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Thierry Mugler

Angel Amen   

236 Reviews

Angel Men, the first perfume for men by Thierry Mugler, offers an unexpected shock of woody and fiery notes. When creating Angel Men, Thierry Mugler was inspired by a vision of an imaginary hero moving through a legendary universe in which past, present and future merge. Notes include Lavender, Bergamote, Helional, Peppermint, Fresh Roasted Coffe, more

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Angel Men, the first perfume for men by Thierry Mugler, offers an unexpected shock of woody and fiery notes. When creating Angel Men, Thierry Mugler was inspired by a vision of an imaginary hero moving through a legendary universe in which past, present and future merge. Notes include Lavender, Bergamote, Helional, Peppermint, Fresh Roasted Coffe, Patchouli, Styrax, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Musk, Vanilla, Hint of Chocolate.

  • TJ04/09/2013

    Amen is my favorite for night time. One spray is enough though. Long lasting for sure, you can smell it in your clothes even after washing them.

  • BOB LODGE03/21/2012

    I have been using Amen for 6 years now and it suits me. The ladies seem to like the scent too, something about the coffee, chocolate mix attracts comments. Can't beat a fragrence that attract comments from the opposite sex.

  • BURDLOW12/09/2011

    Everybody comments when I wear this. It starts off with a hit of lavender but eventually warms down to a gorgeous vanilla/chocolate smell. Much better than all the usual citrus based male scents. Buy it now and smell good enough to eat!

  • GEORGE OSEI06/01/2011

    Angel Men is the best ever men fragrance ever. It's got rich,sweet,sexy,classic,unique and ever difference scent. It's got longitivity,projection and everything you need in a fragrance. Long Live Thierry Mugler...

  • GEORGE05/28/2011

    Angel* Men is simply the best ever Men frangrance.Its got everything, Style,Longitivity,projection.sophisicated,uniqueness and complimented very Well.It' totally different from all those rubbish Citrus scents. Long live Thierry Mugler.......

  • PAO_BASS04/02/2011

    gourmand! chocolate fix! extremely satisfying. I absolutely love every stage of this scent starting from the first time you spray it up to the drydown. good projection and excellent longevity! stays from 8-12 hours on my skin.... one of my favorites and one that can be a candidate for my signature scent

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • D.FRAG03/28/2010

    i really hate this frag it is the perfect example of annoying it is a crap i cant stand it at all at the beginning i tried hard to convince myself it is good but honestly it worths nothn

  • TERRY0400-4009/16/2009

    I love the smell of this and it is addictive i use at least 6 sprays if im out prowling for awhile and i use it infrequently because i want this bottle to last just so as i have some on hand when i really need something with some zesty get up and fire the world up with magic spice, so glad it also has some decent lasting power and chics love it tooooooo

  • ANDY05/21/2009

    totally hip club scent the chocolate and vanilla and coffee definately will draw attention but u gotto spray it in advance so it can dry down into a pimp scent

  • VIJAY MOTWANE03/31/2009

    Only one of it's kind, I must say.Has a great staying power. I love it, so does everyone around me

  • VIJAY03/07/2009

    There is nothing like Angel. I just love the smell of rich chocolate and exotic coffee on me....A real unique cologne.

  • VIJAY MOTWANE02/24/2009

    There is no cologne that smells like Angel. It is UNIQUE. If colognes can smell of flowers, spices & herbs, why not a cologne that smells of cocoa and coffee......I just love Angel.

  • JOEYBEAR01/24/2009

    I can't believe all the bad reviews of Amen. This stuff smells good enough to drink. Last all day.

  • TBONE11/20/2008

    This frag is so easy to re-create. Just set a can of garbage filled with chocolate syrup, peppermint candies & coffee grounds out in the summer heat for about a week. Once the stench of putrefaction begins to seep from the can, presto! You've got Angel A'Men! Open the can, inhale deeply, and enjoy.

  • BIG MIKE10/19/2008

    Its a unique fragrance, especially when the after notes surface after an 1 hr. It lasted 24 hours on my body (work, Club, Gym, shower) It is a heavy Duty scent. However, at times i don't want to smell like i work at bake shop baking chocolate cakes all day. Im so intrigued by this fragrance, I keep trying it and trying it. A top 10??Stay tuned

  • JOHNNY09/14/2008

    When I first bought this back in 2002, I was mildly entertained by it, but I quickly learned to hate it. It sat on my shelf for probably about 18 months, before I smelled it on some other guy walking by me. I laugh because it's such a distinct smell, that you can tell it apart instantly. So it put the cologne back into my subconscious. I eventually used up the whole thing, not so much out of desire, but out of lack of options. It grew on me a little, but it wasn't something I was in a rush to get a new bottle of. Then around 2005, I was sniffing around for a new cologne, and someone pointed this one out to me again, and by now it had a new bottle, and oddly enough, it smelled slightly different. I distinctly remember the moment it became my go to cologne. The woman I was dating at the time herself wore the most amazing perfume, and the frist time she smelled me wearing Angel, she fell in love. She wanted to smell me more often than talk to me. It definitely made magic happen. Now, I don't know if it was just a combination of the season (it was Autumn), the woman, or just my change in taste... but I was hooked on Angel, and it more than grew on me. Now, my current girlfriend loves it to death. I actually ration the Angel, so that I can surprise her with her favorite scent from time to time. As my that old flame told me, "This is your signature scent"... it truly has become so. I'm a tall, dark, handsome type (depending on your taste of course), and guys, this is the type of scent that truly accentuates our repretoire. I wouldn't recommend it for blondes or redheads, because quite frankly, it doesn't and won't suit you (agree or disagree, it just won't). So go ahead, get over it (like I did), give it a try... because this is my go to, signature scent, and it was literally a three year journey and an infatuation that helped me realize it. Soon, it will be yours too.

  • EVE08/04/2008

    I wear this myself because I just love the Angel flavor. I think it's great for women as well.

  • KEN07/27/2008

    This fragrance is too overpriced and does not even last long for the money you pay. Granted to women's is super expensive for a small bottle BUT a drop of Angel women will last all day. The men's it goes on strong at first spray but you're lucky if you can get an hour out of the scent before it burns off. Gosh Mugler should come out with a EDP version for men instead of creating even more lighter version like Ice Men. Get your act together dude!

  • LARWIZ05/24/2008

    Yup...figs. That's exactly what it smells like. Wanna smell like you're wearing some fig newton cookies, rub them on your neck and chest, and voila! Angel. I really don't get this fragrance. I mean...this has GOT TO BE one of the most overrated pieces of shyt that I have ever encountered. That Aqua di gio crap is in the same smelly boat.

  • ERIC05/12/2008

    Someone ordered a sandwich in the deli near me yesterday. Didn't have too much on but it was the "stench" of this fragrance that drove me crazy. I couldn't bear being near him. If he coulda seen the horrid faces I made while he waited for his sandwich to be made. I was there talking to the manager and when he left I told the manager "that's the stuff I keep telling you about - Angel." He was behind the counter and luckily hadn't smelled it. This guy lives in my building and I thought I gave him enough time to go ahead of me to get to the building first and thought he'd have gotten on the elevator before me, but No, there he was as I walked in the lobby waiting for the elevator with me smelling of ANGEL. I held my breath for three floors hurried and got off and said goodnight and fled into the night.

  • GAIL04/29/2008

    Lovingly my boyfriend stopped wearing this after I asked him to. I couldn't bear it. It is strong and nauseating. I imagine the secret ingredients others have mentioned must be chocolate and urine. This is a horrible cologne and every other guy wears it which makes it even worse. Please please choose something which actually smells good (and stay away from ADG). If you think you're attracting women you aren't. I tried Angel for women and that stinks too.

  • HOT GIRL IN BAR04/27/2008

    Please don't wear this if you are not hot because the wonderful aroma messes with my judgment. I don't want to end up with an ugly boy just because he wore this cologne! This cologne is dangerous and impairs the judgment of women everywhere. It smells too good!

  • A YOUNG PRETTY WOMAN04/27/2008

    This is the sexiest cologne on the market!!! I think it is intoxicating. Guys... buy this and you will have an edge at getting the hot girl. Gay guys... I can't help you - I'm not sure how other guys feel about it. I love it!!!!! Yummy!

  • ED12/28/2007

    I think its great..for those people that think that its to prob using to much..its great!

  • A MAN11/16/2007

    girls love it they all coment on it. last night i had a girl that swore she knew the smell from somewhere it seemed familiar to her. helped her relax, i think it made her want to be closer to me

  • GOLDENMONKEY11/13/2007

    Punguent. In one word to sum it up, that about does it. Keep in mind this is a MEN"S PERFUME, guys! I think they used too much perfume oil in this one, because the smell just doesn't go away, sometimes not even washing off properly. Stay away from this one. It's offensive, it causes a headache, and it isn't classy. If you buy this, you have been duped by clever manipulative marketing.

  • JASON G09/30/2007

    To each his own, but I happen to like AMen, Flash and Ice Men. I commend Mr. Mugler for releasing colognes that are unique and don't smell like every other cologne on the market.

  • AMEEN08/03/2007

    In using this cologne, it's very easy to use too much when you spray because sometimes it comes out in a fine mist and other times it comes out in a stream. Instead of spraying it on, I've purchased a small metal funnel and spayed a portion of it into another small container. Now whenever I use it, I stick an eye dropper into it and apply it in drops (2 - 3 drops is usually sufficient) and spread it around my neck. It's a much more precise way of appying cologne. Not only to you avoid overdosing, it's much neater and the cologne lasts a lot longer.

  • PAUL07/15/2007

    For you have created heaven on earth with Angel Men(A*Men)! The scent is very rich and distinctive made just for us who wish not to smell like the mass market scent lovers, you know who you are(aqua di gio, cool water, tommy). I will never make another scent come before thee for when I have this scent on I feel the stars are within reach. Bless you Thierry your a genius! Paul

  • ERIC07/09/2007

    News Flash? Why would you purchase a fragrance that smells like shaving cream when all you have to do is buy a can of shaving cream for $3.00? That makes no sense just this horrible fragrance makes no sense and stinks up the room and makes people gasp for air.

  • JASON G07/03/2007

    FYI: Amen is still excellent, but I just bought Amen Summer Flash and it is unreal!! It smells nothing like the original. To me, Flash smells alot like shaving cream. I really hope the new Ice Men smells like Amen Flash because Flash is one of the best colognes I have smelled.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE06/14/2007

    I am glad to see that most of the reviews over here (as opposed to Basenotes) are not favorable for this vile concoction. This has to be one of the worst fragrances I have ever had the "displeasure" of smelling. I truly believe the only reason this fragrance became so trendy, was because of its sheer outrageousness. Rochas' Rochas Man has nearly identical fragrance notes, yet is constructed much, much better and is far superior. Thierry Mugler colognes are just plain bad. No other way to put it. Don't be fooled folks. Heed the many warnings here!

  • M06/12/2007

    yikes my husband uses this and i imust say it simply turns me on! once it dries down (obviously you have to know how to use cologne...) its both soft and blontly urban, not overdone and its only appreciated from very close distances. this coming from a woman who hated cologne in men...

  • JESSICA05/29/2007

    bought it at the airport and hugely dissapointed. very strong, offensive, and makes me headache. plus its too expensive.

  • SUSAN TAN05/25/2007

    ""Thierry Mugler was inspired by a vision of an imaginary hero"" you've been fooled. Mr Mugler actually inspired by GOLLUM from Lord of the rings trilogy. A room full of wet dogs smells better than this

  • KATHERINE05/16/2007

    Oh you'll create memories with this hon no doubt about it. I am flooded with this horror on the subway daily, the mens and womens versions and they both stink to high hell and there is nothing remotely cute smelling about them. Fool yourself if you like but what you are really doing is blaspheming others around you with this fragrance. To wear this is to have no regard or concern for the feelings of others who you offend.

  • CYNCYN05/01/2007

    When I first tried this on, I was grossed out by the overbearingness of it. I went to get a cherry soda after I sprayed it and I was downright mad I tried it on. THEN boom -the dry down- I took a whiff of my arm after an hour and it had totally changed. It was such a wonderful smell that even the birds and the corn in the field seemed more enticing. The smell made my mind float with beautiful thoughts and comfort from each whiff. I must mention I am female and went out on a limb to try on a men's cologne. But this stuff turned out totally fascinating, uplifting, and even spiritual! It stayed feminine next to my hormones on my skin, but lit up masculine on the sweater I wore. I plan to buy a bottle for special moments. I'm sure this stuff is a memory maker

  • RANIA04/25/2007

    because of the "oh so great" review on this fragrance from a magazine, i was looking to get a sample. my first impression.... it's a huge Mistake to buy this $ 90 crap. then a friend of mine said that the secret is that thou shouldn’t spray it too close. ok so i try it for the second time by using his technique... but hey.. !!! it's again a HUGE MISTAKE !! never buy this overpriced crap. unless if you want to torture people around you. i just want to be fair.. i'll give an "EXCELLENT" rating if Thierry Mugler sold it for 8 bucks

  • ARILL04/25/2007

    ok this is the kind OF mainstream fragrance that has been exxagerated too much by the media. it says Amen wins an award, Hillary clinton loves it...omg too much rah rah!! it smells like burnt coffee. its so awful. after a few minutes the horrible top slightly diminished by vanilla but still it smells awful. trust me baby.if you are looking for a fragrance that makes every person you met compliment you and memorize you, then this is would be a thing that you must NOT looking for!! my friend bought it for me and until now i'm using it to spray my curtain and my dog's pillow.

  • DR. YES04/20/2007

    This is a good cologne but for those who are thinking of buying it - it might be better if you spray it on a full day before you go to wherever you want to wear it to. If not I would also suggest spraying it in the air and walking through the mist...just once. Angel is that strong and can offend people very easily if not worn properly. It's lasted for days on my skin even after showering.

  • RYAN03/08/2007

    One of my favorite fragrances around. I've read a lot of the negative reviews here about Angel and I will admit that the first few minutes are VERY strong and not the best. But, after a couple minutes it turns into the most delicious smelling cologne around. Luckily for me, my body chemistry agrees with this. I smell a tiny bit of coffee and lavendar, a nice rich dark chocolate and caramel, and I love the patchouli which gives it an exotic spicy scent. I have also found that if you spray 5-6 inches away from your wrists, neck, etc. that the smell is even better than if you spray at very close range. Was introduced to Angel Men 5-6 years ago, and I'm still buying it. Love the women's version too!!

  • JASON G02/20/2007

    Mugler is coming out with Ice Men in 2007. Some say it will be Amen Summer Flash with a new name. B Men is gone, too.

  • STARLIGHT02/03/2007

    If you had to smell this from one of your co-workers everyday for months,you would probably end up hating Amen just like I did.Nice bottle but the scent is disgusting and intolerable.Get Rochas Man instead.

  • MATEI01/31/2007

    those chocolate and coffee notes just don't work here... i was expecting more from this one... all i got was a strange scent, powerful indeed, but rather strange than nice. not for me.

  • MR. BURKUS12/20/2006

    Angle is a nice fragrance...chocolate/vanilla/coffee and tobacco are the main scents I pick up on. Angel goes on extremely strong and STAYS strong for several hours. I can't stress it enough that only a little is needed.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD10/30/2006

    Some of the fragrances I consider top tier I dont wear as much. This is one of them. Im saving the juice for a special occasion or its because the price is so hefty. The thought sometimes enters my mind, "Maybe Im not so crazy about some? Maybe Ive been caught up in all the hype?" For example, D&G, my undisputed favorite of all time. I gone thru this in record time. No saving for later. Having said that, I have received very respectable compliments wearing this. I was enroute to pick up two females and I sprayed a few times.(Maybe too many for most). When they entered my car, they had to know what was the wonderful smell. On anothe occasion, I sprayed myself inside my car while I waited outside a grocery store. A couple leaving the store passed my car. The female stated, "Something smells good!" Her boyfriend replied,"Thats him", looking at me. Hey, maybe the fumes linger? In my experince, the initial blast is strong, but the scent fades fast enough. Ive had no luck with any fragrance lasting 12 hours, let alone 2 days. The longest lasting fragrance Ive encountered is Xeryus Rouge, which Im no longer crazy about.

  • MARCUS10/28/2006

    I originally brought this cologne because it is the same cologne that usher wears. When I brought it,it was like it became my own signature scent.It smells so great and the ladies love it. It's a bit pricey though.

  • GREEKGIRL10/27/2006

    this smells just heavenly, the best mans frag ive ever come across, maybe ill get some for myself i luv it that much!

  • JAMES10/25/2006

    I guess this smells different on some people, but for myself, as I am now told by friends, it smells like cotton candy and chocolate on my skin. It also has great staying power. One spray and you are good to go, for like two days! Thank God, because this stuff isn't cheap! TM is very proud of it, I guess. I am sorry alot of people hate it, but get this: The other day I was at my parents house, wearing Amen and my mother asked what I was wearing. She said it smelled good. And she hates cologne! Go figure.

  • STUEYSTU10/18/2006

    The gentleman before said it correctly. If you don't like it don't get it. I don't like it and won't get it because it really smells bad. Every single note. There is absolutely nothing edible about it. It's just offensive to others, strong and hard to imagine someone liking this. I can't imagine someone liking it. It really is mind boggling that the last poster and his girlfriend actually like this. But everyone is different and I guess everyones olfactory senses are different. I imagine decay smells different to each of us as well.

  • JAMES10/12/2006

    I am a fan of TM's "Cologne" so I bought Amen without smelling it. But, after reading some the reviews, I thought I might be getting gasoline in a bottle! Well, once I sprayed it on, I first thought of cotton candy. I think somebody else mentioned that, too. Anyway, after a few hours later, in the hot weather, I could smell all the different "edible" base notes and I couldn't stop smeliing my wrist. Yes, it is sweet, and different, but all in a good way. I like it and so does my GF. If you don't, then don't wear it.

  • STEVE09/17/2006

    This fragrance is the most strange cologne I have ever smelled. I am laughing as I read all these reviews--especially the negative ones--because that was my exact reaction too. I despised this cologne. I thought it was so sickening that I had to wash it off as fast as possible. I totally dismissed it and thought it was the most vile smell I ever tried. Time went on and I forgot about it. Then, after it had been out awhile, I started reading about how controversial it was and got interested in smelling it again. And I hated it even more than the first time. Somewhere along the way, I read online that some guy said gave advice about it. He said that if you sprayed it too close to your skin, it would be disgusting. But he said, if you sprayed it very far from you, I would say, like 10 inches away, that it was incredible. I got a sample of it and tried that. And all of a sudden I was in love with it. It opened me to it. I would try the sample and all of a sudden, one day, I was 100 percent addicted to the smell. I still didn't buy it. But about 3 months later I was in a department store and the woman who worked their was trying to get me to smell her favorite fragrance, and I said, let me smell that Amen. And it smelled so fantastic to me, I bought it on the spot. I never use it for every day. I wear it, sparingly and sprayed from far away, more at night. But I love it. So, when I read all these reviews, I laugh, because I can relate to every single post here, both positive and negative. It definitely is not for everyone. I can see how it polarizes people. But I like that about the scent. I like it because it definitely challenges you. If this review makes you rethink trying it., go VERY lightly. I think this is a very sickening scent, because people are spraying it like they normally would. Holding it closer and trying to give a good spray. That would be the worst. This scent has to be more mysterious than that. Just kind of wafting in and out to produce the reaction of: "what was that?" drawing you and your girl into it more. Spray it lightly so that it produces the respones of wanting to smell it more. Rather than reeking with it, which produces the nightmare response. It's right up there my most favorite scents I ever smelled. A*men brother.

  • GEORGE KOUREAS09/11/2006

    Undoubtedly thumbs down!!! This is a horrible, repulsive,vulgar,fragrance and one of the worst i have ever smelled. I wouldn't recommend Angel/Amen. It's very heady, chaotic and synthetic. Tar,coffee and chocolate is way too overpowering and destroy the rest of the scent. This is an overhyped fragrance. Rochas Man which is in the same path as Angel is way better.

  • KATHERINE08/22/2006

    How do I possibly add to the already wonderfully colorful comments below? I will say that I hope that this accidentally never escapes somehow into our environment. Already our wildlife is endangered. I'd hate to think what would happen if this were somehow to gain entry into our great waterways. Smelling it on someone makes you appreciate that God created oxygen and I my eyes tear whenever someone has it on. Funny thing is is that they ACTUALLY do think they smell good. Someone below wrote about the advertising thing. Perhaps that's what it is. But I still don't understand. It stinks. Seriiously, this really is horrible and sadly fragrance can't get worse can it? I thought the whole point of wearing perfume was to attract others not to repel or devastate them.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD08/12/2006

    I agree with you bro.I was shocked to see all those multiple 1 star ratings.Its not bad at all.It has its time and place for me.The first time I smelled it,it smelled of tar.I wasnt impressed, although I wanted to like.Since I like to give a fragrance a second shot,I tried it some time later.Now,it smells of Coffee.I dont get alot of chocolate from this.I like what they did with it.There are alot of sweet notes in this.Thierry Mugler "masculined" it.Theres chocolate,but its burned chocolate.Other sweet notes, such as caramel,vanilla and other sweet notes are kept in place by tar.Maybe tar creates a bit of smokiness?Im sure many women like this as of the compliments Ive received.To be fair,it hasnt performed any miracles.


    Lurid and nauseating, nothing on the market compares to this abomination. Smells like skunky chocolate- NOT something that you want to strut around proudly while plant life withers and dies as you pass by. Not to mention the reactions of the innocent bystanders who have the compelling experience of catching a whiff of you. To all the people who actually fell for this crap- don't you get it? You are subjecting people to torture when you spray this junk on. This is NOT a good mixture of fragrance and Thierry Mugler is laughing behind your backs. This is just horrible and I wonder if people are even testing this in a store before they buy it. Listen very carefully, people. DO NOT buy this because of the wonderful fantasy "super hero" novel that was written for a description. It's just plain rediculous. You are in for severe disappointment if you buy this online because of the "riveting" tale of how Mr. Mugler is some creative genius or, say, artist of fragrance. This stuff is just plain putrid, vile, wretched, gross, stinky, skunky, and sickeningly sweet. It doesn't get any worse than this- and I do believe there are plenty of posts beneath me to attest to that. But this is just my personal opinion.

  • SHARON STONED08/10/2006

    Out of this world!!! To all Angel A*men lovers: If A*men is not sweet and syrupy enough for you, try divine PINK SUGAR for women or Lolita Lempicka au Masculin.

  • BRADW08/08/2006

    You think, "Chocolate notes, Women love chocolate, Angel= winner". Guess again. I did get one positive feedback from my wife's friend, but I can hardly stand the smell of myself. I threw most of it away. I reminded myself of a sweaty door-to door salesman. Avoid for everyone's sake, please!

  • MR. FANTASTIC08/06/2006

    Quite possibly the grossest smelling stuff in the world. Guys, I am not joking here- this might as well have "Girl Repellant" stamped on the bottle. This is really, really bad! You can almost see the fumes rising from the nozzle. This stuff clings to your sinuses and eats at them for the rest of the day. Even when you're not around the wearer just the thought of the smell makes you wrinkle your nose! I can't believe that they actually put this on the market as a cologne. Absolutely, positively terrible!

  • DOC08/03/2006

    Everyone is right here. When I resampled it at a department store near me, (just to see if it was as bad as I remembered it) it smelled really sweet, Like burnt maple syrup dumped on alot of old fruit, then later, it reaked of burnt chocolate chip cookies mixed with something else floral. As soon as the dry down happened, I was thinking "OH HELL NO.why was I so dumb to ever try this again?" I scrubbed the hell out of my wrist for a half an hour just trying to get the sample of "dumpster angel" off me. This is worse then I remember it being. I can see that this was obviously a slap together effort from Mr. Muegler. You could put your ninety dollars on something that at least smells better, like bathroom freshners.

  • J. YORK07/29/2006

    Chocolate, vanilla, pralines n' cream, cotton candy or whatever. This is a tasty scent that should not be worn on skin and would be better off being drank............not that I actually would.

  • TOP DOG07/12/2006

    Angel? I can think of a few antonymns for this one. Demon? Fallen Angel? I wish I could give less than 1 star for this garbage. People honestly think that when they spend $90 on a bottle of cologne they are buying the best of the best. Wrong!! Just SMELL this crap! How could you be fooled into actually buying it? This smells like some sort of bug repellant, people. If you are stupid enough to wear this stay away from me.

  • AARON07/11/2006


  • TONY T06/26/2006

    only because somebody stole my first bottle. everybody is open on here as well as me. somedays i can tolerate angel even though it is cloying and somedays i can't stand it. not an everyday scent but more for a romantic evening or if your chick digs it wear it. recently got wings,kiton and l'instant but this is not that bad. 8 or 9 straight 1star postings??

  • BALZAC06/24/2006

    Dip a guy with a bad case of body odor in a vat of chocolate and this is what he'd end up smelling like.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU06/23/2006

    I totally agree with the infamous Rob H. and pretty much with all the 1* ratings and posts about this obnoxious chocolate-like silly excuse of a fragrance that's overpriced to begin with. I like the expensive ones but this stuff is ridiculous!

  • ROB H.06/14/2006

    Sampled this some 5-6 years back in the day before I actually started up a collection and had forgotten the scent that being the reason for the long delay in rating this. Just recently sampled at a fragrance shop both on the card and on my wrist and here's what I thought. It actually starts out OK (3*s) but in a matter of maybe 5-10 min. it becomes rather annoyingly sweet like chocolate chip cookies and cotton candy mixed together and eventually I found myself heading towards the restroom to wash off the area I sprayed. Similar frags that I would recommend that are in the ballpark of this obnoxious supposed "heavenly" stench are Rochas Man, Very Irresistible, Hanae Mori, Chevignon 57, Ignition and even Mont Blanc Individuel. Those are all very sweet but tolerable and sensual. Thierry ought to be ashamed for even coming up with the idea of this scent, a lame name and too high the original retail price. I would not recommend this scent to worn by any male or female body out there. Hang out at a Mrs. Field's or buy a Yankee candle if you want something similar to inhale. 1*!!

  • MR. KNOW-IT-ALL06/07/2006

    Some people have a lot of nerve to make a vile concoction like this and put it on the shelves. Thierry Mugler should be ashamed of himself. One blast of this oily, resinous garbage is enough to make someone vomit. It has to be the most offensive smelling cologne I have ever encountered. And I take offense to the fact that I, the consumer, am expected to put this on and strut around while people wrinkle their faces at me in disgust. There are no redeeming qualities about this one and that chocolate note- damn! Just adds to the confusion of trying to figure out just what the hell this is supposed to smell like. Stay far, far away from this one in fact, cross the aisle to avoid it. The smell is so powerful it's even hard to wash off! This stuff is proof that people will buy ANYTHING, especially if it's exceptionally expensive. All the while these arrogant designers sit back and laugh, "They're actually BUYING it!!!"

  • RYAN T05/24/2006

    I tried this at a department store and I thought YUCK, this is nasty. I tried it on and from what I remember it was a really sticky sweet smell that had no direction at all. Immagine fruit loops with maple syrup poured all over them and something else nasty thrown in for good measure. Thierry, what is your major malfunction son???? This stuff should smell like heaven for around $100.00. Get a life, this is the "joke in a bottle" as it was referred to in an earlier post.

  • MIKE05/04/2006

    I Know that's right. Every word you said was on the money and that's all this is about - money. There are jokes and there are jokes. To put this in a bottle and then put a price tag on it and by using subterfuge (i.e, models, advertisements, etc.) to sell this joke is outrageous. That people would actually buy into it is even more crazy. To somehow subconsciously render people into making them believe when they walk into the great outdoors into the general population that they smell good is unconsciounable and done without moral compunction. I pity the man or woman who walks with head held high while others around them gasp and wish only for oxygen tanks and fresh air. You stink. You're not cute. The chocolate thing doesn't work. You don't smell like candy. We don't wanna eat you. Don't you get it by now? Don't these posts tell ya something? You're offending people.


    Every negative comment on this stuff is astonishingly accurate. And there are so many varying negative comments due to the overall downright BAD complexity of it. There are just so many reasons to not like this cologne and you basically have to read all the comments to get an idea. Believe this, people. This isn't something to throw your money away on.

  • EXPERT04/30/2006

    Hundreds upon hundreds and even the cheapest, poorest made cannot compare to this. The ingredients are laughable together. It feels like a nauseating, sticky, motor oil feel like slipping into a damp septic tank. The drydown reminds me of that sulpheric acid drain cleaner ( the one with crossbones on it ) and leaving it down your drain giving that rotten egg stench in your drain.

  • SAL04/27/2006

    Does this come in a form that actually smells good? I can see everyone gets open about this one. With good cause. Love or hate. I'm a hater. It reeks like nothing I've ever smelled. How anyone would want to smell like this is beyond my scope of imagination. It is Naassty. Disgusting smelling. I get sick just thinking about what I smelled when I sampled it. I'm so glad I read all the posts and waited and waited and waited to try it. I have smelled it before on guys and knew I was smelling something funky but I didn't know what it was called but now I know.

  • SENSE04/14/2006

    After seeing all the controversy, I had to smell this for myself. I ordered it here, as it isn't in stores nearby. I can see why this polarizes people - the first blast is a shock. I'm not sure about all the notes, but it seemed to have a big blast of patchouli, and along with the alcohol carrier it's almost skunky. This lasted for quite awhile, and then the feral sharpness began to balance with sweeter notes. After about 15 minutes, the sweetness began to predominate, and I began to like it. Finally, awhile later, I began to get the chocolate vibe. So to me, there were four discreet stages, and I really liked the final result. And for several hours every so often I'd get another nice waft, with yet more subtle differences. This was a valuable lesson for me, because I generally reject a cologne if I don't like the top notes. This was also the most complex drydown I've experienced. But yes, it's easy not to like, just mega-strong: if you do more than a couple shots, don't say I didn't warn you. To me, the smells are palpably sexual. I know that some of us like certain very strong sex smells, and some don't. Maybe this works like similarly to that. An image comes to mind... a woman who is super-hot and gets you very aroused. She also drinks too much and likes dangerous sex.

  • HUGGYBEAR04/04/2006

    This stuff is Ok, I mean it has a pretty good smell in all; but who would go on a date smellin like Willy Wonka (way to much chocolate).

  • ERIC03/29/2006

    This morning this guy gets on the train trying to be near me (I could just tell) trying to like me or whatever and I was just devastated. It was so crowded, I couldn't move anywhere and it was nauseating the smell. Absolutely gross. If he only knew how bad he smelled. Maybe women like this mess but it sure stinks to me. I couldn't wait to get to my stop which unfortunately was 2 stops away. Felt like forever.

  • BIGNUTZ03/28/2006

    This appears to be one of those scents that's really selective on different chemistries of other gents. On me, it's seemed to work pretty good and I did get some decent compliments at least from SOME women out there when I wore it. Overall I thought this unusually sweet-chocolaty/woodsy aroma was different than any mens cologne I've ever smelled and kinda pricy as well.

  • ALFIE02/26/2006

    This fragarnce is too extreeme, too sharp, too sweet, and makes me headache. But I think it's suitable for persons who like sweet scent. This fragrance is no more than a chocolate vanilla cake which just taken freshly from the oven. Besides that I don't understand why they put a very high price for such a head ache scent like this. My conclusion is there is nothing special about this fragrance except the scent that makes u headache. Too expensive for this scent.

  • JAD02/07/2006

    Wow!! Definitely a unique cologne that lasts and lasts. Try to wash it off and it STILL lasts. I wanted so much to LOVE this cologne as I'm a bit of a connoisseur. Word to the wise...if you want to try it out, make sure nobody is in close vicinity or you'll blast them too with the overpowering effects at first spray. If fills the air in a 10' radius with an intense aroma. You really need to let this one dry down for about 10 minutes before you judge it. It goes from being horrible (IMHO) at first to a reasonably pleasant drydown that smells of chocolate, carmamel and masculinity. It's really not to bad after the wait, but to each his own. Others will probably disagree, but after the drydown, it sorta smells like a stronger version of M7 to me.

  • V. MAZELIS02/02/2006

    Too spicy and too sweet at the same time. Might be good for Angel Men, not for Real, Live Men ;>)

  • MARCO01/25/2006

    I am a fan of perfumes. I live in Chile and i think very little people wear Angel. But...i have an store and i work with a lot of boys and two ladies. When i arrived the first time with Angel the 2 ladies askem me , in very respectful way, whats the name of my perfume coz they HATE it too much. After that i go to see my grandmother and she asked me who bought pop corn? Now i am in the middle of the bottle and nobody makes me other commnents, not bads, not goods. Personally i like it, but not for all days. But an important plus: very long lasting.

  • AKEN401/15/2006

    This is really different and completely understand those that dont like it. But I do ask all that try it to let it set for 30 mins or so before judgement. When you first spray it, it smells like chocolate. Approx. 30 min. later, the scent completely changes. Well at least on me. Still a classy, unique scent that definitely turns heads.

  • MR. ALTITUDE01/14/2006

    The last couple of guys who posted the negative reviews are totally right. Believe me, I so badly wanted to love this scent, simply due to the uniqueness of it. But it almost seems as if the smell crawls up your nose and ferments itself. There' s nothing quite like it. It sounds hard to believe but it is something you have to experience to understand. It IS actually hard to wash off- it's like it contains some type of oil that tattoos itself into your pores. It's also VERY strong, usually causing one of those "nauseating" headaches. I cannot see how anyone-men or women- would not be offended by it. I am sorry to say that this is just a bad cologne. It does not live up to its huge hype either.

  • A MAN01/11/2006

    and keep your advice to yourself. Dont tell us what is cheap and what is expensive or what to wear. Each one of us has a personal taste and does not need your guidance.

  • MOMENTS IN SOUL01/08/2006

    Dear me. Reading previous reviews, this is certainly a fragrance which provokes a strong response! In my case that response is negative. It's just so overly powerful. All the aforementioned descriptions of burnt chocolate/candy floss/cookies etc are all true, but not in a pleasant way. Problem is, I've wshed my arm twice and can't get rid of the smell! Looks like it's bleach and a wire brush next! Look, if you want a hands down winner, stick with any of Creeds beauties, and give this cheap rubbish a wide berth.

  • STUART01/06/2006

    That Mr. Mugler would tarnish the name Angels by naming this foul smelling witches brew Angel Amen seems sacreligous. I would hope you spray VERY little on your wrist because it is SO strong and tends to make people nauseous around you especially in closed places where people can't escape like buses, subways, airplanes, etc. Use with extreme caution.

  • RMJ01/04/2006

    As an interesting tidbit, one of the ingredients in Angel a*men is said to have the effect that good people like it and bad people don't like it...i find that interesting, as everyone is split over this particular fragrance (i haven't tested it yet, so i can't tell if i'm "good" or "bad" yet lol). Also please don't take this too seriously, i did read this somewhere, but it probably isn't true.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE01/01/2006

    Unique and unusually sweet-chocolate fragrance isn't bad at all and has lingers of Rochas Man and Hanae Mori. It did come out before the two but Rochas Man is the best of the three.

  • COLOGNEMAN12/21/2005

    For the longest time I wanted to try this stuff, and finally I bought a tiny little vial for $15. At first I thought I loved it, but after a few hours the smell would just not mellow out and gave me a splitting headache. I felt like an idiot thinking I liked it but seeing my girlfrien trying to keep distance between us. When I asked what's wrong she said 'your cologne, its just, wow!' I was a bit embarassed for thinking I was wearing something great and original, but others found quite offensive. I give this one 3 stars simply for originality- it is one hell of a different scent! A bit too much cuz it just doesn't calm itself down. It actually gives you a headache just thinking about the scent when your not even wearing it. If they diluted this in some way it has potential for being a very good scent. I give it my rating simply for their effort in trying desperately to make a new scent and all the huge hype they raved about how good it is. Do everyone in proximity to you a favor and think hard before buying this one.

  • AKEN412/21/2005

    a very unique scent, but a warning to 1st timers: Allow it to dry and settle for a while b4 judgement. I swear 30 mins later it smelled completely different on me for the better at least. Had I judged it immediately, i would have rated it horrible (1/5) lol. Mostly smells like patulli after a while. can't wait to try the other mugler line :)

  • TROY12/19/2005

    This is very good but very strong. Use sparingly when applying. The major downside is that there is too much expensive packaging. You don't need that fancy metal case with the window in it- just buy a refill cartridge and use that. There is too much showmanship in this product. I do recommend trying this though.

  • SOME DUDE12/19/2005

    A very unique scent but a bit too much for the nostrils. I personally like it but it doesn't always fly for the people around me. Lasts a VERY long time. I took a shirt out of the hamper that had Angel Men on it from the week before and I still smelled it. It actually smelled better because it had a whole week for the smell to mellow out. Be cautious about buying- it's very strong but the upside to it is that there really isn't another scent quite like it.

  • SYNERGY12/18/2005

    Unusually sweet and chocolate-like fragrance is a bit on the pricy side with decent longevity but this scent is a bit...........strange. I think this fragrance has been bettered by Hanae Mori, Rochas Man and the new Very Irresistable.

  • SOME GIRL12/10/2005

    someone was smoking a chocolate cigar and i suddenly thought of this guy that i used to be with. and he said he wore thierry mugler. very.. yummy... or maybe it's because i associate it with him. haha :)

  • RAY12/03/2005

    If you're a common house fly by all means pour this stuff on you; the babes will be all over you. zzzzzz.......zzzzzzz.........zzzzzzzzz

  • M.R.11/07/2005

    Unusually sweet fragrance reminds me a bit of Hanae Mori but not nearly as chocolaty. Overall a decent cologne among the sweetest ones but can't quite touch Ignition and Rochas Man.

  • DAVE LIVESEY11/05/2005

    this stuff is a joke, it makes my wife hate me and not one person i know likes it one bit. in fact when i wore it once the guy who was giving me a lift to work made me get out of his car and walk. Its in the bin now and it isnt making that smell good either.

  • BRENO11/01/2005

    It's a delicious cologne and exotic.. very stronger and sensual to wear at night... and last a lot on my skin.

  • EDUARDO10/26/2005

    This is a powerful cologne that goes better in the winter. But its exquisite notes of chocolate and cigar makes it different from all other colognes I´ve ever had. I reccomend for men who want to dare!

  • DJ10/04/2005

    Definitely a love it or hate it fragrance. The smell is unique for a mens cologne, somewhat sweet, must be the carmel and chocolate. If you like it, beware that some people hate it and you might repel them.

  • TONY T09/26/2005

    the all so great magnetism by escada is described as an ambery fragrance and i highly recommend it.similar to smalto which is a bit on the green side. my post for magnetism or ultraviolet man never go through, but magnetism is hot. also taj check out wings which is cheap but a great cheap fragrance.

  • PAI HEI09/18/2005

    I used angel only sparingly. It is a very very strong fragrance. It smells like a blend of coffee and chocolate...and I don't recommend wearing it during warmer weather. It won't take much to overdose on it and you're guarenteed to offend those around you. Use a little during cooler temps and you may get some compliments.

  • GIO09/13/2005

    Excellent product to buy, the girls love it. And If you love this cologne you should try Hanae Mori, they love that one as well. Peace

  • STUEY09/13/2005

    Never smelled anything quite as bad as this, except perhaps Michael Kors. I hope the newer Angel is better than this. It makes me cringe when I smell someone wear it. It is such a distinktive smell. I hate being on the escalator after being on the crowded subway standing near someone who thinks they are smelling good (but who is smelling up the good air with this mess) and then have to catch the odor on the way up the escalator. Please people tell these fools the truth. It simply stinks. It smells like old ass mixed with coffee and syrup. Just awful. Luckily I don't have to know anyone who wears this. My own brother wears this and I don't particularly like him either.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD09/10/2005

    I havent been posting lately or sniffing either. I finally did smell this. I wanted to love it so much,but didnt.My first love is orientals, I believe.This is very sweet,but the tar overpowers all else.This is all bottom notes too me.Does last very long and smells better later,but you will have to wait.Im looking for something that has very little sweetness in it.Im not sure what it is, but when I smell it...Desire used to smell very "funky" to me.I attributed this to musk, but Im no expert.Now, it smells more fruity and sweet.I find that most of my fragrances have a vanilla base note in them.Their are some spicy, lavender and amber fragrances that are dear to me, such as my current favorites Dolce and Gabanna Pour Homme and Egoiste Platinum.In these I also detect a certain amount of sweetness.I may be wrong about this, but this is the direction Im moving in now. Suggestions, please.

  • EARL09/05/2005

    I really like this colonge. It's totally unique from other fragrances. It wears just a tad on the strong side so I like it better in the fall/winter. But it's a great scent for a date.

  • A MAN09/04/2005

    I really like the smell of my fingers when I rub them on the part of my body where I had sprayed A*Men earlier. After 3-4 hours or so... It has such a pleasant drydown. I wish the initial smell was not so strong, as the top notes really hit you. But then it changes. I love it when it is dry.

  • TONY T08/29/2005

    had a mini, was going to buy a full bottle and then a light bulb in my head came on. don't get me wrong i like a*men, as well as b*men but not enough to purchase. maybe it's the sweetness of the scent.orientals are nice, and in particular sweet ones, i have desire,allure,iceberg twice,360 white and a few others not to mention but truly guys when is enough enough?? a*men is good with it's addictively,sometimes sickengly sweet aroma. lasts 4ever and i mean like 59 hours, p.s. joop might lasts longer but i have 22 bottles of juice at least 2.5 oz., and 7 or 8, 1 to 1.7oz. also about 40 to 50 samplers, and 1 mini the great (minotaure). my point is when to stop. and with a*men sometime i love it and other times i spray it on and it bothers me. i would definately purchase if i had under 10 bottles of juice, but at around $40 bucks for a tester i will pass.

  • DANY08/29/2005

    Exotic, sharp and refined. I love the scent and its quality: it is long lasting as any fine pefume should be. As the ratings show, you love it or you hate it. I never met any one that hate it... yet. But who cares?

  • ALV08/13/2005

    This fragrance smells like chocolate cookies. I'm sick of this fragrance. It makes me feels like a cookie

  • A MAN08/09/2005

    I see a lot of people comparing A*Men to Rochas Man. I think they are not reallt similar. The chocolate-caramel-vanilla drydown of A*Men is not the same at all with the amber - coffee drydown of Rochas which becomes overbearing i.m.h.o. Anyway, i find it generally pointless to compare, even when the similarity is only one note, that of coffee. And i prefare A*Men to Rochas anyway. As to which is more elegant or whatever, let us not start the comparisons. Everyone has a different sense of elegance as of what smells good or bad.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI08/06/2005

    So let's see, if I don't like this I'm a lower class construction worker who must like Stetson? Isn't this the logical fallacy of a false either/or premise? Just as if I stated that anyone who liked Amen had to be an emasculated yuppie sheeple? May I suggest you try Rochas Man, which has similar notes to Amen and then tell us which one you consider more elegant? As to your question " Why can't men smell beautiful? " Again it presupposes that we EITHER have to use crap like Quorum , Brut, English Leather, etc OR get V. D. as you recommend May I humbly suggest you try Annuci? Wonderful floral bouqet-- Then if you still want to, get VD with my blessings.

  • LUCKY08/01/2005

    first time i tried, it was so great!i never knew it was very gorgeous perfume.and after a few secs, i felt like i was a chocolate

  • SAMY07/25/2005

    me and my wife tested angel at the airport.. she hated the women version and said that she prefers flowery perfumes, well , understandable :), but me..i just loved a*men.. a heavenly scent that lasts incredibly long.. i don't buy colognes that are very popular.. but i will buy this one...

  • CURTIS07/23/2005

    First time I had tried this made me sneeze and smells like I had spilled coffee on myself

  • A MAN07/19/2005

    It is annoying but on the same time very interesting that Thierry Mugler keeps his ingredients secret. Most other perfumes have a little sticker on the testers or even on the little leaflet that comes within the bottle that mentions the notes of a perfume. But that is not the case with Angel and A*men. I am not sure even for this site where they found the notes of these perfumes in the descriptions. This allows for guesses. For example in the A*men I sometimes can smell cinnamon that is not mentioned in the description. And I can sometimes smell coconut in the Angel for women. But maybe its just me...

  • JEREMY07/12/2005

    I believe that this happens to be one of the finest colognes I have ever used. I have only gotten compliments while wearing it. True it is a little strong but it lasts all day! Try getting that out of most other brands. Personally the candy smell is quite an attractive change. I am tired of all the other men's brands smelling like musk! Why can't men smell beautiful? Or would you rather wear Tommy or Nautica I.e. every other man---and those don't exactly smell fresh. Do not listen to any of the negative on these posts; I have gotten so many positive compliments plus all of my friends have been dying to get it as well. If you like this, try Dreamer by Versace as it to has a very different very rich smelling allure. Also people who think this has a cheap smell probably work construction downtown or better yet at a Burger King i.e. not very sophisticated. For the haters why not try Preferred Stalk or Stetson those two would be more up your class----less alley.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/15/2005

    Awful scent, Terrific hype. How does it go? " inspired by a vision of an imaginary hero moving through a legendary universe in which past, present and future merge. " Sir Lancelot must have stopped his time machine at Starbuck's for a mingle with the yuppies of The Round Table. Makes me want to see " Fight Club " again. What a crock!

  • RATTYBOOMBATTY06/11/2005

    this smella a lot like cotton candy. smells really sweet, its good if you like sweet colognes.

  • A MAN05/20/2005

    Hey, I am also a big fan of both angel and amen but I dont have the guts to wear the womens version. Do you have any other scents you like? Noone has ever guessed its a womens perfume?

  • CASEY05/16/2005

    This cent is really original some people who say it reaks , you must remember to apply wery litlle on(1 or 2 max on the lower body will do)And i wouldnt wear this ewery day , because you cant get bored whit it(same as ewery toher fragrance)I would use this on some special , fun time days or nights. Wery playful..i think it has something that gets some women really in the "mood" But it differes on peoples skin..on mine smells good , maybe on others it wont. Test before get it

  • JB05/09/2005

    This is an amazing scent, I love it. I have been wearing this for years now, it is one of my top two favorite scents. My other favorite is womens Angel (yes, I wear the womens also). A*MEN is a VERY unique, beautiful scent just like its counterpart Angel. The mens is alot like the womens, yet at the same time very different, it's very hard to explain. I find them both to be very hypnotic & that they have a very strong calming, relaxing effect upon me. When I wear this scent it never fails to make me feel great. I have gotten many complements while wearing A*MEN, more than any other scent ever and I have tried hundreds of different scents over the years. If you find it is too strong for you, try the body tonic (body spray) it smells just as awesome but it's not as strong, and also not nearly as expensive, although it does last a very long time as well. The skin comfort face lotion is AWESOME! I have VERY sensitive skin and cannot use many products on my face, especially scented ones, but this stuff is amazing! I use it often & it never irritates my skin, it soothes it. The reason these products are so good is because all of Muglers products are manufactured by Clarins Paris, so you know without a doubt that they are VERY high end TOP notch products, manufactured by one of the best skin care lines in the business :o)

  • ERIC05/05/2005

    Will make you wish to die if you are trapped smelling it. It is nauseating. The times I've been caught in mass transit and been next unfortunate enough to have to stand in close proximity to those with this crap on made me want to vomit. There are few things I find repulsive in fragrances but this is really one of them. The few women that can say they love this would never smell it on me. If they did they wouldn't be the type woman I'd want to with anyway.

  • BJORK04/21/2005

    its true women love angel for men and the women's version, probably because it smells like food haha...personally i love both, a+men especially as it smells like dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel and coffee! its absolutely delicious... though i have to say i once wore angle for women and got the worst comments! i stepped into a car and immediately my bf said, ugh what is that smell! it smells like a bunch of little old ladies...oh well there really arent that many good perfumes out there at all! not memorable ones at least... if angel works on you then use it! i say... sigh oh well i just love the smell! though both are strong and im a bit afraid to smell them! if you like this kind of scent, try smelling the dessert beauty line, though it is for women! flavours like cotton canday, creamsicle, etc...

  • TAJSMSELLSGOOD04/16/2005

    I forgot to mention this is my last post.Ive smelled the female version.When I went to apply at my local gym,the young lady who was giving me the grand tour had this on.She smelled so great.She smelled as good as she looked, which was gorgeous.I had to know what she had on.I told her that I had heard of it...that it was by Thierry Mugler(She corrected me on the pronunciation).She was impressed.I find that people are impressed if you know the maker of their fragrance even if you dont recognize the fragrance itself.I complemented her at least twice more before we finished our rounds of the facility.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD04/16/2005

    Ive never smelt any fragrance with chocolate,but I can tell you one thing, I love chocolate.I love chocclate chip cookies,brownies,chocolate ice cream and of cousrse, Hershey bars.But, does that mean I will like it as a fragrance?Only one way to tell for sure.I love oriental fragrances and those with vanilla in them.So very sweet in itself would not be a factor.Holla when I smell it.

  • BRIAN03/21/2005

    Yes, it's true!! It is a bit 'leathery' too. I just can't pin this one down. I think it's the wierdest scent for men around, but it is too sickly and chocolatey. It's way too sweet. I think I prefer something sharper now like Gucci Envy, or for something lighter - Escape by Calvin Klein.

  • JOEUSMC03/05/2005

    I bought this and surprisingly got more comments by older woman than younger. I was told it smells like english leather, Now that's old cologne. This stuff is strong and I agree on every comment on this page, you rather like it or dislike it. I enjoyed it, but I will try the new B men, so far I haven't heard anything negative about that.

  • DA RUSSIAN02/23/2005

    It makes me think that you have a great sense in fashion. What would be the top list of the mens cologne? Btw... Angel is not a good cologne.

  • FLEXX02/18/2005

    i was VERY skeptical about this fragrance at first, but had to try it. I will be completely honest when I say that it is VERY UNIQUE...but in MY OPINION, the BEST FRAGRANCE for a man out there.....NOT CHEAP, but sends a Positive message.

  • SYLVIE01/22/2005

    Hi Brian, you wrote a nice perfume description. I agree although I love the fragrance! But you forget the fine "tobacco-smoke" in A*men and the soft hint of expensive leather. Maybe the lady in the candy-shop wore a leather coat or bra and enjoyed a cigarette before she entered the shop??? :))))).

  • BRIAN01/21/2005

    I became obsessed with this a while ago and found the scent different and unusual. Now however, I think it smells a bit too feminine. After you've had it on a while, you smell like liquorice covered in chocolate. It's smells like a candy store after a woman with heavy perfume has been there!

  • SNIFF SNIFF01/20/2005

    Most colognes smell the same ! AMEN is totally different. I have NEVER worn it that a lady didn't comment on it. I'm happily married so that isn't important to me BUT to those who arnt...BUY IT...You'll LOVE it !

  • STU12/20/2004

    God how I hope Angel B is better than the first catastrophy. Try standing behind someone on a crowded escalator or train and not being able to get away. Oh it's horrible smelling. That's my honest opinion.

  • J´AD12/15/2004

    i met a guy in a chat a few month ago and be agreed to have a date, he wasn´t as handsome as i don´t know, a fashion model, but he was rather inteligent and a fun chat, when i arrived to his office he went to my car and we kissed hello, then he started walking to the gate a bit faster than me and there it hit me, right on my nose and my brain!!!, he was wearing angel man!!!!, the most headache indusing, compulsion making fragrance in the world, i´m an absolute fragrance freak and there are few smells that i dislike, and angel is on the top of my list, i just couldn´t believe that from the millions of scents there are in the world he was wearing angel!!!, how of bad like is that!!!, after that date we got togheter again and he was wearing tooo much perry ellis (don´t know wich one (he didn´t remember the name of it) and so not wanna investigate) because it gave me a 3 day headache and thats when i knew that bad smelling relation had to end... is surprising how a fragrance can make a impression, sad sometimes is a bad one.... appart from angel i absolutelly hate le male, angel for woman, the black man salvador dalí and a man lalique one, i think all belong to the same olfactory family the "please stay a mille away from me" family.

  • LEOCAVAL12/11/2004

    You were looking for a long lasting cologne, I heard that Le Roi Soleil by Salvador Dali is very long lasting and smells great. The only one I have in my collection that lasts days is Silver Mountain by Creed but I hate it! I Tried this one and will buy it and leave a follow up comment in here.


    To be honest, this cologne doesn't smell that sweet on me at all, i find it somewhat more spicy and woody with a chocolate, tar, coffee touch to it. It is absolutely stunning, it does drive some girls in a level never seen, some girls hate it, but it's ok, it really depends on one's body chemistry with it. When i wore this, i didn't need to say a word in bed to get her going, she just came on, she told me it smelled better than my other colognes(my collection is about 50), although i wouldn't rank this my best, but it certainly was money well-worth invested from first hand experience! It is definitely an aphrodisiac!

  • JOHNNY10/31/2004

    Praise the Lord for Angel Amen! Any guy who says Amen is a bad fragrance must be high on Aqua Velva...that or he doesn't like women, because every woman who's gotten a whiff of Amen on me goes absolutely wild over it! Most of them have purchased it for their husband or boyfriend. Amen brother, pass me the Angel please!

  • TO GIANFRANCO10/20/2004

    To Gianfranco, I bought B*Men as well and love the scent. I question the longivity. I say three hours tops. I have encountered this problem? Denon

  • MAN10/11/2004

    Excellent for me. I can see how some will not like it. You have to remember that it can take some time to settle, but once it does, you have a scent that is unique and masculine. But remember a scent will not make a man out of you, you have to make a man out of yourself. Hint. Try it only on the inner wrist and wait a good half hour. This will let you know the final product.

  • CASSIMO10/03/2004

    All I can say is A...Men. This is truely Heaven sent. This is what an Angel Must smell like is what she told me.

  • GIANFRANCO10/02/2004

    B*Men is the new Fragrance for men by Thierry Mugler. All I can say is that it is a winner it is seductive and I just can't resist the smell. Had it on for 45 minutes at the mall and was asked by 7 different women what I was wearing. Then was stasked by two guys who were at the men's fragrance stand. So I bought a bottle it contains malicious vetiver, Rhubarb, Seqoiua, also coffee just to name a few. It is just so sexxy gotta be careful not to get attacked LOL. I give it 6 Stars!!

  • DAVE09/30/2004

    I gave it a two star rating earlier, but had to give in when i tried it again!

  • DONNIE09/23/2004

    its the best scent i have ever had. & i mean it. i have a huge collection of scents and not even one of them comes close to a*men. really amazing. good work by thierry...

  • ADRIAN09/18/2004

    super , it's the first parfume i have who's that strong ... and i think it has a vanilla flavour :) super

  • DUCKY09/10/2004

    I love this one. I wear it myself because it is much nicer than the woman's angel fragrance anyway. Mens' and womens' skins must have different effects on the fragrance though because it does smell completely different on each (hormones?) My flying Instructor used to wear it - in a tiny cessna cockpit this made it VERY hard to fly straight! (hormones?!) It has a smokey smell underneath all that candy - like firemen dipped in chocolate!!! OH MY GOODNESS.... I have just realised why I love it so much! Hee-Hee! (Hormones!!!) Anyway - all of you, male or female, enjoy wearing it and smelling it. but go EASY, tiger! It is very strong (like the hormones!)

  • STUEY08/05/2004

    of us are awaiting Mr. Mugler's next fragrance. Didn't get it right with this one so he needs new chemists. It's free if you put your hand in a garbage bag that's sat outside a few days. Rub that on your skin and you have Angel Amen.

  • JONATHAN08/05/2004

    I receive this product for my Birthday.I really like the smell...and how it last all day.It is really crisp...and clean.It rates with the big boys.

  • J´AD08/03/2004

    this scent, that´s equal to angel for women and jpg le male is the most horrible fragrance i have ever smelled in my life, i trully cannot believe perfume makers could create such a horrible smell and people can wear it, the minute i feel it in the air it feels like a rock beat me on my head.

  • STYRAX C.07/27/2004

    Absolutely nothing like it! I wish the initial scent wasnt soooo over powering. Seems like it smells better as time passes....I cant wait to see what he has in store for the men next! Time is ticking Mr. Mugler we want

  • SBACAS07/27/2004

    Whether the scent is great or not is matter of personal opinion. What is for sure is that wearing even slightly too much of this stuff will make you VERY unpopular indeed.

  • DAVE07/22/2004

    Almost sickening on me, but surely one of a kind!

  • ADRIAN07/10/2004

    I looked into Angel a bit, and it did sound like a good fragrance. However, on testing it i was really dissapointed because in my opinion it is rather bad. in most cases i believe that every man unto his own with colognes, but it really didnt stand up

  • MRLINDT07/08/2004

    This isn't a bad scent, it just isn't for me. Think of melted chocolate and caramel, a candy concoction of candy melting in the sun, if the idea of smelling like that appeals to you, A*Men is for you.

  • STUEY06/09/2004

    Kicks like Jackie Chan. This is for those who like smelling funky and making those around gasp for air. One of the worst I have ever encountered.

  • R.J.06/09/2004


  • SYLVIE06/08/2004

    Heaven-sent scent!!!! Wonderful smell. Irresistible. Beautiful fragrance for men and women(!). Much better than Angel for women. Enjoy!!!

  • ALAN05/27/2004

    The Angel for women is very nice, and it gets my attention when a nice gal wears it. This one is different. Love it or dislike it I guess. I put a bit on the other day and after showering I can still smell it. Very strong. Interesting smell. May be in time I will get to like it. The little sample goes a long way.

  • STAN05/07/2004

    totally sexy...everyone wants to smell me

  • ME LIKE A LOT05/05/2004

    At the mall I used to work at, there was a stand selling various roasted nuts around christmas time. I liked the smell from it very much, and that's what Amen reminds me of. Go easy on it; it's quite strong and will make people gag if you put on too much. An all-time ladykiller.

  • NICKYBABY05/02/2004

    This is a very sexy and warm scent. It is quite strong and if you apply it gingerly it is one of the best out there. A little goes a long way. Seeing some posts saying they gag on the stuff well this is not cheap stuff that you drown yourself in. One of my favs.

  • TARAOHARA04/22/2004

    To LK..Trust me...YOu would like it..My husband and I wear the angel together..We have got quite a few compliments on them...They work really well together..

  • JIMMIE04/14/2004

    This is a really comforting 'flavour'. It makes one feel cosy and content, especially on the dry-down. It eases stress. Very relaxing stuff.

  • MIKEE04/14/2004

    I recieved this scent as a gift...and am very pleased with it. it is extremely strong, and you might have to test it out a few times to see how much is needed on you personally. i love the sweet smell of it and it calms me down believe it or not lol. the only negative thing i've heard about it is that it made people hungry. ::shrugs:: dunno why.

  • A LITTLE ADVICE03/22/2004

    This is a great scent but one has to be careful concerning the amount. It doesn't take much and it would be best to wear it low on the body. I won't wear it above the stomach. People will notice it and without gagging. And especially keep in mind that women have extra sensitive noses. So go easy when wearing Angel. Amen.

  • ERIC03/11/2004

    I just have to say that Rochas Man smells much better than Angel. I can't imagine paying so much money to offend every other person you run into. People either like it for some reason, or as more often I've found is the case, they loathe it.

  • W.B.03/03/2004




  • STUART02/27/2004

    It's funny but someone posted named Tarbaby. I immediately thought that tar is what this smells like. It reminds me of the smell from those tar machines road workers use to pave roads.

  • MARCO02/11/2004

    This cologne smells GREAT. It will remind you of smelling valilla out of your mom's kitchen, but more masculine. You don't need the silver case that you refill...just order the refill itself. Enjoy.

  • NEW YORKER01/31/2004

    This is one of the best scents ever made. It is the type of scent that lasts all day long. That's a good thing, sure, but the best part is the smell itself, it is just sexy, this is a very upperclass smell. If you like sophisticated luxuries get this scent. Probably one of the best scents made apart from Must de Cartier by Cartier and Rocabar by Hermes.

  • TARBABY01/08/2004

    Seems like there are a lot of different opinions about this stuff, as in you either love it or hate it. Longer lasting scents do appeal to me and I generally prefer them stronger. The notes which it carries are similar to scents such as Pi and Rochas as well as Opium which I particularly enjoy. I have been told it is quite nice as long as the user goes gingerly when applying it and is not to trigger happy when spraying it on. Some detailed opinions from both a female and male perspective would be quite appreciated.

  • TERRENCE12/21/2003

    Amazing scent...smells edible. I put some on my hands yesterday evening around 9pm, and after showering this morning I can STILL smell it at 10:20am. A little goes a long way INDEED! Highly recommended.

  • DANIEL12/16/2003

    I bought it and it was a bad mistake. Very bad smell, very strong smell like something bad. I smelled it on others and i don t like it.

  • TBM12/10/2003

    This is a great scent. I've been told by more than one girl that I smell like somthing to eat while wearing Angel. And it does smell almost edible. Angel is also very long lasting...lasts all day! Spray a little on and you'll see.

  • MEESTER SMEETH11/27/2003

    I haven't bought any Angel Amen yet but plan to. I had some samples recently and liked it. Very unique. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Too much can actually cause headaches for the wearer and those around him/her.

  • AGA11/19/2003

    mmm... delicious! I could not get enough of it. It is sexy, powerful and yet very sweet. It's fragrance reminds me of Godiva chocolates in Christmas. Angel is defenetly for that alfa-male. Irresistable, one and only.

  • DANIEL09/20/2003

    I had just turned 21 and when I decided to get a cologne, this is what I was looking for. Firstly it's got to be French (forget politics) and secondly sophistication with essences such as vanilla and a hint of coffee. This product has what it takes to attract the opposite sex. It's great.

  • ANDY09/18/2003

    I think this scent is very masculine in it's own way. It is so different you won't smell one like it! that goes for Rochas Man and Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier to!

  • MAURICIO08/11/2003

    Yes, Amen is too sweet and strong at the same time. If you preffer a really masculine and strong fragance try Jaipur, gucci Envy, Minotaure, Bulgary Homme, those are really masculine, formal and fantastic fragances. Enjoy

  • ALLEN07/25/2003

    Wonderful scent with hints of chocolate, coffee and other pleasures. You can control the strength by the number of spritzes. Lasts all day. A winner.

  • ALLEN07/21/2003

    I really like this. Very unusual. Scent is a little of chocolate, coffee, etc., just like the description. Scent lasts all day.

  • SACALU'07/18/2003

    Mario you are so right. This is the best fragrance ever created. I also heard it is afrodisiac. Is excelent.

  • DAVID06/29/2003

    I actually love many European fragrances. Both France and Italy produce some of the best fragrances on the planet, but Angel Amen is, by far, one of the worst. It smells like putrid chocolate that has fermented under the heat of the sun, combined with the most rancid caramel/tar combination. After tying some on, I couldn't take a shower quick enough just to wash the stuff off. It literally gagged me, but that is just my opnion, mind you.

  • TOM06/27/2003

    This is one of the most god awful perfumes I have smelt. I would rather smell dog shit. I cannot see how anyone can like it. This definitely smell very cheap and atrocious. I wouldn't own this cologne if it were free. Someone would have to pay me to wear this horrible cologne

  • MARIO C06/25/2003


  • CRIS06/19/2003

    Sophisticated, complex, opulent, unusual, sweet, very french,one of the best.Definitely not for all that stupid americans without any sophistication.For you, TOMMY and Calvin are the best. Use them, and let french ones for conoiseurs.

  • MARCUS06/16/2003

    one of the strogest smelling,nasty colonges ever. i actually had a strong headache from wearing it. i couldnt stand it i bought it for a 100 dollars sold it a few days later for 40 dollars best move i ever did! the girls angle perfume smells aswell

  • ERIC06/13/2003

    Unfortunately I have only smelled it on others in tight places where I couldn't escape like buses or subways. Perhaps women are drawn to this for some reason but what I smelled horrified me enough to never purchase it. I am serious my eyes watered and I actually became nauseous. To those who this agrees with more power to you.

  • MAURICIO06/09/2003


  • EDWARD06/08/2003

    I gave in, despite the cost. My woman loved it on me. REALLY loved it. Will it work for everyone? I doubt it. It's as unique a scent as you'll ever try. If it suits your chemistry, my opinion is that women will react very very positively to it.

  • JIM06/05/2003

    referred to as "A man", "A-Man". Is it the same as Angel Amen or more like Rochas Man, or even yet Europrean naming of Jil Sander's Feeling Man?

  • GAURÍ06/03/2003

    Nasty, not good. Almost horrible.

  • ANGEL06/01/2003


  • MARIUSZ05/02/2003

    This magic scent makes me feel good and relaxed! One of my best scent I ever had!!!

  • AARON04/30/2003

    "very" unique, must have the right personality to sport this. a lot of girls like, but a couple dont.

  • MITSUHIRO04/17/2003

    I like this kind of smell very much!

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/08/2003

    I had a tiny sample package of this stuff and when I tore it open I was infinitely disgusted, especially after all the hype that people have made about how great it is and everything. I think it smells like those crusty old semen stains that you sometimes find on the ceiling or walls, (not that I would know anything about that).

  • ATI04/02/2003

    This parfume is great. It's perfect. I first smelled on my ex one time and I couldn't think straight anymore. I was sold. The next we started going out and I started wearing the A*men for men. I still do. It's wonderful. You should also check out cologne by thierry mugler.

  • CHRIS04/01/2003

    Rick was right NOTHING compares to this cologne to me except maybe Micheal Kors or Chaps. It stinks to high hell. Those who like it please don't wear a lot because it will cause nasal discomfort to those around you, worse even than secondhand smoke.

  • EDUARDO03/30/2003

    This fragance is really a big problem. Is too strong. Some like, some get headache. I liked ´cause i prefer to be different from the others. I like when the office where i work smells all long the day my fragance. The problem is that it´s smell like strawberry, or burned sugar, and some girls ask if is a women´s one. It´s bad. But´s unique. Mess. So i just use once or twice a month. The coffe is very little. Buy it if you have a strong personality. For everyday use i prefer Body Kouros (yves) or Eternity (ck). I would know a perfum as strong as amen, thar last long, but with man-smell. can you help me?

  • RAIN03/26/2003

    Who needs the smell of coffee to wake you up in the morning... Just take a whiff of this. I'd recommend this if you think dowsing yourself with a super-concentrated mix of roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, and burnt sugar makes you smell great.

  • EDDIE03/18/2003

    This morning on the way to work I had the great misfortune of standing next to someone who was wearing Angel. I asked him if that's what he had on and he said yes, thinking he smelled good. To my horror it was so crowded that I had to wait several stops for him to leave the train. Thanking God that he left the train, to my dismay the stink of the fragrance lingered long after he left the train.

  • BRIAN03/12/2003

    Ya...not only is this on my top 10 worst colonges list but this just may be the worst ever. What a stupid idea putting coffee and carmel in colgone. Attention Mugler: We are making cologne here not a mocha!

  • DREW03/10/2003

    Uugh. A room full of wet dogs smells better than this. Wow this is gross. Thank God there was an invention called soap to wash this off.

  • RICK03/07/2003

    WOW! This is the best thing ever created!! I've worn a lot of perfumes --30 to 40-- during the last year, and believe me, NOTHING compares to Angel. It's a mood bumper. If someone could put sexual attraction and style into a bottle, that someone would deffinitely be Thierry Mugler. (Five stars is not enough!)

  • BOB03/06/2003

    I got a sample of this stuff. What in the #@!$ is this garbage. Thank God I washed it off and put the greatness of Desire Blue on. Whew

  • ARNOLD R.03/01/2003

    Although I think there's an interesting base of elements here for a talented designer to use and make something good with, this stuff is. Just. Too. Sweet. After a couple of hours, I started to develop a pounding headache from the cloying reek of this cologne. It's not the unorthodox elements (well, unorthodox to me, anyway) that offend, it's the damned sweetness. God, it's overbearing. Other than that, let me also say that it does kind of smell like you've spilled a Mocha Latte all over yourself. You can certainly smell the coffee and chocolate in it. But that's not bad, I think it's kind of neat. Angel is different, it has character -- though I could see someone make the point that maybe it has too much character. But, at the end of the day, this stuff is just too sweet. And it's too bad, because I want to like this one, in spite of itself.

  • DAWN02/06/2003

    Reminds me of ass gasses layered with chocolate. Very repulsive fragrance.

  • DEVIL-MAN02/03/2003

    It goes on smelling a bit acrid and harsh -- similar to deer-piss! Ugh! However, in a few minutes, the fragrance mellows out and takes on a long-lasting, sweet chocolately scent. One of my favorites! It's good if you don't mind the initial odor when you first put it on.

  • BEN02/02/2003

    Yes- it does have a bizarre cotten candy smell to it, but I think put on lightly, it has an amazing scent.

  • DOUG01/28/2003

    It seems Reuben hasn't read the other posts from the females on this site. Maybe it's me, but doesn't look like "All" women like this nasty smelling stuff.

  • MIKE01/26/2003

    if your looking for a scent ALL women love,you won't be disappointed.who cares what other guys think.definately a saturday night scent

  • REUBEN01/23/2003

    Why pay for this cologne. Just walk to any dumpster and scoop some gook off the side and put that on your neck. That would smell better than Amen.

  • SAM01/21/2003

    This is some kinda nasty smelling. Most women say it makes them nauseous to smell it. I would have to agree. It is truly a foul olfactory experience to say the least.

  • DOUG01/21/2003

    Thanks for telling us uninformed folk how fragrance should be worn. This fragrance though should only be used in very minute amounts so as not to offend the masses who find it stinks.

  • BRANDO01/19/2003

    I purchased this scent a while ago and love the smell. I have recieved lots of positive feedback.....what attracted me to it is how much it smells like candy. Very original...nothing like it. Lasts long also

  • MAURICIO01/13/2003

    Just too sweet for me, and i think its very similar to women version

  • JOE01/10/2003

    Angel for Men isn't for everyone, but I find it intoxicating. Maybe the problem everyone is having with negative comments from others is that they don't know how to wear fragrance. It should only be apparent to someone who is VERY close. It is worn for special people, not for the entire room. Grow up folks.

  • ANGELO01/08/2003

    Smells like something rotten is in it. Disgusting perfume. My brother wears it and nobody in the family can stand him or this Angel he wears.

  • ATLNATIVE2901/03/2003

    This stuff does smell like you're being smothered in cotton candy and you can't breathe afterwards! The only thing worse than Angel for Men is Angel for Women!

  • MONICA SVOBODA12/30/2002

    I just love this fragrance on my boyfriend. It's not overpowering, yet so intriguing and sensual. But it will smell somewhat different on other people, but I feel it's definitely worth trying out. There is an aphrodisiac somewhere in there. Must be the patchouli. Yum!!!

  • JEFF12/29/2002

    This one just screams "Hey, I just turned 21 and want a cologne to knock the chicks down at the club tonight". And Jenny.....your posts and comments regarding the sexual preference of men who don't like the same fragrances that get you hot reflect your young age and are offensive and immature. I absolutely despise this fragrance, and since I have no interest in "getting your juices flowing", I'll wear something that does not make ME sick. Fair enough?

  • CHARLES12/25/2002

    I finally actually got the courage to try on this scent. I was so wrong in my prior post the scent is amazing! Deep muted woody tones over slightly sharp sweet notes. I got to complements too. I guess it does go to show you really have to try a scent on your skin before really making comment on it. Sorry guy I take it all back this stuff is beautiful.

  • CHARLES12/13/2002

    Spare us Jen. Your moistness doesn't make you Duncan and Hines. This stuff smells and smells bad. Whoever you romp and roam with is your business. Just because someone doesn't like this vile stagnant toilette water doesn't make them any less of a man. The descriptions of your body fluids is kinda personal.

  • JENNIFER X12/08/2002

    Again Boys, this.... gets...... me and my girlfriends not only moist but hot like an inferno. If you like woman, you'll use this . If not check out other guys......

  • CHARLES11/20/2002

    Mr. King expects us to think that because we don't wear this heavy, cloying, nasty mess that we have no class or style? This is in the high class of English Leather or Polo Chaps. I don't care what you like as long as I don't gotta smell you.

  • KING COLOGNE11/18/2002

    I really wish i had gotten this sooner. I've just discovered how amazing this fragrance is. seven of my bodies went out to get this they loved it so much, and the three times i've worn it, i've received 8 compliments. Caution...this is not for the fresh fragrance lovers "lucky you,cool water,chrome" and all the water smelling crap...this is meant for people with class and style!

  • DON11/18/2002

    One of the worst available. I have to agree with the others who dislike it. Horrible fragrance. Don't just listen to us, try it yourself and you'll be just as devastated. If not you, then those around you.

  • ADY11/13/2002

    Unique fragrance. There's nothing beter out there. All the other fragrances are soooo common and boring. There's nothing special about them. But this...this is too good! If u have style wear this!

  • JASON11/13/2002

    Peter must live in a very small town to think this is the very best out there. This really is nasty smelling, cloying and nauseating. Body funk smells better. Try smelling something else besides at the local Rite Aid and you may realize there are far better fragrances to choose from.

  • PETER11/12/2002

    This is the best cologne out there.

  • MARLENE10/23/2002

    You probably are sweet and warm in so many ways but i'd only want to try all your stuff without the Angel on. sorry but it really doesn't do it.

  • HOUSTON COZZALIO10/22/2002

    The best cologne I've ever owned. The women I've met seem to love it. It is sweet and me:)

  • CHARLES10/19/2002

    Well luckily I can't agree that other than Joop this is the only original thing out there to choose from. This is just too strong and people tend to dread when they smell the scent in close confines. Maybe the police could throw this stuff into hostage situations to stink the criminals out or use it like the gas they throw into banks, etc. when its being held up. I just hope none of this ever seeps into our oceans and waterways for there are already too many endangered species.

  • ARMANDO C. MARTINEZ10/13/2002

    i love this stuff. i don't sick of it and don't intend to stop wearing it if others don't like it. A good daring, masculine men's fragrance that's a tad close to the women's version but hey, what guy doesn't love what some women wear and wouldn't want to smell as good as some of them do. This is the answer. A watershed fragrance for men. Not since Joop for men has a man been able to make a statement by his cologne other than smelling like all the same oceanic, Calvin Klein stuff out there. every man smells like Tommy or Polo sport. a bit tired i feel but hey, i a man that likes to stand out amongst the crowd in a subtle way. Forever Angel Men.

  • DAVID10/03/2002

    This is nasty smelling stuff. It should be part of our chemical warfare stockpile. Maybe we could spray this on U.S. enemies like Saddam Hussein. If this won't kill him nothing will.

  • JENNIFER X09/30/2002

    This rocks my World.

  • LUCYAN09/30/2002


  • BETHANY09/27/2002

    This stuff smells really bad. Extremely sweet and nauseating, I would not like to smell this on a man-EVER. AMEN.

  • JAMES C09/26/2002

    I got a sample of this. This is similar to the perfume - too rich. This does not smell like cologne yet it is very good for insect repelant.

  • ERIC MOESER09/20/2002

    This scent is intoxicating!! It amazes me that I haven't seen anyone mention the fact that this smells like incense. (Maybe just on my skin.) I get an absolutely spiritual experience when wearing this, and the sweet food-like qualities give a sense of comfort. I highly recommend this!

  • ANGELO09/17/2002

    I would say rotten candy smell fits this stuff best. Few fragrances make me gasp for fresh air like this one. Someone said you could smell the same smell in a dumpster and I have to agree. This stuff really is bad.

  • ANITA08/29/2002

    This is the most repulsive smell I think I can remember. Styleless is more like it. I would use this stuff only as an insecticide.

  • ALEXANDROS08/26/2002

    That's what u have to have to wear this AMAZING fragrance!!! It's UNIQUE!!! VERY HIGH QUALITY!!!

  • JULIA08/19/2002

    Best fragrance ever on which planet? My boyfriend came by one day stinking with this stuff on and I made him shower it off. I would rather him wear pure oil of skunk than this "cologne".

  • MARLENE08/19/2002

    Luckily most of us don't know you or those you know. But those who love this don't really matter for who wants to know people without good taste. Horrible stuff.

  • ANGELFAN08/17/2002

    THIS IS THE BEST FRAGRANCE EVER!!!. Everybody loves it(at least women do) and the ones who don't they don't matter. Every person i know adores it. BRAVO MR. MUGLER!! Cologne is awesome too!!!

  • MARLENE08/15/2002

    No, most women don't like this whether one bathes in it or not. The fragrance is unpleasant to smell. YOU may like it, but those why do those who don't (the vast majority) have to fall into the "Jovan" category? Just keep this rancorous, acrimonious stuff away from me.

  • FARNWYDE08/14/2002

    Just read some of the comments by the Jovan crowd... Yes, it is powerful. Yes, you must know when to wear it. Yes, a bath with it shows ignorance. Guys, the women love it.

  • TOM08/07/2002

    And let's hope it stays in the clubs. Horrible overpowering cologne.

  • SINGH08/07/2002

    Wearing ANY of it gives me a headache. This is unbearable. I smell folks on the subway with it and it makes you sick since you can't run on the crowded train.

  • GLENN07/30/2002

    I once had this colonge and its a deffinite must have for every collection. Off course u need to know when to wear it, its best for the clubs.

  • STU07/24/2002

    Andrea says you must have style and class to wear this one. Well I must have no style or class cause this stuff plain stinks to me. I cringe when I smell someone with this on on the subway and have to move away from this awful elixir (more like sewer water).

  • ERIC07/19/2002

    I read all the "best ever made" and "best out there" comments and laugh. "Best to you" and "best out there to me" is more like it. I can't take the smell of this. It reminds me of nestle's cocoa in an unpleasant way. It is expensive and smells almost exactly like Animale Animale which is like one-third the price, for those who like smelling like nestles quick pick up Animale Animale instead.

  • BRENDAN07/19/2002

    This stuff stinks, don't waste your money!!!

  • TIGERLILY07/10/2002

    This is one of my faves on my husband. It smells like a cup of Earl Grey tea and a chocolate bar! Delish!

  • TINA07/03/2002

    I'm a girl, but the instant I smelt this fragrance on a guy, I rushed out and bought it. I wear it especially when I go out at night- it gets you in a great mood. All my friends know when I've been around because they can smell me and the fragrance lingers on my clothes. It gets attention out in public and people actually stop and ask me what fragrance Im wearing. I feel somewhat embarrassed telling them it's a mens fragrance but its worth it when people start sniffing me and tell me I smell fine!

  • ALIOU07/01/2002

    girls go crazy for this stuff, I get compliments every single day i wear it. But go easy on it, to much of it will give you headache

  • KEN06/23/2002

    Why spend $55 for this fragrance, when you can walk by a dumpster and ger the same smell. Got this as a gift, and gave it away 2 weeks later. I mean this is just horrible stuff, attracts the flies, not the ladies. Points for the bottle though, but it ends there.

  • ANGELBOY06/21/2002

    Oh my God!!I've never seen such reactions from women when I'm wearing this fragrance. It's like, this scent, screams sex to them. They ALL ADORE IT. They start to lick it from me. If u want to get a girl just wear Angel A*men. She will be your's.

  • TERESA05/23/2002

    This is one of the best fragrances for men out there. Worth every cent!

  • ANDREEA05/15/2002

    Well my booyfriend wears this amazing fragrance and everytime he wears it women are obsessed with him. I've seen this on his female friends. The interesting thing is that this obssesion happens only when he wears this fragrance. This is a truely unique and beautiful fragrance. U must have style and taste to wear this.

  • BRIAN05/13/2002

    EWWWWWWW! This is all I have to say about Tierry Mugler's disgrace to this so called "cologne". Motor oil on my body sounds more appealing. If you want to attract some flys but this crap on! I am a cologne lover and got a sample of this after buying the perfume ( which is very good ). The Cologne is nothing like the perfume. The cologne has some of the worst ingrediants possible. I mean they use tobacco , carmel and coffee for god's sake. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with this junk.

  • JASON04/30/2002

    Does anyone else think this cologne has a cotten candy smell?

  • SKIP04/30/2002

    I read these posts and had to try it so I ordered the mini.This stuff does attract attention.My wife loves it so I just ordered a big bottle.

  • GIANFRANCO03/28/2002

    Cacthy title hum, well it's the truth. This fragrance is just so dam controversial you gotta have balls to wear it. No matter were you go or what occasion if what you want is a reaction this is the one, however you have to be ready for the compliments and the not so complimentary remarks. Angel seems to be one of those fragrances that people either love or hate it rest assured if what you want is to attract attention this is for you. It is also a very moody fragrance depending on your state of mind. Also it is never the same from one guy to the next. People tell me that I smell like the County Fair when I wear it; I guess it brings back some cotton candy filled childhood recollections. Ciao Gianfranco

  • AL LEBLANC03/22/2002

    I would have to say the Angel is the longest lasting purfume that I have ever tried. I can put in on in the am and still smell it when I go to bed. My all time favorite and always get compliments when I wear it. Woman love it on me. Kind of makes them melt.

  • MARTY03/18/2002

    This stuff rocks, Gentlemen! As a Smoker, I need a product with staying power! Get the large bottle and go a head and order the large refill. The price here is a 30 - 40 dollar savings from Dillards, etc....Get it and enjoy. It is worth it. Marty

  • PAUL01/21/2002

    For he has created heaven on earth with Angel Men(A*Men)! The scent is very rich and distinctive made just for us who wish not to smell like the mass market scent lovers, you know who you are(eterntiy, ckone, cool water). I will never make another scent come before thee for when I have this scent on I feel the stars are within reach. Bless you Thierry your a genius! Paul

  • STEVE01/15/2002

    hey there- i've worn this fragrance over a year (and many others) and i really love it... it is probably the strangest fragrance ever, and the women's is too... i can almost guarantee that if YOU like angel for women, you'll like angel men... but that doesn't mean your man will... in all honesty, most guys i know do NOT like it... most girls i know love it and compliment me every time i wear it... hope this helps. ;) also, go to and request a sample.. they will certainly send you one.

  • PETRONIJE01/13/2002

    no message

  • LK01/04/2002

    ..great smell!...deep sexy for man...

  • JASON12/19/2001

    I personally think that scent smells like a mixture of coffee, tar, mocha, and caramel. I personally do not like it but to each there own . you either love it or hate it!

  • L.K.12/19/2001

    hi all Thiery Muglers fans...I am female and using it!!and I am courios how the Angel-Amen smell like...can someone out there describe it to me??thank you...

  • RODRIGO12/11/2001

    I think Angel is unique and diferent..a very great combination of diferents notes..since when i bought my first bottle of amen i can't use another perfume. Its imposible that this perfume is for everybody because not smell the same in all the persons..but definitive the #1

  • MR SMELLSOGOOD11/13/2001

    just wear a chocolate milkshake...very overated,and everyone i know cant stand it

  • JOHN11/02/2001

    Didn't work for me, though it would probably work better with others. In fact, from the other posts, it seems it definitely worked for them. Very unique. I think this is the first cologne I've encountered w/ (strong) chocolate notes.

  • CRAIG10/24/2001

    This fragrance smells great on me and women seem to really like it.

  • MARYUS10/09/2001

    Oh my God!! This is the best fragrance ever.It's not just me but absolutely everyone who is around me when I wear A*men love this scent.And the girls adore it(and they adore me also). Angel for men is the best aphrodisiac in the world.

  • BEARUK09/23/2001

    When Amen was released I tried a sample in Harrods of London. 'Interesting!' I thought. After leaving the store I was stopped by a woman on the street. 'You're wearing Amen' she said, 'I just love it!'. Needless to say I ran back to Harrods to buy it. Now my bathroom looks like a Thierry Mugler outlet! Oh, and if you want to try something different from Thierry Mugler, contact me, [email protected] about COLOGNE, the new fragrance from Thierry Mugler.

  • KEVIN09/22/2001

    Not a scent for the extremely masculine, it's actually very similar to an equally expensive women's called Wish by Chopard. But don't let that fact fool you, I have had more compliments from women who work in my building than one would believe. A few of my close friends call it the "Take Me Now" cologne!!!!!

  • JOE07/28/2001

    The one-of-a-kind, warm, vanilla, caramel, chocolate tones of this scent make it my favorite. I want to wear something different but cannot find anything I like better.

  • STEVE07/18/2001

    i LOVE angel by thierry mugler, but it IS very unique and i can understand those of you that don't care for it HOWEVER!... i couldn't believe what i was hearing/reading about the similarities between this and the women't victoria's secret version... with all due respect, you guys must not be able to tell the difference between the scent of an apple and the scent of an onion... they are not remotely similar!!! give thierry mugler a try! and all you ladies, try angel for women... completely unique and wonderful.

  • CHARLES07/11/2001

    This is hands down the bet men's fragrance ever. I think it could probably stop traffic. It is sweet yet so warm. An excellent winter fragrance. Gets more attention than anything I have ever worn and I am a fragrance freak!

  • PJ06/27/2001

    This is the only scent I wear, I bought my first bottle in England when it was available in Europe before the States. The scent is very unique and woman are majorly attracted to it, I had one woman say to me "I could just stand near you all day!.

  • AMBER01/09/2001

    My boyfriend had a sample of this scent and the moment he sprayed it on, we both almost fainted! He kept on smelling like a pancake for the rest of the day. It wasn't quite pleasant. This smell is a very very sweet one. Not our type of perfume!

  • DODGE12/29/2000

    This is my favorite perfume now. It is sweet but still different from jean Paul Gaultier, Lolita Lempicka and Yohji Yamamoto.

  • SUSAN RESGER12/13/2000

    I just love my boyfriend in the new Angel scent. I have the Victoria's Secret version, and they smell exactly the same!!! It's like we're twins or something!

  • JOHN D.12/13/2000

    I love the new Angel scent...but it seems very similar to that of the women's one at Victoria's Secret. Could it be the same??????

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