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Cool Water Davidoff Image


Cool Water   

170 Reviews

Cool Water was created by Davidoff in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of citrus, pineapple, and woody notes. Accompanied by the scent of the pure ocean air. It has top notes of citrus, black currant and pineapple. The middle notes are honeydew, muguet and water lily and the base of the fragrance is more

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Cool Water was created by Davidoff in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of citrus, pineapple, and woody notes. Accompanied by the scent of the pure ocean air. It has top notes of citrus, black currant and pineapple. The middle notes are honeydew, muguet and water lily and the base of the fragrance is vetiver amber and mulberry.

  • PAULRICHARD11/10/2017

    very good, wonderful, for the warm weather of Brazil

  • MR.KBM5001/29/2012

    I am a big fan of this cologne,and the women love it too.It is a fresh smell ,and very sexy on me!Enjoy my freind.

  • KENNY B.09/27/2011

    I have worn this cologne for years off,and on.This is by far an excellent scent receive many compliments from co-workers on a daily basis (all females).You can,t go wrong with COOLWATER!

  • RAI04/18/2011

    As many have stated, yes it's way too commonly worn but still one of the best bangs for the buck. Possibly goes down as one of the all time great aqua/casual scents and still doing battle with the ever popular and equally affordable Curve and Eternity.

  • TIM03/19/2011


  • ATLANTA02/03/2011

    I have worn this for year. Tried Creed, Tom Ford but Cool Water always gets compliments by the girls.

  • HOLLYWOOD01/25/2011

    I have worn this scent off,and on over the years.Still is a favorite of mine,women love this scent on me!Fresh,and clean.A must have.Coolwater is the Bomb!

  • HOLLYWOOD01/09/2011

    I love this cologne,on my 3 bottle.Women love this scent also.My co-workers all females really love to smell this cologne when ever I wear it. A must buy scent! Old-school scent, but still works magic on Females! The bomb.

  • MONTGOMERY09/22/2010

    A handsome and masculine scent, I really enjoyed learning about this fragrance from a friend and wear it for special occasions.

  • KBM09/09/2010

    i really njoy this cologne,always get compliments from women while wearing this cologne.smell clean,and refreshing.

  • CARLOS LEIBOWITZ08/17/2010

    Cool Water is okay...but it's nothing special. I do have a small bottle and will wear it from time to time. It's just that there are far more interesting fragrances out there. It lasts all day and that's good.

  • KENNETH MARSHALL08/15/2010

    a co-worker always say she loves this scent on me. smell like a soap on me.

  • KBM07/21/2010

    Women love this scent on me. Clean,and refreshing.

  • HEY01/22/2010

    I love it when my boyfriend wears this cologne. I want to rip his clothes off

  • ANDY09/17/2009

    total classic and one of the best simple colognes out there

  • MITU07/21/2009


  • DIVALICIOUS12/21/2008

    i've used the women's and it was a bit hit..people commented that when they use it it doesnt smell as good..probably coz u cant smell it on for the men's one...i think it smells absolutely sexy..i'd definitely recomend it or buy it for a guy

  • A COLOGNE FAN07/05/2008

    The standard cologne, all others should measure up to this one. All experts agree on this point.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE05/24/2008

    man, has it really been 5 years since I last reviewed this? Wow. Well, to be brief, Cool Water is still a fabulous - albeit overused - fragrancef for any man, old or young. In the 20 years since its debut, its managed to maintain its popularity. That's something you can't say about a lot of other come and go trendy fragrances. It's aquatic, slightly sweet smell is an amazing blend, that has resulted in dozens upon dozens of imitators. The only other aquatic that ranks alongside it is Armani's Acqua di Gio, another classic. Do yourself a favor, and go buy a bottle. Thumbs up.

  • DARRSHAN12/26/2007

    echo is far far better than this cool water. well a very bad strong sidy smelling ragrances, shocked so many buyers r there still.

  • TONY12/23/2007

    I believe it smells different on every man because I have been wearing it for many years and have had an overwhelming number of women (and even a couple of dudes) ask me what it is i'm wearing for cologn...and when I tell the women what it is alot of them have said: "well, my husband has some and it doesn't smell the same on him" and it's usually followed by a request for me to stick around so they can keep smelling has been VERY good to me if you know what I mean.

  • ALIN12/04/2007

    Does this cologne smell different on every guy or does it smell the same?

  • JENNIFER11/27/2007

    Cool Water is one of the first fragrances to use actual "aquatic" notes. Like being close to the ocean, very soothing.

  • RAINBOWMAN09/14/2007

    OK, I am in a long term gay relationship and have had boy freinds in the past..I will assure any gay man this cologne rocks! it is sooo sexy!!! god I love it! Makes me go crazy! I think this is an excellent cologne for a homosexual male to is not to strong, has a nice sensual flavor, is sweet, and ohhh its so sexy. Get this for your lover for that special day and have fun!

  • OUTOFTHEVORTEX09/09/2007

    Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, THE BEST mens' cologne in the world!

  • MARC08/27/2007

    Love the scent and had one of my hottie friends pick it out for me, but wherever I put it (usually around my neck) it always give me acne. Anyone know why? I Can't use!

  • MATT THE MAN08/17/2007

    Everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes. There is no right or wrong when it comes to taste. I must say however that when a scent has such a large number of people who like it (ie-Cool Water), you have to give the designer credit where credit is due.

  • ALONSO07/24/2007

    smells better than this...went to the dept store..sprayed it on...girlfriend loved it...she got dumped...literally

  • BARBARA W07/16/2007

    Can someone tell me what it is about Cool Water - both the men's version and women's? People either think it's disgusting or the most seductive fragrance every. I personally don't like either one of them, but I'm curious to know (to those that love it), what are you smelling that is so great? Can you put it into words other than "I want to jump his bones?"... :-) Thanks!

  • MARC07/11/2007

    I own a large selection of fragrances and out of them all I seem to keep going back to Cool Water. Its great stuff, the woman love it and so do I. It gets me lots of compliments and I feel very fresh and clean when I wear this. Highly recommended!!!

  • JOHNEL 01/20/2007

    Man i tell you if you wear this anywere theirs a teenager or little girl or an grandma near by you will get noticed

  • PERFUME LOVER01/11/2007

    Can any one tell me how much fragrance oil davidoff use in cool water?

  • TIGERMAN01/06/2007

    When I smell a man wearing Cool Water.I want HIM!This is the best smell ever!

  • CLASSIC01/04/2007

    I was like..thanks..great "Cool Water" I'm 31 and I remember this stuff way back in college days...But I wear it to work and out on New Years..I got like 25 compliments in the past week! Unreal..From plain ole Cool Water..I'm geting sexy looks...women comming closer towards me. Ive used lots of colonges but they never really produced much via the way of compliments and womens attention....I mean Ive used Aqua De,Dreamer, halstons,Obsetions etc...Cool Water is taking the prize..I got more compliments in a week then I got in all 2006 wearing Tommy...go figure...

  • SILKY12/29/2006

    Never even wore it, but, it truly is the most familiar smell of a cologne that you can point out with your nose in an instant!

  • MATT P. K.12/21/2006

    OMG! I remember when this first came out! Anyway, I was never overly impressed with it. Along the lines of Polo Sport. The aquatic, boat deck thing never did much for me, I guess. Doesn't really stand out much. Longegevity due to its fall-back-on reputation as a gift, in my opinion.

  • COOL KITTY12/17/2006

    my husband wears this ALL the time. I wouldn't let him wear anything less. It smells great with or without clothes on. Wearing this cologne makes it hard to keeps his clothes on!!!!!! only for me though of course.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE12/17/2006

    Never really liked this scent. Far too aqua like for my nose. Sharp..too sharp.

  • PERFUME LOVER12/06/2006

    i have heard that aqua base perfume does not last, is that true, and perfume should spray directly on skin or through hands,all suggestion would be appreciated!

  • DANIELLE11/13/2006

    I bought my husband Cool Water because it says "Take me now".I drool everytime he wears it.

  • DANIEL11/02/2006

    Gorgeous stuff. Let the smell settle on your skin. That's when the real beauty is clarified.

  • HOTT STUFF10/06/2006

    The girl at the video store said i smelled sexy when i wore cool water fragrence i can't wait till she wears this stuff for women

  • JESSICA10/03/2006

    I had never smelled cool water before. My boyfriend was sitting next to me one day and he smelled so good that I had to ask him what cologne he used. It was cool water and I love the smell of it. It is perfect and sexy but really subtle.

  • 1ST TIMER09/25/2006

    This girl at the video likes the sexy smell of cool water i like it myself cool and sexy.

  • ANDY06/20/2006

    When you first spray it on it's almost vile. It smells like straight alcohol. But a few minutes later it begins to smell like my favorite cologne Green Irish Tweed by Creed (it's basically a rip-off). I got my wife to buy me this for fathers day because I'm too cheap to pay for Green Irish Tweed and they make alot of Cool Water stuff (aftershave balm, body soap etc)

  • AAA06/08/2006

    I went to the mall and I smelled a bunch of different colognes then when I smelled cool water it didn't smell the same. I bought it cus I read that there were a lot of great reviews for it. The next morning when I smelled it it smelled so frickin awesome. So for those of you that think this smells bad its either your aroma or you have been smelling way too many different types of cologne and then you smelled this. And yes I have been getting compliments on it and I only had it for one day. :)

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD06/05/2006

    I know this is overused and a bit outdated, but women still seem to go for this one. You have to tip your hat to Davidoff for making a cologne with such longevity. I think it would be appropriate to retire this and place it into the cologne hall of fame. For that simple reason I have no choice but to give this one 5 stars. Is there anybody who could argue against that?

  • MRLONGROVE04/18/2006

    This is a nice fragrance for casual wear in warmer weather. The bad thing is that so many people wear it much that I doubt I wear it again any time soon.

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD03/24/2006

    Although sold in just about any drugstore around for a below-averagre price............this aquatic probably goes down as one of the most popular mens' colognes in history.


    If it's popular it has got to be...bad! I would put this fragrance in the same class as many popular modern fragrances such as Swiss Army, and most CK's products, that is, the 'mediocre' class. Terribly overrated, not distinctive enough and the lifespan of a sunrise. Those who gave it a five should retune their noses to the right chords. A men's cologne should smell like a MEN's cologne regardless of what your fragrance profile is. Somebody should put a stop to making forgettable fragrances. Even an EDC like 4711 is more memorable than this.

  • PERFUME GIRL02/17/2006

    This smell so good, I love it & my man loves it too....I recommend all guys should use this *****

  • ZAYIN02/13/2006

    Cool Water is a great fragrance, especially for warmer weather. I find that younger women tend to like it a lot also. But I myself will not wear it because it's worn by so many others, like Aqua Di Gio and Curve. I like to stand out from the crowd so when warmer weather comes along I'll probably be wearing Gier Ness instead.

  • TONY T01/31/2006

    i recently sampled. i had a buddy who wore this and i wore preferred stock (freshman year,high school) and the memories from 1994, a great year. wu-tang,biggie,nas and snoop came out that year. anyway great mild aquatic everyday scent that will always be a hit even if they sell it at your neighborhood corner store!!!!

  • GIRL GONE COOL01/29/2006

    this would be the male version of me lol. "he" would be having this as his signature scent. a cool, therapeutic smell, and reminds me of my first date walking in the rain with my bf! he wants to try other fragrances but i become very perfume snobby, because it's almost scary to think if other cologne could have as much as UPLIFTING & THERAPEUTIC effect on me!

  • DION01/22/2006

    I first wore this the summer I turned 19 and fell in love for the first time 'real love' although it did'nt last the summer...I stopped wearing it for 9 years and just say it on display and picked up a bottle again, well I was flooded with memories of that summer almost 10 years ago..strange how a frangrance can do that...needless to say I'am a cool water man again!

  • JESS01/08/2006

    even though cool water has been around for awhile it's still is one of the best out there I love it the dry down is the best part

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD01/05/2006

    This isn't my favorite, but women seem to like this one a lot. I'm getting tired of it but not the fiance. She's not the only one I've heard talk about how sexy it smells. I have to give it 5 stars not because of personal taste, but because of all the female compliments it receives. Seems to be a real winner.

  • STARLIGHT01/05/2006

    My older brother had a bottle of this and I used to sneak into his room to get a whiff of this excellent cologne. One of the best colognes in 90's and of all times.I still keep this great fragrance in my collection,to bring back the memories once in a while.

  • TURKISH01/03/2006

    Well, though it is a milestone of male fragrances, I just couldn't like this one. The scent is fine but even a cheap after shave cologne can have the exact smell. It is definitely not long-lasting, it has like 3-4 hours of effect. It could be a nice selection for summer-wear but it is truly unsatisfying for me. Absolutely not worth of the money.

  • ROBERT R.01/02/2006

    I will never be seen wearing Cool Water cologne, again. This stuff just doesn't do it for me anymore. It was nice when I first smelled it and wore it. I would wear Curve cologne over this stuff any day. You might catch me wearing Joop! though. One good thing I can say about Cool Water, is that it is one of a kind and no other cologne that im aware of, is like it.

  • BJ12/29/2005

    It's hard to keep a secret. I just hate it when a good cologne gets sooooo common. It's still cool with me.

  • TROY12/19/2005

    This is actually a personal favorite of my fiance, so I mainly wear it for her. I have begun to grow tired of it myself, but it still isn't a bad cologne. However, I still find the women's Cool Water fresh and irresistable. Undeniably a classic, but understandable as to why they've made newer blends of Cool Water.

  • STATIC-X12/08/2005

    I've noticed some people have a collection of around 40 colognes on their shelves. Most colognes have a 30 month shelf life, so i'm wondering what are they going to do say 3-4 years from now, are they going to buy all 40+ colognes again after they go bad? I've been thinking about collecting colognes but this is the problem i came across.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC12/05/2005

    Although overly worn these days due to below-average pricing and availability in nearly every type of store around and no longer original.........still one of the all time great classics along side Curve, Drakkar Noir, Fahrenheit, Acqua di Gio and Eternity.

  • RMJ11/22/2005

    Cool water was one of the very first colognes i've ever worn. I'll never forget all the compliments i got from girls while wearing it..and even their mothers! Cool Water may be beginning to show it's age, but you can't go wrong with it.

  • JOE11/19/2005

    Obviously all of these morons who rated this fragrance poorly, either are part of the competitor or are tasteless stupid jerks. One thing is not to like a fragrance, another is to taklk about it in a derogatory way. Davidoff

  • *BARBARA W*11/08/2005

    I can't believe this scent is popular. It smells cheap, vulgar, and strong and almost hurts to inhale it. I can picture this stuff worn by guys in their early 20s at the clubs, but not any man with sophistication. For a fresh scent, Acqua di Gio wins hands down. It's classy, sexy, and subtle.

  • TANGY11/07/2005

    I REALLY REALLY like this on my fella, I just wanna' eat him all up! :o) (My faveourite bar non)! ... shame, he isn't keen on it, but he wears it now and then for me, when I've been a good girl! x

  • WES CLEMENS11/07/2005

    A bit of an oldie and over used but still one of the better all-around and casual use fragrances for the price.

  • AMBERLYNN11/05/2005

    this cologne has to be the best of mens cologne it smells absolutely wonderfull!!!

  • SYNERGY10/03/2005

    What most people have already been sayin''s overly worn but still a '90s hit that still smells great.

  • EARL09/05/2005

    It's a great colonge. It has a few unique notes to it but in a way it reminds me of so many others.

  • DON08/05/2005

    I have received more compliments from women on Cool Water than all of my other colognes combined. And this includes Several from Hugo Boss, Paco Rabanne, and other fine fragrances. Women young and old love this stuff!! I feel it goes better with a younger man, maybe 30 and under, while older men would benefit more from a paco rabanne type of fragrance. My only complaint is that it's lasting power is weak, whether on skin or clothes. Too bad, you could have close encounters all day if it lasted longer!

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE08/01/2005

    Don't get me wrong, this IS a very good sporty/casual use scent........but IT IS a bit too commonly worn! These days I've been wearing one of Davidoff's wonders that's been unfortunately been discontinued.

  • NIA (A WOMAN'S POINT OF VIEW)07/13/2005

    Most guys love this stuff but overdoing it can be annoying. Suggestion: Spritz on your hands then tap lightly around neck ONLY. Overall its a very "manly" fragance.

  • KELLY07/06/2005

    It doesn't smell too good when I smelled by itself, but it really smell good on my husband....

  • GARDENIANGEL07/04/2005

    I have loved this for years! When I was single, I used to say it didn't matter what the guy looked like as long as he wore this. lol. Now, when my honey wears it, I'm all his!

  • M.R.07/01/2005

    Although it's overly worn and found in drugstores everywhere for under the average price, it's still an instant classic.

  • LAWRENCE06/25/2005

    ... and the bug repellent mom used to send with me. Seriously, people like this stuff? I've smelled better fragrance in the hand cleaner used in gas station bathrooms. Gack!

  • CHANTELLE05/25/2005

    The first time I had a whiff of this was at a party; I couldn't understand why I was so drawn to the guy wearing it, it was like pheromones or something, I couldn't not get drawn by it. It's old school, "real man" cologne, very very sexy and seductive and we women love it. It doesn't smell totally expensive/sophisticated, though, hence it's not quite excellent.

  • DEVENCHI05/16/2005

    This just a really bad copy of Green Irish Tweed by Creed, if people like this they should try GiT smells way better and without all the headache given notes

  • GQ05/11/2005

    the most abused of all the colognes bar none. also imo the cleanest and freshest smelling. great for casual wear. i would never wear it formally however. please don't abuse this.

  • KIM04/19/2005

    Cool Water is myh favorite cologne. The smell is a turn on.

  • JC04/09/2005

    I think it does smell good the first hour, but after that, it smell like cheap body spray you can get from grocery store. Plus so many people are using this, just not special afterall, No thanks.

  • JC04/06/2005

    Cool Water by Davidoff is a definite classic that will always be a part of my collection. Yes, it may have been overused especially by many young teenagers, but every girl just loves this scent that it makes it very hard to dispose of it. The mint and spices that are blended in this scent make it very irresistable. There are many imitations of CW, but stick with the original. CW will last many hours which separates itself from being a cheap imitation. Must get this for your collection.

  • FRAGRANCE GURU04/04/2005

    This is a sharp, powerful itoxicating smell. Very sharp and strong on the senses. The smell is good- mostly marine accords hyped up in strength and power. This is not an everyday scent- use only when going out. And expect the entire room to be able to smell you due to its alarming scent. It really does arouse the senses.

  • RACQUEL03/28/2005

    Whenever I smell this on a guy I go weak at the knees- very sexy. Turns me on every time

  • DW03/13/2005

    Just because it's old does not make it bad. On the contrary, it is one of the best colognes for men ever made period.

  • D-O-DOUBLE03/10/2005

    I don't understand what all the hype is over this cologne. It might just be me, but it doesn't smell good at all.... I find the citrusy smell rather unpleasant actually...just something not right in it. Worn by many which is another negative. If you don't mind not being unique and don't care if others wear it, try Acqua di Gio, Candies, Bellagio, and even Dreamer.

  • D-O-DOUBLE03/10/2005

    I don't understand what all the hype is over this cologne. It might just be me, but it doesn't smell good at all.... I find the citrusy smell rather unpleasant actually...just something not right in it. Worn by many which is another negative. If you don't mind not being unique and don't care if others wear it, try Acqua di Gio, Candies, Bellagio, and even Dreamer.

  • N.S.03/08/2005

    This is such a 90's cologne when everybody was wearing that Aspen- type smell. Move on.

  • ANDREW03/03/2005

    Excellent aroma! women of all ages still really get turned on by it! I thoroughly recommend it...just dont over apply!

  • MAHBUB02/09/2005

    its is the best

  • JAY01/05/2005

    This cologne just isnt my type...and it doesnt last i sprayed a bit on my arm..and it fades out less then 20 might just be me but i don't know..i got Dunhill X-centric....and that smelllllls way better then this .."cool-water" that everyone has....if u wanna smell good..i suggest u get Dunhill x-centric...OR Romance Silver.

  • BIG O11/28/2004

    Definately old school but will prove to stand the test of time. Simple logic my friends, the females simply love this scent. Do yourself a favor and get this cologne.

  • JAMES11/20/2004

    Great Cologne. Gone through the bottle of it already. Lots of compliments from the girls. It is old but is a still great cologne

  • IRENE10/12/2004

    I did have a romance with a guy just 7 years ago. The romance lasted short time but everytime I think of him, I can not help smelling that wonderful and manly fragance. Then, I get mad. This parfum arouses my romantic and sensual feelings. Try it.

  • JBL09/27/2004

    Man this is good and bad....some chicks love it...but some chicks get turned off because this reminds them of there old BF...whatever man iam jus keep on playing man.... Its really weird....One talks really nice for 30 secs then changes her seat....Another girl an hr later....talks and even starts getting physical with me (in a good way) during confused...its good...but lasts only for about 3hrs...I prefer DG by Dolce and Gabba...but its still good....u decide playa...dont yall love by comments.....check out DG...PI...Chrome...and This Silly...!

  • MIA09/15/2004

    cool water.. it is kinda old but it IS still the choice of lots..

  • ROB H.08/16/2004

    Haven't worn this very popular scent for several years which is worn by guys of all ages. But like every other name that creeps down significantly in price as the years go by and smells good to the general everyday population of women, it's just a LLLIIIIIIIIITLE too commonly worn such as Eternity, Curve, Fahrenheit, Acqua Di Gio, etc. But I did love the scent when I wore it way back in the day, so it does get my five stars.

  • YOOPER DON07/22/2004

    It doesn't matter if everyone wears it or if it's been around forever. It attracts women more than any other cologne I've worn.

  • SURESH07/04/2004

    The most hyped about perfume of all time.Minutes after the spraying,it gives a feeling that you had been given a chemical bath.

  • DIRK H07/01/2004

    After alot of research, I choose this among a few others (Pi Givenchy, Egotiste Platinum, Aqua di Gio). It is a nice scent and it works well when you are wearing athletic wear, much like Aqua di Gio.

  • LORD SHVI06/13/2004

    One of the most unique fragrances in the world...which was it's downfall...u can buy a knock off in everystreet corner...great cologne..wear it wisely.. skin contact contact can change the perfume.

  • MIKE04/27/2004

    whoever doesnt like cool water has smelling issues this is like the most common and best classic cologne ever made its somettin you must have.

  • SO ROMEO04/24/2004

    It's a nice staple fragrance for your collection. These chicks that say Cool Water makes 'em wet must not get out much. -Or they have cheap boyfriends.

  • ERIC = O)04/18/2004

    You would be hard pressed not to find a guy wearing this if you went to a bar. This is like the Hai-Karate of the late 90's-early 2000's, every horny guy seems to be wearing it. The problem is the fact that the minty/musky scent smells good at first, but by the 5th time you wear it, you wish you hadn't purchased it, or received it as a gift. I got this scent as a gift a few years back and wore it a few times, only to be told by female friends that it "smells like fat guy cologne". Go figure.

  • TOMMY. A.04/08/2004

    I really like this one - very good on me. Never overpowering, and the ladies like it a lot!.

  • KEVIN04/05/2004

    Classic scent. The fact that it's still around proves its timelessness. Good for the daytime or office, but I think there are better choices these days...

  • BJS03/25/2004

    nice scent but not the best

  • CARLOS D03/24/2004

    This smells sharp and chemical. No appeal at all. Plain and boring and very detergent-like smell. Don't understand way it still sells. If it at least were cheap. It will not make you "cool" If that's what you think.

  • SKIPPY03/22/2004

    This one got a hit on the "Babe Meter," so naturally it gets some stars right off the bat. From there I cannot say I'm in love with this scent, but it's good. Perhaps it's just my sense of smell, but the fragrance reminds me of a candy I used to buy when I was in elementary school. There was a candy called "Smarties." These were little round, flat, different colored candies that were in a celophane wrapper which was twisted on each end. I find the scent to be just that sour on me. But like I said, it scored "contact," so we can say that, (at least) some women like it. For what its worth, I like it better than Acqua Di Gio, and that's probably the biggest seller right now.


    simply smells old and cheap

  • STU02/24/2004

    On some it's brilliant. On others it's not.

  • COBRA02/24/2004

    It drives women crazy. I'm married and have to fight 'em off!

  • MAX02/19/2004

    It's not that it smells particularly bad, but as someone else said, every man on the face of the planet seems to be wearing it. If you're trying to get ladies, go for originality... try Dolce & Gabbana.

  • CHANDAN BISHT02/10/2004

    I fink it has been overused but cos its soo kool every1 likes it.. but setback with Cool Water is the lasting time as it is around 1 hour.

  • DIXIE01/27/2004

    just give me a man with nothing on but cool water. this is the best stuff ever! i've been buying it for hubby for years.

  • SHANTANU01/26/2004

    This is one perfume every female comments on.... the comment is either "it the same SEXY Davidoff Cool Water" or "which SEXY perfume is this??"


    A aquatic hall of famer. Everyone owns it, everyone knows it. An incredibly great cologne that you won't regret owning. You probably already it own, but if you don't what are you waiting for.

  • DAWN01/02/2004

    I love the way this smells on my man. When he use the EDT and the AFTERSHAVE together, he smells even more wonderful. Buy it, you will not regret it.

  • DAN GARRETT12/10/2003

    Subtle, fresh and never overwhelming. I have worn it for over 10 years and have no intention of changing.....

  • JOVAN12/10/2003

    Wonder why this fragrance is so popular? I’ve never met a female that didn’t like it, including my mom.

  • ROB11/27/2003

    The best cologne. Very vibrant, sexy and fresh. It'll drive your girl crazy!!

  • A. NONY. MOUS11/24/2003

    Yes, everybody has this cologne, but it's still good. I wish it would last longer, though. A nice everyday scent because you can't really find people who hate it with a vengeance.

  • BIG G11/20/2003

    cool water got a very good smell actually excellent ... but can anyone tell me why it doesn't last more than an hour or so ??i am really asking for tips

  • W.B.11/05/2003


  • URS TRULI XX11/04/2003

    Guys trust me on this 1, every man should have this scent- i cannot get enough of it!! Smells delicious, men wearing this are good enough 2 eat!!

  • CHRIS COLOGNE08/22/2003

    This cologne is a classic and im sick of hearing all the negative comments such as, "Everybody wears it so I don't like it". Gimme a break! Don't bash it simply because its popular. People wear it beause it smells GREAT. 20 years from now people will be wearing this and it will stay in style. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to be original and wear a fragrance that not many others wear, but don't put down a quality product because many use it. --A 30 year old male opinion.

  • DAVID07/13/2003

    I don't really like this cologne. Its not bad but isnt my type. The girls however always love it...

  • RONCHO06/11/2003

    Upon trying to find the perfect Cologne to attract the ladies, I was draw to the purchase of Davidoff's Cool Water. I looked at many reviews, this message board included, talked to many female friends, and even evaluated the smell on many instances. My verdict goes as follows: Good News: This stuff is not that bad. It doesn't make a person feel sickly. Its scent is something the ladies go after. Many girls love the smell of Davidoff's Cool Water. Think of it as a spanish fly. ;) Cons: Well, this stuff is over used by 10 fold. Every guy and their brother wears this stuff. To make a point, I was going for a run and found a container of cool water in a garbage bag on a rual country road. If rual America is getting this, it's being overused. Also, the scent fades away within 2 hours after putting it on. Overall, i'd say this is a great beginner cologne. Something for someone just starting out to purchase. ;)

  • JOE06/11/2003

    I just want to say that both Curve by Liz Claiborne and Cool Water get me compliments from ladies of all ages. Just today I was complimented on Curve after 5 hours of wearing it. Now that lasts. Im sure Cool Water lasts long to I just have to wait and see. I rate excellent for both Cool Water and Curve

  • LISA RAE06/10/2003

    yeah, um hum same ole scent. is this joop? water?......nautica?......CK for men?.........tell m cause I can't smell the difference.

  • ARNOLD R.06/07/2003

    Cool Water has a sweet, slightly candy-like, almost androgynous fragrance. Almost. It still, somehow, manages to be masculine. Not quite sure how it pulls that trick off. Most colognes that light and sweet come off as either totally feminine or straddling the fence. (Sweet and light; not weak -- its scent is strong, make no mistake.) But Cool Water is distinctly masculine, somehow. It's really pretty quality stuff and as Jason noted, it's one of the most popular men's fragrances with women -- I can attest to that from my own personal experience. While wearing Cool Water when I was in my 20s, I received more compliments from women than while wearing almost any other cologne. (FYI: The only one that came close, complement-wise was probably Curve [Liz Claiborne 1996].) So if you're in your 20s (or younger) and/or you're doing the dating thing, you could do a lot worse than to splash some Cool Water on and see what happens.

  • JASON05/26/2003

    Despite what some of the guys seem to say, this cologne seems unviersally loved by the ladies!

  • DAVE05/24/2003

    I bought this when it first was introduced. While Cool Water is extremely popular and over-used now, I still find it one of my favorites.

  • JAMES04/27/2003

    It's ok I guess. I got one last year but it's too strong and it's quite an old perfume. Too many people are using it also. I kind of smell some bitter smoke smell that makes me sick. If you still like this type of perfume, try Desire Blue by Alfred Dunhill. It is similar to Cool water It's a new perfume, and I think it's more lighter, fresh, and clean than cool water. Also I think it's a better perfume for young people. If you are a very very new to a perfume and like VERY light ones, try HEI by Alfred sung. Similar to cool water and desire blue, but much more lighter

  • KEV04/13/2003

    Girls like this fragrance, but too many guys are wearing it. This is sure to remind some girl of her ex.

  • KAMRAN MUZAFFAR04/10/2003

    Cool water rocks big time. It never lets you down. If you want a girl to get close to you just get it.

  • CS04/06/2003

    Devin was right in that cool water can be bought practically anywhere, therefore far too many people have it. Coolwater was my first bottle of cologne ever and I bought it in a small walgreens drugstore back in like 1990 or 1991. At the time, the stuff was new and fresh and interesting, but now, over a decade later, coolwater is extremely outdated and overused by the general public. For aquatic colognes, skip this one and try Acqua DiGio by Armani, although that one, too, is getting real close to being overused by everybody and their uncle, too.

  • NOIRWEST03/28/2003

    Another good one to wear to work as it's hard to find anyone who truly hates it. It is clean and fairly long lasting but has little in the way interesting notes to reccomend it.

  • GIAN FROM BRAZIL03/25/2003

    Cool Water is not so good. It´s plain and boring.

  • RICKY03/18/2003

    cool water is great for the daytime and everyday wear. i usually spray it just once and it gives me a light/fresh scent. for evening wear i usually switch to a different cologne, since cool water has been around for years and can be a bit outdated.

  • AMY02/27/2003

    MMMM!!! Reminds me of an ex-boyfriend! Great smell!! Very sexy!!

  • TEE02/27/2003

    this smell could make a ugly guy hot because its soooo good!!!

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    This mens colonge is very seductive and sexy. I just wish it were not so popular. When I started smelling it on every man it kindof tainted the association I had of it with my boyfriend only. Still an old-time fav though.

  • JOE02/15/2003

    You can buy this anywhere like target. its ok but its been around so long. I even saw in in a first season episode of friends

  • DEVIN02/01/2003

    Not bad, but overused and overrated. It's a bit too sweet for my taste, but it is clean. The biggest gripe I have is it's prevalence; I think you can pick this one up at gas stations and convenience stores.

  • ROB01/27/2003

    Come over!!

  • RICH12/15/2002

    Had more strangers when passing by or at restaurants asking "what is that you are wearing? Smells Great" More than any other frangrance I'd ever worn.

  • THE BIG R12/14/2002

    You can wear this in the hot summer or the cold of winter, and it'll never be out of place.

  • AARON12/03/2002

    Stay away it's Garbage from Davidoff!

  • BOB R.11/25/2002

    How anyone could bash this classic cologne is beyond me. It is so damn good smelling it is no wonder it is one of the best smelling colognes of all time. One word - Classic You'll feel like your next to a river in Vermont in the crisp cool air with Cool Water.

  • LIZ11/21/2002

    From a girl's perspective,I just want to say that this is the absolute sexiest fragrance a man can wear. Just smelling it makes me think of sex!

  • DAVE11/19/2002

    Another classic! Still remains among the best!

  • ROGER10/30/2002

    I've just bought Cool Water and I think it smells great. It's original and subtle, a true classic, but it really doesn't last long.

  • GEORGE10/26/2002

    Not my favorite, but women love it. The idea is not to wear it everyday and not to wear it too heavy. You want them close.

  • MAURICIO10/21/2002

    Yes, this is not a bad perfume but it has no elegance and doesn't last long, if you want areally "cool water try QUASAR de J del Pozo.

  • RORIGO09/13/2002

    Cool Water's top note is no big deal, but to describe one scent by its top note only is like describing a book by its cover. Here you have an enduring scent, very fresh. Even so, it's not the best choice for a date or any event at night.

  • NISSA08/20/2002

    this is my guy favorite scent. It is a nice scent. He wears this every day and gets many compliments everytime he wears it.

  • CAROLINA07/28/2002

    It makes me dream... very romantic. Simple but masculine.

  • CHERYL07/22/2002

    my dad bought this for me when i was 14 cos i was an avid fragrance collector.. 5 yrs down the road i bought a new bottle for my boyfriend. it smells so great on him! simply irresistible!

  • DOUG07/18/2002

    Cool Water was so hot at first but it has become tired and everyone wears it. It has become on the same level as Polo where you can smell it from a mile away and know what it is.

  • KHALID07/10/2002

    Very fresh,very dreamy,very sensual.

  • LOVE THIS07/08/2002

    Ever since i first smelled Davidoff cool water, I've been obsessed! No matter what the guy looks like, if he's wearing Cool water he's dead sexy! This scent is extremely masculine and attracts women like flies!

  • BRIAN 05/14/2002

    I would not recomend this for the fact it is not just me when it comes to one's "body chemistry". Yes , your body chemistry is everything how any scent will be like on you. But talking to a couple others from my work they also said it does not last. Personaly, I think Davidoff's Cool Water perfume is fantastic. The Cologne is average. Smells great, refreshing and spicy. But it just does not last. I put 20 sprays of this stuff on and my girlfriend could barley smell it. Besides..I put alot of cologne on so I can smell it.So this is a mediocre overated 1989 flop. Why this cologne gets so much attention I have no idea. It does not live up to anything. I hope Davidoff's Good Life works better then this stuff. It is too DAMN BAD TOO! This cologne could have been so good too!

  • CHRISTY05/01/2002

    OHHHHHHHH!! YEAHHHH!!!!!! everytime my husband wears this I can't keep my hands off him. For guys who think it's boring, believe me wear it on a first date, you'll be peeling her off with a spatula! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  • SEXY04/14/2002

    this one is horrible, smell like trash water and it will make u vomit.if u are thinking of buying a great & unique perfume,try Bvlgari Extreme or Romance by Polo, not many people wear them but gal do love them!!

  • CHRIS04/13/2002

    Overrated and too sweet. Yuck.

  • PHIL03/30/2002

    ya know..i'm so sick of everyone riding the cool water train...its ancient and none of the stores carry it in my area. move on people and find something new

  • TUM03/23/2002

    Really masculine,women like it.But sometimes a bit overpowering and make people headache if you wear it too much.

  • JESSICA03/20/2002

    I totally agree with Cindy on this one. Take note, Gentlemen: This one drives us ladies crazy!

  • D03/08/2002

    My husband wears this all the time !!! I bought it for him when we were dating 5 years ago!!!

  • DEMELZA02/26/2002

    This is my husband's signature scent. Whenever he puts it on, you'd be hard-pressed to keep me off his neck. :)

  • LISA02/13/2002

    I love the smell! It's so... irresistable! ;)

  • J DOGG02/01/2002

    I've worn this cologne since I was a junior in high school. I tried other colognes after through trial and error. But nothing really gave it a kick to anybody. So recently, I told my wife to buy me Cool Water for Christmas. When I started wearing it again, I got the attention from others. Don't you just love it when someone asks you, "Hey, what cologne are you wearing?" That's when I knew that Cool Water is my Cool Cologne!

  • KHARY01/21/2002

    Cool Water should not be avoided because it's incredible popularity. The Davidoff house nailed it with this scent! I've been wearing this since high school and it's still a stunning aroma.. It's a masterpiece and I don't care how many people wear it.

  • ZEKIYE12/29/2001

    Just got some for my boyfriend and although it is not very original, I cannot resist the fresh smell. A word of caution: fits better with a casual style. For more dressed-up events, I would actually prefer something like Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

  • L.K.12/19/2001 of the coolest perfumes made!its funny,it was my very first perfume I purchase when I was 16years old...even tought I am female...anyway my boyfriends perfume,too..

  • SOPHIE12/03/2001

    I really liked this, but it seems to remind me of highschool. It was a popular fragrance three years ago with teenage boys. Guys need to beware of putting too much on. It can ruin the fragrance.

  • CINDA11/14/2001

    My husband used this colonge from day 1 that we met and the colonge still smells good. (been married for almost 5 yrs). It's very masculine and is not to strong, just right.

  • CINDY09/18/2001

    This stuff makes me go in heat I swear!! Every time I smell a man wearing cool water I just want to jump his bones!!!!:)

  • BRENDA07/25/2001

    a real pleaser with ladies

  • MOVING ON07/14/2001

    Have worn Cool Water for about a year and receive compliments almost daily. Very clean and crisp scent.

  • YTHENG06/13/2001

    the scents bring some mint and bitter scent together with a strong masculine taste.

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