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23 Reviews

Rochas Absolu captures the essence of classic French couture. A captivating fresh oriental scent.

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Rochas Absolu captures the essence of classic French couture. A captivating fresh oriental scent.

  • GILLY D.03/16/2013

    Amazing! The number 1 Perfume. It is my favourite of all times.

  • SHEILA MARTIN04/25/2012

    Bought it for a gift. The person says she loves it.

  • HOLLYC - CANADA04/07/2008

    Soooo disappointed in this. Was expecting a sexy oriental spice. I find this has the oddest smell, like Kathy said like garbage. I love fragrance and have a huge collection so I'm not just being picky. This doesn't even qualify as a perfume. And before anyone blames my body chemistry. It smelled worse just spraying out of the bottle than after it hit my skin. Try before you buy.

  • AGATHA11/24/2006

    This one just stands out as a unique one amongst my collection. I wouldn't over wear it though. My husband likes as he can smell a sort of tabocco like top note to it. I can see what he means, now that he has said something. I like these deep, rich and exotic smells. Very me.

  • MILINI11/14/2006

    To the other Lina, I am sorry, I didn't realize that there were 2 of us who love the same fragrance. I will use my dreaded first name.

  • LINA11/14/2006

    The first time I smelled this fragrance was when I was stationed in Doha, Qatar. I fell in love with the fragrance, but could not find it in any local store, so I went online. Thankfully, I have found my favorite fragrance. Absolu is simply magnificent.

  • LAURIN07/23/2006

    Deep, rich and long-lasting, this is a heavenly experience. Very elegant and great for those who enjoy oriental fragrances.

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    A modern and luminous fragrance. A timbered Eastern perfume, noble and generous matter alliance, with the character envoutant and sensual. This perfume reveals the tempting woman without yoke, nor constraints. With to test absolutely. Note head: tangerine, break into leaf of fig tree Note heart: flower of Lily, orange flower, black pepper Basic note: cistus labdanum, balsam tolu, benzoin

  • MIRRORS12/21/2005

    not for the masses, outstanding femenine smell like no other on the market !!! this is one is amazing, really sexy and unique.. ladies: go to taste it !!

  • MILADYDOYLE12/12/2005

    This is a softly sweet, but not sugery scent, the EDP is not strong scented like most EDP but it lasts for hours, it's like a wisper of fragrace just lovely

  • ROSS11/27/2005

    simply wonderful, beautiful notes, very original and sensual, ... this one is another level in perfumes

  • MAYA11/22/2005

    Hi Kathy, anytime! I just hope you like one or two of them :) Best of luck and I just though of another one you might enjoy... Rumba by Balenciaga... Have fun testing them, and best of luck... Maya

  • KATHY11/19/2005

    Thank so much for the suggestions. I plan to try them. I have never liked any thing by Liz, so that will be at the bottom of my list.LOL~ But seriously, thanks, now I have some where to start.

  • MAYA11/16/2005

    It really is too bad you cannot wear some of my favorites, on me Casmir is really nice, I truly get so many complements on how incredibly it smells on me... But then I also truly believe that your own personality will dictate as well, or at least play a huge part in which scents will work for each one of us... I've been told that on me Casmir smells slightly chocolaty, very warm and seductive. I like that :) Kathy, I wanted to suggest a few scents to you that I think you just might like... I've seen them compared to Red Door often enough; although in my opinion they are also vastly different, but perhaps this is what might draw you to them. Here are a few you might like: Jil Sander No. 4 by Jil Sander, Gio by Giorgio Armani, Sentiment by Escada, Vivid by Liz Claibourne Bijan Woman by Bijan Quelques Fleurs l'Original by Houbigant Happy hunting and best of luck... let me know if you end up liking any of them, Best wishes, Maya

  • KATHY11/14/2005

    Hello, Yes, , our body chemistry reacts differently to perfumes. Casmir is just tooo sweet on me. Absolu makes me sick, I tried it again the other day and had too scrub it off!! I only bought the little sample bottles on these perfumes, thank god!! Most all of the perfumes out there are just too overwhelming for me. Am thinking of trying Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden. But will probably save my time and money and just go straight back to my Red Door. love it!!!

  • MAYA10/31/2005

    Hi Kathy, I know that there are fragrances that while they work wonders for one person are just terrible on others. I like Red Door, but would probably not wear it... In fact for years I did not think much about it until not too long ago when I ended up sampling it again and found myself totally intrigued by the scent and mystery of Red Door :) But still not totally me or for me ;) On the other hand, I just love Casmir, and when I came across it had to purchase 2 100 ml bottles. Furthermore, I chose to wear that on my last vacation trip to Portugal last summer so whenever I wear it I will always remember my vacation there. Absolu is the other one that I really like... and neither one makes me gag... Sonia Rykiel on the other hand just about killed me, I had a headache so bad the day I purchased it I didn't know what to do with myself... Some you'll love and some you won't... and even though it's funny that I really did like Red Door I just don't identify with it... By the way... I had sampled Casmir about 10 years ago and I did not really like it then; I though it was too sweet, but things have changed and now I do love it!!! And if you want to get rid of your Absolu feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] maybe we can trade ;) Warm regards from Canada

  • KATHY10/25/2005

    After recieving this perfume today along with Camsir and Arpege, I am feeling just sick from these overly sweet disasterous scents. . Even though as I said earlier, after I just recieved this one just today, that it turned out to be musky & foul smelling. It made me think back to elemetary school to a girl that I knew. Every time I went to her house it reeked of rotting garbage kind of like maybe fruit that needed to be out side in the gargage can.This perfume gets worse as time goes by,as did the others. I am giving all these to the local thrift shop.. Just horrible. I LOVE MY RED DOOR ALL THE MORE!

  • KATHY10/24/2005

    I recieved this today and I have to say, I am disappointed.. I expected a sexy fragrance and instead I got left with this musky and rather odd scent on my wrists. Hmmm. Didn't think musk was in it, but then Casmir doesn't say sicky ~ sweet vanilla either! I will stick with my romantic Red Door!

  • ALISON10/01/2005

    definetly a good purchase. it smells deep and sensual. i've never smelt a perfume that didn't smell like alchohol, absolu is pure and devine.

  • BEBE BULLET07/12/2005

    captures the moment. spellbounding. amazing grace. a true delicacy. very nice.

  • SHARRIE01/30/2005

    nice and smooth. i wear it i glow. seductive. wow. imnspirationalbliss. wonderful.

  • GENTLEMANN09/23/2004

    this scent just drives me crazy...every man should do his self a favor and get this for that special lady in his's just that good!

  • JAG01/10/2004

    I pondered over this one for a long time since I have so many Oriental scents. There are some florals that balance out the Oriental to give it a little lighter touch. The scent seems to stay true, not heavy, but longlasting.

  • LOVE PERFUME03/31/2003

    I tried this perfume with great anticipation as I have been eccommended it many times. When I tried it however I was severly disappointed. The smell was heavy and clingy and seemed to drive men away rather than attract them. I think I'll leave this alone in the future.

  • BEBE02/25/2003

    Thank you Rochas for showing me that oriental can be fresh at the same time. I have been searching for a scent like Absolu for the longest time, a scent which will be sensual but not too overpowering and sweet. A friend of mine called one of my favourite perfumes "an old ladies' perfume" and I was, like, she is so right. Maybe it's my age or a phase I'm going through but really strong spicy oriental scents that I like so much are starting to be too much for me. This one though is perfect, a perfect ten. At first it is a little aggressive (it's that darn orange) but as minutes go by, it becomes better and better. The middle note is all flowers with some pepper (i can't seem to find a perfume which DOESN'T have pepper in it). Anyway, it ends with something soft and ambery that is simply bewitching. The perfection for me is that, although bewitching, it remains clean and fresh at all times. You know how sometimes all orientals smell alike when they dry down to their base notes? Absolu is not like that, it gets better and better as time passes.

  • LINA02/12/2003

    One of the better new scents, because most of them are s...! Interesting, semi-oriental I would say. Not too overpowering. Warm, but not cloying. Try it!

  • MARIE01/06/2003

    The best of the new fresh-orientals. Fesh but nothing like detergent, and it manages to be sensual at the same time.

  • ANA MARIA01/05/2003

    This is a pretty good scent - oriental but not too overpowering like the most of orientals. Warm but not too sweet. With the right chemistry could be very nice. Not too much vanilla like in the most of other contemporary orientals. My husbandt thinks it has some citrusy notes that he doesn't like, but I think those are some peppery notes,so popular in recently perfumes that I don't enjoy. So I give it 3 stars of 5, for somebody else it could be 5 of 5... I think it could be very good for a winter perfume.

  • TAMAR01/05/2003

    A woman at the shop let me try this on the other day. It's sweet, warm, good quality and long lasting. Not really for me, but definitily something I would like to smell on my mum (middle aged women).

  • SARAH12/10/2002

    I'd love to know what this fragrance smells like. Thanks

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