ages ago, perhaps the old version of Brut that's so raved about, in the 70s when my dad used it. Not bad actually, just that I won't call it original because of it.

  • SAM01/26/2005

    I bought this one the other day and really like it. As the pitch on the site says, it starts out with ginger and other herbal notes which are very light and refreshing. As Blv dries down it shows its woodier, spicier side and resembles a lighter Zino Davidoff. As other reviewers said it is somewhat understated, so it is hard to overapply.

  • E-DIDDY01/17/2005

    Frankly, this one's either a love or hate. My friend liked it so much I got him a set but I could never see myself using it because IMO it's excessively gingery and "dry".

  • LORI12/10/2004

    A man at work wears this and it drives me insane in a good way! I love this smell so much that I just want to kiss him! A must buy for any man who wants to turn on a special woman ;-)

  • FRANCESCO12/03/2004

    I thought that BLV was the best.........but BLV NOTTE is even better!A must to try....



  • WRX08/18/2004

    i have over 10 colognes, and this is one of my favorite. The scent last all day. Very refreshing, and clean.

  • ROB H.08/14/2004

    Bold, spicy and masculine scent smells like a definite aftershave. This was just a bit too spicy for me, otherwise still a good fragrance.

  • FRANCESCO05/28/2004

    How can you describe such a great scent?........Simply you can't!Just enjoy this wonderful perfume!!

  • A. NONY. MOUS05/04/2004

    Tried this once at a department store and thought it was so unusual and good I had to buy it. In the beginning, I can smell something resembling Ben Gay, but it settles into a fresh, clean scent that stays close to the skin and lasts.

  • BB04/25/2004

    I have NO idea why anyone would give BLV a low rating...I can only guess that it doesn't wear well with some people. I have been tring about 15 different (samples of) colognes and I was looking for a 'powdery' scent like the VERY expensive Amouage Gold or Dia, and this fit the bill. But more importantly women LOVE this scent. The first time I wore it women that I all ready know where all over me...looking at me, rubbing up against me, touching me, trying to kiss me! I'm just glad that some men don't like it, so I can keep it to myself and not have BLV end up like Aqua-di-Gio.

  • DARRELL03/31/2004

    This is a great long lasting, crisp, clean, and refreshing scent. Just hard to find in Central Minnesota.

  • FRANCESCO03/14/2004

    It is not loud as many but it is a very sexy scent......and it lasts,lasts and lasts staying close to the skin!

  • CHRIS02/26/2004

    I don't even know if they still make talcum powder for men, but I got some once in a gift set. Blv smells like men's talcum. If that's good, Blv is good, but it's not, keep looking. Acqua di Gio pleases everyone, and Cacharal will please most.

  • BRAD MEDLING02/13/2004

    A real stinker in my opinion! The citrus top n otes are decent but the dry down has a prevalent tobacco smell. Nasty!

  • JIM SAM01/28/2004


  • ROCKETSFAN12/20/2003

    I actually am going through a bottle of this that I bought. I have no idea why I bought it - must've been half drugged. :) It's not horrific, but it's nothing great. It's got a piercing medication smell to it... kind of like a menthol or ben gay type smell. I doubt I'll ever buy it again.

  • BEN11/28/2003

    Kev is right... I LOVE Bvlgari pour homme, and even extreme is alright, but both have VERY short lives. This one isn't nearly as nice smelling (alright), but does last a little.

  • ALEX11/23/2003

    you need it every single night. so you can refresh yourself.

  • LESTAT10/26/2003

    This is truly a great smelling cologne.. I use it with after shave and have received several compliments from women.

  • KARLS09/25/2003

    such a darn good unique spicy smell!....what"s else can i say.......

  • FERNANDO09/18/2003

    I forgot to say it reminded me of Joop Nightflight. A clean spiced scent.

  • FERNANDO09/17/2003

    Bulgari BLV has a very different scent that I think can only be described as a sweet baby-like scent, only that in the end you feel the cinnamon touch. It is a clean fragrance and I could never imagine that they could put a baby(clean baby!) in a bottle! :-) The baby-like scent on its own would be boring, but I think the cinnamon is what makes it special. It is different and perhaps I will buy it since it is nice to own some different scents.

  • SIMON09/14/2003

    I bought this today. Bulgari's colognes are so much a step ahead of the other makers and this is no exeption. Great freash smell, kinda has a good sex appeal and is very powerful. I find myself addicted to smelling my own skin and clothers. The fumes that come from my neck enlighten my senses. I stongly recomend this secret.

  • PHIL08/18/2003

    Bulgari's latest colonge is a treasure to wear. It's the cleanest scent of anything out there and yet so powerful and interesting smelling. The componuts in this colonge make it a treat to wear for anytime. It's bottle too.

  • MARIUSZ-K08/13/2003

    Very classy, light and modern and lasts for hours on my skin. Beautifull bottle. I have Bvlgari Extreme and Black. This is next in my Bvlgari collection. Bvlgari is the Best!!!

  • WILL07/17/2003

    BLV is quite different than anything I own. It dries down well with staying power.

  • KATYA06/21/2003

    It smelled so wonderful, I had to follow a guy in the elevator to ask what it was. It took by breath away...

  • KEV06/05/2003

    Bvlgari Homme was good ... this is not. I'm all for masculine scent but this just scares of everyone I know

  • GAURÍ06/03/2003

    It's perfect! Except that it does not long last in my skin. After 1 hour it dissapear. =( Try in your skin!!! (BLV pour femme is PERFECT girls. Specialy the absolute bly.)

  • ROB D.05/25/2003

    I didn't care for this one. Didn't remind me of cologne. Not sexy or interesting IMO

  • ZEUS05/15/2003

    BLV is a very nice and calm fragrance, it is not overpowering or offensive. This seems to work whether you use one squirt or 50, it has a mildness of lightly fragranced bar of deodorant soap. Recommended for anytime and anyplace.

  • TONY BOLOGNA05/14/2003

    this stuff is peculiarly icy hot (how else to describe it?). It's spicy and crisp and definitely unique. I'm glad I stumbled upon this one since far too many colognes are just like all the rest and fail to differentiate themselves from the majority, but Bulgari Blu is unique, icy hot, and like a peppermint kiss on a cold winter day.

  • RDF05/05/2003

    Absolutely one of the best !

  • ROB D.04/21/2003

    Not a sexy scent IMO. Smells more like room deodorizer to me.

  • CHARMED04/11/2003

    Got given this stuff free when i bought ralph lauren- romance men and i think its amazing, after it sets i its rather sweet (middle notes) wish i bought this instead i want to bath in the stuff i cant believe how good it is.

  • GABRIEL04/02/2003

    Very citrus! Very good!

  • ERIN02/07/2003

    One of the greatest scents ever. As much of a classic as Polo or Drakkar Noir

  • FREAKY02/02/2003

    i test this fragrance recently and the smell wow!!!!!so good and hard to said.

  • LILBLACKDRESS01/27/2003

    I've got a guy friend who's put on lots of this Bvlgari lately. We've been friends for ages and never really fancied each other. But now whenever we're together, I just feel like getting closer and closer to him because of the scent!!?

  • HO KIEN TIN11/30/2002

    i like this perfume ,so may i get it ?and now iam living in Japan,can you sent it to me or another thing i choice. thank ,please tell me know.

  • BOBBY10/27/2002


  • DOUG10/01/2002

    This stuff is pretty good after about 1/2 or so. I like its lightness, it smells very clean.

  • YANG09/02/2002

    The bottle's design is attractive, but the content smells like detergent.

  • ALEX08/31/2002

    Blv is the best Bvlgari fragrance. Black is nice but bizare and pour homme dosen't last at all. This is ecxcelent. It lasts a lot, it's fresh, elegant and modern.

  • MAURICIO08/27/2002

    Buy Bvlgari, and Bvlgari Black, this is not a good one.

  • MARIUSS08/27/2002

    Simply, sophisticated, fresh, elegant, modern, ZEN!!! I love this fragrance. It's perfect, from the bottle to the scent! It lasts forever on my skin.

  • BRENDAN07/19/2002

    Its different, a very clean scent.

  • BRIAN07/16/2002

    I was eagar to try Bvlgari's latest cologne. I was a little disappointed so hate to break the perfect barrier on this since I still think Blvgari's colognes are the best and are my favorites. This is a complex lavender cool scent with alot of ingrediants in it. I belive the top note is ginger. I got the mini of this to try it out. I was expecting something like Cool Water or Polo Sport, a cool, sporty fragrance but very special and strong like all Bulgari's stuff. This one did not like my skin at all. The scent quickly vanished. Not a good thing buying cologne when you want it to last. It smelled very nice on my clothes however. There is room for improvment on this one. If your looking into Bulgari's colgones get the Extreme, Black or Pour Homme. Those are all perfection. This one is kinda medicore and not worth the very expensive price.

  • SCORPIO05/24/2002

    fresh and sexy

  • TUM03/26/2002

    One of the best fragrance ever.More masculine and fresher than the original Bvlgari Pour Homme.

  • JOSH03/21/2002

    The preceding review is 100% Right. This is a VERY classy, and beautiful scent made by a very classy company. It's a winner!!!

  • TRAV03/11/2002

    Very different. It's somewhat sportier and cooler than the original. There's a very unique note in this that I cannot place; very hard to describe. Positively everything made by this company is of uncompromisingly high quality, so you can wear this with confidence. I prefer the original Bvlgari personally, but this is outstanding also. These perfumes exude the utmost class and sophistication. A truly superior product.

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