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Anais Anais   

158 Reviews

Anais Anais was created by Cacharel in 1978 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of cedar, leather, and blooming fresh cut flowers. Accompanied by white floral notes of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

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Anais Anais was created by Cacharel in 1978 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of cedar, leather, and blooming fresh cut flowers. Accompanied by white floral notes of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

  • CATHERINE05/01/2017

    Love this perfume...

  • SUSAN LANFORD12/02/2015

    Best fragrance in the world. Many comments on its light, fragrant scent. Not overpowering. Have used for 30 years.

  • JANIS10/27/2011

    I contacted Cacharel in May of 2011 regarding the unavailability of body cream (6.7 oz jar). They said the item had been discontinued but if they had significant interest in the cream and/or the scent in general, they might reconsider their decision. Tell them you like the scent so it doesn't go away!

  • ROSETTA 08/30/2011

    I just wanted to share with you all is that I still love this fragrance, and return to it from time to time. Not only do I love it's femmine scent(created with women and not androgeous in mind), but it brings back fond memories of when I was just girl growing into teens. My Godmother gave it to me as a gift for Christmas or my birthday (can't remember which one) one year. I cherished it always. It was my first real "designer perfume". As I got older, I purchased the matching bath powder & soap (my fav) and not too long ago, the shower gel and lotion. How I loved the puffy bath powder. I used the empty container as a pot pourrie for my linen drawer for a while too-just to keep the fragrance. I haven't seen those products in a while, but I love thinking about them.

  • CATHERINE12/14/2010

    Cacharel was founded by Jean Bousquet who launched their first fragrance Anaïs Anaïs which re-ignited the white floral accord and changed the way women wore fragrance forever. The marketing department of Cacharel put basins inside department stores and plunged women´s hands in fragrant water before drying them, applying perfumed cream to them, and finishing them off with a spray of scent; in doing so they taught women how to 'layer' their scent, and spoke about the advantages of perfumed body cream in the quest for a long lasting fragrance effect. Anaïs Anaïs is a well made, inexpensive scent which lacks fine quality materials but which had an enormous impact on perfumery: it was the antithesis of the big oriental scents which had dominated the decade following the success of YSL´s Opium. It was gentle, sweet and feminine with a freshness obtained from a leafy note which was further enhanced by the inclusion of galbanum - but not too much, just a touch to give a gentle fresh effect. The heart is a blend of white lilies, white rose, jasmine, hyacinth, orange blossom, lily of the valley and tuberose, which are worked to create an effect which again is gentle with the tuberose note played down. The base is warm, soft and dry where the powdery effect of orris is used in conjunction with sandalwood to mute the vetiver, oakmoss, cedarwood and musky facets creating an effect which is warm and gentle. The romantic bottle in white porcelain with its green and pink graphics work in perfect symmetry with the scent. It´s ideal for daytime, especially during spring and summer, and a perfectly safe choice for women of all ages. It´s a real 'hug-me' scent!

  • DEB12/11/2010

    I have adored this scent since 1986 when I visited a perfume factory on a class trip to Paris.

  • AB11/04/2010

    As a teengarer, i was always using my mom's, and loved it bak then. Today, I still buy it, and i love, love it! it is feminine, clean, and classic. hope it will never be discontinued.

  • GAIL11/03/2010

    Oh please don't discontinue my favorite cologne :(

  • KERRI10/06/2010

    yes, I'm afraid I heard that it was being discontinued. I've been using this since 1988!

  • CYNTHIA LUCIA09/24/2010

    I just bought this yesterday. At an H-E-B GROCERY STORE!! I have read that this is Jennifer Aniston's fragrance of choice; so I was curious and also it was inexpensive. INCREDIBLY HAPPY that I bought this..... DELIGHTED that I now smell like this! It is very very fresh and clean yet it doesnt smell like mundane everyday things that are CLEAN. It's not clean laundry and it's not shampoo. It's very inviting, you want to inhale it deeper and deeper.....I wish I could describe this well, all I can say is I will never be without a bottle of this around. It is well known among women my mother's age. I asked her to smell my arm and wanted a " Oh my God, what are you wearing?" reaction....instead she said "Oh I love Anais!" I think Jennifer Aniston should be the new face of this fragrance! She is exactly like this scent. Have you ever seen her dress anything less than perfect? She's sexy without being skanky, and if you are wondering if this smells dated.....NO, just like Jennifer she's classic! And of course sweet!

  • CAROL ANN09/17/2010

    I have been using Anais Anais as my summer fragrance since the 1970's when I first purchased it in Rome. I hope that the rumors are not true about it being discontinued.

  • BARBARA G. ELLIS07/24/2010

    Would you tell us if Cacharel is no longer making the eau de parfum?

  • SUE07/10/2010

    Anais Anais has been my all time favourite fragrance for many years. After hearing from a retailer that it will soon be unavailable I e-mailed Cacheral to find out if this was true. Their reply confirmed that yes, Anais Anais has been discontinued. Since then, 2 other retailers have told me they've heard no such thing. Anais Anais is popular and still going strong. Who to believe?

  • DEBORAH06/16/2010

    This cologne is the absolute best. I cannot say enough good things about it. I have used it for 30 years and still like it just as much today as the first time I used it. I have tried many different colognes over the year, but always come back to this one. If I could give it 20 out of a possible 5 stars, I would. It is just that good. I disappointed, however, that I can no longer get it in my area. It is clean, light and slightly sweet, unlike others that are heavy and nauseous or smell like a man's cologne. The only problem I see is with the marketing. Whenever I would ask for it in the store, the seller never knew the correct pronunciation and it was never advertised, except by word of mouth. If you’ve never tried this, you have really missed out.

  • SUE01/28/2010

    What a load of 'BULL'. What does age matter? I am 62 and this has been my FAVORITE perfume for 20 plus years. Just like me-this perfume is AGELESS.

  • CC11/30/2009

    The very feminine and romantic Anaïs Anaïs (1978) is credited to four perfumers (probably a record) and is one of the most influential fragrances in history. The fragrance was devoid of all attempts at seductive warmth and was insted bright, slightly chrysanthemum-bitter, squeaky clean, powdery and utterly memorable. The composition has not been messed with in the intervening years. The smell was considered mawkish in 1978, but the oceans of syrup that have flowed since make it a curiously prim dry fragrance today. A monument.

  • LINDAW08/19/2009

    I LOVE this perfume I always have!!! I started using it when it first came out and it has never disappointed me. I hope they never quit making it!!!!

  • LINDAW08/05/2009

    I totaly LOVE this stuff I have ever since it came out on the market! It is so lovely smells like spring!

  • KIM07/19/2009

    What a unique beauty this is! I decided to buy this the other day after reading good reviews. I'm quite impressed and I'm delighted to have this as a part of my perfume collection. Its so fresh and clean, almost like spraying on a nice soap! It lingers well and I enjoyed the whiffs all day after spraying it. The smell doesnt change much from the time I first spray it until hours later. It really holds its own in a good way.

  • LINDAW02/06/2009

    You go girl!! I too get so tired of the silly old lady comments!! This stuff rocks I love it and have for years since I was a young girl!!

  • CHRISTINA02/01/2009

    St Matthew tells us that Jesus, when considering the lilies of the field, proclaimed that even King Solomon in all his glory couldn´t hold a candle to their beauty. And Anaïs Anaïs, with its intense concentration of lilies, is certainly a beauty. Although too complex to be put into the single flower category, its bouquet is dominated by the rich, smooth and creamy scent of lilies, lilies and more lilies. Now too many lilies can be a touch overpowering, so Cacharel`s perfumers have woven around them a garland of jasmine, white roses and irises, with hints of vetyver grass, a whiff of powerhouse patchouli and an acerbic spike of greeney to gild the lily, so to speak. In doing so, Anaïs Anaïs achieves a softness and subtlety that is utterly spellbinding, and will never bring on the vapours. Apparently named after Anaitis, an ancient Persian love godess, this hypnotic perfume is deceptively light, remaining softly persistent as it gradually and gracefully fades away. Incurably romantics will be captivated by its aura of nostalgic sighs and wistful longings. Prettily packaged in white porcelain cylinders and featuring the Cacharel floral motif, designed by Annegret Beier, it´s a delight to give or receive and looks suitably shy on the dressing-table. Anaïs Anaïs is for the easily enamoured young sybarite, so even if you´re more of a born-again virgin than the real thing, you can get away with it. It is equally captivating on older women as well! Wear white, silver, pink, pastels - definitely nothing strident or too vivid, and in fabrics that are light, flimsy and diaphanous. Good with big cartwheel hats, little lace gloves, white stockings, strings of aquamarines, amethysts or pearls. Spring and summer are its perfect seasons. It´s lovely floating on afternoon or evening air, and irresistible at twilight! Wear it to casual occasions with a romantic bent; tea parties, intimate dinners, christenings and weddings - especially if you are the bride! This brilliant perfume has stood the test of time, and it belongs in the perfume pantheon. A true classic - hauntingly beautiful. Don´t miss it.

  • CHRISTINA01/08/2009

    St Matthew tells us that Jesus, when considering the lilies of the field, proclaimed that even King Solomon in all his glory couldn´t hold a candle to their beauty. And Anaïs Anaïs, with its intense concentration of lilies, is certainly a beauty. Although too complex to be put in the single floral category, its bouquet is dominated by the rich, smooth and creamy scent of lilies, lilies and more lilies! Now too many lilies can be a touch overpowering, so Cacharel`s perfumers have woven around them a garland of jasmine, white roses and irises, with a hint of vetyver grass, a whiff of powerhouse patchouli and an acerbic spike of greenery to gild the lily, so to speak. In doing so, Anaïs Anaïs achieves a softness and subtlety that is utterly spellbinding, and will never bring on the vapours. Apparently named after Anaitis, an ancient Persian love godess, this hypnotic perfume is deceptively light, remaining softly persistent as it gradually and gracefully fades away. Incurable romantics will be captivated by its aura of nostalgic sighs and wistful longings..Prettily packaged in white porcelain cylinders, by the designer of all Cacharel bottles; Annegret Beier, and featuring the Cacharel floral motif, it´s a delight to give or receive and looks suitably shy on the dressing table. Anaïs Anaïs is for the easily enamoured young sybarite, so even if you´re more of a born-again virgin than the real thing, you can get away with it. It´s equally captivating on older women as well! What to wear it with, where and when? White, silver, pink, pastels - definitely nothing strident or too vivid, and in fabrics that are light, flimsy and diaphanous. Good with big cartwheel hats, little lace gloves, white stockings, strings of aquamarines and amethysts. Spring and summer are its perfect seasons. It´s lovely floating on afternoon or evening air, and irresistible at twilight! Wear it to casual occasions with a romantic bent; tea parties, intimate dinners, christenings and weddings - especially if you´re the bride !

  • BERYL01/04/2009

    Of all the scents I have worn over the years, Anais Anais is my favorite. It's my husband's too. He always goes out and gets me more. He says nothing turns him on more is that scent on me. Must be body chemestry along with love. We're both in our 60's.

  • SUE C11/09/2008

    I'm always amazed by idiots on forums who try a floral perfume and then describe it as "too flowery".

  • SUEC11/09/2008

    This perfume has nothing to do with Anais Nin and was in fact named after Anaitis, an ancient Persian love goddess. The name was altered to Anais-Anais to achieve a better sound. The concept of this young and inexpensive perfume to reflect the Cacharel ready to wear range was in place well before the perfume was forumulated. This perfume was designed for young girls and when introduced was very moderately priced to reflect that age bracket. I still have a fashion magazine from 1979 with a brief article announcing its introduction. What happened was that it was hugely successful and women who loved it kept wearing it and are now middle aged and older, hence the mistaken impression that it is for mature women. With its success came an increase in price over the years and Anais Anais has earnt its place in the hall of fame of truly classic perfumes, which means that yes you can keep wearing it if you love it for its femininity and romance.

  • BARBARA05/08/2008

    I wore this fragrance for years and suddenly it disappeared from the stores around Dayton, Ohio. Where can I get this lovely fragrance again. I miss it.

  • GREEKGIRL02/28/2008

    Im so sick of hearing 'old lady' shows you how immature some young girls are, apparently this is Jennifer Anistons fav frag, i dont think she counts as old lady, Brad Pitt didnt seem to think so! btw ive noticed theres a big difference in edt and edp, edp is very strong i prefer the lighter edt.

  • JULIETTE02/23/2008

    Fresh, yet spicy. Similar to White Linen. Lillies, roses, jasmine, gardenia etc. It is a walk in the spring, thru a forest wearing a leather jacket in a soft rain.

  • JULIETTE02/21/2008

    This smells like fresh white lillies, the kind that grow in the springtime. Jasmine, gardenia, and then cedar and leather. A walk in the rain, during a spring morning when there is a chill in the air.

  • HEIDI02/08/2008

    This is definitly NOT one of Cacharel's best smelling scents. If you want a winner get Noa...way better and a much younger scent.

  • ANGIE12/09/2007

    I agree with others, this is NOT a "granny scent", and even if it was for more mature women, I hate when someone so callously says that. You must be in your twenties or younger. I wore this scent when I was in MY twenties & loved it, so your observation is incorrect!

  • JOANNAH11/22/2007

    I've been reading some of the other comments and on my skin I can't detect anything sweet. At first just very soapy then it dries down to a very floral scent that I think I shouldn't like but which actually works with my body chemistry.

  • JOANNAH11/22/2007

    Hub hasn't complained, not really noticed, but he gets close to my neck to kiss me more often than before. At first I think it's harsh and soapy when I've just applied it but after a while it's actually quite pleasant. I can't decide if I'll buy it again or not. It lasts from early morning until late evening so well worth the money and I wish I'd bought the 50ml instead of the 30ml. I don't know if I'll like it better in Spring. Here in Fall I just wish I'd bought something "warmer". I'm actually surprised it works with my chemistry. Very floral scents usually don't no matter how much I want them to work.

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    but hub wouldn't "allow";-) me to buy it. Okay, I could've bought it anyway but I don't like wearing something I know he hates.

  • BARBARA W07/17/2007

    I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman. ~Anais Nin

  • BARBARA W07/17/2007

    Anais Anais is one of those scents I wish I liked. I am a fan of Anais Nin's writing, but in my opinion this scent is too classically feminine and floral to represent her properly. She was a bold, dynamic woman who broke the social rules of the day. I would have loved to see a more avant-garde fragrance created in her name. I doubt she herself would have worn this.

  • ANNIE06/19/2007

    I wore Anais Anais years when I was in my 20's. I was in Kohl's today and spritzed some one from a tester - for old times sake. I must say, it is still a lovely fragrance after all these years. It hasn't been changed or cheapened. I enjoy Cacharel's fragrances. I may go back and buy a bottle. I'm in my 40's - and I wear whatever fragrance turns me on. I really think these age guides to wearing fragrance are ridiculous. Anais Anais is a well made classic fragrance with quality ingredients. If you don't like white florals you probably will not like it. Probably a love it or hate it fragrance.

  • MANDY06/15/2007

    Read this and thought this is the perfect description. Named for one of the most sensual and hypnotic writers of the 20th Century, Anais Nin, Anais Anais is a romantic, feminine, and utterly beautiful fragrance. It is crisp and flowery in its top notes, and conjures the delicacy of white lace and just-picked summer flowers. The drydown has warm cedar notes that evoke an attic in a Victorian house on a humid summer day. This fragrance is One Of A Kind, and I believe it will live in our olfactory hall of fame with Chanel No. 5, Quelques Fleurs, Opium, Angel, and other perfumes that rocked the sensory world. Judy Chicago wrote: "History has not been kind to Anaïs Nin. Within a year of her death, Cacharel produced a perfume called "Anaïs Anaïs," as if all that was left of her life and work was the exotic odor of a memory." But I disagree with this negativity. I think Cacharel was honoring the memory of Anais Nin by immortalizing her with a fragrance. 01 August 2005

  • ERIN05/31/2007

    If a woman loves the smell of a perfume, it speaks to her, it matches her personality/tastes, then who the hell cares how old she is? Do we have to be certain ages to wear perfumes? Silly. I think this perfume is sweet and flowery and would match any age that prefers it. My mother loves it and I believe it's her's too sweet to be one I use too often, but I do own it and enjoy the smell.

  • CLAIRE03/21/2007

    My older sister wore this for years and so I never used it because we didn't want to smell the same. I bought a bottle a few months ago and one whiff and I was 13 again. It isn't a sweet floral, more white flower notes and the leather comes through with the dry down. Very pretty and different from all the new floral fragrances out there that all smell the same to me. Supposed to be for the under 25's but I think any age could wear it. Give it a try.

  • JEAN D'ALMONT03/01/2007

    This has been my fragrance for years. I've tried others, but they can't win me, as I always go back to Anais Anais. To LLL, shows its still in production.

  • AYSHA01/25/2007

    I'm really not that big on wearing perfume,but when a co-worker gave me this for Christmas,i thought i'd give it a try. I was completely surprised at how pretty it smells and it lasts quite a bit. I guess it just goes to show that a classic never dies.

  • SUE C01/19/2007

    This perfume was designed for the young, virginal and innocent and when introduced 25 years ago was moderately priced for that age bracket. It has been a phenomenal success, is still a top seller and is much more expensive than it used to be. The white lily based multi-floral has proven to be so popular with older women as well so much that it is now well and truly a French classic that is here to stay. Perfume writers say it should not be worn by the over 25's, but it is so beautiful who can resist. If you love it, wear it, I say.

  • T CHERI11/06/2006

    anais anais is one of the most seductive and alluring scents . classic and timeless

  • LLL10/13/2006

    One of the best florals out there. Period. Nice, nice woody dry-down. If you want to smell like a bubblegum-snappin', video game-addled, generation-Z-er, by all means, don't get this. Anais Anais is classy and sophisticated, which is probably why it's being discontinued; classy is not "trendy" anymore. These days, "ignorant" is in.

  • JEANIE P.08/18/2006

    I a very particular about fragrances. I have tried many. I just bought Amazing Grace, Baby Grace and Pure Grace. Well, they will be nice for gifts. The only fragrance that I absolutely LOVE is Anais Anais. I have had gifts of other perfumes sent by friends in France. I have yet to find another scent that I like as much or more. I will stick with what makes me happy.

  • JAK07/29/2006

    I had to chuckle at your "nursing home" comment since I work in a lovely nursing home, and have never smelled this lovely scent there. I don't wear it now, though I did for many years, but I appreciate it on other classy women.

  • FRAGRANTONE07/25/2006

    In my opinion, Anais Anais is more than just a run-of-the-mill floral, it posesses a unique integrity with that lasting, chypre-y drydown. While I have not worn it myself for some years, as I am now lured by heavier and sweeter scents, I still think it is a lovely and respectable choice of personal scent. Many ladies of good taste are still buying it, and wearing this pleasant, feminine classic very well.

  • BRANDY 07/20/2006

    There's no way around it. This is waaaaay outdated. I mean nursing home polluted! I tried to like it but ended up having to wash it off. Just when I thought it didnt get any grannier than Lolita Lempicka.....

  • GREEKGIRL07/07/2006

    I have a mini of this which came in a set, but never tried it because i thought it was floral, and i dont really go for florals so one day i couldnt make up my mind what perfurme to wear, and decided to try it thinking i would not like it, but BOY was i wrong, its absolutely beautiful, i couldnt stop sniffing my arm at the doctors office ,( i think he thought i was a nutcase) its not too floral, just enough, and i love the leather in it, smells a little like Chanel 19. GREAT SCENT.

  • LS07/03/2006

    This is definitely one that needs a certain body chemistry to smell good. It is horrid on me.

  • ANGELIQUE05/21/2006

    This was the first perfume I fell in love with. It smells like a dream. Wow! I haven't worn it in a while - but this perfume for me defines femininity.

  • GREG POLLER05/08/2006

    My wife bought this perfume and it makes her smell like an old lady. It gave me and everyone around her sever headaches. AWFUL smell VERY floral, makes you think you are shoving a stinky flower right in your nose. Its dog Urine.

  • TRINITY04/17/2006

    Was I the last one to discover this perfume? I mean, I knew of it's existence, but never paid it any mine. That is, until last weekend when I was shopping with my mom and my daughter and we passed the perfume counter. I absent mindedly spritzed a bit on and walked on. Withing minutes the compliments started! And the more it dried down on my skin the more I fell in love. I kept catching whiffs of it all night and even went to bed without a shower so I could continue with the nosegasm. The next day I went and bought a bottle. Unfortunately, my husband seems to be the only one who doesn't like it on me---strange---but I'm still keeping the bottle for my own enjoyment when he's not going to be with me. Yumm---quite a nice one. It's not "fresh" per se, but it's quite sophisticated and floral without being sharp or heavy. It hits my nose in much the same way leather does when I walk by the leather store....know what I mean? I'm not saying it smells even remotely like leather, but there are just some scents my nose enjoys, and leather and Anais Anais are two of those scents.

  • JULIA04/13/2006

    A very nice scent for young ladies. Very flowery and clean. This is the perfume you'd give to your daughter as her first grown-up fragrance.

  • JUDI W.03/30/2006

    I wore this about 25 years ago, and loved it. Then, it smelled to me, like lilacs & spice. A couple of weeks ago, I sampled it in a store, and now it just smells flowery & flat. Don't know if they changed it a bit, or my sense of smell has changed.(probably a combination of both) Don't get the same response as I once did...Oh well...

  • LA LA PRINCESS03/27/2006


  • GRETCHEN03/26/2006

    I can see how some of the posters here said Anais Anais smelled like a funeral home- if over-applied the scent can be overwhelming and nauseating- hence a light touch. I used to work in a nursing home and sometimes after a resident died and the funeral was held- the families would sometimes donate the flowers to the staff, and 9 times out of 10 it would be, yes, lillies and the scent got to be cloying and induce fits of sneezing. But don't forget that lillies symbolize renewal and life, don't focus on the "funereal" aspect!

  • GRETCHEN03/26/2006

    It's even better than that! I first tried Anais Anais when I was in my teens- I liked florals but something in it put me off. Now that I am more mature and open to new things I was awed by the scent. I sprayed some on and had my fifteen year old sister tell me that I, "smelled like the outside." How's that for a compliment?! It is a great spring time scent because of the lily essence to it- what could be more signifying of spring than lilly? I admit I was a little wary to try this one again because of the gardenia note (makes me nauseous- used to love it- funny how one's tatstes change!) but I don't detect it. Definately a keeper- what a masterpiece- but I wouldn't expect anything less from the French! Enjoy and Happy Spring to all!!

  • MADAME S.03/11/2006

    I hadn't smelled this one in years, and when I smelled it recently I was shocked at how complex and great it smells to me now that I'm a grown up. In the bottle, and when you first spray it, it smells like an old-fashioned floral, but don't be fooled - the dry down on skin is definitely woody and chypre-y, like Chanel No. 19. Classic!

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    this was a lovely fragrance that i wore in the early 80s ! i loved it also went with the age group i fell under.this is a very young and fresh fragrance.ideal for teens and twenties.ofcoarse one can wear it whenever they like but my taste in perfume has shifted a bit and though i loved this one then today i prefer paloma picasso, eden,coco chanel etc

  • ALLISON R.02/17/2006

    I have to smile when I think of this perfume. It was maybe my second or third perfume I ever owned. I wore it in elementary school. I recently sprayed it on, and absolutely nothing has changed in this scent. It is still very soft, green almost a neutral fragrance. It's not very powdery or musky or clean , it's a one of a kind. At least to me. This scent will always remind me of new wave music and esprit clothes!!

  • MAUREEN01/16/2006

    Too old lady-ish is right! Its very sweet smelling and "off". Got this as a gift and wound up throwing it away.

  • MERMISS01/11/2006

    Cacharel, I presume, created Anais Anais in homage to Anais Nin (Anais wore Mitsouko, Narcisse Noir, and patchouli essence). It is unique and the packaging aesthetics are beautiful, but the scent itself I cannot wear. I was friends with someone years ago and she wore this, and it suited her perfectly-refined, elegant, romantic. Occasionally I will smell this and think of her.

  • MEOWSERS12/29/2005

    This is the only perfume my sister wants for Xmas or birthdays. She loves it and I don't think it smells grandma or old. I think it's a wonderful and sensual scent.

  • CEDA11/29/2005

    I brought my first bottle of Anais Anais in Chicago when I got my first REAL paycheck. That was in 1982 and I still consider it a breath of fresh air whenever I wear it!!

  • OPINION OF A MAN11/11/2005

    I find this is the ideal schoolgirl fantasy. It is playful, romantic, retro-chic and timeless. Kids should be reintroduced to this aromatic treasure. Like spring sunshine.

  • DESDEKID11/06/2005

    I got a bottle as a present and gave it to my mom, then my mom gave it to someone else. My aunt uses it, she's 60 and it works great on her. It's veeery strong and gives headaches and it makes you feel heat on your neck, definetely NOT FOR YOUNGZ GIRLS. It's smells like a BIG BUNCH OF LILY'S. And one lily is nice, but more than one are...

  • KATHY Z.10/26/2005

    I first smelled this scent on my sister-in -law who always finds and wears the most beautiful perfumes. This is a classic. I don't consider this to be an old lady perfume at all. In fact I find that description decidedly unhelpful. At least one person says that here about every scent. This is one of the florals that I really like though I don't prefer florals. This one is right up there with the best of them.

  • PHANTASY10/19/2005

    this perfume smells like something an older woman would wear. it's florally and really powdery in a bad way. da bottle is ok tho... makes u wonder how it smells haha. i just wouldn't recommend dis 2 younger ppl n if ur older dis would make u smell even more old

  • AWTUMN08/31/2005

    I love the scent of Anais Anais. When ever I wear it I feel sexy. I can't think of any other perfume I would rather wear. So many other perfumes smell like an old lady would wear it. Or others smell so strong of alchohol, and are really nasty smelling. I love the soft scent of this perfume that men always ask what is that scent you are wearing. Men tell me it smells sexy.

  • ROSEQUARTZ08/30/2005

    It's not my favirite scent but it definitly is one of a kind. It's feminine but it does not make a woman look weak, it shows that the person wearing it is a woman who is both soft and strong, loving and tough. A real good one.

  • STINA08/14/2005

    anais anais was my first perfume, i used it when i was a teenager. it smells very innocent and fits to collors as pink, light blue,... i would wear it in springtime.

  • DARLA08/10/2005

    Without fail, whenever I wear this fragrance I'm asked "What are you wearing? You smell SO good". On me, the drydown scent is one that's sweet (but not overly), flowery, and warm....very inviting for the right someone to get a little closer!!

  • CBC07/31/2005

    It's anything but sharp and masculine. I wouldn't say it's entirely feminine either. It's a soft, soapy, woodsy, floral scent. Lots of madonna lily and rose, with leather and vetiver basenotes. I've smelled this scent my entire life, and it's not sharp and masculine...

  • LL07/27/2005


  • ROS05/29/2005

    Despite the floral and feminine perception of Anais Anais, i dont find it very floral or particularly feminine either. When i smell this i get a mainly cedar/leather scent from it and thats what emanates from my skin when i have it on. To me it is quite masculine smelling. When i first got this and subsequently read the reviews on it i was very surprised to see that alot of women liked it and said it was very floral and feminine. I thought people would say its to sharp and masculine smelling. Anyway, this really is an awesome scent.

  • ANGIE04/06/2005

    This is a wonderful feminine scent. Not over-powering like some of the scents you can smell women wearing from across the street. Unobtrusive, clean, and very romantic. No other scent comes close to being as pretty as this one. Definitely recommended.

  • ROCHELLE03/24/2005

    My boyfriend's sister wears this and loves it. To me it smells like an old lady scent, and kind of like bug spray too. Sorry if you love it, but it just doesn't do it for me.

  • IWRKOT202/14/2005

    I have been wearing this perfume for 20 years, and probably will never change. Oh yes, I've wandered before, but this is the only perfume where people actually say, "Oh you smell sooo good, what are you wearing?" EVERYTIME I wear it, at least one person will say this to me. So why mess with someone that works?

  • BEKAH02/11/2005

    I don't remember the first time I ever encountered this fragrance. What I do remember is that I always wanted to have some around. I love the soft, airy scent that smells better as the scent wears down. I will be honest and tell you that my mother can't stand this perfume and begs me not wear it. She thinks it smells like an older women's perfume. TO EACH HIS OWN!

  • HELCAT01/22/2005

    This lovely classic bouquet is a delight for any teenager of granny. A real feel good girl fragrance

  • CHARITY01/15/2005

    I discovered this scent many years ago and took it with me on a trip to Africa. It was so perfect in the heat and not cloying at all. It was perfect in every way. I am happy to have this fragrance again to cherish. It is a perfect scent to wear as a floral in the summer without it being cloying. Just wonderful in every way.

  • CBC01/10/2005

    Ok this is one of the best scents ever created in my opinion. It's very complex and what you smell at first when you spray it is nothing like the dry down. If the person wears it well, it's truly out of this world. Some people don't wear it well at all. I knew a girl who smelled awful wearing it. Only the right person it only hints of being floral. The only flower I get on me is white lily and it's a light lily scent. The dry down has a major hit of fresh vetiver and leather which is very unique. This isn't a sweet fragrance, I don't see how people think it smells sweet. It's in the same family as Chanel No. 19. Soft floral with woody-leather dry down.

  • MARY01/03/2005

    Nothing special stood out about this one for me. Found it rather strong and the dry down did not turn into anything special. I am suprised because it has such good ratings, but on me it was not interesting. I cant even really define the notes in it. Sort of undefined yet strong. I had asked the sales lady for a soapy-clean smelling perfume and she suggested Anais Anais. Maybe I will try it again on another day.

  • SCOOTER12/17/2004

    I've worn Anais Anais since it debuted and sadly cannot buy the shower gel from brick and mortar retailers in the use. It was even hard to find in France last year. I use the shower gel even when not using perfume and fear Cacharel will stop making it one day.

  • JM12/04/2004

    This is clean, feminine and modest. I have found this is a fabulous scent for people like me who are easily overwhelmed by (and prone to headaches from) other, stronger perfumes.

  • AMANDA12/02/2004

    In my mid 30's and have loved it since 9th grade. Have always received compliments when I wear it. People ask what it is because it's not one of them more current fragrances and ask where they buy it.

  • TRACY11/27/2004

    Anais Anais really does smell like a fresh bunch of roses. It is one of the scents that you can really remember. I recommend it to people of all age groups.

  • TLD11/21/2004

    This has a bit of a reputation as old ladies perfume, so I had a pleasant surprise when I smelt it for myself today. I am going to go back to the shop and buy it tommorrow. It smells like a fresh bunch of roses. Despite being invented in 1978, I think it is far more modern than some of the more recently made perfumes out there. I'm only 19 so that proves that not only old women like it.

  • CONNIE11/17/2004

    I love this scent. I typically do not like very many perfumes at all...and I always go back to this one.

  • KAREN S.10/28/2004

    Dated because I remember it when it came out and was very popular. It's soft and feminine and takes me back so its got the comfort factor but not my style and definitely not sexy!

  • SUBIEDOO09/01/2004

    This fragrance is so strong it gives many people severe headaches. Don't wear this to work. It's a bit flowery for me. Reminds me of something old ladies would wear. If you're under 45 it's not for you. Definitely not a scent that men find sexy, either. If you must wear it, apply VERY sparingly! A little goes a loooong stinky way!

  • MELISSA JILL08/22/2004

    I really like this fragrance. Generally, fragrances that contain a leather note give me a headache. That IS the case with Anais Anais but by spraying it in the air and then running through I get just the right amount to prevent one. I have to agree with the reviewers who say this can be quite strong - biased because of headaches - and only a tiny bit is needed. On me, it does NOT wear close to the skin - people WILL be able to smell you from a short distance away. For me, one spray definitely stays noticeable to others for the whole day which is great (aside from my headaches) because it makes a bottle last for years! The bottle is so cute too and the fragrance is a bargain. I'll repurchase but it's going to be a while.

  • SLOCA08/10/2004

    I got this perfume on my 18th Birthday from my now ex-husband, but he did one thing right! I have loved this fragance since then. My first born is actually named ANAI after my favorite perfume ever!

  • DEE07/19/2004

    This is my signature scent! I adore it! I've been wearing it since I was 16. I'm now pushing 30 and still love it. Nothing else comes close!

  • ANNA07/13/2004

    This scent is so lovely, it deserves to be made in an expanded range, including concentrated perfume, bath oil, and talcum powder, as it was up until recently. I've been wearing Anais Anais since I was 13. A lovely first fragrance---the dominant note, the lily, means "innocence."

  • PIA06/06/2004

    The bath and body line is hard to find. I get anais for my aunt who loves it, so I have found an alternative that is a very close match. It is Perlier's Royal Lily and Peony line on Hsn. I got the dusting powder, comes in a set of two, what a deal, shower cream and gel available, body cream and hand cream. The eau de toilette is available and also alcohol free eau de parfum. Very inexpensive and right now it is on sale. This is the closest scent to Anais that I have found, I would say 95% similar. I have never been able to find dusting powder in Anais , is there one? Also the bath salts are available with a scoop. if you can't find the bath products I urge you to give this a try you won't be dissapointed!

  • COCO05/28/2004

    The only perfume that is not offensive. Guys love it. Beautiful, light and sexy.

  • PILAR05/21/2004

    Anais Anais was my first perfume.. I bought it when I was 12 years and is DEFINITELY NOT strong. It has a sweet and mild smell, perfect for a young woman. I honestly don't know what you are talking about Sophie.

  • LAURA05/06/2004

    Love the way it smells !!! Love that flowery, powdery smell

  • CONNIE05/06/2004

    I LOVE it! It is so soft and lovely; very feminine. Itis NOT strrong at all (as previously noted). I wish I could find the powder and candles.

  • SOPHIE04/14/2004

    I bought it once as a gift because I thought it looked cute and there was a teddy bear with it-- just lovely. But the looks are deceiving. Inside this cute and girlie bottle there is a fragrance good enough for a witch! Bewitchingly strong and sharp. Can you imagine how disappointed I was when I bought it!? Now I always smell before I buy and I don't look at the bottle or packaging. In Anais I can't smell any lily of the valley or any particular flower. It is too heavy and strong-- indefinite smell, but strong. Like a very strong typical perfume.

  • DEBBIE03/26/2004

    Anais Anais is a beautiful scent. When you first put it on it feels very fresh and flowery but when 2 or 3 hours have passed it starts getting really interesting. Very misterious and woody. I think this combination is the best since it has a strong personality. I feel pretty and sexy when I wear it.

  • ADRIANA02/06/2004

    The worst smell a perfume could have.

  • KATHI02/04/2004

    I'm looking for Anais Anais Shower Gel or bar soap.

  • HAMPWIFE01/09/2004

    this is just pure sickening!!!the smell is just horrible!!!!

  • SYLVIE01/06/2004

    * * * * *Lovely and innocent like a beautiful garden at springtime with all its young green leafes and grass, white and pink blooming trees and wonderful flowers everywhere! Clear blue sky. Fresh, cool and healthy air... Heavenly! I'm dreaming :). I love the smell of hyaciths and lily of the valley. Can't get enough of cool "springtime-fragrances". Makes me always happy when I am down.* * * * * *

  • BRON12/31/2003

    I brought this for my mother and she loved this florally fragrance....very feminine, suited my mother perfectly

  • MACHIKO12/29/2003

    It has a lovely scent. But it is considered to be kind of a bit nasty in Japan because Anais was once used by the girls who worked in bars when it was in style. Still I like it so much and I think I will wear it when particularly in other countries.

  • CHRISSY11/22/2003

    Anais Anais is a classic..just a fresh and lovely scent. I really think it crosses all ages and lifestyles. My 80's Aunt has worn it for years and its lovely on her. But I can wear it and I am in my 30's. Its not offensive and just really pretty. You can't go wrong. Its the type of scent that if you always wear it..people will think of you when they smell it..but not in a bad way.

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    Ok scent I guess. An aunt wears this it smells good on her never tried it on myself though.

  • CHORT10/27/2003

    this perfume has always reminded me of elder ladies and I just found out it's my g'mas favorite. My best friend also loves it (mid 20's). It's just too powderly on me.

  • KATHI10/24/2003

    I've worn Anais Anais since it came out in 1978. It is my signatuare fragrance and I still get compliments after all these years. I'm sadden to learn that it is being retired. Is another similar fragance being issued?

  • LIVI09/11/2003

    This perfume has an intriguing duality, indeed, as Satoko mantioned: I like its transparent quality but it has strongly sensual yet light note in a drydown. A special scent! A classic, but still fresh and young.

  • LAURA09/07/2003

    This was my first perfume when i hit my early teens. Everywhere I go,i always wear it and boys go crazy over it. Years later, i try it again and it still smells great,even my little girls love it.

  • JENNIFER09/06/2003

    This is my most favorite perfume. There is nothing that can compare to it. It has a very soft, feminine, woodsy smell. I've been using it for about 20 yrs. Others must like it too because they ask what I'm wearing and comment on how good it smells.

  • JUANITA07/10/2003

    I bought this perfume because of the high rating but did not like this one. It smells like a bouquet of flowers or like it should be used in a bar of soap.

  • PIA07/05/2003

    This fragrance reminds me of Jontue, which was very popular in early 80's. Purchased without sampling, nothing special about it, was a bit dissapointed but I think this is a good evening fragrance, not gentle like I expected. I am wearing Connie Stevens "Kali" fragrance, it is beautiful. You can get this on her "Forever Spring" website. I purchased the "Kali " gift basket for under $50, it has 1.7 eu de parfum, 3.5 dusting powder, bath and shower gel, good size, body lotion god size, glycerin soap, and a large "kali" scented candle in glass .You also get a nice wicker basket, and it is all nicely packaged in gift plastic wrap. Try it you will love this beautiful scent with peony, lilies, hyacinth, lily of the valley, fruits and herbs, amber and ai think there may be a little musk in it, since the drydown is very sensual and it is described as a fragrant southern summer evening breeze.

  • DAISY06/24/2003

    Im a 30yr old who is alergic to lots of brands of perfume. Anais is the only one that I dont sneeze at... Now that says something to me.. I love my Anais Anais..

  • T.T.2003.06/08/2003

    Very gentle, nice and tender with an aura of freshness around it. I prefere EDT. Go read Linda's message, I agree with her.

  • STEPHANIE05/12/2003

    I was just given this EDP by a friend because it gave her headaches when she wore it. I'm happy to say it doesn't have that effect on me, and what's more, I love the scent too! Just goes to show, everyone's tastes and tolerances are different. I think this is a very romantic scent that makes me think of lilies, and I feel happy and feminine when I wear it. A true floral fragrance to be sure!

  • JODY05/10/2003

    I just tried this for the first time. Very nice for office wear - won't overwhelm co-workers. Also nice when you don't want a heavy scent. Glad I found it!

  • LINDA05/06/2003

    Hello, this morning an 80 years old lady passed me by and a light but lovely air was around her. She told me it was "Anais" from Cacharel. I will try this too and I'm already 49; it's not only for young ladies but for every one who loves a light perfume. Greetings.

  • CLARICE05/01/2003

    My mom used to wear it when I was younger (I am now 25). She is still alive but it brings back memories. Now, here I am, wearing it. It is a timeless scent. Soft and gentle yet give you a presence. I have received compliments and my children enjoy snuggling up to me and say how good mommy smells!

  • YANA04/15/2003

    very nice!

  • NORA03/27/2003

    to Erin-you got it!

  • BRITTNEE03/17/2003

    This is a good perfume for someone who prefers a lighter, more natural perfume. It truly is a light, sweet, innocent fragrance. Angelic.

  • M.J.03/01/2003

    I really love classic fragrances, and this is one of my favorites. It's fresh, light, and ethereal. It's never too much, but always enough. I also absolutely love the bottle. No matter what other scents I try, Anais Anais is always front and center on my perfume tray!

  • BETHANY02/27/2003

    I love this perfume. Always had a soft spot for it, probably always will :) Devin and Vanessa, perhaps you could let us all in on your absolutely AMAZING secret. What funeral parlor or old folks homes to you go to where people manage to smell so lovely?

  • KAYLEE02/26/2003

    I have had alot of compliments on this fragrance. It's my signature fragrance. It may be for the young but I am 39 and have worn it for 18 years!I love IT!

  • DEVIN02/22/2003

    Either that or a funeral home.

  • VANESSA M02/09/2003

    I don't particularly care for this scent, it seems too powdery, I'm not quite sure but, I don't really care for it at all.

  • CATHY02/09/2003

    love this ,but have not received it yet...

  • MICHELLE B02/03/2003

    Aaah... I discovered this perfume on my first trip to Europe in 1979. I love to wear perfume and I love variety. I have tried many many fragrances, but this is my absolute favorite! When I wear it, men buzz around me like bees to a flower; women want to know what scent I'm wearing. I hope heaven smells like this!

  • BARB01/05/2003

    Whenever I wear this fragrance, people always stop and ask what it is I am wearing. I have bought this fragrance since it first came out. Thank you for such a wonderful product that makes me feel beautiful!

  • VANI12/23/2002

    A very nice perfume for formal occassions sort of exclusive but not meant for everyday office wear

  • MELLEN12/19/2002

    I have worn this scent since the day it was released and, as several of you have noted, it becomes a signature to others. That's why I'm sick to learn that it's been discontinued and that it may only be purchased in select places until it's gone. Please! Someone tell me it's not true but the evidence seems to substantiate that. So, is there anything else close to it???

  • ERUANNE12/15/2002

    Anais Anais reminds me of Chanel no 19, but its a bit sharper.. I think I prefer the no 19 which is softer and has a bit more depth that Anais... both are lovely though.

  • LYDIA12/10/2002

    This was my first bottle of perfume that I received from a guy that I dated 15 years ago. It is such a lovely scent especially on Valentine's Day. It is a perfect scent.

  • CG11/29/2002

    This is an old scent that is a classic in its own way. I decided to get this after trying to remeber what it smelled like years ago. I am happy I did.

  • ANNETTE11/20/2002

    I got my first bottle of Anais Anais from my parents at Christmas when I was 12. I'm now 27 and have bought and received tons of different perfumes since, but I love Anais Anais, and I keep coming back to it. Guys love it. Anais is never an overtly "I'm trying to be sexy" scent, it just smells very pretty.

  • MARIE11/15/2002

    Since the 80's this has been my most repeated fragrance purchase. Soft powdery floral (the opposite of sharp). Men love this on me.

  • EVELYN11/13/2002

    Perhaps on of the new classics, but no matter how hard I try I cannot love or even like it. It is too sharp.

  • NINA10/13/2002

    A lovely fragrance, like a whisper. Everyone knows that to get people's attention, you should lower your voice, not shout. Well, that's just what this perfume does.

  • ERIN09/05/2002

    I almost flipped out when I first smelled this fragrance. It is beautiful and one of those light scents that is very noticable at the same time. Extremely soft, romantic - while sexy and daring at the same time. A very expensive smelling scent. I love this one! One of my favorites - if not the one.

  • A MALES VIEW09/04/2002

    One of the best fragrances i've ever had the pleasure of enjoying, drives me crazy, excellent for all ladies

  • JENNA07/30/2002

    The name might be quite confusing for some...when I was little I called it anus anus but I was corrected by my mother. I love how florary this smells, just the thing for a spring time wedding.

  • MELODY ANASTASIA07/19/2002

    This scent is so light and appealing however, it reminds me of my childhood and my mother. Sorry, I won't be purchasing another bottle. But girls, try it, you'll most likely enjoy this fragrance. Hopefully your relationship with your mother was better than mine.

  • TRACY07/09/2002

    This scent goes a way back and was very trendy when originally placed on the market. Since there are so many new perfumes, most of which make me gag, I recently rediscovered this one and appreciate its lightness and classy (and classic) aura. A good one for young and old. Ole!

  • LINDA06/28/2002

    To me, the most beautiful product in the range. Feels divine. Initially a little sharper than the perfume, but then softens to a tantalisingly, elusive fragrance.

  • BETHANY06/04/2002

    Anais Anais is a beautiful, gentle,light,flowery and slightly woodsy scent. It was my signature scent for many years. I've tried all kinds of different scents over the years, but this one remains as one of my very favorites. It's not "trendy", there's not a lot of fancy packaging or hype involved with this product. This fragrance has a timeless beauty that speaks for itself.

  • CARLA05/17/2002

    Well, I've had it and although I find it very pleasant on others, I just did'n find it very interesting and got bored with it pretty soon. But it is pleasant, and I can immagine others love it. It is always nice to smell it on others and you would't mind sitting next to someone on a airplane who would be wearing this, some other fragrances might make you sick..

  • LAETITIA04/23/2002

    Just because celebrities like a certain perfume, it means nothing.

  • NICOLE04/22/2002

    I am 41 years old and I adopted Anais. Soft, floral and light. I love it! It`s great for those who cannot tolerate strong scents. Modern perfumes are too fruity in general. Also, I don`t like the tendency of developing scents like coffee, tea, chocolate, Plain flowers are fine for me when there's no oily and rich base like some old classics.

  • MARY KATE04/19/2002

    I heard this is her favorite. It's not my favorite, but it's right there at the top of the list, boring or not :-)

  • CARLA04/01/2002

    boring scent, nice for young girls

  • REGINA03/14/2002

    I love Anais Anais but I just wish it would stay with you a little longer. It's such a light scent I usually have to spray a lot on to smell it but I love it. It's a very romantic, powdery kind of smell.

  • ASCHATAN03/08/2002

    I recently tried Anais Anais and was really surprised how much it reminded me of Chanel No. 19. Only it is lighter, more flowery and not quite as woodsy and pungent as No. 19. I really love the Chanel fragrance, only it is so expensive... Anais Anais could be an alternative for me.

  • LIZ02/26/2002

    I always have loved this fragrance..everytime i wear it I feel like I'm in the forest at Lake Tahoe. It is so fresh and woodsy...just wonderful!

  • STEPHANIE02/18/2002

    I have been using Anais Anais since my early twenties - over 20 years, almost since it was first released in 1978. In my teens I wore "Lily of the Valley" and with the hint of lily of the valley in Anais Anais it was a probably a natural graduation to the new scent. I have tried other perfumes but am bothered by the headiness of most of them - and can't wait to wash them off. Rather, with Anais Anais I swear that after all these years the scent is part of my metabolism - I'm not even aware of it when I'm wearing it. Others are though.!!!!!!........although now married with two children, I find that when I run into past "beaus" they frequently comment on the scent of Anais Anais that has remained "a signature scent unchanged" about my person...(and it drives them crazy!) My advice to the young; choose a scent when you are young and stay with becomes part of you and part of who you are to others...part of your allure forever!!!!

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    This fragrance should be applied delicately.

  • LOLITA02/04/2002

    I would like to buy Anais, but I don`t know is this parfume smell like for old women.

  • BEVERLY01/28/2002

    where can I get the bath powder? I too can not find it no more.Would very much love to be able to purchase it.thanks

  • KARINA01/23/2002

    I agree with the previous two posts- although this fragrance starts out with notes of white flowers, there is a strong presence of woods in the dry- down: it is a very soft, romantic scent, but decidedly sexy as well. To the people who feel that Anais Anais is more appropriate for a teenage girl, I have to disagree- I think that this is a classic scent for all ages, and, if anything, is a bit too sophisticated and sensual for a very young girl. A truly beautiful and unique fragrance!

  • SALI01/23/2002

    Anais Anais is to me a very sweet white floral with a heavy base. It starts out liltingly innocent, then lingers with a different character. A potent flower bouquet I've loved for years.

  • SATOKO01/21/2002

    Anais Anais is a white floral but it has a heavy patchouli/musk base. It gets heavier as time passes. The idea behind 2 different women (Anais x2) is symbolic of the duality of this perfume. I read that in a perfume book. I like this perfume a lot, and no perfume is just for young or old people.

  • LINDA01/09/2002

    i am also looking for powder. i used to also find it at dept stores and have not seen it in a few years. this is absolutely the best fragrance. i have tried others to but always come back to it. my sweetheart loves it.

  • BECKY01/06/2002

    Anais Anais is truly my favorite fragrance. I occasionally try others, but this is the only perfume I have purchased more than once. I guess you could say it is my "signature scent". Where can I find dusting powder? The local department stores no longer (in the last 3-4 years) carry the dusting powder, only the lotion and perfume. This is truly a classic. I pray that this fragrance is NEVER discontinued!!

  • BARB01/06/2002

    this perfume is great!!!! fresh and spring like. this is NOT A KIDS COLOGNE !!!! most kids can't afford it!!!!!

  • LINA K.12/29/2001

    I liked this one when I was a teenager - many years ago.. :) I still think it's a good one, but it's not made for "my type". In a way it is too perky.. too fresh. This is floral scent, but not powdery enough for me. But as said, I liked it as a teenager, and I still think it is a pretty good one, and especially for younger ladies. :)

  • CRAZYGREENRN12/29/2001

    I used to wear this in college all the time. It made me feel fresh and clean. My boyfriend always loved it. Guess it just brings back good memories.

  • AIMEE12/25/2001

    I mean a young, innocent don't think kids would wear a cologne like this - Especially nowadays! When I smelled it though that's what I envisioned: young children. I guess I'm a bit idealistic. ;)

  • LAURIE12/24/2001

    ????? No offense, Aimee, but Anais Anais does not smell like a kid's cologne whatsoever. There's nothing child-like about it!

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Powder; deodorant soap; kid's cologne.

  • RAVONDA GOIN12/12/2001

    I have used this same perfume for at least 15 years. I still pop of the lid and spray uncontrollably when I get a new bottle. I'll never change. Although I am very disappointed that the powder is getting extreemly hard to find. I also love the showner jel and would by bath oil if I could find it. Thanks so much.

  • MAI12/09/2001

    This stuff belongs to the past. Today, it smells like any other hand cream.

  • TRAMAINE09/28/2001

    This unforgettable fragrance will continue to be my signature perfume. Trendy designer labels come and go, but longevity proves a product's worth.

  • NOELLE09/25/2001

    My mother used to wear this fragrance back in the day, and I can say that I love this fragrance as a 19 y/o college student. It's light, feminine, and not really heavy. You'll find that guys really like the light smell as well :-)

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    I liked it so much 10-12 years ago. But now it's the past.When I smell it I don't think it's so special.There are so many better fragrances today.

  • CAROL09/07/2001

    I agree that Anais Anais is wonderful. I would also like to see other products (soaps; creams; dusting powder)

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    The first time I wore this perfume, a friend of mine (a man) asked to sit next to me in the restaurant we all went to just to smell my perfume! He then bought it for his girlfriend. Karina, you described my dream job. I wouldn't even mind getting up early for that!

  • TERRI08/31/2001

    I love this perfume. I've worn it for years and I always have people stopping me and asking me what the name of my perfume is. I'm having difficulty finding this product now. The department stores in my area have stopped carrying it and have now started carrying Noa. I don't care for this fragrance as much as Anais Anais and I'm disappointed I have to search everywhere for it. I would buy it online but I don't own a credit card and have no desire to. I hope alternate payment methods can be made available.

  • KARINA08/30/2001

    Hi! Thanks for your input- you also seem to know a lot about fragrance, and it's always fun to read your comments! Unfortunately, I don't work in the fragrance industry, although I wish I did! Perfume has always just been a real passion of mine, and learning about it is kind of a hobby for me. Thanks, though-I'm flattered! How would one break into such a field anyway, I wonder? Wouldn't that be an awesome job?!

  • ALISON 08/29/2001

    I agree wholeheartedly! The classics are definitely the best! By the way, you have a really good fragrance IQ. Do you work in the perfume industry?

  • KARINA08/26/2001

    I definitely agree! In fact, if anything, the opposite holds true: as the perfume industry becomes more and more of a mega-business, with designers compelled to churn out new fragrances constantly, rather than the art form it used to be, fragrances become more generic and less special. Now it's all about the latest "trend" in fragrance (Are unisex fragrances "in" this year? Or are florals back in style?), instead of the emphasis being on the perfume as a work of art. What's sad is that as the point of fragrance becomes only to make money, the quality suffers: in the past, "good" perfumes were made only with the best ingredients, and there was a real difference between them and the cheap ones. Now many of the expensive designer scents are made in the same way as any drugstore scent is, and all we're paying for is the label. There are, of course, exceptions, and there are some wonderful modern perfumes, but overall the classics are the best!!

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    Who cares when a fragrance was introduced? If it smells good like Anais Anais does, it doesn't matter if it's not the latest "cutting edge" fragrance. Perfume is an art. If you only judge a fragrance by the year it was launched, then that's rather pathetic!

  • BETH08/23/2001

    I feel so sexy when I wear this perfume. It is one of my all time favorites.

  • CATARINA08/21/2001

    This fragrance was created in 1979 and that's exactly what it reflects. Times change and so do peoples' tastes. This one is frozen in the past.

  • ELISHA07/31/2001

    I guess I am the only one in here that doesnt care for this fragrance. I dont know what it is but I don't.

  • KARINA07/30/2001

    The old ads for this fragrance used to read "Le Plus Tendre des Parfums"- in French, "The Most Tender of Perfumes". That's certainly the most accurate description of Anais Anais- this is a scent of supreme tenderness, warmth, softness and femininity. And yes, it is so, so much prettier than Noa, which has only become more well known because it is new, not because it is better!

  • MARY07/30/2001

    Always will love this fragrance. I love variety, but this will remain my favorite.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    I just love Anais Anais!!! It's a classic light, springtime floral fragrance. In my opinion, it smells so much better than the new floral perfume by by Cacherel - NOA.

  • BETH07/22/2001

    Anais Anais is a very soft floral containing lilacs, ylang-ylang, orange citrus, leather and musk. It's a very feminine perfume.

  • DAWN07/09/2001

    Do they still even make the powder? I have not seen it in awhile.I have been wearing it since high school. I've tried others but always go back to my old favorite. I Love It.

  • MARISA07/05/2001

    I too, am at a loss without the Body Cream! I have searched in vain for it. I have been an Anais Anais wearer for what seems like forever and the loss of the cream is sad.

  • BRANDI05/07/2001

    Not a sweet cloying scent, but fresh and light with just the right floral mix -- a perfect spring/summer fragrance for work or daytime wear

  • MICHELE04/30/2001

    I'm the third generation of Anais Anais wearers in my family! Timeless, elegant fragrance.

  • KIMBERLY04/27/2001

    I love this perfume. I started wearing it when I was in Junior High School, and I've never stopped. It's very light and soft. I love the name too. All perfumes should have such a beautiful name.

  • ROSEANN04/09/2001

    Is there anywhere I can purchase Anais' Perfumed Body Cream? NOT LOTION. I have tried Discount stores, writing your Vendor, etc. I have used and purchased a "ton" of it since the day I discovered it. You took it out of the better Department stores- PLEASE-PLEASE. FIND ME SOME. THANK YOU.

  • DANA03/30/2001

    Definitely a classic. No other perfume can match the scent of Anais Anais, and I would like to much better than Noa!

  • VIKKI03/20/2001

    I love this. Why did they discontinue the soap and the cream perfume? They were the best.

  • PERFUMELOVER12/24/2000

    It's a classic.

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