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The very first sports fragrance. Fresh, green notes and cool citrus. Exuberant, engaging and brimming with energy, it celebrates a new femininity.

1.7 oz Sport EDP Spray
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The very first sports fragrance. Fresh, green notes and cool citrus. Exuberant, engaging and brimming with energy, it celebrates a new femininity.

  • ANNE COTTON05/26/2013

    Fabulous perfume

  • ANNIE JONES05/12/2012

    Very happy Aliage not available now in Australia lovely to find a source

  • DAVID W.10/27/2011

    My past girlfriend wore Aliage, and I never forgot it. It's a beautiful feminine scent that is subtle, sophisticated, and luscious. I haven't seen her in more than 22 years, but I never forgot how she smelled when you approached her neck for a kiss. Aliage is wonderful.

  • ANNETTE LAMBEFF07/21/2011

    I can't work out why the EDP Spray (in the square bottle) is ALWAYS unavailable. The "natural Spray" is not nearly as strong

  • ANNETTE LAMBEFF07/03/2011

    The new version of Aliage in the high narrow bottle, that's called a "sports spray" is only about half the strength of the original one - it's like an EDT Very poor in comparison.

  • CADY01/08/2011

    The wonderful Estee Lauder Perfume has always been spelled ALIAGE. "Alliage" is different; it's the name of a band. The vintage Aliage fragrance is deep and sensual. It should be worn lightly---it is amazing and evocative stuff.

  • PADDY12/29/2010

    Why is everyone spelling it 'Aliage'?? It has two l's in the middle. It's ALLIAGE (unless what you're selling isn't the real thing!)

  • MADELINE10/23/2010

    Husband loves it on me can not tolerate the new scent tolerate any other, even (the so called replacment)

  • MADELINE10/23/2010

    Must have original

  • FRAN07/24/2010

    I have worn this scent since the seventies. I love it. It is the most under-represented of the Estee Lauder line, but it is my favorite! . . . Time after time, strangers and friends alike, stop me to tell me how wonderful I smell and then ask what I am wearing. It is not flowery or sweet, but earthy and adventuresome; it reminds me of the outside -- green woods and lemons. It is my all-time favorite perfume, bar none. It has been increasingly difficult to find a store that carries it. They like to market the latest "new" perfumes, when sometimes customers just want their old favorites. A challenge these days to find Aliage but worth the search.

  • HOOTIE04/27/2010

    I am so glad that someone else has expressed their opinion about the "new" Aliage not being as appealing as the original fragrance. I have even had people tell me that the fragrance has always been the same. I started using Aliage back in the early '70s, and I know the fragrance is not the same.

  • TEAL02/21/2010

    i'd been using the "old" formulation since my mom took me to a dept. store several decades ago. my guy loved it when we met, said it seemed to softly drift in and out on room air currents, never cloying or heavy. don't recall when it was i got a bottle of the "new" formulation, but i didn't like it when i applied it, and when i passed him in the living room, he asked what i had on and actually winced. thanks for cutting corners, estee lauder.

  • NORTHERNER12/11/2009

    I've worn this fragrance since it first came out. I never tell anyone what it is, and I've heard literally hundreds of "you smell SO good" comments over the years. It works for me. I hope Estee never discontinues it because it is one of their less popular scents. I'll keep buying it forever.

  • JC11/29/2009

    In the realm of materials that smell green, Galbanum resin is the odd man out. Instead of fresh, sharp and vegetal, it smells chalky and bittersweet with a poisonous, cold, shadowed character, reminiscent sometimes of dark chocolate, sometimes of old wood. In composition, it can serve as air-conditioning; in the original Vent Vert (Balmain 1947), a March wind; in Chanel No. 19 the cold shoulder of an ice queen. In 1972 Aliage used a ton of it to make an anisic rose-and-vetiver fragrance feel dry and powdery, which is probably why Lauder marketed it as the first sports fragrance, since it smells logically inconsistent with perspiration. The fragrance today is perhaps less intensely bitter herbal, less powdery, a touch more floral - but still very, very good.

  • C. POOLE03/20/2009

    This is summer in a bottle. When I smell it, instant memories come back of me walking home from school and seeing my dad mow the grass. I treasure the smell of Aliage because no other perfume can give me that. Yes, it is the greenest of the greens and the sportiest of the sport scents. However, the sport scents of today are loaded with synthetic fruits and water lilies that might last two hours. Put Aliage on in the morning, and in the evening you still have a beautiful woodsy-herbal scent that lingers. Such quality ingredients that Lauder still has maintained the original formula, I never want to be without it when the warm months roll around. I have never been crazy about the bottle, but love the scent.

  • CHRISTINA12/11/2008

    Alliage is French for "alloy" or "mixture", but I think it was the beautiful sound of the word, rather than its meaning, that must have recommended it to Lauder when the company launched its "sport" perfume in 1972. Like most green perfumes, you´ll either like or loathe Alliage. It´s a hugely uncompromising perfume, and fearless in its nose-thumbing, which extends even to its fellow greenies. For a start, with the exeption of a very quick whiff of jasmine, it ignores flowers altogether and even goes easy on the woods. There´s no sweetness in it, no attempt to soften the blow of strong green harmonies with the audacious quantities of nutmeg and citrus oils. Its basic note is galbanum, a strong green sap from the middle east that is both sharp and pungent. To this is added a zesty crush of green leaves and citrus, before the middle note of nutmeg adds its characteristic haunting spiciness. This is pretty strong stuff, immediately steering the mix in a most adventurous and assertive direction, which turns out to be the forest floor, where oakmoss from the Balkans and vetyver from Java are taken on board to give a soft, almost musty, mossy pervasion. Alliage isn´t heavy - but it is insistent. Its evergreen spirit is perfectly aligned to people possessing a sense of fun, of competitiveness, and with an uncomplicated attitude. All - American, you might say. It is hyperactive, tenacious and very compelling in its unorthodox way. In the Lauder lineup it´s not madly popular, but has a devoted clientele who prefer its dry honesty to the hotbeds of over - cultivated sophistication. What to wear it with, where and when ? Anything green exept a ballgown will do ! Wonderful in the heat of the day but a flop at night..

  • ME10/01/2008

    This is a keeper - a mossy leafy smell. Very herbal smelling. You have to wait for the dry down - the medicinal smell leaves you after about 20 mins. and then it becomes a very unique scent - not a hint of sweetness in it. It either works wonders for you or stinks depending on your chemistry. I find this a great every day casual scent.

  • AMY08/23/2008

    This is an unusual fragrance. Not super sweet or flowery like most. It's mossy and leafy. I started wearing it in the 80s and I only wear it in the fall and winter. Its my fragrance to wear when the leaves are falling and the air is crisp. I will keep searching for it on line.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/14/2008

    I can imagine this smelling sour on me since I have a hard time wearing green perfumes, so I didn't even try it. I would have a hard time imagining this smelling good on anyone, but it must, as I think the E.Lauder house has put out a few of the most timeless amazing scents out there. Always watch for green notes smelling "sour" on yourself, or ask a brutally honest friend, because they do this on people frequently and since you often lose the scent to your nose as it dries down, others are left to dodge the offensive waft coming their direction.....

  • KAREN11/19/2007

    This is the only fragrance that I always go back to. I started wearing it in the 70s. I still have some powder. I bought all I could find in the mid 80s when I heard they were going to stop making it.....just a little bit left. :(

  • NANCY ANN11/17/2007

    I have worn this fragrance continously since high school (mid-70's) and I can't understand the comments made about the change in the scent. I would have noticed. TRUST ME. Perhaps as we age our sense of smell alters in some way just as our sense of taste does. I am never without a bottle of Aliage on my dresser and it is a known "easy" gift to get Nancy.

  • JOLISSA11/04/2007

    I have worn Aliage since High School. I regret that they no longer make the powder and body lotion, the combination of the two is a little more subtle that the cologne spray but I STILL LOVE IT>

  • JANBUTLER10/25/2007

    i find many perfumes i used to wear have changed esp when i buy on line. i think many of the products are old and outdated making them 10 time stronger

  • CC07/30/2007

    I have worn Aliage regularly since 1972 when I was in junior high school. Through the years I have always received compliments. I love the cool, green and fresh scent. And the men I know seem to adore it--it's always a favorite with them! I wish it were more easily available. Try it!~

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    Just not my style of fragrance - gave me a headache.

  • MERRILYN06/14/2007

    Just received Aliage which I ordered because of remembering using it on a trip to Florida, where everything smelled fresh and green. Aliage shower gel and perfume was a perfect accompaniment. I couldn't believe the change. It smells like its a heavier and "coarser" substitute. I thought my memory was playing tricks until reading all these posts confirming the change.

  • CANDACE10/06/2006

    ..sad to hear that Aliage does not have the same scent I remember, but you guys just saved me forty bucks - thanks!

  • AIMEE09/09/2006

    Ladies, I is different in a not so nice way. I could not believe it when I stopped by the Estee Lauder counter and sprayed it. This used to smell clean and sophisticated. It has lost that quality.

  • KATIE08/11/2006

    Now I know for sure. I used to wear Aliage every day. It was my signature. I quit years ago because I thought my chemistry changed and it no longer smelled good and smelled horrid ON me. Now I know from Pam it's because they changed the's a crying shame.

  • LEANDRA01/01/2006

    come to think of it - that's probably what changed. shalimar is dif too from the "old days". have gotten used to it and hav not bought any "real perfume" for a while so don't know if it has also been changed. there is some herb or spice or carrier that has been eliminated because of it's price due to hard to find or expensive or something. hmmm let me think.

  • LEANDRA01/01/2006

    i suppose it was because i was christmas shopping in the better stores and the perfume counters are/were the first thing there. i am trying to find out if there was 2 scents aliage and aliage sport. NOW i find out it has actually been changed. WHY DO THEY DO THAT?? - now even on ebay we won't know. it was the only other thing i could stand after shalimar. p.s. the stuff that gives you the headache is the carrier in perfumes. all usa perfume has a synthetic base. imported ones (well the old ones) still have "real musk" in it. something that is outlawed in america. that's what i was told anyway.

  • CEDA11/29/2005


  • TEAWEED09/13/2005

    Aliage starts out nasty, bitter, and green , but give it 10 seconds and the nasty bitterness evaporates, leaving a scent that is woody, slightly green, slightly spicy, not quite sweet, but implying it, and energetic. Unfortunately, it sometimes gives me a headache. A similar scent is Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin. Like Aliage, it starts out bitter, but quickly changes to something woody. However Pheromone doesn't have the brightness or implied sweetness of Aliage. Instead, it has an oily, floral quality and reminds me of deep pile velvet: dark and sumptous.

  • MLW05/03/2005

    I have been wearing Aliage every day for more than 30 years. It's my second skin. I pray Estee Lauder never discontinues it!

  • PAM05/02/2005


  • PATRICIA02/26/2005

    What happened? The frangance used to smell like fresh mown grass when it first came out. It was wonderful. It is not the same.

  • JODY02/16/2005

    I can't believe that Aliage is back on the market. I've searched for it everywhere. When I wore it in the early 70's, men used to stop me in the supermarket to ask me what perfume I was wearing so that they could bring some home to their wives! What can I say? Let's see what kind of fist I can hook when I wear it now!

  • CBC01/01/2005

    This is so crisp and lush. I have a hard time with just about every fragrance that I've ever tried. This is so wonderfully different than most. The smell reminds me of a meadow in the springtime, with moss, ivy, vetiver and spring flowers first coming in bloom. I love it so much. It truly touched me when I first smelled it. I hope they never discontinue it. I've heard that Eau de Camille by Annick Goutal is similar, but I haven't tried it. I'll wear Aliage with abandon as long as it's availible. I very much enjoy the 2 oz sport fragrance spray but I always wonder what the lotion and powder would've been like, I've never tried them since I've only been aquainted with Aliage for about 4 years. BTW I'm a 23 year old guy, and this scent truly becomes part of me when I wear it. So crisp and cooling.

  • CBC01/01/2005

    This is so crisp and lush. I have a hard time with just about every fragrance that I've ever tried. This is so wonderfully different than most. The smell reminds me of a meadow in the springtime, with moss, ivy, vetiver and spring flowers first coming in bloom. I love it so much. It truly touched me when I first smelled it. I hope they never discontinue it. I've heard that Eau de Camille by Annick Goutal is similar, but I haven't tried it. I'll wear Aliage with abandon as long as it's availible. I very much enjoy the 2 oz sport fragrance spray but I always wonder what the lotion and powder would've been like, I've never tried them since I've only been aquainted with Aliage for about 4 years. BTW I'm a 23 year old guy, and this scent truly becomes part of me when I wear it. So crisp and cooling.

  • CAROL12/04/2004

    About eight years ago, I made the mistake of telling someone that I like it and they recently sent me a bottle as a gift. When I opened the package and saw what it was, I groaned inside because I don't like it anymore. I don't know why I liked it at one time and hate it now. It really is yucky.

  • GONZBRATZ08/28/2004


  • M08/28/2004

    At first when I tried Aliage I was confused and not sure if I liked it or not. The scent is like burnt grass with a little sweetness and something that reminds me about marzipan. After a while I recognised how good this scent really are, It is not a scent for beginners, it´s all but main streem. I love it!

  • MURR08/26/2004

    when i wore this in the 80's customers asked me if we had just had store sprayed for bugs

  • TRIN07/06/2004

    When I first smelled this on a tester strip, I almost wretched. I thought it smelled like grass and B.O. But when I next smelled it ON someone, it was divine. Amazing how a fragrance can smell so awful by itself, but so beautiful with a person's chemistry. I wear it now and have recieved enough compliments to make me blush!

  • MARY C04/11/2004

    The one prefume I have worn that constantly attracts positive comment from both sexes. I cant for the life of me understand the 'ughh...yuk' comments!

  • MARY C04/11/2004

    The one prefume I have worn that constantly attracts positive comment from both sexes. I cant for the life of me understand the 'ughh...yuk' comments!

  • SUE C03/31/2004

    I haven't tried this scent, but know that it was one of the first 'sport' scents designed for outdoor casual use. This website incorrectly describes it as an evening scent. Perfume writers describe it as not sweet at all, dry, and not suited to winter or evening. This is one you should try before buying as it is known as a like-it-or-loathe-it scent.

  • ELIXIR03/07/2004

    this is one of my favorite scents. i started wearing it in 1975 but haven't seen it for awhile. i am making do with dune, calyx, and ck1.

  • DONNA03/02/2004

    The best perfume in the whole wide world

  • MOZZIE01/27/2004

    Aliage is the only scent that I have repeatedly had strangers (ususally men) stop me and ask what it is because they loved it. Have worn it for 30 years daily, but sure do miss the Aliage Bath Powder and Lotion - wish they still made them... Fresh, light and not overpowering - I can't handle the sickly sweet florals. I try other scents and keep coming back to this one.

  • DINI12/29/2003

    This is the first scent I ever bought myself when I was about 14 and it first came out. It was love at first sniff. Sometimes I go for a few years between buying a bottle of it, but I eventually crave some, especially the lotion. I havent sniffed it now for a couple of yrs but can still remember it in my mind! I hope its not true that the formula has changed.

  • KELLY12/26/2003

    I've worn this scent since it came out and nothing else, I've had 3 husbands and all the men love to snuggle into my neck and take a deep breath. Irrisitable.

  • TINAB12/12/2003

    What a fabulous chypre!! Green, but rich, smooth and elegant. I hadn't sniffed this for 30 years, and when I revisited it, I was smitten!!

  • BRUT CLASIC!10/04/2003

    sorry you hace different spelling of this fragrance to Europe anyway guess why we guys like it base notes pine needles vetivert.Be different and wear this!

  • BRUT CLASSIC!10/04/2003

    A wonderfull fragrance and a trendsetter back when everyone was wearing floral perfume Lauder bucked the trend and released Alliage my mum has worn it for years and still loves it.I wear it all the time and Im a man!Not a femine flowery fragrance just very individual I suppose one of the first "unisex" fragrances well before CK told us we could all wear each others perfume! ALL TIME CLASSIC!

  • SUZY04/27/2003

    I was on an airplane going to visit my boyfriend when the girl next to me pulled out a tube of Aliage body lotion. I had to have some!! She let me try it out, and when my boyfriend met me at the airport, he immediately told me how wonderful I smelled. We've been married for 26 years, and everytime I wear this fragrance, I remember that first time I wore it, and I smile at the memory.

  • MELANIEL02/05/2003

    I love Aliage, the first time I smelled it my friend had it on back in the 70s when I was in high school. Seems most of the people who love it are from the 70's here. It's a great sent my husband loves it too, and he very picky about what I were on my skin.

  • SYNDI12/17/2002

    I sprayed this on a card at the Lauder counter and almost turned green. Oh my goodness! What is in this stuff... Who the hell would wear this as a Sports Scent ! You would sure clear out the gym with stuff. Ughh...the scent memory is forever now burnt into my mind! Terrible stuff.

  • CK12/05/2002

    There are many contrasting views on this fragrance but it does not smell the same it did in the 70's. I believe they changed it. In the 70's a co-worker purchased this fragrance and wore it in the office pool, which is an old term, and she smelled so-good! It was woodsy, out-door, hay, sporty smell not like it is today! I rate the old one excellent by this one will get average from me.

  • LORI11/17/2002

    It seems as though most people love it or hate it. I hate it! He absolutely loves it. I will give in and wear it when I have to.

  • JUDY09/14/2002

    this is the most digusting insect repellent ever made,well maybe youth dew or cinnabar are even worst

  • NEDRA BOHANNON06/27/2002

    In 1972 my friend was at my house and used my phone and she was wearing Aliage. The fragrance lingered on the phone for several days. I loved it and wear it to this day. My 32 year old daughter told me it reminds her of when she was little and mama smelled pretty when she and daddy went out. I never cease to receive a compliment when I wear Aliage.

  • MARLENE06/24/2002

    As I spray it, there is an ethereal feeling that comes over me. I wish they had body lotion, etc. But above all, Estee Lauder must never think of stopping our experience of this theraputic, mystifying fragrance.

  • ALICIA05/17/2002

    Aliage! To say the name recalls the scent. I wore it in the 70s and then it disappeared. Warm, supportive, sensual, exotic, spicy, earthy, greenish floral. And somehow it always made me think of Christmas and baking cookies. Can't explain why. I do so hope the reissue is as good as the original. I will report back whether my expectations were met. I'm rating it excellent based only on my memory of the original.

  • ROSA04/28/2002

    Where are the powder and lotion? Gee, I miss them---I love Aliage and have since I first tried it when it was introduced, many moons ago.

  • LILIAN IMO03/11/2002

    Sounds alluring to me -- like a true Estee Lauder classic. How come it's not advertised much, though? Must try it!

  • DENISE02/12/2002

    I, too, have worn Aliage since high school. Thirty years later it is still my favorite, and there is nothing out there that compares to this green, fresh scent. You can have all that sweet smelling crap. I wish Estee Lauder would bring Aliage back in force with the lotion and powder!

  • TRACY01/17/2002

    This one goes back. But it's so beautifully different from the Angel's, Aqua Di Gio's and various other nauseating sweet scents that are so popular today. Crisp, woodsy and green, it's a stand-out. I had a co-worker years ago that wore this fragrance, and I'll always think of "Marie" whenever I catch it's scent. Well, that's what fragrance is all about. Memories and people.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Musky(animalic) and a little green.

  • A HUGE FAN12/15/2001

    These are the notes that stand out in this masterpiece. I really love this fragrance because it's so unpretentious and carefree. Very clean and green, and I mean GREEN! This is not a floral or sweet smell so be sure to try it out before buying.

  • EVELYN12/05/2001

    This is has such a nice aroma! I like to wear Aliage, as it reminds me of leaves and the woods - the outdoors. Rustic, a very rustic fragrance! Lovely.

  • LORI SCHENK09/20/2001

    I have loved this fragrance since high school. It brings back the best memories. My husband loves it too!

  • DANA03/30/2001

    A rare find actually. This fragrance is very distinct and crisp, but watch out if you're wearing a white dress..this fragrance can stain!

  • CHRISTINE01/18/2001

    I live in South Africa and cannot find a supplier who sells "Aliage" (Estee Lauder). Is there someone who can help me? I do have a friend in London, if only I could tell him where to go buy it for me. [email protected]

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