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Kenneth Cole Signature Kenneth Cole Image

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Signature   

35 Reviews

The scent of accomplishment, Kenneth Cole Signature cologne by Kenneth Cole is a long lasting, fresh, spicy, woody fragrance with a rich, metropolitan sophistication. Note by note, Kenneth Cole Signature unfolds revealing contrasts and extreme sensuality. Fresh grapefruit rushes into rare violet and fiery pimento berries, and then melds into deep more

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 2.5 oz Aftershave Balm + 2.5 oz Deodorant Stick
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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The scent of accomplishment, Kenneth Cole Signature cologne by Kenneth Cole is a long lasting, fresh, spicy, woody fragrance with a rich, metropolitan sophistication. Note by note, Kenneth Cole Signature unfolds revealing contrasts and extreme sensuality. Fresh grapefruit rushes into rare violet and fiery pimento berries, and then melds into deep marine notes, orris root, and espresso beans embellished with warm woods and resins. Notes include Grapefruit, Violet, Cardamom, Pimento Berries, Deep Marine Notes, Orris Root, Water Lily, Espresso Bean, Guaiac Wood, Smoky Amber, Patchouli, Papyrus.

  • JASON04/15/2010

    Great smell. However, KC/Coty will no longer be making KC Signature. Bummer.

  • IMRAN03/11/2009

    Smells amazing, but does not last too long, hence the deduction in a point

  • AMY IN SAN DIEGO02/24/2009

    i had to take a break from my perfume obsession for about a year. i was going broke!!! now i'm back and i areally appreciate you guys responding to me since i know people are so busy with their lives. sadly, i cant splurge on high end stuff anymore!!

  • DARRSHAN01/05/2008

    just great fragrance, i tried so many times but stopped myself from buyin due to its very short lasting power.

  • ANAND09/30/2007

    Smells great. Does not last more than 30 minutes. If you are looking for an alternative for a deodorant, this might be a better option. Am very disappointed with this product. Earlier, I have tried Sung and Nu from YSL both were very good

  • LESTAT07/26/2007

    Kenneth cole signature is good scent. But vera wang and Armani code are awesome.If you are looking for an evening fragrance for your husband cannot go wrong with either vera wang or armani code both are A plus fragrances in my book.Good luck

  • TONY T07/25/2007

    of p.e. of course my fellow illinoisian rob h. king yes. this runs miles around polo black and is very long lasting. nice mixtur of citrus and ???

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    Hey Tony - looks like we both changed our minds about this one, huh? It really is good.

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    I smelled this again today and found it to be quite nice (don't know what I was thinking before). Spicy/woody, slightly dry. Elegant. It's my favorite of the Kenneth Cole lineup for men.

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    Like Farno said, Basenotes is a great resource to finding a Serge Lutens fragrance. I doubt you will see his scents here as his products sell to a high end, niche market. My favorite of his (of the ones I've smelled) is Ambre Sultan.

  • FARNO05/21/2007

    The correct spelling is Serge Lutens, if you go on "Basenotes" you will find 35 fragrances by this designer most of which are unisex and some are for women, you can find the one that you are interested in and check out the reveiws. Good luck.

  • AMY FROM DIEGO03/25/2007

    Hello guys, hope everyone is doing well. i was wondering since i've pretty much bought all the cologne for men out there, has anyone tried or heard of serge leutens?(not sure of spelling) i dont see it at emporium but would appreciate any thoughts or opinion on it. that might be my next purchase if it's positive. thanks eveyone!!!

  • TONYGIO11/30/2006

    good scent that could have been a great scent with a bit more refinement. There seems to me a melon type of note to it that while not bad, is just too prominent. I also agree with prior post that scent is reminiscent (pun intended) of Zegna Z. A nice try by kc, but I think he should stick with his "reaction" line, which he seems much more adept at....

  • AP10/24/2006

    Not a bad smelling cologne. I wanted one more subtle, maybe a flowery or citrusy smell, any suggestions?

  • TONY T10/03/2006

    signature without a doubt. upbeat and very long lasting while black is more of a "fresh" and uncomplicated.

  • MM09/22/2006

    i was trying to get a perfume as a gift for my hubby. i was about to get burberry touch when a salesman approached me and let me try kenneth cole siganture and kenneth cole black. they are both amazing! i was really surprised. i went home with nothing. because i cannot decide which of two im gonna get for my hubby... can anyone help me please...

  • CRIS KAANTO08/06/2006

    A signature cologne it could be, if you're a fan of the refined GQ fragrances. Modern, urban, sophisticated and Mr. Cole keeps getting closer and closer to Armani/ Chanel status.

  • AARON07/21/2006

    I just got this in the mail, and now that I think about it...this smells exactly like Z Zegna. I still love it, but this is not the only cologne out there with this smell. Although this is alot cheaper than Zegna, so this is a choice!

  • AARON07/10/2006

    I smelled this at Ulta recently and it smells pretty damn good! I did not try it on my skin but will next time I go there. It was a very fresh scent on first spray(on the card). I would love to get it soon. And other fragrances that are absolutely manditory for any "man's" collection of cologne are L'Eau D'Issey, Armani Code, Vera Wang, and John Varvatos! Those r my current fav. colognes, but they are all for the nights out or dates. For casual/daytime I always wear Cool Water Deep. There r some more casual scents I want. Hope this was helpful. Highly Recommend this over Reaction any day! Reaction is for teens, not adults.

  • BELLE06/22/2006

    I bought Polo Black for my husband. I would also like to know comments about which is better...Kenneth Cole Signature, Vera Wang, or Armani Code? I found the Polo Black I bought to be fresh, not too strong. I'd like to buy one of these others too, but can't decide which one to get. Which is the best?

  • ROB H.06/11/2006

    Both are equally sensual and GQ to me, to be honest with you. Both are still fairly new scents that aren't worn to death yet like Curve, Cool Water and Acqua di Gio so it's just a matter of time to see which one will irritate your nasal more. Take care

  • BELLE06/05/2006

    There are being comparisons made between this and Polo Black. Which is better?

  • *BARBARA W*05/16/2006

    This one didn't do much for me. Polo Black is my latest favorite men's release.

  • SCARLETJAZZ05/02/2006

    I'm a fan of all KC scents the men lines as well as the women's... This weekend I went to pick up the new Tommy Bahama for my boyfriend and smelt this at the counter.. man oh man this is good... I'm already a big fan of KCBlack... for men... but hey here's a little competition.. I may purchasing this soon.. ooh so good.. :) Scar

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC 05/02/2006

    Very attractive and sophisticated (KC's most GQ sophisticated) cologne is the best to date from the designer and is some good competition for RL's Polo Black, Vera Wang, St. Dupont's Signature and Armanicode.

  • ONG-BAK03/31/2006

    Very good modern citric-floral-woody fragrance is the designer's best but originality seems to be lacking a bit which doesn't necessarily bring it below a fiver.

  • MAN03/21/2006

    Signature by Kenneth Cole is one of my favorites. It's suitable for winter time: warn, masculine, sophosticated, and long-lasting. Good luck for KC.

  • NIKITA 02/24/2006

    My aunt sent me one of the little sample vials. There is a specific wood smell in here that I just can't put my finger on. I like it a lot initially but I'm not going to rate it yet because I sprayed it on my shirt the other day while I wa helping my girl move out. I smelled my shirt and it smelled like Peanut butter or something. I'll have to come back later to rate this one. It is a clean light wood on the other hand.

  • OBJ02/16/2006

    This perfume is just not for me i guess it does not go well with my body chemistry i do not appreciate it at all i am giving it away

  • KEVIN02/04/2006


  • TONY T01/31/2006

    and don't shoot me for my previous post (2 much 2 drink). this has it all, fresh top notes with a warm cozy drydown that is for all ages and very long lasting. nobody can honestly knock this gem.

  • VERY NICE01/18/2006

    This is what Acqua di Gio wishes it could be. It smells similar to AdG but has a deeper, more woody drydown. Longevity is very good, I can get a whole day out of this.

  • AKEN401/15/2006

    I like all of K Coles fragrances, though this is my leas favorite. That's not to say that this is bad tho. It's a classy scent for sure, but I still don't understant the price hike with this scents line vs. the other KC line.

  • SPACE PILGRIM01/11/2006

    Cole is on the road to Armani/Chanel status particularly with his latest which is a very modern/urban and highly sophisticated GQ fragrance. Keep it coming, Kenneth!

  • J. YORK01/07/2006

    The most sophisticated and modern of Mr. Cole's lineup and I hope to continue to see this designer soar.

  • WES CLEMENS01/01/2006

    The absolute best from the designer and is great competition for some of the other modern GQ scents like Polo Black, Vera Wang, some Armanis and Mont Blanc.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON12/31/2005

    Sophisticated and a modern GQ expression for KC make this latest addition a definite keeper and some good competition against Armani, Chanel and the new Polo Black.

  • R.J.12/27/2005


  • MARCO TESTAVERDE12/26/2005

    Truly the best from this designer is a modern/urban and very sophisticated GQ fragrance that has a bottle similar to Vera Wang but not so much smells like VW (though both are excellent).

  • RMJ12/19/2005

    This cologne is interesting. At first it starts out very fresh. Then as it dries down it develops into a more warm and inviting fragrance. I don't notice too much similarity to Vera Wang until the very latest dry down maybe, and then the similarity isn't any more than they both end up sorta warm. I'd say this cologne is very versatile. It could be used for both daytime wear and also evening wear. I do have a bit of a question though...I am in need of a few more casual colognes and i was wondering if anyone else thought that this would work for casual day wear occassionally (or would i be better off to go with KC reaction maybe)?

  • HAROLD12/16/2005

    Modern, sophisticated and also somewhat sensual yuppie fragrance is Cole's best and can battle it out with some popular veterans out there; Armani and Chanel to start with.

  • SYNERGY 12/16/2005

    So far I agree with what I've read that this latest GQ addition to KC's lineup is the best by far and most dinstincive and sophisticated with a bottle that is remeniscent of Vera Wang's. I agree that it's direct competition against Polo Black.

  • TONY T12/14/2005

    anyways, i agree with all that this is mr, cole's best but also shares some similiarities to polo black but polo is a bit fresher. also i checked them both out on sephora and both are classified as (mossy wood) fragrances.i like them both but wonder how do 2 top american designers basically come out with the same type of scent within weeks of each other. both will be hits but polo will be bigger and would also be my first choice.


    ARMANI, CARTIER, CHANEL, ST. DUPONT, HERRERA, VERA!! Y'ALL BETTER WATCHOUT 'CAUSE MR. COLE IS IN DA HOUSE!! Anyways, his latest is the most sophisticated and GQ of all his fragrances and can stand up to any cologne each of the above designers have to offer.

  • W.B.12/13/2005


  • BIGNUTZ12/13/2005

    Awesome new sophisticated fragrance from KC is his best to date and is totally GQ stuff for the man of refinement and elegance.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU12/12/2005

    Highly modern, sophisticated, and luxurious new fragrance from Mr. Cole is his best to date and can compete against Armani's greats, Chanel, Cartier, Vera Wang and a few more sophisticants out there. Seems to be targeted from the 20 to 40 age bracket (I'm 53) but still very damn sexy and distinctive!!

  • M.R.12/11/2005

    Sophisticated and very modern/urban fragrance for the man of luxury and elegance. KC's best.

  • ROB H.12/11/2005

    THE BEST in the KC lineup and can do battle against Polo Black and Vera Wang (which the scent shares a certain similarity and definitely the bottle design) for starters. Modern, refined, sophisticated, seems like this designer is trying to become something more; the ultimate expression of masculinity and sophistication among the mens' cologne industry.

  • DAX12/10/2005

    A nice and fresh smell that is good for casual or office wear. Perfumeemorium should continue adding new releases as well as more Canadian colognes such as lise watier - neiges and Hummer which is made by the same manufacturer as Alfred Sung.

  • RN12/09/2005

    This is definetly the best of all KC's, probably one of the best fragrances out there. I really like it, and it's so much better than Black or KC. Definetly one of my favorites.

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