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John Varvatos

John Varvatos   

77 Reviews

Modern, bold, and sophisticated, John Varvatos by John Varvatos is infused with a sensuous yet relaxed feeling. As elegant and masculine, as it is rich and intriguing, its subtle power conveys the refinement and attention to detail present in John Varvatos' creation. Notes include Medjool Date Fruit, Tamarind Tree Leaves, Coriander Seed Templar, more

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Gift Set - 4.2 oz EDT Spray + 2.5 oz Aftershave Gel + 2.5 oz Hair & Body Shampoo
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Modern, bold, and sophisticated, John Varvatos by John Varvatos is infused with a sensuous yet relaxed feeling. As elegant and masculine, as it is rich and intriguing, its subtle power conveys the refinement and attention to detail present in John Varvatos' creation. Notes include Medjool Date Fruit, Tamarind Tree Leaves, Coriander Seed Templar, Clary Sage Flower, Indian Ajowan, Auramber, Leather essence.

  • MAHER10/03/2012

    My fiancee wants me to wear only john varvatos out of my big cologne collection. She says it is damn sexy and delicious :))

  • ALLISON05/20/2012

    A sexy scent for men! Alluring without being overwhelming.

  • GIOVANNI BAGALA`04/08/2012

    Excellent products, fast shipping and professional service. I would recommend this site to everyone. Thanks guys! Keep up the good job.

  • QUANTUM FIRE02/12/2011

    Quite good masculine cologne with a nice leather-wrapped btl seems to have gotten me a fair amount of positive attention from the ladies but doesn't seem too good during the hot summers and longevity is so-so.

  • MONTGOMERY09/22/2010

    Just bought this recently and enjoy it's simple but deep tones. A really nice combination overall and have gotten compliments when wearing it.

  • JOHN08/21/2010

    I bought this in a store, under the high recommendation of the sales clerk. Honestly, the first thing I thought of, was that it smelled like cat urine. It was a bit better, after the initial scent went away, but I don't like having to smell that cat urine smell, so I never use it. Whole bottle, wasted...

  • SLIMM07/12/2010

    John Varvatos is easily one of the best (if not thee best) mainstream men's fragrance on the market. It's sophisticated, well-blended, sexy, and could be worn for both formal or casual occasions. Having had this fragrance for three years now, I have yet to receive a single deragatory comment while wearing it. It's probably as close to perfection as any "mall cologne" may get: It's sweet, but not cloying, fruity but not citrusy, and leathery without smelling like an old man. The only issue that many may face is longevity, although that's easily curable by applying the cologne on moderate amounts on each body part -- and don't worry, you can't overapply this one, I promise. All in all, it is impressive without being extreme.

  • ADAM06/12/2010

    I'm in love with it; it is subtle, masculin ( i hate colognes that aren't) modern, sophisticated, long lasting and the bottle is so nice, simply perfect!

  • ADAM06/12/2010

    I'm in love with it; it is subtle, masculin ( i hate colognes that aren't) modern, sophisticated, long lasting and the bottle is so nice, simply perfect!

  • FRANKLIN12/26/2009

    Actually, the woodsy scent is not cedar but balsaam wood and eaglewood. Also a unique fragrance called auramber gives an amber scent. Here are the various notes used: Top Notes are Medjool, Date Fruit, Mediterranean Herbs, West Indian Tamarind Tree Leaves. Middle Notes: Coriander Seed Templar, Clary Sage Flower, Indian Ajowan. Base Notes: Auramber, Vanilla, Balsams, Eaglewood, Vanilla, Black Leather.

  • FRANKLIN12/19/2009

    What was I thinking? The base note is leather not cedar, as I mentioned in a prior post.

  • ANDY05/21/2009

    great with a coat and tie for young professionals or goin out on a date but for clubbin it might not stand out quite so much

  • FRANKLIN01/05/2008

    I love the manly smell of cedar, with a dash of vanilla. One of my favorites!

  • SCENTEXPLORER12/29/2007

    John Varvatos (JV) was ideally made for the younger dudes out there, but can be worn and enjoyed by al no doubtl. I'm a 41 black male and I find that JV can be too sweet at times. JV Vintage on the other hand is more subtle and less sweet, but wears very close to the skin which is perfect for the conservative gentlemen over 40. Preferably, I enjoy JV more than the Vintage version, but I feel that Vintage is the one I should be wearing.

  • J.RIV12/14/2007

    Instant classic for me. This fragrance is very unique and not commonly worn. I blind purchased a 4.2 oz bottle and have not yet to regret it. The scent is quite masculine even though it is some what sweet. The herbs and green notes keep it spicy and woodsy all the while it goes into the dry down which is a creamy leather, amber and vanilla blend. The Leather is there in the top notes as well but hides in the middle phases. IMO it is like a love child of Lacoste Pour Homme and Brut. Excellent scent. Btw I do not like either Brut or Lacaose PH but Johnny V. is the man.. Plain and simple. I love the fig newton/ herb blend...

  • SERIEL05/26/2007

    I tried this today after reading all the great reviews. I smells great, but the dry down is very much like Carlos Santana, which is one of my favs, and like a light Le Male. It also did not last very long. The Santana lasts all day and can be found for a lot less.

  • BRYAN01/03/2007

    I like this cologne, it is a very nice scent and I do recieve compliments on it when I wear it. In fact I have it on today and love the way it smells. I want to try the Vintage, but my just decide to buy another bottle of the this one. I can smell it on me all day when I wear it. To me it is a classy scent only to to be worn by gentlemen with style and class. My motto is if you personally like it wear it, don't worry what other people think about a fragrence everyone likes different things and smells. But I do usually get friends opinons on a fragrence that I wear. Also, I don't believe a scent has to be very strong to enjoy.

  • TG01/02/2007

    happened by a display of ferrari passion today and was shocked to note how similar these 2 scents are. The thing is... i'm pretty sure the ferrari came out much sooner, and it's definitely much cheaper!! fyi...

  • TONYGIO12/13/2006

    Brilliantly simple, and effective to maximize the potential of this excellent, though weak frag. An extra spray (or 2) does make a difference, thanks for the tip Tony T....

  • TONYGIO12/02/2006

    Hey Flea, thanks for the tip on vintage version, obviously they didn't bother with any effort to improve on the flaw in the original, so I guess they dont get any more of my money. btw just picked up sample of Prada today then tonite noticed your comment on it, hopefully it has a little more staying power....

  • PERFUME LOVER11/25/2006

    you said, that is tricks works on all perfumes, but can u kindly answer me the this trick of jhonson baby powder, works on Grey Flannel by geoffery benne, cool water by davidoff, aramis by aramis, do tell me.

  • FLEA11/22/2006

    Hi,Tony.You asked if anyone had tried the John Varvatos Vintage:unfortunately,i did,and even though the original is an absolute waste of money,and is weaker than water,it's an Atomic Bomb compared to Vintage.Honestly,immediately after spraying it,you could barely detect it.I would rate it the WORST high-end product ever.Another surprising loser,is the new Polo Double Black.It lasts for about five minutes.Two Definite WINNERS,however,are Sean Jean Unforgivable,and especially Prada for men,which,in my opinion,is the BEST new offering of 2006.

  • TONYGIO11/18/2006

    An absolutely sparkling opening, that ultimately disappoints as it all-too-quickly fades into nothingness. For all the promise of it's first whiff, a damn shame. Has anybody tried the vintage version yet?

  • B. BUSH11/01/2006

    I my self own alot of different colonges and JV is one of them. When ever I wear it, I get a lot of compliments from the old and young women. Try my way of doing it, after a nice warm shower, before drying off put on just a splash in the chest area, dry off, please use a (fresh towel). Sprinkle on some Johnson baby powder, rub in around into the skin, spray a mist into your hand, then massage it in. I promise you that you will get some attention. My secret is the Johnson & Johnson (baby powder) with any colonge, I don't care if it is BRUT

  • FLEA10/13/2006

    Jerry may not mind spending big bucks on an item that has no staying power,but i purchase cologne for my own enjoyment,as well as that of others.In short if you want to experience John Varvatos(either the original,or the new Vintage,)you'd better take a sampler with you,because you'll need to apply it every ten minutes.This crap sucks,big-time!

  • IZZY10/10/2006

    This is regarding what Jerry just said regarding the fragrance, couldn't have said it better. I also own a bottle of Varvatos I have not worn it enough to get some good feedback, but I like it. Sounds like you know what you are talking about. If you know of any fragrances that are good please forward some info. [email protected]

  • JERRY10/04/2006

    I just received a 3.4 oz bottle on line for only $46.00 including shipping. I must say I am impressed with this fragrance. In my opinion it should only be worn by men over 30. It conjures thoughts of a gentleman, masculine romance, confidence, mystery. Let me respond to a point that many guys raise about any particular fragrance "not lasting". The fact is although you no longer percieve the scent on your self does not mean others when close enough to you don't smell it. Once you wear a cologne a few days your brain gets used to the scent and may no longer consciously detect it because it has lost it's newness to the person wearing it. It is a mistake to think a man's fragrance should be so obvious to everyone around him. No one should detect it until they are fairly close to you. A gentlemen knows he doesn't want his scent to overwhelm anyone in the least. You are more likely to be noticed by the scent when you as a man don't care if it's noticed. In other words, wear your favorite cologne as part of your routine of freshening up after your shower and shave, etc. Put it on lightly and forget that you did so. Remember, many ladies may prefer the scent of a freshly-showered man over cologne.

  • BIG E09/04/2006

    Great scent. Just recently purchased it and I love it....getting plenty of compliment too.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON08/22/2006

    Unusual but interesting and sophisticated leathery fragrance smells different in a positive manner than anything out there I've ever sampled. I like the leather-wrapped bottle too.

  • P.T. STOCTOROCTON05/22/2006

    This sophisticated and stylish modern fragrance is basically Emporio Armani Night with Russian leather and equally as good.............actually this one will make you stick out in the crowd more.

  • KEVINB04/25/2006

    Very good, different, I would have to say it's one of the best, truly. Wish it was a little louder, but I guess then it would'nt smell the same, You can't over-do this one, so spray on more if you want I guess, no more than one spray in the same spot though.

  • AARON04/19/2006

    My uncle had bought this cologne a while and I asked to try it on several times. I have fallen in love with this cologne. It works perfect with my chemistry and is getting close to being my " signature ". Any guy that is looking to pick a cologne that is sophisticated and will draw attention from the opposite sex.. u need to go with Varvatos! And he is greek too, which makes this cologne even more amazing! :) \m/

  • SYLVIA J04/14/2006

    Very intriguing and unique refined woody aroma is a great introductory cologne for the designer and my man sticks out in the crowd wherever he goes when he's using it.

  • JOEUSMC03/03/2006

    Very different and unique scent indeed. This scent lures me into a relaxed state of mind. Can't in no way be overpowering and really is a signature scent. I haven't smelled this on anyone yet, so in my area it is undiscovered territory. The bottle is a plus and is square shaped indeed but that's from the frontal position. The package was black with the the top portion of it being silver. I want to give this some time before i rate it high but from my first week of wearing it, nothing short of being good.

  • JASON BOURNE02/09/2006

    Recently at an upmarket store I saw a box labelled as John Varvatos. The tall box is white with narrow sides and almost square but wide front. Does anyone know if this perfume is the same as the one advertised here and please describe how the bottle in the box actually looks like?


    Rather masculine first attempt from the designer is very modern, unique, refined and up there with Chanel, Vera Wang, KC and Armani. Seems to bear a little similarity to Armani's Emporio Night.

  • DUC01/11/2006

    Refined and relaxing GQ cologne is not too expensive and perfect for the modern man of sophistication and masculinity.

  • MICK F.12/26/2005

    This first-timer from the designer is an array of unique notes that add up to an unusual but refined and relaxing GQ fragrance that's definitely not for all tastes.

  • PHIL12/20/2005

    I had to try this based on Eric and Marco's reviews. I must say this is one fine fragrance. I will not tell others of this little treasure, so that it does not become part of the everday tommy and cool water crowd.

  • JAVELIN12/13/2005

    This cologne is reminiscent of Green Irish Tweed by Creed - at far less the cost. Hint? Buy it!

  • JAVELIN12/13/2005

    This cologne is reminiscent of Green Irish Tweed by Creed - at far less the cost. Hint? Buy it!

  • DAX12/09/2005

    I enter the store and reach the fragrance counter, and ask the guy with a french accent and big nostrols and hair sticking out of it if he had any John Varvatos (rhymes with Barbados), he says (with his nostrols widening everytime he opens his mouth) "um, i'm not shoe-a let me check computa dattabass... we only have jaun 'val-vuh-toss' sir", i ask "you mean john varvatos?", he answers "NOOO, jaun vall-vuh-toss only mun" (this time a nose hair falls loose and lands on his right hand), i say "well thanks for your help, have a nice day", and exit the store to buy the cologne elsewhere ~True Story~. Anyways, a very solid cologne and the notes that actually calms me down are the black leather and Vanilla Co2. If any masters know of other colognes with such a nice leather smell to it let me know, thanks!

  • SPACE PILGRIM11/22/2005

    Very good first attempt from this designer is a bit unusual with its unique notes (the Russian leather in particular) but in general, a modern, refined and GQ sophisticated fragrance with a super attractive bottle design.

  • BIGNUTZ11/03/2005


  • K. WIMPINO09/10/2005

    This one has some rather unique and unusual notes. Quite modern, very refined and rather leathery.......but those are all good things. :-)

  • ERIC09/09/2005

    I wear it. So many people love it on me and ask what it is. I always say it's just something I threw on or I don't recall what it is or some other such thing. The first compliment I got was from my sister who I rely on. If she says don't wear it I don't wear it. She smelled Lolita Lempicka on me and said what ARE you doing. Thank God for her nose. I wasn't sure and she was so I trust her opinion since it seems women have better sense of smell than men for some reason. I was unsure about Pi and she was like you better wear it and I listened. So I listened about this one as well and she was on the money. I love this fragrance. It's way up there in my top seven.

  • JOEL B.08/30/2005

    Excellent conversation starter especially if you like to flirt. The BEST FRAGRANCE IVE PURCHASED SO FAR. I TRAVEL OFTEN TO EUROPE AND CARIBBEANS AND I have gotton nothing but second looks and comments on this colonge by women and men!

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU08/10/2005

    A rather sleek & unique aroma from newcomer JV who I hope will definitely have more to come in the GQ genre. The Russian leather really adds life to this one.

  • TONY T07/22/2005

    scent. you can teach an old dog new tricks so hmmm. great smell, which has ok staying power which means.. OVER SPRAYit won't hurt but helps the fragrance to linger.. i am learning to like oriental scents and this one is not overly sweet. DAMN i have had this for a couple months and still can't give it a true rating.. REMEMBER TO OVER SPRAY GUYS!!!!!

  • ERIC07/05/2005

    What a good fragrance. Keep getting complimented on it. It's not my favorite but it's up there.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE07/01/2005

    This does have some unusual notes in it in which case that's the way the first sprays are. However, it improves wonderfully during the drydown particularly with it's Russian leather. I love the leather wrapped bottle.

  • SAEF06/10/2005


  • SAEF06/10/2005


  • RN05/22/2005

    It has a distinct smell that I cannot describe. I do not think it is that sophisticated, and I don't think it's worth buying. It smells the same and it does not have a very pleasant smell.

  • TONY T05/08/2005

    fantastic smell butno lasting power. wore this fragrance for 3 days straight and did not receive a single compliment. my initial post was before i actually wore this fragrance and because of the 10 minute staying power i will have to lower my rating

  • VANDERGRIFF05/05/2005

    This smell is fantastic. I have yet to find anyone who did not like it. The problems is, all those who liked it, smelled it straight from my bottle. I have yet to have anyone comment on it in public, office, etc. For those of you who are considering John Varvatos, and have yet to smell the fragrance. I will give you an idea of the smell. John Varvatos from the bottle smells like no fragrance I have ever smelled. It seems to be a few fragrances combined. Something you will notice is a hint of vanilla. But, this is not a girl smell. It sort of smells like a Hugo Boss/Vanilla musk combo. Maybe a touch of green? The problem with John Varvatos is simple. The effects of this cologne are weak. This has no lasting power. Once you are outside for 20 minutes, you can't even smell it on you. Hence my mentioning that nobody ever comments on the smell. I so hate it, but I will have to look elsewhere for the perfect fragrance, because this smell is out of this world. But, to pay the kind of money they ask, only to have the stuff wear off. It's just not worth that. This is strictly a romantic fragrance. Because someone will have to be very close to smell it. Some have suggested to use the John Varvatos aftershave, and the cologne combined. To make the smell last through the day. This could work. But, thats a lot of cash. I may as well go with an import.

  • JOHN04/30/2005

    Hey folks I go way back to the Brut, EL, British Sterling, and from exp. This one is a winner..Just not sure about the lasting power.

  • TONY T04/28/2005

    top notch stuff guys. bought this along with signature and wow these are 2 great manly fragrances. up to 19 bottles of cologne. this is for a guy, a guy's guy not an ultraviolet man . he,he read my post. and also cologne addicts read my post of kenneth cole reaction

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI04/15/2005

    Some women go ga ga over this one, it is indeed 'romantic'-- not sticky sweet enough to pass for 'evening' or boring enough to pass for 'casual. ' Furthermore if the ladies in question have ever been clobbered by English Leather, Old Spice, or the rest of the redneck perversions one can still find at Sears, they'll dig it. The problem is the fruity flavor (somewhere between a prune a date and a fig ) that sticks to this one forever from top note to dry down. JV os very popular right now at Nordstrom's and other high end stores , so expect the hype to continue. Might want to give it a try if you sweat like a hog while tango dancing up close and your body chemistry somehow transforms it to the allegedly Russian Leather base; JV is unusual , tenacious and mercifully inoffensive but just not my cup of tea.

  • CHRIS04/15/2005

    I was walking through Foley's and I was handed a sample of this cologne. On the first sniff I went straight to the sales counter asking for a bottle. Very unique and original. Absolutely love it.

  • GRITS04/13/2005

    Wonderful smell. The women love it. Have yet to wear it without positive comments. Different.

  • JC04/06/2005

    This EDT is for those who enjoy the vanilla scented fragrances. The vanilla notes are very strong along with many other spices. It can be overpowering, however. Definitely use this for special occasions or on a night out only. This is not a cologne for those who like the fruity, daytime scents. It reminds me of Jean Paul Gaultier, but a bit more stronger and sweeter.

  • DAVID03/17/2005

    Exceeded all expectations! Ok, that's three words, all good. This has to be the best release in 2004. Smells quite original, kind of sweet yet masculine. Women of all ages and people of all walks of life complimented me on this fragrance, but i refused to let them know what it was, i just didn't want it to be the next Cool Water or Eternity. It's a secret weapon, if you ever discover it, dont ever look back.

  • UNCLE TIM02/24/2005

    Having finished the 0.03 oz sample, I found JV to be a very pleasant and refined fragrance. It could be more persistent and/or stronger for my tastes. Trying to remember a similar smell that I sampled a couple years ago, Molto Smalto? When I can obtain at a lower price will consider buying larger size.

  • THE NOSE KNOWS02/19/2005

    Varvatos is a very original EDT. It has a very unusual mix of notes, that somehow manages to please. I really can't compare it with any other EDT on the market.

  • TONY T01/31/2005

    when i feel a need to have 10 bottles of cologne. classy sexy elegant wall street type of scent

  • PAUL01/28/2005

    John Varvatos is definitely a winner. Not overpowering and not too sweet. Excellent; I get many compliments from it. 5 stars.

  • JERMAINE01/26/2005

    i dont know about the rest of you. but this smells like talcum powder when i wear it.

  • ERNEST SUTTON01/17/2005

    This fragrance is one of the best that I have ever smell. Its very masculine without over powering any of the fragrance notes that are released. Just watch out though, it will make you fell very sexy.

  • JOHN G01/16/2005

    this is my fragrence because all the guys keep quitw and all the women cant stop talking about it.i only hear girls talk about how hot i smell so i always wear this.

  • MARK01/05/2005

    This is a fantastic smelling cologne. I get compliments whenever I wear it. I also like the fact that the sprayer doesn't spray out a ton of cologne at once. (ala boss elements) I think everyone should try this scent out.

  • JASON01/04/2005

    I went out and bought this from the site as soon as I opened the sample John Varvatos page from a magazine it hit me and I just had to buy it! No other fragrance has done this to me before. A+ Best of the best unlike the rest!

  • RICH12/31/2004

    One word describes this cologne: Excellent. After see a little bit of buzz on it, I decided to go and try it for myself. I now consider it one of my more favorite fragrances. I know several women who love it too.

  • PEPE LEPEW12/24/2004

    Normally I hate sweet smelling scents but this one is really good. It does have a sensual warm scent about it. Smells a little like Hawaiin Tropic but smoother. For some strange reason I think of beach and sex when I smell this cologne. Beach Blanket Bingo.

  • SHARRIE12/21/2004

    drives my senses wild. sexual feelings. masculine heaven. a whisper of love in the ar. truly wonderful. flawless. ageless. perfect

  • TOM12/17/2004

    The new fragrance from John Varvatos is hands down the best cologne out there. I've smelt the new Burberry, Ferragamo, and all the rest out there now...they don't come close to Varvatos in being utilized both for day and evening wear. It is not too sweet like the others...not too woody...just right. I highly recommend it!

  • SHARRIE12/06/2004

    a true manly scent my husband wears and turns me on, immortal long live the spirit, breathtaking

  • RYAN FROM CURACAO10/25/2004

    If you like Grigio Perla by La Perla you will like this one. A very cool masculine scent.

  • MISSLABREA10/16/2004

    This scent is excellent, especially for winter, gives you that warm cosy smell...hmmmm

  • LLL10/08/2004

    YUM. This is a delicious fragrance for a man. Very sexy!

  • R.J.09/14/2004


  • W.B.09/13/2004


  • A.J.09/12/2004

    This is easily one of the best fragrance released this year. It's kinda hard to find it in Indiana. I got the promotional sample to try, and love it immensely!! It's a warm and sophisticated scent. Classy and enigmatic as well. Try it and you know what I mean.

  • ROB H.09/10/2004

    Sophisticated GQ scent can do battle with Armani, Kenneth Cole and Vera Wang. It's one of my top refined scents right after Vera Wang and Cristobal Pour Homme.

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