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90 Reviews

Escada Magnetism, the newest essence of Escada. A contemporary oriental. Sculptured like a precious gem, evoking the power of attraction from a crystal, Escada Magnetism conveys a feeling of energy. Pure and simple in its modern design, it is also multi-faceted and ultra-feminine. Top Notes include Leafy Greens, Basil, Freesia, Black Currant, more

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Escada Magnetism, the newest essence of Escada. A contemporary oriental. Sculptured like a precious gem, evoking the power of attraction from a crystal, Escada Magnetism conveys a feeling of energy. Pure and simple in its modern design, it is also multi-faceted and ultra-feminine. Top Notes include Leafy Greens, Basil, Freesia, Black Currant, Plumberry, Jasmine, Immortelle, Muguet, Blond Woods, Iris, Almond Blossom, Amber, Musk, Cashmere Vanilla, Sandalwood.

  • DEE09/16/2011

    This is my favorite fragrance. Smells very floral and youthful.

  • ROSIE TEA06/12/2011

    ... divine. yes, it turns heads. and you cant stop sniffing it when its on! I bought a miniture, the bottle is so so cute and striking, kept it on my desk at work and couldnt stop sniffing it. people comment on it. its sexy, summery scent that works well night and day. love love love! its different and sparkles with personality.

  • DMARIE12/31/2008

    and paris hilton can can perfumes. not impressed with any of these. although I sprayed this on my arm lastnight and it was still on this morning.

  • SYLVIE05/26/2008

    from Escada Magnetism. Not yummy and irresistible!!! Maybe nice for the younger women and their untrained and "innocent" noses ;-). For my old nose it smells simply synthetic and linear. Boring - with a long-lasting drydown. I can smell a similarity to "Angel" (which I don't like). Escada creates each(!) year a new and modern fragrance. Escada think it over: Less is more.


    I can't tell if I like this one? I have been so afraid to try Escada after smelling Pacific paradise (absolutely heinous) that I don't know what to think. I smelled it and I think I liked it but I don't know, it reminded me of something?

  • SHARON12/10/2007

    and immediately regretted it. It's a heavy/strong fragrance on me that I couldn't even wash off. I've never smelled it on anyone else so as popular as it is, it just must not work with my chemistry. too bad I don't like it since it has such excellent staying power!

  • JASON1309/18/2007

    Tony T said it right. Very alluring, very sexy scent it is! Wow!!

  • TONY T05/27/2007

    bandwagon ladies. long lasting and sexy. very teasing and alluring. i enjoy smelling brandi at work who wears this marvelous scent.

  • JT04/26/2007

    As someone else pointed out... The bottle has too narrow of a base, so it is always falling over. That's so annoying. I like the perfume, so I guess I'll have to just put up with that!

  • JT04/26/2007

    My last post says that I used to love it, but stopped liking the dry down. I have since brought it back into my collection. While the drydown is not as great as the top notes, it does still have the good caramel-y smell about it. I have to be in the mood for it, but I use it on occasion. It's still a good one.

  • LUSI03/06/2007

    there is soemthign interesting about this one, it's a sweet vivid scent... although, the basil note is too strong for me and rude.

  • LESLIE02/06/2007

    I get compliments all the time from both Men and does smell like hot, spicy just want to eat is very sexy and sultry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HARLEY-MAMA12/19/2006

    All I got out of this was a cherry cough-syrupy smell. Save your money and dump Vic's Nyquil on yourself!

  • JT08/13/2006

    I used to love this fragrance, but I've always been a little disappointed once it dried down. I LOVE the caramel nutty smells at first, but then it changes after a half hour or so, and I no longer like the smell. Had to put this out to pasture. I still like the lotion, it doesn't change the same way, and smells a lot like caramel.

  • GREEKGIRL07/16/2006

    Hi Desiree, magnetism is one of my favourites, for an alternative, you could try Dalimania by Dali, Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli (just divine) Red Jeans by Versace, and Sui love by Anna Sui, hope this helps. See ya. Helen

  • DESIREE07/14/2006

    i love love love LOVE this perfume so very much, but it didn't seem to last as long as i would like a perfume to last[on my skin]. i love very sweet/intoxicating scents...i was wondering if anyone had a recommendation as to what i should try/buy next?!

  • L.CAMPBELL06/10/2006

    Every woman should have this perfume, its lovely very sexy also Pacific paradise and Island kiss!!!Escada you are the best!

  • S05/08/2006

    I love this perfume. It's perfect for those who like sweet scents, but want something more sophisticated for evening wear. I love how this begins to smell after 5 minutes, and it just gets lovlier the longer it's on the skin. The lasting power is great, and it's definitely a compliment-getter. A bit on the expensive side though! Pretty bottle, too.

  • MONICA04/05/2006

    While I do get compliments with this perfume, I find that I have to spray half a bottle of it, for it to last; and even then not all day. Maybe I just have teflon skin. It's rare for me to find a perfume that lasts a long time. Otherwise a very nice perfume which is super sweet. I don't think I'd buy it again.

  • GREEKGIRL03/31/2006

    Hi there, I too am a fan of magnetism and it lasts all day for me, but ive noticed since ive been layering with vanilla body wash and moisturiser(i get mine from the body shop)my fragrances have been lasting a lot longer so you could try this (if you like vanilla) i use this combo with all my fragrances, as to rubbing petroleum jelly on , i havnt heard of that but is worth a try, Hope this helps.

  • RITA03/17/2006

    Both Magnetism & Dior's Miss Cherie smell almost identical, except the Miss Cherie has a more pronounced candy fruity strawberry to the drydown, and the Magnetism is more caramel. I was surprised at how much I like Magnetism as most Escada fragrances can be a bit too much for me. But this is lovely.

  • BILLYE T03/11/2006

    Vanessa suggested this scent and I can't thank her enough! The first time I wore this I received so many compliments from men and women alike. It is sensual without being heavy, dark or overly complex. All I can say is I love it! I had mentioned that scents seemed to fade on me quickly. The lady at the perfume counter told me to rub a small amount of an unscented petroleum jelly or body oil on the areas I would apply the perfume and it should last longer. She said it was less expensive than buying the lotion. Has anyone heard of this and does it work? Are there other ways to keep a scent from fading quickly? Thanks!

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    Female, naturalness and sophisticated, the new juice of Escada stresses the capacity of the women. A woman who saw her loves like fusions and whose energy carries out its desires. Note head: pineapple, blackcurrant, freesia, melon, litchee, basil, thyme, notes green sheets Note heart: pink, magniolia, jasmine, heliotrope Basic note: sandal, vetiver, iris, patchouli, immortal, caramel, benzoin, coconut, amber, vanilla, muscs

  • JT12/30/2005

    I have both Magnetism and Magnetic Beat. I love both, but they are different. Magnetic Beat is still an oriental, but it's fruity too. Smells edible like Magnetism, but lacks the caramel type notes of Magnetism, so does not really go with Magnetism lotion (Magnetic Beat does not have lotion). I have heard over a year ago they were going to discontinue Magnetic Beat, and I emailed Escada back then and they confirmed it, yet I STILL see it in stores in almost 2006, so I don't know if they changed their mind?

  • MAYA12/23/2005

    Hi Veronica, I see that you are concerned regarding the lasting power of this fragrance... Well, as far as I'm concerned this really and I mean really lasts. I am not very light-handed when I apply fragrances, I have to admit that, but I wore Magnetism yesterday and this morning getting into the shower I could still smell it in my hair... Upon returning to my bedroom to get dressed the scent of Magnetism rose out of the laundry hamper to greet me... I could smell it everywhere in my room... So I would say it really lasts - now if you love the scent you will enjoy this, but if you're not too crazy about it, well you know! :) Happy Holidays, Maya

  • GOTHAM CITY - CATWOMAN12/22/2005

    This is quoted form OsMoz --- but I could not have said it better. "Seductive and attractive, the Magnetism woman owes her encounters to destiny… and to her own animal magnetism. Her glance, her smile bewitch every man who crosses her path. The Escada woman believes in the positive energies that rule the world and guide our steps." Ahhh girls this one is a feline fragrance, one that will win over any man's heart you might desire. For all the sexy Catwoman out there Magnetism is the one!

  • VERONICA12/15/2005

    I love most of Escada's scent's. I love Rockin Rio but the scent fades so quickly its wasteful to purschase. Does Magnetism fade quickly as well?

  • MAYA12/09/2005

    Escada Magnetism awakens our instincts and enhances the sensual charm within each one of us. A sutble interplay between artless appeal and studied seduction expressed by an audacious, surprising fragrance in which floral, natural, and raw notes mingle with woody, musky aromas. A magnetic, bewitching fragrance whose femininity and generosity cannot fail but captivate.

  • PRISCILLA12/07/2005

    Magnetic Beat is basically a much lighter version of Magnetism. It's supposed to smell very similar but it's not as powerful.

  • SUSAN12/06/2005

    Love the scent, hate the bottle, bottom too narrow, falls over often, broke a whole bottle on my time floor, expensive break.

  • ANNA 12/05/2005

    I just smelled Magnetism and I loved it and that's because I like sweet scents. But I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between Magnetism and Magnetic Beat. It looks like Magnetic Beat might be newer. The posts for Magnetic Beat say that they are similar. I'm trying to figure out which one I should buy. Any info would be great.

  • TABITHA11/28/2005

    This perfume was recommended by my sweetie so I tried it. First time I smelled, I was in love. I just received my order and I plan to test it on him! I'll let you know how it turns out.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    Escada Magnetism is a modern oriental fragrance. Multi-faceted and ultra-feminine. Top Notes include Leafy Greens, Basil, Freesia, Black Currant, Plumberry, Jasmine, Immortelle, Muguet, Blond Woods, Iris, Almond Blossom, Amber, Musk, Cashmere Vanilla, Sandalwood. This fragrance is sweet and fruity, like ripe fruits wrapped in cotton candy and vanilla. Very enchanting, sexy, and charismatic. Wear it and be noticed! It never fails me.

  • ISABELLA11/01/2005

    This is by far my favorite perfume. It's a little pricey but I absolutely love it. If you're into fruity scents or oriental notes then this may be for you. It's very sweet and definitely alluring.

  • *S.W.E.E.T.I.E*10/27/2005

    I am soooooo... in LOVE with this perfume. I have 12 bottles a ready.So im set for LIFE.XOXOXOX Escada Magnetism.

  • ALLISON R.09/16/2005

    I gave this scent 5 stars.Thinking about it, that was probably too high. There's a lot going on in this scent, and it can get messy. I can tell when other people wear it, and it's not pleasant. This scent wears you. Overall if you like strong scents then this is the right choice.

  • SYLVIA08/17/2005

    I bought this perfume at a local department store. Many of Escada's scents have a sugary, candy like smell to them. This smells more like a tropical drink than a perfume. If you like to smell of strong fruit or candy then you'll love this perfume. Otherwise, stay away! It smells a little better as is fades than the initial spray. I sold it on ebay after a week.

  • ALLISON R.08/16/2005

    This one has a real strong floral scent. Very oriental without the spice. Think more powdery, velvet oriental. A good choice for night.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE08/08/2005

    Got a sample of this one and WOW! I am definitely going to order it soon! It is exactly what I like in a perfume; fruity and green in its opening, and then it slowly develops into a rather sultry scent. It is yummy, sweet, but not too sugary sweet in my opinion.

  • MAYA07/26/2005

    This one is so sweet! It reminds me of a yummy cake. Unfortunately, my sister loves to apply too much so it ends up being sickly sweet and gives me a headache. If you love the sweet ones this one is it for sure. She also loves Lolita, Wish and Madness... I find them all beautiful, young and YUMMY but please do not apply too much!

  • CICI06/26/2005

    I love this perfume! At first I thought it smelled too much like cotton candy, but after wearing to awhile, it's not soo strong and works well with my body chemistry. It smells very musky and sexy!

  • LIZZIE05/25/2005

    I bought this thing on a whim because I had to return another fragrance. SO, I read a few reviews, studied the notes of this thing having never sniffed it in person, and I hit the jackpot. IT'S DELICIOUS, OLFACTORILY NUTRITIOUS, SO PERFECT I CAN HARDLY RESTRAIN MYSELF WHEN I SPRAY IT ON! I'm not just spraying when I go out. I'm spraying before bedtime, before jogging, after jogging, at a department store even though I already have it. I walk by my shelf of perfumes and I stop by so my nose can say hi. I'M SERIOUS! Most of what I can detect are fruits and vanilla, with just a splash of's sugary sweet, with a wink of something more animalistic...a beautiful contradiction of innocence and sexuality-- wait! Magnetism is the perfect name for that. I think it's just the teensiest bit too youthful for the purple-red bottle and what it advertises (although the seduction is definitely present!) but that's just my interpretation since I don't believe in categorizing perfumes according to age-- just individual taste. And this one is pure yummyiness. Like a more complex version of Aquolina's Pink Sugar (which I also like very much, but it's more obviously innocent, with prominent notes of cotton candy sugar and powder). I wouldn't usually recommend buying before trying, but I'm so glad I bought this one. My nose is newly in love with me. Have a gorgeous day, gals, and happy sniffing!!! :-D

  • ROBIN 05/10/2005

    To anyone who loves perfumes and is interested in hearing the latest on new releases and comprehensive descriptions, this is IT! (and then, of course, you buy through Perfume Emporium for great prices. . .)

  • EXOTIC LADY04/28/2005

    I love it.....

  • MAX04/25/2005

    This is gorgeous. yes sweet but not in yas face sweet. Gorgeous. I love it. I want the body products now.

  • MAX04/22/2005

    This is a sent worty of praise. Its gorgeous. If you like sweeet secents but light too then you will love this....Yummy.

  • LL03/07/2005

    I'm looking for a daytime new fragance, I'am in Miami and need something fresh and classy, what about Noa Fleur by Cacharel?

  • LL03/07/2005

    To Shellfish, this perfume is a Chypre and floral type is very good for many skins type, try and you'll learn more about olfatory perfum groups

  • BEBE02/26/2005

    the gem of the escada family. magnificant. a jewel of great beauty and joy. sweet memories made. very nice.

  • TUESDAYS MOM02/25/2005

    There is a lot of amber in this one. Not for the shy and inhibited.

  • SHELLFISH02/11/2005

    This is one fragrance that I wear and wear and still love it more and more! It's great... I wish I could find other fragrance that work so well with my chemistry. A lot of other ones I get sick of after a while. I love Magnetism.

  • BEV01/20/2005

    I find magnetism to be powerful and not tooo sweet. I love it. I think it is sensual, powerful. What I like especially is the way the scent changes as the day wears on. I would not want a perfume too sweet all day long. It smells kind of like a musk the longer I wear it. Very nice.

  • SADIE01/05/2005

    it smells like when you go bto the fair and thers candy floss and toffe appels i love it

  • JT12/29/2004

    If you haven't smelled this yet, don't be afraid of the posts that say it is super sweet or cotton candy. It is not like that on everyone. Yes, it is sweet, but depending on your chemistry, it may vary. On me, it is NOT really too sweet, it is deliciously complex and hard to describe though. I would also recommend the Magnetism lotion - it actually smells like it has caramel in it and I wish I could drink it! The Magnetism scent is one of my favorites and hope it is around for a long time to come.

  • SHARRIE12/19/2004

    attraction unsaid. something magickal in the air. wonderful, stimulating of the sense.

  • DAISY12/17/2004

    I have at least 30 differefnt perfumes,I like all of them,BUT,I have no other that I love as much as this,It is wonderful,alot of people say it don't have staying power,just make sure your skin is not dry when you apply it,I found if I use lotion,espically on my wrists and arms before applying it stays longer (this actually applies to any fragrance)please try this it is absoutly magnetic

  • SHARRIE12/13/2004

    magnetism a message of passion and peace, very flowing, the rays of the sun

  • SHELLFISH12/11/2004

    Yummy yummy yum yum! A girl was wearing it at a shopping centre. I had to stop her and ask her what she was wearing. Very nice!

  • CHRISTINA12/08/2004

    This is my favorite perfume. I can see where some people would think it is too sweet, but that is personally what I love about it. It smells delicious!

  • CARMAN HENDERSON12/02/2004

    Another great fragrance from Escada! This smells so wonderful I would'nt know where to start. I just know it's another one I can't live without! I really think this is going to be another classic.

  • CHRISTINA12/01/2004

    I am very picky about perfumes but I love this one so much! It's very sweet, which some people don't like, but I am constantly sniffing my wrist! I just wished it lasted longer...

  • TIZIANA11/23/2004

    i love this scent, but it can give me a headache and start turning my stomach after a while. i'm very difficult when it comes to fragranes. hypnotic poison is another awsome scent it kinda burns my nose. my favourite so far is Boss Intense.. its sexy and it doesnt bother me at all

  • JT11/01/2004

    Yes, it is in the same category as Lolita Lempicka and Angel, but I personally hate the dirty smell of the patchouli in Angel... Lolita Lempicka was almost good on me but still had a couple of questionable notes in it, Hypnotic Poison was an ok but not yummy vanilla, and others in the same category were either just ok or not impressive to me... but if Magnetism works well with your chemistry, it is well balanced and has all sorts of wonderful fruity, vanilla and spicy woody smells to take in and enjoy! Why not try it if you haven't already :-)

  • JT11/01/2004

    For the winter, I was looking for a slightly sweeter smelling perfume than my usual fresh or green scents. This is it!! I finally found it after trying testers and samples of different perfumes for weeks. I just love the smell right out of the bottle, but especially on my skin... Fortunately, this is one that goes perfectly with my chemistry. It is complex on me... not just sweet like cotton candy like some people say it is. I smell the perfect balance of fruit, vanilla, and even like cake with nuts! It is just delicious and edible. Even the dry down stays well balanced which I am very happy with. There is, however, one thing that could be better... the staying power is very weak on me which is I think is unusual for a sweeter smelling perfume. Oh well, I give it five stars anyway because it smells so good! Also, I wanted to say something about the new one from Escada called Magnetic Beat which is not on this website yet... It is another good one, but different from Magnetism. If you like fruity scents, Magnetic Beat is one to try. Not too teenage either, it smells like a more grown up fuity scent.

  • XHICA10/25/2004

    What can i say i work for a school and one of the persons that came to sign up was wearing it. I noticed it when she was waiting in the lobby and it drew me to her i followed the scent and i asked what she was wearing. It takes you to another place. MAGNETIC

  • MAN10/12/2004

    A male perspective. Is unique and for a LADY. Like all perfumes it must be part of a combination e.g. personality, style and class for this. Fun time girls should go for something like True Star. As you all know, see how your body chemistry goes with it first. This and Deep Red are a favourite for the men who like a classy female of any age.

  • DENISE10/09/2004

    beautiful,this is my favorite perfume ever,and i have tried alot,everyone of my friends that smell it falls in love with it. simply wonderful,but to be honest i don't smell the cotton candy connection that everyone is talking about

  • HELENA09/28/2004

    I bought it, it has a great chemistry with my skin and I can still smell it on myself after a couple of showers, it's stays for 24 hours ! The best is a drydown, it reminds me a little of Lolita Lempicka. It does smell like cotton candy btw. I'd love to try Pink Sugar, but we just don't have it here :(.

  • MARTIE09/25/2004

    I am going to try this one because I keep hearing that it smells like cotton candy and I LOVE those scents. I'll let you know how I like it. By the way... has anyone tried Pink Sugar by Aquolina... you can only get it at Pink Sugar is absolutely divine. It smells like cotton candy mixed with strawberry. Try it if you like that type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ELS09/23/2004

    it smells really good, but i wouldn't pay 70 dollars to smell like cotton candy.

  • MARIYA09/13/2004

    very pleasent smell, I love it

  • LOLA09/08/2004

    Like cotton candy melting on the wrist. Yuck.

  • MARIAH07/28/2004

    I crave it, I need it, my husband adores it...creamy spicy smoky cotton candy goodness...will never be without it!!

  • ANETTE07/12/2004

    Very sweet, sexy and beautiful. Unfortunately, doesn't stay long on me. I wish it did.

  • SOFIA07/08/2004

    The bottle is so pretty, I wanted to love the fragrance. But it was overly-sweet smelling and gave me a headache. I finally washed it off after an hour or two. Didn't work with my chemistry.

  • JKC06/14/2004

    I love this scent. It's warm and inviting. Also, many perfumes give me migraines, but this one hasn't yet.

  • KATHY05/07/2004

    This fragrance is one of my favorites, especially if you want to feel sexy!

  • ROSIE03/22/2004

    This fragrance is delicious... I bought the sample bottle because I liked the hot pink bottle, & the fragrance was ok. Since wearing it I cant stop smelling my wrist! It's so sexy and also reminds me of red lollies! I love this fragrance, my Escada Sentiment is nearly empty & I intend to buy a full sized bottle of Magnetism. HEAVEN!

  • ALEXA03/20/2004

    The top notes are quite exhilarating; young and fresh. The bottom notes are so aromatic that what stays and lingers is the vanilla. Vanilla has become very overused and quickly irritates the wearer.

  • CLIFFYSMOM03/03/2004

    This scent was heavenly in the sample I was given, but when I wore it, it "turned" on me! I was very disappointed; instead of the green & floral notes taking charge, the amber, sandalwood & musk notes rose to the top and were overwhelming. I couldn't breathe until I washed it off. I envy those of you on whom this scent works!

  • VAL03/03/2004

    Escada has done it again! This perfum is wonderful, I LOVE IT! When I first smelt it, I knew I had to have it. The scent stays with you all day without ever having to do a touch up.

  • SHIMONE02/18/2004

    Everytime I wear this fragrance,someone will either tap me on my shoulder and ask what I'm wearing,or comment on how good I smell!

  • BELLE01/30/2004

    This oriental is a modern one, so not heavy at all like oriental fragrances of the past.On the contrary. This is a nice sweet fragrance. Not overpowering at all, but you need to like sweet smells. I like it. It has a little kick without being too much.

  • BRANKICA01/28/2004

    it's great,like wild cherry!

  • MSTERREE01/19/2004

    Different fragrances for different people. This one's just for me!!! This is truly "Heaven" scent. :):):)

  • TERRESSA WHITLEY01/19/2004

    I tried it on in the store. After I showered it. For two day's I could still smell it on me... To me this is the best fragrance yet. That escade has made! just for me!!!

  • HAMPWIFE01/09/2004

    my husband love it when i wear this!!!

  • SKYLER JAMEISON01/06/2004

    Please do try it

  • KARINA01/03/2004

    This fragrance is magnetic - just as the name states. Great! Invigorating! Fresh but deep at the same time!

  • SANDRA12/26/2003

    Im a dental hygienist, and so I deal with A LOT of different scents ..everyday... which is how I found Angel last year.. well this year I wanted something new.. and I knew I needed something musky.. but not woodsy..spicy maybe..but not too overpowering b/c of my line of work.. I cant wear anything too strong that may risk being offensive to some people.... I just couldnt describe it.. until the sales-lady sprayed me with Magnetism. OH MY... we have a winner.. it was initially so different from all other perfumes.. no heavy alcohol smell at the beginning..just ..heaven... and then the cotton candy... mmm.. i swear.. its good enuf to eat!!.. All I get is compliments... Thank you Escada...

  • Z12/17/2003

    this is my second fave perfume after angel....and i am a very finicky perfume person!!! the smell stays with you all day and its a very rich but not overpower scent. i sprayed some on my scarf three days ago and its still smelling so good! definitely get this if you like angel and other perfumes with vanilla and musky, amber scents.

  • PHIL12/10/2003

    from a guys perspective, I highly recommend this scent. It doesn't smell like cheap overpowering flowers like most womans fragrances. Besides, my girlfriend loves it!

  • CLAUDIA12/10/2003

    I have to say I am not crazy about this one. I generally like sweet scents but this one dries down to a strage licorish-soapy smell. It definitely lasts long but that's about it.

  • AGENT K11/29/2003

    It initially reminded me of Poison. But after about 5 minutes I grew to appreciate it's depth. At first, fruit. Then sweetness. Lastly musk and spice. A well rounded fragrance.

  • KATHY G.11/24/2003

    This fragrance is like fruits and flowers wrapped up in cotton candy! I have gotten lots of nice compliments whenever I wear it. If you like a sweet candy/fruit type fragrance, you'll like Magnetism. Try it if you like Angel or Lolita Lempicka. It is in the same category as these gorgeous perfumes.

  • CRISTINA11/22/2003

    super sexy,ultra chic,my husband loves

  • KARMINA11/21/2003

    It really was something like a magnet for me. By the end of the day it's still there...and the smell is soooooo good ;-)

  • KRIS11/21/2003

    Smells a lot like cotton candy to me. Fun, fresh, and flirty. My boyfriend absolutely loves it when I wear it. He had never really commented on any perfume I wore before, but this one definitely has something going for it. Good if you like light floral yummy scents.

  • FIMA11/20/2003

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I have been on the look out for a warm, (somewhat floral) perfume for over a few months now and I found this two days ago. It is beautiful from the initial spray, all the way through the dry down and until the last lingering notes. And believe me, its got great lasting power- I would say mine lasted over 7 hours from just one spray. Magnetism has a lot of green notes with a beautiful freesia underlying it. I would recommend this to other twenty-somethings. Magnetism reminds me a bit of Ibizza Hippie except that Magnetism has much more personality, depth, and intrigue. Thank you, sales ladies, for pointing me towards this one!

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