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Salvatore Ferragamo Salvatore Ferragamo Image

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo   

32 Reviews

Floral, Green, Spicy. Created in 1998, Salvatore Ferragamo is a classic contemporary sharp, floral fragrance: The traditional accords are expressed in the top note with the freshness of neroli, cassis and green leaves; in the middle note, with the sweetness of roses and peonies; in the base note, with the reassurance of exotic woods and musk. more

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Floral, Green, Spicy. Created in 1998, Salvatore Ferragamo is a classic contemporary sharp, floral fragrance: The traditional accords are expressed in the top note with the freshness of neroli, cassis and green leaves; in the middle note, with the sweetness of roses and peonies; in the base note, with the reassurance of exotic woods and musk. These contrast with top notes of anise; mid notes of spicy pepper and nutmeg, and base notes of almond and raspberry.

  • JEANETTE11/21/2013

    This is one of my favorite's and I love the smell which last all day

  • MALGORZATA12/14/2011

    This one was purchased for me by my Partner who is enyoying same perfume for man . I've been using Hugo Boss until S.F arrived and for the first time I had a chance to test it.Superb,superb,superb !!! If You want to keep Your man close to You buy...... .....Salvatore Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo. This is my personal recepy.

  • LAIMA11/28/2009

    Great summery scent.Fresh,flowery,slightly citrusy in the beginning,later becoming sweeter and muskier.Not sharp at all on my skin.Light and beautiful.Good staying power,lasts at least for 5 hours.

  • PEACHES05/28/2008

    A very, very nice fragrance. Have had several people want to know the name so they could buy it. Husband loves it!

  • ZOE02/21/2007

    i think it works great for me. a lot of variety - very refreshing and green at first, then settles into a knd of subtle yet deep more oriental smell. i love it. and i can smell it on my skin for a long long time.

  • ANNA11/20/2006

    It is Hot!!! Spicy, woody, sweet, and long lasting. Not for little girls.

  • REBECCA06/15/2006

    Since this product came out I have been using it. I get lots of comments on how good it smells all the time. I love it!!!!

  • ALLISON R.02/19/2006

    Does anyone know of a scent that is similar to this one, only deeper/longer lasting? Thank you.

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS02/18/2006

    Hi Maya! Well I must tell you that before I purchase any fragrance, I check out the site to see if you have tried and rated it! The ones we seem to agree on are Boucheron, Trouble (which is similar to Ghost Deep Night IMO), Light Blue (loved your story), Casmir (which I will need to REdiscover too!)...and I loved the Allure story. That was just too much (literally! ha)... I was wondering what you thought about Angel and Innocent or if you tried them. And I'm so looking forward to the new Ralph Hot. Sounds great! Hynose by Lancome was a little disappointing...have you tried it? Yikes, this is becoming a very long message...more later! Take care Maya and I'll chat with you on other scents!

  • MAYA02/16/2006

    Ahhh well then I guess I'm not alone on that one ;) Thank you for confirming my suspicions on that one. I've heard so much about it and while I don't dislike it, I can't really say that I love it. Oh well you win some you lose some... So what are your favorites? I see you like Pink Sugar :) I love it too!

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS02/09/2006

    Hey Maya - Just got a sample of this today and wasn't able to pinpoint the main note until I read your post. Definitely Lilacs!! - and it reminds me of Pleasures! It's a nice scent but I dont' think I will purchase a whole bottle.

  • HONEY12/14/2005

    Another good choice i made on this cologne. Been using this for quite sometime & i dont get tired of the smell.

  • SUE C09/14/2005

    This scent is quite fresh and modern but on me it was not at all flowery, and too sharp for my taste. I'm glad I only bought a sample spray, it just didn't work on my skin.

  • MAYA08/18/2005

    I find that this fragrance is VERY flowery and on my skin it has this very intense lilac smell. Like a fresh cut bouquet of lilacs. I love lilacs but I'm not so sure I want to smell like them all day long. The initial spray was out of this world scary, I was on my way straight for the mall bathroom to wash it off - but by the time I got there I took one last whiff of it and it was totally different. All I could smell was lilacs and more lilacs... Just not me!

  • JOY05/25/2005

    SF Pour Femme samples came with almost every online store's orders this spring (2005). It's a cheerful floral scent that makes my mouth water when I smell it. It has a pleasant sweetness, like fresh juice. Raspberry is supposed to be among the basenotes. I don't pick out that single scent, but that notion does represent the sparkling impression this fragrance makes.

  • SHARRIE12/24/2004

    the finest of the fine. a dream come true. divine. blissful moments wearing it. shine on me you crazy diamond. wonderful.

  • LIZ10/21/2004

    ok you've all got my attention, but I can't find it in stores. can you give me more description of this fragrance, or perhaps name some other fragrances that are a bit similar? Then I will feel safer buying it on the internet. thanks ladies!

  • COLEY06/24/2004

    I received this as a sample and I really like it. It smells clean and floral. Glad I was given a sample.

  • J8205/31/2004

    Woody, delicate, clean fragrance... I find it slightly similar to Hiris by Hermes (which I also love). Very sophisticated!

  • MONICA03/12/2004

    I have been wearing this perfume now for six years, both men and women comment on how great it smells. It is definitely a head turner!

  • ANGIE03/08/2004

    I have not purchased SF and not sure whether to buy the perfume first ? or EDT?? Any advise from anyone??

  • JACKIE12/23/2003

    I have been wearing this perfume for over 2 years, and I still love it! I am always being complimented on how sexy it smells.

  • MARION11/28/2003

    Ferragamo has class and distinction, which represents a discreet femininity. Its a head-turning one, most suitable for people of refined taste dressed in chic designer outfits.

  • KBN08/12/2003

    This is a very pretty fragrance, but it does smell alot like Issey Miyaki; especially the alcohol-free summer versions. It is very light and does need to be layered.

  • VONNI06/15/2003

    Salvatore Ferragamo is “green” done right. Although it’s very fresh and the composition is very sheer, the rose and peony in the heart notes give it more depth than other greens like Manifesto, Bobbi Brown, or Green Tea. Because it’s so sheer it can be fleeting - layering is the only way I get any real lasting power from it. It’s definitely lovely though, and luckily it’s not too popular yet.

  • SB05/28/2003

    This scent is very feminine and I love it...what else can I say???

  • LIZZIE01/17/2003

    This scent has both freshness and depth. A very good office scent, professional yet feminine. I can imagine a lawyer. However, I wouldn't wear it in private moments - my nose doesn't detect any particular magic to it.

  • ANDREA11/23/2002

    There is new Salvatore Ferragamo's fragrance "Parfum Subtil". Almost the same bottle like the first Ferragamo, but the perfume is red. Anyone tried it and what is it like?

  • SASHA06/27/2002

    I have fragrances that I choose over all the competitors and this is one of them. I love the light cherry woodsey combination. It's worth the money....

  • OLGA04/10/2002

    Definitely for spring and hot summer wear. Good for office use. Fresh. May be not my style. People like it on me, but I don't feel cosy in it.

  • XX03/25/2002

    Nice floral, a little bit soapy... I prefer Body Mist and wear it only in summer and hot weather.

  • V.V.02/06/2002

    It's great - like spring!!!

  • JR WALKER01/04/2002


  • EMILY11/18/2001

    This fragrance carries an aura of sheer elegance and whenever I wear it, both men and women tell me it smells wonderful. An added advantage is that it's not too well known, so that you don't end up smelling like everyone else. There's a little too much "Romance" and "Happy"ness out there, so it's good to make a distinguishing mark!

  • DD11/18/2001

    And summer Body Mist, and alcohol-free fragrance is nice. Try it.

  • KAREN10/26/2001

    I love this fragrance !! It is very classy. I always get compliments when I wear it.

  • MAUREEN10/03/2001

    Marvelous fragrance..very clean, very balanced. Lovely fragrance for anywhere,anytime I think. One of my great classic choices!

  • EVONE09/29/2001

    I like this scent, but everytime I wear it my hubby tells me I smell like soap. I think it is very feminine and light.

  • A07/10/2001

    I've worn the fragrance for over a year both day and night and still love it. It's also the first fragrance I've found in five years that my boyfriend actually enjoys.

  • H.05/31/2001

    Dries down to a very nice and clean smelling scent.

  • GLYNIS05/12/2001

    Please could somebody tell me if this perfume is suitable for day wear as i have never smell it only read about it, and have not seen it in any shops near where i live Many Thanks Glynis U.K

  • LINDA04/05/2001

    I LOVE the Men's Ferragamo, but I was disappointed by the Women's.

  • PATTI ANN11/20/2000

    I just want to say, the love of my life bought me a bottle of Ferragamo perfume almost 2 years ago, and gave it to me at CAPE COD. NOw I am so hooked. I will not buy anything else now. It smells so wonderful plus lingers for a very long time. He has cards that I sprayed with it over a year ago and he can still smell 'me.' Which I love!! WE LOVE IT. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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