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Kenzo Homme   

33 Reviews

The first morning of the world... Kenzo Pour Homme opens up new spaces, encouraging you to breathe in deeply. The very first fragrance ever created with marine notes, Kenzo Pour Homme is full of astonishing contrasts. The "bamboo-bottle," bent by the wind, is printed with finely veined leaves etched in the glass. Kenzo cologne notes include Marine, more

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The first morning of the world... Kenzo Pour Homme opens up new spaces, encouraging you to breathe in deeply. The very first fragrance ever created with marine notes, Kenzo Pour Homme is full of astonishing contrasts. The "bamboo-bottle," bent by the wind, is printed with finely veined leaves etched in the glass. Kenzo cologne notes include Marine, Cloves, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, and Vetiver.

  • ROSALIE03/04/2010

    I don't get ocean out of it, but I do get heaven. I'm a female. I smelt it on my brother and haven't looked back since. I put it on every day, even if I'm not going anywhere. Its perfect, I love it.

  • YIORGOS GREECE10/28/2007

    This perfume remindes me my holidays in Corfu because I wore it during them. It's smells like the ocean. It captures the smell of the clean sea and the air over it. Sooo good!!! 5 stars for kenzo!!!

  • JOURNEY01/22/2007

    I have liked this scent for years. I haven't bought it in a couple of years so I got it at a fragrance shop. It's one of those scents that is extremly addicting and hopefully will keep on having an endless supply of it. I thank my friend for introducing this 10 years I guess ago. Pure open scent of the sea this bottle contains.

  • GREENTEA01/01/2007

    When this colonge first came out back in the day I didn't like it. Tried it at the mall as it made a new design change and fell in love with it. It's got such an addicting smell. It's become one of my favorites ever.

  • EXPERT05/15/2006

    This cologne is an interesting aquatic fragrance. Deep, northern marine scent and is also a little arid. It's a different combination of ingrediants to achieve this type of scent. It is quite strong, and the longevity of it lasts hours and hours and is a versitle scent. This is comparing to the other "aquatic" scents that don't last a long time. Give it a try.

  • PATRIK12/09/2005

    I don t understand why kenzo pour homme is not highly rated in USA. In europe its a bomb! I personaly love it, sodifferent and I always get lots of compliment. Very versatile and stays on skin for hours. beautiful to smell it on clothes the day after.

  • TONY T12/02/2005

    guys if you want a chinese fragrance try and then purchase yang. kenzo air is ok but yang is superior

  • GREENTEA11/26/2005

    I like this stuff. It's very marine, something I've been searching for. It's a tad too arid but it's near terrific smelling like the cold pacific ocean.

  • DANIELE11/13/2005

    You either love it or hate it...i can t stop using it and i have been loving fragrances for a long time. There is something about Kenzo that is very addictive. Always lots of compliments as well. It is very different from all the others...Awsome on clothes the day after!

  • ALV09/17/2005

    The scent of this fragrance can be said as a strange scent. Very oriental, If you like something smells like eastern I suggest you to buy this fragrance.

  • STEVENS08/08/2005

    bottle is halfway and vapo is broken paid for a whole bottle and not a half, my shop won't take bottle back-solution?

  • J.A.05/31/2005

    I love this scent. It's very aquatic and open ocean water like and refined smelling. It stands out from alot of other colonges out there and pretty strong too. I like it

  • DAVID03/16/2005

    Just wanted to dispel the notion that this fragrance doesn't last very long. It lasts a LONG time, although you may not know it. A couple days ago I sprayed a couple times on my arm around 10 in the morning just for the heck of it (because I know it's unusual and hadn't smelled it in a long time). That night, around midnight, I was in the shower and while my arm was against my face to scrub the back of my neck, I got a BIG whiff of some Kenzo. This stuff is long lasting. I still don't know whether I like it or not.

  • DEE12/15/2004

    I love this cologne on most men. Great buy.

  • TOMMY. A.04/11/2004

    Not bad, but not great on me either... As always, it might have something to do with my skin. Can use it, but its not "wow" on me. Might be on you.

  • BILL02/07/2004

    This stuff is so good I've had other men ask me what I'm wearing.

  • DANIEL12/16/2003

    Always great! Very different smell, long lasting, fresh. I ll always buy it! i especially like the first and last notes...I like the new bottle better.

  • PHIL12/13/2003

    my personal best out of quite a few. kenzo's uniqueness is dazzling.

  • DANIELLE12/03/2003

    While I was at work, a client walked into my office. I was compelled to ask the name of his cologne... it had that much of an impact... very attractive scent! I plan to buy it for my boyfriend!

  • FERRY09/28/2003

    It's too strong, weird smell, smell like cheap parfumes...sorry

  • HAL C.07/06/2003

    One of my favorites and has been for a long time as I wear it alot during the day. It's very fesh and mystifying as well. They captured the smell of ocean water with powerful masculine notes in it. Lasts all day and you should like it too.

  • BRIAN06/23/2003

    You know this could be the best aquatic cologne ever if they changed or added a couple of notes. A shame it smells so beyond awesome out of the bottle. Just don't put it on. Actully it's not that bad but your right it's too arid and a damn shame too cause the drydown ruins it. It reminds me of Hugo in the way it smells nice in the bottle but the drydown is funky. Doesn't compare to better aquatic colognes like Issey Misayke or Aquca Di Gio.

  • ARWEN06/14/2003

    Years go by, scents come and go, but this unique wonder still hits them all.

  • DEVIN06/04/2003

    This is a very different smelling fragrance. It's an arid scent with aquatic notes if you can imagine that. I liked it on the test paper, but I didn't like it on me at all. The iris note is very pronounced; it gives the scent somewhat of a "bitter" quality. I'm not crazy about this one.

  • TATY03/18/2003

    when my boyfriend bought this fragance I got in double love as I was. It's a very sexy-masculine perfum, and it's very hard not to stop and try it

  • FAST ONE03/05/2003

    I liked this. Got the mini bottle on eBay and it smells like the Pacific Ocean deep at sea. Interesting

  • FABRICE02/07/2003

    Complex, mysterious notes... exotic and floral,

  • PEPELLIN01/08/2003

    excellent fragrance...

  • ZUANIA12/19/2002

    Got a sample of this, it is so GROSS. My husband put it on and I was screaming go take a shower!!!! Get it OFF.

  • BRENDAN09/21/2002

    This is awefull smelling

  • SIMONLEO09/03/2002

    The most unique fresh fragrance in the market. Excellent and different. Japanese designer know how to make an amazing man fragrance.Bravo

  • BRIAN06/26/2002

    This to me is more of a arid scent then refreshing. This is an "Aquatic" cologne but not one of the better ones. Want a real aquatic colgone get Issey Miyake or Aqua Di Gio

  • NICK04/16/2002

    If you grew up in an East Asian culture, and you know how herbal medicine shops smell like, you won't like this scent. If you work around asians, be careful when wearing this scent. They will think it reeks.

  • MARYUS12/19/2001

    This is the most oceanic-marine fragrance ever.Fresh, luminous gives u an impression of freedom and open sapces.A breath of fresh, clean air.I use it for both summer and winter.

  • ROB11/25/2001

    This cologne is the best I've ever tried. It smells like the ocean, very fresh with marine notes.

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