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Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari Image


Aqva Pour Homme   

37 Reviews

Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari is a vibrant, pure, and masculine, this crisp blend of mandarin and petit grain, spiced with sexy mineral amber. It evokes a brisk, aromatic freshness, with an elegant Mediterranean touch. Notes include Mandarin, Petit Grain, Santolina, Posidonia, Mineral Amber.

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Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari is a vibrant, pure, and masculine, this crisp blend of mandarin and petit grain, spiced with sexy mineral amber. It evokes a brisk, aromatic freshness, with an elegant Mediterranean touch. Notes include Mandarin, Petit Grain, Santolina, Posidonia, Mineral Amber.

  • ROBERT07/19/2010

    Everyone asks about it! I must exercise caution.

  • JAMES01/23/2010

    Trust me on this one, you want Bvlgari Black or better yet the Aqva Marine, which is the sequal to this one, and it's is excellent i might add. Don't waste your money on this one, buy the Aqva Marine.


    this scent some how dint apeal to me a few years back when i tested this at a store even some of my friends told me how cool n sexy this smelt ,only recently did this beauty reveal its true potential to me after i saw this in my friends bathroom cabinet i sprayed a few on my self hesistatingly initially it was quite strong but after an hour or so it mellowed down to a reely sexy and different aquatic with an absolutely medditeranean feel of the deep ocean very fresh very green very sexy and i started loving it from then on

  • JOEY P01/25/2009

    unique smell. pretty good on longetivity. not too overpowering. definitely an attention getter. when wearin it be prepared for a paparazzi like experience. im just exaggerating but you get what im saying.

  • KEVINB.07/29/2008

    I don't get it, and I really give fragrances a chance. But you can't even smell this stuff even 20min. later to even guage how it smells. I can't even smell it to tell you how good or not it is. Since I can't even smell it, my rating will have to be on the longevity.

  • CM07/07/2008

    The best Aqua out there. I love how it dries down to a spicey beack type smell. Great stuff.

  • DARRSHAN01/07/2008

    i agree with barbara w that there r many similar or close to aqua blv fragrances. so only if u dont have any aqua citrusy stuff , u can go for this. other wise prada homme is the best new choice for something fresh and ambery.

  • DARRSHAN10/25/2007

    a very beautiful fragrance for daytime wear. by far the best from blv

  • ESSENSUAL08/09/2007

    So masculine, warm and cozy. A bit more mature than Gio aqua di. Just want to peel that business suit off of you. ;>

  • SCOTT08/02/2007

    I had a college that wore this and he attracts many women. I went to his desk to see what was his cologne and saw that it was this. It's really good. And no wonder if you see all the women that post at this board saying that Bvlgari Aqva is exellent.

  • BARBARA W04/12/2007

    Hi Max - I haven't checked this board in a while, so sorry for my late response. I agree with Rob H about Aquaman and Givenchy Blue Label - both excellent choices in the marine/fresh category. Aqva is just as good as those, in my opinion, but I also think that these fragrances are all starting to smell alike and are too commonly worn. Bvlgari Extreme is still my favorite for men (in the fresh category) - hands down. It's subtle, yet has an edge to it that is very appealing and sexy. I'll check that board again to see if you've tried it yet. By the way, you can't go wrong with the advice from Rob H. He's got a great nose. :-) I'd like to see more men post in the women's boards, too - we want to know what men like to smell on women!

  • OCEANIK03/07/2007

    Great oceanic notes... sea, sand, air, sun, moon, mystery... all inside this BLV...

  • ROB H.02/07/2007

    Hey there. Don't know how often you check for responses but I hope you get around to checking the Bvlgari PH board. Anyways, I did sample this on paper some time ago at a perfume shop and my thoughts were vibrant aquatic w/ some greens and not all that impressed...........3-4* range and undecided. Similar frags. that smell somewhat similar in the ballpark that I would recommend are Aquaman by Rochas and Givenchy Blue Label. Take care

  • SILKY01/25/2007

    Yes, the dry down is similar to ADG, but, it is a bad verison of Acqua.

  • MAX01/12/2007

    To two fellow cologne connoisseurs. Hope you have found my notes plastered around the sites of Armani Black Code, and Bvlgari (pour homme, Extreme) to you both? Just wanted help with this one I haven't tried yet. Barbara, I saw one comment from you on this fragrance so just hoping you could go into detail a bit more in regards to current advice, comments. (especially since it's been a while). Master Rob, I would be interested in your comments, advice on this one too please. Couldn't see anything to date, but you may have written at an earlier date? Thanks again. Regards always, Max.

  • SAEF12/27/2006

    you have to wait for this to dry to appreciate the clean fragrant appeal.

  • DONACHI12/11/2006

    I soooo love this on my man.....Super yummy.....And to the one who said this doesn't last....I beg to disagree....It lasts longer than the other fragrances.....And it just teases my imagination.....

  • PARFUMER12/07/2006

    This is a beautiful fresh scent. I love it. It is wonderful from the Flakon(bottle) the parfum resides in, to the final notes of the scent.

  • MM09/14/2006

    tried this one but does not last. although i must admit that this one has a very nice scent.

  • AMAR09/10/2006

    great tea notes... lasts long very long.. good perfume, as good as other bulgari perfumes! excellent

  • DOMINIC08/27/2006

    In my opinion this frag is really great. Fresh, great long lasting scent.

  • DANIEL08/26/2006

    It's great to find a fresh fragrance that doesn't have lemon as the major note. Sort of spicy grassy with only the slightest hint of citrus to my nose. Absolutely love this! Also tried the new "Into the Blue" by Escada, which is also very fresh and grassy.

  • SPACE PILGRIM06/09/2006

    Kinda does smell like fresh cut grass and not as good as Aquaman which is also an aqua/green combo.

  • BARBARA W05/28/2006

    Although this type of fragrance has been done before, this has a depth and mystery to it that I find intriguing, and it seems to last longer than other "fresh" frags. Great choice for work or casual events.

  • KITOPS04/20/2006

    Top notes are quite unique but after several hours, it smells very much like Bvlgari Classic.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC03/28/2006

    Quite good aqua/green fragrance from Bvlgari is long-lasting and is great for casual and outdoor use and reminds me a bit of Aquaman by Rochas (which I like a bit better).

  • T03/08/2006

    nothing special could have been made in the 80's or 90's, the orginal Bvlgari pour homme was the best this one is just another scent alon gthe lines of Armani boring.

  • LAURINHA02/22/2006

    I think this is one of the best fragrances for man, w/ Acqua di Gio and L'Eau d"Issey. I gave to my daddy and I'm going to give one to my fiancé too - it´s sooooooooo good.

  • AKEN401/17/2006

    first of all, let me say wow. This is the cleanest, freshest scent ever. I didn't like blv at all, this is great. Reminds me a little of Lauder Beyond Paradise but cleaner. Mmm can't wait to get the shower gel and deo spray :)

  • ANT12/21/2005


  • E-DIZZ11/27/2005

    On the search for a fresh, aquatic, Mediterranean scent other than the cliched Aqua di Gio, I smelled a sample of Bulgari Aqua in a magazine. I instantly fell in love. It's a great complement to the Bulgari Pour Homme, which I use when I feel like wearing something muskier and citrusy. Aqua definitely deserves 5*.

  • TONY T11/14/2005

    class fresh and aquatic scent.2nd best 2 aquaman.this stuff has very rich ingredients that are expressed deeply with this great long lasting aquatic fresh and a bit romantic scent.

  • JSP09/09/2005

    This has to be the best frangrance to come out this year. Very versatile - it can be worn at the office or for more formal occasions.

  • R.J.09/01/2005


  • TRA08/26/2005

    This is sooooooooo good. Very marine, sweet, w/ the Bvlgari class. New favorite.

  • JALA08/22/2005

    it carries a strong male scent. totally diff from other fragrance not sweet like others. second best after chanel egoist

  • DANNY_N08/20/2005

    I love this parfume,very fresh,perfect for summer and not only...Good job with this parfume,i totaly recomand

  • ALV08/06/2005

    I like most of BVLGARI fragrances.But I think this fragrance is an ordinary fragrance not like BVLGARI other fragrances which according to me is an extra ordinary fragrance, because everytime BVLGARI lauched it's fragrance, the scent is always surprising me because it's different from others and the scent is a high quality scent.But not for this one.

  • A SPARE07/31/2005

    This could be a instint classic. I got a sample bottle of this and it's incredible. Spicy, fresh, dark and marine. It's strong too, much more so then alot of others they have come out with. Check it out!

  • ALLAN07/28/2005

    Sublime Fragrance! as usual from Bulgari... This is the type of Fragrance that Bulgari`s Collection needed to be complete. It is so fresh and nice smelling, specially for summer days, in my opinion one of the best Fresh fragrance available.

  • W.B.07/28/2005


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