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Anna Sui

Sui Love   

39 Reviews

The Sixties are one of Anna Sui's favorite sources of inspiration. The Chinese-American designer tapped into the decade's "Peace and Love" repertoire to create her new fragrance, Sui Love. Sui Love is an inspirational blend of bergamot and passion fruit blended with orange flower and lush florals, softened with vanilla and musk to produce an more

6.7 oz Body Lotion
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The Sixties are one of Anna Sui's favorite sources of inspiration. The Chinese-American designer tapped into the decade's "Peace and Love" repertoire to create her new fragrance, Sui Love. Sui Love is an inspirational blend of bergamot and passion fruit blended with orange flower and lush florals, softened with vanilla and musk to produce an energetic scent that lifts the mood and imparts a sense of harmony. Notes include Bergamot, Passion Fruit, Osmanthus, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Marigold, White Rose, Water Lily, Tuberose, Orange Flower, Italian Violet, Vanilla Madagascar, Ambrette Seed, Rich Musk.

  • NIGEL MAYNARD12/31/2012


  • EMMA07/04/2010

    what i like the most about this product is the price it is not highly priced

  • EARL10/16/2009

    what do you like to do

  • EARL10/16/2009

    Love to have fun

  • JOSIE06/22/2009

    I've been wearing this for years and I just love how it makes me feel. I hope they never discontinue it.

  • BARBARA W02/13/2008

    ...that I, too, love Now Smell This - it's a great site. I also frequent Basenotes, MakeUpAlley, Perfume Critic, Bois de Jasmin, Perfume-Smellin' Things, Victoria's Own, etc....I spend more time reading about perfume than I care to admit!! ;-) Ok, well, maybe I just did!

  • BARBARA W02/13/2008

    Sorry, again, for the delay in my response. I always forget to check the Sui board. Anyway, thanks for the tip on Pure White Linen. I always like to find a new scent for the office - I work in a hospital, and my orientals just don't work with our "no fragrance" policy (though I sneak some in here and there). Interesting about the No. 5 - are they actually changing the formula?? I'd be shocked to hear that. No. 5 doesn't work at all for me, either, but to change it would be perfume blasphemy! lol Hope you're well!

  • ROBIN08/29/2007

    I've just left a note for you on the Addict board, and thought I'd mention something different that you might like. It's Estee Lauder's Pure White Linen. It's nothing like that harsh, sour seventies original White Linen; it's got pear and white flowers, very sheer, great sillage, super fresh and pretty. I know you like rich scents, but for daytime/office wear it's delightful. Can hardly wait to try the Pleasures Delight you'd mentioned. I'm also looking forward to trying the modernized flanker of Chanel No. 5. I can't wear the original -- those aldehydes just turn hideous on me! -- but from what I hear the new one is gorgeous. A very good website is Now Smell This, by the way, if you're looking for fragrance news and opinions. All the best -- Robin

  • BARBARA W08/05/2007

    Thanks so much for those great suggestions! I have tried some of the perfumes you mentioned, and I'm going to hunt down the other ones. I just posted you a message on the Addict board, so I won't repeat myself here...thanks again, and I'll be looking for your posts!

  • ROBIN06/08/2007

    So sorry for the delay in responding, Barbara!! Haven't had the chance to spend much time on this site lately, so just saw your message now. Love your posts and love your nostrils; seems like we really enjoy many of the same 'fumes!! Thought I'd mention a few new or newish ones you might like as well and might not have discovered yet yourself. Let's see: aww, the Badgley Mischka is very rich and woody and still very modern; the new Miracle Forever is all blackcurrant freshness and luxury, and much different than Lancome's original Miracle; Rock n Rose from Valentino is very pretty and wearable, and ditto YSL Young Sexy Lovely -- very very light and fleeting, but so flirty and soft; Hilary Duff With Love is remarkably sophisticated and original and affordable too; Miss Boucheron is sexy and fruity and gorgeous and surprisingly long-lasting (think of a deeper Miss Dior Cherie with a touch of Hanae Mori stylistically); Euphoria Blossom is all pink peony summeriness; Tom Ford Black Orchid is utterly mesmerizing, truffles and depth and phenomenal originality, totally womanly and ultra-modern, not a speck of frivolity and fabulous packaging; Serge Lutens Santal Blanc is another very grown-up scent just oozing sensuousness and sophistication, all woods and resins but still feminine and oh-so-French; Golden Goddess is very fun, all golden notes, sweet and rich and mellow; and for summer tropical fun, it's hard to beat the lastest Escada, Sunset Heat, which is a blast of pineapple and other goodies. Hope you've been well and hope you get this soon!!! Robin from Vancouver

  • MELISSA10/24/2006

    I love this scent! To me it's sweet, fruity, a bit of flowers, with vanilla and a bit of musk. I can see how some people could think it's too sweet, but too heavy or strong? I don't think so! That's my only complaint about this one. It only lasts ~2-3 hours on me.

  • ALLISON R.08/11/2006

    This was on a sale rack the other day so I tried it on. I wasn't too impressed, because there wasn't much depth and it was way to soapy smelling for my taste. It didn't even smell that fruity by it's description. It reminded me of J.lo's Glow. For a knock out scent that has similar qualites as being sort of an airy scent I would suggest Alfred Sung's Jewel. That one is a winner!!

  • CHERYL M. 08/06/2006

    I have seen the new Escada fragrance called "Escada Crystal" and " Escada Signature" I bought it when it first came out and it is a great fragrance, differant than anything I've smelled before I'd describe it as lush, fresh, dewey and cool great for summer. Enjoy !!!

  • SMITTEN07/12/2006

    I have questions about some of our favorite scents. Would you email me please at [email protected] Hope to hear form you- thanks!!

  • SMITTEN07/05/2006

    I appreciate the feedback from you Greek Gril. I was hoping Robin would define the Escada scent she was referring to in her post below that says "the new Escada with the pale green juice -- nectarine, cucumber, magnolia, mmmm,".. I want to know the name of that scent. Sounds yummy and I'd like to try it.! I just bought 2 new scents.. Hypnosse by Lancome..very unique. Feminine and warm- very intimate scent. And "Very irresistable" by Givenchy.. I really like this one as somehow it is clean and spicy at the same time..just sweet enough to not overpower..

  • GREEKGIRL06/25/2006

    Hi there, are you talking about the new Escada signature scent in the square bottle? (its also green) i havnt tried it but a friend said that it smells like cucumber, probably be nice for summer, as for the other two you mentioned I have not tried them, hope this helps.

  • SMITTEN06/20/2006

    Robin, Lizzie, Barbara W, Sarah... I'm loving all the reviews and seeing your posts. Will one of you ladies tell me the real name of the "new Escada with the pale green juice".. Dying to try it but I'm not sure which one.. is it Lily chic or the jardin one? Thanks!!

  • *BARBARA W05/04/2006

    What a treat to see your post here...sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. It's *so* nice to find a soul sister in fragrance! Thanks so much for your tip to try Burberry - it sounds fantastic! Shares some notes with Casmir, which I adore, so I know I'll love it (right now, I just spritzed myself with a mixture of Brit and Casmir, and oh my! Quite a combination!). Anyway...Burberry will be my next purchase. I understand they've come out with a new "Burberry London" which sounds quite different - more florals, which I'm not terribly fond of. I did a bit of research and found out that the original Burberry is just supposed to be called "Burberry" and the brand new Burberry London is, in fact, a totally different fragrance (the ads for London have Rachel Weisz in them). Confusing! Aside from my new discovery of Brit, I haven't found anything really worth fawning over. Have you? My staples lately have been Kenzo Jungle L'elephant (completely addicting), Casmir, Just Me by Montana, and of course, Hanae Mori. I'm one of those strange people that wears heady orientals in summer...I just apply very spraringly. Although, I have to say that Stella by Stella McCartney is a fantastic departure, and I wear that when I'm in the mood for something more "summery". Have you tried it yet? I didn't think I'd like it from the description, but it's really lovely. Well, I hope all is well with you, and I look forward to your next post! :-)

  • GREEKGIRL04/27/2006

    I received this fragrance as a gift from my son when he went overseas, he said he picked it because he liked the bottle as it was the nicest one there but was afraid id not like the perfume, well he was wrong i absolutely love it, its sweet, sexy and reminds me of fruit (dont know why) but i luv it, not bad for a gift from a teenager, when he first gave it to me he said youd better like it mum cos the japanese women in the duty free shop were giggling at me the whole time, poor kid. LUV IT.

  • ROBIN 01/30/2006

    Oh, Barbara, I'm so sorry, I wish I'd seen your message earlier and could have answered sooner! I always enjoy reading your posts -- interesting, friendly, helpful -- and was delighted to see by your last message on the Anna Sui board that we overlap VERY much in terms of beloved fragrances. Quite uncanny. In fact, the only ones you mentioned that I can't say I love -- and most of which I own myself, or covet! -- are ones I haven't been able to track down here in Vancouver, B.C. Please stay in touch; I'd love to know about your new fragrance discoveries, and I'll be sure and let you know about mine. Ah, speaking of which, I've just fallen in love with Burberry London, or Burberry's as it's know at Perfume Emporium. Oh, Barbara, I really think you might love it. To me, it's in the same fruity, creamy family as Hanae Mori, fresh and soft but still nice and rich; it's been around for years but (being forever slow about these things sometimes) I just recently discovered it. Let me know what you think of it (never such a thing as too many fragrances!) -- and nice to hear from you!!!!!

  • *BARBARA W*12/02/2005

    Remember me from the Maxmara page? :) I wanted to read up on Sui Love based on your recommendation. Can't wait to try it! Here's my "short list" of fragrances I love: Hanae Mori (of course), Nanette Lepore, Le Roy Soleil, Niki de St. Phalle, Ruby Lips, Amuleti, Casmir, Stella, Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden, Acqua di Gio, Allure Sensuelle, Lovely, Pink Sugar, Just Me by Montana, Envy Me by Gucci, Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari. Thanks for all your suggestions!

  • SYLVIE12/01/2005

    ...butterfly bottle!!! But the fragrance smells only so-so. I don't like Anna Sui fragrances. IMO they spent too much money into the "crazy" bottle-design and NOT into the fragrances. Very girly. Fun fragrances... Not my style.

  • ROBIN 11/13/2005

    Hi, again, Sarah, and I hope you've discovered some new fragrances since the summer!! I wanted to mention some really heavenly ones I've discovered since that might be worth checking out. Nanette Lepore, the new Escada with the pale green juice -- nectarine, cucumber, magnolia, mmmm, Euphoria by Calvin Klein -- pomegranate, orchid, mahogany, very romantic, Shanghai --wild plum, super-pretty. Oh, and if you want a scent that's quite inexpensive compared to many, the new Promesse by Cacharel, with a touch of ripe blackberries, is priced nicely. Take care.

  • BRITTANY08/15/2005

    At first I was not impressed with this fragrance. It is VERY different from the Sui Dreams, which I adore. Well, I thought it was too sweet and I am not crazy about STRONG florals. Anyways, I decided to give it a second chance, so I didn't use as much because it is quite concentrated and long lasting for EDT. Anyways, it was fabulous and I can simply say that I adore it! The florals aren't overwhelimng, they are sweet and delicate. But not so sweet that they give a headache. To make a long story short(er), it is a beautiful and invigorating scent.

  • LIZZIE05/16/2005

    You know how a fragrance just grows on you, hypnotizes your senses, after the initial NO? I can't get enough of this fragrance now. I don't know what happened. I got pushed over the edge. I bought the lotion, and the giant 2.5 oz bottle. It's my perfumey love of my life. Did I say it was too sweet? It's perfectly sweet, not too sweet, or too sweet is exactly what I want. It's unique, harmonious, delicious, uplifting and girly. I can't get enough. I spray it before I sleep, when I wake up, and sometimes stop by the bottle on the way just to sniff it again. I swear, there must be something in the bottle, because it's ADDICTING. I change my rating. It's everything I've ever wanted in a perfume!

  • ROBIN05/11/2005

    Wow, Sarah. I also have -- and love -- many of the fragrances you mention, including Acqua di Gio, Miracle, Escada Island Kiss and Madness. I'm going to try some of the other ones you mention that I'm not familiar with (Oh, no, there goes my budget!) and maybe break down and add some to my collection. Here are some of my favorites, in case they might appeal to you, too: Escada Magnetism, Moschino Couture!, Hermes Le Jardin sur le Nil (just new!!), Stella, Very Irresistible, Chance by Chanel. Attraction by Lancome, DKNY, Hanae Mori, Incanto, Apparition, Her by Gianfranco Ferre, Light Blue, Mania, Realities, Silver Rain, Flower Bomb, Brit, Brit Red, Maxmara, Shanghai, Wish, Alfred Sung Pure, Nina Ricci Love in Paris, Versace Crystal Noir, l'eau par Kenzo. And if anyone out there has similar tastes and can think of any others I might like, please post a message here. I'd love it!

  • LIZZIE05/10/2005

    i thought of a great solution, actually. since my body chemistry makes it smell cloyingly sweet (nauseating, actually), i sprayed it on my clothes instead, and it's great. still very sweet, but it isn't horribly so. now i like it very much! just be careful when you spray because this stuff is STRONG.

  • LIZZIE05/10/2005

    i am a perfume whore and never thought there was any such thing as a fragrance that is too sweet. but this dry-down scent was so sweet that it made me feel nauseated! i was very, very disappointed because i love, love, love the bottle and the top and middle notes! once these faded, though, i was suffocating in a cloying cloud of sweetness-- not a sugary sweetness, but a very HEAVY, thousand-flower sweetness. the scent is STRONG...i washed several times and can still taste it in my mouth. my body chemistry does not blend well with this perfume, but if you like it, you will have no trouble with its lasting quality. i am sorry i didn't enjoy this fragrance, but i am glad others do. too ALMOST was my soulmate perfume.

  • SARAH03/24/2005

    Hi Robin! I am a perfume junkie too! I will try to list them all (in no particular order): Sui Dolly Girl Ooh la love, Escada Island Kiss, Escada Sentiment, Alfred Sung Sung, Alfred Sung Shi, Davidoff Cool Water, Acqua di Gio, Diesel Plus Plus, D&G Feminine (a real fave!), Miracle, Jil by Jil Sander (discontinued, a shame!), Jil Sander Sun (yummy!), Dior Addict, Dior Me Dior me Not, All about Eve, Madness, Chanel no. 5, Thierry Mugler Angel Innocent and others which I can't name off the top of my head ;o)

  • KRISTIN M.03/05/2005

    I love this perfume is a fun and carefree scent. Casual and delicious.

  • ROBIN01/28/2005

    I'm very curious to know what else you have in your collection, as I love Sui Love, too and I think we may have the same tastes. I'm always, always looking for more bottle to add to my own collection; I have about 32, 33 now; Blush is my latest. . .

  • SARAH01/03/2005

    I knew the moment I smelled this fragrance that I had to have it! This fragrance has become a part of my vast collection, because it is very unique, and offers a refreshing change when I get tired of the others. The top notes are very fresh, with pasionfruit and orange blossom very present. The middle notes reveal a sweet tuberrose scent, with mellow vanilla and star anise. The dry down is lovely, with soft musk and the sweet vanilla. I love to use this fragrance when I am PMS-ing or feeling a bit down. It is so lovely and freshly sweet, it just makes me smile! I get a lot of compliments from guys on this one as well. More on the sweet side, and the bottle is adorable!

  • KATE04/07/2004

    Never, ever, ever buy a perfume without trying it AT LEAST once and keeping it on for a few hours. Perfumes adapt and change to your personal scent. This perfume suits me to a tee and my boyfriend adores it. If you're a romantic, unusual, hippie chic then this may be the one for you.

  • JOANNA03/27/2004

    i absolutely fell in love with this scent as soon as I smelt it and just couldnt help buying myself a bottle. It looks amazing and the comliments I have had wearing it are always flattering.

  • MM02/06/2004

    This is my favourite. It is not too intense, not too light, and lasts all day. Fresh, warm and sweet, but not too girly. Think of ripening fruit, vanilla, jasmine and running around a park in spring. An intricate scent that makes me happy!

  • DANA02/01/2004

    The bottle is beautiful and will put a smile on your face, but the fragrance is blah. It smells synthetic with a dash of vanilla. Try the orginal, Anna Sui - it smells like strawberries!

  • [V]ANESSA01/25/2004

    I find it too strong... Gives a headache...

  • ANDIKA11/22/2003

    I was hooked the first time I smelled it and ever since I left many male noses in awe :) It is my signature scent, it's me all the way. It's sort of tart but sweet and very light. Not for everyone, but I'm buying a refill again...

  • MARY K. 08/04/2003

    I really like this! This is a very unusual, different fragrance. I like it even more than Anna Sui (the original)! I can't describe the notes or anything, but it smells great and that is all that counts!!!

  • UPTOWN GIRL07/19/2003

    Hi, Just curious if anyone found Anna Sui's Dolly Girl fragrance anywhere, and what it smells like? Thanks.

  • UPTOWN GIRL07/03/2003

    Hello, I love Anna Sui Dreams but have not been able to sample Sui Love. Can anyone tell me if they think I would like it, since I love Sui Dreams. Is it similar in any way or completely different? I don't want to buy it without a reference from anyone who has sampled both. Any help would be appreciated. Live, love and laugh!

  • RALE06/29/2003

    Very original,but strange.Extravagant!

  • DEIDRA05/30/2003

    I'm buying a bottle for my 11 yr old little sister. Not a very adult fragrance, but its cute and fun for kids!

  • PEB04/24/2003

    This scent is so yummy!!!!

  • MALIA04/14/2003

    I love Sui Love! The more I smell it the better it smells! I can understand there might be some people who think it's too sweet, but I love it. Too bad my sister wears it though...

  • LALA04/12/2003

    i love the bottle its great i still havent tried it yet though it looks appealing!

  • JESS01/24/2003

    The bottle is really cool, so I gave it a chance. It gave me a migrane. This stuff is way too sweet and powerful. It might be good for someone in there teens and that's it.

  • NINA10/13/2002

    My sister loves this fragrance, and she can wear it, too. Her body chemistry brings out the vanilla nicely, mine doesn't. But it smells too much of hippie anyway - patchouli, I suppose. The bottle is lovely, though.

  • STEPHANIE10/08/2002

    I've never smelled it, but the bottle is very pretty and cute. Course that doesn't mean that the scent is any good.

  • A.G.10/07/2002

    Too sweet, too fruity, too trendy... Nice bottle but the fragrance itself is not something to remember. No staying power...

  • SPONGEBOB10/07/2002

    Hate it. Nice bottle but perfume is nauseating. fruity flowery overload with strange vanilla base that makes you feel like you've had too much ice cream and candy on a hot day.

  • JENNY09/18/2002

    I absolutely love this scent. When ever I wear it I get tons of compliments.

  • ANNA08/20/2002

    by its bottle. Yes, the bottle is beautiful but the beauty stops there. The fragrance itself isn't terrible, but it's definately not worth the price. It's a citrusy floral with an almost sour smelling dry down. Too tart for my tastes. I think Ms. Sui should spend more time designing these scents than she does the bottles. Although, I have to admit she is clever. The pretty packaging made me want to try it. Please don't order this if you haven't already tested it. You might be disappointed.

  • ANNA08/11/2002

    I love the bttle, but the scent is nothing special. It has to much passion fruit for me, and it is not long lasting at all. One hour and it's all gone.

  • GABBY07/31/2002

    I really like the smell of Sui Love. I really enjoy the different scents in it...especially the vanilla. I get compliments on this fragrance all the time.

  • CHERYL06/27/2002

    You're right about the strength of this fragrance, though I think it's more sweet than sour. I bought the body lotion, knowing I could better control the strength that way.

  • LINDSEY06/27/2002

    I think this is a wonderful summer fragrance for a casual day out. It has strong notes of passion fruit and bergamot, and is very flirty. Smells like that new Ralph Lauren fragrance, but a bit more sophostocated, as that one is marketed to a very young age range. And I love the butterfly bottle.

  • DANA06/15/2002

    Well, I'm a fan of Sui Dreams (gorgeous powdery fragrance) and Anna Sui (purple bottle) is okay, but this is the one that I'm not crazy about. It's a little to sour for me, it's not like tropical fruit by Escada, it's a little more sour than that. It would be nice to wear if you're going to the beach and want to really make the guys look around for who's wearing that scent, but it's not something to wear out to dinner because you'll probably smell it over the food. Well, it's a nice bottle but the fragrance doesn't match.

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