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Bvlgari Extreme   

93 Reviews

In Bvlgari pour Homme, the top note is composed of Darjeeling tea with a fresh lemon accent. The peppery heart note features rosewood and Gaiac wood. The musky end note gives a sensation of pureness and simplicity. In Bvlgari Extreme, a fresh hint of grapefruit has been added to the top note for a deeper and more intense interpretation of Bvlgari more

3.4 oz EDT Spray
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In Bvlgari pour Homme, the top note is composed of Darjeeling tea with a fresh lemon accent. The peppery heart note features rosewood and Gaiac wood. The musky end note gives a sensation of pureness and simplicity. In Bvlgari Extreme, a fresh hint of grapefruit has been added to the top note for a deeper and more intense interpretation of Bvlgari pour Homme.

  • DARRSHAN J VORAA09/23/2011


  • GARYJ6904/06/2011

    By far the Best Bulgari after shave yet

  • PAO_BASS04/02/2011

    when i first put it on, I am reminded of freshly cut slices of grapefruit and lemon. it stays that way for up to 3 hours. after that, the woods emerge on the drydown, but they do not diminish the freshness of the scent at all, rather, they accentuate it. projection is good, and wow, this lasts for about 8-12 hours on my skin. great stuff!

  • ARKANGEL05/11/2009

    I'm trying very hard to figure out how a fragrance so clean and intriguing could be so very underrated. Noticed, but not overwhelming. Crisp, however not sharp. Maybe some of you smoke, or aren't healthy. Perhaps you don't eat healthy. What you put in your body plays a heavy role in what a fragrance will smell like on you, because your body chemistry can change it in an instant. I find myself following Barbara W's comments. Her and I seem to have very similar taste. Funny how I almost turn my cheek to a fragrance if her comments aren't listed under it. Thanks Barbara.

  • SCOTTI10/23/2008


  • LESTAT05/05/2008

    Shhh .. Barb.. dont let the secret out.. lol.. me, you and few others on this post know this cologne is awesome.It makes me stand out in the crowd of men wearing heavy musky, causing headaches, make you wanna take tylenol and run in the opposite direction colognes.. haha

  • LESTAT05/05/2008

    Love this cologne.Still number one in my list of evening colognes.Lasts a long time.Gets me compliments and all the hugs I want from women in parties and

  • J.RIV09/17/2007

    I have no reason why but this smelled pretty bad to me. I smelled this a Bvlgari Black the same day and this here smelled like straight cough syrup. IMO it was like a bad attempt at freshness. It smelled like Robitussin. Or Cherry Nyquil. Word to Vicks... You want a REAL fresh smelling cologne with Musk? Try Carolina Herrera 212 men or H2o. They both are as about as fresh as you can get with 212 as the Muskier of the two... Geir isnt bad either. But this is horrible.

  • KMF08/01/2007

    Perhaps the most inappropriate name for a cologne of all time. There is absolutely nothing extreme about this fragrance. As a matter of fact, I would say that this is the weakest fragrance I've ever tried on. Anyone who paid good money for this should sue for false advertising. The initial spray, was nice... Nothing out of the ordinary or anything but nice. I can't comment on any sort of dry down, because I couldn't smell the fragrance within 30 minutes of application... Avoid like the plague...

  • BARBARA W03/01/2007

    ...a very long time. A person's nose gets accustomed to their own fragrance after a while, but that doesn't mean others can't smell it! A friend who wears this can't smell it on himself after a couple of hours, but I can. Ask others, don't trust your own nose.

  • BARBARA W02/04/2007

    Hey Max! Bvlgari pour homme and Extreme are similar, obviously, but Extreme has a citrusy, peppery note that gives it a fresher, livlier quality...pour homme is more subtle with the wood notes being more pronounced. I think of Extreme being a day fragrance, and pour homme a more sophisticated evening scent. Both are wonderful, but my nose prefers Extreme a bit more. Either way, you can't lose with these!

  • MAX01/12/2007

    Hi, & 'happy new year to you all'! To all the guys & dolls out there with experience & fine taste. I need your advice & help on issue. I've just recently asked this Q on the Bvlgari 'Pour Homme' page. I would like some positive comments on the subject of how this 'Extreme' fragance compares to the original Bvlgari 'Pour Homme'. I know there's alot of talk on wether it lasts or does not last, & I'm wondering if it's just a case of this fragrance not being strong enough for 'some peoples taste'? Maybe they need and/or prefer something that is of a stronger scent? I prefer something subtle, but fine smelling, that does last for a while. So anyhow, back to the Q at hand. Could any of the regular visitors & 'positive people' please give me some of your feedback as to how these two fragrances are different two each other? Many thanks to you all, MAX.

  • KAKA2212/21/2006

    Apparently a smell with a huge following so I got my bottle to see whats the big deal. First impression was that it is a typical smelling perfume over the last 5 years or so. It does smell nice ...very nice actually tho and the ladies dig it... One of the few smells that ladies and myself both enjoy (i usu cant stand the ones that ladies give me the strongest compliments on) Not very strong stuff which is fine by me as i favour subtlety in my smelling habits however my quibble is that it doesnt last very long is seems the be very EXPENSIVE here in malaysia. That pulls the rating down to 3-stars. Pity, would've been one of the stars in my collection...

  • LIZ09/07/2006

    Definetly recommend this to men who like to turn heads especially one like mine. This colonge I beleive was designed for the successfull men out there. Very clean, unique scent. I'm sure will get you very far.

  • NEPTUNE198108/17/2006

    In my opinion, Extreme still the best perfume I've ever know. My younger brother is also agree with me. We can't find another perfume that smell like Extreme, so I think it's rare. When I use this perfume, I find a match chemistry with my personality, ubersexual. If you want people around you looked you as a young success man, smart, active, glamourous and soo elegant, then this perfume is perfect for you. Try it, and you'll feel "different" with the other man.

  • ERMAC07/15/2006

    I'll stick to the original which is much more calm and refreshing. This isn't a complete disappointment but can't touch the first one.

  • *BARBARA W*05/05/2006

    I do not understand all of the negative comments about this cologne! I think it smells fantastic, even better than Acqua di Gio. I think all you guys are too used to loud, in your face colognes that enter the room before you do! You want to make the women come closer, not run away! Give it another try...

  • K. WIMPINO04/15/2006

    Can't top the original with the addition of lemon and grapefruit along with pretty much the same notes...............below-average Bvlgari.

  • JIM02/06/2006

    What a fantastic scent and it lasts for hours.I've worn it at night and still smelled it the following day.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE11/22/2005

    I do agree with the last three 1* ratings that this basically thrashes the original Bvlgari.

  • SYLVIA J10/31/2005

    One day my boyfriend decided that he wanted to surprise me by buying a bottle of cologne that wasn't too commonly worn that smells different than most. He visited me at my lunch hour at work and said "come closer" wanting me to rub up against him. I just gagged big time. This crap smells like flatout bugspray. Avoid at all cost!

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON10/28/2005

    Right next to Green Tea parfumee, the worst by Bvlgari...........a complete negative flipside of the original.

  • X.G.09/23/2005

    Although Bvlgari Pour Homme is a little too basic but pleasing fresh fragrance, this is the complete opposite. I don't how anyone can rate this higher than 2*s. I think this might be the worst from this designer.

  • NOSE-TRADAMUS06/25/2005

    Definitely one of the best smelling colognes out there.There's always a very subtle prescense of it hours after applying it.If you're used to Joop,Brute or other car fresheners,this ain't for you.

  • COLLECTOR04/06/2005

    Chemistry or no chemistry, bottom line is this fragrance along with the original Bvlgari are the most subtle fragrances ever to come out, but that doesn't mean it does not last! I put the original bvlgari on the wrist for some testing, i caught subtle wiffs of it hours and hours after application, and it really wears close to the skin, i asked some friends and girlfriend to smell it after about 5 hours, they can all smell it, but just very light clean smell, unlike some heavy fragrances out there. Colognes are meant to be subtle, to make others smell it at very close range, many people have gotten so used to the heavy orientals, they often get paranoid if they dont detect such subtle scents on themselves, but it's actually there with you the whole time. This is the way a fragrance should be, the Bvlgari Pour Homme and Extreme are absolutely on jackpot, to protect others around you and the environment, these two fragrances just simply cannot overpower everything standing in its path. A brilliant job from the Bvlgari line.

  • LESTAT03/07/2005

    Excellent cologne.Lasts long time on my skin.Ladies find this classic Italian fragrance very sexy and unique.

  • KVRT02/12/2005

    I love this scent, but it doesn't last long enough (it is citrus-based, after all). I wish that BVLGARI would make an EDP version of the Extreme. Hopefully, this would last longer.

  • CHRISTOBELLE02/11/2005

    hmm. looking for a new fragrance for my man. Obviously from the posts from the guys, on some of you it lasts and on others it doesn't. chemistry is everything. There are some perfumes that smell great on some people and not so great on others. I guess I will just have to take him to a store and spray some on him to see how it does on his skin!

  • CAIUS01/11/2005

    This fragrance is sophisticated, spicy, and pleasant. Last all day on me if I spray more than 5X. One time,very early in the morning, I suddenly woke up and the first the I smelled was Bvlgari Extreme from my shirt. It seems that this fragrance triggered my olfactory senses. Try it.

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    better extreme than the womans, wearable, unusual extremes

  • SHARRIE11/13/2004

    the mens is nicer than the ladies

  • DAVID11/10/2004

    This is the worst smelling fragrance i have ever smelt in my entire life!

  • R.J.10/20/2004


  • JLP09/19/2004

    i like this very much makes me feel wealthy and class

  • CHUCK09/08/2004

    AAAA....YO Tony...your not exactly overflowing with grammatical proficiency yourself pal. Please. Your correct "only" concerning the high quality, but very inaccurate about the duration. It sticks around just fine, and is worth every red penny. Go spread your misconceptions and juvenielle remarks to the suckers of the world and leave the spreading of the truth to the big boys club (of which includes me). What a laugh.

  • TONY08/28/2004

    Anyone who uses the phrase "da ladies" does not know much about fine fragances. I agree, Extreme does smell good, but does not last more than an hour. Don't waste your money!

  • RAY08/26/2004

    LASTS fine!!! Doug IS correct, ya don't get it at all. Sure, if your chemistry is crappy, it'll tear anything to shreds. This one will stick around ALL day pulling in da' ladies. THIS IS A FACT

  • ALLEN08/24/2004

    Smells great but doesn't last more than an hour or two.

  • DOUG08/18/2004

    Lasts just fine, get a life. Perfection to the nth degree.

  • JOHN08/10/2004

    An Extreme waste, not much more than colored water. There are so many better options.

  • ALLAN03/17/2004

    It is the best fragrance I have ever had... People who say that it doesn´t last long is because their PH is not good enough to wear it, the smell is like you being in a Casino in Montecarlo with two hot models beside you... it´s the finest.

  • NICK02/24/2004

    THis cologne has the most amazing scent I've ever smelled. It makes you feel like a million bucks. Starts off very citrusy with a strong note of grapefruit but settles into an incredibly sexy and elegant scent. I am always complimented when I wear this cologne whether I go to the store or a nightclub. It is warmer and more concentrated than the original Bulgari which seemed to go stale on my skin. Also it is very long lasting (at least on me). This cologne is worth the price!!!

  • I'M HUNG02/07/2004

    This scent doesn't exactly attract the ladies, but it really makes me feel like I'm an aristocrat. It's pretty funny. A friend described the scent as smell of that from "an Asian person's house" referring to the noticeable tea notes. Another friend said it smelled "very Italian", whatever that means. The cologne takes a while to dry down into something quite spicy and then musky. The beginning is somewhat harsh. It's good stuff though.

  • MARTIVS02/06/2004

    Finally I found out what I was looking for: A scent with personality. Excellent !

  • FRANCESCO01/06/2004

    It is one of the most interesting perfumes is actually long lasting but is very,very subtle!

  • DAVID M01/02/2004

    I read some of the reviews by people and I find them annoying. If you don't like something..just say you don't like it but don't say its garbage or whatever; at least try some objectivity..its just your opinion and its very subjective! That being said Bulgari Extreme its not a bad scent, it suppose to be a stronger bulgari pur homme but it takes a long time to transform, you can smell some of the notes from the original scent but there is a slight difference in the dry-down of both scents.

  • W.B.12/02/2003


  • LASTS QUITE LONG11/06/2003

    I have no problems with it lasting. It continually gives off a soft sensual scent that easily lasts the whole day. Of course it doesn't project out so everyone can smell it; it's meant to be more of an intimate fragrance.

  • JON11/04/2003

    Nothing Extreme but the price.

  • JEFF10/22/2003

    Just tried this cologne at Lord and Taylor...great smell. That was an hour ago. Now, there is absolutely no trace of this scent anywhere on my person. I'm not trying to keep this all to myself as some on this post seem to imply, but rather am trying to alert others to not waste their money. The store I bought my only bottle of Bull-gary has discontinued carrying it because of so many p-o' d customers who dropped big bucks for this overblown fragrance. They want their money back.

  • JOEY10/19/2003

    Does not last longer than 30 minutes. Nothing Extreme about it.

  • KARLS09/25/2003

    stronger than bvlgari but it smells just fine!....try it!

  • ALLEN07/29/2003

    I does last "Duuuudddee". Man has is right. It doesn't project out, get a clue. Have a strong felling man and myself know FAR more legitimate individuals than yourself. The price is more than fair for the quality. It may be too steep for "you". Advice: Get a real job and move in better circles.

  • JR07/23/2003

    Don't speak for "others". It's great that this last 12 hours for you. It does not last that long for everyone. Minutes on me. Most people I know will not buy this because it does not last long enough to justify it's high price.

  • MAN07/03/2003

    It lasts 10-12 hrs. personally, and this is NOT uncommon for others. It doesn't project out like a strong oriental (Angel, Lagerfeld), but stays close.

  • NICK06/30/2003

    Bulgari Extreme lasts all day on me!! I get compliments after a full day of work from women who pass by. Try it before you buy it because all fragrances react differently on other people.

  • DAVE06/26/2003

    This is a great scent that does indeed last on me, at least... The grapefruit note could be toned down a bit, but apart from that, I give this one highest marks. Bravo Bvlgari!

  • DOES NOT LAST06/23/2003

    It lasts about 15 minutes..on everyones skin!

  • LONG LASTS06/09/2003

    People!!! You can't disccuss this!!! It depends on your SKIN!!! In some people it lon lasts. In some, it doesn't long last. SO, TRY IT ON YOUR SKIN BEFORE POSTING!!!!!!!!

  • JOHN05/29/2003

    Don't you think there is something wrong when you have to use 6-10 sprays of a frangrance to smell it? Quality scents should only need 1-2 sprays. You must go through Extreme extremely fast if you need that much everytime.

  • DJPETERDEE05/24/2003


  • FOR JOHN05/22/2003

    My favorite cologne is Gendarme.(so I don't work for Bvlgari) I been using Bulgari for about a year. People always say they can smell it on me. I use about 6-10 sprays. Maybe its my skin chemistry ( I have oiley skin). John try like 6-10 sprays and ask your girlfriend if she can smell it after 8 hours.

  • JOHN05/21/2003

    You must work for Bvlgari. This is a total waste of money. I agree it smells great, but for only 30 minutes. Do use a the whole bottle at one time?

  • PAC151105/20/2003

    today i've tried the extreme bulgari, well it does long last, and smell so simple and not to many people wear it, this is become one of my favorite right now, like the other's boss no.6, lacoste

  • NICK05/17/2003

    Bulgari Extreme lasts very long. I put in on in the morning and people can notice it after a whole days work! Same thing with the original Bulgari. I dont understand why people say this doesnt last long!!

  • TONIO05/16/2003

    Really stupid to spend money on a fragrance no one can smell.

  • JOHNNY05/15/2003

    If you like paying top dollar for a fragrance that you can't smell after 30 minutes buy Bvlgari Extreme. NOTHING extreme about this frangrance except the feeling of getting extremely ripped off.

  • MAURICIO05/11/2003

    I really like Bulgary Homme; is this a light version of the original?

  • SEXYLADY04/09/2003

    Lasts and lasts and smell s so damn sexy MMMMMMMMMM

  • ELID01/10/2003

    Hi, I'm a girl and I just want to tell you that I can fall in love with a guy that using this perfume. It attracting me very very much...

  • SPENCER12/15/2002

    Way over priced, but one of my favorites.

  • CHAD11/29/2002

    Ladies are all over u when this cologne's around

  • RAJ11/29/2002

    15/10 for this perfume. 5 for bonus points

  • RIZ11/29/2002

    Best smell so far

  • BRIAN11/29/2002

    just beautiful

  • JAK11/27/2002

    Expensive? Not compared to all those loud, cheap smells I ended up throwing away. The most luxuriously natural tone yet...subtle, completely masculine...lasts all day.

  • ALI11/26/2002


  • GOTHAM11/05/2002

    Lasts, lasts and lasts and lasts and smells oooooohhhhhhhhhhh just wonderful. Whoever says its doesn't last is a moron. They're trying to keep you away from the perfume so you won't use. This one is really good and smells ooohhhh but be weary of the girls. They may not let you go alone.


    Nothing but positive words while crusing thru my fav night spots. Women always taking notice. and i'm an ugly guy!

  • STU10/15/2002

    Correction again.....DDDuuudddeee It DOES LAST. You don't get it. It rides close to the skin not projecting out like a strong oriental. It's not intended to be, making any sense yet???? Clean, subtle AND tenacious. It also doesn't hurt to have a bit of taste End of Story...... word!!!!!

  • JEFF10/07/2002

    No, our noses work fine. Others say they smell nothing by way of any trace of a fragrance after a short period of time. What part of gone do you not get? Just because you paid a bunch for this joke does not make it a classic. I would call this a cologne for those that want to smell like nothing. Great for the office if you don't want to offend chance of that.

  • CHRIS09/28/2002

    A lot of people are saying its not long lasting. It actually is, your nose just gets used to it fast, but others will smell it.

  • KENT09/27/2002

    I agree, the only thing Extreme is the price. Why would anyone pay such a premium price for something you can't smell 30 minutes after spraying half the bottle. Too many other good fragrances that actually have a fragrance.

  • JEFF09/25/2002

    The only thing extreme about this scent is the price. Just like the Original, it is gone in minutes. Don't be duped by the posters here that say it is long lasting or "excellent". You can NOT smell this after an hour, and no one will know you wasted your money but you.

  • BEN09/05/2002

    Ok, I've read the messages here and don't understand the people who say this fragrance lasts a long time. It ONLY smells out of the bottle. A few minutes after you put it on, Extreme drys down to nothing. It is one of the best smelling fragrances, it is also one of the highest priced. What is the point of paying big bucks for something you can't smell 30 minutes application? Maybe the secret is using the whole bottle at one time!

  • TONIO08/31/2002

    Bvlgari Extreme does last longer than the original Bvlgari......about 15 minutes longer. Even if the product smells great, what's the point of wearing it if no one can smell it. Not worth it's high price......not even the discounted price. Everyone here who says it is long lasting must work for Bvlgari!

  • RCOKY08/27/2002

    this is a great perfume but doesnt last long enough.have to spray more to get noticed.

  • HANK08/09/2002

    I fell in love with this at Dillard's. A friend of mine recomended these colognes, said they were all top quality and they are! This is such a strong addiciting scent and is great for that first impression. I found it to last all day and night. Put some on your neck and arms and you'll feel like a high roller. Try it out

  • JON08/05/2002

    Everyone here who says this fragrance is long lasting must be using the whole bottle. Extreme smell good but does not last long enough to warrant its high price.

  • GIANNI07/18/2002

    Great scent......but can't smell a thing after 10 minutes.

  • RICKY07/01/2002

    I got this as a gift from my Grandmother. I told her I wanted some cologne and he knew I wore Cool Water alot and asked me if I wanted that I said suprise me with something that smells powerful and good. Hoping I didn't get some bad stuff I got this, Bvlgari Extreme. Never heard of Bvlgari before. This is such a rich, 24 k gold scent. It blows away anything I have ever smelled. Sexy and elegant. I also got samples with this of the regular which is good too.

  • BRIAN06/20/2002

    Dude you are mistaken. If anything this is TWICE as strong as the regular Bulgari and lasts even longer. Spray 6-10 sprays of this bad boy on your neck and arms and will last forever. This cologne is for real men that appreciate a classic,luxrious scent.

  • FRANCESCO06/15/2002

    One of the best scents around but not long lasting and strong at all........very stupid to spray a perfume you can't smell!!Right?

  • ERIC06/10/2002

    This is nice isn't it. The fragrance notes are different than Bulgari Homme but similar. I prefer the Bulgari Homme but you do have to spray and spray to smell it. I wish it were stronger.

  • FRANCESCO05/26/2002

    Very expensive compared to the other not so many can wear the same:this makes you very chic!

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    I went to loving the original Bvlgari to just liking it. This one is not as stale as the original. It has a powerful kick that is commanding. Different ingrediants in this but I do think it has some similarities like the original. I only has a sample of this but I would concider buying the bottle. Excellent cologne.

  • NICK05/09/2002

    Bvlgari Extreme is one of the best Mens Fragrances available. It is more concentrated and smells better than the original Bvlgari. If you are looking to find a fragrance that lasts a long time...this is it!!!

  • JORGE05/04/2002

    On my quest for a signature fragrance I stopped here. This is the one. Very elegant and classy for my taste. Never mind its price.

  • DUTCH04/18/2002

    Excellent. Very elegant and refined.

  • RODMAN9104/11/2002

    A very powerful,unique perfume, it makes your gal wan more of it from you. Great for evening and making love.

  • TUM03/27/2002

    It's like a wind. This great fragrance breezes through my heart.

  • SHAWNA02/10/2002

    This is fabulous...I'd follow a man anywhere if he wore this!!

  • ALFONSO01/19/2002

    i am happy i bought this i took my chances by peoples comments on this site it is worth it i love the smell

  • YOUNG YET12/11/2001

    It gives me confidence.Suitable for students to bussinessman.Light but romantic.With the notes of darjeeling tea- it's eXtreme

  • CURT WEBB10/16/2001

    the best out there. more concentraled and slightly warmer than original pour homme bulgari

  • MARGO08/14/2001

    Every one has complimented me on this cologne. It has a lasting scent and it smells very good.

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