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Hugo Boss

In Motion   

37 Reviews

In Motion cologne by Hugo Boss is a blend of sweet and spicy oils combined with fresh and woody notes that propel the mind and body into an energized state. The sensation is bright, fresh, and alive with orange, basil flowers, cinnamon bark, and nutmeg oil, soothed by the subtle elegance of sandalwood and musk.

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50 ml Energizing Shower Gel
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75 ml Aftershave Balm
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In Motion cologne by Hugo Boss is a blend of sweet and spicy oils combined with fresh and woody notes that propel the mind and body into an energized state. The sensation is bright, fresh, and alive with orange, basil flowers, cinnamon bark, and nutmeg oil, soothed by the subtle elegance of sandalwood and musk.

  • BRADW12/16/2009

    I like most Hugo Boss colognes, and this one is no exception! I love the way the orange and musk blend together to make a very pleasant scent!

  • BARBARA W03/07/2008

    Not a fan of this one - like the one in the black bottle more.

  • CARLA05/16/2006

    my boyfriend uses this and makes me want to hug and kiss him all the time! so guys, you better get one of these.....its a hit with the girls!

  • DAMIEN03/08/2006

    awesome fragrance! creates a very positive atmosphere. girls just melt around you!

  • COLOGNEMAN12/20/2005

    This stuff actually demands attention. Pretty good, but the spicy citrus stands out a little much. Sticks on your skin for a very long time. Buy the smaller bottle.

  • ROB H.10/02/2005

    Didn't like the citrus burst at the first sprays and hoped it would improve on drydown with the spices and woody warmth but my chemistry didn't seem to want to comply.................sorry, Hugo!

  • JOSEPH07/10/2005

    Awesome fragance, very spicy with some strange woody compromises with the smell: great for day or night, its warm, sexy... and hot !

  • SPHERES06/29/2005

    I like this fragance, but what about the edition "BLUE" ... is just a fresh/aquatic smell ??

  • SUHANA04/13/2005

    I got this for my boyfriend. Its not too strong hence it doesn't really leave much impression. However, the unique packaging & the mysterious feel to it, leaves me wanting for more.

  • NU04/06/2005

    nice,,. really nice fragance. not for everyone... sutil and soft notes make it very special.

  • MAN10/12/2004

    Good when performing your usual activities, quite sporty. More for a younger age set than a mature group. Don’t wear this at night and definitely don't wear it to a romantic evening. Rocha’s man or baldessarini are better for that.

  • TONI FINISH08/30/2004

    Will you really!!? Think twice... It`s not actually a bad scent, as it has that definetly a pleasant orange-vanilla note in it, but still...It has no power at all, and it just stays a bit too close to the skin. And lasting power is not what it should be, when we are talking about these highly-priced scents like this. And it has no character, besides that bottle, which is quite personable. But to be honest, I don`t like so much about even that... There are so much more interesting colognes available, that I can´t take this more than so-so-almosthorrible.

  • DAVE07/16/2004

    Too sweet for me - smelled like candy...

  • ZACHARY06/30/2004

    Most commentors say that this one is (too) sweet. I agree. Its spicily sweet...a bit too sweet...a girl friends hated it. Bought it sometime mid last year....yet to finish it...(my cerruti image only last 2 mths..magnificent perfume)

  • MARI05/04/2004

    my hubby bought this in the bahamas and i didn't like it at first. its great for saytime use but not a night on the town . boys, dont buy this if you are trying to entice a lady. go for polo sport. grr!!

  • BABYDOLL04/04/2004

    Nice fresh summer fragrance for men Good Job . Some of the other mens fragrances knock you over , This one is subtle but deffinetly positive.

  • CRIS03/04/2004

    I love this perfume. It has a great scent and an unusual bottle. Great!


    A real citrusy cologne. Does smell good. However, I really didn't think it lasted very long. I normally don't use much but compared to others, didn't last long

  • ALLY01/04/2004

    Definitely orange citrus with ginger. Buy this if you love orange citrus with a spicy middle note combo. Funny enough, I first noticed this on my sister-in-law. She wore it (out of desperation) as she forgot to pack her own fragrance when she came to visit - so she used her husband's. So I had to try it too. But the end notes are a definite giveaway that its a guy fragrance - deep and woody.

  • JAY12/20/2003

    Just got this cologne, but I really like it. Reminds me of Nautica Competition only better. Havent tested it on the ladies yet though

  • HUGO LOVER11/11/2003

    My girlfriend made me buy this cologne after telling me how the women at her job were following guys around with this stuff on. I thought she was crazy but it seems she was right.... The women do really follow you around! If you want the women to go after you wear it and you'll love it!!!

  • RAPHAEL10/24/2003

    This smell is great!!! i just love it. it smell like strong orange at first, but after a few min it smell a little sweet and peppery smell.

  • ASCHKAEL10/05/2003

    I don't think it smells like Allure's even sweeter. I don't know what it is about this scent, but i don't really like it...smells too much like oranges.

  • LUXURY_LOVER06/26/2003


  • FAITH06/12/2003

    This stuff smell almost exactly like allure but I would pick motion if I had to choose.

  • CG06/05/2003

    At first the citrus high notes made me think that it was like a lot of others, but the pepper, basil and East Indian spices which develop as base notes are intriguing. I like the lightness of it though. Makes a woman want to get closer to a man.....Definitely a great day scent.

  • TONY BOLOGNA05/27/2003

    This cologne is actually very nice; I have yet to be disappointed by a Hugo Boss cologne. The only problem is the bottle's sprayer - it never comes out in a fine mist, rather a sharp concentrated stream like a firehose.

  • SAM IRR04/17/2003

    good, fresh, orange, fruty, but for my taste, to musky

  • SUNCHEESE03/28/2003


  • RAIN03/26/2003

    At first sniff... It smells like your average citrusy cologne... But peppery, nutty and almost smokey notes start to reveal themselves over time.

  • PEDRO03/22/2003

    I wear this cologne and my wife loves it. if you men want a women wear this!

  • HUGNKISS03/08/2003

    To "PLAY", who posted about wanting a cologne like Drakkar Noir, someone else suggested Francesco Smalto as a nice alternative. Sorry, can't tell you what it smell like.

  • INCUBUS01/14/2003

    First off, the packaging (Which I normally ignore) is very funky, it's like the ball from Phantasm minus the blades. The scent starts off seemingly citrus and then develops nicely with a harmonious variety of notes, the last of which are fairly long lasting. One of my most often worn scents and a big thumbs up.

  • ALLANDRA12/11/2002

    Nothing new, you could easily find 3 colognes that were the exact same! But still pretty Good!

  • H12/11/2002

    Light and sublime, but not an impact perfum

  • SOSOFUNHAYLEE12/11/2002

    was guna get this 4 my b/f. sum1 tod me 2 get it 4 him yet when i smelt it i thought 'im not havin him wearin tht!' it smells terrible like soft tangerine smell. i got 212 men instead,which is far greater!

  • PLAY11/22/2002

    I am starting to try an learn which colognes are the best and get a better idea of the variety out there. I got this because it was new and I liked some of the other Boss fragrances. I am happy with it but was wondering if anyone knew of a cologne like Drakkar Noir, something clean but masculine for an evening cologne. I want something that is really good but not a lot of people wear. Thx. My email is [email protected]

  • MARIUS11/07/2002

    A mix of all the other Boss fragrance. Very synthetic and totally unoriginal! Great bottle though

  • EMAD11/05/2002

    i am somone who love fragrances its my best hubby and i have a greate nose thats why i always choose the best . it is one of the best fregrances i have tried for years, when i put it on every body goes on asking about my fragrance

  • SOPHISTICATION11/03/2002

    If you're looking into portraying a strong presence with a subliminal mystrious touch, soft...this cologne is for you.

  • MAURICIO11/03/2002

    Is good but not very different to the others light colognes; if you like Boss perfumes try Boss #6 wich is a classic and exotic perfume

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