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Aspen is classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, ambery fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of outdoor scents including woods, along with citrus and spices.It is recommended for daytime wear.

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Aspen is classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, ambery fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of outdoor scents including woods, along with citrus and spices.It is recommended for daytime wear.

  • MEGPIE12/26/2012

    I am a very wealthy woman, I buy the expensive colognes frequently, trying to find the right scent for my husband. I see plenty of comments about this cologne being cheap or outdated. I disagree. The price IS very reasonable, and yeas it has been around for many years. But so has Chanel. The Coty company just happens to sell their merchandise at fair prices for the average consumer. The earthy tones of Aspen work very well with a man's body chemistry, IF used in moderation. Be a good woman, if you like a scent, figure it out then help your man apply the appropriate portion. Then give him tons of lovin'.

  • STEVE05/08/2012

    My Lady, and significant other, the Love of My Life... Loves this scent on me. I had been using it since before she knew me. But a cologne is a very personal thing. Not every cologne suits every-body. Literally. This Aspen, with it's woody pine-like scent, leaves a "clean" sensation with all, that- while note-able is not an overwhelming smell. Some of the ladies who have worked with me have called me "shampoo-man" because the scent reminds them of a (again 'clean') soaped-fresh smell. And that would be during a hot summers day. My fiance' Loves it. She Literally, loves my recently removed T-shirts. The cologne is THAT good. (and by the Way... we are not "children" we are a bit older, in our 50's and the Aspen definitely is part of the Romance). We are definitely a romantic couple. And the Aspen to HER... is a very attractive scent.

  • MIKE11/11/2008

    At work the cleaning lady had just cleaned the bathroom and it reminded me of this junk. I have a huge variety of inexpensive and expensive colognes, and this came in a gift set-poured it down the toilet, I never hear about Stetson Untamed, which actually smells classy.

  • ADRIANA06/26/2008

    Walked by a man the other day and his scent stopped me dead in my tracks! Had to ask him what it was (expecting to hear him say something expensive), but to my surprise it was Aspen. Sexxxxy stuff!

  • J.RIV10/01/2007

    As far as price goes this is cheap and smells fabulous. Very very fresh. Very refreshing. I liked it a lot on second impression. First time I smelled it sort of reminded of right guard. But I smelled a little more and it has very clear mint notes. They are great. I cannot comment on sillage or longevity though I only smelled this colonge on paper. But if you like fresh scents this is something to look into.

  • CLASSIC01/06/2007

    WOW! Fantastic smell....Last a good 5+ hours.Cheap...For teh price their is NOTHING better on the market..if you are on the dime..Buy this!!!

  • KCFOXY12/21/2006

    As much as I love Stetson for Men, I detest Aspen. A co-worker bought this for My Guy, and it ended up smelling like a cross between pine cleanser and mouthwash! I ended up pouring it down the sink since I got a headache and sneezed whenever he wore it.

  • REBECCA12/10/2006

    The fact is, the majority of women cannot tell if a man's cologne is expensive or cheap when you pass by. If they like it on you, they just do. Plain and simple...So many men's fragrance's smell the same now. I can say that women have their preferences on certain scents. It doesn't matter if it's old or new, if it smells good we will let you know. I notice a guy's cologne instantly, and it's the number one reason that attracts. I've bought this for plenty of family members, just to give them a push in the right direction. Especially good for younger guys that go through cologne in a couple months, it's not expensive.

  • MIZZLE08/28/2006

    This is a very nice cologne and is definatly not expensive, I like to wear it at night but i also wear it as an everyday cologne. Great job Coty!!!

  • MATTHEW06/18/2006

    I must admit this cologne brings back memories of the early 90's. But, it's great smaelling stuff - at least I think so! However, everytime I smell the stuff I get a hankering for a gin and tonic or gin martini!


    Inexpensive, sporty - yet lasting; recommendable; for casual dressing; for those who love the smell of forrest. It's not the fragrance for the summer (not that light).

  • ANGELO08/25/2005

    After reading to all the comments posted, I bought the the 2.0 oz size. Used once and never again. Probably because it does not work with my ph or just that I find it to be an "Oldy" type of smell. TOO strong may be, yes as stated by the others. Just not for me...

  • BRANDY05/19/2005

    1st cologne I ever bought 4 a guy. I bought this for my 8th grade boyfriend. In high school my cousin couldn't seperate himself from it. Fresh and balanced woody scent.

  • BARBARA W05/05/2005

    I'm a woman who wouldn't ordinarily like a fragrance you can buy at the drug store....but Aspen, used with a VERY light hand, is incredibly sexy! It is a bit strong at first, but in an hour or so the drydown is fantastic. It is very masculine and powerful. Again, use it very sparingly. Women love it, even if you hate it. :)

  • LASSIE04/26/2005

    I dabbed some of this on my wrist at the store last night, curious. It is 24 hours later and despite strenuous washing, I can still smell it. It is sickening, sickening stuff. It smells like those cheap hard pink wintergreen candies you buy at the dollar store, and the smell WILL NOT go away. OK, maybe-maybe a little touch of this stuff on a man would be okay, a faint scent would be sort of pleasant - but please don't bathe in it. Unless you want to nauseate people. I've read descriptions of perfumes on this board that people claim have made them queasy, but this is the first time it happened to me. So I can feel your pain. What is in this stuff, anyway? It sure stays with you! Excuse me now, gotta go (scrubscrubscrubscrub).

  • TONY T01/31/2005


  • DAVID10/15/2004

    This is a must have! This is something worth adding to your collection

  • STEVE03/20/2004

    I wore this for a very short time about ten years ago. It was'nt bad at first...but then it started not to go well with me . Now when I smell it, I think it smells like wet, burning leaves. A burning leaf pile!...that's it! Aspen or cottonwood leaves on fire perhaps?

  • LALA04/12/2003

    gave me chills when i smelt it i liked it-

  • KAMRAN MUZAFFAR04/10/2003

    This perfume is too good to be true. it smells like cool water but has its own smell.I recommend it for daily wear or office wear.

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    If I was a man who like Cool Water (I'm not a man and I don't like cool water however) I'd go for this one because it's so much cheaper and smells identical to me. I don't understand the post at the very bottom of the page where the guy says it made him want to eat grapenuts. Weird.

  • SIMON01/26/2003

    Taking cost into acocunt this is pretty fine stuff. No, not the best but alright by me.

  • LANCE10/14/2002

    Nasty junk scent. Look at Hermes or Chanel for real class!

  • JANET09/19/2002

    When I first started wearing regular Aspen perfume for women, total strangers (men & women) would ask me what kind of perfume I was wearing. They loved the smell that much. But alas! Coty must have stopped making the regular Aspen perfume. I cannot buy it anywhere now. I would search the globe for more of the regular Aspen perfume. No, Not Aspen Sensation. It doesn't rate anywhere near regular Aspen. Please tell me it is still made. Where can I find a supply? PLEASE????????????????????? My email address: [email protected]

  • MJ09/17/2002

    Coty is the KING of value cologne designers. I wear jovan sex appeal (coty also) and it is an inexpensive masculine babe tonic. I will have to try Aspen. Don't spend 45 dollars on a bottle of cologne when Coty makes these good cheap fragrances.

  • LAUREN09/11/2002

    I agree--- totally sexy. I bought a bottle and spray it on my pillows at night, great dreams.... A must for any guy.

  • KENSHIN08/30/2002

    FIVE STARS! Enough said.

  • BRENDAN07/14/2002

    This stuff is great!!

  • TINA06/06/2002

    Guys, if you notice there are more females who are saying how much they like this cologne, that should tell you something... girls like the smell of Aspen ALOT!!!! And I agree with Beth,my fiance also has avatar, both are AWESOME smelling colognes!!!!!!

  • MAN04/16/2002

    Again, do you wish to be a macho hunk of a stud like me? Use this regularly and you will be. Want to be a Momma's boy, a punk or a pansy or all of the above? Stick to Tommy boy, tommy T etc....

  • BETH02/18/2002

    I agree with a lot of the other comments. This has got to be one of the sexiest scents ever! They have a body and hair wash? Yummy! Know where I can find some? If anybody is looking for other sexy scents, try Avatar. I think it's up there with Aspen, very sexy.


    I think Aspen is one of the best, if not the best inexpensive fragrances you can buy. I love the scent. I have had the aftershave, cologne, spray cologne, body and hair wash, and aftershave soother.

  • MANDEE09/22/2001

    i love this scent!!!! it is a turn on smell for me , ANY man can wear this and feel very sexy.(my opinion)

  • STEPHANIE06/17/2001

    Whenever I smell Aspen on a man I just want to melt, it is my absolute favorite men's fragrance. I bought a bottle and spray it on my sheets at night; a very pleasant way to end the day!

  • GREG05/02/2001

    When I bought this I wanted to start singing a John Denver song and start eating a bowl of grapenuts, nothing against John Denver - God rest his soul - but this is a very natural fragrance.

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