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Angel Garden of Stars Lily Thierry Mugler Image

Thierry Mugler

Angel Garden of Stars Lily   

11 Reviews

An enveloping fragrance impossible to resist! A first sensation of purity like that of early morning dew, giving way to mysterious and sensual notes succumbing to a voluptuous depth.

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An enveloping fragrance impossible to resist! A first sensation of purity like that of early morning dew, giving way to mysterious and sensual notes succumbing to a voluptuous depth.

  • QL704/30/2010

    I really don't like Angel, but Lily is great!

  • CHRISTINE01/23/2009

    Absolutely the best of the garden of stars! Not at all heavy, somewhat soft, spicy dry-down

  • BARBARA W05/12/2007

    Wow, guess I'm in the minority here - I can't stand this, but take into consideration that I'm not a floral fan. Mixing the already heady original Angel with equally strong floral notes is a BAD combination for me.

  • MARY ALICE02/07/2007

    I ordered this untried...we are in a rather rural area. When I got it I hated it and scrubbed it off. I gave it a second try and let it develop. I love the drydown. It is warm, unusual and spicy with a tiny hint of floral on my skin. It lasts all day.

  • GREEKGIRL06/23/2006

    Hi there, sorry for taking so long to reply as i just came across your post now, since my last post i have tried the violet version, it smells similar to euphoria, which i already have, but i really love the lily angel the best, its very sexy according to my husband! bye for now, Helen.

  • SMITTEN06/19/2006

    My boyfriend and I were at a perfume counter trying to find a new fragrance for me. He was very attracted to this scent and as we eliminated choices, it came down to Angel Lily. He was crazy for it, (and I like to drive him crazy) so we bought it. He is still crazy for it after about 3 months of use, and It grew on me in the first couple days. I now love this scent. It is sexy to take a shower just before bed and spritz a little on. Sweat dreams!

  • SMELLIE KAT03/24/2006

    Hello! I have tried the Angel violet and found it heavier and more floral, lacking the spicy/cinnamon bun/fresh quality of Angel lily that I find so unique and attractive. Didn't work really well on me (or it may just not have been what looking for at that time - I'm moody that way . . .), but if you're looking for a dramatic, musky floral, it may be perfect for you. Good luck!

  • GREEKGIRL03/08/2006

    I have not tried the violet version could anyone let me know if they have and what it smelled like?

  • GREEKGIRL03/08/2006

    This is a georgous perfume very different to the original angel , this one reminded me of peony angel in the beginning but the drydown was very different this one reminded me of cinnamon buns like another post mentioned whereas peony was a bit more incensey smelling, cant decide which one to purchase as i like both of them (maybe ill get both) very nice fragrances and they also have good staying power.

  • RET02/16/2006

    If you liked Angel, you will love Angel - Lily (LeLys). Never thought I would give up the original Angel but after introduced to Lily, move over Angel.

  • SMELLIE KAT02/12/2006

    Tested this fragrance many times before I bought it - couldn't decide if I loved it, but it was intriguing and I couldn't leave it alone, either. (My husband always loved it, which may have kept me coming back.) The fragrance is hard to categorize; it's Angel, but less so; kind of sweet (sometimes reminds me of freshly baked cinnamon rolls) but also minty and fresh. I don't find it "floral" at all - at least not on me. Long-lasting but not overly strong. Not one that you smell on everyone else. Lots of compliments on this one. Sexy and different.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE01/30/2006

    The best of the trio, although I love them all! What a magnificent scent. This wonderful fragrance opens with notes of the lilly, but deepens to a more exotic scent, so I don't feel like I'm wearing a floral scent. The patchouli is not as strong as in the original Angel, so if you feel Angel is too dark or heavy, I recommend this scent, or one of the other two Angel Garden scents (Peony or Violet).

  • YVONNE12/31/2005

    this is the best of the garden of stars scents, bought it at the airport when i was going on my holiday, fell in love with it.

  • MICHELE12/21/2005

    I stopped in my tracks when I smelled this on my co-worker. I had to know what she was wearing. It's very different and soft. It smells quite intense at first, but let it wear down and it is wonderful.

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