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Eau De Givenchy   

27 Reviews

Eau De Givenchy was created in 1980 and is recommended for daytime use. Eau De Givenchy is a refreshing, clean, fruity fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, plums, floral bouquet.

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Eau De Givenchy was created in 1980 and is recommended for daytime use. Eau De Givenchy is a refreshing, clean, fruity fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, plums, floral bouquet.

  • TGB06/06/2012

    This was one of my first fragrances, bought for me as a 12 year old by my father on a family trip to Paris. I didn't really like it at that point, it was probably a little too grown-up for my taste. So I gave it to my mother, and that's who it reminded me of when I smelled it again. Fortunately, I like it much better now, it's a crisp, light and elegant fragrance, suited for most occasions and definetely one I would by. However, it's the original I've smelled and I'm a little concerned if I buy the re-released version I will be disappointed, as the notes seem to be somewhat different. Any comments as to the difference between the two?

  • FRANK DUFFIN02/18/2012

    Great product, pity you do not have the bigger bottles.

  • MARIARAYWHIP12/12/2009

    I first happened upon this singular scent when I vacationed on the Cote d'Azur in 1977. It was in one of those ubiquitous perfume shops up and down the streets of Nice. I have adored this scent, along with Givenchy III through the years, but have not been able to find these items on a consistent basis for two decades. Any suggestions???

  • SANDY 11/22/2009

    Very clean and fresh smelling fragrence, which is especially nice to wear in the summer. Not too strong, so one can wear it to work.

  • ALLYSA04/20/2008

    This fragrance is dominated by Jasmine. Yes, it is refreshing, clean, and smells so good. I think it is wearable by man also. But it is very soft and not long lasting.

  • ANAMARIA12/30/2007

    This fragance has been chanse. it is not the same at all. Please let me know were I can fin the Le de Givinchy I think that is the one I remember.

  • MARY11/29/2007

    Hey Taracat, somebody gave this to me in 1980 or 1981 and I liked it but never wore it much because I was enamored with Chanel's Christalle and then Balmain's Ivoire. But over the years, I've looked for EDG and also couldn't find it. These perfume makers are so FICKLE!!! This was a very nice, light, memorable fragrance and I can still, after more than 25 years, recall the scent. I wonder if it still smells the same (maybe not on me, after many hormonal and chemical body change!)

  • TARACAT10/28/2007

    This is a perfume,'scent' being a cheap version,which I came across in the 1980s. I wore it religiously and always had fantastic comments made with regard to it. Suddenly,it wasn't available in any department stores and I was extremely frustrated about it-why on earth did stores withdraw it,does anyone know? It is the most beautiful,sensual perfume I have ever come across and always brings back very happy memories,it should never ever be discontinued from anywhere!!!!!

  • LINDA10/20/2007

    You guys are all talking about Le De Givenchy. It's not made anymore. Eau De Givenchy is a new fragrance that they put out to try to replace Le De. I haven't smelled it yet.Has anyone?

  • PHUONG12/31/2006

    I went to the store and tested the smell. To my surprise on the bottle it said the notes including ylang ylang and the base was ylang ylang. But I read all the reviews here and it doesn't seem that I have tested the same eau de givenchy. Was the one I tested an newly version of this? Plz, anyone tell me!

  • SUSE12/16/2006

    I've been wondering the same thing. It reminds me of growing up in Spain. I would love to get some again.

  • CARMEL =^..^=12/15/2006

    I too have difficulty finding this gorgeous fragrances. I can sometimes order it from a chemist, but am scared that the stocks are old and therefore the fragrance is a bit, ummm tired. ps. I keep mine in the fridge as this keeps it extra fresh!

  • DOODS02/19/2006

    This is one of my favorites! Very clean smelling! Very unique, too! Unfortunately for me, it has been phased out in our local stores. =(

  • FRAGRANCE FREAK02/03/2006

    I used this fragrance many years ago and I loved it. it's impossible to find in the stores now and i'm always very skeptical about ordering stuff on-line. Does anyone know of a fragrance that is similar? I love the fresh mandarin and especially that it does not smell like chemicals like some of the other's such as Happy. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

  • MEGAN01/18/2006

    I've used Eau de Givenchy on and off for years. It is the perfect scent for everyday especially for summer. It is a very clean, fresh, slightly fruity scent. Perfume Emporium is one the few places you'll find it. Department stores no longer carry it. I find that the fragrance counters at the large stores only carry the lastest popular scents which are usually cloyingly stinky. Even the newer Givenchy fragrances do not reflect the classy elegance of Hubert de Givenchy.

  • MINKY01/09/2006

    I came accross this scent as a sample in the 80's. I have bought it now and again and love it. It is a head turner and i have been asked about it more than once. It takes me a long time to settle on one fragrance I like, but this really is a classic. Fresh, cool, watery. Although my husband prefers Clinique's 'Happy' as I was wearing it when we first started dating, I think I need to get me some Givenchy!

  • CJ DOYLE12/01/2005

    This is my first "Adult" Fragrance I had ever bought. I stumbled apon this wonderful stuff when I was on my 1st trip to The Big Apple. I wanted to have something to rememeber the city by and this was it! Everytime I wear it, it reminds me of the excitement of going to my first real vaction ever and doing so in THE BIG APPLE! I rememeber wearing this wonderful scent and hanging my head out the window of the 14 floor in the Waldorf talking to my sister on the phone so she could HEAR the rush hour traffic of the BIG City! This scent always brings a smile to my face. It's a young ( or young at heart)uplifting fruity, floral smell, without being tart or sweet. It's genteel mix of fun and romance. It is one of the 2 fragrances that reminds me of Of Chanels Allure. It has that same type of Genteel aroma about it. I would think this would be a Anytime ware fragrance

  • CHYLER05/25/2005

    I love, love this. I got it as a gift many years ago, and I've never once grown tired of it. Believe it or not it turns heads!! It really does!! It smells of both innocence and immense femininity. And not many people know about it or wear it, so it's exclusive (keep it hush). This is a signature scent, the best of Givenchy, classic, ageless, for those who like ultra-feminine scents. Along with Baby Doll (Yves Saint Laurent) this is my favourite scent.

  • ANNIE04/25/2005

    I have always loved this fragrance. It is so clean and fresh, and if it were a colour, it would be blue. My only complaint is that it doesn't smell for long enough, and needs to be re-applied.

  • QUEENBASILIKA12/26/2004

    I love it but I need it in a perfume version to stay more!

  • ROSIE12/04/2004

    I just love Eau De Givenchy Perfume! But it's very difficult to obtain boyfiend found some in Canada & Key West so we stocked up with a large supply. I was set for a few years but now I ran out & can't find it locally. Somebody should put this in the Malls so we can buy it.

  • LISA02/16/2004

    I love eau de givenchy, it's clean but not soapy, just crisp, and feminine and wonderful. I spray it on my shoulders and wear it like epaulettes to work. It bolsters my mood all day long. This is a classic!

  • PIA02/10/2004

    Hi, I loved this in the late eightees and used up several bottles in three years back then. I recently purchased a large 3.4 oz and I can't stand it anymore although it smells the same. Do fragrance preferences change that much through the years? I really want to love this again(my husband does, he is the one that gave me my first bottle).

  • LISA11/12/2003

    I love this marine, fruity fragrance. I wish it were a bit longer lasting. It is not overpowering at all, very nice.

  • LENA04/12/2003

    Givenchy III and Eau de Givency are the best Givenchy's fragrances. I don't like their new fragrances.

  • BETHANY06/25/2002

    Light,clean,slightly citrusy floral scent. Cool and elegant. No Anika it does not do windows:(although your description made me laugh ;-).I have had that experience with a lot of citrusy/floral fragrances too-they turn sour with my body chemistry. Not this one though. I liked Aschatan's Ice Princess description. That's a really good way to describe this fragrance. It's lovely, in a very understated way.

  • NONI06/03/2002

    the windex effect is what i love so much about eau de clean i call it glassy.perfect for when you want to wear a fragrance that you are not overly aware of but still there.give it a try.

  • ANIKA05/14/2002

    Was hoping I would really like this one as I was looking for something light, fresh and pretty for summer. Unfortunately, to me, this smells like Windex cleaner and it gets even worse as it mixes with my body chemistry. I suppose in that way it is "clean." However it's obviously not the right fragrance for me.

  • ASCHATAN04/12/2002

    I came back to it after a longer break, and now with spring coming stronger Eau de Givenchy seems to lose its forbidding ice princess aspects and is just lovely and graceful. Fresh and clean, yes, but not cold.

  • ASCHATAN03/05/2002

    My very first real perfume... whenever I wear it now, I feel very cool and like a snow queen or ice princess. It is very clean and floral, but not really girlish or innocent. I would not call it sexy, though. Perfect for a difficult day at work.

  • ANNETTE12/12/2001

    This is the most beautiful perfume I've ever owned. It's my al time favorite! I love to wear it in the summer because it is so light and clean, although I do wear it in the winter months. I am upset that it is so hard to get anymore. I can't find a department store that stocks it. Marshall Fields in Chicago used to, but no longer. I live in Michigan and would love to know where I can find it.

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