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Aromatic Elixir   

245 Reviews

Aromatic Elixir was created by Clinique in 1971 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh and woodsy with oakmoss, white jasmine, chamomile and patchouli.

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Aromatic Elixir was created by Clinique in 1971 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh and woodsy with oakmoss, white jasmine, chamomile and patchouli.

  • BARRY COOK11/10/2018

    My wife was very pleased with the fragrance purchase...

  • SHIRLEY TAYLOR10/07/2017

    This is a great perfume. I have used it for years. You only need a little as it is very strong. My main go to Perfume is Chanel #5. But I love this one too. Try it and see if you like it.

  • MARTY PINK07/28/2016

    Everybody's skin is different,and different perfumes react to skin in various ways. I have tried them all, and this is the one for me. Superb!

  • ANN05/31/2013

    My favourite perfume which lasts all day. I get comments every time I wear it.

  • NITA12/08/2012


  • GINA12/01/2012

    Clinique has been making & selling this perfume for over 40 yrs, which is a fair testament to how beautiful this product is.

  • JEAN10/18/2012

    Been using it for 30 + years I always get compliments I don't use anything else love it.

  • KAROLE HORWOOD08/17/2012

    Aromatics by Clinique is an excellent purchase

  • EBRU ÖNER07/18/2012

    This perfume makes me happy :) Aromatic Elixir is my daily perfume for two years and really it gives me the feeling of confidence and wellness. Many thanks to Perfume Emporium for the quick delivery and good service !

  • CB02/10/2012

    Disappointed with the latest purchase of aromatics elixir. There seems to be a change in the formular and it smells like something is missing and it does not last as long as it use to. Bring back the old formular!

  • SUSAN WRIGHT02/03/2012

    My favourite perfume of all time. Very different to anything else on the market and there are so many fragrances that smell the same. My signature fragrance. I love it.

  • ALISON12/28/2011

    brilliant product and great value.couldn't be beaten anywear.also great communication as I asked about delivery and had a very polite and quick response

  • GERALDINE POTTER12/21/2011

    Good value product

  • RAD10/28/2011

    I am over 40 and I have been wearing this fragrance since high school! When I say it is the absolute best thing since sliced bread- I am not exaggerating! This fragrance is intoxicating- my partner loves to rest on my chest just to smell me... it's so stimulating!

  • SALLY FOX10/10/2011

    my sister was wearing it i said what perfume are you wearing and she said sally burton yes richard burton gave it to her as they are friends i i had some given me and i havent stoped wearing it

  • NICOLE09/21/2011

    I finally purchased a bottle after many years. I don't know what took me so long because I love the Clinique skin care line. I wore this to the store one day and while standing in line a gentleman commented that I smelled intoxicating just before asking me out. Guess my body chemistry works well with this fragrance.

  • SHEILA08/26/2011

    Love, love, lovbe, this perfume. It is the only one I buy. Just received a gift set from Galaxy, going to order some more soon.

  • MARIE07/22/2011


  • ANITA07/20/2011

    This perfume is very unique, works best as a winter perfume, amazing, try the aromatics body smoother for summer, you will smell beautiful all day

  • BARB C06/21/2011

    everytime I wear this , someone always asks me what it is, they say it is the best thing they have ever smelled....every single time.....

  • HATTIE M. CUMMINGS06/10/2011

    This is the best colonge I've ever used wouldn't use anything else, so many people comments on nice I smell and want to buy it

  • BARBARA06/04/2011

    ive been using the clinique range from makeup to the perfume,and I find it all beautiful,especially the aromatics perfume and the body smoother which I use as an every day perfume.the scent is intoxicating and I have been using it for 20 years ,and also get lots of compliments when people smell it

  • MARGARET05/10/2011

    Been wearing it for 15 years and still at least 10 people each year ask for its name, so that they can buy some.

  • JOHANNA04/06/2011

    Over the years I have waxed and wained about this fragrance. At one stage I was using it as a room deodorant spray. It can be overly strong for personal use and is best if applied well before venturing out. Overall it always smells sophsticated and sultry and does create comment. I loooove it.

  • PATRICIA01/17/2011

    Smells so good and NEVER fails to get compliments--it's lush and spicy and the best, especially durint the winter! Mmmm!!

  • PAULINE BARBER12/15/2010

    it would be nice if they gave you the price for the perfume, unfortunately i will have to find it from another site.

  • JILL12/10/2010

    I have worn this cologne for many,many years and always get compliments. It's got a fresh,slightly spicey scent..but not good on every body!

  • INGRA08/12/2010

    I spent a week as a child with my auntie Rita, at the age of 13. When I returned home from my visit my mom loved the scent. She immediately called autie Rita, for the name. and we have been wearing it ever since. I am now 46 yrs old, and still get compliments. It is a fragrance that must work with your body chemistry. Not for everyone

  • MINNIE05/11/2010

    I love this fragrance. My sister inlaw gave me a bottle of this perfume when I entered high school. This has been my favorite fragrance.

  • TERESA02/20/2010

    It smells better and better as the day wears on and stays in your clothes. I get a lot of compliments from those who know a good fragrance.

  • BARBARA12/21/2009

    I have worn this perfume for several years my husband got it for me ,he is gone (Divorce)but the perfume lasts.....

  • CATHERINE11/30/2009

    Smelling Aromatics Elixir on a strip and especially in the air following a string of "modern" fragrances is like watching Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep after twelve tacky episodes of Friends. The thing fills the room with such a confident presence that it is hard to countenance the fact that Bernard Chant was using the same fragrance materials as everyone else. In his hands everything becomes larger and lighter than life. His trademark structure of a bold herbaceous-patchouli-floral accord buttressed by a chiaroscuro of dozens of related balsamic notes produced very sultry, grown-up fragrances like Cabochard and Cinnabar. It works even better when done in the bright, fresh, herbaceous almost medicinal manner of Aromatics Elixir. Aromatics Elixir achieves at once salubrious radiance and luxurious dusk, a balancing act to my knowledge only attained since by Patou`s Sublime. A masterpiece.

  • JANET11/29/2009

    Out of all the perfumes I own and have tried over the years, I get more compliments on my Aeromatics Elixer. People have to realize that what smells good on one person might smell good on everyone. I use to go crazy over perfume and buy them all. I know now that is a waste of money. You have to find what works for you. My Boss loves this perfume and when I wear it I always get asked what am I wearing. So to the people commenting here that it stinks, or smells like an old lady, maybe it does on some people, but on me it smells good. I might be getting older, but I get compliments from younger men and I have been in a relationship with a man 9 years younger than me

  • R08/21/2009

    One of my coworkers wears this and it is awful!! I have never smelled anything so strong and so stinky.You can smell it even 5 minutes after she's left the room. If you're in the elevator with her you can taste it. I do not recommend this to anyone!

  • SCENT05/18/2009

    Well you mind as well rub a sweaty nylon stocking all over you worn by a cashier that been on her feet all day at the local 7 Eleven - actually you may even smell better than Aromatics. Sorry but that is a man's opinion on this horrid stuff they call perfume?

  • MELANIE 02/26/2009

    I tested aromatics & I was quite impressed. The lasting power is really good and i totally agree with marlys' review, it truly is delightful in small doses. I think I'll use it for special occasions only.

  • CHARMAGNE GARCIA01/27/2009

    this is the MOST wonderful smell in the world! using it 30 yrs.Lasts all day & I get compliments from everyone!! I LOVE T

  • VAL12/20/2008

    In regards to the Toxic comment if you are a smoker of course this fragrance is not going to smell good on you. I don't think any fragrance will. My supervisor wore this fragrance and it smelled absolutely wonderful on her. Everyone use to comment on how great she smelled everyday.

  • HATTIE CUMMINGS12/17/2008

    It is the best powder Ive ever used, every where I go people says how good I smell, I had to order it from somewhere online and I am savoring the last little bit I have left.Why on earth did they discontinued it, all the clinique elixir fragances smell soooooo good.

  • AMIRA10/12/2008

    Hi I am trying to find fashion fair's Zahra but noticed it isnt available in your store. I have been every where on the net in search of this fragrance.

  • ANN10/12/2008

    Sexy, Sensual, Seductive. 1 Spray does it. I own body lotion and shower gel and the EDP plus the Velvet Sheer as well. I love all of them. Discovered Aromatics when a friend of mine was wearing it. Truly a beautiful sexy scent. Hope Aromatics never stops making it!!!!

  • ANN09/28/2008

    I smelled this perfume on a girlfriend of mine who I work with. At first it came across as really strong but as the day went on this scent on her took on a sexy, powdery, wonderful smell. There were really so many things going on with this scent that I could not put my finger on it. I do agree with others that have posted on this site that the keys to this scent are: 1.) Apply lightly...a little goes a long way 2.)Drydown...this scent does go on strong but once it dries down it is heavenly!!!! I did not care for this scent just smelling it from the bottle. Even the lotions smelled from the bottle are strong. But if you have the right skin chemistry to wear this scent...give it a try. will smell very differnently when first applied as opposed to 30 minutes to an hour later. I love this stuff and have found my new signature scent!!!!

  • VICKI08/31/2008

    My favorite. My daughter also hates it, but, compliments rule, never fails to get attention, from men and women. Mysterious, sensual,sexy. They better never change it.

  • EVE08/04/2008

    Oh Aromatic Elixer. Always good to wear. A lovely relaxing oriental smell. Not a smell for everyday but wonderful when you wear it.

  • SAND07/25/2008

    OMG! AE lights up the senses; especially that keen sense of smell.Men that come in contact with me follow; women inquire. My clothers, car and bed linen smell divine. It heightens the sexual senses and can be defined as nothing less than heavenly.

  • DIANE04/07/2008

    The dry down is quite nice--it's the 2-3 hours it takes wearing it to get it there. TOOO strong initially.

  • LIZZIE02/16/2008

    If I spray this on a wrist my parents' cat goes crazy licking and biting it, which sounds cute but it seems to upset him so I avoid it when I'm going to see him. I like it every so often but I don't think it smells nearly as good on me as it does on some others.

  • GYPSY01/26/2008

    this is the only perfume I've ever tried that does actually have a calming effect on people, AFTER it fades out through the day. on first spray it's rather pungent and earthy, ( a bit old some might say) but after the day it's one of those fragrances that make your clothes smell great and many people will compliment you.

  • JAZZY12/19/2007

    I miss read the first the previous title and thought it said delightful to small dogs instead of doses. This scent smells like a big wet dog yes it smells like doggy odor. Yak!

  • MARLYS10/11/2007

    I tried this fragrance again today for the first time in years. Back then when my skin was oilier, AE was too much. Now it is a perfect fit. I find the scent to be clean and fresh in small doses and it lasts all day. The body wash and lotion are rich and creamy and, on my skin, are a bit smokier than the EDP. I'm so glad that this works for me now. AE smells like a beautiful autumn day.

  • PERFUMER09/04/2007

    Wonderful clean yet spicy scent. Very distinct. My signature winter scent - this one and Chanel Coco. Love this. If it works for you, it is the bomb!!!!

  • LEELEEYA04/28/2007

    This is really terrible one me. My friend wore it, and she smells wonderful. I guess different chemistry, so I'l rate so-so cause I semi-like it, but not on my skin.

  • JUDI W*04/14/2007

    When this first came out, I bought a bottle, because it wasn't the typical flowery, candy, fruity scent. It's kind of green & herbal, not bad, but not for me. I've smelled it on others, it smells clean, but boring. Not exciting, provocative, or interesting enough for me to wear.

  • GRETCHEN03/21/2007

    Magie Noire to me. I tried this one out the other night- I'm not saying it's an exact replica, but pretty close- spicy, sassy! When I run out of my Magie, maybe I'll purchase this one. So far, this is the only Clinique scent that has appealed to me.

  • CK03/09/2007

    Good scent if wearer is gentle. It's a little potent...Beware! Don't overdue this one it will become very annoying as I experienced. Older woman wore this and I saw her frequently. She wore this everyday! She must of had the soap, lotion and the fragrance! You could smell her waaay before she got to you. This has a classic air about it. Nice when applied right. If you can't get the real thing, try using bergamot and earl grey tea scent oils it's almost similar in scent!

  • LINDA FROM ENGLAND02/11/2007

    This perfume stays with you all day the body lotion is also great , i have lost count of the number of compliments i have received when wearing it

  • KAY02/09/2007

    Love this one. I've worn on and off for over 20 yrs. Very lasting scent and if it works for you - you are lucky!

  • MICHELLE01/31/2007

    A friend of mine wore this in the early 90's and it always smelled fantastic on her. I bought a bottle and it smelled okay on me, but nothing real great. I tried to like this one as I love Clinique products, but I guess it just wasn't for me. It does last a very long time on the skin and on your clothes. This could be positive or negative depending on the person.

  • H.01/14/2007

    What a shame if this doesn't work for you ... NEVER received a comment about Aromatics Elixir ... "you smell like you just got out of the shower" was the first comment on this one ... it doesn't get any better than that ... 6 stars hands down!

  • PIERRE12/30/2006

    It was originally introduced and intended as a men's fragrance by estee lauder. then clinique bought it and marketed towards women,I worked for clinique, and still many male clients would still purchase this for themselves. I dont like it. I think its very artificial and old smelling

  • LAMBADA12/27/2006

    This fragrance makes me sick, the worst I've ever smellt

  • SAMMY11/20/2006

    I had aromatics for a while and decided to wear it yesterday when I was invited to a movie by one of my friends. At the doorstep when I hugged him he said WOW! what a smell. Its so gorgeous! Today at work I got so many comments on how lovely I smell. I think this will be my choice for this winter.

  • DONNA11/16/2006

    i have been wearing aromatic elixir for many years. no matter where i go everyone stops me to ask what i am wearing.ihave even had to write down the spelling and where to buy for hunderds of is wonderful.

  • MERELEIGH10/12/2006

    keen observer indeed. How strange the posts are exactly the same. Who would have stumbled upon that?? I love AE, but my husband does not like it. He thinks it is musty! I think it is classic, and aquired all at the same time, and depending on the set of nostrils ;)

  • ME10/05/2006

    This stuff is wonderful. I just bought a 1.5 oz bottle - cool little glass stopper on top for $35.00 at the store. A big lighter than the original. Great for warm weather.

  • CHRISTOPHER10/03/2006

    My mom wears this, it is one of the classiest scents i have ever smelled, men or women. usually older women wear this, but this scent will make you turn your head and see who walked by you that smelled so good. I definitely recommend this for any classy female

  • KEEN OBSERVER10/02/2006

    i read your post and could not help responding to it as your choice of words are a carbon copy of what maya(one of the triplets) had said about coco perfume on 26.7.02 ! i had found the reviews of all 3 sisters most inspired and original and looked forward to reading them. yet i was under the impression that they stopped reviewing awhile ago and you were another maya who joined in later. so when i read a word to word repeat of 'that' maya's review on coco chanel perfume in 2002 written for aromatics elixir in 2006 by you i had to ask........... !

  • MAYA09/22/2006

    This has got to be good because when I wear it,the reactions I get range from the total strangers(men) who start following me around,asking if they can come closer to SMELL me better, to the bold ones who ask me out and then fall apart when I tell them I'm married,finally to the women who somehow get really hostile when they detect it on me. For those reasons my husband has asked me to wear it only when I'm with him,to diffuse many potentially unpleasant situations...Of course, I don't always keep my promises, and that,of course,is the fun part.

  • TRACIE09/09/2006

    Can someone please explain to me the difference between EDT and EDP regarding fragrances

  • JK08/28/2006

    I believe if you can smell your own perfume, you have way too much on. A dear friend wears AE, and she tells me she can never smell it on herself. Yet, it smells wonderful to others. Don't just pile on more or you will knock people over. Just know it is there even if you can't smell it.

  • MARSHA08/26/2006

    Forgot the mention in previous message, that on Sept. 1, '06, Clinique Aromatics Elixir Velvet Sheer will be launched. I'm very excited to try it!

  • MARSHA08/26/2006

    I've had AE in my fragrance collection since about 1976. I refer to it as "Walk Through." I spray it in the air and then walk through it. People either hate or love AE. I've always gotten compliments when I wear it, always by men. When I use the shower products, my hubby always comments on wonderful I smell plus the bathroom. LOL

  • MARGIE08/17/2006

    i seem to have the opposite problem. i love the scent but no matter how much i put on i can never smell it. anyone know of anything similar that might smell stronger on me?

  • STEVE07/30/2006

    Hi: you might want to try a mens scent called Aramis 900. It is an identical copy of Aeromatics Elixir. The only difference is that it is an EDT whereas aeromatics is an EDP. Aramis 900 is a lighter version of aeromatics.

  • IRMA SANCHEZ07/27/2006

    At nearly age 50 I found a perfume that I can wear daily. However, it has become difficult to find this item in the dept. store in New Mexico.

  • JAN07/25/2006

    Try Champs Elysees by Guerlain. It is very light, but not sweet. Also, it is very long lasting.

  • BARBARA07/23/2006

    I have been wearing Aromatics for 20 years and have never found anything I like any better but, I would like something lighter with the same Floral notes for summer any suggestions???

  • MADELEINE06/22/2006

    I use the elixir as a spray in my house; the scent is too strong for an asthmatic(me!) to wear. Also, it ages not as well as some other scents:at the end of the day it's quite undesirable (I have a "nose"). However, the body smoother Aromatics elixir is better suited for all day wear; which I do. And guests and clients comment about it freguently and like it. I think it's very refreshing and even...dare I say ,since I am a GRANDMOTHER!...SEXY

  • GREEKGIRL06/19/2006

    I have worn this fragrance on and off for 25 years and i must say that it is the only fragrance that i constantly get complimented on, and i have many fragrances ,just love it and will always wear it and i dont care if it smells masculine , which to me it doesnt, but even if it did i still would wear it , wonderful fragrance, hope its never discontinued.

  • MICHELLE05/17/2006

    This one reminds me of cold, cold weather. It engulfs you with scent. Very woody, spicy, lovely. I have it waiting for me now in my cabinet. As soon as September gets brisk, I can't resist wearing it again. Only one spray, half-a-spray, even. Any more, and people are annoyed that you have sucked all of the air out of the room with perfume smell.

  • A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME!05/07/2006

    Over the years I have tried many different perfumes. Many years ago I tried Aromatic after smelling it on someone else and thinking how lovely it was, but it was horrible on me. It smelt as though I had covered myself in black pepper! but recently I tried it again and it was gorgeous, not peppery at all but very sweet and fresh. I think I have at last found my very own signature scent.

  • *BARBARA W*04/29/2006

    I totally agree with you both! Perfumes (and scents in general) are so subjective and person's heaven is another's poison, and the scents you love transcend gender! For instance, I wear the men's version of Acqua di Gio because the woman's version is too sweet for me...and I get loads of compliments from both men and women. I could totally see a man wearing AE (bet it smells great on you, Steve!), but I also think this is a fabulous scent for a strong, earthy (but totally feminine) woman. For me, scent is all about mood, seasons of life, how you feel about yourself, and what kind of image you want to project to the world. For me, my perfume mood can change daily...some days I want a clean, fresh scent, and the next day I might want to be wrapped in luxurious spices and incense. I think we should all have the freedom to express ourselves through our perfumes in whatever way we wish! Fragrance should be, first and foremost, about pleasing our own whims and desires. It's one of the few truly decadent pleasures of lighten up everyone, and enjoy the diversity!

  • JULIE04/29/2006

    Like I've stated many times, I don't know why, but I just can't stand those candyish, fruity fragrances that are out there now. Since Paris Hilton & all those other famous "girls" have hit the scene, women have been caught up in all that...stuff. This may not be my favorite or even close but at least it's not Pink Sugar!!

  • DEBWOOD02/22/2006

    This is a woman scent.It is a strong long lasting scent.I have been wearing it for years and my daughter hates it.Everyone has a right to express their opinion on a fragrance.I love it,but I can see why others don't.Either you love it or hate it.My daughter says it smells like an old lady scent! Ha! And thats ok!

  • MAYA01/30/2006

    Thank you for your support. I love fragrances and to me it really does not matter who wears them. "If it smells good on you & you enjoy it then you should wear it!" That's my policy! I have a friend who LOVES Givenchy Pi and Joop! and she will just about exclusively wear those two. I too love those scents but on me they are a bit off, nothing like one her! As for Aromatic Elixir, I just think it's a fabulous fragrance. It indeed smells a little different on everyone I know, but that is a good thing. On me there is a really 'earthy' smell to it, like all the flowers are sleeping and you sense the earth breathing... I like it, truth is I wear it only once in a while since I really enjoy wearing a different scent every day... but nevertheless I really think that AE is a super-special, excellent quality fragrance.

  • ALLYSSA01/27/2006

    This fragrance smells worse than traditional medicine. It's too sharp. I feel so headache. I almost collapse when smelling this scent. Actualy it's really longlasting but considering the terrible scent of it, I wouldn't think twice about it. Actually this scent will be nicer if the concetration of the scent is decreased.

  • STEVE01/24/2006

    I agree with you maya 100% Who cares if something does not smell typically feminine or masculine. Wear what you like. As you said, scent has no gender. Perfume, though, has to have a gender attached to it for it to sell. Also as you said, perfumery is an art form and art forms do not have a gender either. People who appreciate perfumery art pay no mind to gender assingments of scents. I am a guy (not gay) and wear whatever scents i like. I am at work as i am typing this and wearing the womens classic Youth Dew. I love the spiciness of it. I also have aeromatics elixir and wear that regularly too. Nice woodsy, tree bark scent. Definitely goes either way. It may not be your typical flowery womens perfume but who cares. Its the height of perfumery art. So once again....WEAR WHAT YOU LIKE AND FORGET ABOUT GENDER CLASSIFICATION OF SCENTS. SCENTS HAVE NO GENDER!!!!

  • MAYA01/20/2006

    It's really funny to me how some women will say that this is "not a 'feminine' scent!!" As is if they were some sort of authority on what a woman's scent is supposed to be, and better yet, what EVERY woman should smell like, (in their opinion I suppose FLOWERS!), as if there were a set formula that we all had to follow, and smell just so... Well my dears I find you boring and your way of thinking sadly 'old-fashioned' and that not in a good way either... I am talking about those who have found themselves in a situation where they just simply had to comment even though they obviously are clueless when it comes to quality or the art of perfume! I laugh every time I read that one of the 'ladies' says... that this or that fragrance is so 'masculine' so they could or would never wear it... it's even funnier that they make these uneducated decision based on first impressions or just word of the mouth rumors without even trying things for themselves... And when I say trying, I mean really giving it a try... See, with fragrance you have to have patience and respect... They are works of art that you may not get at first glance or whiff... (Granted there are obviously scents that just won't please all of us, and that too is a good thing, but to dismiss a scent by labeling it as 'masculine' is not fair! Then again there is issue of 'chemistry' we have to keep in consideration... some will work for you and others will just not... but in my opinion there is really not a single scent out there that is either only for a man or only for a women...

  • SR12/27/2005

    I dont know why so many people are saying this is feminine. ITS NOT!!!!!! Chanel 5 is feminine and so is Anais Anais. I can see this smelling good on a man, but NOT a woman. For all you girls that like this, would you still love it so much if it was marketed to men???? The answer is NO. Then you would all be saying its to masculine for women.

  • DJ12/22/2005

    will also like Quelques Fleurs L Qriginal by Houbigant, that perfume is a must have with your other perfumes. please go over to that sight and read you wont be sorry.

  • MARTINA12/21/2005

    Its a very earthy, classy, deep womanly smell. Its a fragrance that epitomises all that is female , someone who is confidant, sexy and at ease with who she is. This smell will linger , as will the memory of any woman who wears it! Once you have smelled this, you never mistake this for anything else, its difficult to express the power of this perfume that is musky but sweet. What I can say is that people know it is me just by my smell. If you like a deep, heady fragrance that stays with you all day, then this is the one for you.

  • JJ12/19/2005

    This is the only perfume that I own that I can barely even spray (because it is so strong) on me and 2-3 showers later and I can still smell it. It like adheres and absorbs into your skin. A little goes a long way. I don't wear it very often because my husband complains about the smell.

  • KRYSTAL12/07/2005 I don't hate the stuff, but the smell only seems to fit my grandmother. In fact, she gets compliments on it all the time. But when I wear it? That's a completely a different story. I wind up smelling it all day and it seems to almost stink on me. I'm thinking it must only be good for older ladies.

  • MAYA12/02/2005

    See as a teenager I too always cowered away from anything that smelled strong or different from candy-floral type of scents. But now at 30 I guess my sense of smell is maturing as well. I first smelled this in a magazine and, boy it was strong, but at the same time it was really inviting and warm... soothing and there was just something about it that made me go back to that magazine over and over again to smell it, (this was about a few weeks ago)... Well I had to call the department store where this was advertised for sale and when I heard that it is readily available, (that is how clueless I was about this scent), I went over right after work to give it a try. But when that first impression of it fit me I had to back away from the counter... that strong medicinal scent surely could have been the same wonderful stuff I smelled in the magazine. OK so I let the lady at the counter give me a card with this sprayed on and I decided to walk around the mall for a bit and see what else I would find... Well after about 10-15 minutes that same, incredible earthy scent rose to my nose from the unzipped pocket of my purse where I stashed the little card I was given and I was on my way back to that counter to get myself a bottle. Aromatic Elixir is very similar to the new Prada fragrance in my opinion and I really love both... No, they do not smell like candy/ice-cream or a bouquet of flowers or a fruit salad, (although I have to say that I do enjoy all of the above at times as well... as well as some fragrances that are sweet and candy-like ... Pink Sugar for example). But this too has a place in my fragrance wardrobe. If you master up the courage to try this again, spray it sparingly and just wait with an open mind. You just never know what rewards could be awaiting you. Best luck, Maya

  • COVERLYB11/29/2005

    this is one smell that brings me to a halt! it is horrible! i have yet to experience anything be revulsion by anyone who wears it. It stays in the air forever! Headaches and nausea are the words that come to mind about this 'scent'. I have yet to understand why anyone would enjoy wearing it.

  • GWENDOLYN11/27/2005

    Too much "something" with this one ... can't quite put a finger on it but it's pretty pungent. I would never consider wearing this during the day ... perhaps at dusk ;) ... maybe at night but not for daywear!

  • SABS11/18/2005

    Arrgh, it proved to be stubborn after all--this time it just smelled sharp-n-green, strong. The Paloma I had on the other wrist was doing better things, so the Aromatics got washed off. Maybe I'll try again, but like Kathy said, this is going on hold...

  • KATHY11/16/2005

    I like it, but don't like it. Have been testing this one for a couple of weeks now and don't know what to make of it. It could be something good, but there is a certain note in it that just doesn't do it for me. With that strange note in this perfume, I am afraid of offending some one. I guess I will just pass on this one.

  • ERZICKA11/15/2005 the name suggests, the aroma is magnificent, it's exotic and sophisticated. This fragrance has been my all time favorite for many years, my signature fragrance you could say!!!!! This is the one fragrance that ALWAYS gets a comment. You will always be complimented on your choice of fragrance. Try it, like me you will be lost to it's attraction, you won't ever go back to mundane after having magnificence.

  • MS B11/14/2005


  • SABS10/27/2005

    This is a funny one--at first spray on me, an almost too stong, choky green patcholi thing. But then a half hour later I'm smelling something like roses?! It actually turned pretty! Couldn't believe it. So I'll have to give this another try, if I can only handle the initial whiff of "youth dew extreme" (what it seems like the first 5 min! Surprising fragrance!!!

  • MAYA10/26/2005

    Prada.. the new one... but of course AE is sharper and more solid if you will... I think I will try wearing them together once in a while... they seem to me to have that something that would make them complement each other very nicely!

  • MAYA10/26/2005

    It took a re-release of it for me to notice it... But boy am I glad I have!!! This has been introduced in 1971, a few years before I was even born, and yet until yesterday I have not had the pleasure of encountering it. So glad they did the Limited Edition Bottle and the advertisement with the sniff strip in the Flare Magazine this month! Many years ago I received Happy as a birthday gift and did not think too much of it, granted it was pleasant enough in a fresh kind of way, it did not have that memorable anything about it that; that something that would make you fall in love with it. AROMATIC ELIXIR on the other hand, well that is a different story! So earthy and soothing, and yet quite feminine and provocative at the same time. Sort of reminds me of what Mother-Earth would smell like if she walked the earth with the rest of us... but the again maybe Gaia is in all of us who find ourselves drawn to this scent.. maybe we walk the earth for her... Ohh anyway... I just love this fragrance and for me that is so enough to have it introduced into my fragrance wardrobe as a very special scent!

  • CYNTHIA B10/13/2005

    I have worn Aromatic Elixir for many years. Sometimes I switch up to a couple of other perfumes. I have never received the amount of attention for other perfumes compared to Aromatic Elixir. Men and Women stop me to tell me how great I smell. Since I don't want everyone wearing the same scent, I tell them that its "Cynthia's Secret." Sorry for not advertising this but some things you want to keep to yourself. I have had a few high profile men in the celebrity category identify the perfume. Keep up the great work and have more sets available during the year.

  • POCAHONTAS10/06/2005

    This fragrance is definitely unique. However, I have had men, women, young, middle age to old of both sexes to stop me and ask about this fragrance. It is the only fragrance out of many that I personally own, to receive more positive comments. I have been told by my husband and many others that it has a sexy, natural enhancing body aroma. A smell that people will take notice of in a positive way. Many heads turn with this one.

  • MRS. LONDON09/26/2005

    I think you have to have the right chemistry to wear this one. On me, it smells cheap and too much like rubbing alcohol. I was shocked to see how many women on this board love the fragrance. I guess it all boils down to chemistry.

  • NOLA JENNY09/22/2005

    I get very sick of fragrances too quickly, and I usually just buy the minis. However, this is one of those scents I can never get tired of wearing. I use a single spray, and it lasts all day. Very sexy and feminine with powdery and spicy scents,

  • ROS09/02/2005

    This stuff smells EXACTLY like Kouros for men by Yves st. laurent. i went to sephora the other day and tried kouros and it reminded me of aromatic elixir. i then went over to spray a scent strip with A.E. and i absolutely could not tell the difference between the two. So guys, if you want to wear A.E. but are afraid people will think you're wearing womens perfume, just tell them you are wearing Kouros. They'll never know the difference.

  • JULIE08/29/2005

    When this first came out, it was fabulous. Then, sometime in the 80's, they removed the CFCs or whatever and it has not been as good as the original, either in the bottle or on my body. I've been missing it ever since.

  • SAMMIE08/05/2005

    This product is not meant to be sprayed directly on the body. You spray it in the air above you and let it drift down on you. At first it is a sharp aromatic fragrance which later dries down to a soft feminine fragrance that reminds me of Christmas by the fireside in the arms of my lover. It is best layered with the lotion.

  • JESSICA07/13/2005

    This perfume reminds me of Lagerfeld for men, there is some ingredient in it, make it almost masculine and spicy, but its also very feminine and flowery and stays on the whole day with its warmth. This fragrance makes me feel animalistic, natural and strong, yet very feminine.

  • JESSICA07/13/2005

    I forgot to rate my last post and of course it should be a five star. Lately this perume has come out with a lighter version, the original is perfume but now there is eau de toilette, is there some difference in staying power or how it is behaving?

  • JESSICA07/13/2005

    This perfume reminds me of Lagerfeld for men, there is some ingredient in it, make it almost masculine and spicy, but its also very feminine and flowery and stays on the whole day with its warmth. This fragrance makes me feel animalistic, natural and strong, yet very feminine.

  • ALWAYSANALYZING107/01/2005

    men and women feel this one. I have used it for years, and yes a little goes a long way. Be prepared for lots of attention!

  • I am in search of what was my favorite perfume. Zahra and the body lotion. The store I use to get it from no longer sales it. Do anybody know where I can purchased it from?

  • SOUTHERN05/26/2005

    My mother wears this one and it is extremely overpowering. It has a powdery scent to me. I beg those of u that wear it, please use sparingly.

  • APRIL05/13/2005

    I used to wear this all the time until I worked with someone in a small space that had an allergic reaction to it (migraines)...use it sparingly...a little goes a long way....but it does have a warmth to it and the dry down is wonderful.

  • JOYE05/03/2005

    I can't stand the smell of this stuff! Every time the one person I know that wears it comes around, I get sick! Smells like old mold!

  • MARIA04/19/2005

    I get nothing but compliments on the smell of the cologne. Alot of men find it very apealing and extremely sexy. I have gotten nothing but compliments on it and have worn it for over ten years now and still get the same results. One spray is all that's needed.

  • SAL04/01/2005

    ...consists of 1 teenager, 1 husband, 1 cat (I test out perfumes on them). Cat has never liked any perfume whatsoever. Teenager's response (as sure as the sun sets in the west) for just about anything is, "it stinks!". Husband will give a yea or nay. I need a new focus group. Anyway, this got 2 thumbs up, but I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's very very strong, sort of soapy and rosy. I could see wearing this while doing something sporty outdoors.I'd be cautious wearing this in a small room.

  • LUVELY03/19/2005

    I must say, the first time i smelled my sister wearing aromatic elixir, i thought she had taken a shower with a wonderful smelling soap. And when she told me what she was wearing, i said i love that scent. Those of you who said yuk, awful, it makes you sick, stinks, doesn't know a damn about something wonderful. something must be wrong with your sinuses, so go have it checked out.

  • SPRAT02/23/2005

    The Clinique site lists rose, jasmine,Ylang Ylang and vetiver as the main ingredients

  • BEBE02/22/2005

    a harmony blend. a romantic nights shadow. awesome. inspiration. like burning inscence. holy drops. very nice.

  • REBECCA02/19/2005


  • G.K.02/15/2005

    On my friends wife Elixir smells very fresh and clean almost like very strong Dove soap. In fact, last Saturday, I inquired as to what fragrance she was wearing. I never would have guessed it. I thought, Could this be the same pungent sharp fragrance that I remember half my moms friends wearing while growing up. Two words, skin chemistry. Best tip, apply lightly.

  • LOISPOL02/13/2005

    This is the one scent that I am extremely allergic to. If anyone wears this and is anywhere near me I get violently ill. Obviously I dislike it immensely.

  • LISA H02/11/2005

    I just have to comment again on this perfume being "toxic". Honestly, I agree that if you smell it in the bottle or right after it is sprayed, it is extremely strong and not very appealing. It smells totally different if you wait a while, or smell it on someone else. It really has a lovely scent, but if I would have tried it at the perfume counter, I would've walked right away.


    A woman Bunny wears this at the college I work its horrible on her and myself. I threw my bottle in the trash. I thought it would make me smell good after my lunchtime smoke break. It just makes me stink worse than the smoking!

  • CHRISTOBELLE02/02/2005

    Well i love patchouly, but this is not for me. very very strong and smells horrible. reminds me of an old closet or something. I really tried to like it, because i know someone that it actually smells lovely on, really fresh. However, on me and on many others i have noticed (because seems like a lot of women are wearing this!) smells like old house or something. AND really sticks. Wow just shows chemistry is what its all about. Wrappings however, is everything I wanted this to be - fresh, unique.

  • LISA H01/24/2005

    I've used this fragrance for almost twenty years and absolutely love the uniqueness of it. I first smelled it on someone in college and had to get it. You need to wear this sparingly, however, because it is very strong. It smells a bit masculine and has a clean scent. If you like patchouli, you will like this. It is well worth the money because one bottle will last a long time. It has tremendous staying power and will stay on your clothes well after you take them off. I suggest using the cream or walking into a mist of Aromatics so that it's not overpowering. You will get many compliments from both men and women!

  • CBC01/14/2005

    I personally feel, that this is the most gorgeous scent ever created, bar none. It's blended perfectly. A melange of roses, ylang ylang, amber, vetiver, sandalwood, labdanum and patchouli. It extremely mysterious and if it wears well on you, it will have people hallucinating around you from the intoxicating aroma. It has the best dry down of any scent I know of. It's sexy, yet casual and perfect for wearing anywhere at any time. It's parfum strength in the sprays so hold at least a foot away when spraying. Bernard Chant was brilliant and this is his best work. truly sublime.

  • SHARRIE12/16/2004

    oh how sweet the magick is, a night in heaven stars, wonderful a true blessing, like an angel breath in disquise

  • ANGIE BLACK11/22/2004

    Been using for 25 years and still going strong. It is an excellent rich fragrance. I love it and so does my husband. I get many compliments from men and women every time I wear it. Been told this is my fragrance. It is truly my favorite.

  • H.11/18/2004

    Thank you Observer! Smelled this out of the bottle for years and hated it ... but then received as a gift ... the person who gave it to me said it was the sexiest fragrance he'd ever smelled on a woman ... well I tried it ... and THE COMPLIMENTS STARTED COMING ... and they've never stopped ... because on some ... not all ... the drydown IS the bomb!

  • FRAGRANCEGURU10/15/2004

    one of my all-time favorites. If the EDP is too much, use only the shower gel and lotion- this one never fails to attract a compliment.

  • OBSERVER09/15/2004

    To all in perfume land! Yes, this scent does seem strong to many. But if you appreciate the detail notes of this fragrance, it is a very aromatic warm scent. How many times do we have to go over the fact that ALL PERFUMES DO NOT SMELL THE SAME ON EVERYONE! If you notice, some people like certain scents and on others it stinks! It is our own individual chemistry that cause the reaction and drydowns to be different on each person. Yes, there could be times when you wonder what was the perfumers or designers thinking of. But that's when you do your homework! There are so many books on perfume that can help you decide on what fragrance fits you!

  • INDERIKA09/15/2004

    I think this is a great fragrance. It's just really concentrated. If applied lightly it's really nice. If bathed in it's overwhelming. Just one spray does the trick!

  • GAIL09/15/2004

    This fragrance is now a classic but it does suffer from being misunderstood. It's much more potent than a lot of current fragrances and thus should be used quite sparingly. Because it contains a lot of patchouli oil this can making the fragrance very polarising. I've worn it on and off for 20 years an I'm only 35. It smells best when it's been on skin for an hour or so - a quick whiff at the cosmetic counter does not do this fragrance any justice. Spray a little onto a card then rub on the wrist- it really can smell quite delicate. Enjoy.......

  • JODIE 09/08/2004

    I am simply astounded that feminine human beings wear this God awful, atrocious, nasty perfume. I wouldn't even call it a "perfume." I used to work for Clinique and I would nearly faint anytime someone sprayed this garbage. Most people would come up to "test" it and then once they got a whif they would look dumbfounded that this was actually sold to the public. After the initial shock of the stench wore off they would then yell, "EWWW!"

  • ANGEL P09/04/2004

    I think Aromatics Elixier is a Fine fragrance. I have used it for years and I love it. I would rather use Aromatics Elixier then some of the perfumes that smells like Bug sprays.. Clear your nose Cindi.. :)

  • CINDIE08/30/2004

    To each her own, i guess! This smells horrible. It's strong and loud! Not something that I would put on my skin.

  • ANN CARTER08/07/2004

    Hi Maker of this excellent smelling Elixir. I have worn this Aromatics for 24yrs. and I Love this stuff. Whenever I wear it I always get complements on what is that nice perfume , so to all who think this stuff is not pretty buy somthng else you A--Holes. And I want to thank Clinique for the many years I've worn this product. Keep up the good stuff

  • ELIZABETH08/04/2004

    On some lucky women this smells beautifully white floral, very clean, almost soapy. On me it smells first herbal, not so great, but then that fades away to an autumn walk through dry grasses and woods. The mood is happy, secure, at ease. On still others it's a patchouli nightmare and these unfortunate souls give the stuff a bad name. For those who can wear it, though, there's nothing better!

  • DOROTHY07/31/2004

    At 73 yrs old, i have worn this fragrance for many years...I LOVE it..i never fail to get compliments on how nice i smell and people asking what fragrance i am wearing...i hope Clinique NEVER discontinues it.....

  • ANNETTE06/22/2004

    I have been a big fan and always was asked what I'm wearing. I haven't bought it in some time but found that it last a long time. Works well in the summer months.

  • MICHELE06/21/2004

    Hi. This is for anyone that can answer. About 19 years ago, my cousin was pregnant with her first child, she gave all of her perfumes to me, because she could not longer stand the smell. There is one that was sooo pretty. But I cant remember the name. She said it was Aromatic. But I seem to remember it smelling, lighter, citrusy even. This one smells heavier, howbeit still nice. I remember the bootle being frosted but the perfume was a clear color like water. Any ideas?

  • KATHLEEN06/20/2004

    The Body Lotion/Cream is the best! Just enough fragrance and soft. If you don't have the cream, but have the fragrance, do this: Take Curel unscented body lotion, (the best on the market) in your hand and spray a little of your fragrance on it. Make your own scented lotion. Do this with any fragrance that you have. It makes the fragrance softer if it tends to be strong, and you won't have to invest in a scented lotion of your favorite fragrance. Also makes your fragrance longer lasting and you save some bucks. Try it!

  • TIMMY PFALTZGRAF06/12/2004

    This stuff in horrible. I can't tell you how bad it is. It smells like a chemical they would use for warfare. It does not even resemble a perfume. Fume describes it better, you would be better off rolling in a cow pasture.

  • JAYDEE06/09/2004

    Warm and incensy. My grandmother was totally into Clinique products in the early '80s so this reminds me of that time in my life. Nice scent.

  • CANDI06/01/2004

    I tried this at the Clinique counter once while waiting for a free make over. Thank God I sprayed only a card I was very scared to do my skin for it looked like pee-pee in the bottle ...Darm the mist from that bottle took over the whole area! Man this stuff is strong horrid and stinky to boot! I kid you not the whole area of the Clinique counter smelled for the longest time of that awful smell...I can't imagin even wanting to put something like that on your skin! Bleck!!!

  • HARRIET04/22/2004

    Aromatics Elixir absolutely rules. I´ve used it on and off for thirteen years. It´s the only scent I´ve ever bought more than twice. If you´ve never tried it: Don´t try to get to know it on a hot summer day. It will smell like something that you remove nail enamel with... It´s at it best when there´s a small chill in the air. Also, don´t apply too much! It´s really a perfume, or rather, it behaves like one. This is the kind of scent that you could spray in the room and then walk under, and you´ll find that it can actually be a very gentle scent, applied like that. Or you could just spray it on, the standard procedure, but do remember to use it sparingly. Men and women alike compliment me on this one, and women ask for the name. Men just say how much they like it. That happened to me even when I was visiting a church. The what´s-his-name (English isn´t my first language), the book-and-souvenir-vendor?) complimented me on the scent that I wore! I mention it here because it actually tells you a lot about the perfect conditions for Aromatics Elixir to develop in: imagine the cool air in a stone church - that´s the kind of "weather" that will bring out the very best in this unforgettable perfume. It´s awesome.

  • BERNELL04/15/2004

    Best perfume i have ever used .My neice introduced it to me.

  • SONYA03/25/2004

    What most people don't understand is that this is 100% pure perfume and it's very potent. I used to work for Clinique and would always advise my clients to spray the fragance in the air and walk through it to apply just the right amount. Most people are used to sampling eau de perfumes and colognes. Cliniques fragances have a very high perfume oil content (for people allergic to traditional scents) and none of them smell good directly on the skin. Another trick is to apply just one spray to your torso. Some of my clients would say the didn't like aromatics, but then compliment me on my fragrance. Many times it was Aromatics or Wrappings that I was wearing. Aromatics is a beautiful fragrance if applied correctly. I don't think that Clinique representatives do enough to inform consumers about the differences between their fragrances and what's available at other counters. The next time you sample a Clinique perfume hold the bottle a good distance away from your wrists and spray. You'll be pleasantly surprized I promise!

  • LALONI03/24/2004

    Did not smell good on me! I sampled it at the Clinique conter over the weekend and that nasty smell was still on my coat the following week. I finally had to put my coat in the washer. I really tried to convince myself to like it, but it really was nasty on me.

  • ELLIE03/14/2004

    who wanna smell like this? clinique doesnt know how to make good perfumes. they really don't. i wanna talk to someone who created this ugly smell. it smells like an old lady. i don't think name brands doesn't mean good smelly. you can still smell fresh and nice with just any bottle that suits you. the important thing is you gotta be clean/showered/use small bit of perfume to finally make it all nice. a perfume like this reminds me of that estee lauder's black bottle with gold ribbon. why do they even keep it out in a market still? lol. i dont know

  • CHRISTINA03/11/2004

    wow people really love it or hate it. I personally dont like it on me (I prefer wrappings, which has a similar herb-y green kind of chypre smell), and this perfume ends up smelling horrible on me after the first fresh note is gone, but I work with someone who wears it and it smells green and gorgeous on her. Really nice. She says she just uses the lotion though.

  • ELLIE02/20/2004

    smells like chinese herbal medicine. smells like senior citizen. this is absolutely not worth wearing. only good things clinique came up is 'happy' yet i don't like none of their fragrance, so as estee lauder's.

  • RHONDA02/19/2004

    This is my all time fav. I have never had so many compliments by Men and Women when I wear this fragrance. I have worn this for 15 years and adore it

  • AMANDA02/08/2004

    I cannot believe that someone actually marketed this as 'perfume'. It smells exactly as my mum's very, very old face lotion when I was a kid (30 yrs ago!) playing with her dressing table's drawers. It makes me puky! Seeing this notice board I found there are some people who actually like this, which is so incredible. Makes me realise that 'sense of smell' is very personal & subjective!

  • MARY12/23/2003

    My friend's mom wears this and I get asthma whenever she's around. Even after she leaves, the smell lingers around. I can't imagine why people like this stuff as it makes me want to gag.

  • LATRICE11/30/2003


  • DEBRA11/25/2003

    I have worn it for 30 years! I love it. I still get compliments all the time!

  • LISA11/24/2003

    Hi all, I like this but CAUTION- one to two sprays will do it! Anything else and it will be unbearable for you and everyone else. This is concentrated stuff. Very nice with a light touch. I use the lotion with one spray at my wrists. Lasts all day, very spicy and lingering. Unfortunately, I've smelled this on too many people that completely have overdone it.

  • KATHRYN11/17/2003

    I have been wearing this since 1984 and everyone is always saying "Who smells so good" And yes men love the scent!!!!!!!!

  • EULA11/11/2003


  • ELLA10/31/2003

    This is one fragrance that I cannot wear. When combined with my body chemistry it smells foul, sharp and rancid. It's interesting how fragrances loved and revered by some, can be overwhelming and nauseating to others. My advice is to sample any fragrance before buying so you know what will work on you. Cheers!

  • BRUT CLASSIC!10/16/2003

    This is a specialized fragrance it uses so many notes that everyone loves and fuses them to provide a kind of warmth that other fragrances lack.It smells different on different people eacuse (probably) of skin Ph but suits most people.A CLASSIC how many "must have" fragrances will be selling when they reach the age of this one I doubt it.!If you really love this fragrance TRY MENS ARAMIS 900 I think you will be pleasantly suprised (a lighter version?)Lauder+Clinique+Aramis are the same company. A trendsetting fragrance that has served its apprenticeship through time.

  • DEBBIE10/08/2003

    Men have followed me just to find out what I was wearing.

  • SUSKIA10/01/2003

    I just wonder if this perfume suits brunettes or white skins? can you help me? aromatic elixir smells wonderful on a friend of mine

  • KRISA09/29/2003

    this smells like old, stodgy, overpowering men's cologne. It absolutely stinks. Totally shocked that Clinique makes this crap!

  • LUISA09/25/2003

    My old roommate dropped a bottle of this on the floor outside our bathroom and it shattered into a million pieces, casting A.E. all over every surface within a five foot radius -- carpet, towels, etc. The smell of Amormatic Elixer lingered in the air for the duration of our lease and I HATED it. This stuff is grody to the MAX. Nobody should wear perfume that is this strong. And a word to the wise: if people can smell you BEFORE you've arrived, you need to lay off. Don't put so darn much on. Any perfume that preceeds your arrival is bad by definition.

  • CHERYL09/24/2003

    I am 39 and this has been my fragrance for over 20 years. I always have someone ask me what I am wearing. Truly a unique scent that I HIGHLY recommend.

  • SHARON05/08/2003

    I'm 60 years old and LOVE this fragrance! Everyone - family and even strangers love it's fresh, clean scent. I was wearing only the body smoother yesterday when a young woman behind the counter followed me toward the door and said she caught a the scent of my perfume and would I please tell her what it was. I love it when that happens. For me there's NOTHING worse than strong, sickening sweet perfume on a person. My four grown daughters just crack up when I describe this what I think most of them smell like. "Why would anybody want to SMELL like raspberry jam? (And most of them are terribly expensive, too!

  • HEATHER05/02/2003

    I love the stuff--at least I do now that I'm 30 years old. My mom used to wear it when I was a kid back in the 70s and it made me absolutely ill. I still think it reeks on her. This is one of those fragrances that you'll either love or hate; you'll love it if it smells good on you, you'll hate it if it doesn't jive with your body chemistry. My advice: Go to the mall and give it a test before purchasing it!

  • DIANE04/21/2003

    Why is it that every time I find a fragrance that suits ME (which is not just any fragrance), it's discontinued. I started wearing DK Cashmire Mist and then they discontiued it and now it's back so that makes me wonder if maybe there's a chance that Wrappings will be brought back to the market. There are so many perfumes out there that at tooty-fruity, or just smell nasty to me never mind if I spray them on me to try them, the chemicals in my body just don't mingle well with the fruity or the nasty scents. Well, I've said my piece and I'm hoping Wrappings comes back and literally floods the perfume market. I love it.

  • JACKIE04/21/2003

    I have been wearing this since 1971 and there isn't a day goes by that someone doesn't compliment me on it. It's my signature fragrance and everyone know me by it. I don't know a single person who wears it so I never smell it coming and going it is unique.

  • LALA04/12/2003

    this is for a old lady! ewww

  • BARB04/02/2003

    I have worn this for years and not a day goes by, when I'm wearing it, that someone tells me how wonderful I smell and want to know what it is I'm wearing. I love it.

  • NICOLE03/26/2003

    Chypre... other perfumes as examples: Knowing from Estee Lauder, Diva from Ungaro, La Perla from La Perla. The base notes are oakmoss and patchouli. To me it smells like soap. But my favorite one in that category is Aromatics.

  • AURELIE03/26/2003

    If there ever was a fragrance where "less is more" applies, this is it. If overdone, it's awful. But when it's applied with the lightest touch, it's wonderful.

  • OSIRIS03/19/2003

    Hi Brittnee.I had been asking myself the same question,"what is chypre?" Then the other day I was on another fragrance site called Scentagious and it defined every fragrance category. Chypre is the French word for cyprus.The word was first used by Francois Coty to describe what the aromas on the island of Cyprus were like.Coty then created a woody,mossy,citrusy fragrance and named it Chypre.The word is still used to describe fragrances with similar notes, usually oakmoss,citrus and patchouli which create a soft,earthy like you mentioned and slightly sweet smell.Hope this helps you out.

  • BRITTNEE03/17/2003

    I smelled this perfume first on my friend's mother and didn't really like or dislike it. It is one of the only perfumes she is able to wear due to her extremely sensitive skin and claims this one doesn't cause rashes or burning like others. I got a small bottle of this as a gift with purchase, and decided to give it a whirl. At first I thought it smelled too much of the "older generation" since I'm a 19 y/o. However, after giving it some time to mix right with my body chemistry, it started to smell very woodsy and natural. Yes, it does still remind me somewhat of my grandmother's Estee Lauder Youth Dew, but not exactly. And besides, why is that such a bad thing? I love my grandma! It's just a classy and clean natural smell for light daytime wear. However, there can be a bad side to this if applied too heavily. I find that one or two (maybe) sprays is plenty to last all day. This is good because one small bottle lasts a long time. Also, smells awesome if sprayed in the hair. Promise!

  • BRITTNEE03/16/2003

    I read many of these perfume posts and often come accross the word "chypre". Could someone please try to explain what it means? I'd appreciate it so much! Thank you.

  • PEB03/07/2003

    too strong and overpowering. Someone at work wears it . maybe its ok if it goes with your personality

  • M.J.03/01/2003

    Although I usually hate any type of Chypre blend, I actually really like this one. I always get compliments on it, and enjoy it very much myself. I do think that it's definitely not for every body chemistry. On me, it softens and becomes sweeter. On several people I know, however, it becomes harsh to the point of being unbearable. Either way, always use in moderation, and in warmer weather, spray it in the air and walk through. Your friends will thank you.

  • GLORIA02/13/2003

    I actually used to wear this for a spell. I gotta say though I couldn't wear it again. When I worked in cosmetics the girls would hide the tester because it was so overpowering it would give everybody headaches. There is somebody at church that wears it and I can still smell it 4 rows behind her. I dread it if she hugs me because I have it on for the rest of the day!! Too bad they couldn't have made it more suttle because it has a classy smell to it but it is WAY too sharp or something.

  • OLATZ02/03/2003

    I have very mixed emotions about Clinique's first perfume. I remember a time when hardly anyone knew about Aromatics (way back when it was called Aromatics Elixir and the bottle was dark brown glass) when it was unusual and unique, almost exclusive. This is no longer the case and I haven't bought it since 1992. Let me say that I absolutely adore Aromatics though I no longer use it (Clinique originally introduced it as a room deoderizer (believe it or not)! I guess women loved it so much they began spritzing themselves. Clinique must have changed the formula when they went with the clear glass bottle, because the last time I bought it the scent just didin't last on the skin the way it did originally. I swear, the first time I tried Aromatics, the scent lasted 17 hours on my skin and as it evolved it got better. The complexity of this scent is incredible. I wore it for years (used to buy 4 bottles at a time) and always received compliments from both sexes but especially from men. The reason I no longer wear it is that it has become soooooo popular that it seems that one out of two women wears it these days. I smell it everywhere I go. It's become much too common.

  • GENEVIEVE01/13/2003

    Yes, girls & guys. I always got compliments. Two of my colleagues missed me (I meant my scent) when I went on smells so fresh like coming out from a bathroom.

  • CJH01/06/2003

    I discovered Aromatic elixir when our new boss came on board. I couldn't wait for her to show up for work because the place always smells so clean and makes me feel like a wonderful place to be working at. I would love to wear it, but since the boss is wearing it, I might have to postpone this for awhile.

  • KATHY G.01/04/2003

    When I used to wear Wrappings, I got compliments every time I wore it. I never got so many nice comments about any other scent I wore like I did with that one. I work in the cosmetics dept. of a major department store, so I have always worn the "good stuff", just so you know what I'm comparing Wrappings to. Wrappings was unlike any other fragrance I ever smelled. Very fresh and almost effervescent, but also VERY sexy. Men LOVED it! I always wore it out dancing, and my dance partners always asked what it was. My regular dance partner even said to a guy who had asked me to dance : " She's wearing Wrappings. Just thought I'd tell you because you're going to ask". It was my signature scent. It's still available here ( at Filene's) at Christmas time, however. I scoop up a bottle or two ( it actually comes in a set with the lotion and soap) then, and try to hoard it. I dread the day I won't be able to get any more at all. Aromatics just smells weird to me, and Happy is fine for young girls, but it's definitely not what I consider a "woman's" scent. It's just too ordinary, in my opinion. But Wrappings; now THERE was a fragrance. A perfect fit with my chemistry. Sigh.

  • JAN12/30/2002

    I also loved wrappings and wish it could still be purchased. I now wear Aromatic but would wear wrappings first if were available. Please remake it

  • JANICE12/30/2002

    i always get compliments when I wear this fragrance. It lasts all day

  • JOYCE12/20/2002

    I have used this scent since the 1970's and absolutely love it. People know I've arrived when they smell the familiar fragrance!

  • ELINNA12/16/2002

    I tried this with an open mind and thought it was downright awful--luckily, I had only tested it on paper and not my wrist.

  • AUDREY12/03/2002

    You don't know what your're talking about. Happy & Aromatic are the best smelling ever.

  • BETHANY 11/24/2002

    For some reason I thought I would like this one. It sounded different and exotic. I finally got around to trying it. I think your body chemistry has to really jive with this one. Unfortunately, mine didn't. The woman behind the Clinique counter did not want to spray this one on me, she claimed she was allergic (Now, there's a good person to be selling this perfume-LOL!) Anyway, I sprayed it on as delicately as I could. Too-can't put my finger on it. I guess Aromatic is a good word for it if you have the right body chemistry. On me, it was just plain.....stinky.

  • ANNY11/15/2002

    25 yars HI FI

  • TAMI11/01/2002

    Boston Store has a Clinique "Wrappings" gift set for the holidays. I didn't look at it too closely, but I think it contained a body bar, body lotion and the eau de parfum. I would have tested it, but they didn't have a tester on display.

  • TAMI10/23/2002

    I appreciate your both taking the time to give me some suggestions for a new fragrance. I'm going to try Paloma Picasso first.

  • LOLA10/22/2002

    I agree with Jakqua on her advice for other fragrances.Paloma Picasso, Pheromone and Mitsouko are the most similar to A.E that I can think of.I don't know the other 2 that she mentioned.Good luck!

  • JAKQUA10/20/2002

    I hate to hear that you are about to give up on such a classic fragrance that you have worn for so long. Sometimes, YOU can get tired of smelling the same fragrance. My advice would be to just wear it where you cannot smell it on yourself for a while, like maybe one squirt/spritz of just the spray and avoid using the lotion. This way others can smell it on you but you can't and you still smell of have your signature fragrance. But, I do know of a few fragrances you may like to try since you are looking- Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso, Mitsouko by Guerlain, Pheromone by Marilyn Miglan, First by Van Cleef, Zahra by Fashion Fair, Private Collection by Estee Lauder. Try them one at a time and wear each one all day, do not try to make an immediate decision on any of these. Let me know which ones you like... GOOD LUCK :-)

  • TAMI10/17/2002

    I have worn Aromatic Elixir for over 20 years. The past few years I noticed it wasn't quite the same, but I still liked it. It just wasn't as wonderful as it used to be. The last bottle I bought is a total disappointment. All I can smell is watered down patchouli and that's about it. What happened to the wonderful blend that made it so great? I'm now on the prowl for a new fragrance and I can't find anything interesting. Sad.

  • GRACIE 10/13/2002

    OH my God this stuff is soo gross, it smells like an old ladies closet, musty, moldy, moth balls and old leather shoes stinking!!!!!!!!

  • CHRISTINE10/13/2002

    This scent always reminds me something my grandmother used to wear. To my nose, it does smell the same on everyone; I can always pick it out in a crowd.

  • ALYSON10/02/2002

    Every time I wear this scent I get NUMEROUS compliments. Apparently Aromatics and my Chemistry "connect" My favorite scent. I need some as we speak!! Thanks Clinique!! Keep up the good work!

  • JAKQUA09/29/2002

    I had been looking for a spring/summer compliment for my standby fall/winter fragrance Paloma Picasso for sometime now and had been unsuccessful until one day while browsing through the fragrance section in my favorite department store, I decided to buy a gift set special in Clinique I said in my earlier posting, I had never worn this fragrance and had only smelled it on others, but now that I am wearing it....WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR? Ladies, this fragrance is wonderful, layered with the body smoother and one spray...yes, I mean only one spray of the perfume...."voila" will smell fresh, sophisticated, wonderfully delicious all day long and other people will not mind telling you.....try it, enjoy!!!

  • JOSIE09/10/2002

    I use it all the time... 5*****

  • SATINSONG09/03/2002

    I've loved this for about 10 years. My 8 year old niece is crazy about it too. After I had been over to her house one day she told my sister that she loved the way I smell and wanted my sister to get some cologne just like mine so she could smell it all the time. When I first put it on it just about knocks me over, though--it is really strong and I don't even like the smell for the first 5-10 minutes, Then it softens and is just beautiful and it just gets better and better all day. I admit, most fragrances do not stay on me at all and so all my favorite colognes are strong and spicy and oriental or strong and woodsy: like Elixir, Opium, Ysatis, Mitsouko, Ombre Rose and Ma Griffe. I think soft fragrances like Sung by Alfred Sung are delicious but I can't even smell that one after I put it on. The other hard thing about Aromatics Elixir to me is the name. I hate trying to get that name out when people ask me! I think it's almost a tongue-twister--LOL!

  • REDONE6608/22/2002

    As far as I can tell, Wrppings is no longer available.....anywhere! Not in stores, not online, it seems to have disappeared. Too bad, I love this stuff! I wish Clinique would revive this fragrance

  • SUE08/12/2002

    I get dizzy and headachey whenever I'm near someone wearing this too strong scent!

  • SHERRI08/05/2002

    I have worn this fragrance off and of for 25 years. Whenever I wear it I get lots of compliments. It's long lasting too.

  • KAILEY07/30/2002

    I didn't even know that Clinique made perfume until happy came out, and it should've stayed that way. This smells horrible and reminds me of my smelly old boss.

  • CYNTHIA07/11/2002

    I have worn this scent for at least 15 yrs. I am constanly told by people that they love the way I smell. I have sold so many people on this scent. Anytime I change my cologne I end up coming back to this. My favorite of all the rest. :)

  • VONNI06/29/2002

    This one requires a degree of patience. I adore it, but even after years of wearing it, the first 15 minutes of the top notes still steamroller me and remind me of cough syrup. After about 20 minutes, however, it begins to settle and a lovely floral/green/chypre develops. It really does end up being a charismatic and undeniably sophisticated scent -- if it works with your chemistry of course, and if you apply it at least 30 minutes before you leave the house. The construction is: Top notes of orange blossom, bergamot, chamomile, coriander, rosewood, aldehydes, palmarosa and greens. Middle notes of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, tuberose, orris and carnation. Base notes (very earthy!) include sandalwood, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, musk, citus and civet. As others have said, it is quite potent, so use judiciously.

  • ECM06/29/2002

    Have enjoyed this fragrance since 1972, receive compliments or "what fragrance is that" for 30 years! I enjoy, my signature fragrance. Sold auto & buyer called to say the fragrance still lingered! Enjoyable

  • JLW06/22/2002

    Hello: When I am in search of a new fragrance I always come to this site to see what you ladies think. I am impressed by all the positive comments about what is essentially an unadvertised fragrance now, although it has been around since the early 70's. I am giving Aromatics a try and I will let you know what I think. Have you all tried Design? That too is a fragrance with a loyal following but with almost no advertising budget. The only thing I can say so far about Aromatics is that my husband and my 5 year old son like it. This is a very important endorsement!!

  • JENNA06/22/2002

    I hate this really bad smelling liquid!

  • MARIE MAGALDI05/29/2002

    I love this perfume. Every time I wear it - someone- whether it be male or female - asks me what I am wearing.

  • IONE KEENAN05/25/2002

    I love, love, love this fragrance! The folks who don't like it must have a body chemistry not compatable. I AM GLAD I DO NOT HAVE THAT PROBLEM. I get compliments all the time. When folks ask me what it is I do not tell, I say I don't know or I forget, cause I want to be the only one smelling good.

  • LOLA05/23/2002

    i find the spray to be a mistake.try the shower gel and the body smoother instead.nothing else.the overall effect will be earthy,musky,lingering but not can even rub a pea-size amount between your hands and then run your hands through your hair(no kidding i swear).it won't get sticky,just soft and gently scented.try it!

  • NICOLE05/22/2002

    Amazingly I wore Aromatic for four years and got tired of it. But now I am wearing Knowing after trying many scents that did not fit on me and I noticed it smells similar. That means if I ever get tired of Knowing I could return to Aromatic. I guess I am made for that kind of a scent which is floral/chypre. The main difference between the two is the camomille scent in Aromatic that stands out and Knowing smells more elegant.

  • SUNNY05/08/2002

    Old ladies would love this!! Buy it for your grandma!!

  • JAKQUA05/05/2002

    This fragrance was one of my mother's favorites "way back in the day". Whenever I smell it on someone, I can always tell what it is and it smells really nice...fresh, classic, clean, mature...a nice everyday fragrance for sophisticated ladies. If this scent is too "old" for you, try the newest scent by Fashion Fair called Zahra, it has the same clean, freshness and staying power, but a lot sweeter and "younger" smelling.

  • MARTA05/01/2002

    Hmmm. I think it's very masculine smelling. A very, very, very heavy patchouli scent. I still to the this day wonder why this one is still being made while they discontinued one of the greatest, most unique perfumes ever- WRAPPINGS! Both are a little on the masculine side, but Wrappings is so much better. Happy stinks though. What is Clinique thinking?

  • JESSIE04/25/2002

    Hmm. If not applied with discretion, this will make you smell like you live in a retirement home.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    very very dry chypre. Simular too La Perla, but la Perla is more floral, sweeter. Too dry for me but always a pleasure too smell on friends. For intellectual women I think

  • AYESHA04/01/2002

    This fragrance has been haunting me for weeks and I finally bought some today. I sniffed the bottle out of curiosity and wrinkled my nose in distaste. A few hours later, though, I kept sniffing my hand to see what that delicious aroma was. Elixir reminds me of a fabulous sophisticated and liberated friend of my mother's. I personally prefer fragrances that are unique and not cutesy, trendy or expected. I love love love this fragrance!

  • STEPHANIE03/31/2002

    I guess I just don't have the stomach for this one.

  • ROBIN03/20/2002

    Amazing diverse opinions. That's why there are so many scents to pick from. I hope everyone knows you aren't suppose to spray this on yourself....rather spray in the air and walk thru-it's for the allergic! I PERSONALLY LOVE IT!

  • NICOLE03/13/2002

    I wore it every day for four years and suddenly I couldn't bare the scent anymore. Coincidently, after my mom passed away. I needed a change. I believe that life's events can modify our fragrances. Any thoughts on that?

  • LESLIE03/09/2002

    makes you smell like an old woman. yuck

  • LAURA03/07/2002

    This one used to be on my "to buy" list. However, a couple of friends and one boyfriend told me it smells like air freshener or a cleaning product, and it's never been the same for me since. I probably shouldn't be sharing that, huh? Hope I haven't ruined it for the rest of you!

  • MADCHATTER03/05/2002

    I love this fragrance and I also would like to find the other one that they used to make- -Wrappings. If anyone knows how to get a bottle of Wrappings, please email me at [email protected] I know there has to be a few bottles left, somewhere. Thanks.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    I've worn this fragrance for years and have never tired of it. I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear this. I know you're not suppose to do this, but I spray it, then walk thru it. My friends refer to it as "Walk Thru." LOL

  • MARTA01/22/2002

    I can see this appealing only to certain individuals. This is most definitely a 'signature scent'. Very intriguing and almost magical in a way. It's dry but clean and herbal with a very slight sweetness (on my skin). I find it quite similar to Aramis 900 (men's scent) and Coriandre by Jean Couturier. Some may not like Aromatics because it's very potent and soapy at first, but the dry down is in a class all by itself. Be very careful with how much you use since it's extremely heady and potent. One of the strongest perfumes I've ever used, but on the right person it's heavenly. One of the classic perfumes, very french smelling indeed.

  • KAREN01/18/2002

    This is a classic Clinque fragrance. It's a very clean scent. I always have people ask what fragrance I'm wearing and where can they get it. I really like it.

  • CHRIS ROBINSON01/17/2002

    I have tried to change my signature frangrance to Alfred Sung - Sung (good for spring), Obsession, Jean-Paul Gaultier - Fragile, and Clinique Happy (love it but wears off too fast), but only receive compliments when I wear Aromatics Elixir. It is truly one that takes a different scent on everyone.

  • MARY FLEMING01/10/2002

    I accidently found Aromatic Elixir by mistake.When I received a sample of it in one of my department store's billing, I had put the open envelope in my purse for about two weeks. I kept smelling this wonderful smell everytime I opened my purse. That was about fifteen years ago. I've been wearing it ever since.

  • LADYSTEPHANIE01/09/2002

    I like this product because it reminds me of my Grandma. Yes it is strong; if you're careful with it it works, though.

  • LISA01/03/2002

    This fragrance is sooooo very strong! Please go easy on it if you wear this one, for everyone else's sake. Better to go with the lotion.

  • VANESSA12/21/2001

    I got a sample while purchasing lip gloss at a Clinique counter. My boyfriend says it smells like Irish Spring soap. I agree with him. I don't think you have to be confident to wear this. You just have to enjoy soapy smells.

  • SHAWN IN VA DEC.21,@1:0012/21/2001

    The ultimate in fragrances uumm!

  • MICHELLE12/21/2001

    After receiving 3 recommendations about Aromatic Elixir, I was so excited to order it. I could not believe how awful it smelled. It gave me and my kids headaches. It smells like rubbing alcohol. It is virtually impossible to wash off. In fact, it blends into your skin. I do not claim to be an expert on fragrances, but I buy great ones. Givency, Jivago, Anna Sui, and Boucheron are the best designers out there.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Heavy, sticky, spicy. Good for a dramatic impression!

  • NONI12/18/2001


  • GAILANNE5512/16/2001

    I too, only wear this fragrance. I find it works better if you layer with the body wash, body smoother, and spray. As to so e of the questions on here, yes they do make a candle, but only sell it usually during Mother's Day and Christmas. And I was at the Clinique site just yesterday, and they have Wrappings there. I am a cashier and I have a regular customer who would come in and she always smelled so nice, I finally got up enough courage to ask her what she was wearing for a fragrance and when she told me I ran right out and bought some for myself. That was 11 years ago, and have been wearing it ever since. I wear that as my every day fragrance, and I wear Trejor for my "Night out on the town" fragrance. I don't find this perfume expensive, if you compare it to other scents. And like you all have said, "A little goes a long way".

  • KAREN12/05/2001

    i have worn this fragrance for more than 20 years. It is a fragrance that only a very confident woman can wear. It is strong. I have had numerous people of the years ask me what I am wearing. I find it very feminine and sexy. You only need to use once in the morning--it lasts all day.

  • LORI C.11/16/2001

    This fragrance is as good as it gets. My favorite used to be Halston until I discovered this scent.The high price on this scent is well worth the money because all you need for the day is just a spritz on the wrist and neck and your all set all day. Awsome!!!!!!

  • SABRINA11/13/2001

    I have been wearing this for 20 years! My husband bought it for me when we started dating and he loves it! I do too

  • GIOVANNA10/14/2001

    "Walking through a cloud of perfume" is also a sure fire way to inhale all the respiratory irritants contained in these products. Which may very well be the reason why salespeople stopped suggesting that to their customers. As a nurse (and doctor's daughter), I only apply my perfume of choice at the base of my back, behind my knees and, sometimes, wrists. Never on my face or anywhere near it.

  • GLENDA10/11/2001

    You are a very classy lady!! That's the one thing ALL fragrance sellers NEVER tell their customers. The proper way to wear any and all fragrances is, as you said, to spray in the air and walk through it!! With just a very lite touch at pulse points on your body,i.e., at each temple, behind each ear, throat, wrists, inside the bend of the elbows, and behind the knees for evening wear!

  • DANNAR10/06/2001

    ...not a day has gone by that I've worn Aromatic Elixir that I did not receive a compliment. It's my frangrance. Danna R from CP, TX

  • CAROLW10/06/2001

    A bright classic, woody chypre. I like it in the body smoother (tube)form, and the tiniest dab lasts all day. Needs a handsome, confident, well-put-together woman to carry this fragrance. Also great as a "sports" fragrance.

  • N. TAYLOR10/01/2001

    I have had strangers come up to me just to be near this fragrance. I wear frangrances different from most people...Passion/Chloe/youth Dew and Beautiful...all do well, but Aromatic Elixir has such a peaceful, calming effect.....hope it stays around for awhile!

  • P. CHRESTMAN09/27/2001

    Aromatic elixir is second only to Arpege

  • CC09/24/2001

    I purchased this some years ago. I smelled this fragrance a few years before then, but the person wearing it would wear it everyday day and you could smell it from 15 ft. What cause me to purchase it was a friend had some on and she had it on just right! I purchased this when they had a special at a dept store, I got the spray, lotion and talc and believe me they are just as potent as the spray! This is a good choice if you don't want to refresh during the day! Also it's an earthy exotic fragrance that will stay with you!

  • LORI SCHENK09/20/2001

    You are supposed to spray this fragrance in the air and then walk through it. That way, it is not so strong. I have had people ask me if I was wearing bug spray! I don't care...I still love it.

  • DOREEN09/15/2001

    I wanted to know if this product comes in just perfume or do they have other items in this fragrance like candles etc. thanks


    Dear 'A' and Karina, I was a Chemistry student for a while and love fragrances. I didn't intend to offend anyone, just wanted to post my opinion about the ones I have tried - just for fun. As for your question, there are many scents I love out there, but I've been wearing Blv (Blvlgari)only. Lancome and Givenchy come out with great things all the time. Also, Anna Sui has one of the best concepts I've seen, but she should've invested more in it :o)

  • TZEZARINA08/29/2001

    UF, Wrappings has been but in one od the department stores told me they will have as a set for Christmas at the Clinique stands.

  • SUSAN08/27/2001

    This is not for everyone. I know women who smell wonderful with this, but I cannot wear. The fragrance turns on me, but it is definitely a different fragrance, and the price is good.

  • KARINA08/26/2001

    Catarina, I've been wondering the same thing! As this is a site for perfume lovers, I find it odd that I have yet to read one positive review from you for a fragrance here! Or maybe you just feel it's your duty to keep people from purchasing what are, in your opinion, bad perfumes? But you're obviously interested in the subject, and I'm sure I'll satisfy other visitors' curiosity, too, if I ask: what do you wear?!

  • A08/24/2001

    Are there any fragrances that you actually LIKE?! Just curious.

  • CATARINA08/21/2001

    I think it's awful. It doesn't even smell like a fragrance. I don't get it.

  • KARINA08/15/2001

    I also love Aromatics Elixir, but have always especially loved a scent by Clinique called "Wrappings"-this was always their "classic" fragrance, and now seems to have disappeared-I can't find it at any of their counters (The salesgirl was too busy, so I didn't have a chance to ask her)-I thought for sure I'd find it here, but no! Has it been discontinued? Does anyone happen to know? I really hope not, because it was a gorgeous fragrance, and definitely the best offering from Clinique!

  • TRACY08/08/2001

    My favorite winter perfume, along with Paloma Picasso. This fragrance lightly stays on your clothes after washing them, too, so make sure you like it before you buy it. A little spritz goes a long way and should probably be applied a few hours before you go anywhere so it can "settle in". Love it.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    I love the smell of Aromatics Elixir! It's both sexy and fresh at the same time. It does indeed smell differently on each of us too.

  • MARIE07/04/2001

    I work as a cashier and have alot of customers ask me what kind of colongne i wear and i tell them i most always get the comment that it is a very clean odor.

  • SUZETTE06/11/2001

    It took me 5 yrs to fine that fragrance my Aunt wore. She never told a soul what she was wearing, and kept it hidden so you could see it. But, when my nose found that smell, I now understand why and I've stop buying others and only AROMATICS. Friends tell me they can smell it on me late in the day but after wearing it for many, many yrs. I can't smell it accept when I first spray! Love it!

  • ALICE05/21/2001

    Have been wearing Aromatic Elixir for about 6 years now. When you wear the body smoother, the powder, and the spray, a little of each really goes a very long way. At the end of a long work day, and even after my one hour of exercise walking at an ourdoor track, I've been asked what fragrance I am wearing at various stores when stopping to pick up a couple of things -- everyone says I smell really good!

  • WILLIA J. LEACH05/19/2001

    I love Aromatic Elixir.I need shower wash and body cream

  • MARIANNE05/08/2001

    I love the fragrance of Elixir and get many compliments when I am wearing it.

  • MARILYN05/06/2001

    People often stop to ask what I am wearing because they say I smell so good, I gave away every other perfume I owned and wear only the Aromatics Elixir line of products; love the body smoother also.

  • ERIKA04/14/2001

    Aromatics Elixir is my all-time favorite! I never tire of it, and I cannot tell you how many times I've been stopped and asked what scent I'm wearing.

  • 5ACES04/12/2001

    A little of this stuff goes a loooooooong way and lasts all day. I love it, my man loves it and can smell it on his pillow when I'm not with him. He says it comforts him. This fragrance is so distinctive and is not for little girls or for the coy, cutsy types. It's all woman.

  • LADYBUG04/03/2001

    Everyone is right in that it's different on everyone. It's also a fragrance that is identifiable only by those who wear it. Others may notice it on several people, but they won't know it's the same fragrance. I discovered Aromatic Elixir about 4 years ago and now wear it everyday. The only way I wear anything else, is that I run out for a couple of days, and have to improvise. But, then, most times I'll go without... Truly my FAV!!!

  • DANA03/30/2001

    Unique perfume, but not for the younger crowd. This fragrance is unique in the way it can change in scent from person to person. It captures the essence of the person. IT's a strong spicey scent that will last all day long.

  • ALPHA03/26/2001

    I first discovered Aromatics via dept. store ad in 1965, identified with it like it was made for me It's the only fragrance I've been wearing it ever since. It's in my system and I love it when others ask me "were you just on the elevator or somewhere, no one else smells as nice as you, what are you wearing? It really does play the role of a parfum, but goes far beyond, and it's different on each individual. Please don't ever change or improvise it, it's perfect as is.

  • HEIDI03/24/2001

    If for some reason I could only wear one fragrance, it would be Aromatics Elixir.

  • MZ. B01/05/2001

    People have actually stopped me and asked what I was wearing, especially men!! I highly recommend it to any women because it smells different on all of us! Very Unique!!!

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