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Estee Lauder

Pleasures Intense   

55 Reviews

Pleasures intense conveys an intimacy, lushness and warmth. It is fuller, deeper and more exotic than its counterpart--a modern interpretation of a lushly textured floral. Pleasures intense begins on a top note of green lily, Japanese Le Charme Peony, cassis and ylang ylang. the middle note of Moroccan rose, pick tiger lily, tiare blossoms and more

3.4 oz EDP Spray
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Pleasures intense conveys an intimacy, lushness and warmth. It is fuller, deeper and more exotic than its counterpart--a modern interpretation of a lushly textured floral. Pleasures intense begins on a top note of green lily, Japanese Le Charme Peony, cassis and ylang ylang. the middle note of Moroccan rose, pick tiger lily, tiare blossoms and jasmine blends to a base of maple wood, benzoin crystals and vanilla.

  • FLYING CRANE07/01/2010

    I've tried several popular purfumes but this is the only one that when I wear it, everyone-- men and women tell me I smell wonderful. Strangers have approached me and asked me what I was wearing so they could buy some. At work, people always say, "I knew you were around because I could smell you in the air and you smell wonderful." Of course, it boost my ego quite a bit.

  • ELENA02/13/2009

    This perfume is very good bang for the buck! It is long-lasting, extremely floral, and very lily. It stays on the skin and on clothing for a good, long time. I recommend it as a very good, basic floral for any wardrobe, whether young or old. I love this stuff!!!

  • ELENA02/09/2009

    This perfume has lasting power. It is incredibly floral, and lasts and lasts and lasts. It is well worth the money if you like floral. It is a wonderful spring/summer uplift. A flower garden for the soul with no hidden underlying surprises. It is fairly rich, fairly linear and doesn't morph down to a sneaky musk or a fruity-tooty salad. I recommend it if you are looking for a new light-hearted companion.

  • PERFUME GIRL02/12/2008

    This one is so great. It grows on you and lasts forever. I'm tired of buying stuff that disappears. This one is not a waste of $$. Great body lotion too.

  • ANNIE07/11/2007

    I tested Pleasures Intense in a dept. store the other day. I loved the floral top notes at first spritz but the dry down was sort of mediocre and detergenty smelling on me, which I find many EL fragrances do on me - sort of pleasant like a nice soap, but not as distinctive or special as I would want a perfume to be. The original Pleasures works better on me, and that is only recently. I used to not be able to wear it but my chemistry has changed. Oh well, individual body chemistry varies. I smelled Pleasures Intense on a girlfriend and it was absolutely incredible - lush, floral and sexy. Which is why I wanted to try it. You must test this one before you buy, imo.

  • ME03/16/2007

    This one is wonderful. I get complimented every time I wear it. It is strong and lasts all day. Intense floral. One of my favorite florals.

  • KALINA03/14/2007

    this really does not smell that good.. it reminds me of beyond paradise but atleast beyond paradise settles to a nicer fragrance.

  • BORN4MD12/12/2006

    this one's almost as good as the original pleasures. takes getting used to but still nice.

  • OCEAN02/12/2006

    I absolutely love this one! I love it! Smells so clean and fun. Beautiful fragrance. I really think that every body chemistry is different. It also makes a difference what soap or shower gel you use before hand too. Not everyone can wear this fragrance. We all have different sniffers if you will. Some things smell wonderful to some, while to others it may smell awful. This is a definitely a repeat for me. I use this and Pleasures. I am getting ready to purchase the newer Pleasures Exotic. I like to trade of depending on the mood I am in. :)

  • LORI02/03/2006

    Try the shower gel. It is really creamy and lathers up great. A little goes a long way!! Love this!

  • PEACHES12/03/2005

    This perfume should have 5 stars to it. Its is just right, not so overpowering but not so light either. I spray the parfum once in the morning and even by night when I'm coming back, anywhere I pass, people turn and my boss was even asking me if I was wearing Chanel. I guess the thing is, due to different chemicals on a person's body, it might smell good or bad on a person. But this one is just great and I recommend it.

  • LIZA11/09/2005

    The idea with perfume is to get something that is totally in sync with your body odour and your personality. This one is a winner with me. I love it to bits, its warm, sensual, sexy yet it has a hint of fun and mischief. I have been complimented 100x100 times when i wear it.

  • SUZIE10/20/2005

    This is one fragrance that doesn't turn sour on my skin. Now I can't smell it at all, but my husband complimented me on it, he is very picky.

  • MYANMAR-GAL10/05/2005

    the bottle is attrative & the colour is cute. But this is not a long lasting perfume. & it's very expensive in my country.

  • PAULA09/23/2005

    this one smells like cat pee on me..i only bought it because I loved pleasures so much..bough without trying...bad move.

  • VICTORIA08/03/2005

    Best way to describe it would be rich warm floral. If you like heady fragrances this would be right up your alley. However, fans of original Pleasures probably won't like it because it doesn't smell similar at all. Try new Exotic Pleasures-smells like the original with few exotic fruits thrown in.

  • KELLY07/06/2005

    I used to wear it, it is flowery, and i did recieve compliments. But now When I smell it again on my arms, I no longer like it,

  • PERFUME PERSON06/15/2005

    I can't believe all the negative comments. Not all people can carry this one off. I have dry skin and scent does not stick w/ me. This one does! Awesome floral w/ lasting power. Love this one.....

  • DANCER4LIFE03/20/2005

    I was interested in trying this one out after my finace picked the original Pleasures as one of the only fragrances he likes. Well, I am not sure I'm all that excited about this one. Every time I put it on it reminds me of the scent my cabbage patch dolls used to have when I was about 5. Unlikely that I'll ever wear it again.

  • SHANNON03/04/2005

    I enjoy the original Pleasures, but don't care for this one at all. On my skin all I smell is vanilla, vanilla and more vanilla. I'm not a vanilla fan at all. None of the pretty tropical flowers listed come through. Disappointing.

  • LISHA03/01/2005

    How can i say this, its a great perfume if you want to smell like a fruit basket!!!!!!!!! Id stick with the original Pleasures...

  • JHG02/28/2005

    A great fragrance that is unique. PI body lotion is very nice too. Buy sets around Christmas or Mother's Day for the best values.

  • MARTI02/03/2005

    If you want to stand out and wear a scent that is not worn by all, wear Pl. Intense. I am not a huge floral fan, but this one works for me. I get compliments galore and this scent is not know my many. Great staying power too.

  • MICHELE KYLE11/23/2004

    I just love this fragrance.. I even get comments when I wear it.. I would were it everyday if it was cheaper.. Don't think I would change a thing.

  • PRISCILA10/13/2004

    I do not know which one is worse bt this one and beyond paradise.

  • SANDEE09/08/2004

    I just love Pleasures Intense. I have a sample spray that I have been savoring until I spend money on a bottle. I get compliments every time I wear it and it lasts all day. I think you get your money's worth with E.L. fragrances.

  • JENNY08/07/2004

    It's the best smelling cologne-in along time! Men love it!

  • KELLY06/14/2004

    very comfortable.. very fresh.. it worth. coup de foudre

  • BETH05/04/2004

    A friend of mine wore this the other day, and everytime she came in the room, she brought this gorgeous smell with her. I thought at the time that I smelled lily of the valley in it, but it's not listed as an ingredient. But it is gorgeous, and I need to get some!

  • SOPHIE04/14/2004

    I thought it was charming, but it turned out to be sharp, heavy and commonplace. I still like the original Pleasures. This new scent is like when you want to make something which is already good better and simply spoil it. That's how I feel about Pleasures Intense: it is like when a young girl puts too much make-up and looks 5 or 10 years older!

  • JASMINE04/13/2004

    This smells like a cementery,sorry but this perfume doesnt smell good on anyone so i dont advice you to buy it...

  • HAMPWIFE04/08/2004

    this is one fragrance that just smell so good that you can wear it in any season!!!!!!

  • PELIN01/19/2004

    I cant say it's bad but its not good either.So-so

  • MJ01/13/2004

    I love the floral scent. Everytime I've worn this frangrance I've gotten tons of compliments. Great pick!

  • CHRISSY11/25/2003

    I do not like this scent..its just has a sour smell to it on me. I really wanted to love it. But cant. Almost has a soap smell to me.

  • ANN11/16/2003

    My best friend bought Pleasures Intense and it smells lovely on her! It's crisp, flowery, fresh and a bit stronger then Pleasures. I can wear Pleasures well. But on me Pleasures Intense turns sour. It doesn't smell half as yummy as it does on my friend! So: It's a very nice fragrance if your skin can take it!

  • THEA10/16/2003

    I began wearing this fragrance 9 months ago. Neary a day goes buy without someone coming to compliment me on this beautiful scent. A must buy!

  • APRIL09/23/2003

    Pretty perfume...smells like carnations..lilac...and vanilla...pretty floral...

  • $ VS $08/16/2003

    sometimes it smells sweet,and flowery leaves.not bad.if u prefer mild fragrance u should try beautiful sheer and me.

  • SHARON07/27/2003

    I agree with you Dana 100%. Its awesome!

  • SHARON07/27/2003

    I first smelled this fragrance in a magazine sample...I fell in love with the smell and HAD to buy it the same day...I have the original Pleasures and think this one is SO MUCH better. I highly rcommend it.

  • NATALIE06/02/2003

    Smells like flowers and its really strong...

  • JENNY05/20/2003

    I don't care for this at all-way too flowery. The original Pleasures is so much better!

  • ELIZABETH05/18/2003

    I love that Pleasure Intense. its very floral light scents.. than another pleasures.. It stay on me for allday.. its so pretty scents. i think that pleasures Intense is more sexy . my friend and i went to shopping , someone asked me what im wearing, i say its Pleasures Intense. she say oh its lovery scents.. i say thanks.. You should get it one yourself.. I got one myself . its my signuare fragrance.. i will get it more.. Great .. thank u Estee Lauder to Pleasures Intenses. Have nice a day! :o)

  • CONNIE05/08/2003

    Yes, I agree with Olga. This fragrance is indeed very attractive. I used to wear the original Pleasures, it was nice and pleasant but I wouldn't say that it was attractive. No one has ever complimented me on the fragrance. But this new Pleasures is different, eversince I started wearing it, I have been receiving compliments from people, including my hubby who loves it! It's really attractive, go and try it!

  • PB05/08/2003

    Love the packaging only very strong

  • CHERYL05/06/2003

    The first time I ever put this on, my bf just said "mmmmmm" and kept smelling me. The first time I smelled it I had to buy it. I really like it.

  • OLGA04/29/2003

    This fragrance is one of very few that constantly gets noticed both by men and women around me. Maybe, its concentration is higher. Anyway, if you need to stand out and hear compliments, go for it! Also, I believe it smells like dandelions, very good for spring!

  • PETRINA03/21/2003

    this is way too strong... too intense.. i wear pleasures sometimes, and its MUCH better!

  • MIYA03/20/2003

    I love this "Pleasure Intense". The smell lasts long on you and it's very feminine, makes you feel you're in the Botanical Garden. Great for Spring!

  • JENNIFER TAYLOR03/19/2003

    This is a lovely daytime perfume, not to overpowering, but a fresh, floral smell.

  • P U03/04/2003

    this stuff is potent. too flowery and strong an oxygen mask will help

  • GINA02/20/2003

    This reminds me of Spring/Summer. The drydown is soft and pleasant, despite the sharp tones (go figure). I have been a loyal fan of the original Pleasures and now have both. Excellent for an office atmosphere.

  • JENNIFER01/27/2003

    I LOVE this perfume, I plan to always keep a bottle of this around

  • IVONNE01/27/2003

    one word; AWESOME.... this perfume smells soo beautiful and I have to agree it makes me feel very sexy and femenine.. sorry Monique I have to totally disagree with your rat poison comment.

  • SID01/11/2003

    All of the Estee Lauder fragrances seem to smell the same with the exception of "Tuscany".

  • YVETTE12/30/2002

    I feel very sexy when I wear this product. Long after I can smell the fragrance, I receive compliments on how nice I smell. I finally learned that my body does excellent with a spicy cologne. This product fits me perfectly!

  • YVETTE12/30/2002

    I feel very sexy when I wear this product. Long after I can smell the fragrance, I receive compliments on how nice I smell.

  • MONIQUE12/11/2002

    Initially on it smells like rat poison or commercial pesticide, it fades into something moderately acceptable

  • DANA11/23/2002

    WOW!!!! THis fragrances blows the orginal pleasures out of the water!! It's absolutely fab, and I can smell i high not of Gardenia and Lily - it's wonderful!

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