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73 Reviews

Cabochard was created by Parfums Gres in 1959 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses lichens and floral and wooded scents with accents of citrus, tobacco and leather.

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Cabochard was created by Parfums Gres in 1959 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses lichens and floral and wooded scents with accents of citrus, tobacco and leather.

  • NASRINE09/22/2015

    ...This is an older, yet more classy and classic Eau de Toilette from La Maison Grès. I recommend seller highly.

  • REBECCA10/07/2013

    I have worn Cabochard by Gres for over 40 years and have never tired of it. I get a lot of complements about it when people are close up and do not get any complaints about it from people who are sensitive to perfumes.

  • LINDA10/29/2012

    The only perfume I use is Cabochard and I was delighted to find it with Galaxy Perfume. I have found my first experience with online shopping to be a successful venture, and although the perfume was delayed with some customs problems, Galaxy kept me informed all the way and I have recieved my lovely perfume intact. Thank you for a rewarding experience and I can't wait to use your site again for my Christmas purchases. I have also recommended this site to my firends.

  • GALENA DEBNEY12/24/2011

    A very old fragrance I first bought when I was 16 in 1953. It has remained my favourite, green, woody, smokey, not overly feminine and definitely not sweet. Love it.

  • SHOSHANA RIVKA03/03/2010

    A wonderfully intimate perfume. I've been wearing it for over 40 years and still have young and old men compliment me on it and ask where they can purchase it for their special ladies. I usually tell them it is a special blend made for only those committed to long relationships and romantic evenings before I tell them how to spell the name! It has always been a conversation starter with men, but strangely not women. I miss the days you could find it in stores and get a few of the little sample bottles of the parfum.

  • JANUARY1310/10/2008

    I just bought Cabochard over the internet. In fact, I smelled it in a little shop in Concord, MA. It's still around. I love it! My daughter thinks it's too strong, but I do not care.

  • DMARIE10/09/2008

    Cabochard Ambre! I bought a bottle today and the bottle looks like Miss Dior Cherie and it smells sooooo gooood! It is like a little bit sweet but classy like an amber sweet smell.I think this one is the best of the Gres line. Try it ladies it is called Cabochard Ambre.Very nice!

  • CAROL08/15/2008

    I started using Cabochard in my twenties forty years ago and was very sad when I could no longer purchase it in the US. It's crisp, fresh scent was like no other and I always felt as though it was created just for me. Compliments came from young men and older gentlemen alike.

  • MISSY04/22/2008

    I don't know if I hate this or not, my husband says it smells like I could wear it to funerals, whatever that means. I will continue to try and connect, I do appriciate it's uniqueness.

  • AJ12/10/2007

    Have been wearing Cabochard for 30 years! J'adore! I had heard it would not be made anymore? That would be a shame.

  • SOMDATTA05/21/2007

    It's a unique perfume, smells very woody, dry and leathery, and softens to a mysterious blend of tobacco and citrus floral (?)afterwards. It smells very French and expensive - very appropriate for office wear, if you want to smell distinctive or classy, without being afraid of being assertive of your own taste. Incidentally, Cabochard reminds me of Ysatis in a strange way. Not in its composition or chemistry perhaps, but in its mood. Both are serious perfumes, not meant for those who prefer fresh floral or sweet fragrances. Both smell exquisite and distinct. And there is a sense of mystery in both of them, which i find tantalising. If you like Cabochard, do give Ysatis a try. One thing though, it didn't seem to last very long on me. I wonder why, since everyone else seems to think it's very long lasting ...

  • SERENITY02/17/2007

    I ordered a set with lotion blindly based on the reviews, and I am so glad I did. When I first opened the box, I was sort of shocked by the smell... like oh no, this might be too masculine. However, when I actually sprayed it on me and allowed it to mellow down, I was captivated by the smell! I find it dark and sexy. This is NOT a sweet floral smell that will blend into the crowd of lovely non-offensive scents. This one will turn some heads. It does have a smoky, leathery, animalic kind of smell like others described. Imagine Anais Anais meets Chanel No. 19, and that combo meets Pure Turquoise. This is the scent of a woman unafraid to make her presence known- someone with an Angelina Jolie type of sex appeal. I think it's exotic, alluring, and enticing once it mellows down a bit. It is strong, so go easy on the sprays.

  • LIANNA02/08/2007

    This is a woodier version of no. 19. I love 19, it is a bit greener on the opening, but similar to Cabochard on the drydown. Love this one too!

  • MARA02/03/2007

    I was so glad you conpared this to Jolie Madam. JM is one of my very favorites, and I have never tried Cabochard, although I plan to asap. I purchased Coriandre last night and thought it smelled wonderful. Does Cabochard smell anything like that? I don't know whether Jackie Kennedy wore Cabochard, but Ari O's sister ordered it regularly from France and had it sprayed on her sheets every day. I do know that Jackie wore Creed's Flourissimo.

  • CINDY12/18/2006

    There is no perfume ever conceived that can compare with Cabochard. It is magnificent, absolutely magnificent. It is the number one fragrance of all time.

  • CYNTHIA11/04/2006, Melanie. Don't buy the Cabochard if you want Azuree. Cabochard is nothing like the original Azuree by Estee Lauder. Cabochard is an understated leathery, base note scent. Azuree is full of bigger, brighter and I think, heavier notes. I cannot wear the original Azuree. As for Tom Ford's Azuree: I don't think he intended it to be anything remotely resembling the original Azuree. He really should have given his body oil a whole different name. It's coconut, tiare flower, and sandalwood, mostly. It's very beachy and sort of the opposite from the original Azuree. Also the opposite of Cabochard I guess. These are three distinctly different fragrances. I have them all...but love Cabochard best.

  • MELANIE10/30/2006

    I've not gotten to try this yet, but if it is similar to Azuree ,I sure want to try it.Tom Ford has gone and fooled with Azuree's formula and ruined it.

  • JJ10/19/2006

    I cannot find the actual perfume. Is that being discontinued??? I have used it for years and love it!

  • **HEATHER**07/29/2006

    I ordered a mini edp of Cabochard to see why it was getting such good ratings. I think that this perfume is really bad. It smells like an old hot water bottle. Usually I wear Kenzo Le'elephant or Armani Mania.

  • CYNTHIA06/10/2006

    To me, this is a wonderful earthy scent. It's got the tobacco and leather notes I crave mixed with florals, woods and moss. These notes remind me of horse tack rooms, and playing in the woods, and hugging grandpa. It's not a sweet or frivolous scent. I think you won't like it if you want a lot of vanilla in your perfumes, or if you only like super sweet florals, fruity frags, or light colognes. This fragrance is seriously "there" and very unique. It's in my top five favorite perfumes. It is similar to Bandit, but not as strong in rose and rubber notes and it's especially similar to Jolie Madame, minus the strong violet notes JM presents. Hope I can always find it. (This review is for the edt version)

  • JANA06/10/2006

    Cabochard has been my only fragrance since 1964. It is becoming harder to find but is well worth the search. This scent is totally feminine and smells divine.

  • GREEKGIRL06/06/2006

    Cabochard is a very unique fragrance, i have never smelled any other like it, does have that smoky cathedral scent , which is what i like about it, its very different and its something i would imagine those 1940s screen actresses would have worn, i love it and will always wear it, also has very good lasting power.

  • MICHELE05/05/2006

    I started wearing Cabochard in my twenties (almost 30 years ago) after receiving a sample in a wonderful perfume store in Chicago. I literally turned the head of a doctor I was working with who wanted to know what I was was wearing becuase he thought it smelled so good. I've tried other scents but always, always stay with Cabochard! I guess I just don't like floral scents. I hope I can always find it!

  • HELEN04/26/2006

    Thank you for your message. It is an inspiring fragrance, but unfortunately on me it seem to develop into a mossy, tobacco scent. I use Mitsouko now, where I can enjoy the flowers, spices and fruits at the same time.

  • CYNTHIA04/12/2006

    Can anyone tell me about Air de Cabochard? It is certainly available. Is it completely different? Thank you!

  • JAN04/06/2006

    The name Carbochard means....charmingly persistant....and also could mean stubburn. I just read that on another site.

  • SMOOTH03/11/2006

    I found Cabochard when I was in my 20's & saw Casa Blanca for the 1st time on a rainy afternoon with a lover who from then on was reminded of me when he smelled this fragrance. This was the parfum & it was truly unique. Now, I can only find it in the toilette & it doesn't smell the same on me - but - I can spray 3 hits on my little dog and it all comes back to me. It smells perfect on her.

  • ALAN03/07/2006


  • HELEN03/02/2006

    Hello everyone, I have just found this scent, and I am delighted. It is really special, and makes me want to stop my search for a signature scent. Does anyone know what Cabochard mean? Sorry, maybe it is obvious to others..

  • JAN11/19/2005

    Bandit is better, in my humble opinion. Has a little less tobacco. Also, Bandit is available in EDP, not so with Cabochard. Bandit lasts longer, too.

  • MAYA10/14/2005

    Wow that was a noseful! I guess all I can say, beside the fact that this fragrance is really just not me, Cabochard indeed is an intense and rich scent... VERY INTENSE... Something for the board-meetings, and very serious business occasions. Unfortunately, even though I can see that there is high quality in this fragrance, the scent was made for a woman who is fighting for her rights in the world dominated/controlled/run by men. She wants to distinguish herself as a strong person, a smart woman, not a girl, not a child, not a wall-flower, not a wife, not someone who will be quiet, or talked down to. She will fight for her rights, she will fight for what she believes in, and fight and fight. She wants to smell serious so she can be taken seriously. I know that I will get myself in trouble for saying this, but this is really a fragrance for a woman who is so afraid to be overrun by man, that she will go so far as to want to smell like POWER AND MONEY!!! This is sort of what this fragrance reminds me of - POWER AND COLDNESS! Now if you are the type of a woman who is attracted to this scent please do not be offended by my comment, as that is all it is, "my comment, my opinion", however, 'for some reason' I know that if this is your favourite scent, no matter what I say you would not be offended, you would respect another woman's opinion and take just as that --- after all you know what you like and what works for you!

  • GRETCHEN09/12/2005

    I tried Cabochard for the first time today after reading the many positive comments about it here. I like it because it's not floral or fruity- that's what most other women out there may age seem to be wearing and I like to be different. I was not diasppointed. It's rich, smoky (not burning cig smoke smell either; more like woodstove burning smoky) complex! I think I will save it for the cooler weather though (still having some relatively warms days here in New England)- as other posters have reccomended. It is fabulous; I'm not shocked that it is a classic!

  • M06/25/2005

    I love cabochard and I´m thinking about to buy Bandit for a long time. Thank`s for your comparision.

  • D06/24/2005

    I love both Cabochard and Bandit, and find them very similar. The differences I find are: 'Cabochard' is woodier and smoother; 'Bandit' is mossier and stronger. Hope this helps anyone wondering.

  • TIBUCHINA06/09/2005

    Have worn this wonderful perfume for over 30 years!! I hate fruity perfumes, and I've always been complimented on the way I smell. I hate perfume in the workplace, but Cabochard is only "smellable" when someone is very close. I even spray it in my hair after I wash it. I love the musky, light fragrance. Thank goodness for the internet, bc I could never find it even though I live in a big city - unless I wanted to pay top dollar at "Needless Markup" (you know who I mean)!

  • BEBE BULLET05/02/2005

    true endurance. light off the skys clouds. makes the day sunny. true enderance. tender be. very nice.

  • SHARRIE01/08/2005

    great i didnt believe it till i wore it. nce. awesome woody scent. who would have known. wonderful.

  • SHARRIE12/30/2004

    wow. i love it on myself. romantic . sexual energy. my husband is attracted. unbelievable like in a cathedral.

  • CATHY T.12/21/2004

    This is quite simply the best fragrance in the world - nothing and I mean nothing can compare to the smell of Cabochard. Long may Gres continue to make this wonderous delicacy!

  • AJ11/29/2004

    please, please can this be true no more cabochard i have been wearing it for 30 years - say it ain't so - where did everyone hear it??

  • M11/27/2004

    As I understand it´s Air de Cabochard that is discontinued, not the original wunderful citrus. leathery scent.

  • BARBARA KELLY11/16/2004

    This is the best fragrance ever!!! Hear it is being discontinued by its maker Gres. How sad!! I'm looking for my all time favourite product by Cabochard - their bath oil....anyone know where there is any available?? Please let me know at [email protected]

  • KAREN09/16/2004

    I like this perfume once it hits it's middle. Top note smelled like fenugreek to me. But I liked its later mellow tobacco scent. Original. Unfortunately lacked staying power on me

  • MARY09/06/2004

    This perfume is my favorite for many reasons. It was the first French perfume. I bought it in a proper perfume shop from a foreign sales lady on a cruise ship when I was sixteen. She let me come every day to smell every perfume I wanted, and I finally chose Cabochard. I have continued to chose it again and again. My mother asks me repeatedly, "What are you wearing?" It's always Cabochard, and she always likes it. I guess it must be a complex fragrance because it can smell so different at times. I remember one guy walking by me who was riveted by it. He literally turned on a dime with a mesmorized appearance to ask me the same question my mother has so often asked, but hardly with the same disinterested curiosity. His was total euphoria! I will never forget the effect that it had on him! I continue to like Cabochard because it is a perfume that smells good on me even as it changes from one smell to the next, and it is always easy on my nose. I have allergies, but this never bothers me. It is a classic that I hope will always remain available. I even love the bottles and the black box it comes in, from the simple eau de toilette that I dabbed on in high school to the natural spray that I use today. I love Cabochard!

  • KATHY Z.07/30/2004

    I just received my first bottle of Cabochard today. I love it! On me it smells very spicy and earthy. I thought I would try it because it seemed to be the kind of fragrance I have been looking for based on the reviews I have been reading here. I was not disappointed. This fragrance is not for the faint-hearted. And also I think I will be saving it for the fall and winter months. I have been trying several older classic perfumes lately. I just don't care for a lot of the new perfumes out there. Cabochard is heavenly!

  • GLORIA06/23/2004

    Cabochard is the only scent I can wear without getting a migraine headache. On me it is light and CLEAN. Everyone comments to me how good I smell, even men. It is a light scent. It does not enter the room before you do.

  • SUZANNE05/14/2004

    I recently got mini of this with soap and lotion. I showered, applied lotion, and applied the scent. I felt fresh and clean, luxurious and feminine! This is a lovely green scent with some earthy notes and a rich, powdery, floral dry-down. To me it just does not smell masculine AT ALL (and I do agree with others who have said there is no such thing as masculine and feminine in fragrances anyway - but there is a certain smell that most "masculine" colognes seem to have, and that smell is certainly lacking in Cabochard!) This is fantastic, very fresh, feminine, earthy, green and floral. Very classy and classic. Yum. Lasting, too.

  • LISA03/24/2004

    Another "power" scent. I can see not everyone liking the leather/tobacco notes but it's wonderful on me. Not sweet. Spicy, exotic, but not too strong, fun and liberating!

  • XXX01/22/2004

    To Elia - I also read it was the favourite (or signature) fragrance of Jacqueline Kennedy and I believe it. You are right - Cabochard really has some "factor X" (something "dark" but ultra-chic) and it gives you self-confidence. I feel somehow stronger when I wear it, too...Anyway, a special perfume. To Claire - I don't think it is discontinued, maybe it is sometimes harder to find it because it is not so very popular.

  • CLAIRE EVANS12/22/2003

    my mum was extremely upset when she found out that cabochard, as she has worn this for a long long long time, was going out forever can anyone verify this on whether this statement is true

  • ELIA12/01/2003

    I read that Cabochard was one of the favorite perfumes of Jackie Kennedy!? I love this fragrance a lot, it is special, original, it has some "factor X" that makes it different than other women's perfumes. I agree that it is great for cloudy, wet, cool fall or winter day. It gives me self-confidence and makes me feel strong. Hm...hard to explain it...

  • HARPER11/29/2003

    bernard chant actually created both cabochard and aramis (classic for men). azuree is (to my nose) just aramis marketed to women (i love ell of them). bernard chant also created clinique aromatics elixir (my current favorite), halston (the original one) and antonia's flowers. so there. the nose does not lie, eh?

  • LEONIE11/28/2003

    I am now 44 and have been wearing Cabochard from my early twenties. It is fabulous! I know it will go with anything, in any situation, it is sexy, sophisticated, elegant. It is not musky. Many perfumes smell wonderful on other women and in the bottle (like Chanel No. 5 and White Musk) but I cannot wear them because my own chemical makeup really makes me stink with them on. I have never had anybody give anything but praise for Cabochard, whether in the bottle, on them or on me. Cabochard was launched in the year that I was born, made, it seems, for me! And what a glorious history Madame Gres had!

  • SARAH11/20/2003

    I agree with Sylvie from Germany that Cabochard is similair to Aramis and Azure in it's final notes.But Cabochard is much more exquisite.It is amoung my top three favorite scents-and I have many!It is especially good to wear on one of those perfect fall days when the crows can be heard on a distant horizon amoung the cattails. It smells as if these particular flowers have willingly yielded their inner most secrets and most precious secrets. Woodsy,mossy,warm yet cool and perfect any time.

  • SYLVIE10/07/2003

    *Cabochard* is a great classic Chypre and hard to find. Perfume-makers adore this scent because it is so special and unique! It was my first perfume when I was a young girl, but I think it's better on a woman with experience. This is not a "pretty, fruity, happy fragrance". Cabochard is a refined and "serious" perfume. You smell like a real and clever lady if you wear it. It's elegant, stylish, leathery, and "dark". Only ARAMIS for men (the classic) and AZUREE of Estee Lauder are similar fragrances. But *Cabochard* is IMO more complex and attractive. I love it still today!!!!!!!!! Greetings from Germany.

  • BECKY L09/25/2003

    This type of scent is one of my favorite scents...not floral, not oriental, not sweet, not sharp, not really anything in just smells so unique. I Love it! And I also agree that fragrance is not really a masculine/feminine thing, I wear whatever I like, regardless of what someone else thinks it smells like. Perfume should be for you, not for someone else. Plus, to me the right way to use perfume is very lightly so that only you can really smell it...well, and anyone that you let get close enough!

  • BSM08/25/2003

    When I was old enough to wear perfume, I asked my mother, to give up her Cabochard, so I could wear it instead, (without using the sam scent as my mother). The darling-person did! This has been about 25 years ago, and I´ve been wearing it ever since. And yes - it is a scent for women, not for girls. I love it more, with every year!

  • PARESSA08/02/2003

    how exciting to see there's somewhere to comment on perfumes and what's more on my beloved, long-term companion cabochard. I have had cabochard with me since the late eighties, when a dear friend gave it to me as a birthday present. nothing compares to it in my eyes and senses; i guess it has become part of me. One more thing: i am happy to see that it is still possible to get cabochard after many rumours that that was it and having seen it disappear from perfume shops. :-)

  • JULES07/09/2003

    Well, I just ordered a big thing of Cabochard body powder and can't wait to try it after reading your comments. Is the powder a pretty true representation of what the perfume (or edt) smells like does anyone know? If I remember to, I'll report back after trying it.


    Could anyone compare Cabochard with Robert Piguet's Bandit for me? They seem to have similar notes. I haven't been able to find a sample of either, but I am interested in a non-sweet unusual scent with leather & tobacco notes, which both of these seem to be. Could someone compare these two in detail? Thanks.

  • ANA02/05/2003

    Unique, highly individualistic,absolutely understated as someone already said, strong, gives me a lot of self-confidence. When I need this kind of perfume ("serious") I use Cabochard or Shiseido's Feminite du Bois. Both are for women who know what they want and who they are.

  • CLAUDIA11/21/2002

    I received a bottle of Cabochard 30 years ago as a h.s. graduation gift; I have been wearing it ever since, and it has become my signature scent. I am, however, finding it impossible to buy except online, and I cannot find the powder and soaps at all. Any ideas?

  • JB11/18/2002

    The parfum is elegant, rich and classy... I think it has to do with body chemistry as well cologne edt dosen't smell like the parfum in my opinion

  • TRACEY11/18/2002

    This is an individualistic, understated and classy scent that is likely not for you if you like very sweet or "girly" scents. (Or maybe you do...I love "La Chasse aux Papillons" by L'artisan Parfumeur. But I digress...) This IS is leathery-tobacco scent with a touch of citrus and a hint of lovely florals. It's for women, not girls.

  • LAURA10/27/2002

    This is horrible. It smells just like cigarette smoke. That's the only thing I could smell. It hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. This has got to be the worst perfume I've ever smelled. May be good for you if your nicotine patch isn't working and you crave the smell of stinky cigarettes.

  • SUSAN09/22/2002

    Wearing this fragrance brings to mind a refined, elegant study filled with leather-bound volumes flanking a glowing fireplace.

  • HARPER08/23/2002

    aramis and cabochard were actually created by the same perfumer (i forget the name). cabochard for gres was first, then later aramis for lauder. i really like both. harper

  • JASMINE07/25/2002

    If you're the type of woman who is not afraid of a distinctive, unflowery aroma, you'll love this. I love leather and tobacco notes and this has both, a very well balanced "French" perfume, long-lasting and very chic.

  • LOLA06/20/2002

    YEAH!!GIRLFRIEND,YOU TELL'EM,THAT'S THE SPIRIT,HHAAAH!(and yes,i also love Cabochard:it is not for the wallflower conformist sissi,it is for the woman who loooves to be a challenge to any man who makes the mistake of thinking "he can handle her"...)

  • 2010WOMAN06/09/2002

    I find some of Paul and Craig's comments interesting. And I do respect their opinions but it's just an opinion. There are a thousand different ways to see the world rather than just black and white. Putting perfumes into two categories of Men and Women is a pretty recent development in the history of fragrance. And in many parts of the world this division does not exist. As with anything in life fragrance is a matter of personal taste. It's nice that you want women to smell like flowers but that is just not my style. I think smelling like a sweet flower is kinda gross and obnoxious. I am a very unique person and I appreciate fragrances that are different from all the mainstream, trendy, and heavily advertised fragrances today. I would never want to smell like all those milions of women out there who purchase like Romance or Michael, almost like mind numbed robots, succumbing to all the advertising propaganda. I think Cabochard and Azuree are haunting, unique, and beautiful. I leave you with a quote from Serge Lutens, a master French make-up artist and a perfume maker: "This separation of perfumes for men and for women is a socio-cultural product which flourished after WWI. In the nineteenth century perfumes were perfumes. If a man liked to perfume himself with rose or lavender, he used rose or lavender. And it was very elegant. If he was elegant. If he was not elegant in himself, applying rose water would not make him any more elegant. The same for a woman. If the woman is elegant, she perfumes herself with elegance, with precision, with personality. But if she has no elegance, then perfuming herself will not render her so. Perfume is the reflection of what you are yourself. No matter what perfume you apply - even rose - it will be an expression of your personality. For me, perfumery is timeless. It's like in Morocco, where there are perfumes, or essences, and they are worn by women or by men, without segregation. It is a fundamental error to separate men and women."

  • FIONA04/25/2002

    Wore it years ago and had forgotten how much I loved it - but its not for little, delicate types. Its not a night time scent for me - Joy is for dinner and after!

  • HANA04/17/2002

    It has a note of a masculine scent, but it is special, has something unique. A real french *chic*! I can't compare it with any other women's perfume.

  • CARLA04/03/2002

    tobacco, masculine

  • CRAIG12/15/2001

    Aramis reeks of masculinity. That's like saying Chanel No. 22, Diorissimo or Fracas aren't feminine. Totally laughable. I personally wouldn't want to smell Cabochard, Azuree or Aramis on a lady, but to each his own.

  • JAN12/11/2001

    cabochard is cool winter elegance. what i love best about it is you don't smell like everybody else in their trendy perfumes.

  • HARPER10/20/2001

    yes, i have actually always thought that azuree and aramis are the same jiuce bottled and marketed differently (one for women and one for men). both ARE owned by estee lauder, so that's not so strange. she's done the same thing with clinique aromatics elixir (for women) and armis 900 (men)...practically the same juice bottled and marketed differently again. i like all 4 of them.

  • H.10/15/2001

    Cabochard is almost identical to Azuree by Estee Lauder. It's a little softer than Azuree. I've worn Azuree for years and have always gotten compliments (and yes, someone once asked me if it was Aramis -- but that's okay because Aramis is great too).

  • HARPER10/05/2001

    yes, this does smell like aramis, softer, deeper, warmer...the reason is that cabochard is sort of the prototype for the leathery chypre scents...and ms. lauder's aramis just about copies the original cabochard (without crediting it either). i like both. a lot. as for cabochard, the actual parfum is much rounder, deeper and softer than the edt, which is also nice, but a little stronger on the citrussy top-notes. it IS an extraordinary scent either way. and contrary to what pual (see posting above) seems to believe: aramis does not smell "manly". women can wear it well, as long as they do it sparlingly (true of all perfumes, really. and true for men as well). what makes a scent "manly" is really the man who wears it, and not the other way round. likewise, a woman wearing it will make aramis just that...a woman's scent.

  • VIKI09/18/2001

    I heard in Paris from some french sales-ladies that Cabochard was "a truly french perfume", "most french of all perfumes", whatever that means!! It is really very interesting! Very strong, but not Oriental, perfume with strong personality. When you need courage put this fragrance on, you are going to feel more self-confident. For woman with caracter, who knows what she wants, but it is not overpowering. Very classy and elegant.Chic! Unlike any other perfume.

  • PAUL07/14/2001

    This smell just like men's Aramis! If you want to smell very manly this is the scent you. (why I don't know)

  • DR. S.BRYANT11/26/2000


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