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Eau De Charlotte Annick Goutal Image

Annick Goutal

Eau De Charlotte   

16 Reviews

For the young girl in every woman, a deliciously mellow blend of blackcurrant buds, mimosa and cocoa.

1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 6402
$65.00 $48.99
3.4 oz EDT Spray (Unboxed)
SKU 15423
$94.00 $69.99
3.4 oz EDT Spray
SKU 2219
$95.00 $72.99

For the young girl in every woman, a deliciously mellow blend of blackcurrant buds, mimosa and cocoa.

  • PAULA09/30/2008

    I used to own this - something in this always reminded me of holidays. This one is worth a try - but may be too powdery for some.

  • SAL03/16/2005

    Kind of an odd scent,kind of sweet with a strange undertone, but not bad! It's certainly different, one of those scents that you must try out before committing.

  • HOLLY02/14/2005

    I'm keeping this one a secret. Lived on the Riviera. This takes me back in one whiff.

  • MELISSA02/09/2004

    Cocoa and black currant. This smells very similar to the Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion that comes in the pink bottle. I've even had people mistake Eau de Charlotte for that lotion when I've worn it out. Not sure how I feel about that. I find it a nice comforting scent for around the house but it's definitely not sexy to me at all.

  • EG01/09/2004

    Smells like fragrance for little girls or babies. Guess it's the cocoa.

  • ELLIZA10/04/2003

    cocoa, not chocolate. current. delicate floral -- i can see an argument for lily-of-the-valley, though mimosa more springs to mind. NO smellalikes, and THAT is an achievement when you think about it. good value for money -- lasting, little goes far. boy-pleaser; they tend to smell it as very sophisticated -- very "paris" -- but also delicious. lasts well, wakes well (you know, those perfumes that first thing in morning smell good versus you need a full stomach and a full day to enjoy. this is great immediately). good energy building perfume.

  • SPONGEBOB10/07/2002

    Flowery chocolate, gross. Chocolate is a tough base note to carry off, this is way too strong. Strange smelling, thick and sour.

  • FANS07/18/2002

    I think Annick Goutal is unique too, my favourites are Camille, Petite Cherie & Grand Amour. Wanted to try Folavril too...

  • PINK06/20/2002

    I'm glad that not many people know about her fragances, Annick Goutal is definitely unique !!! and not like all the other designer fragrances that everyone else wears, My favorites are Hadrien, Charlotte, Ciel, and Cherie !!!

  • AUNTGOOEY06/10/2002

    I don't like perfumes that are overly floral or fruity and I hate sweet perfumes. But the combination of the mimosa, lily of the valley, black currant and cocoa is perfect for me! It's light (but lasts on the skin) and fresh and a little powdery. Plus it's just different enough. I don't want to smell like everyone else. I use other fragrances now and then but I always will come back to this one as my signature scent. I must look like a fool when I have it on because I like to take furtive sniffs of my wrists at work because it's so good.

  • MAI05/31/2002

    Sorry for the delay of my answer, i've only noticed this now. As i'm European, I don't know how we'd manage to that, but anyway, my mum snitched it from me, and it's her favourite scent now. :)

  • DEM03/18/2002

    at first I didn't like it when you spritz it but when it dries down it smells yummy like black currant jam. Actually that is what she intended it to smell like. Her step daughter Charlotte's favorite jam.

  • DM03/15/2002

    After reading comments I spritzed it on. Its really kind of strange . Flowers with chocolate just didn't mingle very well. It smelled softer when it dried down

  • DM03/14/2002

    this is another great fragrance very fresh and lemony. Im thinking of trying Charlotte

  • MISSKATHY12/31/2001

    Hey Mai, i'll buy your half full bottle. I love the stuff but the price is a little steep for me. write! [email protected]

  • MAI12/09/2001

    I have this. I adored it at first, constantly spraying and spraying. Then one day, it just made me sick. I think it's the lilley of the valley mixed with cocoa. Now I have more than a half full bottle extra.

  • WG11/25/2001

    Thank you girls for the help!

  • WG11/25/2001

    Thanks, Giovanna! I think I'm going to buy it, and maybe I'll buy "Passion", too.

  • GIOVANNA11/24/2001

    Petite Cherie is a fruity floral with vanilla, peach, musky rose and grass. To my untrained nose, it smells like a musky pear. It is a sweet, tender fragrance, not at all bold, sexy or aggressive. I think it's interesting, may even get a bottle one of these days. Hope this helps.

  • GAIL11/22/2001

    Ciel is a very nice summer scent.It reminds me of laying in the sun at the beach!!Hope that helps!!

  • VALERIA11/18/2001

    I can tell you something about EAU DU SUD. It is fruity fragrance (mostly agrumes), scents of lavanda and other mediterranean plants with a touch of tobacco I think. Very longlasting, refreshing and elegant, dedicated to italian riviera. Tres chic! It reminds you of south, but it's good for the winter as well, like the touch of sun on your skin!

  • WG11/11/2001

    I'm interested in Annick Goutal's PETIT CHERIE, EAU du CIEL and FOLAVRIL. Any comments? Thank you very much!

  • CK03/02/2001

    once i got samples of Annick Goutal fragrances and this is the one that stuck in my head. sweet fruity with a touch of cocoa!

  • CK03/02/2001

    once i got samples of Annick Goutal fragrances and this is the one that stuck in mind head. sweet fruity with a touch of cocoa!

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