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Lou Lou   

89 Reviews

Floral-Oriental, Fruity, Sweet-Ambery. Created by Cacherel in 1987, Lou Lou is a luxurious, subtle oriental fragrance. This fine fragrance contains bergamot, apricot, marigold and is accented with vanilla, musk and sandalwood making Lou Lou perfect for evening wear.

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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Floral-Oriental, Fruity, Sweet-Ambery. Created by Cacherel in 1987, Lou Lou is a luxurious, subtle oriental fragrance. This fine fragrance contains bergamot, apricot, marigold and is accented with vanilla, musk and sandalwood making Lou Lou perfect for evening wear.

  • SOPHIA12/17/2011

    I consider Lou Lou my signature scent. I wore it frequently back in the early 90s when my husband and I were dating. He absolutely loves it and so do I. It's a warm, heady scent that isn't too strong or overpowering, reminds me a little bit of My Sin by Lanvin. Very classy and just delicious. One quick squirt of EDP between the breasts and a shared dab on the wrists is perfect for a long evening. Very sexy!

  • EM08/24/2011

    Truly a fantastic, lovely, sexy perfume. Always draws compliments.

  • JEANINE04/14/2011

    I find it interesting that the note about this perfume said it was developed in 1987. I've been wearing this since 1983, when my (then) husband brought me a bottle back from Japan. I LOVE this stuff!! So glad to see that I don't have to go to Europe anymore to get it.

  • MAXX02/06/2011

    believe the reviews ...ilove the fragrance...i wear it to work and it always gives me a lift when it wafts under my nose...worth every penny and i would say unique!

  • YVONNE12/31/2008


  • MADCAT07/10/2008

    I love this perfume since 90's (yeah, soo long!) And Loulou is still my best scent ever! What I love is its magical scent, very unusual and sensual. Loulou is really seeexy! :) Many boys love it on me ;) I love every notes in Loulou, they're lie on myself as second skin. I feel flowers (sometimes they're wild and sometimes sweet), a little bit of powdery, blend of tonka bean and aldehydes. All of them make this perfum so special and unique. I'm really impressed of Cacharel, they did my special and the best fragrance.

  • GINGERWOMAN04/14/2008

    If you're a single girl get this because OMG every man loves it. Myself I think it's nice but don't love it but my husband my father and other random men rave about this.

  • DIANA10/10/2007

    I have been searching for this scent for years! It was given to me on my 15th birthday back in 1988. Years later, I went looking for it in Nordstroms in NJ and the sales lady informed me that they no longer sell this fragrance in the states; I was stunned! Oh well, I just ordered 2 bottles and I cannot wait to have my beloved Loulou again:)

  • SOMDATTA05/23/2007

    Lou lou is a true classic. I have had and smelt many hundreds of fragrances, but this one is unlike any other. You simply can't forget it once you have smelt it. But i agree with Sylvie - Cacharel fragrances are a little taciturn. You are madly in love with it, or you are completely flummoxed as to what all the hullabaloo is all about ... It's a rich seductive floral. But unlike other rich seductive florals, this one doesn't have that 'Latino' feel to it... in other words, this one is not like Poison or Rumba or Animale Animale or Poeme. These other perfumes i mentioned are my favourites too, but they are evening fragrances and very hot-blooded and full-bodied. Lou lou, on the other hand, has a sparkle to it. I love to wear it in the day time, even in office, - of course wearing no more that 1 spritz!! It's that potent ! It's long lasting and very alluring. I love rich heavy scents, and this is my favourite, though completely different than any others i have. It's extraordinarily feminine, but different from most other feminine perfumes i have come across. It's unusual, and it's wise to try it before you buy... if you like it, you will probably buy the biggest bottle - even though it's expensive - and if you don't, you will be forever puzzled as to why i wrote all this..!! It's one of those cult perfumes that have a loyal following, either you are in or you are out .. I personally find Lou lou rare and precious. I feel exhilarated and elegant when i wear it. It's a very personal and intensely evocative perfume.

  • BULGARIAN04/19/2007

    I love this perfume! It really makes me want to take my clothes is that sensual!

  • LE NEZ02/02/2007

    I first encountered this liquid gem in Paris in 1987. It is as precious now, as was then. This fashion house would have it in their best interest to relaunch it, as it has a following around the world! Beautiful and seductive as night itself...

  • TRACI11/30/2006

    I started wearing Lou Lou in the 80's. It has always been "my" perfume! It smells like heaven! It is a strong fragrance, so not much is needed. If you wear it, expect to get compliments!

  • SEXY KITTEN10/25/2006

    you'll probably also like spellbound by estee lauder...there's a wonderful similarity....these two scents inspire me to buy lingerie...

  • SEXY KITTEN10/12/2006

    wow! I just got this one today and what a find!...quite strong so this is a one spray deal...the fruit, floral and vanilla combination is absolutely nothing less than sensationally enticing...this is the kind of perfume I would use to scent a love letter or beautiful underthings...and like a good lover, it lasts and lasts....

  • DADDYSGRRL7410/10/2006

    Lou Lou is my favorite scent of all time. I love the heady-ness, and at the same time, it is fresh and floral. What a great fragrance!

  • COSSETTE M CUELLAR08/09/2006

    There is one of the first scent I had in my life, I love this sweet smell. This a good perfume to wear if you want to be a sexy female wear LouLou is wondwerfull I do wear this perfume for 20 years and still wear

  • GREEKGIRL07/12/2006

    Hi TBUZZ, sorry i just read your post after i sent mine about Lou Lous similarity to Sirene, they are very alike arent they! See ya.

  • GREEKGIRL07/12/2006

    Lou Lou lovers might also like to check out Sirene by Vicky Tiel which has a similarity to Lou Lou.

  • TBUZZ05/24/2006

    Absoluetly love this scent. It does remind me of Sirene by Vicky Tiel only softer and nicer.

  • ANGELIQUE05/21/2006

    This scent has always reminded me of coconuts. But there's something about it which makes me want to keep wearing it. This came out at a time where the scents were heavy, and although this shares a similar tone, it's somehow lighter and uplifting.

  • LUSI04/29/2006

    These is one of the first great scent I had in my life, more than 10 years ago, and I stil love this sweet and special smell that bring me so good memories. This is a good perfume to wear and you want to feel FEMALE !

  • AVA04/14/2006

    I remember when Lou Lou first came out. It was a Legget's exculsive in Roanoke, VA. I got a tester. Put some on within the next couple minutes I broke out into a rash. I wrote company stating the reaction I had to the perfum. Never heard from the company but after doing research turns out one the unlisted ingredients put inthe perfum was oris root which cause me to have a bad reaction.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/31/2006

    Another great fragrance that I sampled thanks to you posters. Lou Lou is lovely! It has a familiarity to it that I can't place, but it takes me back to my teenage years for some reason. Anyway, I think it is a very interesting scent, that stays true on me from beginning to end, and it lasts well too. I love the combination of notes in this scent; on me there is a green essence to it that is refreshing, without saying green. Perhaps it is the marigold? Whatever it is I love it, for day or night, Lou Lou reigns.

  • MAYA03/23/2006

    Ahhh Lou Lou! Love the name, love the bottle, love the box it comes in... OHHH and do I ever love that luscious, sexy and magical scent of you! Lou Lou is like an elusive dream... it makes a very strong impression and yet it's so effervescent! So hard to comprehend or define, so exuberantly DIVAESQUE, so glamorous and so suggestively flamboyant!!! Lou Lou reminds me of something that Lili St. Cyr, the famous "Queen of Burlesque" would wear to entice ... I on the other hand feel like Bettie Page when I wear this ;) Mmmm just can't help myself but wave my curves suggesting flames with every step I take...

  • GREEKGIRL02/14/2006

    Hi Tina, I recently found another perfume that resembles Lou Lou more than Eden ,you might like to try Diesel Zero Plus in the red bottle, it smells more like Lou Lou than Eden but with a little more of a coconut smell. Hope you have some luck.

  • TINA02/09/2006

    Lou Lou is excellent! But why so hard to find? I just don't get it? I can’t find it in any of the stores anywhere and this is my favorite frag of all times. Thank you Greekgirl for your suggestion. Eden is a little bit easier to find still, I have to give it a shot. But LouLou is my baby! The most longest lasting frag I've ever tried. I can smell it in my hair even the morning after I've worn it, and that's amazing!

  • GREEKGIRL02/02/2006

    All you lou lou lovers might like to try Eden from Cacharel as it smells very like Lou Lou . Lovely scent.

  • KASIA01/26/2006

    If there is one fragrance that is distinct, unique and unforgettable... this is it. It is the only fragrance that is instantly euphoric to my senses. I have loved it for years and years and is truly unforgettable once you have experienced it's sexy, warm, sophisticated scent unlike any other, you will never forget to wear it.

  • KITTYKATS01/16/2006

    This is one of those fragrances that teenage girls wear to feel grown up, and us grown ups wear to kid ourselves that we're still youngsters. It's a heady blend of flowers and spices that packs a punch whatever your age.

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    Perfume of the seduction in a pure state. For an innocent and sensual woman, mysterious and ingenuous, wrapped of a perfume, who, on it, is made caress.

  • MASSIMA01/03/2006

    To me Lou Lou is the epitome of what a woman should smell like, of course that is just my opinion but as far as I am concerned this has got to be the best there is. It's a floral oriental scent that is hypnotizing and intoxication. I get so many complements when I wear it; I just love the way that feels. Lou Lou you are the best one yet. Sadly you are so hard to find these days.

  • SYLVIA12/17/2005

    I wore this for years got great reaction. They are right men go nuts girls. It is strong at first buts gets better as the day goes on. Glad it's available online. Go light even the EDPS is strong.

  • MICHELLE12/14/2005

    Lou Lou is the best perfume I have ever worn. In fact, it is my signature scent. Every time I wear it without fail, someone stops me to ask what it and women alike. I never tell though; it is my secret.

  • SHELLA11/16/2005

    I haven't worn this in 15 years and recently bought it and loved it all over again. It reminds me of a long lost love. I ran into him not long ago and he asked me if I was still wearing it. He remembers the smell lingering on his sheets. It still makes me feel sooooo sexy.

  • MAYA08/30/2005

    Hi Hisako, I wanted to ask you since I have seen where you say that you like SUN by Jil Sander. And I love it too. One of the posters who posted for SUN said that she thins that Sun smells a lot like LOULOU and here you love one and totally not the other. What is the difference you found. I wanted to try LouLou but would like your input too... We seem to like similar fragrances ... I love Aimez Moi too :) Greetings from Canada

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    15 years ago I saw this and smelled it, and I was enchanted with the ultra feminine softness of the scent. It was subtle, but there. Now I can get more!

  • NIC06/09/2005

    Hi I love lou lou and would like to know where to get it. I have been reading the message boards and a few of them have said that it has changed or they have not got good stock. Any help would be appreciated.

  • JEANNE03/07/2005

    best fragrance i have ever worn-will order again and again

  • LOISPOL02/13/2005

    I miss Lou Lou and have been searching for it for a long time. I am ordering it online to add back to my collection. I recently purchased Amor Amor another Cacharel perfume. They are totally different and both unusual and special. I too longed for the scent of Lou Lou. I can't wait to wear it again!

  • SYLVIE02/10/2005

    ALL Cacharel fragrances are eccentric and bold, extreme and unique (love/hate). On the right woman LOU LOU can smell heavenly and incredible ultra-feminine!!! I think it's a party/evening fragrance. Too sexy and loud for the office ;-) LOU LOU EdP is unbelievable concentrated and long-lasting!!!! NEVER use too much - 3 or max. 5 spritz only!!! Otherwise LOU LOU will knock you out.

  • ANA B12/29/2004

    Sweet, heavy, fruity. Plum notes can be such dodgy ground to start with; but as if this weren't enough, half a ton of sugar and vanilla on top, drowning out the supposed florals. What precisely is the point?

  • M09/12/2004

    today suddenly i just started longing for Loulou. I finished a bottle apprpxamitly ten yeras ago and today it just appeared in my "scent memory". Maybe it is why the autumn is approaching on the whole I start longing for my oriental fragrance waredrobe after a summer with freshmess and light flowers.

  • PATRICIA 07/15/2004

    I first starte wearing Lou Lou back in 1988 and I love it. It's hard for me to find now and I'm actually looking for the lotion. Does anyone know where I can find Lou Lou's body lotion? This fragrance is so soft and sexy with a very pleasant smell.

  • PAMELA06/26/2004

    this is my husband's favorite perfume. when we were dating he said he would smell it in his sheets and loved it!

  • MARY K. 05/14/2004

    I really adore this scent. I was very unsure whether to buy it or not, and now I am so happy I gave it a chance!!! It does take a few minutes to change because at first it seems very harsh and then it changes into something like a beautiful spicy flower with some amber tossed in for good measure! Give it a try, and don't forget to give it a few minutes before you decide. I love Lou Lou!

  • EVITA05/12/2004

    Perfume is like a good lover, the mingling of alchemy and magic. If your ph levels are askew or if you have a particular unpleasant natural sent, no amount of perfume will cover your genetic misfortune. Lou Lou is a fastidious fragrance, a picky lover of you will. If it likes your ph levels and natural scent, it leaves you smelling like a goddess. If on the other hand you have a naturally scanky scent will smell like a soiled whore…sorry but these are pearls ladies…and gentlemen.

  • MARIA JOSE04/24/2004

    too sweet ,causes headache

  • KATHRYN03/25/2004

    No other fragrance makes a woman feel more like a Lady than Lou Lou. Once the aroma is evident, you walk tall and full of pride. Others notice your carriage then the perfume fills their heart with love for you.

  • KIM03/12/2004

    You must wait a few minutes before you can smell the true nature of Lou Lou on you.

  • KIM03/12/2004

    I am very hard to please perfume wise. This perfume seems to meet my various moods from playful to sexy.

  • NEL02/27/2004

    I just bought lou lou and i love it, when i first sprayed it i did not like it than after 30 min. i could smell the base note, and it sells so good last all day to. Anyone that wants a long lasting fragrance should buy LOU LOU eau de parfum by CACHAREL.

  • SUE C02/17/2004

    I bought some if this when it was released in the 80's. Silly me, I loved it and wore it to work but my family complained so much that it was too strong, I gave it away to a friend at work. Definitely for evenings and parties and not for summer.

  • YELENA02/11/2004

    sweet and sexy

  • MISS BLISS02/05/2004

    This is definitely not the same as in the 80's. Please quit messing with my LouLou!

  • CARLA12/16/2003

    I purchased this when it first came out. If you like spicy, vanilla scents this is a heavenly fragrance.

  • MICHELLE11/18/2003

    I love Lou Lou and have ever since it was launched. I disagree that it's too heavy. It's not a light fragrance, but it all depends how much you apply and how you apply it. It is more of a winter time scent. Who wants to wear a chilly citrusy, light fragrance in the winter time? In the winter, I would think most people would want a warmer, spicier scent like Lou Lou. It's a great fragrance. I'm glad so many places offer it on the internet now.

  • A.G.200311/15/2003

    I remember Lou Lou from late 80-ties or early 90-ties ( I sampled it with an Anais-Anais purchase). It was an alluring, not too complicated but soft and warm vanilla-scent, a semi-oriental, not too heavy. A nice scent. I haven't smell it for a long time and don't know if the formula has changed.

  • MELANIE09/07/2003

    Lou lou is one of the best fragrances I've ever had. It takes me back to the good ol'days of high school,& one of the boys in my class asked me if I was going to an after school party,because I'm always smelling sweet.

  • JOY05/15/2003

    Tried sample in store and it was terrible. Don't understand people pay $$$ for this 'scent'????x

  • JOY05/13/2003

    One of the worst scents I ever smelled; just terrible from the bottle.....whoa!

  • HISAKO05/02/2003

    I received my mini yesterday and I am glad I did not buy a regular size. It is not bad may be for some people but it smells like an old lady's perfume and cloying. I am old enough but that perfume is really for an old lady..I mean 70 to 80 years old age group!

  • M04/20/2003

    Or it is just a joke? Too much SWEET. I really don't like it. It is STRONG, SWEET, HEAVY, OLD, in one word HORRIBLE.

  • HISAKO04/19/2003

    I ordered a mini to check this out. Someone mentioned it resembles to Holywood in this message board. So I went to a nearby store and it was not attractive at all. If Lou Lou is like that, I am glad I din't order the regular sized bottle. Well, wait and see..

  • MFOOE04/18/2003

    I too fell in love with LouLou in 1990 and then couldn't find it. when I did it was not the same. Saleslady recommended "SamSara" which is lighter but great. i've taken to Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist, but still pine for Loulou days!

  • ALANA HOPE03/28/2003

    I have been wondering to if Lou Lou's formula is different. It just doesn't smell the same as I think it did. I am worried about wasting my money trying it again on line since the last bottle I got was a bust. I wish there was somewhere I could buy it in person so I could test it first. Or, has anyone had good results buying some on line that they thought was as good as the original? Thanks for any help. PS Someone recomended to me wearing "Hollywood" by Fred Hayman. This does smell similar and is an acceptable substitute, but I've yet to find anything I like as well as the original Lou Lou.


    Did Lou Lou change her scent? I used it for a while and couldn't find it. I then found it on line once again at a flea market, but was disappointed. I am planning to purchase it one more time. Hope it will be good and fresh. I also, just notice there are more and one blend. I am wondering if I puruchased one different.... and that might be why it smelled different.

  • DEVIN02/03/2003

    I smelled this for the first time sometime in the late '80s and it made quite an impression on me. Even now this can elicit strong emotions. I'm at a loss on how to describe it, though it's heavy at first and extremely sexy. It's probably best worn in the cooler months, and in the evening. As far as it's availability, my mother loves it and I bought her some for her birthday last June at a discount outlet. I think if you look hard enough you can find it if you don't like shopping online.

  • CLAUDETTE01/26/2003

    Used this fragrance since it came on the market. My husband loves this fragrance on me and a lot of people ask me about this fragrance. They just love the smell on me. Also my boyfriend loves this fragrance on me . P.S. with my husbands approval.


    did they completely stop making this fragrance? anyone

  • PHILLIS12/30/2002


  • AKIDRA12/28/2002

    I was very happy to find this scent again on line. I used to wear it,but could not find it anywhere. I LOVE this and so do the men in my life !!!

  • SANTA12/20/2002

    I love this perfume myself its perfect for evening wear you can find it at the indoor swapmeets!

  • JUDE11/21/2002


  • RAINE10/28/2002

    I would like to know where to but this product in the Ft Wayne, IN area. I don't like ordering on line. Anyone know where to find it???

  • VARPU10/24/2002

    Is Lou Lou deodorant creme available? Where??

  • KATHY09/25/2002

    I first smelled lou lou on a friend visiting from england and I fell in love with it. She sent me the body lotion with shea butter in it and it is wonderful. I just received the talc and it is like putting silk and satin on your skin. I have the shower gel also so I can be covered in Lou lou-I adore it.

  • LORIE ANN09/22/2002


  • MANDY07/26/2002

    I am looking for the larger bottle of the pure parfume. It looks just like the mini but much bigger. All I can seem to find online is the spray and that smells different than the parfume. Any idea on where I can find some?

  • A.06/03/2002

    Another person mentioned what I was wondering myself: Has Lou Lou changed? Summer, 1990, I first smelled this and thought it was a divine scent. It was sweet but not sickeningly so. It had a powdery element to it, but it also had a sense of depth from exotic woods. I was crazy about it. Recently I bought a miniature of this perfume and thought it smelled like something rotting, like decomposing honey and rotted funeral flowers. I don't know what happened, whether it was me or Cacharel, but I'm steering clear from now on.

  • CHARLIE ([email protected])05/29/2002

    I am curious about any historical facts about LouLou as well as the mini bottle design The 0.17 oz mini eau de parfum, in my collection, is a six-sided shape in blue, rising to a point with a pointed deep ruby-red cap, similar to their (pure) perfume bottle. Can anybody offer any info? Thanks, Charlie

  • BYLLOH05/16/2002

    What is the difference in smell between Lou Lou and Lou Lou Blue?

  • ALANA HOPE05/03/2002

    I used to love Lou Lou, it was my favorite scent. Then it became unavailable in my area. A friend had recently found and bought a bottle and I couldn't wait to use some. I was very disappointed I didn't think it smelled very good at all. Did Lou Lou change at some time or did I? Also, where is a good place to get a bottle so that I know it is not old or a knock-off. Thanks!

  • IVANNA05/02/2002

    This is very light and seductive. When I wear this perfume, the men are asking me what brand, and told that they just love it. They actually ask where they can purchase it. They want to buy it for some one special.

  • CARLA04/26/2002

    Once everyone smelled off this. Not very subtle scent to say the least.To be honest, I have always found it vulgair.

  • TRAV03/24/2002

    I am very particular and hard to please when it comes to perfume, but this is phenomenal. My better half wears this now and it suits her so well. Mature, classy, and Oh, so sexy. The nicest part about this one girls, is that so few have it. I don't think this would appeal to young girls, it's for a mature woman. On the right woman this is utterly breathtaking!!!

  • SHERRY03/18/2002

    I really love this scent. I haven't had it in quite a while, I don't know any retailers who carry it. As Jolene said, the scent is very under-rated and is not very well known. I recommend this highly, but only for mature women with some measure of class. This perfume would not complement young girls in my opinion. This is sexy but not sleazy, and the nicest part is that very few women have this one. None of us like the "run of the mill" do we?

  • ZIELA_QIQI03/14/2002

    at the first i smelt loulou...when my mum just going back from JB ....on that time i was 15 years old...and kept on asking my mum what tha smelt that she's used so then i owayszz kiss my mum....she..said i love this brand ....then now...when we are far apart then i used to bought loulou to kept thinking of my mum!!!....hehehe...mum i miss u so much!!

  • ALIZUNA03/10/2002

    Try Hollywod from Fred Hayman ... I love both ... they are really simmilar ! Good luck !

  • LIZ02/27/2002

    I have had a bottle of this for a very long is a warm, spicy scent that a sophisticated woman would love.

  • TAHWANDAH02/25/2002

    This weekend (3/1/02) I'm going to see an old boyfriend...he remembers my "lou lou" & I've been able to get it from time to time since the good old days when we dated but am OUT now & don't have time to order it! help!!! is there anything that has a scent close to this wonderful perfume???

  • PAULASMITHY02/14/2002

    This has been my winter scent for years. It has a delicious vanilla/chocolate undertone. I would agree that it is not for little girls, but for real women!

  • JUDY02/09/2002

    this is good,the bottle looks like s*** but who cares!

  • I would like to purchase Lou Lou Body Lotion. Can you please help me locate this?

  • WHATEVER01/17/2002

    It's quite potent when first applied. It's floral, green, sweet, and woody-powdery.

  • VALERIA01/09/2002

    I completely agree with Lina K. This is not for *woman-child*, it is warm, sophisticated fragrance for mature woman. Nice, I like it very much. Underrated fragrance!

  • LINA K.12/29/2001

    I did try this when I was 16. I still remember the commercial, on television. I do not think that this is a perfume for very young girls. I was very surprised to find out that it was created for "woman-child"-type. I think that Loulou is a very mature scent. Spices and all in it. It can be a good scent, I just think that this advertising thing went wrong. I can very well imagine a woman of 40 years wearing Loulou.

  • JOLENE11/18/2001

    I like Lou Lou quite a lot. It's a very unique scent. Too bad you can only find it online now. It used to be readily available, but I never see it anymore unless it's on the internet. Great winter-time fragrance!

  • MONY GLENN10/19/2001

    My signiture scent if I can find it!! It is getting hard to find!! It takes a special woman to wear this scent...

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    INTRIGUING!!! Warm and strong vanilla scent.Heavy, but pleasant. Girls, behave yourself when you wear it!

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    I have loved this fragrance since it was first launched. I enjoy wearing it in the winter. It seems to linger on my sweaters and coats. I love it.

  • TOSH05/01/2001

    Wondering if anyone knew where to find the Lou Lou dusting powder.

  • REBEKAH05/01/2001

    A truly unique and wonderful scent

  • I have worn Lou Lou for several years. I very much want to get the bath powder that used to be available. Please help!

  • CARA03/23/2001

    It is and has been my "signature scent" for years. I tell no one about it because I want to remain uniquely scented!

  • CINDY03/15/2001

    I first came across LouLou when I was over in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. I could have bought it there, but I didn't. When I got back to the states, it had been canceled at every store I went into. I finally came across it here, at Perfume Emporium. Thank you.

  • I Have been wearing this perfume since I have been 13 years old I got it in Canada, now I want to locate in the states. ANy Help?

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