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Hugo boss release this batter of refreshment and joy with the Vintage charm and charisma, Boss No.1, before the farewell of the Nineties around the year 1985. The bottle opens with the splash of excitement through the sniff of its enticing and exciting Potion.

This Potion includes the blend of green apple, Artemisia, juniper, grapefruit, basil, more

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Hugo boss release this batter of refreshment and joy with the Vintage charm and charisma, Boss No.1, before the farewell of the Nineties around the year 1985. The bottle opens with the splash of excitement through the sniff of its enticing and exciting Potion.

This Potion includes the blend of green apple, Artemisia, juniper, grapefruit, basil, lemon, bergamot and caraway as its top notes. The heart of honey, orris root, lavender, sage, jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium and rose. The final base of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musk, cinnamon, cedar, oakmoss and tobacco. The cologne will satisfy both every day and occasional use.

  • JENNIFER WATERS01/03/2012

    This is the first time I have purchased Hugo Boss for my husband--I think it smells devine on him--super sexy but not overpowering.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE09/02/2009

    that's about the best way to describe it. It's Boss first male fragrance, and mannnnn is this stuff horrible. please save your money for Baldessarini. This stuff is pure crap.

  • KNIFE01/13/2009

    Strong, masculine and fresh. Has a tobacco note that kind of disappears after while, otherwise long-lasting. Can´t go wrong with this one, not to complex more of a straight-forward scent.

  • WIRRAL GUY06/14/2008

    I can only add to what jude-c has said about boss number 1,he is spot on with his description of the finest fragrance ever from hugo boss.After reading jude-c"s review of number 1 i decided to purchase it and am very glad that i did.The smell of this fragrance is from heaven-it was the almost sour like lavender that did it for me,and this fragrance does indeed have a very lingering and sexy smell to it.The lasting power of this scent is forever on me-and i simply cant stop smelling it.Always thought ungaro 111 was awesome(still is i might add)-but for me hugo boss number 1 is even better than that powerhouse.Without doubt(and until i manage to get hold of caron third man)i think number 1 has no equal-its simply put the sexiest and most lingering fragrance i have ever purchased-and i must thank jude-c for his brilliant review of number 1 which pursuaded me to buy it.Many thanks to you.:)

  • JUDE C05/15/2007

    This stuff knocks you out. It is ridiculously strong, I am telling ya. It smells very very sexy and lasts all day. It somewhat reminds me of Third Man by Caron - which is the top cologne of all time. Boss Number 1 is not quite as interesting a scent as that, but it does smell excellent. It is not a dark deep mysterious scent - it is a light deep mysterious scent. The liquid is yellow. Most night scents are dark and mysterious, but this stuff, like Third Man, has a sexy yellow smell to it. Hard to describe. It is your typical 1980's powerhouse cologne that smells like how real men are supposed to smell - it is that easy. Jacomo de Jacomo, Bel Ami, Kouros, Antaeus, Joop, Third Man, Santos, and the other classics from a decade gone by that show us one simple thing: this is how men should smell!!!!

  • MATT P. K.12/21/2006

    Man, this stuff is POTENT! But it smells great. So, on those days when you want a club to hit women over the head with, wear this, and make them either love it or hate it! Not exactly "magical," but excellently "so what!"

  • ART HISTORIAN04/07/2006

    The ambition: to make the most powerfully attracting scent ever created. The tools: DNA from Bruce Banner, a.k.a The Incredible Hulk, + nuclear reactor designed by mad scientist. The result: Eau de Godzilla. Oh yes, it´s difinitely a "no.1". It sweeps women off their feet like some godlike lizard wizard. Try it if you´re desperate...

  • DON08/05/2005

    I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase this product for 50% off at a recent store closeout. I like the scent, strong and masculine. The first time I wore it to work, a female co-worker asked me what it was, and told me she thought it was great. She makes it a point to tell me how great I smell every time I wear it lol...

  • RN05/16/2005

    This is a decent cologne. it's only downfall is that it has a really strong smell, that it's not very pleasant.

  • DAVID03/10/2005

    I've only tried a sample of it and haven't gotten any opinions. But I was very surprised to see so many negative opinions of it on the net. It's rare that I come across a cologne that fragrance that seems like one almost no one could be offended by, and I thought this was one. It's quite masculine, warm, but not overbearing and is kind of sweet. If I were chick, I would probably do me with this stuff on. Probably the only reason I rated it 4 stars is because I also tried Hugo Boss HUGO and liked it a bit was kind of fresher. BOSS seems like it might be a bit better suited for evening/romantic wear, where as HUGO might be somewhat better suited for daytime/office/casual wear. I was almost leaning towards getting BOSS over HUGO, but after seeing all these objectionable opinions (which I'm sure some ladies share), I'm kind of hesitant. Ugh.

  • DAVE01/31/2005

    It's almost funny how all the women like it, and the only objections here are coming from guys. Well, guess what guys - YOU LOSE.

  • LLL08/18/2004

    I love this scent for men. It's probably my favorite men's cologne out there. So, so sexy!

  • TOMMY. A. 04/11/2004

    Very nice scent - a classic.Warm and sweet.Probably not for everyone though.

  • RICH12/28/2003

    Having worn Ralph Lauren colognes most of my life, I tried "BOSS" and was pleasantly surprised by the reactions from the ladies in the office. I'll keep it as a steady.

  • HENRY J. 12/01/2003

    This is the original and best. I've been wearing it for over 20 years. Always EDT - never After Shave. Get it here because its hard to find in U.S.(poor P&G Marketing). Also, watch out for poor knock-offs at deep discount fragrance dealers (often the cause of poor fragrance rendition). Much more available and with better alcohol base in Europe. I constantly try other types but keep coming back to the original HUGO because its what I like and its what I get the most favorable and exciting comments on. Very comparable to the old silver-shouldered Halston Ltd and Missoni for Men (if you want to pay those kind of bucks).

  • WANG11/03/2003

    I agree like many that this is for the older gentlemen. However it is not overpowering in any sense but rather mellow and the scent grows as time elapses.

  • ARNOLD R.06/11/2003

    I think somewhere in this cologne there's a decent 80s fragrance struggling to get out, but it's drowning in lavender. At least, I think it's lavender. A funky, mutant andromeda strain of lavender that's ugly, sour and cloying and just overwhelms the entire fragrance. Whatever else is in Boss doesn't matter; your nose can't get to it. It's like trying to smell the other notes from a window ledge on the other side of the room and you have a six-inch sprig of lavender soaked in ethanol jammed into each nostril. (Okay, I'm exaggerating. Slightly.) You just can't get past it. The more you try to ignore it, the more you smell it. Blech.

  • DAVE06/04/2003

    At first, I smelled the fragrance in the bottle, and I was impressed... Very aromatic scent that has nice top notes. Once I put the scent on though... I was somewhat dissapointed. It is quite strong, and there is a note in there somewhere that just seems out of place and not in balance with the rest... Not a bad choice, but there are many others that are better for similar cost, or less.

  • RICH05/02/2003

    I've been using this one for ages, ever since it came out. I've heard nothing but compliments, "What are you wearing? Smells really good!

  • A.C.03/29/2003

    I find that most men either don't like the smell. And women upwards of 30 find this scent wild. So if you're in the market for older women go buck wild and bathe in it!

  • TRAV01/31/2003

    This is very woody, dry, bold, and extremely strong. Not for everyone.

  • N. MOSTAFA12/06/2002

    This cologne is very strong. The scent lasts for a long time. Great cologne to wear at work.

  • BRIAN06/05/2002

    I got a spray tester vile of this stuff and compared to Hugo Boss this stuff is a joke. Smells like old musk and mouthwash. Not the worst in the world but I don't see why anyone would go out of thier way for this when there are so many better choices out there.

  • PHIL04/07/2002

    dont waste the money! i'll sell you some listerine and after shave musk for a buck and you can mix em

  • MEMBOI03/09/2002

    Way too musky for me.

  • JAKE02/07/2002


  • ANGELA 01/17/2002

    Oh,Yes! I Love it when My Husband wears this Cologne. Because it just drives me Wild.

  • NICK09/16/2001

    This is the best cologne i have ever smelled it is a must. Many girls seem to like it i have heard.

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