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Christian Dior


24 Reviews

Christian Dior launched Dioriella in 1972 as a classic citrus fragrance for women. Not as well known as some of the new Dior fragrances, but don't let that put you off, this is a classic. Feel free once in a while, add this to your fragrance wardrobe and savour luscious peaches, honeysuckle, lemon and basil. Sounds good enough to eat to us!

100 ml EDT Spray
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Christian Dior launched Dioriella in 1972 as a classic citrus fragrance for women. Not as well known as some of the new Dior fragrances, but don't let that put you off, this is a classic. Feel free once in a while, add this to your fragrance wardrobe and savour luscious peaches, honeysuckle, lemon and basil. Sounds good enough to eat to us!

  • MONTGOMERY09/22/2010

    Smells like tuberose, plumerias, and gardenias all mixed into one. Amazed to read other comments about how well this does in humid climates because that's where I would first smell it and love it too. Sure got me going when I smelled this on her neck after a fun night of dancing.

  • ALWAYSDIOR01/27/2009

    I've worn Diorella for 25 years and haven't found anything that can compare. It is a fragrance that fairs well in warm weather climates and if you spend time outdoors you will learn to appreciate it more. Men who don't normally like perfume seem to succumb to this fragrance.

  • DEE03/05/2008

    A few have written that this scent, and scents like this one, are not that great. I will admit that some of the classics are not loved at first sniff, but are more of an acquired taste. I think that the way the perfume industry has changed so much in the past several decades has made it difficult for women to "shift gears" scentwise. When most of what you smell in the department stores is just variations of a theme, consumers get used to those types of smells, especially younger noses, which most likely do not have memories associated with some of the older classics. I do own and wear some modern scents, but more and more I find myself appreciating some of the older fragrances by Caron, Dior and YSL. Diorella is an absolutely stunning and elegant fragrance. If you are put off by the initial spritz, give it time and wait for the most incredibly warm, earthy, woody, skin-like drydown. A lot of the chypres are like that, but I think they are well worth the wait. By the way, if you like Diorella, Dioressence is great for cooler weather, and I also recommend Jolie Madame.

  • FOR SOPHIE08/16/2007

    Diorella is NOTHING like babydoll. completely different fragrances, like apples and bananas. Babydoll is a sour grapefruit/ floral musk, Diorella is a citrus/green/chypre.

  • ANNABEL08/16/2007

    Diorella is much more mellow, rounded out than Cristalle--Diorella has a peach note that smooths it out but Cristalle just seems 'messy' to me....both are sparkling, green/sharp, I love Diorella's chypre drydown...woody and warm

  • VINTAGESCENTS01/11/2007

    Lis, to answer your question: I find Diorella closer to AG's Eau d'Hadrien than to Cristalle, though I'll also say that all three have a similarity. Cristalle does not have the cumin-lite note that Diorella does. This note in Diorella fades after a time and the drydown is quite nice and rather subtle. Cristalle has more florals in it and is crisper and more sparkling, IMO. It also seems to last longer on my skin. I'd wear Cristalle to a cocktail party, whereas I'd save Diorella for other, less formal outings. Hope this helps!

  • LIS12/26/2006

    How does this compare, or does it, to Chanel's Cristalle? Is it similar, or more like Goutal's Eau d Hadrien? I love them both, but they're not alike! Thanks much.

  • CHEET08/07/2006

    during tha past years that I could not find Diorella in the market, I have never found a perfume that I really liked. It stays and it has a distinct aura that is unmistable. Found it again when I went to Lourdes, France and now in the internet and I swear it will never be absent from my dressing table again.

  • ANDREA 110/21/2005

    This is so nauseating, so unpleasantly sharp-citrusy, VERY CHEMICAL. I'd never ever be able to wear something like that. Absolutely repulsive and headache inducing.

  • MEOW-MEOW08/27/2005

    Why a perfume can become a classic must has its very reason. Diorella is fresh and inviting, I really adore the opening--citrus and basil is a great combination. I ALSO love the dry down...the mossy smell makes me feel free-spirited...! Old Dior creations IMO are far better than recent ones. Next time i'll switch to Dior Eau Savage for men becuase i don't particularly fall for fruity notes.

  • CELIA02/05/2005

    I tried Diorella while in Paris in 1974 and have worn it ever since, although it becomes harder and harder to find. I understand they have not made the parfum for quite a few years. Is this true or can parfum be purchased? I always found the parfum to be much more complex and, of course, long-lasting.

  • ELEGANT GRANDMA12/14/2004

    I've been wearing Diorela, off and on, for nearly 30 years ( don't wear it all the time of course!) Love it as a special scent- it's understated , elegant and I feel very "dressed" when I wear it. Honeysuckle/? I don't think so..... and not citrusy either. just is a gorgeous. scent I want to know if Perfume Emporium is selling perfume or "eau" de parfum??

  • RITA12/08/2004

    I recently tried this fragrance & can't believe I overlooked it in the past. It is just as great as Fekkai's Eau du Jour, Annick Goutal's Eau de Hadrien, & the old version of Jean Nate. Has better staying power than Guerlain's Cologne Imperial. I used to wear Eau Savage but now I'm going to be wearing Diorella.

  • DIMMA GREECE10/28/2004

    I don`t know Baby Doll ,but In Love Again have nothing to do with Diorella. It seems like a plain ,fruity scent, while Diorella is a wonderful green -chypre, the honeysucle is soft and nice,doesn`t hit you to the head.

  • SOPHIE10/08/2004

    I can't find Diorella where I am staying now but I'm very curious if it is similar to Babydoll or In love Again or any other common fragrance. The description sounds very tempting but sometimes the fragrance doesn't match the description. I am wondering if it really is peach, citrus and honeysuckles and which of them is stronger.

  • MARIE07/12/2004

    you ought to try this also in warm rainy weather. I bought it in Paris in the 80's on such a day, and still gives me the same wonderful uplift.

  • SALLIE06/04/2004

    I bought Diorella at Sephora in Bourges during a heat wave, no a/c in Bourges either. The Diorella was light and refreshing, yet complex and bloomed on the skin, turned really luscious. This is one of my all time favorite scents for its "category", whatever that is -- chypres?

  • PEGGY05/04/2004

    I was SO disappointed in this. It makes me smell like my old spinster aunt. YUCK! I'm sure it's fabulous on many people, but it does not work on me at all.

  • ELLA12/04/2003

    Clean, crisp and refreshing, yet subtle and delicate. Diorella hints at citrus then gracefully slips into a flowery heart, following up with a green mossy delight that softly lingers. What a treasure this is!

  • LIZ10/13/2003

    why this gorgeous fragrance was discontinued in the US i will never fatham. i have worn it since i was 13 & it is the perfect backdrop to every special moment i have ever had. Perfect in it's simplicity, yet it layers on my chemistry with warmth and subtlety. It is like wearing sunshine.

  • ELLIZA04/17/2003

    initially, this had a pretty citrus scent, but very quickly it burned into a leathery/vetiver scent that smelled rank on me. it might work for other people but i have to say this was a disappointment from the usually sublime dior

  • KATHY BRANKOV11/05/2002

    I've used Diorella once about six years ago. My girlfriend at the time only wore Diorella and I asked her where she bought it. She told me she'd get me a bottle for Christmas since they were not sold in stores. I was thrilled when I received my gift and I've just ordered myself a bottle and can't wait for the mail to show up!!!!

  • ANNIE09/11/2002

    I bought Diorella at Sephora in Orleans, France, on what had to be the hottest most sweltering day of the year. It smelled so fresh and simple, yet it bloomed and became intriguing on the skin. It is a totally inoffensive, clean scent, appropriate for office wear, and yet there is some depth and complexity there as it develops. A very nice, classy scent, and perfect for hot weather.

  • ATN07/08/2002

    This is a real treasure!! I discovered it in Paris in the summer and adore it for a daytime warm weather scent. It is a feminine version of 4711 or Eau Savage. Great for the office, closed in spaces and energizing. This is a complex and long lasting fragrance but never overpower and always refreshing...worth every penny. NO ozone, no laundry detergent, no watery nor watermelon smell here.

  • MGARIS06/05/2002

    One of my all time favorites. There's nothing else like it . . . very fresh, dazzling, and romantic. A woman can never wear too much of this one . . . can be worn in crowded places, and during hot weather, without anyone getting too much of a good thing. BUY IT!

  • STEPHANIE04/02/2002

    I just got my first bottle of Diorella after hearing about it on an internet board. This scent is gorgeous! It's very light and office-appropriate. It has some cirtrusy notes to it and then a very fresh, flowery-mossy base. It reminds me slightly of Cristalle or Eau d'Hadrien. I love it!

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    This was made because women used their men's eau Sauvage, it smell's simular but more feminine. Not my kind of fragrance, but a good one in this sort(citrus-chypre-fruity)

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