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Burberry London   

37 Reviews

Burberry's new fragrance, Burberry London perfume, embodies the elegant, yet modern spirit of Burberry London. It epitomizes the cosmopolitan London lifestyle with independence and relaxed confidence. Notes include Clementine, Honeysuckle, English Garden Rose, Tiare Flower, Jasmine, Peony, Veil of Musks, Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli.

30 ml EDP Spray
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50 ml EDP Spray
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100 ml EDP Spray (Tester)
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Burberry's new fragrance, Burberry London perfume, embodies the elegant, yet modern spirit of Burberry London. It epitomizes the cosmopolitan London lifestyle with independence and relaxed confidence. Notes include Clementine, Honeysuckle, English Garden Rose, Tiare Flower, Jasmine, Peony, Veil of Musks, Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli.

  • SUZANNAH05/08/2012

    Love the fragrance.... Not too heavy and not too light either. Just right!

  • SANDRA VELEZ01/18/2012

    I love this, I always get nice compliments. I love the smel lof it.

  • CAROLANN01/03/2012

    I love the perfume. It is one of my favorites. It was sent out very quickly-very happy about that!

  • ELSIE02/11/2011

    I tried the tester and liked it after asking a dept. store worker what the fragrance was she was wearing. I think a roll on would be VERY NICE.

  • LISY05/20/2010

    Well I'm confused between this one and burberry brit. I dont know which one I like more. But both are similar and good

  • INGRID02/22/2010

    I got a 1ml tester of this and fell in love so I bought a full size spray. Unfortunatley, it is sitting onmy dresser five years later, I can't wear it without getting sick. It is very powerful and a whole spray is way too much. Why can't these companies make a pour format or a roller ball so you can control the amount of application??!!

  • SHARON01/16/2010

    Every time I wear this i get commments

  • BLONDIE12/31/2009

    I have been wearing this recently after having tried it before and deciding against it. I just wanted something floral but not too, uplifting but still sophisticated that I felt suited my style which is classic and tailored, and my personality which is semi-outgoing. Also, I like a perfume that has a kind of men's aftershave-ishness to it. This fits the bill perfectly at least for the cold weather. Don't know about when summer comes but for right now I am loving it. It's me.

  • DMARIE12/05/2008

    I sampled this and wasn't impressed it smells similar to Red door but not as good.Cool bottle though the thing around it it reminds me of a dog sweater.

  • DMARIE11/18/2008

    and I can say I don't like any of The Burberry fragrances but this london smells like a toned down version of Red Door.I don't like the beat,Brit,or the one in the red bottle that looks like Brit.All of Burberry's perfumes smell stinky.

  • BRANDY02/07/2008

    A friend and I were looking for new perfumes for ourselves in a dept. store one day and the sales lady introduced us to Burberry London. We both fell instantly in love with it and bought the gift sets. We have been thrilled ever since. I am sort of a perfume fanatic and like to change my fragrances for my mood. Every time I smell this on my friend I love it and ask..... are you wearing Burberry London... it smells great! Whenever I wear it, my co-worker comments on how great it smells and has decided to buy some for herself. To me it is a vibrant exciting scent with a lot of life. I love wearing it. A little fruity, a little floral and a little sweet.......simply a perfect blend. Try it you might just love it.

  • GINA01/30/2008

    I love this perfume and unlike some of the other burberry fragrances is long lasting. Sweet, but not too sweet. Very feminine.

  • DARRSHAN01/05/2008

    instead try cinema by ysl for sweet floral, or narciso for musky, and prada a something little loud, but u can avoid this london edp.

  • BRAN10/14/2007

    i've had a bottle for two years . my husband picked it out . it smells like caramel & honey on me . no hint of floral at all. it is good for winter wear otherwise the scent turns on me .

  • BELLE09/22/2007

    Yes... divine! This is my new found fav! The best of Burberry's scents for women- (in my opinion). This is special!!! Uplifting and gorgeous it is!

  • MELLE09/18/2007

    if you want that crispy, young, sweet yet a bit musky scent--this is definitely my best bet! i sooo love this!!! it reminds me of the clean, classy woman in braided brown hair and pearls! THE BEST EVER!

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    Didn't buy it though because I had too many other choices but I may go for it next Spring. I've heard from Burberry loyal fans that even their EDTs last long but experience has taught me that I need to test a scent for a day first before buying.

  • ALLYSA07/17/2007

    I love this type of fragrance because it is so feminine and modern. its floral scent can make you feel so special.

  • VICTORIA06/09/2007

    To me this smelled very cloying and sweet. I kind of liked Brit but this is completely different kind of fragrance. If you are expecting something simular, you will be dissapointed.

  • JAMES R.05/02/2007

    I'm not a fan of Burberry perfumes because I always think that they miss the mark, but this one is different. This one is light, youthful, and fun. Not edgy, and out of control like brit is. London is is flowery but not in the sense that is has 20 different floral scents going on. It is very restrained. If your not a burberry perfume fan like me, just give this one a chance. It is very different from the rest of Burberry and it is literally a breath of fresh air.

  • BARBARA W05/01/2007

    This is a typical, run of the mill floral, similar in style to Pleasures by Estee Lauder. Not my style, but if you like that type of fragrance, you'll probably enjoy this.

  • LEONESS03/31/2007

    I own Burberry Brit and have smelled Burberry London and they are polar opposites. Burberry Brit starts out with pear, but dries down to a warm, honeyed amber note. London lacks the warmth- very citrusy. Smells better in the magazine though. I won't rate this one because I haven't tried it on my skin.

  • TONY T03/13/2007

    burberry which is one the top perfume houses of all time (behind creed and bvlgari) makes crazy fragrances for women and men. brit red phenominal, original classic and now this says i can be fun,sexy and ladylike. got this for my lil sis and she loves it, only 19 but worldly. excellent light floral scent.

  • MARY ALICE02/20/2007

    I love this bright, cheery fragrance. There is just a hint of the warm patchouli at the base. It stays very close to my skin, not announcing itself before I arrive as so many do. London justs doesn't last long on me, as is so often the case. I now live in a cold climate and have developed dry skin, and fragrances do not last long on meas they did when we lived down South. I tried applying this over fragrance free vaseline and that lasts about two hours using this technique. I'm giving it 4 stars just because it doesn't last on me.

  • ~SEXXYREDD~02/08/2007


  • MAGIC_JAN02/01/2007

    I have tried it on in the store and my friend bought me a little one for my birthday.I thought I like it,but I had changed my mind after I worn it twice.It's nothing special and fade away quickly.This is my first burberry and should be my last one too.

  • NILLA12/25/2006

    this one totally stinks on me. smells like pee. one of the floral notes disagrees with my chemistry; maybe peony? it smells good on my friend though. guess you can't win 'em all.

  • VICKY12/19/2006

    Yerterday I was walking home and passed by a perfume store..a girl that works there gave me a sample of Burberrys London...Its just how I imagine...dont like it at old lady fragance..and for winter. It reminds me of Fire&Ice by Revlon....and also very similar to Brit...defenetly Burberrys perfumes are never ever in my top ten list...

  • LINA12/15/2006

    This is quite appealing to me... First I thought it was maybe too sweet but my DH liked it a lot (and there are not many fragrances which he likes). It is much better than Brit which I haven't liked (too sweet). It is also more sparkling than original classic Burrbery. Warm but not cloying. Quite nice fragrance for winter.

  • LEO12/06/2006

    I really happen to like this one...smelled it in a magazine and then on a girl--Yum.

  • ALEXY12/03/2006

    Didn’t like it, but that might not be the fault of the perfume. I have a relative that wears something really similar to Burberry London, but she uses way too much of it and it makes me sick. Disappointing though, I usually love Burberry

  • REBECCA11/29/2006

    This perfume makes me feel happy and lifts the spirits. The combination of notes must mix well on skin and to the senses. I love it! It's a bright and beautiful floral, and still elegant. It was the best of the spring 06 debut fragrances to me.

  • IONE11/29/2006

    Smells like Dior Pure Poison, but not as strong. Clean floral scent that lasts.

  • HEATHER11/29/2006

    A friend of mine has recieved it as a birthday present and also Burberry Brit from her boyfriend...I had never smell none of them by then..I dont deslike the scent but for me both smell almost the same...its just me?

  • BETH11/26/2006

    I have not been a fan of most Burberry prfumes, but this one is gorgeous, flowery and always gets compliments.

  • DEB11/25/2006


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