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Acqua Di Selva Visconte Di Modrone Image

Visconte Di Modrone

Acqua Di Selva   

34 Reviews

Launched by the design house of Visconti Di Modrone in 1949, Acqua Di Selva is classified as a refined, woody, mossy fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of oakmoss, citrus and forest flavors. It is recommended for evening wear. Acqua di Selva fragrance Notes are:basil, bergamot and lemon. The middle notes are: rosemary, carnation and more

3.4 oz Aftershave Splash
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3.4 oz EDC Spray (Old Packaging)
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6.8 oz COL Splash (New Packaging)
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Launched by the design house of Visconti Di Modrone in 1949, Acqua Di Selva is classified as a refined, woody, mossy fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of oakmoss, citrus and forest flavors. It is recommended for evening wear. Acqua di Selva fragrance Notes are:basil, bergamot and lemon. The middle notes are: rosemary, carnation and vetiver and the base of the fragrance is: cedarwood, musk and tonka.

  • DIANA10/27/2014

    Very refreshing scent.

  • F JOHNSON07/09/2014

    ...a very nice aftershave lasts all day.

  • MRS JOANNOU02/01/2014

    My husbands favourite aftershave of all time.

  • JAK02/25/2013

    Great to find the old smell, of the 60s 70s, clean ,alive.


    I so love this scent and my husband Bruce does too. It makes me swoon. Oh my Lord,,,I simply find it hard to resist when my Bruce puts some on.

  • PATRICIA01/26/2012

    This is my husband's favorite cologne. It's very hard to find in stores. I love that I can buy it online. The price and service were excellent.

  • QL704/30/2010

    One of my old paramours wore this many years ago when it was made by Viktor and it's been my favorite men's cologne since. Nothing compares, in my opinion. Not too sweet.

  • TERRY12/10/2008

    I've been using Acqua di Selva on and off since the late 1960s. It's a great smell, quite distinct and not too heavy-try it!

  • KATHY08/26/2008

    This is by far the sexist scent any man can wear. I'm a seasoned woman and I can assure you younger guys...subtle does it. Forget Gray Flannel, Polo por Homme, and everything thing trendy. This one has stood the test of time. Men who wear this are completely sexy

  • MIKE07/22/2008

    This smells REALLY REALLY GREAT on women! Turns me on like CRAZY!!!

  • NICHOLAS KILSBY06/07/2007

    ADS is second only to Acqua di Palma for 'class' and subtlety - both have endured for over 50 years. Warning - shelf life is limited - if it smells too alcoholic it's 'dead'.

  • DAN05/07/2007

    I have been using Acqua di Selva for 40+ years; it dates from the time when men's colognes actually smelled good, instead of heavy, super-sweet imitations of women's stinkers that have to be advertised in fashion mag inserts and department store billings and make your mailbox (and wastebasket) reek. It is the most successful balanced blend of citrus and light pine --- and smells like a man. The only cologne I have used (when I couldn't get AcdS) was Vetiver by Guerlain.*****

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI11/22/2006

    But that's all I'll give it for now. This fragrance outdoes the lemonade Armani by Armani, and the Pine/abomination Pino Sylvestre. It's a good juice that's rare, a citrus/pine/soap that is so well balanced it doesn't overpower with a single jarring note, unlike 90% of the citruses out there. Ironically unknown but probably best suited for the teen and 20's crowd. It's too linear for my taste--no change, except evaporation. Still, it's a hoot of a scent, along the lines of Quasar, Salvador Dali PH, and other 'weirdos' I wonder what the Platinum Egoiste crowd would think of this one?

  • FRANK PHILLIPS09/12/2006

    I have used Acqua Di Selva for over 52 years and while I think the Victor was the better as it lasted longer I do like the Modrone. "If you're close enough to me to smell my cologne you'd better have romance on your mind" My favourite description of this fragrance!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD07/22/2006

    As stated on my previous post, this was one of my first in modest collection.It is no longer included in my collection,but as it seems that it seems that my tastes have evolved since then, I see it only fair to smell it once again.I never thought it bad, just that I could live without it.It smelled mostly of lemons.Other than that, I could not detect any notes from it. Im curious to see if I can now, although I dont expect much. These days, I dont exclude a scent from my collection.Whether I like it or not, it is part of my fragrance history.At that time, the worst fragrance I smelled was Contradiction, although now I think I had a bad bottle.I dont expect my opinio to change, although at that time I believe I was more into quantity than quality.Get back at ya!

  • TONY05/02/2005

    a very unique cologne is acqua di selva and i can even tell you this the vetiver de guerlain is a perfect copy of acqua di selva !!!! but acqua remains unique no doubt !

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD04/04/2005

    This is one of my first purchases which is no longer in my collection.I tried to like this,but found myself not reaching for it.Not for me.

  • RICH03/22/2005

    Re: to those seeking a broad range of sizes and types (splashes, sprays.etc.) if in London, check the cologne section at Harrod's. Good selection, at least last time I was there.

  • SEAN 02/25/2005

    I have used Acqua di Selva for about 35 years. It does have a different fragrance on different men. Fortunately, it does not smell like Noxema on me. No other cologne I have used has received the reaction this one always has: through the years, I couldn’t tell you how many people have commented, “What are you wearing? That cologne is really nice. What is it called? I really like it!” Personally, I hope it doesn’t become too popular.

  • DAVE10/11/2004


  • KATHY02/02/2004

    An extremely sexy scent!!

  • TED K.12/12/2003

    Women love it! who cares what you think! It's a well kept secret.sssshhh

  • TRAV01/31/2003

    Good, bad, indifferent, whatever - this smells like Noxzema.

  • CARL01/10/2003

    Smells like a drugsotre scent.

  • DANIEL11/28/2002

    Smells like cheap drugstore stuff

  • THULEN JR.11/17/2002

    I have been using La Lester by Millie's Lonch, and I have been surprisingly aroused by this spray...

  • NICK11/07/2002

    I was introduced to ADS almost 40 years ago and haven't found anything to beat it. Lately though the product range has shrunk and its hard to find - thank you Perfume Emporium

  • ERIC06/11/2002

    I also used the version by Victor for many years and I think you will find this version to be very similar and in fact the spray is better than the splash as it will last you longer. I will admit I am hard pressed to really describe any difference between the two, and in fact they may really be the same thing. I say give it a try, i do not think you will be disappointed.

  • ROGER05/28/2002

    Where can I buy Acqua in the Middle East (Gulf) area?

  • GERRY05/23/2002

    Where can I buy acqua di selva in the U.K.?

  • MICHAEL11/30/2001

    This is a great "dry" men's fragrence - not too heavy and not too sweet. Classic Italian. I used to use the splash only - but the spray is much more convenient. Good price too!

  • JOHN LICHTEN07/02/2001

    Does anyone know where one can purchase Acqua di Selva deodorant? I'd greatly appreciate knowing. Thanks

  • NED WEBSTER06/20/2001

    I can't find the Acqua di Selva/Visconti di Modrone after shave. Anyone have any ideas where to buy it?

  • FRITZ SCHODITSCH05/26/2001

    I have used Acqua di Selva cologne by Victor for many years. It is not a spray, but,rather comes in a bottle (3.4 fl.oz) Am I correct that your Acqua di Selva is a different product under a similar name. Or, has this changed names, or become a fragrance of similar appeal? Your product is a spray. I want a liquid cologne 80o. Can you please advise if this is the same product or where the other can be obtained. Thank you.

  • HERNAN12/26/2000


  • PETER TURNER11/06/2000

    Jarrolds of Norwich no longer stock Acqua di Selva. I want to buy Acqua di Selva eau de cologne 100ml

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