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Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Black   

58 Reviews

Introducing Black by Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole Black captures the feeling of a black tuxedo, a black cashmere turtleneck, a black leather jacket and fashions it into a fragrance. Kenneth Cole Black is masculine and modern, as timeless as the color itself. The fragrance is a blend of fresh mint and mandarin, warmed with incense and surrounded by more

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 2.5 oz Deodorant Stick
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Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 3.4 oz Shower Gel + 0.50 oz EDT Spray + 2.6 oz Deodorant Stick
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Introducing Black by Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole Black captures the feeling of a black tuxedo, a black cashmere turtleneck, a black leather jacket and fashions it into a fragrance. Kenneth Cole Black is masculine and modern, as timeless as the color itself. The fragrance is a blend of fresh mint and mandarin, warmed with incense and surrounded by dark woods and sensuous musk. The result is an extraordinary new scent that is sexy and sophisticated, modern and timeless.

  • JAMES RODGERS01/13/2014

    excellent product. would recommend it.

  • CARLOS02/09/2012

    Great cologne at a excellent price.

  • OBSIDIAN CHIC 05/26/2011

    This is an oder frangrance that i have replinished in my husband cologne suppy for many years. I am a fragrance "junkie" and stay on top of the latest fragrances for both my husband an myself. KC Black is a must have for any well dressed, handsome gentleman even though it' an older frangrance. It's the icing on the cake! My husband can have anything he wants from me when he's wearing this one!!!!!

  • AHMAD10/07/2010

    tht's one of the best perfume in the world.

  • ANDY08/28/2009

    excellent feeling scent its very soothing and chill and the woodsy spicy drydown really bring this out and make it a hit its just a little sweet and heavy for summer or daytime, and its a bit strong but still a great scent

  • PATRICIA10/18/2007

    A must!...As a girl I've met men with terrible colognes...but that one just drives me nuts...I love it!...

  • SILKY07/04/2007

    for Black on here. It really got some bad reviews on basenotes and I honestly don't understand why. Then again, most Creeds don't appeal to me so maybe it's just me.

  • DEWY MIST07/03/2007

    I bought this for my boyfriend maybe a year and a half ago. Now it's all gone. This scent is not too overpowering and it smells quite nice. I think it can work for day or night.

  • T_200004/23/2007

    I just bought it yesterday. I love the scent. Smells a little bit like Issey Miyake. Guys, buy this fragrance instead of much more expensive signatures like Armani, CK, etc. Really worth your money.

  • AMY IN SAN DIEGO03/20/2007

    of all the men's colognes out there and theres alot of good stuff this ranks high on my list. i've worn it myself on few occasions and it's funny how guys tell me i smell good. it makes me laugh. another one that i adore is guerlain l'instant for men. so damn sexy and very hot!!!

  • ERMAC07/31/2006

    Pretty decent stuff, this spicy lemony/woody scent is. Signature is better with better lasting power which is what this stuff lacks.

  • DANYBOY07/02/2006

    At the first time i spray it on my skin, the smell's fresh a 'bit woody. But when it dried, it turns into sweet. I think it smells like CK Be??

  • RYAN. T05/30/2006

    Kenneth Cole is in my opinion a floral fruity fragrance, and like it was said earlier, there is a hine of grapefruit. This is a wonderful cologne that is an attention getter because for the most part it smells like nothing else out there except similar to Escada Scentiments which in its self is also a master piece. I think it is well worth the money.

  • SOMEBODY02/26/2006

    The name implies that this might be a dark, musky scent. Even the notes, bottle and ad suggest the same. However, I smell a fruity, fresh scent at the start that dries down to a "Chrome" kinda smell later on. It certainly can throw one a curve ball, but in a good way because it's a great scent. I just think it should come in a clear bottle and be called "White"!

  • M.R.02/18/2006

    Rather bold, masculine, sophisticated and sensual choice from Cole is good for the evenings but is becoming too commonly worn and doesn't last very long.

  • AKEN401/15/2006

    All of the Kenneth Cole fragrances are great. I'm torn between this and Reaction as my favorite KC. A fresj amd clean scent that lasts all day. I recommend getting the shower get too :)

  • JASON1312/27/2005

    Kenneth Cole is making an awesome line-up of fragrances and seemingly going head-to-head with Armani. I personally prefer Kenneth Coles variety over Armani. I like all 4 of his fragrances with Black being my favorite and will probably being adding it to my collection. Women comment about Black being "very sexy".

  • STEVE12/07/2005

    I don't know how you guys can say this cologne doesn't have staying power. I put it on in the morning and I can still smell it on me in the evening.

  • TONY T12/07/2005

    i do smell grapefruit in KCB but i like the note. it brings out the freshness of a scent. one of my fav's has grapefruit (212 H2O) BUT KCB is a very good scent. i have a sampler and may purchase soon. kenneth does s good job,now i must sample signature.

  • MIKE11/29/2005


  • LOS11/28/2005

    I love it. Smells great and it lasts on my skin. Two sprays will do. Every retailer that I've gone to, the saleswomen love it and are always recommending it.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE11/26/2005

    Nicely powered and fairly sophisticated 2nd attempt from this designer and pretty darn good of its type.

  • WES CLEMENS11/05/2005

    Strong, powering evening fragrance is pretty sophisticated stuff for the average price and I'm amazed that it's only been reviewed this many times so far.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC10/12/2005

    This is a very bold and minty/lemony fragrance that seems most appropriate for evenings but could as well be used for casual outings, I guess.

  • UNCLE TIM 09/20/2005

    after two 0.04 oz samples, why are so many new colognes smelling like grapefruit to me. Since I don't like bitter fruit, I don't like what I smell here. I give Black credit for being strong enough and lasting. But I will not buy more.

  • BJ08/25/2005

    Nice fragrance. A bit overpowering at first, then somewhat mellows after a few hours. I like it.

  • SYNERGY08/04/2005

    This bold, masculine, sexy and sophisticated fragrance from Mr. Cole could be so much better if it actually lasted.

  • META07/16/2005

    I get lots of complements and play with Black. 1 spray will lst you all night.

  • NIKITA 06/02/2005

    Reaction by Kenneth Cole smells good too--if not better. Black is more chic. The notes that satnd out for me are mandarin, mint and that incense smell. Also they easily go with your body chemistry. But Reaction is more all-around clean and lighter and not as striking. You can't go wrong with either one of them but I wish they would have came out with Reaction because I probably would have chosen it over Black. Kenneth Cole keep snapping with these bomb a#$ colognes!

  • MRLONGROVE02/03/2005

    I got myself a free sample not long ago. I like the scent but it's nothing special. Quite average actually. I certainly don't think it's worth the price. Also it doesn't last as long as most colognes I wear but for an 8 hour day it's just fine. Still if I get enough compliments for the women I'll try and score some more free samples...but I won't buy it.

  • JESSICA12/07/2004

    A male friend turned me on to this... men GO NUTS too. And lasts longer than most perfumes for women.

  • DAVID11/14/2004

    This cologne is one of my personal favorites!

  • R.J.11/10/2004


  • JILL11/06/2004

    i went on a blind date w/a guy who wore this, and though i wasnt initially attracted to him, i was after i got a whiff of his cologne. very manly, very sexy.

  • SKY10/19/2004

    is this long lasting?? i'm considering purchasing one of these actually.

  • JUSTLOOK_N10/13/2004

    I wear it for evening get-togethers and special meetings. I ALWAYS get great compliments! The ladies love it. The men inquire about it. Thank you Kenneth Cole!

  • TERRANCE B05/25/2004

    Dave have you ever considered purchasing a gift set that includes an After-shave balm or an all over shampoo? This make the scent last alot longer...........

  • CRAIG05/24/2004

    Kenneth Cole Black is decent overall. I prefer it as a daytime fragrance as opposed to nighttime scent. Not overbearing but doesn't last as long as others either.

  • ROB H.05/02/2004

    Haven't tried his last one that bears his name but Kenneth Cole hit the jackpot on this one. Sensuous and sophisticated, this powerful but not overpowering scent attracts a lot of women wherever I go. Keep it coming Mr. Cole.

  • SHAMY05/01/2004

    this rminds me of(212 white,burberry weekend) it is refrshing and cooloing. you will compliments from the ladies

  • ALEXANDER04/14/2004

    I love this cologne. It's fresh, warm, and classy. It seems to fade too quickly. Other than that, I love it.

  • KIMBERLY04/13/2004

    My boyfriend purchased it and I can't keep my hand off of him when he wears it. I give it a five because it really turns me on.

  • SKIPPY04/11/2004

    Some colognes smell like citrus, some mint, others candy...even wood. This one is hard to pin-point. Certainly it is one of the finer colognes. I tested it. I wore it several times. I bought it. Ultimately I like it but it is hard to describe. One perhaps odd thing is that something in it reminds me of tomato sauce. It is citrusy at some point but changes to tomato sauce from time to time. I will agree with one poster who said it goes on with a funny smell. I think it had a sour bite to it when I first applied it today. Since it is complex I find it difficult to pin-point. It definitely will not offend. I think it is one that people remember the scent and think of you. I'll give it a 5* but perhaps its really a 4.5. Also I don't wear any scent more than 2 days in a row, so I'm not looking at it as an every day scent. A 3 day rotation might look something like, KC black, platinum egoiste, and higher energy. I'm a one spray man, never over-due...2 tops.

  • KAT03/01/2004

    A friend of mine has Black and it smells amazing. I definetly reccomend it.

  • JIM03/01/2004

    Dave - I've founf it to be strong and long lasting. I spary a little on and it lasts a long time. To where other people smell it and I can still smell it (which I usually can't with most colognes after they're on me).

  • DAVE02/06/2004

    Has anyone had any luck with this fragrance lasting a decent amount of time? I'm finding that it fades pretty quickly. Just curious, looking for some feedback. Thanks.


    I have to agree with "Ryan's" assessment of this cologne. It's really not that big a deal. I also had a problem where after about an hour of wore off. Bvlgari Black (in my opinion) gets the nod in terms of wearing the black label proudly. Don't get me wrong, I did like the scent but after all the good things I heard about this cologne I expected more. Overall, I'd say it was a good cologne.

  • PTOWNHOTTIE122401/25/2004

    My man wears this stuff and it smells really good and very attractive!!!

  • CHRIS COLOGNE01/20/2004

    This is another boring fresh type scent with no originality. It's too bad, I really love Mr Cole's clothing but he needs to dare to be more creative with his fragrances. If you want the best Black, its Bvlgari's.

  • MARY K.12/11/2003

    Oh my God!!! This stuff rocks my world!! I am in lust with it! Guys, you can't miss with this one! You'll have women following you around like they are in heat!

  • RYAN FROM CURACAO12/07/2003

    I really don't understand the buzz on this one.I was very dissapointed. It smells average. Like something that has been around for quite a while. Not bad, but try Ferrari Black or the great Bulgari Black or Black Jeans by Versace for a good "Black" taste. The original Kenneth Cole is much better.


    Reminds me of issey miyake, not bad though. In my opinion this would be better suited for warm weather wearing but I wouldn't buy it anyway.

  • COLLECTOR11/30/2003

    My first impression was that it smells sorta like T by Tommy. Then it dries down really nice, somewhat to a sweeter floral like note, yet still fresh. It is very original and smells really attractive!

  • JACK DAMPY11/29/2003

    this cologne rocks! recommend buy!

  • W.B.11/24/2003


  • DAVE11/23/2003

    This is an AWESOME fragrance. Smells great, but WEAK. I was really dissapointed with the staying power. I would have kept it if it lasted halfway decent.

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