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Grand Amour Annick Goutal Image

Annick Goutal

Grand Amour   

30 Reviews

Grand Amour speaks of love, simply that. After is everything. A sensuous harmony of lily, honeysuckle and hyacinth. A fragrance that celebrates love and passion. A tribute to the greatest love of her life, her husband.

3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Grand Amour speaks of love, simply that. After is everything. A sensuous harmony of lily, honeysuckle and hyacinth. A fragrance that celebrates love and passion. A tribute to the greatest love of her life, her husband.

  • JR04/21/2008

    I'm not generally a big fan of powdery florals, but I like this one. It has some intensity and depth, anchored by green and woody notes. Feminine and timeless.

  • CARLA05/29/2007

    My absolute favorite perfume when I'm in the "mood for love." It's my ultimate sex weapon. It has an intoxicating candy sweet smell that I find irresistably delicious. Obviously so do the guys. It has never failed me. I always get what I want when I wear it.

  • JULIETTE12/12/2006

    In my opinion Annick Goutal makes some of the best in modern fragrances. I was given a sample of this and someone I trusted told me that it smelled amazing on me. It is in my opinion a hard scent to wear. And yet when it softens after an hour or is very soft, yet spicy.

  • CHARLOTTE 04/01/2006

    I really would like to try this one. Generally, all the Annick scents smell to me like someone's old maid aunt. This is the only one I have not sampled. Hope I get to sometime

  • RUBY02/02/2006

    This is my favorite Annick Goutal. I haven't found another that I really want to wear. I don't always love floral scents, but this one is beautiful. It's like a pure floral - hyacinth and rose - that smells very pure, sweet, strong, and natural. Like a sweet rose garden. It really smells like flowers and is very mature, feminine and sexy.

  • LIZ01/13/2006

    Hi PJ. thanks for the humor. I've never tried the AGs but I do like the look of their bottles, and I've been tempted to get more familiar with them. I don't mind the pretentious sounding names because fragrances are all about fantasy. But I agree with your criticism of the pretentious prices. There are some even more pretentious ones than the AGs. To name a few: Chanel, Vera Wang, Creed and Sisley.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    I usually don't bother with AG perfumes because I find them way overpriced and on me, they don't last. I also think the names she chooses are silly and pretentious. I get visions of Beverly Hills trophy wives, or Manhattan socialites, just dying to be asked what they're wearing so they can pronounce the names. No offense to those here who like to wear AG scents. Just my very personal opinion.

  • NICO01/06/2005

    I've never tried it, and I'd like to know more about this scent. I was told it is similar to Cristalle of Chanel. Can it be right?

  • PATTY A.04/18/2004

    just real plant extracts. All natural. It might be better enhanced with some synthetics though, to balance out the bottom notes.

  • SUE C03/03/2004

    I tried this one when I was pregnant and it made me feel nauseous - which probably means it has a very high concentration of natural plant ingredients. That's how it smells and may also explain its high price. This is not a subtle scent - people who dislike powerful florals will dislike it instantly. I think it would take a very confident and sophisticated woman to wear it successfully. I'm going to check out the other Annick Goutal fragrances soon.

  • DANA02/01/2004

    Wow! this one is strong. I think you would need to be a fan of Annick Goutal in order to like this one. I can't even make out what it is supposed to smell like, other than strong

  • DELTA01/11/2004

    I'm young and have always loved classic rich smelling fragrances like this one. GA is not meant to be mainstream or a passing fad for the young and not so young teeny boppers and that's what makes it special. It's for women who know who they are, whether they are young or mature. I bet it will stand the test of time better than most.

  • YVONNE12/15/2003

    You are abosuletely right. I could not agree more. The way a perfume smells on a person has a lot to do with one's body chemistry. Hope you find this information a little enlightening.

  • BB 00112/01/2003

    Quel Amour! is my favorite!!! What a happy, happy fragrance, makes me smile!!! I don't like Grand Amour... CIAO!!!

  • SEANA11/05/2003

    I think this is Annick Goutal's best fragrance. At least on me it is. I love her eau Sud and Gardenia Passion, but they disappear too quickly on me. Her Grand Amour is not for the shy retiring young's for women who are not afraid to exhibit their sensuality and strength and presence. I love this fragrance and it's one of my all time favorites and I'm really surprised by how many people either dont' like it or think it's boring or "old lady". Granted, it's definitely not a young girl's cologne,but it's got more class and elegance which some people never realize. But then there's plenty of scents that make me gag that other people adore. It's such a personal thing, scent, isn't it?

  • ELLIZA07/11/2003

    This is smell-alike for joy, that rose/perfume-y overlay. BUT, Joy is redolent with essential oils (especially, oddly, the EDT, which also has a hint of vanilla, or something creamy, missing from stronger formulations). joy is rich, dense, layered. this is a smellalike, but without the depth. it isn't terrible, but it isn't glorious. not up to AG's usual standard.

  • ELLIZA07/03/2003

    this smells like joy, but without the blazingly intense essential oils complex. it's not bad, but it's not a heartbreaker.

  • SCHMIDT06/29/2003

    This is my favorite AG. I bought Heure Exquise and a gardenia one (?). They smelled beautiful in the store but turned sickening on me, so I returned them. This is the only one I can wear. So, to each her own!

  • ELENA04/03/2003

    It seems heady at first, but the drydown of hyacinth and honeysuckle has just enough of a touch of moss to temper it. Rich and lovely.

  • SOPHIA03/24/2003

    I usually don't speak about perfumes in a category of old ladies perfumes and those for "young women", but "Grand Amour" really gives me impression of a scent for old woman. In fact I would not buy it for my grandmother either (older people should lift their spirits with something more optimistic!). Of all the Annick Goutal's perfumes I prefer L'Heure Exquise (the most elegant!) the newest "Quel Amour" (very YOUNG, light and pretty - SPRING, SPRING, SPRING!!!) and "Eau de Sud" (warm with a touch of agrumes, almost unisex scent).

  • PEB03/07/2003

    smelled like dirt on me

  • M.J.03/01/2003

    I read that Annick dedicated this fragrance to her own great love,her husband.All I can say is that if I were him, once I smelled it, I probably would have considered divorce.


    When I sprayed it on my hand it had a nice smell, but when I sprayed it on me to wear it left a chalky dry smell. I don't like it. Smells like an old women's french perfume. It could just not work with my body chemistry.

  • H.11/13/2002

    I think Grand Amour is very special ... men like it.

  • SANDRA10/30/2002

    Please, somebody tell me what is the new A.G.'s fragrance "Quel Amour" like??!! Do you like it?

  • JASMINE10/23/2002

    An ambery floral with notably jasmine, rose and hyacinth. The musk and vanilla give it warmth and sweetness. Heavenly. A modern classsic. Not for the kewl.

  • SONIA10/22/2002

    If something is too heavy - that is!!!

  • ANNIE09/11/2002

    I bought Grand Amour edt and body lotion at an Annick Goutal boutique in Paris (slightly better price in than in the U.S.). I often get compliments on it. To me, it smells like easter lilies. I think it's a fresh and pretty summer scent.

  • LUCIA07/18/2002

    Thanks, Mia, I hope I'll find it somewhere, I would like to try it. Thanks for your message once again!!! :) LUCIA

  • MIA07/14/2002

    exotic, piquant, fresh, sweet fruity; mango-boronia-jasmine-tomatoes leaf. It smells very much like candy on me, sweet and unique.

  • LUCIA06/29/2002

    If anyone can send a post about FOLAVRIL I would appreciate that! This is the first Annick Goutal's fragrance, I know that it is fruity and "vivid" is hard to find it. I know the most of other Annick Goutal's fragrances, so if someone could describe me Folavril...THANKS! :-)

  • MAG06/25/2002

    Elegant, grand and classy, and not to be worn by those who don't have the class!!

  • KATIA06/03/2002

    Too much pure roses scent in this perfume, and it makes it "old grannies perfume".

  • I.G.05/08/2002

    So boring scent!

  • JD04/16/2002

    warm, floral, sweet, subtle, a little grass smell. Very soft.

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