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Carolina Herrera


34 Reviews

Carolina Herrera updates the past. Carolina is a tribute to the tradition from the modernity and innovation of the new century. A tribute where sophistication, spontaneity, elegance, self assurance, femininity and freshness coexist with a harmonious balance. Wrap yourself in a delicious blend of citric and floral accents elaborated with its more

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Carolina Herrera updates the past. Carolina is a tribute to the tradition from the modernity and innovation of the new century. A tribute where sophistication, spontaneity, elegance, self assurance, femininity and freshness coexist with a harmonious balance. Wrap yourself in a delicious blend of citric and floral accents elaborated with its fragrance. The top note is transparent and effervescent with bitter orange, dry grapes and wild strawberries. The middle note is floral sweet with rose petals, pepper and berries. The basenote is attractive sensual with wood, natural vanilla, transparent amber and transparent musk.

  • WINNIE WARTON02/07/2011

    i love the smell of this perfume. it makes me want to dance.

  • BLONDE TICA05/27/2008

    Mont Blanc or Herrera stole each other's formula for this one... a very strong pineapple top note - call it what you like! If you like pineapples you'll love this!!!

  • JUDI W*07/30/2007

    I usually don't like fruity or sweet, but the notes weren't bad, and it is lovely if you like that kind of scent. The first few minutes were nice, but dried down too sweet & candy-like for my tastes. I would think alot of women (girls) would like this.

  • M07/11/2006

    This one is super sweet, floral and fruity. I can mostly smell sparkling fizzy strawberries. Moderately long-lasting. I like it, but it is not one of my favorites - it may be a little too sugary. However, it is still very nice and I would recommend it for day to day wear.

  • JANETHLU05/31/2006

    I normally like stronger scents but this one is very feminine. I got the body lotion as a gift and decided to purchase the perfume. Very nice. I was surprised I liked it because I'm a bigger fan of Carolina Herrera -the yellow one. Very sweet on my skin and it lasts a long time.

  • *BARBARA W*05/14/2006

    This is a pleasant, sweet, soft perfume, but it's not original or striking in any way. The berry notes remind me of Hanae Mori, but Hanae is much richer and lasts longer, too.

  • LIZA04/11/2006

    "Flowerbomb" by Viktor &Rolf is VERY similar to Carolina.Both are very nice, "Flowerbomb" is more expensive though.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL03/25/2006

    i just recently fell in love with this softly alluring fragrance ...true ,it does not last a great while ,so, just layer your fragrances when this happens ... so far ive worn it day and night ... not a i want to go clubbing type scent ... you will be noticed and will get compliments when people are allowed to get closer to you ... lovely fragrance ...super feminine ... not for you , if you must be a femme fatale all the time ...

  • GARDENIANGEL11/17/2005

    Great smell right out of the bottle. It's warm and citrusy like with some vanilla. Very nice. Would love it if it only stayed that way! Once it mixed with my own oils, it didn't smell so good anymore. Oh well, I'll keep searching.

  • REBECCA05/12/2005

    I think this is the one by carolina's daughter, who is also named the same as her mom. It's a little too sweet for me, or maybe I can't remember it right. But that day it was...smells nice though.

  • BELLE04/04/2005

    This really does smell alot like Coco Mademoiselle, only Carolina is a bit softer, less intense, and I think Carolina is quite a bit cheaper.

  • DANCER4LIFE03/20/2005

    When I caught a whiff of the perfume I fell in love with the top notes of it - so soft, so feminine... So I bought a 1.7 oz. bottle, wore the perfume a couple of times, and now I'm a bit disappointed. The top notes wear off fairly quickly, and I'm left with a Vanilla Fields-esque afterscent which I don't care for all that much. Pity.

  • BEBE02/19/2005

    all is great. lotion. fragrance. softness,. glow. a babys breatg around a bouquet. tghe speacil touch. very nice.

  • HELCAT01/31/2005

    The first spray was enough very enticing and lasting It will be definetly on my list

  • KRISTIN M01/23/2005

    I really love this perfume....definately a keeper... however it doesn't seem to last as long as I would like it too....oh well just more reason to spray it on!!

  • APRIL01/23/2005

    pretty pink perfume...has strawberries,orange,rose petals and vanilla...smells mostly like strawberries and vanilla!

  • HELENA12/16/2004

    Such a lovely fragrance, smells like wilde strawberries, berries and musk and fresh oranges on me. So pretty !

  • SHARRIE12/16/2004

    touches my heart with its siftness, luv it, nice, another one scored

  • JT11/11/2004

    It's a really SEXY scent! I find it interesting that it smells so close to Chanel Chance, which got much higher ratings. On me, the Carolina is much better... I like the fruity and almost nutty, candy smell of this one. It dries down with the same ambery scent of Chanel though. I just think Chanel is so much more well known with better marketing, that's all. Carolina is better and has more character to it.

  • JT11/09/2004

    I have smelled many, many fragrances out there and I am very particular with smells. Carolina is NOT plain to me, contrary to some other posts. To me, it is not just soft and it DOES have a "kick" to it. It smells much better than the Chance and Coco Mlle, but I can see where people say they are similar. Carolina has more fruity and "edible" notes than the Chanel ones. Also, it is deep and sophisticated. Complex and hard to describe...fruity, floral, woody, musky and slightly candy sweet. Different and nice!

  • SHANNON08/21/2004

    I love looking at Carolina Herrera's fashions in magazines, so out of curiousity, I decided to spray some of her perfume on in the store. I initially liked the scent, but holy moly was it ever overpowering! A little of this stuff goes a long way...the two small spritzes I tried lingered the rest of the day. If you like fruity florals, this might be one to try as it certainly seems to last. I personally found it a bit too sweet for my liking.

  • CAROLE07/25/2004

    I agree - sweet and spicy, I loved it in the store, but I found it plain after I had bought it and worn it for a while.

  • HARDES05/23/2004

    It's not my absolute favorite, but I like this enough. This smells like the sweeter, "candier" version of Cool Water by Davidoff, IMO. Very sweet and fresh at the same time.

  • CAROLINA05/22/2004

    I agree with Robin. It reminds me of Coco Mademoiselle, which I prefer.

  • JANINE05/02/2004

    Fruity-Floral Vanilla Musky yum! Similar to Chance, but I don't like either Coco Mlle or Chance - they're too spicy & pungent. Carolina is light & fresh - smells like orange-strawberry-floral-vanilla-musk with just a hint of pepper. The drydown is sensuous & awesome - love it! It's delicious!

  • ROBIN04/17/2004

    These two smell so similar. And I prefer Mademoiselle - has more character.

  • TAMAR03/29/2004

    But I wouldn't buy it because it smells just like my shampoo: apples and a touch of peper. Why is it so expensive?

  • BETH02/09/2004

    I love Carolina Herrera's perfumes, but I never thought any of the new ones came close to the sheer gorgeousness of her original, Carolina Herrera perfume. But this one comes close. It's definitely a summer fragrance, with lots of floral and fruit notes coming through. Very nice, light and sweet.

  • TRUEPEACE01/31/2004

    I purchased this fragrance on yesterday and I just can't get enough of it. It is very light and pretty.

  • MARTHA12/07/2003

    Hurts my nose...really!

  • ALEXUS12/05/2003

    its great, wtih its sweet smell

  • SUMMER11/02/2003

    My roommate brought this perfume home for me as a free sample. I loved it. It's so fresh and soft, I wear it to work all the time and get tons of compliments. It's so sweet and sexy..I had to buy it from Perfume Emporium.


    The notes in it seemed appealing. However I found the scent to be plain. It's soft and sweet --not bad, but no kick.

  • SUZANNE10/14/2003

    I tried this one and I really like it. Similar to Angel, but not as spicey or as strong. This one lasts a while too. Nice fall fragrance. On my list to buy next.

  • MAY10/09/2003

    I really like this one after trying it at Nordstrom. It is somewhat like Angel, but less intense and not as strong. I am going to buy this one. A good sweet spicy perfume and it seemed to last all day.

  • LENA10/08/2003

    This is something between Hugo Boss "Deep Red" and Gucci "Accenti". A very sweet fragrance.

  • CANDY10/01/2003

    smells wonderful. great buy!!!

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