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Insense Ultramarine Givenchy Image


Insense Ultramarine   

26 Reviews

Insense Ultramarine was designed by Givenchy in 1994, Insense Ultramarine is a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Mint, Cardamom, Cedar, Tobacco, Musk. Insense Ultramarine is recommended for casual use.

3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Insense Ultramarine was designed by Givenchy in 1994, Insense Ultramarine is a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Mint, Cardamom, Cedar, Tobacco, Musk. Insense Ultramarine is recommended for casual use.

  • STARR08/03/2008

    The first time I smelled this at the Macy's fragrance counter in '94, I KNEW it was the sexiest scent EVER! For 10+ years it is as kindred to me as Drakkar Noir, another one of my favorite scents. Everyone's chemistry is different. I don't put gender on scents. I put my nose on a scent, as is meant to happen and I absolutely 100% LOVE Incense Ultramarine. How it ever was discontinued, I'll never know. Very sad. :-(

  • RICHARD 07/15/2007

    On one hand this is a strong, unique long lasting masculine scent that has an outdoors appeal. Then something unnatural catches the nose and turns me off. Maybe its the strange opening that last a bit too long. I have had this bottle since 2002 and use it sparingly in warmer weather only. Givenchy presents olfactory surprises with its offerings and this is no exception. It is worth a try. Use sparingly.

  • DANIEL11/02/2006

    My girlfriend hates me wearing it because of the number of women who ask what it is. She knows it has a hypnotic affect on them. Very masculine smell. I read those negative reviews and I must say they must be written by the PR teams of other brands because they are talking absolute rubbish or they are childish men who have no sense of what true beauty is. Believe me, women will huddle around you!

  • MR. FANTASTIC08/12/2006

    Pinesol- or something pretty damn close to it. That's what this reminds me of. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I bought this- I'm just glad I bought it cheap at one of those expo's where they sell barely used testers. I regretted buying it immediately when I got home. I put it on and my wife said "Eww! What IS it?" This smells like Pinesol with alcohol & ammonia. This is really bad. The people at Givenchy must've lost their damn minds when they made this. I would recommend Givenchy's Very Irresistable or Pi, but stay the hell away from this one.

  • SAMI06/09/2006

    similar to other aqua scents.. bvlgari aqua is much better..nothing special here

  • BIGDADDY05/02/2006

    This is just terrible. It smells like it was created in a lab or something, and not derived from a natural scent as most colognes are. T here are no redeeming qualities about this one. I just can't warm up to this scent. Thumbs down to Ultramarine.

  • BIG BAD ONE01/25/2006

    Ugh! This is the worst thing to torture my nostrils since Brut! I can't imagine making a woman suffer-especially on a first date- by making her smell THIS. Smells like somebody burning a wad of pine sap. Unwearable and unbearable!

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD01/04/2006

    I hate to talk trash on Givenchy but I think they made a terrible mistake when they released this one. Did they have witches conjure this up in their pot? Wow! What a rank scent. I can't help but agree with all the bashing going on about this fragrance. Put this one on recall, you guys!

  • COLOGNEMAN12/19/2005

    A truly, uniquely wretched smelling substance. Absolutely a foul excuse for a cologne. Deplorable!

  • STINKY12/19/2005

    This garbage smells like you climed a pine tree, then tried to wash off the sap with gasoline. This isn't even a cologne it is just plain BAD. A total waste of money.

  • OFFENDED12/19/2005

    Words cannot even describe this stuff. Objectionable and synthetic, it is simply the worst smelling sewage that you could spray on yourself. It actually burns (more so than other colognes) when you put it on! As soon as I put it on, I said to myself, "Man, this is gonna piss people off just getting near them!" Do not buy this- in fact do not even sample in the store. You will get dirty looks and wrinkled noses by passers-by. It draws a lot of bad attention- stay away from this abomination! Shame on you, Givenchy for making such a foul-smelling bottles sewer water!

  • TROY12/18/2005

    This is probably the worst cologne I have ever purchased. I think the only reason I bought it was because my nose was shot from sampling cologne at the store. The next day my nostrils came to their senses and man, did I ever regret buying it! It is so brutally potent I am afraid to wear it in public for fear of bad comments. It is that horrible! Do not buy this one!

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/13/2005

    Remember when Jaguars and Corvettes didn't look like imitation Toyotas? Either the folks at Givenchy were trying shed their 'old fashioned' image and be hip and cool for the teenage market (can you say Dunhill Desire Red or Blue?) or else they must have been smoking stuff they coouldn't spell when they came out with this turkey. The notes clash, it smells artificial and just plain bad. Pass.

  • STEVE09/16/2004

    I dont like this scent. I like the original Insense MUCH BETTER!!! The original is a nice floral scent for guys. Ultramarine just never clicked with me. I ended up emptying the bottle into a pot and boiling it on the stove. It makes a very nice air freshener!!!!!

  • GIANFRANCO 02/21/2004

    You will hear the ocean. Seriously!! This is a truely unique aquatic scent. My scent has been compared to fresh ocean breeze. It has a haunting and intriguing mix of aquatic flowers and spices. I am glad that it is not as popular as Aqua di Gio. Best part is wearing it on the beach day or night you have to do this to understand guys! But be careful :)

  • SHAMY02/08/2004

    this is a fresh, marine kind of smell, don't put too much of it,it can get overwhelming, this is a summer cologne

  • AZUR11/08/2003

    this is my favourite smell. Sweet. I like it.

  • JUSTIN10/09/2003

    Ultramarine is the ultimate scent! So cool and refreshing,even the girls get weak after just one whiff. This one definitely gets my vote: Five stars of course!

  • KEV04/27/2003

    I did chemistry and accidently made poison from Benzene, it smells like ultramarine

  • UNFORGETTABLE04/23/2003

    I must admit this fragance that makes me thought how i spent so much time and $$ with american fragances. It´s so nice, creative, simple but sophisticated too. Great stuff, hidden in a ugly bottle. Not few times girls asked me what i was wearing. That never happened when I wear Polo.Now I´m a fan of the french fragances, I also like Eau de Orange Verte, Azzaro Pour Homme, Eau de Paco, Memoire de Homme and Higher. I still like Safari (good for office wear) and Romance, but i don´think I will buy a new bottle , when finish mine.

  • CLIVE04/17/2003

    Every Girl I've been out with cant stop sniffing and nuzzling up to me. This stuff is gorgeous. I stopped wearing the ''gold'' Incense for this one

  • JUN01/21/2003


  • ZAARNIS12/14/2002

    i went to the perfume corner and tried a few branded fragrances. i nearly decided to bring home Samourai by Alain Delon. But, my eyes attracted to the blue bottle of Insense. I wore it and simply took the coupon of Insense and brought it to the cashier. The scent last long and i always feel fresh during the day. sweet and musky.

  • IRUSSIAN11/07/2002

    I was killing time in a duty free shop and after smelling a bunch of "fashionalble" scents this one caught my attention. It is in my collection now. It is very different from Insense. While Insese is a limited use scent IMO, this one can be used very liberally for formal, and informal occasions, office maybe too. It does not smell like other modern flowery-watery scents. I also have Gentleman and Insense in addition to Ultramarine. I'd say, of the three, Ultramarine is my most favorite at the moment.

  • REHAN10/16/2002

    i used so much perfume in my life but when u smell ultramine i definately bought one bottle for me cuz i love it and its my favourite choice.

  • SIMONLEO09/03/2002

    Shame on Givenchy for releasing this bad,bad fragrance. Better forget it and go for Pour Homme!

  • STARLIGHT06/18/2002

    All ladies like ultramarine.It's been in my collection since 96'.I haven't seen anything like it among fresh scents.Sexy,elegant and unique.

  • MARIUS05/08/2002

    Nice fresh long lasting scent. Different from other aquatic fragrances. Elegant and sexy.

  • JOEL04/25/2002

    I smelled this stuff at the mall today and WOW! Strong stuff. I like the aquatic aspect of the scent but it also has a dank, musty quality to it. This is the only cologne I've smelled that actually made me sneeze. It doesn't improve on the drydown, becomes very powdery.

  • TIMOTHY MCBRIDE03/03/2002

    Nice aquatic scent, but borderline perfume.

  • OMAR10/11/2001

    This cologne is one of the best fragrances I have ever used. If you want women's attention...wear this one. It is strong and longlasting and yet has a cool scent which almost every woman appreciates.

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