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Cabotine was created by Parfums Gres in 1990 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of gingerlily with citrus, rich florals, sandalwood, musk and blackcurrant.

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Cabotine was created by Parfums Gres in 1990 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of gingerlily with citrus, rich florals, sandalwood, musk and blackcurrant.

  • JAN GARRATT03/22/2016


  • TAMMY09/09/2015

    love this perfume

  • BARBARA OEHM04/05/2012

    I didn't buy this for myself. I bought it previously. A friend asked me what it was once when I was wearing it - she just loved it She asked me if I would get a bottle for her. She was VERY happy with it. Thankyou.

  • PHYLLIS03/08/2012

    Delightful, full bodied but light enough to wear all day. Even those who don't like perfume comment favorably.

  • PAM03/01/2012

    A beautiful perfume which lingers for hours and hours. It has become a favorite of mine and I would not be without it.

  • PHOEBE01/13/2011

    I can wear very few scents, but this is 'the one'. A friend had this on and it smelled so fresh and light that I just had to try it. I did, loved it and she sent me a gift pkg. Been sold ever since. Gives me energy and makes me happy!

  • LISA01/08/2011


  • SAPPHIRE06/07/2010

    Cabotine is the greatest fragrance on earth or any other planet!!!

  • MARA10/30/2009

    Ladies, if you are like me, and fragrances disappear on you much too soon, try Cabotine. It is not only a beautiful scent, but it will last for a very long time. I find this to be a very elegant, lady-like fragrance that can be worn anytime, anywhere. If you haven't tried this one, do. Please don't be put off by the packaging. It looks like it would be some cheap drug store fragrance, but, believe me, it isn't. One of the best, in my opinion.

  • THERESA01/31/2009

    There is something quite mysterious about this scent. I'm surprised it came out in 1990 - it has the feel of the 50's or early 60's. It's youn g but elegant - it has a Jackie Kennedy feel. Other people have said it makes them feel sad - it's almost like this perfume can take you back in time, like an old movie.

  • SYDNEY12/29/2008

    I get so many compliments, people wanting where they can find this fragrance. I've worn it for ten or more years

  • TONI12/14/2008

    I bought CABOTINE unsmelled, after reading all the positive comments. To me this is just very ordinary, nothing special, nothing distinctive, just very "generic" smelling. I am using it up because I don't want it to go to waste but I would never buy it again. Maybe it's just me or my body chemistry, but it smells like a zillion other scents out there and it fades very fast...

  • MARYBETH11/13/2008

    I came across these reviews when viewing Coriandre's page. I am just blown away how many of the ladies are depressed and sad from this's very intriguing...the way our senses all connect. I hope I don't make a mistake by purchasing. Has anyone ever rec'd compliments upon wearing it after the dry down? Curious. Thanks for the honesty all.

  • ANGEL10/29/2008

    It is the similar in smell to Tendre Posion. This is why I love it. I can afford this and not Tendre .

  • MANDY10/22/2008

    I like this scent but it's always made me feel sad and I could never understand why...REALLY weird that I'm not the only one who feels the same...However for a "green" scent it has to be one of my favorites

  • DMARIE05/02/2008

    When I first bought this I hated it and I thought it was some generic perfume or something but then my kids smelled it and they all told me I was crazy and they said it was a nice smell and of all the perfumes I have they seem to like this best.Well I tried it again and I seen what they meant it is a pretty scent it is very strong in the beginning and the top note is something very unusual it sort of smells like the ginger I cook with but all in all it smells lovely and the lotion is even better (to me the lotion smells like chloe narcisse perfume).

  • MISSY03/29/2008

    The top note of this fragrance is wired to me, I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but it's strange. But when it drys down it recovers and actually smells really good.

  • ANNASAS01/10/2008

    I read the comments by earlier posters about how something in this scent makes them nostalgic, sad, and I'm thinkin', "What?" And then, smart me: I went to the local perfume shop and had the gal spray some on my wrist. At first I loved the sweet freshness, but then something in it made me think about the past, not my own past--but something from, say, the 50s. It reminded me of old soaps in little roadside motels that we stayed in on the way to Texas. That probably makes no sense to those of you who love it, but all I can say is that when I sniffed my wrist, I got a wave of sadness, and I'm not sure why. Maybe there are carnations in this? Maybe the scent of funeral flowers? Not sure...

  • MRS. CARMEN11/28/2007

    I love Cabotine sooo much. I get lots of compliments. Is very sensual and attractive to men. I always keep two bottles cause I love it soooo much!!!!! Excellent choice.

  • SARA09/27/2007


  • JEAN SHERRY06/01/2007

    Does it come in the pure perfume or just the EDP? Cabotine to me is enchantment! Love it!

  • CALCON05/12/2007

    There is something about Cabotine that strikes me as very austere, but captivating at the same time. As a result, I really have to be in the mood to wear it. I think it is a lovely perfume, well blended and very long lasting. I have the EDP.

  • MAGIC_JAN02/01/2007

    soft,floral and long lasting.I got noticed and comeplement at the first day I wore this purfume.3 of my friends asked me where I got it from and they had purchased it last week.wonderful cabutine!

  • SERENITY01/04/2007

    Cabotine is innocent and fresh with just the right touch of "green," yet also sophisticated and rich enough to make me keep sniffing my wrist all day. An original perfume- not much else like it out there. In a class of its own, I think.

  • KINSEY12/21/2006

    I love Cabotine! There are times when I crave it, because it never fails to raise my spirits. I stock up on this one as it can be purchased for great prices at TJ Maxx. The body lotion is lovely at bedtime. Cabotine is a perfect, summer-green, sexy ginger chypre. It exudes energy.

  • JEAN11/10/2006

    It's my favorite of all times. Smells fresh and light. People always comment on how good it smells. It is harder to find in the stores.

  • KALINA10/23/2006

    love it.. came across this fragrance by chance and glad i did. try using the body was and loyion ladies.

  • KALINA10/22/2006

    ladies... all I can say is this perfume is sexy.. I love it. try layering it with the shower gel and lotion. Best when used straight out of the shower. smells like heaven on earth.

  • TSJACOBS08/30/2006

    I never fail to get compliments when I wear this scent. It's simply fabulous and sexy and men love it!!!

  • KINSEY08/12/2006

    Cabotine is, to me, fragrance perfection. It smells beautiful, it's uplifting, it's classy, and my husband likes it. It is my staple fragrance for wearing anywhere at any time, and after all these years it still gets more compliments than any of the plethora of fragrances I own. Cabotine is really a masterpiece in her own right and she should not be overshadowed by her spectacular and famous "mother" Cabochard. Cabotine is the ultimate fragrance for positivity and joy.

  • ANGELIQUE06/20/2006

    Although this doesn't smell unpleasant in any way, there's something in my psyche that really makes me hate it. Wish I could understand why. It smells pretty, innocent and youthful, makes me think of spring. But there's something else about it that I just can't bear - something that just makes me feel depressed. In the same way a song can make you feel certain things (and not always positive), this scent does the same thing. It's not a bad scent at all but despite it being nice it makes me feel very unhappy. :-( (It still gets a good rating from me though)

  • SAGUARO05/19/2006

    Sadly, Cabotine (EDT) didn't work out for me. In the bottle, it seemed like a lovely floral, but once applied, smelled like laundry detergent or hand soap on my skin. The drydown didn't improve things, and even my poor husband couldn't stand the smell. I hate to fault the scent and think it is more a matter of my own chemistry, but this is one perfume that did not smell good on me in any way.

  • MAYA03/18/2006

    I sampled this a few nights ago at my fiancés request... he goes off on his own while I look at what I'm interested in and checks out bottles I usually would not... He came back with this in his hand and said 'try this for me...' big grin on his face :) And there I am looking at the bottle in his hand, thinking well now you've done it! I've always dismissed Cabotine for some reason... Oh perhaps because of Cabochard, (just not me)... who knows. So I sniff from the bottle, still in his hand and in utter disbelief snatch the bottle from him... THIS IS MARVELOUS! To me this is a cross between Tendre Poison by Dior and Poison by Dior... there is that pluminess and coriander of the original Poison in there... that creaminess and something purple... but then it was like looking at a chameleon... Cabotine was transforming its purple color to green in seconds and back and forth... It was going back and forth from Tendre Poison to the original in a whirlwind of fragrant magical aroma. So that night I was undecided, but when I came home from work the next day there was a bottle of Cabotine on the bed waiting for me… he went back and picked it up… I guess we know he likes it ;)

  • SUE02/04/2006

    Love Cabotine. Gives me that confident clean and sexy feeling. It is so unique and gets me tons of compliments. That is why I feel confident when I wear it. I know it has a great effect on others who are near me. And, it is not offensive. Very safe and effective.

  • DEBBIE12/18/2005

    Cabotine is a wonderful discovery. Long lasting and feminine. Also clean and fresh. Other people will notice this in a positive way when you wear it. That is why I love it. I know that others enjoy it on me just as much as I enjoy it on myself.

  • LAUREN12/14/2005

    Cabotine is my favorite scent. It is an especially nice scent for the spring and summer months. I have always gotten great complements from the gentlemen when wearing this parfum...I call it "the secret weapon."

  • LIANA11/27/2005

    What a wonderful discovery. This is amazing. I have so many perfumes, and I got a sample of this when I purchased so other perfume. Some how I thought it was a cheap perfume due to the packaging. So, I did not even try the sample for months. Now i tried it and am totally shocked. This is simply great perfume. Yes!!!!!

  • SUE C11/12/2005

    Contrary to what someone said, this scent is easy to wear. Although it was designed for the young, if you are young in attitude but not over-the-hill you can wear it. It contains white ginger lily, tuberose, white orange flowers, mandarin, lime, sandalwood & musk.To me it smells predominantly of white flowers like gardenia with a bit of zest. Cabotine is the little sister fragrance to Cabochard.

  • JEAN11/08/2005

    This scent is fresh and captivating, clean and confident. Every time I spritz this on I instantly feel better, happier, more postive. Cabotine is just one of those unique fragrances that makes you feel great about yourself. I don't wear anything else.

  • LOIS10/30/2005

    This truely is a unique and special perfume, unlike any other I've encountered( the cologne is lovley but the perfume is divine). I too have been asked by perfect strangers , in elevators, grocery lines and the bank what the name of my perfume was, and it was always Cabotine I was wearing. It really is hard to pin point the flowers in this perfume so I recently did some research, curious to know the contents of this lovely scent and here they are ladies,broken down by top, middle and bottom notes. Top notes:Black currant,peach, plum,corriander Middle notes: Rose, ylang-ylang, carnation Bottom notes: Violet, cedar, vanilla, tonka I was surprised at some of these as they aren't very noticable , but the combination of all of these certainly makes a unique and pretty scent.

  • GINA10/27/2005

    I have been wearing this scent since 1996. It smells so clean and fresh. Everytime I wear it someone gives me a compliment.

  • ALLISON R.10/10/2005

    I wore this scent around 11 years ago. I liked that it smelled strong and sophisticated on me. I couldn't wear it now because I've lightened up a bit, and tend to like warm fruity scents. I can't say that I even like Cabotine on other people,because it's so hard to wear, and styles have changed so much since I discovered it. It has that mature scent (if you know what I mean).

  • SUE C09/12/2005

    I came across this hard-to-find scent the other day and instantly fell in love with it. I wore it for the first time today and received a compliment from a stranger about how pretty the scent is and wanted to know what it was. Cabotine could become my new favourite daytime scent. It has the freshness of gardenia-like tropical flowers, with a really interesting touch of greenness and spices and is light and well-balanced, a feel-good fragrance. It has the best elements of some of my favourite scents. If you like Fidji, L'air du Temps, Kenzo's Parfum d'ete, Chanel's Gardenia etc. try Cabotine. It's lovely.

  • ROSEMARY07/12/2005

    I love Cabotine and have been wearing the EDT spray for years. I've had many, many compliments and also have had women ask me what it was. The bottle I just bought just isn't the same. (I still had some left so I can compare them). No matter how much I put on, it's completely gone within an hour or two. If I try to put on even more, it's way too strong at first then disappears just as quickly. I wonder if I got a bad bottle. Anyone else having this experience? (I based my rating on my past experience!)

  • C-06/12/2005

    Such a delighful fragrance--- I always get such great compliments when I wear it. Cabotine is one of my favorite fragrances... I don't want to ever be without it.

  • DAN05/10/2005

    I love this one ! Always fresh and very captivating but subtle and refined. Ladies try this one, not only is it a great fragrance, but everyone else is not wearing it because its very difficult to find. ( I thought it was out of production until I spotted it here )

  • JUDY05/03/2005

    I have been wearing Cabotine for 10 years... I love it and I always have people asking what kind of perfume I have on.. Nothing I try compares..I hope it never leaves the market... What would I do???

  • ANNE 03/16/2005

    While looking for something else at the fragrance counter one day, I picked up a bottle of Cabotine, liked what I smelled from the bottle, gave a quick sprtiz to the wrist, and immediately forgot about it. Later, while we were having lunch in a restaurant, I was trying to locate the great smelling woman sitting nearby so I could ask her the name of the lovely fragrance she was wearing. After a while, and to my surprise, I finally realized it was me. The Cabotine that I had sprayed on my wrist earlier was wafting toward my nose everytime I lifted my hand to take a drink or bite! Needless to say I immediately returned to the fragrance counter after lunch and bought the gift set with the spray , the miniature perfume and body lotion. I frequently get comments on how nice I smell or asked what it is that I'm wearing. As someone mentioned earlier, it's not a commonly worn fragrance, so you won't smell like everyone else around you. It's a very unique scent, utterly sexy but also very feminine.

  • M02/07/2005

    Have to re-rate this one. It´s very good, but be careful don´t put on too much excpecially not in the middle of the summer as I did when I posted my last message. I really love Gres fragrances, Cabaret and Cabochard are also wonderful

  • MARIAN12/02/2004

    My favorite.I've loved it for a bit more than a decade. Unique!

  • TRACY11/24/2004

    The first time I smelled Cabotine, someone was sitting a few rows in front of me. They were fanning themselves and the scent drifted back to me. It was so good I had to ask her what the name of the perfume was. It is such a unique smell, I wear it all the time now and get a lot of compliments on it!! The lotion smells great too.

  • SAPPHIRE10/23/2004

    Cabotine is without a doubt the greatest fragrance on earth.

  • M07/25/2004

    See my comments on Tendre Poison by Christian Dior.

  • PASCALE07/23/2004

    Cabotine is definitely different from many perfumes on the market, first because its fragrance is original, and also because it's not popular, i mean not many women wear it. I LOVE it, for the summer and the winter, because it's discreet and elegant, very feminine, very French I think.

  • SYLVIE07/22/2004

    Parfums Grès made 2 brandnew Cabotine versions: Cabotine rose + Cabotine blue. Sorry - I don't like Cabotine green (the classic) and blue (marine type scent) but can highly recommend the new "Cabotine rose" . It's a mouth-watering, delicious fruity fragrance!!! Well balanced, soft and very feminine. "Pink is my favourite colour..." (Steven Tyler)

  • HANNIE07/15/2004

    In theory, I love this scent, especially when worn by a supremely feminine friend of mine. I've tried to wear it, but now I spray the silk roses by the hall door and it makes a delightful greeting (which can, however, outstay its welcome - this scent is a real stayer!). I know this will seem like sacriledge to its army of devotees but it really is cheap enough to experiment with - linen spray. towels etc. I just cannot have it anywhere near my throat or I"m sickened by it. Hmmmm. Try it !!

  • AIDA JARA05/11/2004

    Woohoo!!! I agree with Melanie. Cabotine has the most prettiest scent. I feel terrified just to think that some day I won't be able to find it. I love it!!

  • ANNA04/28/2004

    Somebody wrote that it smells like Vera Wang-absolutely not. To me it smells like grandma.

  • GWEN04/01/2004

    LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE IT!!!!! my fav by far

  • PATRICIA03/29/2004


  • M4NDI03/27/2004


  • GINA LIM03/26/2004

    Love it!!!! One of my faves. I usually wear it at night cos i think it's a little too strong for day time. Don't worry though, it may start out strong(in a good way) it suddenly transfers into wonderful experiences which lingers on & on until the next day(i swear!).

  • PIA03/04/2004

    Yuck, I bought this a year ago on sale on the net and to this day still cannot stand to wear it for longer than a few minutes. Reminds me of bathroom air freshener, sorry.

  • JESSICA02/17/2004

    Tendre Poison. Nice smell at first and in the bottle but like most florals lacks depth, on me at least.

  • MEME01/12/2004

    The body cream is luscious!!!!

  • SEMANOVA12/18/2003

    cabotine is one of my favourite fragrance, since the first time i smelled it, i complitelly fell in love, it´s perfect in every sence, strong, elegant, refreshing, when i smell it i get happier!!! try it, you won´t regreat it!!!!

  • SZARADA12/17/2003

    Cabotine is awesome ! I got 2 (sic!) bottles by chance. I switched my Cristobal for Cabotine on the internet not even remembering what the fragrance was like. I smelled it about 10 years ago when it was available on the market and just remembered it was good. I've fallen in love with Cabotine instantly after unpackaging it. It is one of the most unique scent I've ever smelled and I can't wait for spring - in our country winter is very tough and Cabotine doesn't go with temperature so low, snow and so on. It is appropriate for spring time. Greetings for all Cabotine lovers form Poland !

  • HEATHER H.12/09/2003

    Cabotine is one of my favorite Spring & Summer fragrances. I live in CA where it is very dry, so the scent doesn't hang like it may in more humid conditions. Cabotine is not appropriate for the cooler seasons.

  • MARTHA12/06/2003

    My signature fragerance for years!Beautiful! Beautiful!

  • GINGER 11/23/2003

    I finally found the perfume I so wanted. I have looked everywhere in America! I used to wear Cabotine when I was lived in the UK. I love the fun, fresh, citrus scent!! This is a must-have for me:-)

  • MELANIE AGAIN.10/01/2003

    Hi,it's me again. Well,I finally bought me some cabotine this week and it felt great. I forgot to rate it the last time I was here so here's to cabotine,the most beautiful perfume ever made!!

  • PETRA08/30/2003

    This scent has such good reviews so I had to try it. But in fact, I already had from samples years ago. I didn't like it then but thought this can't be the same perfume. I must have it mixed up with something else. Everyone's raving about it! Well, one spray and it was just like I remembered. too sweet and reminds me of grape Koolaid. The scent does not develop on me, it just stays the same. I had to wash it off my wrists, I got such a headache. I think I'll give this one to my niece. Maybe my body chemistry just won't work with florals.

  • FATIMA08/20/2003

    Lures everyone into your path when not over sprayed. Very nice sweet scent that lasts a long time!

  • MELANIE08/09/2003

    This is truly a winner in my book,in fact,it sometimes gave me a headache,but I don't care,I'd give anything to have Cabotine in my purse again!!

  • MARY K.06/26/2003

    This is a very nice fragrance with a spring-like feeling to it. I like it a lot! I would not wear it in the winter though.

  • A.Y.06/10/2003

    This was my very first perfume. It was given to my mom and stuffed into one of her old boxes. When I was old enough to consider wearing perfume, I happened to be sorting through my mom's stuff and found this. Since then, I've received constant compliments on it --it's different, super sexy, very feminine, lingers long, and turns on my boyfriend.

  • JENNY06/06/2003

    A smell like when you walk past something in a garden and you ask yourself "What is that lovely smell?"

  • TELLA05/01/2003

    Maybe it was a bad batch, but mine smells like moth balls. I guess it would be a good perfume for those who wear a lot of wool.

  • CARYL04/05/2003

    Whenever I wear this fragrance someone always asks me what I'm wearing and where they can purchase it. It's a must have!

  • GUERLAINIA03/22/2003

    This has to be one of the most pleasant, inoffensive fragrances ever created. Fresh, light and easy to wear in the office; Cabotine can also be worn all year round. What I love about it is that even though it's light, the fragrance lingers in a very pleasant way. It still smells fresh hours later. Truth is, no matter WHAT fragrance you love, SOMEONE will absolutely HATE it. The odds are better than good that few will find Cabotine offensive.

  • CLAUDIA PRAST03/09/2003

    Just love it since about five or six years ago,just love it.

  • PEB03/07/2003

    Caberet is very nice too if you are looking for a sexier scent

  • PAT02/26/2003

    This is the perfume of a lifetime!! I have now used it for 5 years as my signature perfume. More compliments on this refined, clean smell than any others. I return to this scent over and over. Never tire of it's clean scent!!

  • LORI02/05/2003

    Great combination of musk and floral notes, not to strong but definitely noticable!

  • OLATZ01/31/2003

    I just love this. Discovered it 5 yrs ago and now own 6 bottles. It's very clean, herbal, with an undertone of resin incense. Everyone says it's a great casual scent but I also wear it for evening.

  • SUMMER01/04/2003

    Been wearing Cabotine continuously for about 6 years. I just cant bring myself to try a different fragrance. I love it, and get lots of comments saying how nice I smell!

  • SHERYL12/31/2002

    I bought a 3 pack at the airport, and none of the three intendeds like it at all- including me. it make s me sneeze! However, my neice loves it and it smells great on her.

  • DQSMELL12/21/2002

    I discovered this fragrance in the early 90's and it has been my favorite scent since. I purchased it for the 1st time in the US at Dilliards many years ago, since then I've only been able to find it in Spain and once in Mexico. Thank God for the internet, because I just ran out and I'm not able to jet to Spain or Mexico to re-up.

  • CYNTHIA12/07/2002

    This smells exactly like the solid air freshener that you hang inside a toilet. After it dries down, it smells like air freshener. Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE!

  • MARIAN11/27/2002

    This is one of my favorites. Never overpowers yet present all the time.

  • 2010WOMAN09/19/2002

    I simply ADORE this fragrance. I never bothered trying it for years because the bottle and top are green so I just wrongly assumed it was some hippie wildflower fragrance that smelled like freshly mowed grass. SURPRISE! This is so RICH and SEDUCTIVE. I have read all of the comments for this fragrance and I don't agree that this is light and airy. Actually, I would wear this rich fragrance for night as well as day. In fact I think it's more appropriate for evening wear. When you first spray it on, you will smell the fruit notes but that disappears after awhile and then you smell the rich floral and sandalwood notes. This is just so good. I would highly reccommend it. Don't judge this one by the bottle.

  • VONNI08/02/2002

    Cabotine reminds me very much of Touch by Fred Hayman. As others have said, it’s a tad potent initially, but it settles very nicely as an exuberant floral. It lasts all day and holds up well even in the most miserable humidity and heat - you can wear to an outside summer function and not end up walking around in a thick, perfumey haze. Some of the notes are ginger, jasmine, violets, lilies, and citrus.

  • SERITA07/31/2002

    This is a staple in my perfume 'wardrobe' along with Chanel No.5. I always love to experiment and try out new perfumes but I've never strayed from these two. I've never smelt another perfume like it; it's so distinctive. I could just drown myself in the smell of it! I've been using it since I was 13 and I still can't get enough of it. Recently I was with a friend in a department store and I came across a tester of it. I suggested that she give it a try and now she's addicted too! Not many people have heard of it. I think it's the fragrance world's best kept secret.

  • AUNTGOOEY07/10/2002

    I thought the green floral cap was gaudy, so because of those facts I always ignored this fragrance because I thought it was a "cheapie." Yup, I was a perfume snob. But I finally came across a tester one day and sniffed it and immediately made this my number one favorite fragrance. This moved right ahead of my expensive Annick Goutal and Hermes fragrances. Top notes of orange flower, plum and ginger. Heart notes of ginger lily, tuberose, bluebell and iris. Base notes of sandalwood, blackcurrant and vanilla. This is a great, distinctive (but not overpowering) fragrance that is clean smelling, feminine and perfect for the office. I still hate the cap though.

  • NISSA06/10/2002

    the first time i smelled cabotine it was on a nice looking business woman and I asked her what was that frag she said cabotine and it took me 3 years to find it.I wear it and everytime i get compliments and everyone wants to know what is the name of it. It is not light and not strong. It is just right and it has a fresh unique smell. smell

  • LISA FARRES06/01/2002

    one of my all time favourites really feminine

  • KAREN05/30/2002

    This is the most awesome fragrance ever!!!! You can get it at differant Discount perfume stores. You can usually tell the differance between the "copies" and the "originals". A lot of places will offer a guarantee.

  • ARI04/26/2002

    when i was in high school, i have a friend she's my classmate, everyday her smell so great, and that's make me fall in love to her, honestly that's because her perfume, lol, so i tell her that i love her, and she love me too :), after several month, i asked her what's her perfume, "Cabotine" she said...


    i'll probably smelt this perfume on only three different people and i absolutely loved it. i just recent smelt it on one of my new co-workers and told me the name of it. when i went to the department stores, they didn't have it. they had no idea what i was talking about.....where can i find it besides in this website? i've never heard it before, but it is an immatation? is it fake?

  • CARLA04/03/2002

    I would say sharp. Origanal but unlike what I think a perfume should smell like Too green

  • ANGELIQUE03/17/2002

    Light, airy. A perfect daytime scent. Not obtrusive.

  • EL DOW03/12/2002

    By the description, I thought I'd love this. But I truly hate it! To me, it smells heavy and musty, even moldy. Just weird. It's funny how different perfumes are with different body chemistries.

  • KIM01/24/2002

    My best friend came to visit and was wearing this wonderful fragrance which turned out to be Cabotine. It is so light and pleasant unlike all those obtrusive fragrances. It not only is my favorite but I get to smell like my best friend and this smell brings her to mind all day long!

  • ANN11/06/2001

    This is one of the only scents that has ever made my husband say, "Wow, that smells great!" I like the fact that it is light and fresh enough to wear any day of the year, although I find the eau de parfum a bit overpowering. One of my top five!

  • SANTHA10/23/2001

    i think this is the most beautifulist smell i have ever come across. i love this fragrance so much it has its own smell. one time i went in to the store to get something in its catagory and the man said there was nothing in cabotines catagory. thats because its in a class by itself try it youll love it.

  • STEPHANIE09/10/2001

    One of the most beautiful florals out there. When I smell this I imagine an early morning stroll through a misty wildflower meadow on a summer day. Lovely!

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    I love this green floral fragrance. I buy a new bottle of this every year.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    Cabotine is French for "Mischief". It's the perfect fragrance for a lazy summer day. It smells like fresh cut flowers and grass. It's a very light & youthful fragrance.

  • YASMINE07/06/2001

    I found this one at Neimans years ago. it's a great after-the -swimming-pool-or-a-day-at-the-beach fragrance. I usually wear it on lazy days or picnics. It's light and very distinctive. it follows one. It's also office appropriate as it's not overpowering.

  • BETSY 07/02/2001

    i am looking for the powder

  • SHARON TURNER03/29/2001

    I was given a bottle of cabotine several years ago as a gift and it has been my absolute favorite ever since. I've received more compliments on it than any other perfume i've used. Recently the store that carried it in our area discontinued it. That's how I found your site.

  • AIDA JARA12/26/2000

    I've been using this fragance since 1991, and I just totally LOVE IT!!!! it has such a different scent. Thank you,

  • PHYLLIS BETHUNE09/21/2000

    I really like your product, but can not always find it. i like the cologne and the body lotion and when ever i run across it, normally make a purchase

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