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Fougere, Powdery, Woody. Created in 1995, Bvlgari is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This fine fragrance contains rosewood, pepper, musk and is accented with green tea, vetiver and cedar making Bvlgari perfect for evening use. Top notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Aldehydes. Middle notes: Pepper, Coriander, Geranium, more

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Fougere, Powdery, Woody. Created in 1995, Bvlgari is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This fine fragrance contains rosewood, pepper, musk and is accented with green tea, vetiver and cedar making Bvlgari perfect for evening use. Top notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Aldehydes. Middle notes: Pepper, Coriander, Geranium, Carnation. Base notes: Cedar, Amber, Tonka, Oakmoss.

  • TIM05/05/2010


  • DARRSHANJVORAA01/30/2010

    well as a night fragrance it is class and sophisticated and very rich and elegent. go for it and yes it is not offensive at all a rich cologne, may be lasting wud be less .

  • IVAN 08/26/2008

    this is pro. the best I have ever smelt clean and fresh but still unique wish I had know about it sooner

  • HVC08/16/2008

    Thank you Barbara! I tried some of those you recommended, and really do like them alot.

  • BARBARA W07/31/2008

    Hi - I know you wanted Rob H, but I just thought I'd tell you that I think this is perfect for business wear, along with the Extreme version. Other good options are eau de Cartier, Egoiste Platinum by Chanel, Terre d'Hermes, and the new L'Homme by YSL. They all smell natural, masculine, and unoffensive. I'm sure Rob will be able to recommend a lot more, too - he has great taste. Good luck!

  • CHRIS07/18/2008

    Hi Barbara W I reeley love you. I like to read your revues You know allot about men's cologne Can you please email me and tell me your best men's cologne? I reeley like to meat you one day. Some time I just come on the sight just to look on your posts I would like for you to tell me what is the best men's cologne. I would like to get some thing very special that don't smell's like anything elce Thanks in advance [email protected] Love

  • HVC03/06/2008

    Hi, I was wondering if this cologne is suited for business wear? I'm looking for a perfect office/business cologne that will give the aire of success, class and sophistication (like Jay said) but yet still be able to use on a daily basis. I've heard good things about Dunhill for men (classic version) but I can't find it to try it anywhere since it's been discontinued and its only available online. But also, I also don't want to smell like I belong to the baby boomer generation you know what I mean? Like something that donald trump or those elitest's would wear (but not donald trump cologne) =). Thanks!!!

  • GURPREET 01/15/2008

    Yes it is a masterpiece. very classy though light. So i suggest that one should sprinkle it more than usual. Specialy behind the ears. Good work Bvlgari. 5 stars. Best among the Bvlgari collection. Goes well with formal clothes but not vice-versa, just my personal opinion.

  • LUI 07/03/2007

    The ONLY reason for it not receiving 5 stars is it wears off after 2 hours, but it smells phenomenal

  • GREENTEA05/19/2007

    Hard to describe the smell, I just know I like it alot! Very elegant and clean smelling and lasts a long time. This was a good purchase.

  • BARBARA W04/12/2007

    Hi Max - Again, I agree with Rob H (Rob, we seem to have such similar tastes!). While you certainly could wear Bvlgari PH at night, Code would be a bit much during the day, unless you have a very exotic job. Code is made for seduction. Bvlgari for daytime and Code for night is logical (though, I have to say I'm not a fan of Code...and yes, I'm in the minority!). Now that Bvlgari Soir is out, that is what I would love to smell on a man in the's fantastic.

  • TANYA03/14/2007

    This is the most fabulous scent.. I bought it for my "ex", it kills me everytime I smell a man wearing it.. I miss "him" everytime...:( I do wish that I could wear it, or the womens scent was as close.It is clean....

  • GUY NEXT DOOR02/21/2007

    Thanks for the reply; I have tried L'Instant, as a matter of fact, I`m wearing it right now(bought a sample); a nice one but to me it seems too heavy and feels really annoying, a very high quality scent but just not my type. Armanicode is good but not a favourable of mine, for it seems to be directed for older successful gentlemen(for later, perhaps, although not a very appealing scent). Le Male is a kind of you-have-to-get-used-to-it-to-like-it, i.e. not an instant fall in love, and certainly not attractive, seductive or interesting, but very overrated if you ask me. Polo black is good(not ideal for a signature scent, however) but Romance silver is so much better. I have never tried Vera Wang or City Glam, but I hope I soon will. My absolute favourites for now are Bvlgari pour Homme and Romance Silver for they are truely sensual, relaxing, attractive, unique and subtle, just the way a perfect cologne should be; and I`m still searching..

  • ROB H.02/18/2007

    Depends on your liking.............aquatic/oceanic, woody, sweet/fruity, clean, etc. If you could get back to me on this one.

  • ROB H.02/18/2007

    I'm aware that Robert Redford has worn Green Irish Tweed by Creed but not really ideal for a signature scent. Some of my personal favorites that I'd recommend that aren't too sickeningly sweet or too woody are Vera Wang, L'Instant, Armanicode, City Glam, Le Male, Polo Black, ....... Just some suggestions, let me know what you think if you've not tried any of those. Take care

  • JAY02/13/2007

    Looking for something that exudes class and sophistication, but able to use on a normal basis.

  • JAY02/13/2007

    Looking for something that exudes class and sophistication, but able to use on a normal basis.

  • GUY NEXT DOOR02/07/2007

    I`m 22 and I`m searching for my signature cologne that has to be calm, relaxing, sensual, soft, elegant, fresh, has a unique smell, no sicklyl sweety fruity notes or headache inducing wood but in between and leaves a deep impression at the same time. Think of the effortless charm. Think of Robert Redford (not that I look like him but I try); what do you think is perfect for him to wear? I`ve been buying tens of testers and have narrowed my choices down to Bvlgari Pour Homme and Romance Silver but still not quite sure. What do you think is the best? Any other suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  • ROB H.01/25/2007

    Hi Max. Being that Bvlgari PH is to me a soft, powery-fresh and gentle scent, I personally in the past have chosen to wear BPH during the day particularly during spring and cooler summer days and even indoors/ office use (if you work in that type of environment) is also what it's good for. I choose to wear Armanicode during the evening despite the fact that it's one of the most sophisticated frags. out there for the male's also undeniably and truly one of the greatest "babe magnet" scents out there, thus I prefer the evenings. Don't know if this feedback will suffice, let me know what you think. Take care

  • MAX01/12/2007

    Hi to both you again. I hope you have seen my 'thanks' & 'quest for help' to you both on the 'Armani Black Code' board? Just wanted your advice on this fragrance in regards to something you wrote please Rob. I saw much eariler on that you commented that this fragrance 'Bvlgari-Pour Homme was one of your 'softer day time choices' but the site says it is 'perfect for evening wear'? Could you both please comment on this. Also, as with the Armani Black Code, another site recommends it is for 'daytime wear'? I do like this scent very much, & like yourself Rob, have been wearing it as an evening scent. I'm a bit confused now with these two site comments. Could you both please advise when possible. Thanks heaps, Max.

  • MAX01/12/2007

    Calling all Bvlgari fans! Hey Guys and Dolls, I would like help from all you passionate people out there in regards to the Bvlgari range. I haven't purchased anything from this house before, and would very much like your input. I'm trying to deceide between 3 of thr fragrances but don't know the difference between them. These 3 fragances from Bvlgari are; Bvlgari- Pour Homme, Extreme, & Soir. Please help as there is a real mix of comments regarding this fragrance. Thanks kindly, in advance. MAX.

  • AP12/29/2006

    When I sprayed this on my skin all I could do is smell the pepper. Nothing else was apparent except the pepper.

  • PEPP12/18/2006


  • JASON1312/16/2006

    Rob H., Tony T, R.J./W.B.,Eric,Taj,Los,Mario J, and other fanatics.. Have u tried the new Pour Homme Soir? Need impressions!!

  • LJ12/06/2006

    If there is ever a question of what scent is appropiate for a situation, this is the one to reach for. It's subtle, refreshing, masculine (but not annoyingly so), and unique. If you want something clean and fresh but not soapy and citrusy, this is the one.

  • TONYGIO11/04/2006

    definitely a very fresh, clean, subtle scent...but for this 40yo man just a bit too feminine smelling, although if BarbW. likes it then perhaps my nose may be missing something...

  • BOB09/20/2006

    Not bad but smelled a little powdery and feminine on me. I guess that's why all the women like it.

  • LOS08/21/2006

    Man on man I wish i could wear this!! This has always been the soapy/shower smelling scent I've wanted in my collection. Just doesn't go with my skin.(yep, the burning cigarette). Since it was launched, I've continued to sample it to see if my chemistry has changed to make it wearable.... I've even changed my diet!!! No sucess!

  • ARTYOM08/11/2006

    I like the way this cologne smells. Very pleasant. It's deff a YES and the ladies love it. Except that i don't think it's that long lasting, so i have to reapply it a number of times throughout the day.

  • JASON08/08/2006

    my wife just bought this one for me and Im glad she got to go out and try this stuff.. enjoy

  • *BARBARA W*05/12/2006

    Very impressed with this one! Will be appreciated by an understated man with class who does not want to overpower the room with his cologne. My boyfriend wore this yesterday on our lunch date, and as we were chatting I caught a whiff of it...and had to move closer to him! Both this and Extreme are sophisticated, fresh, and sexy in a subtle way. Please, guys, do us women a favor...ditch the Cool Water and give this a chance.

  • ERMAC04/07/2006

    Rather clean, refreshing and powdery-like scent is just fine for good ol' casual use whether day or night and not just being perfect for the evenings like the main page says.

  • TZ03/12/2006

    Although this cologne is one of the few that does not give headaches, while also being extremely appealing to the opposite sex, which is also very true (I had women who I didn't even know come up to me and try to hit on me) it does have one drawback, one lady on this site said it woke her up that is true it acts a little bit like caffiene for me, that is I can't get to sleep at all when I wear it, it is a strange reaction, but it is true this is a cologne for the very, very active. Don't try to wear it on a quiet evening, this is one of the only drawbacks to this cologne, but for me it is a big one as I have a relaxed personality.

  • T03/10/2006

    One of the best cologne's on the market in terms of overt sexuality, also it is a cologne that does not give headaches which is a plus, probably close to the top.

  • SQUIRE02/21/2006

    super high quality, citrus and tea, kind of watery, my favorite along with fahrenheit

  • K. WIMPINO02/17/2006

    Rather pleasant powdery-fresh scent has a soft and clean drydown but the cologne itself isn't really all that interesting and not worth the money for the regular sized bottles.

  • USKA02/10/2006

    This is, quite possibly, the sexiest men's fragrance ever. Ever. Elegant, refined, sensual and decidedly MALE.

  • SYNERGY12/11/2005

    I really can't complain about this fragrance. It's fresh, powdery, clean, seems somewhat powering and fairly long lasting. That's just good quality from the designer.

  • FICROE12/05/2005

    This is my absolute best cologne. It is not overbearing yet easily traceable. And it is all masculine, yet with a faint soft touch. I love it!!

  • WES CLEMENS11/29/2005

    Nice powdery fresh and clean-smelling scent but overall not a very noticeable cologne............too simple I guess.

  • STEFAN11/25/2005

    super fragrance...only that the real fragrances does not last too long...try BVLGARI EXTREME...the same fragrance only lasting muuuuuch moooore :)

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE11/01/2005

    A rather clean, fresh and powdery cologne that's great for any age male and anytime use.

  • LAURA10/30/2005

    This is not so spicy and masculine that it could be unisex. It is nice, fresh and woody with a slight touch of floral. I am going to wear this one myself.

  • JAVELIN10/06/2005

    Gentlemen! Women will notice when you wear this cologne.

  • ELLE07/06/2005

    I got this for my husband. Some said it smelled like cigarette and I think it does right out of the bottle... almost like burnt rubber too. But after he puts it on he thinks it smells fresh. The burnt smell still lingers I think but not as badly as when you first spray it on. It could smell more fresh if the burnt scent did not come out so strongly. I can see how some ppl won't like it b/c of this. Then again, it probably depends on each individual's body chemistry.

  • TONY T06/03/2005

    and i have been a smoker for 11 years..turned 25 over the winter but anyway this is a good but not great scent.. not orientally sweet such as varvatos or desire and not so fresh as cerutti image or chrome.. somewhere in the middle with its peppery and tonka notes. subtle but long lasting, also not a whow what are you wearing fragrance but more suitable for kicking it with the fellas..

  • STEVE05/20/2005

    I've been using this for about 6 years, and it's the best I've ever used. People remember me because of it.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE02/25/2005

    It took me a while to get around to purchasing Bvlgari, I'm glad I did. It's one of the most awesome fresh scents I have used and I have quite a few. Nothing overstated, very balanced. No sicklyl sweet fruit notes or headache inducing wood. Just a perfect blend. Smelling this wakes me up in the morning. Bvlgari, the eye opener!

  • E-DIDDY01/17/2005

    I've had this for 6 months and I don't see myself getting sick of it. I don't usually like limey/gingery/woody smells, but this one's so clean and refreshing I couldn't help but fall in love with it at first sniff =). Definitely a night/party one.

  • TIM01/10/2005

    Dude, this stuff is wayyyyyyyyy tighter than Nautica. It has more of a classic woody smell depending on your body chemistry. The dry down smells like a maculine powder on me. On Some people it smells like burning cigars.

  • H.D.01/10/2005

    From the company that's watches that are so extravagent they make Rolex look like Casio, thier original cologne is one of the greatest secrets of fragrances. It's a strong steady smell that has it all: refreshing, masculine, woodsy, addictive, seductive and rich. Definity one of the best I've ever used and is a permanent keeper in my cologne collection. If there is ever 1 cologne you want to make a first impression, this is it. If you want something that smells great and lasts all day and night, this is it. There is nothing else out there similar smelling, or the amazing detail to make this product like they do with thier watches and jewelery!

  • TIM12/30/2004

    i never smelled this but i heard it smells similar to nautica latitude longitude can someone tell me if thats true please i would apreciate it thanks

  • A. NONY. MOUS11/21/2004

    A clean scent that resembles freshly showered skin. Lasts long too- I put some on my hand, washed it repeatedly, and eight hours later could still smell it. This would be good choice for work.

  • JONATHAN08/05/2004

    This one rates 2 thumbs up...4 finger snaps...and 6 hand claps.A most have for all Men who enjoy smelling there very best.

  • LAETICIA07/31/2004

    Too heavy for my liking. Subtlety is more masculine.

  • ROB H.06/16/2004

    Among my soft daywear fragrances, this is probably my best or close to it. Among Bvlgari scents, it's my second time around and an improvement over BLV which was a little too spicy for me. Great to wear on a sunny 70 degree day with a little cool breeze. If you like the scent but don't want to wear something too common, a similar scent to try is Un Jardin En Mediterranee by Hermes (Unisex).

  • BRAD MEDLING02/13/2004

    Simply one of the best. This is a fresh green that is subtle. It may not be for those who like loud fragrances. This is a winner!


    At first, this one went on pretty well. It smelled really good. After about 20 minutes, I got sort of a cigarette smell. Now, I normally have all the luck in the world because colognes go well on my skin. However, this time it wasn't the case. Only one way to find out is to try the tester before purchase.

  • DAVID M01/02/2004

    I first discovered this scent in 2000 just off a whim..I was cologne shopping..a very classy and modern scent. one of the best of the 90s

  • ANNE12/11/2003

    I love the way it smells**

  • MIKE12/10/2003

    i got a sample from a department store and its smells great but im not sure if its the right one...its smells almosr unisex but id wear it, is that the homme or not...someone help me out

  • A SPARE10/04/2003

    Such a mysterious refreshing, elegant scent like taking a bath in sterling silver. This is great stuff to wear and you can't go wrong with using this out for evening or a date. I think though this is great anytime and I can't ever get enough of this incredible cologne.

  • KARLS09/25/2003

    darn good,lasting,what"s else can i sayyyy!........i rest my case to u!....

  • DAVE09/23/2003

    This might just truly be the worst fragrance out there. Someone mentioned that it smells like a cigarette - he's right, but I would add that it smells like a nasty, soggy cigarete butt. Absolutely HORRIBLE.

  • BRIAN09/14/2003

    The Pour Homme lasts a long, long time I think. So does Black and Blue somewhat to an extent. Extreme however does not last long on me.

  • MAURICIO08/11/2003

    Bulgary homme is a soft smell, but it really last (24 hours)

  • KEV06/05/2003

    Nice classy but not overpowering smell. It does last long on me

  • ROB D.06/01/2003

    Smells like a rubbed a bit of soap on my wrist...not special soap either. Don't see how it's rated as well as it is. Maybe I'm missing something.

  • JOHNNY05/28/2003

    This cologne is great, I've just purchased it, but I haven't test it on how long it last. Does it last long for you guys? I heard that some say it does last and some people says it doesn't.

  • MAURICIO04/27/2003

    Hello man, this is not an unisex fragance, maybe you are confused because Bulgary Black, and Bulgary green tea are the real unisex fragances from Bulgary, not Bulgary homme. Bye

  • FERNANDO04/26/2003

    I personally don't like this cologne because every time I use it it smells just like that scent in your hand after you been smoking or holding cigarretes. And as I don't smoke, I don't think a tobacco smelling cologne is sexy or anything like that. Bulgari Black is a winner though. Very low profile and very classy. This one should please only people who likes to smell like tobacco.


    Have to agree with arnold r on this one. What is the obsession with this unisex smelling cologne.... This is overrated and so is allure by chanel, if a woman can wear it without a problem I believe their may be a problem...

  • MOODY04/04/2003

    there s nothin after 1 hour & thatz da reason Y i really hate it !

  • ARNOLD R.03/30/2003

    It's not entirely unpleasant, even though it definitely has "mid-90's cologne" written all over it. (Which to me, means that it's going to be light, androgynous, probably synthetic.) It's certainly a cut above much that came out during its decade (such as Hugo and Burberry's, to name two fragrances of the era that most closely occupy Bvlgari's territory on the fragrance family spectrum). It's faintly (synthetically) evocative of autumn to me: like being far downwind from a grove of Eucalyptus trees -- on a not-very-windy day. I just don't really care for how light it is (far downwind, and not-very-windy, indeed); not that it's weak, because it's not, it actually has a good longevity, when you plaster yourself with it. (You can barely smell it, but you can barely smell it all day long, so to speak.) But I guess I'm getting tired of these contemporary colognes that you have to feed your arm half a bottle of to get a good smell going. I keep coming across that, over and over -- and my patience with the fragrances of the past 15 years is wearing increasingly thin. I don't necessarily need people across the street to smell my cologne, but I would like those closest to me (speaking here merely physically, of course) to experience it. I kind of thought that was the point to wearing a fragrance. And also, I'm getting bored with all this unisex crap. Am I the only guy walking around that doesn't want to wear a fragrance his girlfriend wouldn't mind wearing? I thought it was okay for awhile, but come on. When does it end? When are masculine colognes going to come back in style? Guess I'll have to keep waiting awhile. I prefer a paradigm that's long been out of favor, it seems (the earthy, grassy, mossy, woodsy kind of stuff). But if you like light, "barely there,"androgynous fragrances that you're going to have to hide from your woman, then you'll probably find no better than Bvlgari pour Homme.

  • JOE03/27/2003

    Short life, no way. The first girl I wore it around smelt it right away. She told me later she could smell it in her bed even after I left. Which was hours after I sprayed it on

  • LUCIA03/27/2003

    Have you tried pour homme extreme?

  • JERRY03/26/2003

    light and airy, nuthin there after 1 hour.

  • LUCIA03/23/2003

    I absolutely love this. I don't care that it is a guy's fragrance. I wear it myself all the time. Unfortunately, my guy only wears JPG's Le Male.

  • JOE02/15/2003

    They make it smell that way to atract that type of girl... go with it my friend and you wont be lonly at night

  • CHAZ02/02/2003

    I read the reviews of this and on another site and gave it a shot. Wow this is good. I would say this is almost or just as good as Fahrenheit which I also love.

  • DEVIN02/01/2003

    Although this cologne doesn't agree with my chemistry, (becomes stale), I have to rank it extremely highly. It is light, classy, clean, and versatile. I can't think of any situation where this wouldn't be appropriate and welcomed. It has a watery and transparent quality to it that's quite unique. If it were more agreeable to my chemistry, this would be my cologne of choice.

  • BOB R.11/25/2002

    This is the most underated cologne on the market. It is as good if not better then Cool Water. The refreshing woody scent this strong cologne possesses is awesome. It has this scent in it that makes your nose want to smell it all the time.

  • LEILANI11/13/2002

    This is an awesome fragrance that makes me fall to pieces every time my man wears it. HIGHLY recommended from a woman's perspective!

  • MATT11/11/2002

    I smelled the Bvlgari's colognes at the department store. I had to get this. This is it!!! The cologne that blows away anything else out there. It is so refreshing like a shower yet so woody. Whatever is in this makes me feel powerful. Very strong stuff. It lasts all day. Yes it is expensive. It may look apealing for older men but I'm 18 and spent money on this and was worth it. Get this and you will feel the refreshing power it posseses like I did.

  • MAURICIO10/24/2002

    Bulgary is one of the best Perfumes to use when you have a special ocasion and you need to be well dressed, but is not for teens and it REALLE LAST LOOOONG ¡

  • SIMMS10/15/2002

    I find this to be strong. I bought a bottle of this and is my new signature scent. Love the power of this and lasts a long time.

  • NICK10/06/2002

    Many people on this site have said that Bvlgari doesn't last long. Let me tell you a story about this cologne. First of all I think its one of the best colognes out there. It reminds me of Gendarme. (which I consider the best mens fragrance of all time) I sprayed Bvlgari about 8 times before I went to a wedding. I put it on about 9am. When I got home about 9pm at night, I went to my girlfriends house. She said, "Wow you smell so good, what is that your wearing?" So it does last, but you get use to it very quickly. The transparent amber and musk in the base notes cling to your skin for a very long time. Purchase Bulgari and give it a will find its a very long lasting cologne!

  • JEFF08/17/2002

    Nice scent, but, like the movie with Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie...........Gone in Sixty Seconds. Some posts here say this is classy. What is classy about paying premium dollars for such an anemic scent? Try Gendarme. That mysterious scent is worth the premium dollars. While its not my favorite, it is a very refreshing, clean scent, if that is what you are looking for, and it is still with you after 8 hours.

  • STU07/22/2002

    While Bulgari mens fragrances smell wonderful they simply don't last long enough. You practically have to pour the whole bottle on to smell it more than five minutes. Exciting scent, but short-lived.

  • RON C.07/02/2002


  • NICHOLAS P.06/06/2002

    This is truly one of the best smelling colognes on the market today!

  • ERIC06/06/2002

    Just got this. Don't know how long it lasts but sure is off the hook. My nose has long been waiting to experience this. aiting for Extreme which I haven't smelled.

  • NICK06/06/2002

    Bvlgari is extremely fresh and refined. It lasts all day even though its light. Your nose gets use to it very quickly but others can smell it on you even 8-10 hours after you've sprayed it. A truly excellent product!!!!

  • FRANCESCO06/02/2002

    Very nice scent but not long lasting.........why should someone wear it then?

  • FRANCESCO05/25/2002

    Is Bulgari pour homme long lasting?

  • BRIAN 05/14/2002

    Yes this stuff is expensive but it worth it. I find it to be a spicy woodsy scent. This makes me feel like a million bucks. My only beef is on it mine seemed to go a little stale.It still smells good though. I like the Black a little better though.

  • F05/07/2002

    justifies the brand....It gave me the idea of choosing nick..Mr. BVLGARI

  • FRANCESCO05/06/2002

    Simply the best!

  • TUM03/23/2002

    Light but long lasting,very classy

  • MEMBOI03/09/2002

    Extremely clean and refreshing. Highly recommend.

  • JOEL01/02/2002

    This is the finest men's fragrance available in my opinion. That comes as no surprise, it's made by one of the world's most elite jewelers. The scent is clean and refreshing, but not sweet. I strongly dislike sweet scents, and also very musky ones. This one falls into a nice medium. Classy and elegant. The very best!

  • TOURAY12/26/2001

    I was given a sample when buying a birthday present for my nephew. I wore it! Smells great, I've been searching for something similar, with a rose note. Anyone know of a fragrance like this?

  • SCORPIO11/07/2001

    very classy

  • JASON CARTER10/26/2001

    this scent is very fresh and clean I like to throw this one on after i take a shower becasue it reminds of the cleanest scent. like wind i do not like the gren tea though to harsh.

  • CURT WEBB10/16/2001

    the best fragrance out there. i only use this and guerlains eau imperiale and cologne du coq

  • RUDY09/21/2001

    I like citrus scents cause it makes you feel fresh (at least I feel this way) :)

  • SUZYQ08/17/2001


  • KUKLA GIRL06/10/2001

    This is the most intoxicating fragrance ever! When a man wears it I go crazy and I love to wear it and mix it with a woman's fragrance. There's a cedar note in there and citrus. It sends me over the top !!!

  • MARIO PISCONERI06/02/2001

    having used bugari for the first time i could'nt help noticing how refreshing this scent realy is use with confidence

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