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Carolina Herrera


51 Reviews

Launched in 2002, Chic by Carolina Herrera is ultra sheek and feminine. Chic opens with an aromatic blend of fresh cut florals embrassed with a sensual woody base notes. Contains Madarin flower, orange flower, vanilla, white musk, red freesia and Bulgarian petals.

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Launched in 2002, Chic by Carolina Herrera is ultra sheek and feminine. Chic opens with an aromatic blend of fresh cut florals embrassed with a sensual woody base notes. Contains Madarin flower, orange flower, vanilla, white musk, red freesia and Bulgarian petals.

  • LARA01/11/2012

    Chic makes me feel special and beautiful. My Husband bought me Chic as an 'introduction' present the first time we met. I have no idea how he could have known what I liked as we had only ever spoken by phone and e-mail and never mentioned perfume or anything similar. I had never heard of Chic before then but it was, and is, beautiful and I have worn nothing else since. I find that it does have staying power if you layer the various products. First have a shower with the gel and then moisturise with the lotion followed by a quick spray with the perfume. Finally, just before going out, a proper application of the perfume and I find it lasts all night. Just what every 'girl' needs!

  • DARLENE WARNER01/05/2011

    chic make me feel very beautiful

  • MARY ALICE02/15/2007

    The fragrance is okay and non-offensive, but it is gone in a few minutes as so many others have noted. I wish I had walked around with it longer before I purchased.

  • M07/11/2006

    There is not really anything special about the individual components of Chic, but all-around it has an addictive quality. It is mainly citrus and floral. I would say it is delicately sweet, and a little bit creamy - I suppose that comes from a tiny touch of vanilla. Someone once told me it had a hint of Chai tea... I'm not quite so sure, but it has that herbal-fresh tea quality. Unfortunately, it doesn't last super long, but layering helps; if it weren't for that, I would probabley rate this as 'excellent.' It seems so simple, but something about it is a little bit extraordinary, something that you just can't figure out. I find myself (and others) sniffing me over over and over just sighing mmmmmm...

  • TARA07/02/2006

    I like Chic, but I dont like Jadore. They are not the same to me. I know that many love Jadore, but it just did not work on me. Chic, however, I have worn for 3 years.

  • JANETHLU06/17/2006

    I love it but as soon as I put it on I thought it smelled JUST like J'Adore. Does anyone else get the same feeling??

  • LISA02/19/2006

    Chic is an uplifting, happy, sparkling scent on me. And it is sophisticated as well. A friend got a bottle from her boyfriend and she wore it everyday. I fell in love with it through smelling it on her. She just smelled so wonderful. Now I also purchased a bottle and enjoy it. If you like up-beat, sparkling, happy type scents this might be a good one to try.

  • SUE C01/27/2006

    I have a sample spray of this and the first whiff is overpowering and pungent but fortunately wears off quickly and is ok. Would suit many but not me. I also found Aquaflore too strong and sharp. I do however like 212, it is much lighter and easy to wear.

  • SUSANNAH01/05/2006

    I won this fragrance and when sprayed it on me for the first time, I was disgusted, but fortunately it smelled only about 30 minutes, than it totally disspaeared :-) great fragrance to spray your toilette :-)

  • MARI11/22/2005

    When i first sprayed this on, it reminded me a bit of pleasures. but know I see that it smells like soap and kind of plain.

  • RAY11/11/2005

    I enjoy this scent. It smells fresh and flowery with just a touch of fruit. I can wear it anytime of the year, and it never gives me a headache. Floral lovers this is the one for you. If you can wear Kenzo Flower or E.L.'s Pleasure's this would be a nice fit.

  • ALEXANDRA07/22/2005

    It is sweet + fresh , and lasts all day long - makes you feel like you sparkle !

  • STEPHANIE05/29/2005

    Love this scent. My favorite summer scent. I don't think it's a clone, I think it's unusual because it is fresh and yummy at the same time - hard to come by!

  • BRANDY05/19/2005

    Glad too! I usually love anything Carolina, but this one definitely fell short in the staying power catorgorey.

  • SID02/22/2005

    This scent smells exactly like Elizabeth Arden's Splendor or Burberry Touch in which I both detest. The notes sound delicious so I had to try it. I'm very dissapointed since I really dislike sharp fragrances, I can't ditect any floral notes only a pungent scent. In fact it's so pungent and citrucy that when I tried it I really felt like sneezing. Individuals who like these sort of citrus, sharp fragrances would probably like it. I'm just dissapointed that I spent my money on this.

  • BEBE02/19/2005

    water is a need chic is a desire want. full bodied. full of life and spice. very nice.

  • ELS02/10/2005

    every time i try this perfume on, it leaves absolutely no smell on my skin! i've tried it several different times and it's like i never even sprayed perfume. i have no idea what it even smells like.

  • SANDY02/08/2005

    Chic has a nice fresh scent, but it does not last very long on me. I started wearing it when a friend got a bottle from her boyfriend. She smelled so good, that I had to ask what perfume she was wearing. I also purchased Chic, but it fades rather fast. My friend is on her 3rd bottle. Maybe it fades fast on her also.

  • MARY12/25/2004

    Chic is composed wonderfully. Sophisticated. Citrus is the first impression for me. I wear it during the day. The bottle does not suit this perfume in my opinion. I would have chosen a differnt bottle and not red.

  • SHARRIE12/16/2004

    tres chic, leaves a path in the wind of loveliness, chic to the bone, wonderful, makes me feel young and free

  • LINDSAY10/30/2004

    I am sooooo picky when it comes to perfume. I can't tell you how many I've bought and given away because I can't stand them on me. Before Chic there were 2 fragrances that I ever purchased more than once, Eternity and Pleasures. But now Chic is my absolute favorite.

  • STEPHANIE08/31/2004

    I love this scent, it reminds me of our trip to Hawaii... It stayed all day on me.

  • P.L.08/26/2004

    I really do enjoy this fragrance. I bought it when it first came out. The problem is that it has NO STAYING POWER. It you don't mind going though an entire bottle every month - then buy it. It really is a playful, summertime scent.

  • GRISI07/31/2004

    I think that this perfume is very wonderful. Is a perfume full of optimism because the smell is sorrounded of freshness and fruity smells with some summer brezees, is lovely. It's a perfect summer cologne that refresh a lot with her sparkling smell. I love that perfume since a few months when my father bought it. It was a beatuful present for his part, i liked that. Love it.

  • HELENA06/30/2004

    This is a very light scent, so it's great for people like me who get headaches from really strong perfumes. My husband loves this one too because it's so feminine. I've worn it every day for the last 2 years and people still ask me what it is and tell me how great it smells. It's not an in-your-face scent. It's clean and floral and slightly warm.

  • J8205/31/2004

    It's a very pleasant scent, flowery and sophisticated. In my opinion, it's a night wear fragrance.

  • ANNA05/21/2004

    With my chemisty, it smells so good:)

  • ANN05/21/2004

    All my friends always asked what perfume I wear. My sister recently purchased one too. We both love it!!

  • KAROLINE03/17/2004

    My favorite scent I have ever owned.

  • LSB12/16/2003

    I think this fragrance is great - as an air freshener. I am a fragrance freak, and never seem to find that "oh so fabulous me" scent. When I get sick of one, I end up using it as a home fragrance. This one works great as such.

  • ERIN10/14/2003

    I agree it has no staying power. It also smells to familar. Nice bottle for show, lol.

  • ST10/11/2003

    Not a fan of this one at all!!!!!!! First of all it lacks personality and second of all it does not last at all. None of the notes of this fragrance stand out at all. Must have been fate it fell off my counter (the design makes it cumbersome) and broke, I cant say I was heart broken.

  • DEB07/18/2003

    Chic has top notes very similar to "White Linen" by Estee Lauder (created 1978), but then evolves into a woody, hot citrus and floral scent. Good for evening and formal wear.

  • ALICE06/07/2003

    ...there's nothing except a nice-looking transparent bottle in it. No staying power at all, sharp with a lot of alcohol, but instantly fading, such a low quality scent.

  • SZARADA04/23/2003

    This one is absolute no-no. The scent lacks personality, there are plenty of clones of it. Apart from this it has no staying power at all. It is non-existing after 10 minutes. Nobody even noticed i was wearing a perfume ! Fortunately i have a small bottle and i can't wait 'till it's gone.

  • CHICKADEE04/09/2003

    If you layer the lotion and spray, it is so fresh and pretty!! Something different about it, je ne sais quois?

  • BLACK JADE GREEN03/29/2003

    I adore it (of course, I only just bought it today, but it came with a cute little red wallet). Maybe I haven't had it on for long enough, but it doesn't fade that fast. I wore it at work (cafe, food etc) and by the end of the day it was still smellable. Fades to subtle rather than non-existent. Doesn't overpower your personality

  • TIIA03/21/2003

    I just love it. It is just perfect to my skin. Fresh...:)

  • KRISTINE02/02/2003

    I purchased it last year when it first came out thinking that I would be the only one wearing it, and within a month, I bought another scent because this one doesn't last. Even when layered with the lotion, and parfum, it doesn't last more than 2 hours. It's only good as a light summer scent.

  • CARELIA12/21/2002

    I bought it and i regret later and gave it away. almost make me barf.

  • NIKKI12/17/2002

    I wanted to like this as I also like the bottle, but the scent is just... well,the title says it all, LOL!

  • MOLLY12/05/2002

    If you like this scent, spring for eau de parfum -- lasts much longer than EDT.

  • AUTUMN12/04/2002

    Sooooooooo good, it drives my boyfriend crazy!

  • VALERIA11/26/2002

    Absolutely nothing special. At first harsh tangerine smell, artificial, cheap impression... Not staying power at all. New Salvatore Ferragamo's "Parfum Subtil" is very similar to it - also without staying power at all. I don't know what is happening with nowdays designers!!!???

  • SUZANNE10/29/2002

    its kind of perfume that mad me love my smell...,u feel u want to smell more and more.. , and by the way.. thats not only my opinion.."if you know what i mean! >:) :)

  • CINDY10/26/2002

    very good.........

  • SPONGEBOB10/07/2002

    ABsolutely no staying power and expensive. This scents been done before, reminds me of LAUREN by ralph lauren and other fruity scents. Nothing special here, you will be looking for a new scent within a week of wearing it.

  • INES09/18/2002

    This is an average fragrance with a sharp tangerine smell. It definitelly looks better (and more *chic*) when it is in the bottle. Staying power is very weak.

  • MADELINE08/21/2002

    ...but on my skin smelled exactly like Tea Rose perfume. The rose note really stands out, which I equate with old fashioned, old lady type perfumes. Perhaps with anothers chemistry it would smell better.

  • PAOLA07/11/2002

    chic is chic. feminine and elegant but very fresh. it's the summer joy of life with an exotic sense of mistery

  • ARI06/25/2002

    Hm,hm, by the description it MUST be good. I'm going to try that as soon as possible! And the bottle is so nice and sexy (clean and transparent, I like that)... It has tangerine & orange scent in it. YUMMY! I should LOVE that. (I'll let you know!) ;)

  • DANA06/15/2002

    Chic totally describes this fragrance. It's absolutely beautiful and very wearable without getting any headaches. I'd say this is one of the best fragrances out on the market this year. It's light and pretty without the horrible sour citrus or woodsy scents. It's feminine but not too powdery or sweet- it's the perfect fragrance for the spring or summer! I hope this one doesn't get discontinued! Buy it today!

  • MOLLY 06/10/2002

    Beautiful summer fragrance! The orange blossom was a little overpowering when I first sprayed it on, but Chic dries down to a soft and sophisticated fragrance. Not too flowery, too sweet, or too woody. Good for those who like orange blossom but think Jean-Paul Gaultier is too sweet. Decent staying power, but not as long-lasting as I wish it could be.

  • LISA ELMORE06/07/2002

    It is absolutely breathtaking. Very clean smelling. Wonderful!

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