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Que Viva   

11 Reviews

This 1997 spring and summer collection from Escada is an exciting and sexy fruity blend of passion fruit, pineapple, apple and pear. Lingering dry and sensual woody notes make this an unforgettable fragrance.

50 ml EDT Spray (Unboxed)
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This 1997 spring and summer collection from Escada is an exciting and sexy fruity blend of passion fruit, pineapple, apple and pear. Lingering dry and sensual woody notes make this an unforgettable fragrance.

  • SYRINE04/20/2009

    I am so in love with this perfume.. I brought it back in 1997 and it has been my very favorite since.. It is unlike anyother Escada scent. I have tried all of them and like them all.. However, this one! IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!

  • FEMININEFOX03/15/2008

    This is one of Escada's most memorable.I really love the unique smell.The body is a pretty indigo color too.Try this if your broadminded with a unconventional personality!

  • KALINA11/19/2007

    this perfume smells so bad on me.. i love the escada fragrances but this one gots to be one of the worst from escada.

  • CLAIRE03/21/2007

    All the Escada limited editions are good but I bought this fragrance when it came out in 1997 and took it on holiday with me. I met my future husand on the trip so this perfume is very sentimental for me. I still love it because it isn't like anything else. For me it epitomizes a tropical island paradise. Fruity but woodsy at the same time. Very sexy!

  • MAUREEN12/17/2005

    If you like fruity floral fragrances that arent sweet this is it! Im on my second bottle (soon my third) and this is a GREAT scent. Its perfect for Spring and Summer.

  • ---01/08/2005

    I must say the scent is quite unique. I'm a big perfume fan, and I always find resemblances between perfumes, but I must say I still haven't found one similar to this. Although it's not my favorite, if I'm in the mood of wearing something exotic yet clean, Que Viva Escada is my choice. I bought it in Europe at a very special time of my life, and each time I spray it, I'm taken back to those wonderful days for a moment. It definitely has a great staying power (al least on me.) Anyway, my advice is TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT. As I said, this is not an average fragrance... perfumes like this one, or like In Love Again by YSL (not that I find any similarities between them, it's just that they're not standard smelling scents), should always be tried on, since they're very personal scents.

  • JT10/07/2004

    I am big a fan of the Escada fruity scents like Island Kiss and Sexy Graffiti, but I bought a tiny $8 bottle of this one at a perfume store today, and I wish I could return it. It doesn't smell nearly as good as my favorites. I guess it's still kind of cool to have another miniature of an Escada collectible though, since I already have the miniature 5 set collection they have.

  • NINA09/20/2004

    I love this scent so much.. It is so feminine and flirty.. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. xoxoxo

  • MARTIE07/28/2004

    I wore this for a while when it first came out. I love the fruity scents but this one has a woody element that doesn't mix well with the fruits. It by no means smells bad, but it is one that you might get tired of quickly. I remember getting a really nice colorful beach bag that came as a free gift with it. I still use that thing!

  • RAMONA03/27/2003

    This is the best scent I own in my perfume collection. I love this perfume since the first time that I purchased it back in 1997.. This is my 3rd bottle

  • SOPHIA01/25/2002

    last year i bought it for mmy boss in outlet in pa. tried to find here but it turned out that it was discontiniued. thank god for your site i was able to get it on line. great smell, stays long. don't get compliments on it , but who cares. i just purchased it and loving it. can i wear it in wimter? escada has great smells. everyone but red s

  • CRS01/12/2002

    I first smelled this in 1997 while touring in Egypt. A woman from Brazil was wearing it. I looked for it for 3 years, not knowing the name, then finally, I was having lunch with a friend, and suddenly, memories of egypt washed over me, and it took me while to figure out why...My friend was wearing the perfume of the Brazilian woman! At last!! I Love it! It is my fave right now, along with Hiris, by Hermes.

  • MELISSA07/01/2001

    fruity and sweet. It was a favorite of mine during highschool.

  • DANA01/22/2001

    Fruitest thing ever!

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