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Eternity Calvin Klein Image

Calvin Klein


124 Reviews

Aromatic, Fougere, Fruity. Created by Calvin Klein in 1989, Eternity is described as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of lavender, jasmine and amber. Blended with notes of rosewood, greens, crisp jasmine, sage, basil, vetiver and sandalwood, Eternity is a all around fragrance.

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Aromatic, Fougere, Fruity. Created by Calvin Klein in 1989, Eternity is described as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of lavender, jasmine and amber. Blended with notes of rosewood, greens, crisp jasmine, sage, basil, vetiver and sandalwood, Eternity is a all around fragrance.

  • SUZANNE BILLINGS12/27/2015

    I have ordered this product for my husband several times and we both love it.


    the price is good, shipment slow!

  • JANIS01/03/2012

    Excellent product and very fast delivery

  • JANIS01/03/2012

    Very fast delivery-excellent product

  • TIM03/19/2011


  • KENNETH B. MARSHALL02/12/2011

    It is a old-school scent.One of my favorite colognes to wear on a daily basis. it is a clean,refreshing scent. women love this scent on me,a staple to have.

  • JEEZY01/11/2010

    Eternity is good and can smell good on some guys but I don't really like it THAT much. Its whatever, works better on white guys

  • FRANKLIN12/14/2009

    Crisp, spicey, warm and invigorating. Eternity has an aroma of energy.


    i like this scent its nice and green and musky not sweet but cypre or spicy,i think this can be worn throught out the day as well as night

  • SAHILM04/25/2008

    i think this was released in 1989 , i have used tons of colognes in my life but always have this in my collection , great and fresh smelling , i would say its in my top 10 list . its a must have -:) , try it and u wont regret it .... fab cologne

  • STU03/15/2008

    Perhaps this, like anyting else has to do with body chemistry. A guy in my building on the 6th floor gets off the elevator and has on this fragrance. I ask what he has on and he proudly says Eternity and I say "oh ok" and he smiles thinking I like it. I really didn't to be honest. Perhaps if someone else had it on it would have smelled better but it didn't do anything for him so I'll try it for myself before making a true judgment.

  • POTARU12/16/2007

    I thought this cologne was going to be the bomb. So many people say its one of the best, but i dont agree. Its ok, at best. Goes on strong but doesnt really last. It's glory days are over. Not for a young player.

  • J.RIV09/22/2007

    I used to love this cologne. Next to Obession this is his best fragrance..well at least IMO. Great daytime cologne. i would still wear it if it wasnt so common...

  • DARRSHANJVORAA09/20/2007

    a real scent which is immortal and to stay a long long time a true classic, u get compliments from the first spray itself

  • MAN OF TASTE 08/14/2007

    eternity suits its name because it is timeless enduring ,unforgettable and a true masterpiece I`ve used it for years and it still ooozes passion and trills women

  • KEITH06/23/2007

    Eternity is by far one of if not the best colognes ever. I get compliments each time I wear it.

  • OFM03/20/2007

    I helped launch Eternity in the 90's and knew it was a hit the moment I smelled it. It was and is revolutionary as a men's fragrance. Calvin really did things right in those days with advertising, sampling, etc. Sadly, the whole industry has changed. New frags come out every few days now and they are all so boring. Eternity still gets me all hot and bothered when I smell it on me or on other guys(which is rare). People say it is oh so common, but I rarely smell it around on others. Anyway, it's still a masterpiece to me.

  • SILKY12/29/2006

    I wore it back in high school. Some of my friends joked that it made me smell like a wimp, but, nevertheless, I liked it and my female friends did as well. But I definitely outgrown it now!

  • TONY T10/23/2006

    i work in chicago for tsa and 1st shift does not take cologne or perfume that much. have a heart.

  • TSA SCREENER10/10/2006

    We take colognes away from stupid passengers who dont read the news about liquids at the airport on a daily basis. Eternity is one of the top 5 sought after colognes we seek to take because of its high price. It smells fairly decent too.

  • HOTT STUFF10/07/2006

    i sampled this from a magazine it smelled sexy to me

  • ANDREWW08/29/2006

    absolutely LOVE this classic much-emulated scent. please give me some input on when to wear this: Casual/Formal? Day/Night? Warmer/Colder Seasons?

  • A. BOREALIS05/16/2006

    Haven't worn for over 7 years and don't think I'll ever consider wearing this overly worn, very woody and fruity headache ever again. I probably smell it out there just as much as AdG, Curve, Drakkar and Cool Water.

  • AQUARIUS4.703/31/2006

    It feels like an eternity since I last wore this and I don't miss it one bit. Semi-spicy, herbal and ultrawoody scent is the most commonly worn out there for this designer and whenever I smell it on other guys, I'm just like "Uuuggh!"

  • TONY T01/12/2006

    all around scent but if you want to save money try watt blue, identical and around 10 bucks.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE01/01/2006

    Never been a fan of the wellknown but average ol' CK but this stuff isn't bad. But it could be so much better if it wasn't too herbal and woody.

  • ALEX12/20/2005


  • LAURA 12/08/2005

    I have never forgotten the guy I used to date that wore this. He turned out to be a jerk, but that smell, man...I'd see him again just to smell him. There is nothing sexier on a man!! Even if he is a loser.

  • JENNIFER11/13/2005

    Many followers but only one true original. Eternity for men it may be old school but this the best stuff I ever smelled for a man to put on. A timeless classic and one of the best hands down!

  • ONG-BAK10/31/2005

    These days this fragrance is just average to me. I used to like it a lot but too many guys started wearing it and a lot of them tank it on like the women are gonna go buck wild over them. I think it's way too woody and headache-inducing.

  • TYLER09/25/2005

    eternety will be in stores for 'eternety' is really good, does not last too long tho, but it's excellent

  • LORI09/03/2005

    i HATE THIS COLOGNE!!! it is WAY too strong. if i smell it on a man (and i usually can smell it from a distance-yuk), i will make a beeline to get away. don't wear this one men!!!

  • RACKY09/02/2005

    you cant go wrong with eternity. i love its smell so much that i sometimes use my husband's! it's the best perfume i have ever smelled on a guy...

  • K. WIMPINO07/19/2005

    Other than the fact that this woody fragrance is overly worn overall by guys out there, a lot of guys tend to overly apply it when they wear it.

  • M.R.06/28/2005

    WAS a hit in its first couple of years folllowing its release on the market but became overly worn and no longer mysterious to women. Among the average-priced and most commonly worn colognes out there, this one is towards the bottom of that category behind Curve, Cool Water, Acqua di Gio, Fahrenheit, Drakkar Noir, Joop!, Pi, Allure,etc.

  • ROMANCE GUY05/27/2005

    I really cant put into words what this cologne means to me its extraordinary, sophiticated,unique and smells like no other cologne it`s truly in a class by itself ....... that`s for sure

  • LILY05/13/2005

    If you are looking for a citrusy scent, try Gendarme by Gendarme or Eau Savage by Christian Dior, instead of Eternity. They are both very classy and fresh, highly rated by Perfume Emporium customers, and often worn by men of money, status and good taste. The Verbena by Caswell and Massey is also something to consider and it has matching bath and body products. (Verbena is known to repel bugs, so it might be a good choice for those in mosquito country, as is anything with lavender.) Eternity Summer for Men (the new limited edition) is also very nice and would suit those looking for a warm weather fragrance that is more beachy with a touch of patchouli. It doesn't last as long as Eternity for Men, but I do not care for Eternity AT ALL.

  • LILY05/13/2005

    Eternity Summer for Men is (unfortunately) a limited edition, and why they do this with nice fragrances, I don't know... but it's described as "wet summer aldehydes and melon before progressing to a heart of dewy violet leaves, hyacinth and cedar leaf oil. Base accords consist of patchouli and amber." The bottle is a beautiful sea blue with a few green sea rushes artfully painted on the front. Makes a beautiful gift, I bought a bottle for my stepfather, although younger men with finer tastes would like it, too.

  • RJM05/13/2005

    I have been wearing this cologne for quite some time now. Nice smelling and a wonderful cologne for all time.

  • GQ05/11/2005

    best classic cologne. great for those events where you have to be sophistique. probably the most masculine scent/

  • NIKITA 04/26/2005

    Regular Eternity just reminds me of all the sickening colognes that came out in the early 90's. But the new summer one is the bomb!!! To me they copied Beyond Pardise a little and put a beach smell in it.

  • JENNIFER04/17/2005

    This is my favorite mens scent of all time. Often imitated but never duplicated. It stands alone as a classic. It is sex in a bottle and makes me beg for more.mmmm Eternity!

  • ROMEO03/21/2005

    I owned almost all CK perfumes of men, but to be honest, I like none of them. They smells okay, but definitely not the best. They are still laying there full bottled, I hardly used them!

  • ALLAN03/17/2005

    Sorry to tell you this but the imitation in this case would be "cool water"... to let you know Eternity was Introduced in 1989, and "cool water" in 1992, so Wich one is the imitation or the cheap copy?? this is a nice fresh fragrance, Try it. thanks.

  • ALLAN03/10/2005

    this is an awesome fresh fragrance, and just to let you know: Eternity was launched in 1989, and cool Water in 1992, so how this fragrance can be a copy of that ordinary fragrance?? think about it

  • SECRETSEXKITTEN101/09/2005

    This is absolutly Heaven. I love it when my husband wears it. Sweet smelling. I'm drawn to men that wear it. It will definitely get U laid.

  • TIM12/29/2004

    eternity truth and contradiction are my top 3 fave calvin klein fragrances this stuff is great reminds me of my fave cologne swiss army and it smells almost as good

  • PEPE LE PEW12/27/2004

    designers and colognes like movie stars and cologne do not go well together. The women's perfume smells great but the mens smells like a dusty dirty toxic bomb.

  • LAVERNE11/28/2004


  • DIRK H11/08/2004

    Smells like Cool Water. Ignorant Statement. It smells like a Burberry Scent. I was looking to test it at a store, and one of the burberry scents I tried smelled very similar, not brit or touch. At any rate, a quality scent which I would like to last longer. For the $$$$, it is a good deal but not a great one. For quality at a price try Joop or Egotiste Platinum.

  • TONI FINISH10/26/2004

    Eternity? Definetly: Eternity in shame for being such a obvious copy of Coolwater.

  • SOLO10/25/2004

    This is one of the best cologne on the market. Trust me, I wear the top brands everyday to work and Eternity is the only one I continuously get good comments on!! Wear it and see if a woman could keep her hands off you.


    A classic cologne which is still a lot better than the newer colognes today. Eternity for men has a freshness that is very unique: it's cool like seabreeze and fresh like after the rain. The smell just makes you feel good and happy. The funny thing is, Estee Lauder's Pleasures for Men tries to imitate this scent, but to no avail.


    A classic cologne which is still a lot better than the newer colognes today. Eternity for men has a freshness that is very unique: it's cool like seabreeze and fresh like after the rain. The smell just makes you feel good and happy. The funny thing is, Estee Lauder's Pleasures for Men tries to imitate this scent, but to no avail.

  • BRS09/19/2004

    I think it is. I'm the cologne master, and have tried nearly all makes past and present. Calvin Klein is better then most all cologne companies and this is thier gem. It's refreshing, powerful, sexy and elegant. Everyone should have this colonge in thier collection.

  • ALEX THE MAN09/12/2004

    This is a nice cologne somehow let down by the fact that its getting too common.Good for summer times.If you have a few colognes in your collection this may be one of the few that you may consider wearing now and then on a rotating basis. Recommend for Office wear, daytime wear, hot weather months.

  • JODIE 09/09/2004

    This fragrance is straight from the INXS, MC Hammer, and Bel Biv Devoe days! Very outdated and it reminds me of highschool boys driving around in their daddy's BMW trying to pick up chicks. Sorry, I would be completely turned off if I dated a guy who wore this.

  • LAURA09/05/2004

    My brother-in-law wears this and it smells like mosquito repellant.

  • JONATHAN08/05/2004

    This one is so-so.I wore it once...and but the rest in the darkest part of my closet.

  • JOHN08/04/2004

    yes,it isone of the best calvin's productions,a fresh,familiar,good scentand full of sensation.It is my favorite cologne.

  • EDDIE07/22/2004

    Eternity is almost like tommy hilfiger's Freedom and its a bit simular to drakkar noir which i don't like. if you like this type of smell i recommend freedom, its a bit sweeter than Eternity but nicer.

  • JANELLE07/02/2004

    its smells ok, but it reminds me of how overused it was.

  • ROB H.06/13/2004

    Above average woody scent was somewhat of a surprise to the ladies sometime ago. But these days it's too commonly worn due to the fact it's by CK as well as average priced.

  • SYD04/26/2004

    A timeless scent, but probably best on guys between 25 and 40. Women love it.

  • TOMMY. A.04/06/2004

    Very nice scent - fresh and clean, and yes, women love it.

  • ROSIE03/22/2004

    my gorgeous husband wore this when i first met him & seriously it made me fall in love! this scent is heaven on a stick & I just have to whiff it to take me back to the day (only three years ago!) I love this scent, its so warm & comforting & also fresh and sexy. Yum.

  • MR. KRABS03/21/2004

    If I go a week or two without useing it, when I put it on I fall in love with it again. It's unique and unmistakeable.

  • EMMA02/29/2004

    Very nice makes my boyfriend smell like never before! Thank you for making it! only thing i dont like about it is the price!

  • MATT02/27/2004

    this thing is awful. i recomand altitude by swiss army. grls love it.

  • ARSLAN02/04/2004

    I tested Escape from my friend, that was also very good. However, I would prefer Eternity as it has light smell. This is my first purchase of a quality perfume and I am satisfied with it.

  • BJ02/04/2004

    this fragrance is the bomb

  • W.B.01/08/2004


  • MARTIN01/04/2004

    before buying this one, i red a lot of post here. most of you were going for it. when i got it, my first impression was like, strange, different than everything i have. i wore it couple times then i couldnt believe my eyes when watching WOMEN TURNING THEIR HEADS ON ME!!!! that smell has that certain something that get women's attention immediately. i dont know, im not an expert but it might have some human feromones or some other crazy stuff. GREAT!!

  • RIDER10/24/2003

    Guys trust me on this, the women will want to eat you alive. When you wear this just watch how many heads you turn!!!

  • DENNIS08/18/2003

    But it's much too much for me. After an hour or so, it gives me a migraine. A real date from hell would be the guy wearing Eternity & the woman wearing Opium.

  • VINCENT08/04/2003

    Every girl I know likes this stuff. Everytime I pass by them they stop and get close to smell me again. no joke. Doesn't last very long though. At first it got me dizzy but I got used to it fast.

  • PARVOLINE06/28/2003

    Eternity doen't smell bad like Angel Cologne but the scent is a bit plain.

  • SOLO06/24/2003

    Hands Down, this is one of the best cologne on the market period. For those of you think other wise, there's something wrong with your nose.

  • DAVE05/24/2003

    This was the first cologne I purchased years ago, and I definitely regretted it. Very strong scent that was slightly nauseating. I have smelled worse, but I would recommend looking elsewhere (Desire Blue is my current favorite)...

  • BAMBIE04/23/2003

    very excellent cant keep my hands off my man

  • Calvin needs urgently to engage a designer for designing new bottles an logos for these things. Coty seems to be less cheap. Escape and Obsession are also terrible. Oh, i was almost forgetting: The scent. Forget it. Get the best for you money. Buy a french cologne.


    Bought a bottle back in 1990 when the color of the cologne was amber not green, (ahhh to be 17 again) anyway I digress, put some on and went out and was told it smelled like off. I returned it for a bottle of tuscany and never looked back.... Can I live without my calvin??? In this case I sure can..

  • PS04/07/2003

    CK Eternity is by now a classic cologne. It is very unique, which is something that far too many colognes nowadays lack - uniqueness, individuality, or distinguishability. CK colognes have, for the most part, all stood the test of time and should be recognized as such. Eternity may not be for everyone, but the best fragrances are all like that - they do not try to be all things to all people. They scratch a particular or specific itch and they make no bones about it. Give eternity a shot - it's one of the best.

  • KAMRAN MUZAFFAR04/07/2003

    I got this perfume as a birthday present from one of my closest friend.In simple words i can just say ITS AMAZING.Its romentic and tempting.

  • VINCENT03/28/2003

    DayaammmM!!!!!!!!!!! This cologne gets the ladies. They all comment about my sexy smell. Definately a cologne to put in your collection. Great for dates or special occasions.

  • TONY BOLOGNA03/22/2003

    eternity smells mature, floral and makes me feel like an older man when i wear it

  • MARYMAGS02/11/2003

    or is it cologne? cause all the men i know that wear this must pour it in the bathtub and marinade themselves overnight.

  • DAWN02/07/2003

    Is wonderful. I just don't understand why anyone thinks 'this will get you laid, that will get you laid', etc. I really believe that it's the man himself that attracts me, with a fragrance only enhancing the wonderful attributes of the man that I am with.

  • GEORGIE PORGIE02/05/2003

    Does this stuff contain human pheromones? Even if a guy is unattractive,this cologne makes him look like brad pitt!!! Very Sexy ...ladies don't let your man go out alone with this stuff on!!!

  • DEVIL-MAN02/03/2003

    Sweet, smells OK, but the unremarkable scent gets a bit tiring after a while, making me wish I had sprayed Chanel Egoiste Platinum instead. Eternity's scent goes on strong, but does not last very long.

  • ATHENA01/26/2003

    Yes very true everyone is entitled to their own opinion and yes it is not nice to slam other people but I have to whole heartidly disagree with everyone who says this cologne doesn't smell good. I don't post here much I don't feel the need but I have smelled a lot of colognes in my day and this one is by far the best I and every female that I know has ever smelt. So you and everyone else who dislikes this cologne just keep it to yourselves. True some other guys figure it's good cause they got laid by it or whatever but they are shallow and egotistical. And that's my opinion and that's that.

  • KATIE01/24/2003

    Even when my boyfriend's wearing nothing else, I like for him to be wearing Eternity! It's very sexy, and the way it lingers makes me just want more...

  • KATANASIX12/28/2002

    Knock a buzzard off a sh!t wagon, please. This is a fine scent, it's totally refreshing.

  • PB12/25/2002

    A timeless scent. That is very long lasting actually for days on clothes. So true woman just melt when you have this fragrance on too.

  • LUKE12/24/2002

    What a great scent.

  • ROBIN12/16/2002

    ...could knock a buzzard off a sh!twagon.

  • DAVE11/19/2002

    This cologne reminds u of the good old times. Still refreshing up to date! A classic!

  • LUKE10/28/2002

    No George there's no need to say more. At least we hope not.

  • GEORGE10/26/2002

    Women love it. Need I say more.

  • CHARLES10/19/2002

    What a wonderful fragrance. This scent defies age and is a great choice for those who enjoy wearing sexy fragrances. Those who don't should not wear this one for it won't be your thing.

  • STEVE77210/19/2002

    I have tried many colognes and Eternity with out a doubt is my favorite. I get many compliments when wearing it. Definitely a classic.

  • ERIC10/18/2002

    Thanks for sharing. But as individuals we can do as we please, not as you please.

  • ZEUS10/17/2002

    This is fair, I rank it personally with old spice and english leather. It is so out and has been for a while. it is well suited for the 40+ group who dig a pricey fragrance for those special occasions. If you love it fine, then it is for you but if you don't that is fine also, so don't wear it. The comments are nice to read and everyone has their opinions and none of them are wrong and no slamming is needed towards other users. I tend to see and trust posts by people who rate regularly on different fragrances and take in their opinions when purchasing a new scent. Those who only use 1 like Eternity or Le'Male are not posts I would consider. Just because they got laid once while wearing a cologne does not make it the best, broaden your horizons and purchase a few different ones in different fragrance categories, try them out then if you have success share your thoughts. Lay off of the picking apart of comments by people who seem to know a bit about colognes, this Doug guy that shared his extreme dislike for Eternity was his opinion and his right to share it. This guy posts alot on here, he must have alot and his comments are very good and sometimes humorous. I take some of what he says to heart and keep them in mind when looking towards fragrances he has rated. So back off and get lucky with your bottles of Eternity and they rest will with their choices. Thank you and goodnight.

  • KATANASIX10/15/2002

    this stuff smells good.

  • BRENDAN09/28/2002

    Eternity smells like a cheap drugstore scent. I agree about the commnet about buying allure which is by a real fashion house since they take more care in making a scent. Tony if you dont understnad soemthing its ok but dont label it as stupid. You are probably just young. Its ok.

  • CRAIG09/27/2002

    I don't find it necessary to wear Eternity. It's okay but that's really about it. Luckily I don't feel the need to add this to any arsenal or whatever. To each his own.

  • STU09/25/2002

    I agree with Real Man, and let me tell ya' somethin' else. I date A LOT and I date very attractive ladies. They universally, let me repeat, UNIVERSALLY DIG ETERNITY. This being the case I wear it religiously. Any dude not choosing to employ this in their arsenal is obviously into other guys.... That's as nicely as I can state it. End of Story.

  • TONY09/25/2002

    One of the classiest fragrances around. Someone said try Allure from Chanel, a real fashion house. If I want fashion I buy clothes, if I want to smell good I buy Eternity. Every day another stupid comment.

  • MATT09/23/2002

    worst junk i ever inhaled! Go for Allure from Chanel, a real fashion house!

  • REAL MAN09/19/2002


  • RUDY09/19/2002

    I love this fragrance. Been wearing it for a long time now and everyone loves it on me. This fragrance spawned many copies and is a classic. To those who don't like, don't wear, but the stupid comments are so uncalled for.

  • DOUG09/16/2002

    I have tried and own many colognes and Eternity has to be one of the most horrid fragrances I have ever come across. I want to burry it for an eternity in a lead box, but it might melt through the lead and contaminate my yard..

  • STASH09/11/2002

    Great fragrance, very well made. I'm no major fragrance house vice president, but my nose knows what it knows. I hope Eternity stays eternal.

  • VITO09/05/2002

    No Tom. Lots of top selling scents get discontinued. I will at this time let you know I am a vice President at a major fragrance house. We're no ANGELS but marketing and Ads are what sell fragrances not quality. Eternity is a low quality scent regardless of skin chemistry. No offence if you like it good for you! But on the grand scale its a pitiful product.

  • TOM09/03/2002

    Vito, it's maybe bad news for you but GREAT news for others. If it smelled so bad wouldn't they discontinue the product? Probably it's just your body chemistry.

  • VITO09/01/2002

    Hey Tom, Ads sell! This stuff is bad news though.

  • TOM08/26/2002

    Yes it must be real awful since it's been around for so long now and sells so well.

  • VINNY08/23/2002

    Americans cant make fragrnaces 'nuff said

  • FOR GARY08/23/2002

    umm you have no taste. Eternity is synthetically made and awful. Are you homeless?

  • DENIZ08/11/2002

    Better than most out there on the market. But still found it to be sharp and a bit overrated. Eventhough I received some compliments from the ladies, I am going to leave this one behind.

  • ERIC07/31/2002

    A nice enough fragrance. Al also said CK tests on animals. Stay away from medications and antibiotics Al. Animals are used for testing on these things as well. You probably just don't wear fragrances very well that's all. Try Jean Nate body splash - maybe that will smell better on you.

  • THE BIG R07/08/2002

    Maybe it's not for everyone, i don't know. I do know that it's still fairly popular and it's very good. Maybe not a classic, but it's one i would recommend highly.

  • KEN06/23/2002

    Excellent, bottle is abit plain though, but what is inside is beautiful, a true work of art

  • GARY06/06/2002

    I have been wearing eternity since I was in High School. That was 12 years ago and women still loving on me.

  • GARY06/06/2002

    this for Al, who thinks is puke. This cologne is for fine people not for for the avarage person.

  • JOHN06/04/2002

    very fresh, and little sweet.

  • MAN05/22/2002

    Eternity spawned all the copies period. It is inovative and made for real men.

  • BRIAN 05/20/2002

    Another crappy Calivin Klein fragrance. These jerks seriously do not know how to make cologne. Just another typical C Klein so so average watered down stale cologne. If you want to smell real colognes and not teeny bopper C Klein look into Christian Dior, Bvlgari, Ralph Lauren. P.s. Wait to you smell the new Truth. It smells like wet grass. Very distusting.

  • ADY04/26/2002

    So good and so nice when use this perfume.I loved it so much.

  • DRAKE L.04/15/2002

    Eternity rules period. It is devine and babes absolutely salivate like Pavlov's dog for it.

  • DENNIS04/14/2002

    this one smell like vomit, not seductive and it is very sharp.think twice before u buy it!!

  • AL04/11/2002

    This smells liek puke on my skin. When I smell it on others it isnt that special either. A synthetic trash water. Also CK tests on aniamls so know that what you are wearing caused 1000's of rabbits and mice to die or suffer.

  • AZEEMI04/06/2002

    i like the scent so masculine you should buy this

  • TUM03/23/2002

    Nice scent,but I don't like the fragrance that I can smell everywhere.

  • DEEJ03/15/2002

    The smell freshens my daily routine, which makes me more constructive than lazing around

  • KATHLEEN ANN02/23/2002

    My #1 Favorite Perfume is Eternity...for Women. When I smelled Eternity for Men...I was a Match...Well, Eternity for Men and Draakar are in the lead for First Place when it comes to Men's Colonge in my Book!!

  • ANONYMOUS02/04/2002

    I had to ask my husband to stop wearing Eternity--it wasn't just the coughing and headache, but also the burning of the eyes! I like him in Obsession, though. Anyway, test-drive this one before buying a big bottle, to make sure it doesn't drive your lover away!

  • PAOLO12/24/2001


  • MAVERICK12/21/2001

    One of the best available in the market. Definitely a CK classic! Although it's a bit too strong, but even a little lasts forever.

  • AL12/20/2001

    I've been wearing eternity for 3 years and its all I wear., why its taken so long to catch on is a mystery!

  • ANNIE12/01/2001

    I agree with Elizabeth!!! I used to sit behind a guy on the bus just to smell this stuff! I'll find my husband by smelling for this!

  • ELIZABETH11/27/2001

    It's an orgasm in a bottle.

  • PHIL11/12/2001

    not bad smelling but it is very overated...i dont know many people that care for it

  • JEN06/05/2001

    This cologne is absolute heaven. It's my favorite for guys.

  • ERIN01/28/2001

    I absolutely love Eternity. It is just so manly and makes me melt.

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