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Dark Blue Hugo Boss Image

Hugo Boss

Dark Blue   

30 Reviews

Discover by Hugo Boss in 1999, Hugo Dark Blue is described to be a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. The top note sparkles with ginger and carries hints of lime and cardamom, which create a provocative and unexpected cocktail. The middle note has a manly character, floral and spicy with geranium, cypress and sage. Sensual woods reveal a buckskin, more

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Discover by Hugo Boss in 1999, Hugo Dark Blue is described to be a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. The top note sparkles with ginger and carries hints of lime and cardamom, which create a provocative and unexpected cocktail. The middle note has a manly character, floral and spicy with geranium, cypress and sage. Sensual woods reveal a buckskin, patchouli and benzoin accord. A Petter Schmitt creation, the bottle is shaped like a shaker, fanciful and modern for a cheerful tone.

  • ATRAC03/05/2007

    This cologne smells almost identical to DK Fuel for Men. Since that cologne was discontinued, this is your best bet on a replacement. Save your $250 and buy Hugo Dark Blue instead.

  • JOE11/08/2006

    This cologne is a bit too strong for me. Need something with less of a neausiating effect.

  • BRANDY07/20/2006

    You guys should be listening to the women on these boards. I mean no offense to the guys who actually take the time to post their opinions but still. Who are you tryna attract here? U wanna take another guy's opinion over a females? This stuff smells good! Very aquamarine notes. Fresh (like outta the shower) but musky to add depth.

  • SCENTMAN03/19/2006

    This one smell very synthetic reminds me of Ultravilet of Paco Rabanne though I prefer the later one. Dark Blue is the color of the vomit you will expelled out of your stomach if you smell this one. It is sickening. Major headache producer.

  • ALFIE01/09/2006

    The top note of this fragrance is really awful i always feel wanna puke after smell it. I've tried this fragrance in a perfumery. The bottom note of this fragrance is good enough and so sensual but i've considered not to buy this fragrance cuz i don't want to wait for 3 hours just to get the bottom note.

  • T.ALLEN01/10/2005

    Nice smelling fragrance. Just doesn't last long. Kinda dries down to a mussy (musty) smell. For those of you who don't like a cologne that comes on too strong, this is for you.

  • DAVE07/22/2004

    Not bad, but not really sure about this one...

  • CHRIS G06/17/2004

    Not so bad but definetly wouldn't purchase any as the scent is too spicy for my taste.(Stinks out the bottle...and weakens to a scent I can endure) I personally prefer scents I love from the beginning instead of having them grow onto me. Thank god I only got a sample(wich I didn't use entirely)

  • JOHN12/01/2003

    It is a very interesting scent at the beginning; the ginger note is very intriging. However, on me, it doesn't last: the initial character is lost very quickly, and what was at first a very strong and noticeable scent goes undetectable after a couple of hours (the drydown is totally unoriginal). It is OK if you can reapply it two or three times a day, though. I got the 125ml bottle and it lasts for months.

  • SABLE08/05/2003

    Its the best smelling fragrance out there its worth all the beans you put into it alot better then acqa di gio

  • PINKI06/28/2003

    i think this is one of the sexiest men's cologne ever to be bottled. got it for my man for christmas. it is quite heavy, though, so best used in the winter or cooler days/evening. divine ginger and spice yet refreshing. all man, and makes me randy.

  • TONO06/07/2003

    I really like it! It´s very elegant

  • AARON B.03/25/2003

    It is a very mysterious smelling scent to me nothing is really like this one. It is not strong but it has a dark smell to it very mysterious...I really enjoy it but I would test it out first NOT 4 Everyone!

  • 64303/20/2003

    I love this stuff...A couple of ladies I know just moan when I'm wearing it!

  • MAURICIO12/24/2002

    Don´t loose your money whit this stupid cologne and better get Boss N 6

  • INCUBUS12/03/2002

    Even though this scent doesn't work brilliantly with my own natural scent (and yes, the same cologne will smell differently on different people); I really do like it. Definitely worth a sniff.

  • ALLANDRA11/29/2002

    It is a horrible smell of old shoes but one you put it on skin it smells like almost old shoes still not worth beans!

  • SWEDISH 15 YRS OLD BOY09/22/2002

    My girlfriend bought this fragance for me in France a couple of months ago, and I like the fragance, but she really LOVES it! If you want a sophisticated girl is this perfect

  • RODRIGO09/13/2002

    This scent is very exotic, unusual and intriguing. Its durabilty is second to none, but, personally, I think oriental fragrances go better on women. I wouldn't choose it for my daily use.

  • JEROEN09/10/2002

    it smells lovely... but a little to strong in my opinion..

  • JEFF08/13/2002

    It smells so ordinary I have already forgotten what the tester was like. I'll save my 40-50 bucks for one I can remember 'cause there is nothing unique to justify the price here.

  • WHITEY07/30/2002

    It does smell like old shoes and grilled hamsters!!!

  • KEV07/24/2002

    i love the smell, so do all my girlfriends. It has a unique flagrance and it smells good even after a whole day. You gotta love it! If you have been using hugo all the while, you can't go wrong with this

  • PHIL03/30/2002

    dude, dont ya know that your suppose to sample a fragrance first? if it works with your chemistry, then get it. if it doesnt,well only an idiot would still buy it. dark blue is great stuff!

  • JOSH03/21/2002

    Dark Blue is a classy, masculine cologne that is my favorite of all the Boss scents. If you like Boss products, you can't go wrong with this. It's very warm, and fresh all at once. Try it. josh

  • STELLA03/13/2002

    I love this smell on guys,..its mah fav. guy cologne..makes me wanna juss run up n hug em..=)

  • JASON02/24/2002

    I like it. And all the women I know like it. It's unique, too.

  • DAN02/23/2002

    Smells like old shoes. Ewwwww!

  • ERICK01/31/2002

    That's the worst perfume I've bought. The first notes are great, but after half an hour it turns really stinky on my skin. I liked HUGO so much, that's way I guessed they were all that good, but I was wrong. I don't recommend to buy it.

  • ERIC01/21/2002

    i really liked this perfume cos it smelt like hamsters that had been grilled for just the right amount of time! my freinds reacted quite well they seemed to run away from me alot and r allways throwing up when they smell me.i smell FAB!!!!!

  • KEVIN11/26/2000


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