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Floral, Oriental, Sweet. Created by Estee Lauder in 1991, Spellbound for women is a refined, oriental, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, tuberose and jasmine. Blended with notes of vanilla, amber and musk, Spellbound is recommeded as a romantic fragrance.

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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Floral, Oriental, Sweet. Created by Estee Lauder in 1991, Spellbound for women is a refined, oriental, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, tuberose and jasmine. Blended with notes of vanilla, amber and musk, Spellbound is recommeded as a romantic fragrance.

  • JOANNE12/29/2012

    I have used this fragrance for more then 40 years and have never met any one, male or female...that disliked it.

  • SALLY01/04/2012

    I've been using this perfume for about 15 years and I love it.

  • AMÉLIA07/05/2011

    I Love that fragance. I used since 1991. Pls try to get body lotion.

  • COREEN05/25/2011

    please please please bring the lotion back I have also been wearing spellbound perfume for about 15 years and everyone always admires the smell. however I really miss the lotion.

  • CHRISTINE SMITH05/17/2011

    Have been wearing since release in 1991. Have never had so many people ask what I am wearing and how lovely it is.

  • SYDNEY05/15/2011

    I too want the lotion back I have worn this perfume for 20 years, I call EsteeLauder once in a while and ask for them to please bring it back. Please everyone keep bugging them until they bring it back

  • KATHY11/29/2010

    Please bring back the lotion!!! I will not give up until we get it back. This has been my 'smell' for 15 years & I miss the lotion. Please help bring it back!

  • KATHERINE06/22/2010

    This perfume smells like magick, which is probably why it's named Spellbound.

  • VALERIE01/01/2010

    STILL looking for Spellbound lotion if anyone knows where to find it! PLEASE bring it back Estee Lauder. There are many who love it. The perfume is still available. Why not bring back the lotion!!! I'll buy them all.

  • SHERIDAN01/23/2009

    Thank you both so very much for the suggestions. I have wanted to try the L'air Du Temps for many years, and will have to request that for a holiday! I have L'Heure Bleu and it is very powdery and spicy at the same time on me. It has a nostalgic property of some sort. It doesn't make me sad, exactly, but gets me reminiscing for some reason! Does any one else experience that? A lot of the spicy Guerlain scents tend to do that on me. Thanks again! Happy Valentines Day!

  • CONNIE B.12/31/2008

    I've been using Spellbound Perfume and Spellbound Lotion for eight years, I'm complemented each day I wear it by women and men, usually men ask me what I'm wearing so that they can purchase it for their lady, people who know me without seeing me will often say they know I'm around because they can smell the scent, I rub the lotion on arms and then I spray the perfume on my arms and my chest, the scent last all day.

  • SEXY KITTEN12/29/2008

    some other good picks for carnation based scents are bellodgia and nina ricci's l'air du temps. Spellbound is still one of my favourites because of the combination of spices. Hope this helps!

  • BLONDIE11/23/2008

    A great one with lots of carnation is L'huere Bleu by Guerlain. It is one of the true great classics of all time. Give it a try.

  • PRECIOUSKAY10/17/2008

    This purfume is the best perfume I've ever worn in my life. I have had people angry with me though I'd advised them that it's a chemistry based pperfum and does not smell the same on everyone. I have to admit, I have had folks mesmerized with this perfum, estau out done themselves with this one!

  • SHERIDAN09/07/2008

    This scent is wonderful. It is warm, enveloping and spicy. I received a bottle for Christmas last year, along with the parfum oil which is amazing and apparently difficult to come by, so I am using it sparingly. It is unique and a lot of people do not seem to wear this or know of it when I mention what it is if they inquire. To make it last on my body with good sillage, but not overwhelm since it is quite powerful stuff, I apply one squirt to my cleavage and one tiny one to the back of my hair. That is plenty! It is the carnation in the scent I love. If anyone knows of other carnation based scents (or those in which carnation is a strong component), I would love to know more about your picks. Thanks so much!

  • DAVID07/31/2008

    Ladies, This fragrance is like an aphrodisiac. The moment I first caught this scent It attracted me to it like a magnet!

  • JM07/25/2008

    I love this on my mother in law! She smells amazing..however, it does not smell the same on me :( Body chemistry must have something to do w/ this fragrance (as does most), my utmost fav. is Ralph Lauren Blue!!! That is the one I get compliments on everyday I wear it!!!

  • ANGELA07/09/2008


  • KATHY07/03/2008

    I have worn nothing else since Spellbound was introduced. The compliments abound still to this day. I have men (and women) following me around a store just to ask me the name of my perfume and tell me it is the most sensuous smell, "do you think it would smell the same on my wife? (or girlfriend) As far as the few one's here with complaints.... You just didn't have the right body chemistry to wear Spellbound or you would have loved it, too! One of the many nice thinks about Spellbound is I cannot smell it and I forget I even have it on except for the many compliments I get surprised with during the day. I am very glad to hear that Estee Lauder will never stop producing Spellbound. It was getting harder and harder to find and in 6 months, I could not find a replacement for it. So I chose nothing!! until today when I see it is in stock, once again!!!!

  • WILDFLOWER05/30/2008

    Great news for fellow Spellbound lovers. I just spoke with my local Macy's Estee Lauder Rep. She said they would never discontinue this perfume because it is one of Estee Lauder's signature scents. It is also considered a classic. When I went to Macy's to buy the perfume, they had just received a new shipment and were already out of the 1.7 oz. and only a handful of 3.4 oz. bottles were left. I snagged up one of the 3.4 oz. The lotion is also available at Macy's! Spellbound seems to be making a comeback and according to the sales rep., it's just as popular amongst the younger crowd. That doesn't really surprise me because I don't think Spellbound has an age attached to it. It is more of a personality, taste kind of scent. Love it!

  • WILDFLOWER05/29/2008

    I used to wear this in the early nineties, but I must have reeked because I would keep spraying to smell the initial spice in the top notes, which I think are completely interesting and intoxicating. I rediscovered Spellbound a couple weeks ago, bought a bottle and WOW!!! This perfume really hits the spot for me. It is exciting to put on. Spicy (but not in the old fashioned way), rich, vibrant, and slightly sweet (not at all sickeningly sweet). The drydown is beautiful! It is feminine, rich, and slightly spicy! Great bottle, great perfume, great name!

  • CAROL05/26/2008

    Absolutely the best fragrance ever made. LOVE IT!

  • LISA BEE05/02/2008

    I get the most compliments when I wear this perfume...and it is definately PERFUME. Men and women seem to like it equally but it's a one spray deal as it's quite rich and potent. I have been wearing it since 2004 and my then 3 yr old daughter chose it for me. She said it smelled like strawberries and cinnamon. She is now almost 8 and says it's mama's smell. The best part is that she made a mother's day card for me and in it she wrote that one of the things she loved about me was that I smell so good! I have to thank spellbound for this sweet memory.

  • JOANNE03/30/2008

    I have used this fragrance since it appeared ( more then twenty years) and my husband still loves it on me. What more can you ask?

  • DIANE02/08/2008

    Since 2003 I've used Spellbound exclusively, and many times I thought the fragrance was no longer there. However, I've had so many strangers stop me and mention that whatever it I'm wearing they very much like it, that I'm certain that this is a perfect fragrance for me. I also work with someone who has allergies, and she says that this perfume does not affect her as all the others seen to do.

  • SNIFFER02/04/2008

    Love it, love it, love it... I love its mysterious name. I love its oriental-flowery scent. But yeah, it's a bit strong one so the fragrance-beginners may not wear it, but if you spray it on the cotton for the make-up use and put it in the centre of the bra I think you also would love it. It's the best in Estee Lauder's perfumes.

  • SHARI01/18/2008

    Ive also been wearing this since 1991.I get compliments even in grocery stores, wherever I am.But you do have to have the right body chemistry(my cousin could not waer it.)Love this perfume!!!

  • MARLYS09/11/2007

    don't know why but this fragrance turns into the spices I associate with pumpkin pie when combined with my body chemistry. The lasting power is great but there is a definite cinnamon component to me which I didn't expect.

  • BARBARA W07/20/2007

    I love this perfume in EXTREME moderation. I like to wear it when I have a skirt on and only dab it behind my knees so that the scent gently wafts up. Be careful when/where you wear this - some people have a violent (negative) reaction to it. Could irritate an allergic person.

  • BARBARA W07/20/2007

    A previous poster said she thought Spellbound was similar to Casmir (which I love). I've never tried Spellbound and am considering buying it. Comments? Thanks.

  • SJHINSON05/06/2007

    I have been wearing this perfume since it was introduced in 1991. I have never wore a perfume that got so many compliments. I do think you need the right body chemistry though. It happens to work on me very well. I never buy anything else.

  • PIA04/16/2007

    We must have been at the same luncheon, because I also got this as a luncheon "gift". I immediately went to wash it off after I tried it because it gave me an instant headache. I thought maybe it was expired or something because it smelled so stong and musty.

  • MARY ALICE04/01/2007

    I tried and purchased this unique fragrance. For those with teflon skin like me, take note: this perfume LASTS. On my skin, it begins as a spicy cinnamon-like fragrance (cardamom and coriander) and then develops a delicious sweetness with the jasmine and other floral notes. The drydown is sweet amber and vanilla, slightly scented with spice. I have never smelled anything quite like this and have already received several compliments. Spellbound smells clean and fresh so I think it would work well if applied lightly in warm weather. Its spiciness brings the Holidays to mind, so it would be great for winter as well. I'm so happy to find something that I like that stays on all day.

  • MARY ALICE03/25/2007

    I will do as you suggested. the listed ingredients sound wonderful and I am desperate to find something that will last on my teflon skin.

  • WATERQUEENE03/20/2007

    I have never been a smoker, I don't think Spellbound has a smoky flavor at all. To me it just smells sweet and luxurious. It's possible that your body chemistry has changed since you quit smoking - and by the way, good for you! you go, girl! It might be worth testing Spellbound out first, before you buy another bottle.

  • MARY ALICE02/07/2007

    I recently purchased Knowing which I loved years ago when I smoked. Can't tolerate the smokiness of it now. I remember loving Spellbound as well. Does it have a smokey quality too? Thanks.

  • SEXY KITTEN10/25/2006

    sweet, seductive and perfect for going out on the town....or staying in ....;)

  • AIMEE09/17/2006

    This fragrance is spicy, clean and sexy all at once. It lingers all day and all you need is a spritz! Men love it and ladies like it too. I think it smells great for any occasion, making it a perfect signature fragrance. I especially like the fact that it is not worn by everyone. Those of us who like Spellbound comprise an exclusive, classy club.

  • DEBRA09/04/2006

    I just tried the tester of Spellbound at the Estee Lauder counter of the local dept. store. At first it was an overpowering spicy smell. About 20 minutes later the dry-down was exquisite! I think I've found my signature fragrance.

  • LISA08/18/2006

    very sexy scent but in a coy and innocent way...seems to be best suited for darker haired beauties wearing nice clothes...I just changed the sheets on my bed and sprayed just once on the sheets at the foot of the bed then put the blankets on top...mmmmmm very nice...also, my husband HATES perfume (most of them choke him) but he usually says "mm what smells good?" when I wear spellbound.

  • DEBS03/28/2006

    As its name states, it is spellbinding. One of my favs! It is similar to Dior's 'poison', less the berry-like note. A cinnamon, Jasmine, spicy and sweet fragrance. I find it intoxicating.

  • CASSIE02/15/2006

    I hadn't wore this perfume in over 10 yrs but a few weeks ago, whilst scrumaging through my drawers I found an old body gel . I decided to use it and showered. Well what can I say? All those memories came back in an instant and then I remembered how much I just adored this perfume. ( and so did everybody else when I wore it).So I decided I just had to have a new treat and purchased a 15ml edp yesterday. What makes this so glorious is that it is one of a kind, it's unique and nothing out there comes even close. I think Nu by YSL is slightly comparitive maybe in the sense of it's spiciness. If you like Spellbound give Nu a try but to be honest spellbound wins hands down. Would have to be my all time favorite perfume.Plus ladies it stays with you all day. Even the next day!! You will be hounded for people to smell you and they'll ask you what you are wearing time and time again. Men just love it!

  • TERRI02/12/2006

    my kids used to call it my "go to the bar perfume" when I walked in all the heads turned and each asked what I was wearing-smile

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC01/16/2006

    I've been addicted to great scents for a long time now. Years ago i got a bottle of this and my mother in law loved it so much, i gave it away to her (i always have so many others, that to lose one doesnt show much) Recently i decided i had to have another bottle of this because i missed the smell and got myself another new bottle. Well, I have lost that one as well now to my husband's neice!!!! So many perfumes, such a thin wallet! lol

  • SCW11/10/2005

    This product is timeless! I have worn it for about 8 years and I too have tried to break away and cannot! Please keep making a great product. Everyone I run into always comments on how good I smell!

  • ROZANDJDAWG10/09/2005

    I got hooked on this a couple of months ago- my mother tried it and her boyfriend loved it so much that she begged me for mine-I love the smell- it's warm, sweet and spicy all at the same time- can't wait to get more

  • LYNNTRISS09/17/2005

    After 10 years of wearing this pefume daily, people often stop to say "you smell so good" and ask what I'm wearing. I feel undressed without--it's my signature.

  • GAYLE08/01/2005

    People stop me and ask what I am wearing and where to buy it. I love it.

  • KIM07/07/2005

    I have used this fragrance for about 6 years and it is my signature! It lasts all day. I put it on at 5:00 a.m. and will still get compliments on it late in the day. I love it!

  • NORMA06/24/2005

    I have gotten more compliments on this fragrance than any other I have worn. I even got my mother hooked on it. It leaves a path behind me Spellbound.

  • KRISTEN06/08/2005

    I have used this fragrance since it came out in 1991. It has become my signature fragrance and I get lots of positive comments on it. It's not for everyone, but when it works for you, it REALLY works!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    Can't go with the description alone; this scent is so much more than words can describe! Not for the timid, Spellbound is enticing and magical. The coriander and cardamon make it most unique. I LOVE it!

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/27/2005

    Yes, a strong scent, definitely not for heavy handed sprayers. However, this one is unique in its makeup and has definite staying power. Very heedy and erotic scent. Warms the senses and captures the spirit.

  • TANYA02/12/2005


  • LADYWILDCHILD01/29/2005

    The only fragrance I've worn for 4 years. Strangers come up to me to tell me how nice I smell. Smiling more.

  • LANA01/22/2005

    I received Spellbound from my husband for Christmas (totally unexpected). I then realized that he did have taste in something. It smells absolutely elegant and the fragrance lingers all day.

  • CLARA01/19/2005

    I love this fragrance.If Estee Lauder ever takes it off the market, I wouldn't know what to purchase.This scent goes with my body chemistry.

  • LISA12/10/2004

    Most people I meet love this perfume and I often get asked what I am wearing...word of caution though...this is not for the heavy handed...a little dab will do ya.

  • MARY11/29/2004

    I get the most compliments on this perfume, and it lasts long. A great find I've been wearing for 12 yrs!

  • IRIS11/18/2004

    This stuff, STINKS!!! Not only that, it gave me a headache after trying it on in the store!!!

  • K07/23/2004

    ( I's my signature scent)You might want to try Casmir by Chopard, and Frederick's of Hollywood has a new signature scent out that is very nice (similar)--but, sadly, it does not last very long. Indecence by Givenchy is nice, as well. :-)

  • TRINITY07/06/2004

    This is my signature scent. Women never seem to say much, but men fall over themselves about it. I have had more than a dozen men ask me to write down the name so they could buy some for their wives/gfs. It IS very strong, as some say, and most certainly an evening fragrance. But it is SEXY and classy beyond belief. If they ever stop making it, I'll be lost.

  • ANGELICA GARCIA06/11/2004

    I would like to see a gift set in this fragrance

  • ROSIE05/18/2004

    I put this on when we're going to a party / sunday bbq / christmas celebration, etc. and it always gets me in the mood! It's very festive, rich, feminine, sexy. I like it however I consider it too strong for everyday-wear.

  • NEL05/07/2004

    Simply the best, a real classic i get lots of complements.

  • MICHELLE03/25/2004

    It is the best smelling perfume I have ever worn. Spellbound lotion is also irresitable!

  • MACHIKO02/19/2004

    It always cheers me up. It's my charm to call happiness.

  • MAGGIE02/12/2004

    I have to "agree" with S.W.A.K. on this one--of all the Estee perfumes/colognes---Spellbound has to be the WORST smelling of any of them--and I am truly an "Estee" fan when it comes to fragrances. I wouldn't wear Spellbound if someone gave it to me

  • BROOKE01/26/2004

    I was given Spellbound as a gift at graduation several years ago. It's been my favorite since. My husband doesn't like any other fragrances as much as this one and goes nuts when I wear it. I've also had several of his friends and even stranger compliment me on this fragrance!

  • S.W.A.K.01/25/2004

    This stuff smells like woodsy, spicy potpourri, NOT perfume. It is choking! Way too strong, way too spicy. Next to Youth Dew, this is the nastiest perfume Lauder makes. A big disappointment to a longtime Lauder-lover.

  • YASMIN12/31/2003

    I received this perfume as a "gift" at a luncheon years ago. I still remember the medicinal smell. It's way too strong, and the scent lasts forever. It made me nauseous and gave me a headache.

  • DEE12/26/2003


  • ROSIE12/17/2003

    The only perfume I've ever worn where I've been stopped by perfect strangers to tell me I smell good!

  • KIM12/17/2003

    I have worn nothing but Spellbound since it came out in 1991. I have tried other fragrances but I can't stand not having Spellbound on LOL..... I always have people asking me what I'm wearing and how good it smells... i guess it was made for my body chemistry ... I don't know what I would do if they stop making it........because it's simply me!!!! :o)

  • CHRISSY11/25/2003

    I was totally surprised that I found this to be a pretty as I did. Its actually a nice scent. I dont think for everyday. But I would say try if for yourself.

  • BARBARA10/18/2003

    Hello, I cannot find the Spellbound body powder anywhere. Have they stopped making it? Thanks

  • SIOBHAN07/24/2003

    This is the only scent that I consistently get compliments on when wearing! A few co-workers have bought it based on my recommendation and then have given the bottle to me because it does not smell the same on everyone. I did not like it at first when tested at the counter but after shopping with the scent on, I went back and bought it.

  • CONNIE07/10/2003

    I have been wearing spellbound for many years, I love the sent, I use the layering affect, I put on the lotion and then I use the spray, it last allday, I receive many, many compliments on it, from both women and men, I'm often asked what am I wearing, sometimes the individual is able to tell me what I'm wearing, lots of people will walk in and say that they know I'm there because they can smell the scent

  • MACHIKO06/14/2003

    I love this perfume. It's no longer available in Japan!

  • ELYNNE05/02/2003

    Shortly after we were married, my husband gave me the whole set for Christmas ~~ it must have been right after it was introduced. I loved the perfumed cream most of all, and the talc was heavenly ~~ I still have some, and I use it so sparingly now. I even had the soaps and the body lotion (which did turn strange-smelling after awhile, I'm sorry to say.) I'm disappointed that these products are no longer available ~~ and believe me, I've looked everywhere in the Chicago area. However, I'm quite happy to see that I can at least get the perfume here at a reasonable price!

  • YTAN03/14/2003

    Very spicy, masculine-like frangrance. (On me) it was real strong and couldn't get rid of it easily.

  • MELANIE02/07/2003

    This scent kicks ass!!! Guys,let your noses guide you!

  • CORA01/31/2003

    I've been wearing spellbound for about 5 years now. I LOVE IT!! More important...the men do.

  • DAGMAR01/23/2003

    This fragance is really great. So romantic and sensual.

  • RYAN12/30/2002

    My girl, for the longest time, kept the name of this mysterious fragrance that radiated off her body a secret. She finally gave me the name of this perfume, and it definately lives up to its name. I am SPELLBOUND!!!!!

  • BB12/16/2002

    You know how sometimes you taste things and its like your mouth is having an orgasm, the flavor is soooo damn good? Thats what spellbound does for my nose. Sparingly of course....:P

  • TRUTH12/06/2002

    I have one word to describe this ODOR - "Headache"!!!

  • ERIN09/12/2002

    This is one of my all-time favorites. Great staying power, whereas most fragrances just disappear after a short time. One of the best, sexiest perfumes ever.

  • EMILY09/11/2002

    This was the very first perfume I ever got. (I was nine.) It is definitely very strong, but it's also really, really sexy and exotic. Don't ask me why I wanted it back then, but I still like it now, eleven years later! I only wear it on special occasions, though . . . it can be awfully heavy in the summer or for every day wear. (For those of you who think it's too overpowering -- it's GREAT to spray on dogs who have been skunked!!! Covers the smell right up!) This is the sort of perfume women who wear bright red lipstick and black lace lingerie should buy.

  • RITA C07/12/2002

    This is my very favorite! I wear it every winter. sexy and smooth. Estee Lauder fragrances are on the mark !

  • LEED06/06/2002


  • A.06/04/2002

    It's been years since I've worn this fragrance, but I used to love it. It's REALLY stroing, though, and can be sickening if worn too heavily. I once made a little sample vial last a semester.

  • JAKQUA05/19/2002

    Spellbound was one of my favorites but Estee Lauder stopped making some of the other products, i.e., lotion, body cream, talc, etc. then they stopped having the gift sets on Holidays, if anyone lives in a bigger area, and they know of a department store that carries the gift sets (Dillards, Elder Beerman), let me [email protected] Back to a description for those who are not familiar. If you don't like strong fragrances, it does not mean you would not like or be able to wear this one, Spellbound is strong but it is a very sweet, floral, musk- not like the strong woody, mossy scents. I would save this for those special "dress-up" evenings (any season) with that special someone and watch what happens.....

  • STEPHANIE04/14/2002

    To those who are thinking of trying this fragrance...I have this one and have tried wearing it a few times to give it a fair chance to see how it would sit with me. It is one of the strongest scents I've ever worn and as other posters have said, it lasts and you will have a difficult time getting rid of it even if you try really hard (read, not for migraine sufferers). This will be great for you if you find that you like this scent, as most fragrances I sample (that I like anyway) don't seem to have much staying power. I would consider this a very "sexy" fragrance, however it is not my style. Glad I tried it though, good luck to you all.

  • OLGA04/09/2002

    As it has already been mentioned, this fragrance lasts for days. It was felt on my hair even after 3 washes. A very feminine fragrance. One of the best I ever tried.

  • JULIE 03/25/2002

    I have been wearing this perfume for several years now and I Love it. It's the only perfume that i have found that mixes well with my body chemistry...I always get compliments on this perfume.

  • LILI02/18/2002

    I've been wearing this scent since Estee Lauder introduced. It has become my signature--I absolutely love it!!

  • CJ02/16/2002


  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    FIRST TRY: floral-fruity; sweet melon; florals; sandalwood; vanilla. SECOND TRY: Very sweet; cherry; powder; hot cinnamon candies.

  • GAIL12/13/2001

    Reminds me of Sun Moon and Stars Yuck!!

  • KAITEYM12/01/2001

    I discovered this frangrance when working in an upscale department store, right across from the frangrance counter--I tried a different frangrance every day, and this was the one I always came back to. I tend to "burn through" fragrances very quickly--after 30 minutes they're down to the base notes, and the lovely fresh modern fragrances just end up smelling like dish detergent. I highly recommend Spellbound for someone who wants a complex, sexy fragrance with staying power, or for anyone who has a hard time finding a scent that works with her body chemistry.

  • LISA11/24/2001

    I had this one a few years ago and thought it was incredibly sexy and spicy. A couple of people did not like it, but I think they were more accustomed to more sheer fragrances, I think if this perfume were renamed and packaged by Guerlain it would do very well. I think the name Spellbound has a drugstore quality and Estee Lauder does not have the reputaion for fine perfumes. I think that is also the curse of Cinnabar. I love it, but it does not belong with Estee Lauder.

  • JANE10/23/2001

    I bought a bottle of this and all my boyfriend keep say was he could smell cloves. After awhile I started to smell cloves too and became very ill and woozy from the scent. To this day I cring when I catch a whiff of this scent. jane

  • MEILANI10/19/2001

    I have been wearing Spellbound for about 8 yrs.This is the only perfume that stays on me all day.Most perfumes wear off in a few hours but this one is truly the best..I always get compliments on the smell.And everyone know's my smell by now and later in the day they say i knew you were around cause i smelled you all day. I love this perfume.

  • TRINA09/25/2001

    i love this fragrance.i found it a few years ago and when i ran out i had the toughest time to find it.i have some now because i ran upon it by accident.this is the only perfume (besides whitediamonds)that mixes with my body chemistry and i can`t get enough of the scent

  • KARINA08/26/2001

    Most perfumes "work" for me-if I like them in the bottle, I like them on me, too. Sadly, this is one of the few that doesn't-it is a beautiful scent that smells delicious on a friend of mine, but there must be some ingredient that my chemistry doesn't respond to, because it smells god-awful on me! My loss, I guess!

  • JOLENE07/30/2001

    Spellbound is a sexy, sultry fragrance. And I love the name for this perfume! Additionally, it mixes well with my body chemistry and lasts a long time.

  • LYN07/01/2001

    I have been wearing Spellbound for years and I still am receiving many compliments every time I wear it. People actually stop me to ask me what scent I am wearing. My husband loves it and he says it drives him crazy even though I wear it all the time. I do miss the tube of Spellbound cream that I use to carry around in my purse all the time. I would spray on the Spellbound and then rub the cream over that. The cream would hold the scent on me until bedtime. IT IS THE BEST !!!!!!

  • MELANIE 06/26/2001


  • STEPHANIE06/18/2001

    I thought this smelled great in the bottle, but it definitely didn't work on me. I found myself rushing for a washcloth and a sink within a half hour after trying this on.

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