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Dolly Girl Anna Sui Image

Anna Sui

Dolly Girl   

29 Reviews

Dolly Girl by Anna Sui is irresistible, fun, full of fantasy, naive, and a little naughty, Dolly Girl is a mischievous blend of mouth watering fruits, a hint of cinnamon, green leaves, fresh sea breeze, soft blossoms, and sexy amber and musk, a fragrance that speaks to the girl in all women. Notes include Bergamot, Melon, Apple, Cinnamon, Green more

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1.7 oz EDT Spray
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Dolly Girl by Anna Sui is irresistible, fun, full of fantasy, naive, and a little naughty, Dolly Girl is a mischievous blend of mouth watering fruits, a hint of cinnamon, green leaves, fresh sea breeze, soft blossoms, and sexy amber and musk, a fragrance that speaks to the girl in all women. Notes include Bergamot, Melon, Apple, Cinnamon, Green Leaves, Sea Breeze, Magnolia, Violet, Rose, White Muguet, Jasmine, Lantana Flower, Amber, Musk, Raspberry, Vetiver, Teak.

  • ALIZA 10/28/2014

    Beautiful fresh scent, whenever I spray it on everybody always compliments on what perfume I am wearing

  • VYXXYN05/22/2007

    My husband loved it that's the only reason I bought it. Yuck. Too fruity (mostly like pink grapefruit) and doesn't last. 10 minutes after application, the scent was gone from my skin.

  • SYLVIE05/13/2006

    Stupid bottle design. Anna Sui (classic purple) looks great, but Dolly: Oh no no no!!!! ;-). The scent: so-so.

  • LAIKA02/20/2006

    great soft, discrete, femeni fragance, little fruity, fresh and florarl, a great conbination

  • ROBIN 01/31/2006

    Like Lizzie, I just adore Anna Sui's fragrances; they never fail to put me in a delightfully young and happy state of mind. I think I was holding out on Dolly Girl, though, because the bottle made me think I should be buying it for my niece! Well, my love of all things Sui finally got me over my silly reluctance, and, now I've owned Dolly Girl for some weeks, I can report that it is in fact one of my very favourite fragrances of more than 65!!! It's not at ALL that it's especially deep, or profound, or entirely original, or supremely long-lasting, because it's none of those things (although I have to say that, it's in a niche that's crowded with fragrances, it really is distinctive). What it IS is one of the best mood enhancers I've ever, ever encountered!!! I don't know what the magic ingredient is, exactly -- I think it's a synergy between all those many, many ingredients; it's a real fruit and flower salad! -- but the effect is amazing. It's just the loveliest, prettiest scent, with surprisingly depth and complexity for all lack of rich base notes. The sillage is excellent. If fresh and fruity is generally your style and you're looking for something new to totally fall in love with, this is really and truly IT!! (If you're my age, you could always decant it into a more "serious" bottle!!) :-D Oh, and P.S. If you already love Dolly Girl and want a beautiful scent that's more complex, long-lasting, rich and comes in a stunningly gorgeous, thoroughly grown-up bottle, Shanghai is your splurge!!!!!

  • ALLISON01/30/2006

    I'm in love with this scent. It's fruity w/out being sweet. It's refreshing w/ it's use of sea breeze, and mint leaves. The bonus part of it is, it lasts! I use the shower gel, and lotion to layer . My husband likes to smell all over me, and says that I smell so fresh and clean. I think this is a scent men love, because there is not one drop of masculine aroma . I'm done with the oriental scents that, are a chore to wear. My style is more beachy and sporty and I want my perfume to reflect that. I want to try more of Anna Sui's scents, if anyone knows of one that is similar, please make a note. Thanks!

  • LIZZIE01/07/2006

    the first blast of bergamont and cinnamon and melon/appley goodness impart a glorious cheeriness that is almost citrusy, but less sharp. it reminds me vaguely of i love love, by moschino. so if you like this, you will like that, and vice-versa. i just love it... sui fragrances always put me in a wonderful mood! and the design is unique, adorable, and catchy-- as usual! awesome job once again, ms. sui!!!!! your fragrances make me dance!!! :-D xoxoxoxoxo

  • RISA06/16/2005

    A little headache. It smells very sweet, feminine but then I have got headache with the smell :( I don't think I'll get a full size. Better try "Secret Wish", new one.

  • JJ04/15/2005

    tried it last's hard to describe the smells..buuut it's like looking at a blank white sheet, trying to find a spot that makes it different other blank sheets..there isn't a note that i can hold onto. Hard to explain..but i would wear it only for the sake of wearing a perfume, and no one will hate it. oh i kno it's TOO safe

  • SERENA01/27/2005

    Dolly girl smells fresh and clean, but it doesn't last too long. It reminds me of body by victoria. Nothing too special. Just a simple scent for casual daytime wear. I love the bottle though.

  • EMMA11/21/2004

    me mate as dolly girl n i luv it to bits its sweet n somethin that puts a smile on ur face as soon as u smell it....just hopin sum1 wil buy it me for christmas!

  • JT11/03/2004

    I just tried the "dolly girl -ooh la love" body lotion (white doll head bottle, I just found out that it is limited edition) but WOW the lotion is the BEST! I have worn perfume body lotions before, but let me tell you, I have never been this impressed with how dramatically soft and smooth my skin felt after it absorbed. Not sticky either, it is a perfect creamy texture! I am thinking that probably all the other Anna Sui body lotions would be like this too... I am hoping anyway. I am interested in seeing what Sui Dreams smells like next.

  • JT11/03/2004

    The drydown of the pink bottle one disappointed me, so I went to smell the other, I believe newer one which is also in a doll head bottle but a white bottle. That one is different and so much better. From first spray I smelled grapefruit, then dried down interestingly sort of a light musky unisex... very light and pleasant smelling. I got the lotion too since the smell is so light it can use some help. Nice if you like light scents... like I say, it almost smells unisex, but not by looking at the bottle!!

  • JT10/30/2004

    I loved the way this smelled when I first sprayed it on. I did not like it after a while though. The delicious grapefruit and fruit smells went away and a cheap smelling floral lingered. That's ok though since I could do without the bottle design. No offense to anyone, but I personally think that is such a stupid looking bottle!

  • POISON10/29/2004

    When i first tried it, i thought it smelled really cute and feminine, like the scent on dolls we used to play...cabbage patch kids..was it.. But i was disappointed, coz the fragrance disappears very quickly, say just to get into the garage to get my car...So now it just sits on the shelf, since its just so pretty to look at... I've collected all of the Anna Sui perfumes up to this one, and all the other ones was a disappointment, the were too thin & doesnt have enough notes to allow it to change into a powerdy phase later on in the day. But the exception is the first one "anna sui". Love it, and its my signature scent.

  • AUDREY07/31/2004

    Same prominent notes as Bulgari for men. Also reminds me of Allure and Amarige.

  • GRISI07/28/2004

    The first time i smelt that perfume it was in London, in Oxford Street, on a commercial center full of colognes. I smell this fragance for casuality, because i was searching for Ghost colognes, but i saw Dolly Girl and i liked a lot the nice bottle, so i smelt the fragance and i liked so much her smell!! So summery ans lightful, but still sweet and delicious. The smell is full of watering fruits and some fresh sea breezes. It is a fragance that reminds me the babies colognes, 'cause is a very nice fragance. So sweet and sparkilg.

  • CHELSIE07/09/2004

    I was wondering, does the 0.13oz come in the same cute bottle pictured? Im thinking of getting the 0.13oz to sample it but I really would like the cute bottle to go with it.

  • JANE06/25/2004

    I love it! The bottle is gorgeous and it smells delicious. Very sweet, summery and bubbly. A great scent. :)

  • PRIMADONNA05/20/2004

    Just got this and love it, so does my husband. It's a great summer scent, sparkling and feminine. Has very unique scent, not like many others out there.

  • HAMPWIFE03/20/2004

    smells like fruitty gum. smells good!!!

  • DANA02/01/2004

    Wow! This is a pretty scent, not to mention a very pretty bottle. I put mine on my bureau and my friends admire it when they come over! Leave it to Anna Sui to create not only a pretty scent but a unique bottle as well! Buy this one and her original scent, Anna Sui! They look great together

  • OLIVIA12/26/2003


  • DAIANA12/24/2003

    love this fragrance, get compliments and everyone wants to know what it is at the office. Hush my secret,

  • LOUISE11/26/2003

    There is nothing that great about Dolly Girl. Smells like a lot of other fragrances out there. I wouldn't spend the money, that's for sure.

  • JENNA11/06/2003

    This one is a keeper. It's refreshing and light but still smells like a woman. BEAUTIFUL!! Has anyone tried the lotion?

  • JENNIFER10/30/2003

    This smells like a mixture of light citrus and pine. It's different from all the clean smells that are all the rage now. Dolly girl is definitely a good choice for the fall. The bottle is also a plus...very pretty.

  • SUZAN10/13/2003

    Great day scent. Everyone wants to know "whats she wearing"?????

  • TAMMY10/09/2003

    To me you literally smell like a marigold

  • IVYEMPIRE10/03/2003

    I think Dolly is a nice soft and fresh day time fragrance very femenine and sweet.

  • DANA09/03/2003

    VERY sweet sweet sugary perfume. Reminds me of a little girl's perfume. It's a great day perfume.

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