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Giorgio Beverly Hills


18 Reviews

Aire was created by Giorgio Beverly Hills in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of soft powdery flowers as well as fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.

90 ml EDT Spray
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Aire was created by Giorgio Beverly Hills in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of soft powdery flowers as well as fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.

  • FLORENCE 04/05/2012

    I was so happy that you have it, I want about 3 to 4 for my personal use only. the best perfume in the world and so is your perfume emporium

  • LETY ALCALA09/10/2008

    I absolutely love Giorgio Aire. I must have great chemistry because I'm always complimented on my Giorgio Aire. It's all I wear and it's difficult to come by, so I'll take it off your hands! Email me at [email protected] if you're interested in selling your bottle.

  • ANGELA08/05/2008

    Don't these ladies who posted the nasty comments know that each of us has our own chemistry? Giorgio Aire is a lovely, delicate fragrance and I don't wear anything else. Perfumes are as different as the women who wear them and we all have our favorites.

  • GRETCHEN09/23/2007

    This does have a laundry detergent smell to it. I like my clothes to smell clean too, but I don't want my perfume to smell like it. Not a very interesting scent- but no where near offensive as "Giorgio" is.

  • CHERYL T06/27/2006

    Today a woman was standing near me and smelled fantastic. Her cologne reminded me of "Deneuve" that was discontinued. I wanted to know what she was wearing but didn't have the guts to ask. Apparently another man thought she smelled good too and asked her what she was wearing. Guess what? Giorgio Aire! I don't have this one yet, but I am definitely considering it. I think I should test it first just in case it doesn't work w/my chemistry.

  • CHRISTINE01/15/2006

    Disregard last message on the board. Aire is the perfect perfume for day and night - can't be without it.

  • MARY12/29/2005

    at the subject line below "need. . .aire!!" Well, this isn't the worst I've smelled, but it's certainly not the best. I recently switched to a Tide liquid detergent, and guess what it smells like? Yep. Smells just like Aire. Not sure which came first here, either. Aire does have a clean smell, but I'm not sure I'd want to wear the smell my detergent has, either. Frankly, Giorgio 'fumes tend to be pretty unimaginative. And not only does Tide remind me of Aire, but Aire is reminiscent of Gayle Hayman's Delicious as well. Even if you can't find this scent in stores, it's readily available from etailers.

  • CAROL12/15/2005

    This is my all time favorite scent, but I can no longer get it in stores. It is light, but doesn't fade away. Always get compliments when I wear it.

  • KATHY12/01/2005

    I had this perfume given to me as a gift from someone who didn't like it! I loved it from the minute I sprayed it on. Lovely powdery and sensual smell. I get complimentary comments every time I wear it. Definately my favourite. Cannot find it anywhere in the UK. Please don't discontinue it - I LOVE IT!!!

  • RACKY09/02/2005

    has a very nice powdery smell... never overpowering. perfect for everyday wear


    I love this perfume it's one of Giorgio's finest. But, then I like strong perfumes, can't stand to have one of the light florals that fade away and I don't feel I am wearing a perfume. 4 stars for Aire.

  • ELLIE02/21/2004

    and got the spray bottle afterwards but yeah if any fragrance is worn wrong, it's just o so wrong. wear lightly after shower to give very subtle freshness

  • HEIDI11/09/2003

    i love the giorgio aire it is the only 1 i wear now all the rest of the perfumes are way to stronge for me! i like the giorgio G, but break out in a rash from it!

  • LAUREN12/09/2002

    i need some aire when i wear this suffocating smell...

  • ANNETTE11/21/2002

    I love Aire. It smells OK, but my favorite thing about it is that whenever I wear it, I don't feel like eating. Great for whenever I need to lose a few pounds. Maybe there's some "aromatherapy" smell in there that controls appetite. It never fails. Just for that, I love it!

  • REDONE6608/24/2002

    I personlly do not own this fragrance......unfortunately a woman that I work next to loves this fragrance and Air is exactly what I need! It is a very pungent sharp perfume. Wear it with courtesy!

  • LIZ02/26/2002

    I used to love this a the bottle just sits there. Maybe my olfactory glands have changed..I just don't enjoy this as much as I used to.

  • PAM11/18/2001

    My 19 year old daughter loves this fragrance and always gets compliments! I too find this perfume hard to find. I am so glad you carry it.

  • CAROL09/21/2001

    Always get compliments when I wear it....not too strong,light and "airy"

  • CLAUDIA05/11/2001

    I have such a sensitive nose that most perfumes make me sick or give me a headache. Aire doesn't and I have had many compliments on it. I have a hard time finding it........ thanks for carrying this fragrance.

  • SHAELYN04/27/2001

    I'm sorry Dana's sense of smell is damaged, but Aire is a light, summery fragrance. I especially like the body lotion (and so does my husband)!

  • DANA03/30/2001

    After I smelled this fragrance I had the feeling that something was burning. This fragrance is for very unique people who enjoy the smell of burning plastic mixed in with herbs..YUCK!!

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