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Yves Saint Laurent


90 Reviews

Kouros is a cologne for a man who is in touch with his body and understands the importance of fitness. A virile and energetic scent, it reflects a liberated, frank, and provocative personality. Body Kouros is for the man who is both physical and cerebral. Complex and masculine. Deep and mysterious. Kouros notes include Green Eucalyptus, Incense, more

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Kouros is a cologne for a man who is in touch with his body and understands the importance of fitness. A virile and energetic scent, it reflects a liberated, frank, and provocative personality. Body Kouros is for the man who is both physical and cerebral. Complex and masculine. Deep and mysterious. Kouros notes include Green Eucalyptus, Incense, Cedarwood, Mace, Camphor Wood, and Benzoin.

  • PETER08/30/2018

    The stuff is super strong when you first apply it. But after an hour or so it smells really sexy. This is strictly a cold weather cologne.

  • KRISTINA 01/03/2013

    I do not know what this is about this cologne but it make me want bed time with my man every time he wears it. Put me under a spell. Seriously!

  • LUCY09/02/2012

    I have used KOUROS, way back in the early 70's. I purchased my first KOUROS in HONGKONG and I just can'nt get over with not having when my husband finished my last bottle to the last drop! I loved men's scent better than women's.

  • LAURA CUMMINGS06/28/2012

    My husband thinks this cologne is the best. The trouble is that we cannot purchase it in the stores any more. I hope we can continue to buy this product for a very long time.


    My husband has worn Kouros for years and his chemistry and this perfume are a great combination.I'd probably have to consider divorce if he changed from Kouros. Love it!!!

  • DON CORLEONE10/04/2011

    to be honest, I'd rather not wear fragrance than wear this stuff. Extremely strong and biting, I can't imagine wearing this fragrance to work, let alone a date.. smells slightly better when it dries down, but still.... a total "old guy' scent... my dad loves original green Polo cologne from the late 70's, and I don't even think HE would wear this... I simply can't find many redeeming qualities on this one... Curse me, call me new age, accuse me of not appreciating classic fragrances, whatever. I just couldn't wear it...

  • DAVE09/12/2011

    The problem some have is that the initial scent is nothing like kouros smells after it has been on for a couple of minutes. The only way for a user of Kouros to smell the actual scent is to apply a small amount to a moist towel, and then smell the towel later. It is absolutely amazing how much different the fragrance is when the evaporating fluid is gone.

  • JOHN06/08/2011

    Can be overpowering wen first sprayed, but i love it , most people comment on how nice i smell hours later. This people that give it 1 start , it probably is not for them, but it is for many men.

  • THEKINDLYONE10/28/2010

    I agree with SLIMM & DJPETERDEE. I think this is not the cologne I used to enjoy. Dont waste your money.

  • EDWARD AMERY07/23/2010

    I've been using this cologne for many many years. It is the best EVER and I'm always getting comments on it. Just a little goes a long way.

  • SLIMM07/13/2010

    This scent will never make it to my collection, let alone to my skin for a test run. I've sampled this years ago, and recently gave it second chance only to be further disappointed. For all of the ranting and raving of about this fragrance, you would think it would possess some incomprehensible, universally accepted notes in the breakdown -- nope. It has this rancid, almost urine-like scent. It's disgusting. If Rochas Man is a chocolate milkshake, and Roma Uomo is orange sherbet, then Kouros is a gallon of piss -- and not just any piss -- we're talkin' drunk, bourbon-filled piss. The kinda piss you smell from at your local truck stop.

  • MARLENE06/17/2010

    I have encounter a lot of fragrances in my time and I have not found one to challenge the fragrance of Kouros. Not one. This is the BEST fragrance and it's a call to the wild... I buy it for a man if he is important in my life and it makes him more appealing... in an animal instinctive way... Prue sensuality in a bottle. I Love my man in Kouros... an he need nothing else.

  • ROBERT01/11/2010

    Smells like the best bar of soap in the world! Yes . Strange,but true. 20 yrs ago was my first bottle. Soon to get another. Top 5 of the best. I love it. I don't care if anybody else does or not.. beyond good. 2/14/1961..Y.S.L. ROCKS!![1/10/2010]

  • DJPETERDEE12/15/2009

    OH GOD!!!!! Does this stuff stink!!!! All it says is "KEEP AWAY"

  • CPL593809/29/2009

    Synthetic air freshener smelling like Drakkar Noir and Santos De Cartier. Must have been an early 80s trend since they came out around the same time. I certainly won't wear Kouros again.

  • SUZANNE10/24/2008

    The comments men have posted about women being all over them when wearing Kouros are TRUE! I buy this for men I WANT, and when they wear it, it makes me want them more. Not to be crude, but this cologne is erotica in a bottle to me. Weakens me in the knees, it's kissing me on the back of the neck, but in a bottle. It makes me say yes.

  • GUY02/16/2008

    This has been my signature scent since 1986. Fresh, masculine and virile, it stands the test of time beyond later additions to the collection. This fashion house YSL has produced some of the best mens fragrances on the market, none hold a candle to this one. This formula has never been imitated in its complexity. As the years pass with myself, so shall the best mens fragrance ever created.

  • BRANDEE12/02/2007

    This scent is unforgetable in a good way. Makes me drool.

  • BADOU11/11/2007

    I have always loved the fragrances of the prestigious house of Yves Saint Laurent.I bought one bottle of Kouros some 30 years ago and I could'nt stand the smell.It made me sick so I got rid of it and since then I have not come close to it .

  • J.RIV09/22/2007

    I hated this scent. Smelled like old lady perfume. Powedery and disgusting. I think this is quite possibly the worst scent I've smelled next to Drakkar Noir. I think Tony T that you've smelled Body Kurous. Not this. Because nothing is fresh about this fragrance.

  • ECHO TANGO07/10/2007

    When my guy wears this fragrance, it just melts me! Not too strong or feminine. Very manly! He is very rugged! Will be purchasing more of this for him. He deserves it!

  • KNIGHT07/06/2007

    Spray on some Kouros and you'll become an even manlier man. Guaranteed.

  • LOUIS06/17/2007

    I like it very much. Mosto importantly, during the more than 15 years I have ised it, I get nothing but complimments. Like a good wine, once it breathes a little bit, it gets even better.

  • DARRSHAN06/10/2007

    just stinks like anything, cant tolerate such things, well who says this is a scent.

  • TONY T05/17/2007

    the wrong scent in the kouros sampler bottle. this is a very refreshing and romantic scent to me. very deep and well mixed ingredients. i am not a fan of body kouros but will buy this in the future.

  • DILLON04/08/2007

    On the surface it appears pleasant and refreshing. But in the shadows lurk animalic, fecal tones which give the wearer an aura of poor hygiene. Its a pitty, because I'm really drawn to the lighter aspects of this scent. BTW, if you think KOUROS FRAICHEUR is the remedy, think again. This reformulation of KOUROS is very similar to the original with the addition of more fruit, but still does not stray far from its fecal heritage.

  • JAZ04/03/2007

    I was reading on the back of a special edition that unnatural ingredients such as propylene glycol was being used. If so this makes it not the classic alcohol & parfum blends that get so many compliments. It is the same stuff that is used to make antifreeze!!!

  • RICHARD03/27/2007

    Fresh, uplifting and cool tribute to my favorite mens scent. If blue had a fragrance this would be it. Summer editions should be appreciated and worn generously. This one is exceptional, without being unfaithful to the original Kouros! Get it while you can!

  • LE NEZ02/08/2007

    I had my first fling with Kouros in 1985. I thought nothing would compare at that time. I believe I was right. My old bottle still had a little bit left. After all those years, it had a little potency, amazingly. I thought it was time for a new bottle. It is better than I remember! The best part is its duration. Hours go by, and the drydown is sublime. YSL cannot improve upon perfection! One spray , and you are transported to the Gods!!!

  • RICHARD III02/08/2007

    This is the most amazing scent for men. Deep, multilayered, mature and masculine. It is truely the scent of the gods.

  • SOHO12/29/2006

    I agree with Ringo that Kouros is too strong when first applied. Once it dries down it becomes amazing. It's so strong that it's still very noticable the next day.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT12/16/2006

    But he hated it on himself. He only wore it when he knew I wanted to smell it. sigh. women love this fragrance.

  • TD12/15/2006

    have tried ALL the new variants of Kouros, but I have to be honest and say that none of them have the same delicate, subtle fragrance as the original Kouros. I am sure that YSL will continue to try and improve their wonderful fragrance, but I think they found a winner first time with Kouros and none of their other attempts to improve it have worked so far.

  • TD12/06/2006

    I have tried ALL the new variants of Kouros, but I have to be honest and say that none of them have the same delicate, subtle fragrance as the original Kouros. I am sure that YSL will continue to try and improve their wonderful fragrance, but I think they found a winner first time with Kouros and none of their other attempts to improve it have worked so far.

  • EPHRAIM11/19/2006

    This is the typical "Macho-Man" type fragrance of the 80's. Very nice and elegant smell for men 35 yrs+. Good for a romantic dinner with your girlfriend or wife but I don't recommend it for office because this fragrance have an overwhelming smell.

  • TONINO10/29/2006

    I first started using Kouros when I discovered it in France in 1981. I have used the aftershave continually since then. It is a fragrance that suits some people, but not others. This is due to the fact that it doesn't mix too well with every ones natural body oils. The best thing I have noticed is how much the price of Kouros has actually dropped since the early eighties. This is truly a Manly type of fragrance.

  • RINGO05/20/2006

    The drydown is unbelievably beautiful. The clover notes at the start is too strong, smell old. I would spray a lot on myself and stay at home, go out the next day and smell most amazing in the world

  • KASEY04/11/2006

    At first sniff you don't even think Kouros smells that amazing but it's what it does to you! It must have some secret chemical ingredient that drives women wild. Whenever I smell this on a man I am completely turned on. I told a male friend of mine once and he told me that many women he knows call it "sex in a bottle". My sentiments exactly. I always take samples of this from Department stores just so I can smell it at home. Could it contain an elusive secret pheromone that drives females wild like those found in the animal kingdon???? It's the only way I can explain it.

  • ART HISTORIAN04/10/2006

    Winckelmann´s phrase "the white cleanliness of antiquity" in the marble color of the bottle; the sensually stylized temple pillar in its shape. The name of Kouros - the young beautiful man given to a young and olympically vibrant scent. This is not a scent. It´s an allkunstverk about the arts and ideas of antiquity ! My hair turning gray I am to old to wear this now, but I smile everytime I smell Kouros on a bold young man. Today you have to be daring to be wearing this. But that is at it should be. For ancient Greece was very much about daring.

  • HUGGY BEAR03/11/2006

    This is the King of frags. Strong, wicked and woman love it. A little goes a long ways. Be patient for it to open up it's magic. First blast can kill you... relax, enjoy the King as it brings back memories of South Beach and clubs in Miami. The lighter versions of Kouros are great too.

  • MICK02/19/2006

    Beware...smells like sweaty gym socks. Don't dare wear this stuff in hot, humid weather!

  • EMPEROR OF SENSES02/03/2006

    This is FANTASTIC. Just put this on and women will drool and go mad wanting to come near you making silly excuses. Gives me a feeling of elation that is heavenly. My favourite by far

  • RYAN T12/29/2005

    I got a bottle of this last year. When I tried it on, it smelled pretty warm and woodsy. Immagine bounce dryer sheets with a hint of sandalwood and that is about what you end up with here. When I sprayed it on, I only needed two squirts of this stuff and I was good to go for the whole day. I recieved alot of compliments on it and people would say, that smells good, what is that? I recommend this for evening or better yet romantic wear. Give it a try, I don't think you'll be dissappointed.

  • UNCLE TIM 12/08/2005

    I like the strong odor and the persistence of Kouros, but it is not that great of a smell. A leathery smokey type smell. There are so many other colognes that have more pleasant smells

  • RICHARD 11/11/2005

    This is strictly a black tie affair! Elegant and lasting. I remember two very distinctive scent produced in one bottle. One was OK, the other deeply moving. It leave a distinct impression. Not for the quiet types.

  • R.J.11/07/2005


  • CRAIG FRANK11/06/2005

    What a superb fragrance. Manly, masculine, full bodied, strong and very long lasting. Very complex fragrance - woody, spicy, musky, minty all in one. Smell 9/10. Lasting 9/10. TOTAL 18/20

  • W.B.11/04/2005



    I've been using "Kouros" for years - eversince its introduction in 1981. It's a MEN'S fragrance; sorry, not for the boys. Women like it. Suprisingly - good for hot summer days. Not overpowering.

  • SR09/05/2005

    I tried this a few days ago and i immediately thought that it smelled like strong women's perfume. Its very heavy, loud, and cloying. Not that that's bad though. I like this stuff and will buy a bottle of it soon. This stuff, though, is made out to be the most killer masculine scent ever. I just dont get that. I think the right kind of women could pull this off easily since it smells so perfumey.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU06/14/2005

    I don't know about the last four people but this is a classic that remains sensual even after 20 years in the market and should always be part of any real man's collection.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/13/2005

    Like the soap you'd expect Thing to hand you at The Addams Family bathroom, or perhaps the kind they use in a Greek prison ? Or (gasp) at a 5 star hotel in Athens? Too bizarre for me. Shoot! And there I was thinking I' does it go? " a man who is in touch with his body and understands the importance of fitness. . . virile and energetic. . . it reflects a liberated, frank, and provocative personality. . . . the man who is both physical and cerebral. Complex and masculine. Deep and cerebral . . . Ah, what the hell. I'm tall, dark and handsome--I guess I'll just have to live with it.

  • TNT05/16/2005

    The days of good oll maze are ower..because if theres an riot you can just use this stuff and people will be running like hell!!! This stuff is suitable for zombies

  • P05/11/2005

    MY GOD!!! this is cant say that this REAKS!!Why do people by this..nothing good about it..horrible , i wouldnt clean ewen my toilet whit this, because toilet cleaners smell MUCH BETTER!!

  • JUSTIN05/07/2005

    While the top notes of this scent start off ok while still being very bold, less than 5 minutes later it starts smelling like the fresheners put in urinals. No kidding. Some people like it because it is so different and sticks out so much (people 5 feet away can smell it). While I wouldnt recomend this to people who like to smell clean or to people with small dogs (this smell may scare them) it is still a classic that all should at least look at. But please, dont just go out and buy it. Go to a store where you can test it first.

  • NIKITA 02/11/2005

    What is all the hype about this cologne? It smells horrible like barbecue and rotten old man! Should be discontinued. Yves Saint Laurent was tripping with this one!

  • LEE01/13/2005

    this is a mans cologne and you have no taste it is the best smelling cologne that ever hit the market shame on you.

  • MISFIT01/11/2005

    Kouros isn't a bad scent at all. I do like it but it's way too synthetic smelling for my tastes these days. I think that's the way a lot of scents were from the early 80s. Drakkar Noir also comes to mind. If you do choose to buy some be careful with how much you put on because it is a bit strong, and lasts all day.

  • TONI FINISH10/12/2004

    Just a fantastic piece of european perfume-decadence art.

  • DTW09/09/2004

    this is the all time greatest when you want want to drive women wild! no other scent comes close!

  • MR. LONGROVE05/21/2004

    Kouros is a pleasant versatile scent. I think one can wear it any time of the year. It's kind of strong so go easy. I like wearing it low on the body, behind or between the knees and people still notice it...and I can still smell it myself. Kouros will mellow out eventually into a warm spicey and very masculine fragrance. It's not the best Yves St Laurent has to offer but it's still worth having.

  • DAVE04/13/2004

    Yes, this is one fine scent!. I have about 70 different colognes, but nothing beats Kouros on me!. The previous comment is by the way very accurate. Ladies like it very much!. A winner on the right man!.

  • TOMMY. A.04/06/2004

    Girls just love it, and i too!. A sure way to get loads of nice comments!.

  • RAMONE ROJO02/04/2004

    This is one fine scent. Kind of spicey/sweet. Goes on a bit strong but mellows out after a while into a very pleasant smelling and long lasting cologne. So far I haven't come across a scent from Yves St Laurent that I didn't like.

  • HERVE01/06/2004

    It's unfortunate that "Kourous Fraicheur" phased out. That one was an exceptional "eau de toilette" and I'm still wondering why they chose to stop producing it and replaced it by "Kouros Sport" which smells horrible!

  • JENELL12/30/2003

    I started wearing Kouros when it was introduced back '81. To this day I have not found another cologne that can combine both a masculine and sensual smell like Kouros. For that reason, it's the only cologne i've ever worn since. And get this, i STILL get compliments from the ladies about it. There's no other men's cologne like it !

  • AROOJ12/19/2003

    my apologies - the top notes for Kouros are rose water and glycerine (I confused Antaeus by Chanel for Kouros).

  • AROOJ12/19/2003

    This is one of those scents where strong opinions prevail. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned that Kouros is reminiscent of "Old Spice," although much more refined. The lime and lemon top notes dry down into a darker, masculine base which is hard to pin down - something that evokes an exotic, Far Eastern character. This is quite likely a scent best suited for those over 40. However, I will try Body Kouros.

  • DANIEL12/16/2003

    smell to much as a soup and to strong. Changes on my skin. it s not me!!

  • SHAYNA12/06/2003

    I can't pronounce it, but it smells great!

  • MIKI11/20/2003

    this is the best fragrance,i have had ever!!

  • JGREG11/19/2003

    Lets just put it this way....This kept the fires burning 24/7 for 5 full days & nights. This is from the love of my life whom I've been apart from for almost two decades....his love along with Kouros made those 5 days nothing but HOT!!!!

  • A. NONY. MOUSE11/04/2003

    Starts out with a chemically smell, similar to a motel room when you first open the door. Then turns really rancid on me. At the end it resembles Fahrenheit a lot. Sorry but I don't like it.

  • DAVE08/28/2003

    Unique, definately distinct, and definately strong. It's a CLASSIC fragrance in every sense, but like others have said, it's not for everyone. I love the smell, but it's not me. This fragrance has the longest staying power of any other fragrance I know - lasts every bit of 8+ hours. Go lightly, it's powerful and easily detectable .... it's just as easy to turn someone OFF wearing this as it is to turn them ON .... you just have to use it conservatively. This is one of the most distinct and unforgettable fragrances you'll ever come across. It's been around forever. If it works for you, GREAT!

  • GEORGE08/07/2003

    I have been complimented so many times when wearing this cologne. It is so memorable, especially on a warm summer evening. I have even smelled it on a woman who liked wearing it, it definitely excites.

  • MARIUSZ08/06/2003

    There is a thousands scent in the store, but nothing is so sophisticated like Kouros. Very long lasting, and when you are in good restaurant and well dressed, you feel like millionaire. If you don`t want to smell like other guys - use Kouros!

  • AHMAD IMRAN08/04/2003

    Simply the best perfume in my collection. I dont think I need to tell you more about it. Its the B E S T.

  • JUDE C08/04/2003

    I have many types of cologne and this is the sexiest kind-very spicy-very classic scent-very powerful-girls love the woody spicy-it is meant for night wear-not daytime-sexy as hell-the best I have

  • DORIAN07/19/2003

    This has got to be the wrst cologne ever made! Though I love YSL nd the other scents, this one smells likesomething you'd use as ben-gay or join-ritis! HORRIBLE! Stay Away! Try Opium, or Body Kouros, much more nicer, and Opium, which is basically the best YSL made! YSL FOREVER!

  • STEVE07/14/2003

    A "little" dab will do's not Aqua Velva ;)

  • ALEX06/01/2003

    Not to be taken lightly, but to be used lightly! Strong, assertive. Smells like cedar and honey. Long lasting.

  • MARTHINUS05/18/2003

    Kouros lasts very well. Don't spray it in the neck - it's a bit too powerful so close to the nose. Personally I find it smells better on other people. Which is a good reason for wearing it if you want to attract some attention. It's similar to Lapidus, with less lavender. When it settles on the skin it's a great aphrodisiac. A classic that spells sex.

  • GÖKHAN03/11/2003

    it's like a drug. I'm flying to heaven

  • ARNOLD R.02/20/2003

    I know this stuff was supposed to be ground-breaking, ahead of its time, etc... But I honestly don't get it, sorry. I received a bottle of this from a family member, for Christmas, and my girlfriend and I both found it the most foul, obnoxious men's fragrance either one of us had ever come across. Ever. All I get out of it is a sharp, metallic, chemical odor. We used to joke (semi-seriously) and call it "Black Flag." You know... the bug spray. Maybe it's just me. Or me and her (she and I?), I don't know. I mean, I know a large part of "fragrance experience" is subjective, and everybody has their own opinion, and is entitled to it, for sure, but... I'd have to recommend getting a sample vial or at least a 1 oz. bottle first, if you're interested in Kouros, just to see if you'll react as violently as I did to it. Proceed with caution... And don't say I didn't warn you.

  • DANIEL01/07/2003

    this spicy scent is a classic. it is definitely one of my faves.

  • DANIEL01/07/2003

    this classic spicy scent is a fave of mine. it is one of those "power" fragrances that only certain men can pull off.

  • JENNY X12/09/2002

    Bobby boy.....better get used to many lonely trips to the bathroom to train your gripping hand. This gets babes panting like snowhounds lefty.... You get a big Fat F-

  • MARIANNE12/05/2002

    Every time I smell it on a man, ( rarely though , since a lot of men don't wear it here only in France and Italy ) I can't stop thinking about sex. Unfortunately I have a fiancee who likes only transparent, average fragrances. I told him so many times, that this one is such an aphrodisiac, that I could reach the big O in 3 seconds.....yet he never wears it. My ex-b/f told me once that this one makes a passing by woman's undies wet....he wasn;t too far from the truth. There is something in this fragarnce that is not listed which makes a woman go GA GA. Even if you don't like it...ask for a sample, and see what it will do to women in a bar, or what does your lover say when you wear it. Want more favors in bed too ? WEAR IT !!! All the women I have ever talked to said they went strangely sexually wild from it, when their boyfriends put this on. I put it on my skin sometimes just to sniff it, and feel great, I feel like a real sexy man is standing next to me. Ohhh so seductive !!!!

  • BOBBY11/23/2002 leat to my nose. Smells like a gas station restroom. TRY BEFORE YOU BY!

  • MATT10/16/2002


  • GK08/13/2002

    I've been wearing this cologne since 86' It's spicy nature is so intruiging and masculine. It can be worn in every occasion, day or night without overpowering the room. Not trendy at all, just masculine elegance. Never and I mean never, have I owned another cologne that received more compliments. From the female race. If I had to pick two colognes to own forever it would be Kouros and P.S.(Paul Sebastian)

  • MMM.....LOVE IT06/05/2002

    I am very finicky about a man's fragrance and I really like this one. It smells great. Nice and masculine smelling, youthful, (without being overly trendy),sensual,-different from the pack. A definite winner ;-)

  • NICKY05/06/2002

    I lost the one true love of my life.. but the smell of his perfume still lingers. This is a great perfume, atleast for me, the smell will stay in my heart along with his memories.

  • PETER04/29/2002

    No Word Can Describe the Unique thing of it.! Recommended

  • SUE03/20/2002

    Soooo sensual!

  • PHILLIP11/12/2001

    This one's unique and exotic, no doubt. A little soapy. I like it personally, but I know some people who do not. It's very strong, one hit should do it.

  • JIM09/26/2001

    Does anybody know where I can find the Kouros Balm. It was last available in a x-mas gift set 2 years ago and I haven't seen it since. Please contact me at "[email protected]" if you know where I can purchase some of this. Thank you

  • MGARIS09/01/2001

    POWERFUL STUFF!! Very long lasting, rich, unique. A little will take you a LONG way. Too much for me, but probably works for very young people.

  • ELAD06/10/2001

    A married woman told me it smells so good so I better stay away from her, otherwise she will do me something...

  • CLAY03/14/2001

    Every time I use this all the girls can't stay off me

  • JAGGA BADMASH02/08/2001

    Well its the best scent out there believ me, 2 gals told me during sex that i smelt gr8888.

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