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Carolina Herrera


37 Reviews

212 perfume was created by Carolina Herrera in 1997 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent contains a blend of light florals, musky undertones, soft powdery flowers as well as white flower notes of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

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212 perfume was created by Carolina Herrera in 1997 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent contains a blend of light florals, musky undertones, soft powdery flowers as well as white flower notes of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

  • R. SHREST11/09/2007

    Absolutely agree with what Robin had to say two years. "Smooth and mellow, sweet and fresh. It does last longer than you think, too. It just sort of blends into your skin and makes you smell yummy rather than creating a cloud of perfume around you. " 212 is one of the best everyday casual scents out there for women. If ya smell directly on the skin it seems just nice and comfortable freshness but catching whiffs off of your woman is really an uplifting and invigorating experience. And it is sexy too, good change from her everyday casual selections of light blue and L'eau D'Issey.

  • ANDROMEDA08/01/2006

    212 scent is a magnetic, mysterious scent, blended with the intricate fusion of herbs, florals and everything in it. I highly recommend this perfume to everyone. I'm sure you'll love it! In fact, I have been using 212 for straight 5 years!

  • ALWAYS SEARCHING01/30/2006

    This is an awesome cologne. I love the fresh smell and would rate it in my top 5.

  • ALYCE12/13/2005

    This perfume drives boys crazy...and it smells like a sweet kiss. mmm it's a must!

  • YUMMI12/07/2005

    i thought this perfume would be really nice as i love the mens version, but this one smells to old fashioned and musky, it doesn't compare with the mens 212 at all. I wouldn't buy this. It has a nasty after smell.

  • ROBIN09/18/2005

    This is a beautiful scent. Smooth and mellow, sweet and fresh. It does last longer than you think, too. It just sort of blends into your skin and makes you smell yummy rather than creating a cloud of perfume around you. LOVE it!

  • CHRISTINA06/07/2005

    I have gotten literally hundreds of compliments from both men and women about this perfume. By far the best perfume I have ever used or smelled.

  • BETSY05/24/2005

    I have been using Flore for years, but Carolina Herrara has discontinued it. Can anyone suggest a good substitute -- by CH or anyone else?

  • E-DIDDY01/17/2005

    I once had a crush on a gril for, well, quite a few reasons, but I remember vividly coming out of a rafting adventure and capturing this smell when we were both soaked and it was angelical.

  • 212 GURL12/04/2004

    I have to hunt all over the place to find my FAVORITE stuff, 212! I FINALLY found perfume emporium and now I will never go without!!

  • JT10/27/2004

    Well, since I loved the bottle so much I decided to test the fragrance once again... Same as before, I did not care for it. In fact liked it even less. The sales ladies said it did go well with my chemistry, but nonetheless, I didn't like the particular scent. Sharp fruity floral with a musky smell that was not what I was looking for.

  • JT10/24/2004

    I just love the double ended bottle idea. It is so fun and unique (until recently when Rampage came out with a double ended bottle too). Because I was so attracted to the bottle design, I really wanted badly to like the fragrance. I was disappointed. There were some notes in it that I think ruined it. Maybe I will try it one more time and see if I could like it any better smelling it a second time?

  • EVELYN07/23/2004

    212 reminds me heavily of Hugo Women by Hugo Boss. It lacks a good structure, too simple with a cheap effect and no character. It is a watered down fruity floral with a cheap musk background.

  • PIE7806/22/2004

    one of my fren bought this perfume and i've sniffed it. it smells quite strong to me, but my fren told me it didnt last long.. she said that it lasts only bout 2-3 hrs. is this true? just wondering..

  • NIKKI05/18/2004

    My aunt wears this perfume. She constantly gets compliments. I haven't tried it but I do agree this smells good!

  • NATALIE05/01/2004

    I made the most amazing discovery today. I went to a store and the sales rep. caught my attention. she smelt wonderful, but it was a musky wonderful. I asked her if it was an oil based fragrance she was wearing, like sandalwood, she said no it's 212. I said"212? you sure?" then i got the familiar scents coming from it. I have a bottle of 212 and I have no idea how wonderful it smells. I do not smell it on myself. People often come up to me and say i smell great but i do not smell it so I stopped wearing it because sometimes i thought it did not agree with my chemistry. but if people are smelling it and if it smells anything like what i smelled today, i am going to cherish my other bottle because I wasted the first one thinking it was not "working" for me. I am now enlightened. 212 is indeed Fabulous and as my first reaction when I first tried it - SPECTACULAR!

  • ANGIE04/13/2004

    Can you please tell me what perfumes you can compare with 212. You said that there are some better smelling...can you please tell me the names. Thanks

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    I used it for a few weeks. It´s not bad, fresh and clean but for me to bitter. There are many others fresh and clean scents that smell much better. For me it isn´t a must have fragrance.

  • TRUEPEACE02/29/2004

    Ladies I took your advice and purchased 212. I love it! Very light and elegant. A must have for spring.

  • ASRI02/25/2004

    My fave Herrera's Parfume. It just smells so sexy, n for anytime wear

  • JO01/06/2004

    I get so many compliments when wearing 212. I highly recommend it. Men love it too. The body lotion is great.

  • MARY01/02/2004

    I have a friend looking for a body powder by Carolina Herrera. I'm just wondering if this is the one she was talking about.

  • SM09/22/2003

    You can buy 212-it is really THE BEST. Try Diesel ++

  • AMELIA09/20/2003

    I like powdery sents that are not to sweet like amarige, aniasi aniasi, light blue D&G, can any on esugest a nother perfume? that has that dry down to a crisp powdery smell ? thanks

  • ROMINA08/01/2003

    I love 212, it's light and gentle--never overpowering. It makes me feel fresh and sexy all day.

  • SHARON07/12/2003

    I just starting wearing 212 this week and I am getting a ton of compliments. Men and women both love it. Buy it - you can't go wrong.

  • TAM06/18/2003

    I found this wonderful scent in the Bahamas and can not find it at any mall within 50 miles of my house. I get thousands of compliments and now all my co-workers are looking for it to buy, of course on the internet!! Can't live without this scent, it makes you feel clean and smelling great all day long.

  • MMMM03/21/2003

    Really nice perfume. Fresh and clean, modern and sexy, I love it. Perfect summer perfume.

  • TATY03/18/2003

    Very elegant and femenine, I really like this fragance.

  • M03/12/2003

    When I say cool, I mean VERY COOL.Fresh, modern perfume, so clean and perfect. If you like perfumes based on citrus you should have it.

  • OLATZ02/03/2003

    When Carolina Herrera first launched this fragrance she said that she named it "212" after the New York City area code. Because, (she went on the explain) the fragrance notes were evocative of New York City! Well, I am a native New Yorker (born and raised) yet nothing in this perfume evokes feelings or images of New York. Even if Mrs. Herrera had named it differently, 212 still remains an unimpressive prestige perfume.

  • VALERIA01/23/2003

    when I use this parfum, people stop me to ask what am I wearing...I love it!!!

  • NIKKI12/17/2002

    Tried it a few months back and was disappointed since it had gotten so much hype. Smelled like a million other scents out there...

  • LAKISHA11/19/2002

    this perfume is absolutely the best

  • KRISTINA09/29/2002

    CATEGORY OF "FRESH", "COOL" SCENTS, but nothing special. "212 ON ICE" is better.

  • TONY G.09/18/2002

    This scent remember me, the girl of my´s soft, nice, and I can´t appart this frgance of my mind....I think that is a good option....

  • JONATHAN09/10/2002

    There is no other perfume I let my wife wear! If I'm out somewhere and I smell someone wearing 212, it drives me crazy for my wife!! BUY IT cuz MEN WILL GO INSANE!!!!

  • GOGI06/18/2002

    "212 on Ice" is very nice&fresh summer fragrance!

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    one of the nicest 'fresh' perfumes, a bit to sharp for me though

  • LIZ03/01/2002

    This is very white, powderey and floral..also smells citrusy to me.

  • TAMMY RUBIN11/30/2001

    This fresh fragance is unforgettable, I feel special and I recommend also 212 On Ice :)

  • KAT11/05/2001

    Trudy -- the good thing about this fragrance is that it seems to last so much longer than others. One spritz will probably last you, although I like it so much I can never restrict myself!

  • LULLY10/10/2001

    This is my favourite since last year because it is very light and fresh, that last all day long. It is like a breeze! The fragrance and package are really unique!

  • SHAN10/05/2001

    This perfume lasts a long time compared to other fragrances. It smells very sophisticated to me.

  • DOLLFACE09/11/2001

    This is a very fresh, light, sexy scent that lasts very well. I think this will become a staple scent for me. I highly recommend this one.

  • JULIE05/20/2001

    To me, 212 smells very similar to Eternity, but I like it better than Eternity. The bottle and packaging is very unique too!

  • ALISHA04/29/2001

    I first discovered this perfume because I worked in a perfume store during the holidays, and it has since become my favorite! It smells like freshly cut flowers. I constantly get compliments on it whenever I wear it. The bottle is quite neat too. It comes with 2 different little round bottles on each end, which allows you to use one at a time or else put one in your purse and then leave one at home. Great perfume! I recommend it!

  • TRUDY03/23/2001

    How long does this fragrance last. Must it be reapplied often or does it linger all day? And will just one spritz be enough to make it last or how many? Thanks.

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