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Kors by Michael Kors, an irresistible new design in fragrance. A delicious red scent of sheer port wine and cognac, layered with sensuous rose petals and exotic spices. Notes include Sicilian Bergamot, Clementine, Pomegranate, Davana Oil, Sheer Cognac, Dewdrop Notes, Red Berry Rose, Crimson Rose Petals, Sheer Spring Jasmine, Sheer Port Accord, more

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Kors by Michael Kors, an irresistible new design in fragrance. A delicious red scent of sheer port wine and cognac, layered with sensuous rose petals and exotic spices. Notes include Sicilian Bergamot, Clementine, Pomegranate, Davana Oil, Sheer Cognac, Dewdrop Notes, Red Berry Rose, Crimson Rose Petals, Sheer Spring Jasmine, Sheer Port Accord, Ylang Ylang, Natural Chamomile, Rosewood, Red Incense, Tolu Balsam, White Amber, Bio-Musk.

  • TERRI10/06/2018

    It is just what i wanted. I am still looking for the full size bottle or something very close to it. Can you suggest one?

  • ICE PIXIE02/02/2012

    This is a wonderful fall/winter fragrance: rich, warm, festive, intoxicating without being overwhelming. Reminds you of red wine, cognac, pomegranates, sweet spices, crisp air and a favorite leather jacket.

  • JENN02/18/2008

    The packaging on this product is beautiful; however the scent is very unique. Read the reviews and had high expectations, but in the end, how you enjoy a fragrance comes down to each person's preference. It smells very much like port/red wine, and it is not for the timid. If you just open a bottle of red wine, the Kors scent is very similar (although the perfume does have some other fragrance notes like wood, the red wine/port smell still comes out the strongest). I put some on in the morning, and am writing this review over 9 hours later; this puts into perspective how long lasting this perfume is (which is very long) as well as how strong the red wine/port notes are in this perfume (which are very strong). And while I do love red wine and port when drinking it, constantly smelling red wine/port depends on the wearer as personally I prefer citrus (ie. Clinic 'Happy') and light floral scents (ie. YSL 'Young Sexy Lovely'). I was really curious about Kors, and since it was on sale, I bought it. So, in the end, I do not recommend this fragrance unless you are a really big fan of red wine/port fragrances. If you are, Kors should be on your next purchase.

  • JENNA01/28/2008

    I first used this 5 years ago and put it aside after about 6 months or so. I re-visited Kors 2 weeks ago and can't get enough. It is perfect for the cold weather...warm and spicey but different than anything else. MMMMMM!!!

  • SUSAN03/23/2007

    This is my all time favorite perfume. I received it for Christmas three years ago. Since, my husband has bought the new MK that comes out every year, but none of them compare a bit to this one. I've never received so many compliments on a scent in my life; from the girls at the bank to strangers on the street. I love it!! PS: Does anyone know if this is still being made? Why is it so hard to find?

  • JAIME-LYN!12/31/2006

    I am so happy I found this on here! I thought it was discontinued because nobody sells it. It is the most unique fragrance I have ever smelled and that's why I am so in love with it. I guess I'll be buying a bottle on here.

  • ALISON08/23/2006

    This is my all time FAVORITE smell! I got it for Christmas about 3 years ago. As time went on, I wanted to purchase more and have been unable to find it. NOW, I know where to go.

  • BRANDY07/19/2006

    But I still like it. Very hard to find now. I bought from a kiosk in the mall. Has red wine which makes it smell modern. Wear w/corperate attire. Packs a "I mean business" punch!

  • MARISSA07/10/2006

    I purchased this fragrance two years ago, and i still love it, lTS UNIQUE, AND ITS GOOD THAT ITS NOT THAT COMMON.

  • AMY11/16/2005

    I own alot of bottles and this is one i keep reaching for. my boyfriend loves this one the best and i love it too!!

  • JANNINE11/04/2005

    This is possibly the most unique scent I've smelled yet. It always evokes memories of my vacation in Mykonos, Greece, for some reason. It's distinctly "Mediterranean bistro" in feel... elegant, warm, sultry and exotic... the wine notes smell more refined than liquor-y, and the berries add a juiciness that makes it a mouth-watering composition. My boyfriend is an even bigger fan than I am. I'm surprised more people don't wear it, but it's just as well; I'd hate for this incredible perfume to become common.

  • AMY11/01/2005

    I absolutely love this scent!! it is not too strong and little bit lasts all day. I get lots of compliments from strangers. I like all the fragrance from michael kors. I also love the bottle how the top turns around.

  • ANNA HAROLD10/05/2005

    I sniffed out a women wearing Micheals perfume to ask her what was she wearing. My co-worker fell in love with it when i wore it to work

  • SHERRIE09/28/2005

    Great, I think it is the best since Donna Karan.I love it. It doesnt have any age discrimination to it at all! All ages can where it SEXY SEXY SEXY

  • LEE ANN09/22/2005

    It is simple...I love it! I will keep trying to get it til I can't get it anywhere

  • LISH05/26/2005

    well......lets just say asking 10 cents for this perfume is asking to much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DANA05/09/2005

    I got this for Mother's Day. It is my most favorite scent out there. My husband just loves this perfume all my others just get ignored.

  • NINA03/31/2005

    I enjoy this fragrance. It reminds me of the bouquet from a dessert wine. Very sweet and effervescent.

  • KRISTIN M.01/26/2005

    I like this scent. I found it reminded me of Madness by Chopard but Kors is sweeter and I like it better than Madness.

  • Q-T PIE11/09/2004

    This perfume is so different from everything else out there! It smells amazing. I get complimented on it every time I wear it.

  • JAIME11/06/2004

    This is my favorite perfume!!! Has it been discontinued? This is the only place that sells it!!!

  • CHERYL10/18/2004

    I had both Michael and Kors - Michael reminded me of old ladies and Gardenias - YUCK. I definately like Kors better but beware - it does have a faint reminder of Fendi.

  • AMY07/01/2004

    This is my new favorite perfume! Not too sweet, very sophisticated. As with any fragrance - it has to work for you. But if this mixes well with your body chemistry and you can pull this off it's fantastic! I can't count how many men ask me what I'm wearing!

  • CHELLE06/23/2004

    My husband cannot keep his hands off of me when I wear this scent. I get compliments from everyone about Kors. I love it!


    i really like this product makes me feel sexy

  • RENEE05/02/2004

    I am not an avid perfume wearer, but I love this fragrance. I don't like strong scents and this blends so well with my body chemistry that it seems like it was made for me. You usually have to be close to smell it; it does not announce its presence, but waits to be discovered. Men love it! (Warning - it does NOT smell good on everybody, so try a sample first)

  • KEAHI02/12/2004

    I just can't make up my mind about it! The first time I picked up a bottle of this, I was so taken with it, I bought it on the spot. I thought it was so unique smelling--unlike anything else at the counter. I still like it, but I'm not as wild about it anymore. The liquor notes are really prominent on me (so prominent, I can't stand the smell if I have a hangover!) and sometimes I wonder just what is so unique about a perfume that smells like Booze? I feel like a wino if I wear it during the daytime. If you like this one, check out Madness by Chopard. It's similar, but more wearable in my opinion. More sparkling, less musky. Still smells like liquor, but it's more like a cosmopolitan than a glass of cognac.

  • TINA01/15/2004

    doesn't last long in my opinion unless you layer it with the shower gel and lotion. As well as place the scent in your selected points (i.e. cleavage, wrist, behind ears,ankles, and behind your knees).

  • ERICA01/06/2004

    This is a very bold spicy scent. Not for the faint of heart who prefers gentle floral scents, or for the office. Definitely a going out on the town scent. You have to be careful as it is very strong too. It's something you'd wear if you want to be noticed.

  • NEW PERFUME LOVER!11/18/2003

    Luscious and warm scent. Men LOVE it. Very different from the clean, citrus scents that dominate the market these days. The spray perfume is strong. I recommend the portable solid or body cream.


    This is a very different unique scent. Wanted to like it but didn't work for me. Smells very warm and sensual on a friend though.

  • S.C.09/29/2003

    I love this. I got a sample after smelling it in a magazine strip. The sample smells as good as it does on paper. My next purchase. Anyone try the body cream yet?

  • BLUEHOUR09/27/2003

    I like Kors, but a coworker wore it for awhile, and on her, it smelled reminiscent of a ferret. Very peculiar musky odor. Like someone who drank too much wine the night before and didn't shower before coming in to work. Sweaty, musky...That turned me off. Otherwise, I do like it in spite of how it didn't work well on my coworker.

  • SHARON08/01/2003

    Love! No vanilla, spicy not sweet--perfect for the new millenium woman!

  • LEAHD07/24/2003

    EEEW! This scent is too much like the unfortunate Fendi. It makes my eyes burn. Way too strong. I really liked it on a paper strip, but when I tried an actual sample, I couldn't stand it. Glad I didn't pay for it. Before you invest, TRY IT FIRST!

  • MSB06/28/2003

    I guess I'm an alcoholic, Kors smells beautiful.

  • KBN06/20/2003

    I guess this works if you have a drinking problem or want to go drinking on your lunch break and , the liquor in it is prominent. If your boss asks if you've been drinking you can say that's your new fragrance...

  • PL06/06/2003

    This scent really isn't for the faint of heart or stomach!!! Michael is so much better!!! I think its the drydown that really is too woody doesn't mix well with the wine yuk It smells like you spilled wine on yourself and then wood.

  • DEIDRA05/30/2003

    Michael is otherwise a genius. I'm so loyal that I cant give him the so-so that this scent really deserves. This scent is having a hard time deciding what it wants to be. Good idea, but it just doesn't do anything for me or any one of the 5-girl entourage with me at the fragrance counter. Michael is still the best!!

  • SCHLOOPY04/27/2003

    It should have been marketed as such. The sales lady at Neiman Marcus mentioned the guys are buying this as well. I sampled, along with Alexander McQueen's Kingdom, just for the hell of it and think Kors is definately something a confident guy could pull of. The same with Kingdom, which is a bit to floral on me, but the dry down really is something else.

  • MAGGIE T04/20/2003

    This perfume is quite unique. I loved Michael (I love strong scents; soft, pc scents bore me), so I decided to try this one. I love it. But it's definitely not for the timid ones. I wore it to the office and got compliments from one and all.

  • R8CHEL04/03/2003

    Great fragrance, couldn't figure why I liked sooo much until I found out the notes- cognac and port wine. Great combinations with a mystic hint of musk. A million times better than Michael Kors last perfume.

  • SAMANTHA03/30/2003

    I went perfume shopping with the help of a very informed sales associate at Nordstrom and discovered that Kors is my absolute favorite! I can't handle overly floral or musky scents. Kors is a nice blend of various types of aromas, and they all come together perfectly. I feel very sexy when wearing Kors, and it lasts and lasts. I strongly recommend this fragrance! =)

  • PEB03/04/2003

    I tried this on in Sephora and i liked it beware: wear this one for a longer time before buying because the drydown is nauseating!!!!!!

  • DANIELLE02/28/2003

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE. I love "Michael" by Kors also. "Kors" is just younger.......

  • JENNA02/27/2003

    This is wonderful!! Fruity and rich like a fine wine...the body cream is to die for. NO OVERPOWERING flowers as in Michael. You've got to try it.

  • CYNTHIA02/26/2003


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