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Estee was created by Estee Lauder in 1968 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of many florals including jasmine, rose, coriander, finishing with a woody note.

50 ml Super Eau de Parfum Spray
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Estee was created by Estee Lauder in 1968 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of many florals including jasmine, rose, coriander, finishing with a woody note.

  • FAY SELBY05/16/2012

    as usual a beautiful perfume

  • LOUISE11/25/2011

    I love Estee Lauder products. I'm particularly fond of Estee Super Cologne Spray. I can wear this fragrance and have no side effects, ie. headaches, etc. I have more compliments and am asked what the brand of perfume is that I'm wearing. I would like to have a greater selection of complimentary gifts with a purchase, ie, lotion, skincare, instead of lipstick, eyeshadows. I'm faithful to the product and have been for forty years.

  • SKYENINE08/28/2010

    Estee Lauder has indeed changed this fragrance. The company maintains that the changes are slight and will not be noticeable to most Estee users. If you do not like these changes, be sure to go to Estee Lauder's website and let them know. Nothing will be done if nothing is said.

  • SHANMUGAMONY05/20/2010

    I purchased one Estee EDP during 1980 having fragrance notes Fragrance Notes -Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Carnation, Lily of the valley, Cedar, Tonka, Musk, Sandal.But the one bought now is having a different fragrance note.The old note was very very pleasent.Will you please release the perfume having the old note?

  • SHANMUGAMONY05/20/2010

    I bought one esteelauder EDP bottle and used it .It was very nice and pleasent to use that .Now I bought one Esteelauder EDP. But the smell was entirely different.I request the company to manufacture the one having the original fragrance.

  • MARA05/12/2010

    I have been wearing this since it was introduced in 1968. It is a wonderful scent. I get compliments all the time!

  • TO IRIS05/30/2009

    You probably got hold of the new formulation, which gives me a splitting headache and nausea too. The original 1968 version is wonderful. Why do companies insist on calling a changed/updated fragrance by its original name???

  • ESTEE FAN03/20/2009

    If you have loved your EL fragrance, get ready for a change. I received an email stating the company is "rebalancing" ALL their fragrances! Please write their site and complain, if you are as disappointed as I am.

  • TO LINDA03/08/2009

    Have you bought a bottle of Estee recently - in the last year or so? It has been drastically "reformulated" to meet "so-called" world-wide standards. It is hardly recognizable anymore. I truly with every Estee fan would write the online Estee Lauder site and beg them to bring back the original that was released in 1968.

  • KITTY12/29/2008

    I just purchased an Estee gift set this Christmas. The fragrance is unique - I know I have smelled this fragrance as a young girl in the 70's. I think this is a very pleasant scent and becomes soft as the day ends. I'm happy with my purchase. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try something different. It smells like a timesless classic.

  • LINDA11/12/2008

    I love Estee. Strangers stop me on the street to compliment me. I would like the perfume oil not in a spray. Is there any such thing anymore?

  • SO DISSAPOINTED09/21/2008

    I just purchased a bottle in Sept. 2008 & immediately noticed a change. I wrote the Estee Lauder company, and they verified my suspicions, telling me that it has been "rebalanced". After 17+ years of buying this scent, I had to return it. If others out there care that this beautiful fragrance has been changed, I encourage you to write the company (via their web site).

  • LISA07/13/2008

    I was reading the reviews, out of curiosity trying to decide to order a bottle or not. I loved it as a teenager and early adult because my Mother wore it all of the time. She recently passed away and Aimee's post reminded me that I am not the only one looking for a fond memory of my precious Mother. Wonderful cologne and I will proceed with my order.

  • ANNIE05/07/2008

    I really enjoy this fragrance, it has a sweet powdery floralcy with a little bit of a spicy note, and a woodsy bottom. It reminds me of the scent of allysum, those tiny white flowers that have a sweet/spicy scent. Many will feel this is dated, but I think it's pretty and powdery, very feminine and classic like pearls and cardigans (not to everyone's taste I know).

  • ME04/11/2008

    Did you smell it out of the bottle or smell it soon after applying? It is pungent at first, but dries down to a beautiful scent that garners many compliments.

  • IRIS12/19/2007

    Very, very horrible perfume. Not for me. Good if you can wear this. Merry Christmas!!! And Happy New Year!!!

  • PERFUME PERSON11/14/2007

    I love this one in the Pure Frag. Spray. That is the best. It stays forever - one spray is all you need. Love the body lotion too.

  • LOVING IT09/14/2007

    this is definately a signature fragrance. it even makes you feel beautiful when you are wearing it. i purchased this fragrance in the mini size. i definately plan to order in full oz. size.

  • BARBARA W07/13/2007

    I was very touched by what you wrote. I'm so sorry about the loss of your mother, but thank you for sharing such a touching story about her life and fragrance. We should all leave such a wonderful legacy to our children.

  • LOTTA06/27/2007

    You can try Lacoste Pour Femme or Dolce Gabbana- "the red one". I think they are similar and has about the same classication as floral+rich +bouquet. Good luck!

  • TO CORI06/04/2007

    I love it and have worn it for many years. Honestly, I have never come across anything similar to it, except Revlon's Moondrops back in the 60's and 70's. My mother wore that, and the scent has wonderful memories. I'm interested to see other posts to your question.

  • CORI06/04/2007

    My mother in law has worn this fragrance forever. I love how it smells, but could never wear her signature. Is there any other fragrance that is similar? I would appreciate the help.

  • ABOUT ESTEE05/26/2007

    Which do you wear - the super cologne or pure fragrance spray? I love Estee too, but wonder which one garners the most compliments.

  • JAC05/18/2007

    I've worn Estee for the past 24 years. I've tried other perfumes and have never recieved the reponse I get when I wear Estee. I am stopped constantly by men asking for what fragance I'm wearing so that they can purchase it for their wife or significant other. I can't find anything to compare and I'm constantly looking.

  • ALLIE05/01/2007

    Many of you love the Estee` fragrance just as much as I do, so please write the company and tell them! You can access them on their web site ( I always get a kind response and am told they forward my comments to those who make decisions about their products. I hope this one is never changed or discontinued. After all, Estee` named it after herself; surely they wouldn't tamper with it!

  • MARY ALICE02/01/2007

    This is a lovely fragrance, very clean smelling, crisp with a hint of spice. It is nicely long-lasting too. I'm glad I ordered it.

  • MARY ALICE01/28/2007

    I'm going to buy Estee so that my daughter can have a wonderful memory like you do. I'm sorry about your mom. It gett better with time; I promise.

  • AIMEE01/14/2007

    I would have to say that both fragrance formulas are true to the scent--the pure fragrance spray is just a touch stronger. I've experimented with a spritz of each to answer this question for myself and I find that they dry down with almost imperceptible differences. The pure fragrance spray is just a little more tenacious throughout the day, but the super cologne is plenty long-lasting, so you choose! And enjoy!

  • KATHY01/11/2007

    This one smells like a cross between L'Air du Temps and Wind Song to me. This was a disappointment.

  • GLOW01/09/2007

    I have been wearing Estee for about 20 years. It is my signature perfume. I get a compliment every time I have it on. People know that it is me when they smell the perfume first, they'll say I knew it was you. The Estee perfume smells differently on everyone. I find it hard to get the full boxed version of Estee (perfume, pocket perfume, lotion and powder) in the stores now a days.

  • SWJ01/08/2007

    which one gets the most compliments - the super cologne or pure fragrance spray? thanks!

  • AIMEE11/07/2006

    I think that Estee is an elegant, refined, feminine scent. It was my mother's signature fragrance. I have two bottles of Estee that belonged to her and I enjoy spraying them once in a while to take in her aura. Her closet and some of her things still smell faintly of Estee. I hope it never fades entirely. I have thought about making Estee my scent, but it is still too soon after her death. Sometimes smelling it makes me smile and other times it makes me cry. Perhaps as time passes, I will be able to enjoy it consistently. She also occasionally wore Beautiful and Rive Gauche but she was known for Estee. My mom had survived cancer six times before heart failure took her. In her last 10 years she took dialysis treatments three times a week as the cancer had claimed her kidneys and her bladder. In all those years, she always dressed nicely to go out, even to her many medical appointments and treatments. She wore her makeup and her Estee fragrance. Her doctors and nurses often told her how attractive she was and how pretty she smelled and it made her feel good to receive such compliments. My mother gave me my profound appreciation of fragrance and our passion for it over the years has made memories I will never forget. I just know that Heaven smells of a faint trace of Estee these days.

  • BLONDIE09/24/2006

    I wore this scent exclusively for several years in the 80's. This is a classy one. Appropriate for day or evening, dressy or casual. If you've never tried it, give it a whiff.

  • J.ERICKSON09/10/2006

    I'm pretty sure this fragrance is in the floral-aldehyde catigory. It's clean, powdery and soft. Lasts all day and is very memorable. I get compliments every time I wear this...which is most days. You can wear it with casual or dressy clothing. I actually makes you smell like you bathed with a fine soap and applied a clean, powdery smelling lotion. Just terrific. The only Estee Lauder fragrance I like.

  • INDULCIJUBILO06/28/2006

    While it's a floral, it recalls no specific flower. It has a soapy/powdery quality, and overall, is very gentle and serene in nature. I would say this is one of the more unique florals out there. It really doesn't smell like anything else. This is my all time favorite perfume, and I think it's just extraordinary...never fails to make me smile. It's just a good natured fragrance.

  • LIN06/27/2006

    For those of you who love ESTEE, contacting the Estee Lauder web site is a good idea. Their customer service is very nice and responsive, and they forward comments by customers to those who make decisions about their products.

  • LIN06/24/2006

    I love this scent! I've been wearing it for 15 years and have gotten compliments from men, women, and children. It's a classic and so unique. The dusting powder smells wonderful as well.

  • GREER03/31/2006

    I love this fragrance! It's a soft floral, and the lasting power is great! In a way it *is* soapy, but it's also soft and innocent. Reminiscent of clean babies. The is my absolute favorite, ever! Never fails to put me in a good mood. And it's a real compliment getter, too!

  • DEBBIE12/23/2005

    I've worn only this fragrance since 1986 and frequently receive positive comments from strangers!!!! I recently had a woman ask what fragrance I was wearing and she told me her husband sent her to ask me because he didn't want to seem forward!!!

  • CAROL12/01/2005

    Every time I wear Estee I get stopped by men asking me what scent I was wearing -supermarkets, airports, department stores. One time a girl followed me into the women's room at the Atlanta Airport saying that her boyfriend has sent her in to ask me what I wsa wearing. Men LOVE this scent.

  • SHEILA11/28/2005

    I read this message today because I was wondering if I should try the perfume. Your message brought tears to my eyes and I just thought it was lovely. I tested it once in a store and was not sure...your message sold me. I look forward to using a fragrance that seems to make lasting memories.... Thank you.

  • PERFUME CHIQUITA11/06/2005

    I just adore estee's lightness and softness-it's so sparkly and soapy-anyway to answer you, Linda-not all hope is lost! The lauder website has estee body products under their classics section-lotion, perfumed body powder and for now, a Christmas gift set with estee super cologne spray and a lotion. Also, the pure fragrance spray (in the faceted look bottle) is like an edp and the super cologne spray like an edt. Its lasting power is still very good, though!. One more fact. The sales lady at field's told me that Ms. Lauder wished to evoke champange with it. Also, I think lauder is planning on keeping estee and some of the other classics as they offer special giftsets in them. good luck!

  • LINDA11/02/2005

    Estee used to come in the body cream, which I loved. Why it was discontinued is beyond me. I hope Estee Lauder will bring back these other Estee products (body cream, soap, powder) that we can no longer buy.

  • CATHI10/09/2005

    My mother always wore Estee and got compliments everywhere she went. I started wearing it as a teen and am now 44 years old and I will never wear anything else. People say they know I am n a room when they come in because I smell so good. I will never be wuthout it. I buried a bottle with my mom so she would always have her Estee with her.

  • SOAP LOVER09/24/2005

    I read that someone found Estee soapy. Well, I like soapy perfumes! So, I had to give it a try. Yes, it really is soapy and I like it.

  • PAULA09/23/2005

    this perfume is old by todays fast pace standards...but it is still one of the best scents I have ever owned...i keep buying it again and again...i always get compliments on it when i wear it...good work estee lauder

  • LORELEI09/15/2005

    I absolutely adore this perfume. The aroma is lovely and feminine and it is recommended for romantic wear. I am a man currently living part-time as a passable woman and when a former boyfriend gave me this perfume three years ago, I absolutely fell in love with the scent. He and I are no longer together but I love Estee. Estee Lauder products are the products of elegance, poise and feminity.

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    At first spray of this warm, sweet scent, it smells awful, however some chemical change occurs and after a half our, the smell is sooo feminine and soft. I love it after it cools down on you.

  • AIMEE08/11/2005

    This is a lovely scent that is easy to wear and very long lasting. It is distinctive as a signature scent should be but it doesn't overwhelm the senses. I smell a blend of soft floral and woody essences that come together very harmoniously. I receive many compliments and agree with another posting that it can be worn well with jeans or formal attire.


    Delightful dreamy, subtle soft maginative floral, like meandering from the meadow to the woods on a soft sunny day. The drydown on me is beautiful too, soothing into sandalwood powdered with roses and orris, (I guess!) A touch strong, but unique. For determined dreamers.

  • SYLVIE07/01/2005

    What a fragrance! Still wonderful and unique. A winner! Very feminine and irresistible.

  • ZILLA S06/22/2005

    Always compliments by wearing dis product. The product 'Daytime" is very hard to become, it is the lighter product of Estee by Estee Lauder


    This is an extremely special scent to me. It's a tender, soapy, powdery fragrance, as someone said below. It contains citrus oils, peach, raspberry, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine, carnation, honey, orris, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk, moss and styrax. It's a very soft, clean floral scent. Very memorable. I think this is Lauder's most classic fragrance. It's just gorgeous and dreamy. I love all the Estee products. Wearing this scent makes me feel so good. It's "me".

  • SHARRIE12/27/2004

    a true treasure. delightful., transform into love. total respect. classy. wonderful

  • MANDY11/25/2004

    I love Estee, it is my very favourite perfume. I do have many perfumes but if someone told me I could only choose one it would have to be Estee. It makes me feel so happy when I wear it. It is a pleasure to wear, you feel like a real woman. Some perfumes today have no WOW factor - Estee always will!! - don't ever discontinue!!


    I used to wear this fragrance a while ago and it smells wonderful. Just two squirts, (on your pulse point areas) is all you need for lasting staying power. This is a quality fragrance!

  • XANADU08/16/2004

    This is my all time favorite scent. I use it for an air freshener in my car and home as well as perfume. It's very soft and cozy, but not light. It's very potent and long lasting. Even the cologne last all day. It's classified as a floral, but no one flower stands out and the overall effect isn't flowery. It's soft, soapy and powdery. This is one of those perfumes that's excellent as a signature scent. Estee Lauder's best IMO.

  • ASTRALTRAVELER07/30/2004

    This is a very underground scent. Testers are aways at the Lauder counters, although they're sometimes hidden. The Super Cologne spray and the Pure Fragrance spray (concentrated, almost Parfum strength). Estee has an extremely distinctive clean, powdery (not like an old lady!) baby like fragrance. Some may find it slightly soapy. It dries down to an almost intoxicatingly clean in lily of the valley and light rose with a fresh powdery orris-honey accord that stays and develops with a lightly sandalwood and styrax sweet, woodlike base. Very classic and one of a kind. One of the greatest, most individual scents of the 20th century. Once you smell it you'll never forget it. It's that unique. I remember smelling this on a lady whos daughter my grandmother babysat in the late 80's. She smelled SO GOOD in it. I never asked her what the perfume was, but as soon as I tested it at a Lauder counter I was immediatly transported back in time. It really is that good.

  • CHRISSY07/22/2004

    Oh no no no no no...this stuff is just awful. I mean make you sick awful. Thank goodness Estee Lauder is moving in a new direction. Some of the old fragrances are way too much. No offense..but I just remember testing this one and really feeling ill.

  • DINX07/20/2004

    Men have followed me around to ask me what I'm wearing, and it isn't because I'm beautiful! This fragrance helps people transcend physical imperfections. Ysatis, Yardley's April Violets and Sung are also winners after lots of trial and error.

  • PAZZO07/13/2004

    Beautiful.None of Estee 's new fragrances comes close to the older ones except Intuition.Estee lasts a long while too.A little goes a long way.Love the way the notes develop on skin.

  • GLORIA09/04/2003

    I am just now, after all these years, being introduced to this lovely fragrance. Why I bypassed it I don't know. It is good for all occasions and lasts... classy.

  • MYLAAN06/04/2003

    Simply lovely. Soft, gentle, light but with great staying power. A soapy note in the drydown gives it a "good girl" touch, in a romantic, poetic way. A keeper.

  • BK05/20/2003

    its smells baby soft,very nice.staying power is good.i luv it :)

  • MARGE05/12/2003

    Avon quality. ok..If you don't mind giving everyone around you sinus problems

  • JOY05/07/2003

    This is unique, very different and inexpensive. It lasts all day which I wish some others did. Nice scent

  • BJ11/21/2002

    Wow! my favorite .. I have been wearing estee body creme since i was in high school 1986... For a teenager i felt very sexy..too bad i can't findthe body creme unless it has to be ordered.. not even has it. Very classy - makes me feel like a million bucks!

  • LOLA07/21/2002

    I don't know anything about Estee. I am looking for something soft, gentle,a bit powdery with just a touch of musk. All the comments about this scent tell me I should give it a try. I think I will,and I'll keep you guys posted.

  • DORA07/08/2002

    I've liked this estee for the past 11 years. what i love most is you bypass somebody before the person will notice the really feel good

  • CATHY06/26/2002

    My favorite fragrance of all time. I have worn Estee for 15 years and get many compliments on it, especially from men! I spray it in my hair and it lasts a long time and doesn't get altered by my body chemistry. Try it. I think you will love it!

  • OLGA04/10/2002

    My first fragrance. I sought a lot of perfumes. But when I discovered Estee I realized that it was exactly what I had been looking for. Very attractive and feminine.

  • GENIE SCHUH GUNN03/22/2002

    I wore this a long time ago and now after all the new things that have come out am back to wearing Estee. I love it and so does everyone that gets a whiff of me passing!!!!

  • KATHY03/10/2002

    I have been wearing Estee for 23 years. I have tried many other products much more expensive and this is the only one that when I am walking down the street people will stop and ask me what I am wearing. They love it!!! This is my signature fragrance!!!

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Used to wear Estee years back and still love to smell somebody who is wearing it.

  • JUJU01/17/2002

    I was looking for something different, and I found it! Very unique, feminine & dreamy & sensual at the same time. Initially it seems rather strong & sharp, but after a little while it softenes to something I can't quite describe. I wouldn't say it's powdery, and it's not really floral (although I read a description saying it was full of white flowers). It is a bit spicy, and definitely has a kick....a soft one...

  • JJ12/15/2001

    I like this one. I don't care for alot of the Estee Lauder fragrances but this one smells clean and soapy like a baby. There's nothing sharp, flowery or spicy about this one, it is quite strong though so use sparingly.

  • JJ12/15/2001

    I like this one. I don't care for alot of the Estee Lauder fragrances but this one smells clean and soapy like a baby. There's nothing sharp, flowery or spicy about this one, it is quite strong though so use sparingly.

  • CINDY11/25/2001

    I love this fragrance. I can smell it on anybody who is wearing it. I wish I could find someplace that has it for less than $20. I am very short of cash. But I will continue to pay the money for the scent. can't get enough of it.

  • LORI10/05/2001

    I love Estee perfume. I have been wearing it for twenty years and it is wonderful. I call it my jeans or formal scent because you wear it with either style and still smell classy.

  • SHAN10/05/2001

    My chic grandma wears this perfume. Her whole house smells like it! I might just like it cuz it brings back childhood memories. powder notes are definitly apparent.

  • LORI SCHENK09/20/2001

    I love all Estee' Lauder fragrances except this one. It gives me a horrid headache!

  • CINDY CRAIG07/26/2001

    Do you carrie Estees Body Powders and Body Lotions? I allways get asked when I wear Beautiful. What Kind of Perfume are you wearing? I feel so clean when I wear any of Estees Prouducts .

  • PEG07/05/2001

    I have been wearing Estee since 1995 - I have tried many others, both by Estee Lauder and other designer fragrances - nothing is as sexy or feminine than Estee - Fantastic fragrance!

  • BJ06/28/2001

    One of the world's classic fragrances for 40 years, Estee is a long-lasting, alluring, 'non-flowery' scent I have used for many years.

  • how much is estee in 2.0 ounce size?

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