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186 Reviews

Amarige was created by Givenchy in 1991 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of violet, mimosa, soft sweet spices, and orange flowers. Accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.

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Amarige was created by Givenchy in 1991 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of violet, mimosa, soft sweet spices, and orange flowers. Accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.

  • SANDIE12/14/2014

    The best perfume ever

  • MICHELLE09/04/2014

    A light floral fregerance that lasts!

  • JULIE05/18/2012

    Thius was a gift - my motherinlaws fav perfune so she was very happy.

  • SIMBACAT10/27/2011

    Why, oh, why was the perfume discontinued? Very bad decision. I have searched the globe, but can only find EDT and will be happy.

  • REDTWISTER06/14/2011

    This review is for Amarige only. Not Mirage or D'Amore. Those stink to high heaven. However, the plain Amarige in the red box is my favorite scent of all time. It's my signature scent. I always get compliments from both men and women. Maybe it doesn't smell so great when you first spray it, but once it mixes with my chemistry, it's totally awsome.

  • LARA10/07/2010

    This was my high school coming-of-age scent. Over it now, but it still brings back good memories.

  • C.C11/30/2009

    The soapy-green tobacco-tuberose accord Dominique Ropion designed for Amarige is unmissable, unmistakable and unforgettable. However, it is also truly loathsome, perceptible even at parts-per-billion levels and at all times incompatible with others´ enjoyment of food, music, sex and travel. If you are reading this because it is your darling fragrance, please wear it at home exclusively and tape the windows shut.

  • RENU11/28/2009

    I got a sample from a shop and when I tried it.........I was really surprised...SEX in a bottle! I will buy it!!!

  • SAPPHIRE10/01/2009

    This fragrance is down right sexy. Put this on and let the night begin.

  • ELENA01/23/2009

    This one is EXACTLY like Escada.

  • DMARIE09/26/2008

    Are the same person! Look at the postings down at the bottom they are supposedlty "sisters" but they post on ALL the SAME perfumes they tell ridiculous storys and on this particular perfume they both describe the perfume as "blah" This person is really crazy or really lonely that they are doing this.I haven't seen a recent Maya or Lola or Aphriel post in a while,but I'll bet she is back on here under a couple different names because some people embarrassed her and told her about herself.And I also think that some of the reviewers that claim to be Men are really this crazy Maya person! I don't think Men would seriously sit on the internet and comment on womens fagrances.And if you pay attention to Maya's posts she ALWAYS mentions MEN wanting her and complimenting her following her and whatever.She is unrealistic and I guess her world revolves around reviewing fragrance and making up romance novels in the process!

  • KATIE09/25/2008

    My husband wont leave me alone when i wear this. I am ambarrassed by men and there comments also. Good or bad. Its a little emabarrassing but I kind of like it. oops.

  • ME04/07/2008

    This one is wonderful. It lasts and lasts - big plus for me since most frags. don't stay on my skin. It really stays with you and is noticed by others. If it clicks with your chemistry, you are in luck!!

  • ANG02/20/2008

    My mother bought it about 10 yrs ago. she gave it to me because her boyfriend didn't like it. It's 1 of the 2 perfumes that I wear. I get more compliments from men than ever before which made me love it even more!!!

  • IRIS01/18/2008

    I was so excited about getting this perfume, and after a while it started to smell like bug spray...must have been the stress.

  • GREEKGIRL12/18/2007

    I agree with the ladies that mentioned this smells like SSS Sensual (not original SSS) which i love wearing (the spray oil) but unfortunately the frag i dont really like (hubby loves it)the spray oil is very light compared to the frag thats probably why i prefer it.

  • SANDRA12/02/2007

    Both are intoxicatingly yummy, but not over bearing. I fell in love with the perfume 12 years ago and have been wearing it ever since. Funny, I just ran out and came across my forgotten lotion. After the shower is perfect and it even lasts longer. I associate many wonderful memories with this exquisite aroma. I will always be nostalgic and true.

  • DANIELLE11/28/2007

    I bought this perfume over 5 yrs ago, and to this day it still sits on my vanity. I got a wiff of a woman who wore this perfume, and it reminded me of SSS by avon. I loved the smell at the time, so I bought the package, with the lotion and perfume. I can not wear the perfume alone, it causes an instant headache. I wear the lotion by itself, and it has a more softer sent just worn alone. Perfect for right after the shower. Does anyone agree?

  • ANNABELLE11/15/2007

    I wasn't crazy about Amarige when sprayed on a card but I lightly spritzed my wrist and let it dry to give it a fair shake. After several minutes, I wanted to wash it off. The bottle is so pretty but the juice reacts badly with my chemistry. Sigh...

  • KRIS11/02/2007

    I like the scent, although I can certainly see how its strong sweetness can initially burn your eyes and nose. If it's done lightly (spray in air and walk into it), it can come on more subtle, and hence result in its best ability. I've read that some men don't like it; like with all perfumes, each person's chemistry is different. And maybe those men just don't like that type of scent! Personally, when I've worn it, I've gotten all compliments from men, and some have actually swore out loud "D*****mn!! Someone smells fine as h*ll!" lol Then others will say "You smell really good!" Opinions vary based on taste, nose/scent and woman's chemistry. It is what it is. The good thing about Amarige is you get a lot of perfume for the price, all things considered. You don't need a lot of it to last you, so you get your money's worth.

  • ANNABELLE09/08/2007

    Amarige's description sounds nearly identical to Chanel's Allure. Anyone know of similiarities?

  • TINA05/20/2007

    Ive been wearing amarige for over ten years and its always stayed current through the years. I have had people of both sexes ooh and ahh over it and I find it one of the sexiest scents Ive ever encountered. It doesnt age you like some scents and is always modern and doesnt overpower. My favorite scent of all time!

  • JONNA04/28/2007

    This brings back memories of my teens. This was one of my my favorite perfumes then. I always had very sophisticated taste in perfumes, ever since I started wearing them. I have since moved on to trying other scents, but I remember this one very fondly. Only real women need apply. Not for girls or the meek. It is very different and not at all Ubiquitous. I can't stand Ubiquitous perfumes and Amirage is anything but Unbiquitous.

  • ELIZA04/13/2007

    I love this one in the bottle - to me, it smells of lilacs. On my skin, it smells like - - motor oil. Really. I was VERY disappointed. I know other people who wear it very well, and it smells wonderful. I'm crushed.

  • MARTIN03/29/2007


  • LYNNYPOO02/21/2007

    I've been wearing this fragrance for over 10 years. It's a man-magnet scent that I adore. My favorite perfume of all time.

  • MARA02/13/2007

    Does anyone besides me detect a rasberry scent in this fragrance? I pick up the same scent in Insolence. I had purchased Insolence and returned it after it reminded me of Amarige.

  • BAILEY01/29/2007

    mandy, just said it a few days ago. i was walking around my mom's house today and used some of her skin so soft lotion. it was perplexing me, because i could not define the scent. then realized it was just like amarige!

  • MANDY01/25/2007

    Amarige smells exactly like Avon skin-so-soft sensual...My sister gave me the bath products for christmas and I quickly put these scents together...I think anyone who thinks Amarige stinks has probably smelled it on someone with the wrong chemistry for it.Amarige is very lovely.

  • JEN01/20/2007

    Amarige is a beautiful scent, but too many gals OVERDO it. When I wore it, I used one spray only, and it lasted all day.

  • JUDI W*01/18/2007

    I used to wear this about 10 years ago exclusively, and LOVED IT! I smelled it recently from the bottle & on some woman I know, and it smelled alot fruitier & sweet. When I wore it, it seemed more spicy & magical. I don't know if they changed it, or I changed but not digging it as much as I once did. Another one bites the dust...

  • GLENN01/09/2007

    I met a lady today wearing Amarige,an old girlfriend used to wear this and absolutely made & bothered. Couldnt remember the name untill I asked her ,but was undeniably amarige, too bad she was married.

  • SERENITY01/04/2007

    I think Amarige is a very mature and powerful scent. Be light when applying it, and you will get many compliments from people getting closer to have a whiff. I recognize it instantly on other woman, and always think, DAMN... she's got great taste. =) It's a warm and enveloping scent.

  • DA MAN12/27/2006

    Just a note from the males point of view....Amarige is a fresh sent that would drive any man nuts! On a scale of 1-10, it's a 10 hands down. Looking at it from a different angle...The scent of Amarige WILL add to any females sex appeal!

  • HEATHER11/28/2006

    I am constantly being asked what perfume it is so they can go buy it for their selves or mate..

  • SEXY KITTEN10/25/2006

    yuck!! amerige gives me nose-burn, lung closure and makes me feel like I'm in a small room with no ventilation.

  • MARA10/07/2006

    This fragrance is horrible. It is a headache in a bottle.

  • TONI10/07/2006

    I just smelled this new perfume in one of those strips from a magazine, and it's divine! Very sexy, sweet. I detect a note o vanilla, am I right?

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS08/30/2006

    Excellent fragrance!!! No one will be disappointed when they try this. It's new, it's lovely, and makes a sexy statement for sure. I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks. Toodles.

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS08/30/2006

    Hi there! I agree with you - been searching for something similar but haven't been too successful. I did try the new Amarige Mariage and it's heavenly. Much softer but beautiful. I was expecting a lighter version of Amarige. Anyway, you may want to try it and see what you think. I'm lovin it!! Toodles.

  • GREEKGIRL08/29/2006

    I dont mind this fragrance, its not a favourite of mine, but hubby just loves it, he goes absolutely wild when i wear it, must have something in it thats appealing to men, i wear it now and then, but have many other ones i enjoy better.

  • LUSI08/29/2006

    so feminine, classic and sensual: excelent balance between the notes.

  • JOHANNA08/25/2006

    My husband loves Amarige on me, but I find it a little too strong and overpowering, so I need some rec's for a scent that is similar to Amarige but not as strong...

  • TARA08/23/2006

    This is probably better in winter, but I just could not imagine wearing it. It is too intense for me. I thought it might mellow into something really great after some time, but even the dry down is not to my taste. Maybe I will try it again in the winter. But, today it really did not impress me.

  • DAN08/17/2006

    my wife has come home wearing samples of various perfumes from this designer and they're terrible... amerige and hot couture are the worst nose burns, my lungs close up and I actually worry every time we go to a party somewhere that someone will be wearing one of these toxic terms of chemistry I've not met one person this smells even okay smells the same on harsh paint thinner or a what a crystal meth lab might smell like.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC08/09/2006

    Good for you Rob! Glad u went ahead and purchased it. Even more pleased that you are enjoying it! Sorry it took me so long to reply to your message...haven't been on much. Funny, the day i do decide to log on, I too am right now wearing Amarige - the harvest version. Take care Rob!

  • MAYA08/02/2006

    For some reason I've always thought that Amarige would smell nicer on someone with more testosterone then I have ;) I bet it's not piercing or sharp on you at all! and would not give anyone a headache... there are a few fragrances marketed for women that I far prefer on my husband then on myself...

  • ROB07/07/2006

    Hey there, took your advice, bought the perfume,wear it all the time! Compliments non stop! People think it is a mens fragrance, (just as I suspected it was at first). I couldnt be happier. Thank you so much for your open mind, and great advice. Keep the great posts coming!

  • BRANDON07/02/2006

    This is awful stuff that you can smell for hours after a woman wearing leaves the room. Switch to one of Givenchy's good scents.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC06/16/2006

    Hello there. I'm so sorry, i have not been on here due to some busy times here and have just now seen your message for me. In my opinion, I would not classify this fragrance as being in the category of unisex...however, what I do say is that fragrance is as unique as the individual that wears it, and if your brother likes it, then power to him I say! :) I for example used to prefer the men's version of Eternity than the woman's. It was all the rage here for girls at one time.

  • CHERYL 06/15/2006

    I haven't tried this scent, can anyone tell me if it is an amber like scent?? I used to love Red Door by Elizebeth Arden but want something like it but more modern.

  • MOIRA06/11/2006

    I had several 100 ml bottles of amarige perfume used. So far, my husband remembers the old times when he smells me wearing that. i have little left n i wear it very rarely now. i agree with one of those who commented earlier. it triggers headache and one feels its too strong as time goes by. maybe because of the mood and amount of perfume worn. For others who smell it, generally they ask what is it and they find it good. unlike other perfumes, this amarige lasts even upto the next day if you smell the clothes u worn previous day. I havent triedthe harvest edition.. if its really lighter than the original, i will buy one.

  • JANETHLU06/01/2006

    I'm sure there are many of us "perfume addicts" out there. I can definitely relate to not being poor or rich but seriously spending more than you should on perfume. Lately here... mine is getting a little out of control again. I seemed to be ok with "Aquawoman" by Rochas and "Sensi" by Armani. Then I got a "Carolina" body lotion as a gift that just MADE ME go out and get the perfume to wear -of course- in layers. From then on.... "Blonde", "Cristobal", "Lulu Guinness", "Fracas", and a few others. Anyway, I'm not gonna bore you to tears but don't feel bad cuz there are DEFINITELY more of "us" out there. Happy shopping!!!

  • JANETHLU06/01/2006

    At least not the original Amarige. I have not tried the Harvest version so I can't comment on that one. The original however is the definition of femininity! Sweet, romantic, flowery and definitely intoxicating. I remember smelling this fragrance back in the early 90's for the first time and I was hooked! Delicious. Definitely sweet and strong... my kind of scent. Always go light on it.

  • ANGIE05/29/2006

    It's interesting, how different people pick up specific notes in a fragrance. I never detected fruit, because I don't like that smell in a perfume. When I first experienced Amarige, it smelled incredible. I wore it alot, and then stopped. I now feel it is too sweet for me, but not before. It is not "putrid" to me, but maybe just not right for me at this present time in my life.

  • ROB05/27/2006

    Hi there-question for brother wears this stuff, he is 100% straight, and he swears up and down that this is a unisex fragrance. I seem to relate to what you have said on this message board. So I ask you, fellow cologne master, is Amarige Unisex in your opinion? Anybody else, feel free to answer as well!

  • ANGELIQUE05/24/2006

    Amerige for me is awful. It's vile. It reminds me of over-ripened, rotting fruit. It has a sort of overpowering mango-ey smell to it. It's so disgusting to my senses, even thinking of it now makes me want to involuntarily hold my nose. To sum up? Completely unlikeable.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC05/10/2006

    I love the original Amarige....however, when I attempt to wear this, I suffer - bigtime...with a pounding headache. Something in this and I just do not get along. Well, thats changed b/c there's a new version in town! Givenchy has launched a new 2005 Harvest collection -- they have remade three of their key fragrances, one being Amarige. Here is a blurb I found on about it: "The first scent to be remixed was Amarige. Originally created in 1991, the juice has recently been reworked to showcase the mimosa harvested this year in Grasse, France. The original scent's juice comprises top notes of mandarin leaf and orange blossom, followed by mimosa, jasmine, ylang-ylang and gardenia notes. The 2005 version features the "green sensation" of the 2005 mimosa harvest in its top notes along with tender orange blossom notes. Heart notes highlight the mimosa absolute's "rich and generous" quality. The base notes of the juice accentuate mimosa's powdery aspects. Mimosa makes up about 25 percent of the new formula, compared with about 10 percent in the original" . I'm here to report for those of you who are like me and the original is just "much too much" even spraying lightly, this is the way to go. This is a much more tolerable formula with none of that loud smack that the original provides. It is however a limited edition, so be sure to try it out soon, if interested.

  • J. DILLON05/04/2006

    I have also been searching for a new scent for a number of years - now I am not just addicted to perfume but to researching it also. I just wanted to add that there is a site where people trade/swap items that didn't end up working for them. The address is -- it is mainly a review site with added features. You should never feel dirty and ashamed about wanting to smell good - for me it is a necessity as I have a extremely sensitive sense of smell and would rather smell my self than everyone/thing else. Hope that helps.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC04/26/2006

    Well, my name alone says it all doesnt it? :) AnnaMarie, you are NOT alone as you can see by the responses of Maya, Judy, myself, and more to follow I'm sure. Not to mention all the others out there who've not see this post and are all in the same boat. To me, I am not complete without my perfume. It's part of my daily wardrobe - just as underwear is. I would not be comfortable without it. I too am ashamed at the amount of bottles I have purchased and very remorseful of the amount of money I have spent - esp over the last couple of years with my discovery that it's way cheaper on eBay than any store here in Canada! But, I too have MANY A TIME purchased impulsively, only to wind up with bottles that I hardly touch, or ones I tire of quite quickly. I have a few in my collection that i know i will never be without and will continue to replace (though this takes long to even drain those because I am continually adding an influx of new ones that come out), but there are also many I know I will never purchase again. So dear heart, take solace in knowing that you have many fellow sufferers out there. *sniff* :) Signed, embarrassed and remorseful - but smelling DAMN good! Perfume-Aholic

  • DIDI04/23/2006

    Sorry, but to me it has a hint of that rotten water from cut flowers in the vase smell.

  • ANNAMARIA03/26/2006

    I totally agree with Kathy. Sometimes this smells so sweet and lovely, and yet other times - usually after I have worn it every day for a week or so, I start to distinguish a sharp note which can become quite unpleasant. That's why I keep moving on to other scents. They afte a while, I try Amarige again, it smells lovely and sweet and I try it again. Then after a few days, the sharp smell returns. I am so pleased that somebody else has noticed this too.

  • KATHY03/23/2006

    I rated this perfume the first night that I bought the mini of this. I am findidng it rather annoying now!! IT SMELLED GREAT THE FIRST TIME I PUT IT ON, BUT THEN, IT CHANGED INTO , I DON'T KNOW WHAT??. It has a little bit of a harsh edge to it that, to me is not good. I think I gave this one a good rating too fast. Wear it for a few days BEFORE SENDING IN A COMMENT. I WOULD ON RATE IT AT A 2 STAR TODAY.

  • ANNAMARIA03/20/2006

    Thank you so much for your supportive words. I think my main concern is that I have become obsessive about perfume - wanting to find "that" perfume, the one that will define me. I think that is a never ending search for the likes of me, as none will ever be quite right. Perhaps rather than try and find a perfume that defines me, I should just allow ME to define a perfume, if you get what I mean. God bless you Judy, and you too Maya, for your kind words too.

  • KATHY03/20/2006

    I bought a mini of this last night and I just love it. I thought it smelled rather clean and soapy. Reminded me of freshly washed hair and that smell from soap and shampoo, some do not like that type of scent...but for me that is a good thing!

  • JUDI W*03/19/2006

    Something else I wanted to add to my prior post, along with the many purchases of perfumes, I do give to some charities, I am a caregiver to my elderly mom, take care of my son by myself, and there emotionally for my best friend who is very ill. (my health isn't so good either) So there are other things that people do, to balance out there lives. So sometimes you can indulge yourself with some perfume, to lift your OWN spirits...Amen.

  • ANGIE03/18/2006

    I first came across this fragrance, on about four different women, and they ALL smelled beautiful! I asked each one what they were wearing, and they all said, "Amarige". So, I ran out and bought it, because I felt if it smelled that great on four different women, then it was basically good. I wore it for about 5 years, and loved it, and other's did too. I eventually got sick of it, and haven't worn it since, but I smelled it the other day, and either my tastes have changed or it smells a little different. Didn't like it as much, smelled sweeter, but maybe that was just me. We'll see if there will be a repeat performance.

  • JUDI W*03/16/2006

    I too, am a perfumaholic, there..I said it. I am a single mom, and cannot afford all the purchases I make, on the MANY perfumes that I THOUGHT I liked. I used to wear a fragrance for a long time, but now I go from one to the other. Obsessing over a specific fragrance that I want, and then when I get it, I tire of it quickly. For example, I just purchased Hypnotic Poison again, for the third time.( ain't cheap!) Loved it the first time, second time was losing interest, and third time, forgot I didn't like it as much. When I got home I said, "what the heck is wrong with me?"(doesn't excite me anymore, I did the same thing with Black Cashmere, so I sent it to my best friend) The only consistent purchase I've made & still like, is Fendi & Kenzo Jungle Elephant. (luv it, not tired of it yet) You do start feeling guilty because of the wasteful spending, but there are worse addictions!

  • TARA03/16/2006

    well as my mother and I agree that its pure insanity to argue about perfumes when people go to this sight to look at the ratings of perfumes and reviews its very stupid how you people waste your time arguing. on to the perfume its ok but a wee bit strong if you try this perfume I recomend you don't use too much.

  • MAYA03/07/2006

    Your post here has truly touched me quite deeply.... to quote you: "....However, I am writing this because I recognise I have got a serious addiction and it has to stop. I am going to try faithfully to stick with this perfume for the next 3 months. If anybody can identify with me at all, I would be grateful to hear from them. I feel so dirty and ashamed of myself right now, I truly do. We are not a poor family, but neither ore we rich, and I feel I have wasted money that could be put to better uses within the family, or if I'd given the equivalent money spent to a charity." Well if it makes you feel any better at all, but I doubt it will I have something like over 80+ full bottles of new perfume that I've acquired over the last two years or so... So please no guilty feelings about what you like and enjoy... I think that if you find a passion with something like I have with perfume, and I think you too, then allow yourself to feel good about your joy and your new discovered love. I might be the wrong person to be giving advise here but one thing I know for sure is that you must not feel bad about something you do for yourself... in case you want to write more here's my e-mail address... feel free to write as I'd love to stay in touch... [email protected] Hugs, Maya

  • ANNAMARIA03/03/2006

    Okay. I need to talk. Over the last few years I have been searching for a signature scent, and the whole thing has become more and more out of hand as time has gone buy. I have spent so much money on perfume that I am totally ashamed, and yet somehow I seem to get compelled to just have "one more try" again and again. It has to stop. In the last 6 months alone, I have purchased Ararpge (made me feel sick), Annick Goutal 2 perfumes (too strong and heavy), CKs latest (very nice, but fades quickly), Coco Mademoiselle (dreadful), L'Instant - had some kind of meatal smell to it that made me feel very ill, aChamps Elysees and maybe one or two others. In all this, the only one I ever kept going backl to for refuge was Amarige. I like Amarige very much and if it hadn't been out there all these years, I would probably be very excited by it, but somehow it seems too old to be special and too new to be vintage. However, I am writing this because I recognise I have got a serious addiction and it has to stop. I am going to try faithfully to stick with this perfume for the next 3 months. If anybody can identify with me at all, I would be grateful to hear from them. I feel so dirty and ashamed of myself right now, I truly do. We are not a poor family, but neither ore we rich, and I feel I have wasted money that could be put to better uses within the family, or if I'd given the equivalent money spent to a charity.

  • MAYA02/15/2006

    Glad to hear back from you... I like your outspoken nature and have mighty respect for it... Perhaps the Maya you were reading comments from is the Maya whom I no longer see on this Bulletins either... But, if I'm mistaken please point me in the direction of the comments you are referring to... As you can see it truly bothers me to think that I have been that ignorant! I started posting about 5-6 months ago, so if the posts you are referring to are older then that I am not the Maya you are talking about... either way I hope you can accept my apology if I've offended you and I do agree that the 'manager who stated that comment had not need to be rude..." I thought this was some kid whom you asked what he thought... oh and I'm 30... so if that qualifies me as young then I guess I am ;) and thank you... even though perhaps you did not quite mean it that way ;) Love and light to you :)

  • JULIE02/09/2006

    First of all, I've read quite a few of your posts on different perfumes, you usually are critical, but that being said, (you must be young) I don't care what anyone says about my choices in fragrances or anything else for that matter.(except for my son) No, I'm not permanently damaged (lol) from the experience with that rude store manager.( I was just relating a story to you.) He blatantly commented out loud to his customers, his disdain for my fragrance. (you just don't do that, when someone is buying stuff from your store) I was just making a point that, some people are very rude & feel they have the right to comment & criticize when it is not necessary. Of course, he had the right to not like it, but who asked him for his opinion? Rude, baby. There's a difference in personal choices & and then there's people who like to put others down for their choices...not ok. I stopped wearing it, not because of that experience or his opinion, I stopped wearing it because it was time to move on. (wore it for many years, just got tired of it) So your assumptions were not correct. Let's move on, ...take care....

  • MAYA02/08/2006

    Hi Julie, if you're going to quote me then at least quote me correctly. NO, I do not like this fragrance that much you got right! Props to you for that one! However, if you will reread my comments I doubt you'll find me ever saying that there is something wrong with those who do like it or those who disagree with my opinion. See my opinion is just that - just an opinion. Honey, it was Rose who said something to that extent... so let me quote her for you... "this is the best perfume for any women.... if you try it and dont love this scent , then it is something wrong with our nose and you need to get to the dr. soon..." So you see it wasn't me :) I bet this is where you picked it up too! But the question I have for you is this: You claim not to care what others think and you say: "Who freakin cares? If you like something good, if you don't, you don't." and then only a few lines bellow you call the kid who does not like your perfume a "Bozo who worked in this health food store," HMMMM he only told you what he thought of it so why get so upset over it if you really don't care anyway! Besides, the fact that you still remember that day 9 years later says something about how much you really DID in fact care about it!!!! So he "told (you) it stunk, and (you) said to him, "who cares what you think?" I like it!" But, 9 years later dear Julie you still pine over it and to add assault to injury you stopped wearing Amarige yourself... so perhaps you do care but that's really OK!

  • JULIE02/06/2006

    I don't see why some people (Maya, in most of her posts) who don't personally like the fragrance, has to make comments that if others like it, there must be something wrong with them or their judgment. Who freakin cares? If you like something good, if you don't, you don't. I personally used to wear this fragrance all of the time about 9 years ago, and too heavy handed at that, but I still got ALOT of compliments. Just one Bozo who worked in this health food store, told me it stunk, and l said to him, "who cares what you think?" I like it!

  • MAYA01/12/2006

    You go girl!!! I really appreciate your comment... Unfortunately, Amarige drives me crazy too with most terribly inducing headaches ever.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC01/11/2006

    Rose, I would like to point out to you that while what one individual may find a particular fragrance to be enticing, all are not required to follow suit. Further, because someone does not agree with your choices does NOT mean they need to seek medical attention to 'get their nose checked!' Please respect the fact that we are all made differently and each has our own tastes. These boards are for individual expressions and opinions re fragrances and it would be nice if you would limit your postings to your feelings about a particular scent, rather than stating that others who disagree with your choices need help. I myself do like Amarige, but am unable to wear it as it causes me headaches. What works for one, does not work for all.

  • ROSE12/23/2005

    this is the best perfume for any women.... if you try it and dont love this scent , then it is something wrong with our nose and you need to get to the dr. soon...

  • MAYA11/17/2005

    I would not have a clue what this smells like on someone who has not taken a shower or a bath and just layered it over a difference scent... but I'll take your word for it. No, that is not the reason I do not like this scent... and granted that Amarige is a very complex scent and all... I truly fail to see anything special about it. So maybe it smells magical on you; that is a wonderful thing; plus you say that your husband bought it for you... so maybe there is a little bit of that approval thing we seek... and maybe its just all the good memories this scent is attached to. I'm sure Amarige must have played a special role in relationships for many women... but for me there is just nothing there when it comes to Amarige... well except a throbbing sinus-ache!

  • SISTAH11/12/2005

    Perhaps, those individuals who may have worn the fragrance and it didin't smell so hot on them might want to consider a ten minute shower/bath, because it simply smells incredible on me, plus my husband bought it. Believe me you can not wear it if you have residue of a former fragrance on you, it don't mix/blend well. It is still good.

  • SYDER11/07/2005

    I like it smells just ateen however its a bit of an older smell so i wear it out to dressy places...i get many complements on it which i like.

  • MAYA11/01/2005

    Way to go with that comment!!! Really, I am still trying to figure out this one myself. I know that this fragrance is a classic, and that many and I mean MANY woman LOVE IT! But what is the deal here? I seriously cannot see anything entirely that special about it... and lets not even talk about Amarige D'Amour - that was seriously lethal...

  • SHERIDAN10/26/2005

    I bought a bottle of this, and I received several compliments; however it's not I fragrance that I looked forward to putting on everyday. It smelled decent, but it became boring so quickly. I finished the bottle but probably will not purchase again.

  • RAY10/16/2005

    why would anyone choose this as a signature scent? when i see women who seem so put together and i smell this scent on them, it makes my heart bleed . it's like the woman wants to be noticed and thinks she's wearing something exotic, but it ruins everything about her. take a deep breath, look in the mirror and ask yourself "is this really me?"

  • MAHOGANI09/30/2005

    Ok Im a parfume aholic I love beautiful scents, im also very picky I only have a liking for expensive parfumes, I've wasted alot of $$$ also, Now I rarely buy toilette sprays i like parfume because it lasts longer, but this Givenchy toillette spray is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!! Unique oriental-fragrance, very feminine, very casual and perfect for the everyday women. Im gonna buy a bottle now. Go Givenchy please keep this around .

  • *MAYA*09/20/2005

    Yes AMARIGE has become a new classic. But to be honest I am not really all that crazy about it. It's not terrible or anything, but it does have the tendency to give me a headache whenever I smell it on someone. Also the scent itself is not my favorite. I just find it way too much.

  • PAULO08/27/2005

    And here's a man to confirm what Ennki and others have already said: it DOES drive men (at least me and many of my male friends) crazy, like no other scent does. I think Amarige is really the best scent for women available in the market. Not suitable for hot summer days though.

  • SANDRA06/13/2005

    All I can say is that all the Givenchy line is very similar to the Giorgio Beverly Hills, well, what I mean is that both brands are very strong and deffinetly not for everybody or whatever ocassion !

  • ENNKI06/11/2005

    This perfume is like it's made for me, it suits my skin's chemistry perfectly! In winter I wear this both day and evening, but now I only wear it when I'm going out. And men love it! It's weird, but they actually go crazy. Still, that's not the reason why I love it, that's just a bonus. The great thing about this is the mix of spices. To me, it's just perfect. It' sort of heavy, but not too much. I'm young, only 19, but this scent still suits me. Might be because I'm dark.

  • JB05/31/2005

    Amarige is a truly unique, beautiful scent. It reminds me of a warm, bright, blue skies, sunny summer to fall day. Amarige never fails to uplift my spirits & put me in a good mood whenever I wear it, for me it is a very "happy" scent. Amarige can be overpowering if applied heavily, I recommend the parfum, just a tiny amount needs to be applied to the wrists & chest or neck, it is not as overpowering as the eau de toilette can be, yet the parfum will last way longer. The body cream is very nice too, it is very highly scented, I have found that it can be used alone & the light beautiful fragrance will last all day on me.

  • AIMEE05/25/2005

    I thoroughly enjoy this one and so do the people around me, especially men. My husband is crazy about it. This is attraction in a bottle! It is lush and warm and fresh all at the same time. It is quite heady so a light hand is better. Considerable staying power so it lasts all day, but not in a pervasive way.

  • VAUNDA05/19/2005

    This fragrance is awesome. As a hobby I have started collecting expensive fragrances and this one just sored to the top of my favorite list. I am impressed with the Givenchy fragrances and the magic the comes from them. This fragrance smells very expensive and I love it when I can still get a whiff of it 8 hours later. Best husband and all of my sons love it, too!! Now that is a huge BONUS. I hope they never stop making this fragrance. The shower gel is fabulous as is the body lotion. It is the complete package and I love how I feel sexy when I am wearing it.

  • CICI05/07/2005

    My friend wears this and I instantly get a headache. It's way too strong for my tastes. It lingers too long also. I think it is for a more older woman, she is only 23 and I think it is too elderly on her!

  • SYLVIE03/22/2005

    Nothing smell like Amarige!!! Very unique and that's a PLUS!!!!! It's an extreme, bold and exotic fragrance, as all Givenchy fragrances are. Never mainstream!! Givenchy fragrances have edges and character and so women worldwide will always have a love or hate relationship with Givenchy scents. Nice to see that the most comments here are positive. (4-5 stars). I'm not sure if I like Amarige or not but I admire its extreme special, green-floral and complex "symphony". I wear it only when I'm in the right mood. It's an exclusive and elegant "Diva-fragrance" - IMO no perfume for very young girls. Without a doubt: Amarige smells expensive!!!

  • JACK03/01/2005

    She sprayed it on a rose and gave it to me on Valintine's Day. It reminded me of her when we were apart. I saw her once a week. It lasted for months before she refressed it again. Just the smell as I walked into the room where the rose was, got me excited and hot.

  • JENNY02/07/2005

    i have worn amarige since i was 20...everyone always knew when i got to work because of it. it has never over powered, just welcomed. it makes me feel at peace. it is the scent with which i am identifired.

  • CINDY12/17/2004

    I have stopped wearing anything else but Amarige because almost once a day some guy asks me what I'm wearing - so he can buy it for his wife or girlfriend. Even my grandson (age 5) loves it.

  • ROBIN12/14/2004

    I wear Amarige all winter. I don't wear it in the summer because it is very complex. It is my favorite and I have worn it for years! Men like it too.

  • DOLLY11/29/2004

    My ex-boyfriend, told me to buy it, I did... & now I guess that's why I change... hem! Poor ex-boyfriend!!

  • REBECCA11/25/2004

    I've loved this perfume for so long. I hadn't worn it in years and recently went back to my almost unused bottle. Not that I didn't love it, I just had too many perfumes! A woman at the department store talked about how much she adored it and I tried mine out again. It is strong if you apply too much, but completely divine and intoxicating. It's just a great classic and I can wear it anywhere. Always get compliments and it seems to be one men always go to buy for someone special to them. For an EDT it lasts forever, so don't use too much. Other people might not enjoy it as much as you:) In the winter it's great and on a windy day, you might get more compliments.

  • ALINA11/21/2004

    Amarige means marriage. It is a lovely perfume and I always get compliments on it.

  • MELISSA10/28/2004

    If heaven has a similar scent of Amarige then on the clouds is ehre I'll be...Love it

  • SARAH10/17/2004

    Amarige is a beautiful, classy, sophisticated, and sexy scent. It lasts a long time and everyone always asks what I'm wearing. I highly recommend!

  • SOPHIA10/12/2004

    I love this cologne its sensational and intoxicating, you just have to be the center of attention when you are wearing it

  • KAREN09/15/2004

    Promising fruity and spicey top notes but after an hour it changed like strong soap and gave me a headache and fast heart! Maybe I'm allergic to an ingredient. It died down to a nice chocolately scent -it's saving grace for me but I can't wear it again

  • SARAH09/13/2004

    I love this scent. I wear it in the evening when I go out--or in winter sometimes. It is a bit of a strong scent. It is one of my favourites. I've been wearing it for a few years now (I'm in my late twenties) and I still think it is chic.

  • SOFIA08/15/2004

    Amarige is the nr. 1 in my husbands opinion, and I have lots and lots of perfumes! It drived him mad, he thinks it's the sexiest scent ever... and I agree :-) It's very rich and intoxicating so less is more, once spritz (or 2 dabs) and you're HOT :)

  • CHRISTINA07/29/2004

    Take the french word for marriage, "mariage", play with the letters and voila! Amarige is born. Demanding the right time, place and not least the right woman it´s a loud but intruiging scent. Not for the introverts! This is flamenco, not square dance. Treat it accordingly. And be subtle, please!

  • LYNNEMARIE06/22/2004

    This is the scent that I wear most of the time, ant is has become my enterance! Everyone knows when I am in the room when the slight permeation is AMERIGE DE GIVENCHY. I have worn this scent since it first came out and I will never give it up unless they stop making it. I hope they never do.

  • PAM06/10/2004

    Some of these posts make me laugh. People are obviously passionate about their perfume likes and dislikes. I personally love Amarige. First discovered it in the early '90's when a colleague wore it. And I still love the way it smells. A nice balance of sweet and spicy. I do get compliments on the fragrance, as well, which is nice. Even though this fragrance is sold mostly in the EDT strength, the scent lasts a long time.

  • TONIC05/24/2004

    This perfume smells like a rotten garden. I hate it. I get a headache if I look at the bottle. P.U.

  • ALICIA05/23/2004

    Wow, this stuff works like magic with my body chemistry. Everywhere I go, men ask what I'm wearing...really.

  • MIRIAM04/15/2004

    I've used Amarige for years. Probably 11 now. I love it and often get compliments from my fellow faculty members and students. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in the nose of the sniffer. My nose gives Amarige two thumbs up.

  • JD04/14/2004

    I hate this fragrance for some reason. I used to work at a bank and the teller next to me used to bathe in this. Every time I would smell it I would get a headache and then get furious. If I ever smell someone wearing this again it will be too soon.

  • SOPHIE04/14/2004

    Amarige is very strong for day-time. I can imagine dark brunettes with scarlet lips using this, some kind of a vamp style perfume. I was given a bottle of Amarige once, but it doesn't match my personality. It is very spicy and imposing. In general it is bearable, but not light, and more suitable for older ladies (not the motherly type). My room-mate used to wear it, but she switched to Champs Elysees when it came out, (it is a soft and delicate floral fragrance, more contemporary and youthful). Maybe it can work for you better if you are planning to buy Amarige, try Champs Elysees by Guerlaine. It is way better!

  • ANA C.04/09/2004

    I love this stuff. On me it smells really nice and has a wonderful dry down. Not all fragrances work on me, but this one definitely does. A nice balance of sweet and spicy.

  • DANA M04/07/2004

    I was not at all pleased with the scent, smells like cedar shavings

  • HERMIONE03/27/2004

    It smells so great. I always feel super sexy when I wear it. It drives men absolutely crazy! Oh baby, it's dangerous!!!

  • VANESSA03/12/2004

    My cousin wears this fragrance and it smells divine on her. I have tried it a few times and it smells like urine on me! Beware! Try before you buy

  • LARISSA03/01/2004

    I absolutely agree with Lashone. All the men like this perfume. I have more then 5 years "try"

  • LISA02/21/2004

    I agree with Ytan, amarige smells like bug repellant.

  • LASHONE02/20/2004

    I went to a birthday party and the guest was mostly men. I could hardly get in the door before I was swarmed, even my relatives. They all wanted to know what I was wearing. Therefore, women, if you want compliments from your man, try Amarige.

  • LEAHA02/11/2004

    It's a really strong scent, but a nice one. Very feminine smell. Haha i spray it in my air-con when the room smells coz it's so strong

  • MICHELLE01/31/2004

    I've been wearing Amarige for ten years. It seems tailor-made for me, very autumn-like ... I'm also a hippie, use unscented soap, don't wear much makeup, and love fall. It's as if I'm the opposite of CK-One, and so is Amarige.

  • PRINCESS01/19/2004

    Simply, the one.

  • JENNIFER01/15/2004

    This isn't a bad scent - it's just that it's so overpowering it gives me a headache and starts to turn my stomach.

  • EVANSLB01/03/2004

    Amarige is such a passionate, beautifully blended fragrance. Once it softens (please use sparingly), it is a powdery,comforting scent. It is also extremely sexy and feminine...perfect for the boardroom AND the bedroom! It creates a very distinct, clear, confident aura. Perfect for the woman who is elegant, with a commanding presence.

  • CARLA12/30/2003

    Not head over heals on this one cause it smells utterly disgusting on me though people have said they like it, interesting enough last week the girl at the bank was wearing this nice fragrane i asked her what it was and she said Amirage needless to say i was most surprised, guess its all about the body chemistry

  • LINDA12/18/2003

    I have never wore a perfume where I received as many compliments as with Armaige! It is the only perfume I will wear

  • YTAN12/11/2003

    If you like it, it's fine with me, but don't use too much PLEASE...I didn't like this one at all. If I could give no star, I'd do it.

  • HEATH12/04/2003

    I have bought this for my wife for the past three or four years. I love the fragrance, as does she.

  • ELAINE12/02/2003

    Absolutely wonderful! I fell in love with Amarige at first whiff; very feminine. Lovely, romantic scent!

  • CELINE12/01/2003

    It smells delicious and original, wouldnt be unpleasant to wear. but cloying and heavy as well. I also dont think this is chic.

  • CHRISSY11/22/2003

    This scent is a warm and feminine fragrance. I don't find it too heavy at all. Granted you don't want to overdo it. But this is a very wearable classic scent in my opinion. I have been searching for a signature scent..and I do mean searching...I have sniffed practically everthing on the market and thensome..but I think Amarige is it. Surprisingly lovely. Try it. I dont care for Amarige D'Amour. Amarige is great the way it is.

  • STAR11/10/2003

    it smells like dolce gabbana red box' so girls if you do not like this one try Dolce and GABBANA red box. p.s. i did ask the sale girl about this she said yes we here alot about that.Thought you might want to know that. good luck.

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    Stinks,gives me a headache theres a woman that wears this that I work with I dont know if she puts too much on or what but its horrible!!! I could throw up instantly when I smell her. Its one of those scents where you know where she has been lingers forever. Nope not for me way to strong and spicy I think.

  • TONYA10/25/2003


  • ERICA10/24/2003

    From the bottle I thought this smelled nice--sweet fruity warm. However it doesn't do much for me when I put it on. The scent just sits there on my skin instead of adjusting with my chemistry. It's not bad but just there. Too bad, not for me.

  • GINNIE10/22/2003

    I love all perfumes, but this is going to be my new signature perfume. Very feminine. A little goes a long way though.

  • COMMENT10/21/2003

    I've read your comments and couldn't agree with you more. I would like to know too how it is that so many women talk about getting compliments on their scents. Anyways, I have a friend and one of her favorite scents is this one. It's a nice scent but strong, and she's pretty heavy handed with it. She was wearing it when we went out one time, and a man near her commented that she smelled nice. I don't know if it was really the perfume or if he was trying to flirt with her as she's a beautiful girl. Maybe this one gets more comments since it's a strong scent and therefore more noticeable. Personally I like my scents to whisper not shout and maybe those women who get compliments are more liberal with their scents (assuming it suits their body chemistry).

  • JESSICA10/20/2003

    amarige is a classic that i've only recently discovered! when it came out in the early 90's it was too sophisticated for me but now i love it-who knows what amarige means?

  • KYSAI10/18/2003

    I have re-discovered this fragrance after 3 years of just sitting on one of my shelves, not that I didn't like it, but once I buy a ferfume, I wear it for a while, and then tend to forget about it, since there are so many others on my shelves; I'm glad I found it all over again, it smells exacly like my garden, where I meditate, since the fragrange that eminates from it is so soothing and relaxing. You can't help but to feel harmonious when you wear it.

  • DEBBIE10/01/2003

    Thank goodness there is someone else out there with the same problem. I have given up on buying perfumes and have given up on wondering whether or not my scent of choice for the day smells good to other people. I don't want to hurt anyone's nose so I figure if its really bad they will say something. And i have definitely given up on finding the "signature scent". I am excited though that the weather is turning colder and the winter and fall scents come out. I love this time of year!!! I am wearing the perfumes that I like. No one says anything anyway so I will enjoy my entire collection.

  • LOUISE09/25/2003

    Debbie: I'm not a big Amarige fan, but I do understand your plight. I am a perfume-aholic but no one ever comments on my perfume either. I'm always asking my husband and my mom "Do you like this smell?" I'm insanely jealous of all the women on this site who say this or that scent gets compliments from men!! Who are these men? I didn't know men cared so much about perfume!! Maybe we haven't found the right perfumes that are satisfying to us AND those around us!

  • TINA09/22/2003

    Amarige was given to me by surprise! I felt in love with it the second I took a whif of it. I get a lot of compliment from wearing it and it has agreed with my nose every time I put it on. Lovely scent!!!

  • KAREN09/16/2003

    This is a wonderful scent. For those who do not like this obviously do not know anything about perfumes (must be used to their sweat). One of the best out there!!!

  • MELISSATUDE09/10/2003

    I'm extremely picky about what I wear..but I've worn Amarige for well over 10 years. I love this fragrance. At first it is a tad strong, but settles quickly, and lasts throughout the day. Obviously, each fragrance smells different on various people. This happens to be my favorite.

  • MAGICA07/29/2003

    Very nice and happy scent.

  • DORA06/18/2003

    I don`t know why, but men seem to LOVE it!!!!

  • JOY05/30/2003

    This scent has staying power, but Givenchy's Ysatis beats it hands down for a beautiful my very humble opinion

  • DEBBIE05/30/2003

    I never really warmed up to this perfume. However, I decided to give it a whirl and my husband says "hmmm, you smell pretty." Then I decided to try it one night when we went out and he said the same thing 2x! What is it about this perfume? And I am also confused because this perfume scents the air around you, so it must be the perfume he likes, not the perfume coming off my warm skin(chemistry). And another thing is that I agree that the perfume really does not have much to say. I am a problem child because no matter what perfume I wear, no one ever really compliments me. I have to ask people if they like my new perfume and it's only then they say, oh, yeah that's nice. So with this perfume, I could really be mislead as to whether it smells good on me or no. I have purchased so many perfumes and I always get no reaction, I am soo confused.

  • I LIKE IT05/27/2003

    I like it also, My girlfriend wears this and it seems great..

  • LADYPHYL05/14/2003

    Loving it.

  • ANITA04/23/2003

    Smells very good. Nice and pleasant.

  • NICO04/17/2003

    It's a nice perfume, but a bit overpowering sometimes. Nevertheless the only new entry I've appreciated in the last twelve years

  • ARWEN04/15/2003

    Has anybody tried the new Amarige d´amour???

  • AMARIGE GIRL04/13/2003

    i love amarige. it's a kind of scent that you apriciate if you are expirienced in that area. and guys LOVE it.

  • DIANE04/11/2003

    This is a beautiful, soft, sexy fragrance. I feel so incredible when I wear it. I am not one to OVERUSE OR BATHE in fragrance, I only use a small amt so that my hubby can only smell it when he gets close - I don't care to be sexy to anyone else. :)

  • NATHALIE03/31/2003

    sickening, strong, overpowering, extra sweet, cheap smell on me.USE SPARINGLY I couldn't stand it on me let alone having a co-worker who uses this.

  • MEGAN03/29/2003

    I have worn it now for a couple of years and is the only perfume that I wear. I have gotten many many compliments from both men and women but more from men. A truly sexy scent.

  • AMBER03/26/2003

    Strong?? Yes to be honest it is...only one spray recommended. This perfume was suggested to me when I met my husband, because his ex used to wear it and he liked it. I tried it and although at first I thought it was too strong, there is something undeniably rich, sensual and womanly about it. Yes and the myth is true: its a man magnet!

  • BRITTNEE03/17/2003

    When I first smelled this fragrance I loved it, bought a huge bottle. After a few weeks of use it started to give me headaches. Not very common for this to happen to me. Now everything that smells like this I can't stand. However, if you like it then go ahead and wear it.

  • BETHANY01/15/2003

    I appreciate your sharing your favorite feel good scents with me. I've tried Anna Sui and Extravagance-both bit the dust on me ;). It's my own fault-or rather my body chemistry, which seems to "gobble" up perfectly nice perfume :) Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer me. I have not tried Adrienne Vittadini perfumes yet Debbie, sounds worth trying-the quest continues....but it's so much fun ;)

  • DEBBIE01/10/2003

    I have heard the same things about this perfume but yet fail to get any sensual feeling myself when I smell it. BUT, I read a man's perpective on Poison and he said he thought that perfume was incredibly sexy. Perfume is very individual. Like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sensorial beauty must be in the nostril of the smeller. I guess? Amarige is not a bad scent but it just doesn't give me that !humph! I get from other perfumes. My feel good perfume is either Adrienne Vittadini or Extravagance by Givenchy. Citrusy, but well made!!!

  • SIDNEY01/08/2003

    Hi Bethany, Anna Sui by Anna Sui (in the black and pink bottle) makes me smile when ever I put it on, it's so girly and powdery.

  • PARFUMOLIQUE01/05/2003

    This has to be one of the worst fragrances I have ever smelled. Awful, can't stand it.

  • KATHY G.01/05/2003

    I got a sample of this one when I bought some Angel last week, and I tried it about a half hour ago. As soon as I smelled it on my wrist, my first response was a desire to chuck the rest of the vial. But I decided to wait for more dry down and see what happens. The fragrance has now gone from truly horrible to just awful. Strong and unpleasant on me. Nothing I would *ever* willingly wear. I hope it washes off, because it's giving me a headache. Now I *am* going to toss the rest of that sample. :(

  • BETHANY01/04/2003

    I have heard that this one is supposed to be a real "man magnet". Unfortunately I can't find anything sensual about this smell. With my body chemistry, I end up smelling like a giant Life Saver ;)Something about it does make me smile though. Does anyone know of any really good feel good perfumes that are just Fun? It can be trendy or classic, I don't care. Just so long as I don't end up smelling like candy. Thanks. Happy New Year :)

  • SARAH12/29/2002

    I love this fragrance. Have any of you gotten fragrances from the website. I just wondered if they were fresh, not old and rotten!!

  • SALLY12/29/2002

    Men love this!

  • DEB112/20/2002


  • LUCIA12/09/2002

    Too sweet, too strong. Instant headache!

  • BETH12/03/2002

    This scent is absolutely the longest lasting fragrance I have ever worn. If you put this on in the morning, you can still smell it the next morning before your shower. It is heady and gorgeous, and never fails to draw compliments.

  • UPTOWN GIRL12/02/2002

    Hi ladies, just checking the posts, saw u here and have to totally agree with you on this one..see we can see eye to eye on some Way too strong ..smells old ladyish. My friend wore it to death. Thank goodness she ran out of was making me sick.

  • APHRAEL12/02/2002

    I tried Amarige several times,and eventually I had to accept the fact that,although I don't find it bad,or offensive,this scent just doesn't do anything for me. I can definitely smell it,it doesn't make me gag like others have,in the past,it just sits there on my skin with absolutely nothing to say! And yet,each time I've tried it,just as I'm telling myself what a boring,flat fragrance this is, my husband comes closer,says: "hmmm,very nice..." Well,tough, Darling:I just can't wear something that doesn't speak to me.Chemistry is sooo weird...

  • FRANCIE11/29/2002

    I love this fragrance it has long wear time and I always have men stop and ask me what I am wearing.

  • MAYA11/27/2002

    Love Ysatis,love Indecence,but I just can't bond with this one...I don't find it offensive or anything, but it just doesn't speak to me.Blah.

  • GTHANG11/26/2002

    Amirage is a good everyday scent for me. To me it smells very fresh and clean. It is strong, so be careful. It lasts all day long, too. It's the one I always grab on the run, always a winner!!

  • JENN11/18/2002

    This is one of the FEW perfumes I have bought again and again. I don't get tired of it, but do agree that A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY.

  • JASMINE11/16/2002

    Gives me a headache. The top notes are beautiful, then that heavy note sets in. Is it some kind of wood or oakmoss? I like Extravagance d'Amarige.

  • NATALIE11/08/2002

    While courting my husband bought me a bottle of amarige. Not knowing that I am addicted to perfumes, he got my nod of approval. This is just about my favorite scent and definitely a must have.

  • JO ANNE10/31/2002

    I bought this one upon the advice of a classy looking, intelligent saleslady. She didn't steer me wrong. It's a classic. Clean, understated, yet elegant. My friend tells me it's just right for apple and cinnamon undertone (which I don't smell). My second grade students always comments on this scent (and aren't kids honest?!).

  • CHRISSY09/20/2002

    An old roommate of mine used to wear this...when she moved out I realized how much I LOVED it myself! Now, I wear it all the time!

  • MELH09/15/2002

    It has been my signature perfume for about 4 years, some years ago when I was in the University. I loved it and lots of people asked me about it! Then I stopped wearing it because I broke with my boyfriend and it made me feel sad. I had an impression that recently it has got worse than before.

  • JANE09/15/2002

    I have a lot of perfumes, but this is THE one I never tire of: love it!

  • CHICK09/15/2002

    Men keep sniffing....and

  • YASMIN09/13/2002

    It's a very interesting scent. It took me a few times to really be able to appreciate it. It's one of those perfumes where you just keep smelling the place where you applied it. Definitely one of my favorites.

  • OLIVIA08/26/2002

    I bought a 3.4oz tester bottle with a plain box at a wholesale perfume store so the price was much lower. I thought this scent would be very mature among my collection, but it turned to be really good. The top note is sharp, I think an inexperienced perfume buyer would be turned off by the sharpness and think this scent is so strong. However, after 10 minutes on my skin it tones down to the heart note which is very sensuous and rich. I used for winter first but later used it in the summer as well. It didn't seem to be too heavy for hot days. This is one of my favorite, I really enjoy it!

  • VERA M.08/07/2002

    Amarige was my first perfume and given to me as a gift by a guy who got it from Paris, France. I LOVE IT!

  • AMARIGEBYDONNA07/16/2002

    I have worn Amarige for 10 years now and will never tire of it. I am always told that I smell great from men and women as well - always asking what perfume I have on.

  • TRACY06/21/2002

    My little sister was the person who turned my onto the fragrence. When I first smelled it on her I told her she smelled like an old granny. I sprayed some on my own arm and went to my own house and later on that night I couldn't stop smelling my arm because it was so good and addictive. I suggest spraying some and letting it set in and mix with your own natural juices before making the decision to dislike it!!!!

  • LOLA06/20/2002

    i've never been able to like this me it is one of these "blah" nothing to rave about fragrances.

  • MARY06/11/2002

    Amarige is one of those fragrances that I just cannot stand..I think it's too overpowering and way too strong...this is only my opinion anyway... I tried it a few times and I just can't get along with it.

  • DANIELLA06/08/2002

    Smells differently on different people...smelled spicy/woody on my sister-in-law, but cloying and too sweet when I tried it on myself.

  • LAUREN04/18/2002

    Any fragrance that is detectable from 25 meters and that has been used by every twenty-two year old fancying sophistication is nothing to crow about. Old spice for ladies.

  • JEANNINE04/01/2002

    Love it!

  • IRINA03/23/2002

    I'm using Amarige EDT for 8 years now. Tried to swich to something new... couldn't. Amarige is addictive. Lots and lots of compliments from both men and women.

  • ASCHATAN03/08/2002

    I don't really like it, it is so powdery and sickening sweet. And I found, too, that people tend to bathe in it. This perfume is far too strong for that, a little goes a very long way.

  • LIZ02/26/2002

    This is so lovely with hints of spice and fruit..I love it!

  • NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR02/21/2002

    That makes the people who wear it unaware of how strong it is? I think it would probably smell nice if my cube neighbor didn't wear about a gallon of it everyday!

  • NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR02/21/2002

    That makes the people who wear it unaware of how strong it is? I think it would probably smell nice if my cube neighbor didn't wear about a gallon of it everyday!

  • JENNIE01/24/2002

    i am 19 years old and have been wearing amerige for more than a year. It is one of the best smelling perfume of all time. It transcends all ages. I would recommend it to any one of any age.

  • JANAE01/24/2002

    I have used Amarige (not every day) for over 7 years now and I never tire of it. I can always pick out a woman who is wearing it. It's a classic!!

  • SALI01/23/2002

    Amariage to me is a fruity (mandarin, red fruits) white floral (gardenia, ylang-ylang) with a sweet woody drydown. It's quite sweet.

  • SATOKO01/21/2002

    It's not my man's favorite even though he loves fruity florals but I like it. It's very sweet and has a woody drydown, but not as weird-woody as Extravagance.

  • EDNA C. RAY01/15/2002

    This is a lovely fragrance and certainly, one to be layered using the body cream. Many compliments received by both male amd female. The pricing is exceptionally nice on this site.. be sure to use discounts also!! ECR

  • JOANNE M BRANTLEY01/04/2002

    Amarige is the bomb, isn't it especially nice to be complimented by both men & women. Wouldn't wear anything else!!

  • H.12/26/2001

    Just okay at first, but dry down is very soft, very pretty.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Starts out a sickening floral and becomes powdery.

  • BEVERLY12/18/2001

    I have searched most of my life for a perfume that was "me". I finally found it! Amarige is wonderful! I get compliments everywhere I go.

  • GIOVANNA11/13/2001

    Very strong Neroli scent with spicy notes in it. I can't wear it, but I'm sure Neroli lovers would carry it beautifully.

  • MISSY11/12/2001

    It's a really nice scent...always getting compliments from the men...try it, you won't be sorry....

  • BECKY11/08/2001

    I bought this perfume when it first came out and I LOVE IT! It is slightly powdery (good thing!), but not overwhelming. It has a nice, light scent that wears very well throughout the day.

  • JENNIFER11/03/2001

    I have worn Amarige for 2 years now, and I'm still amazed by the compliments I get from males and females. I feel beautiful everytime I spray some on.

  • NONI10/04/2001

    when you put on a perfume and it smells like something else and this happens all the time.i'm glad i have Amarige.

  • CC09/24/2001

    This definitely is a pick-me-up fragrance. It light and loud at the same time. If you're feeling down this will sure wake you up!

  • MANDEE09/22/2001

    i love the smell. i little goes a long ways, my boyfriend goes crazy over the scent. it makes all women feel beautiful

  • CATARINA08/21/2001

    Very intersting, somewhat fruity and spicy with strong floral notes. Nice and feminine. I've never owned a bottle of this fragrance, but will probably buy it in the future.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    I like this one a lot. Amarige is a fruity floral fragrance, with base notes of musk and vanilla. It's one Givenchy's best perfumes.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    This one is strong. Quite sweet. It's nice, but I can't decide if it's too strong for me to wear.

  • BARBARA-ANNE CLARK07/03/2001

    This is my second choice of your fragrances. This one is an around the clock fragrance. I get many compliments from women on it.

  • EDIE06/23/2001

    This perfume is lighter than what I normally wear, but still a fabulous scent! I wear it in the daytime mostly.

  • STEPHANIE06/18/2001

    This is definitely not one you want to overdo, just a little will go a long way.

  • DANA05/27/2001

    Wonderfully light fragrance! One of Givenchy's best! If you like Amariage, try Hot Couture as well.

  • ELISHA05/08/2001

    I love this perfume its fruity and spicy, and smalls great

  • GINGER12/30/2000

    My ex loved this scent more than I did. Too bad it reminds me of him everytime I wear it, but other guys I have dated have loved it too. Men really respond to Amarige.

  • AMBER12/08/2000

    My ex-boyfriend bought me Amarige as a Christmas present 2 years ago. I have to say that never in my life have I ever feel inlove with a perfume. I will never wear anything but amarige. A little goes a long way, and it seems that it takes a certain person to wear it. I love it, and have had numerous comments on it.


    I'm having a difficult time purchasing the amarige body cream would you please e-mail me @ [email protected] and let me know Thank you

  • LORI10/11/2000

    The first time i wore this several men approached me and said I smelled good and wanted to know what it was. Its strong so i would only use one squirt. A little goes a long way.

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