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Giorgio Beverly Hills


39 Reviews

Created in 1984, Giorgio is a bold, woody, mossy fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: orange, carnation and cinnamon. The middle notes are patchouli, amber and vanilla and the base of the fragrance is benzoin, honey and moss. Giorgio is recommended for formal use.

4.0 oz EDT Spray
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Created in 1984, Giorgio is a bold, woody, mossy fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: orange, carnation and cinnamon. The middle notes are patchouli, amber and vanilla and the base of the fragrance is benzoin, honey and moss. Giorgio is recommended for formal use.

  • LEONARD04/07/2012

    Had been useing giorgio vip in 1995 1996 1997 AMGLAD TO BE ABLE TO FIND and use again

  • GLEN B03/06/2012

    Another gentlemen's classic from the US of A. Yet again I was mightily disappointed. I endured the stench of this foul-smelling brew for nearly four hours in order to give it the opportunity to transform, change or do something other than simply reek. I ended up washing it off in disgust. Oh well....

  • CHARLOTTE__SOMETIMES09/07/2008 this is what a REAL man should smell like. Very long-lasting- the patchouli in the base is most prominent throughout. Fabulous- wish I smelled it on more men instead of the ubiquitous Aqua di Gio.

  • RAN08/12/2008

    This fragrance has been loved for decades, and now it's finally back! If they would only bring back the VIP version of this as well.

  • KEN07/10/2008

    Thank the Lord for bringing this back It is the only cologne that I have worn that people ask me what brand it is

  • M. KAIN07/10/2008

    Have not been able to find the "Extraordinary Perfumed body Moisturizer with Collagen" which I have had and used or many years? It is in white ribbed plastic pump bottle. My particular bottle has the number 298 at the bottom. Please e-mail me at "[email protected]" and let me know where I can find same product?

  • PAUL05/05/2008

    You won't believe it guys, but after Red for men was relaunched a few weeks ago, this is also back on the market! There is a big increase in stock on the internet as well, and can be found for very cheap now. Our prayers have come true and these classic, fine fragrances are now back for us to enjoy!

  • KEITH12/19/2007

    I didnt realize it was "gone" gone! I havent had a bottle in ages and always figured Ide locate it somewhere, someday. Now I find this site w/ everyones sad stories about it. Bring it back! I'm single again! I need it!!!!!!

  • MARIE WARREN09/01/2007

    Please,please, put this wonderful fragance back on the market!!!!! Both my husband and I love it.

  • JUDITH JEFFORDS03/23/2007

    I have been looking for Giorgio forever for my husband. I just can't believe a company would take the best cologne ever and do away with it. My husband would do anything to have just one bottle of it, since you have taken it away. I am looking for it ALL THE TIME. What do you have that is close to it? Thank You

  • E MATHEWS12/01/2006

    The Husband /wife team divorced.....she walked away with all the patents for the fragrances. I tried the Men's RED, but it doesn't measure up to the VIP. Sad to say all good things must end?

  • MARIO 10/18/2006

    They should bring this cologne back from the past. Thats all i used to wear. I miss all of the compliments from the ladies. It makes me feel great inside as well as out.I miss that fresh crisp smell.Giorgio of Beverly Hills Please bring it back.

  • J.M. WHITAKER09/12/2006

    This was the best Cologne ever made, I always had women ask about it. I would pay big $ for another bottle!!!

  • SSB12/27/2005

    the best fragrance ever made, I loved the citrus smell. I did not get to use it for long, an almost full bottle fell out of my pocket and smashed on the floor. I have never been able to find a new bottle from anywhere. Girls love this scent!

  • EDDIE12/07/2005

    All has been said. Ideed the best by far. Nothing comes close. By the time I initially ran out, it was discontinued. My wrath as great as the perfume. Found site for Giorgio Armani, if you want to comment to them: (in your language follow link to contact us & select perfume cust.service). Perhaps it may help. Here's hoping.

  • BC09/26/2005

    Why would someone quit making a colonge that smells this great?? This is the best mens colonge bar none!! What fools

  • JEFF06/26/2005

    excuse my English, but I am French and an unconditional of your perfume!! Why him to have stopped? Can one again find it somewhere?

  • CUTTER05/09/2005

    Why on earth did they stop making the best fragrance in the world

  • SHARON04/05/2005

    what crazy exec discontinued this incredible scent. my husband loves it and it loves him and now we can't find it anymore! HELP

  • TRISHA03/06/2005

    People that wear this wear: Opuim, Eternity, Nikki, Poison, Obsession, Ralph Lauren, Old Spice and Hai Karate. Known in the top ten mainstream worst scents. Beverly Hills has never been so ashamed.

  • ROCKNMAMA02/16/2005

    My husband loved this fragrance and so did I. He used to wear it for years after it came out. He asked for some this past Christmas and I could not find any anywhere! Perhaps all of us should write letters to Giorgio of Beverly Hills and complain. It doesn't do any good to do it here.

  • DANNY G01/30/2005

    why would a company discontinue a product as good as Giorgio for Men, they've got so many name brand's that are not even close to the product they discontinued.

  • DANNY12/26/2004

    What kind of a marketing genius would discontinue this kind of a product, it's been around several and had loyal customers, you don't even have a replacement product that comes close to this one.

  • GUS09/01/2004

    My girl friend bought this cologne for me back when it first came out. I love it, and get more complements about this cologne that all the others combined. Why is this discontinued?

  • TOMMY A04/17/2004

    I have a bottle and like it - a very special scent. Some say that its dated, but im not shure - any opnions?

  • RINGO03/26/2004


  • FROSTY03/03/2004

    It really really works! girls come a runnin'!

  • ALLEN 02/02/2004

    As a mature gentleman, why is it that the older I get all the great things seem to disappear. Why confuse fashion with style and elegance. They know no time. This was the best fragrance I ever experienced.

  • BOB01/29/2004

    I have been wearing this cologne exclusively since its debut. Does anyone know how to contact Georgia of Beverly Hills to request they start producing it again?

  • ROB12/02/2003

    Is a chic magnetic....... trust me it works.......

  • HONEY11/19/2003

    Giorgio for Men is so romantic. I just love to smell it on my man. I an disappointed that I can hardly find it anymore.

  • MAURICIO09/02/2003


  • AMERICAN GIRL04/03/2003

    I was looking for some for a family member who's worn it for years, and have found that it's been discontinued. Now it occurs to me, so what? I'm boycotting all things remotely French anyway. Maybe the Brits have made something that smells nice...

  • TERRI03/16/2003

    why is it that you can't find this cologne any more? This is the only brand my husband will use and of course you can't find it anywhere. If any one knows where to find this please post a note as to where. Thanks....

  • TFS02/10/2003

    I agree w/Joe. What's up with the production of this product? Someone pls. advise a source.

  • JOE KALLAHER01/03/2003

    Why am I not able to buy this product in cologne or eau de toilette, anymore? Please help me locate a source. Thank-you

  • PIERRE01/02/2003

    GBH which i own is such a classical fragrance, its non offensive and at the same time very french smelling, this fragrance is just pure FRENCH, its sweet and masculine at the same time..Love it

  • HARRY312/16/2002

    I have used Giorgio for 12 years. I can't believe it is being discontinued. All other colognes smell pretty much the same..too spicy. I always get compliments from women on how great I smell; that's why I won't ever change. Don't discontinue such a great fragrance for men.

  • OBIWARREN10/22/2002

    Giorgio should never have been discontinued. It has a magnetic scent that is always changing. It is indescribable.

  • GOOSE03/08/2002

    Can you say BUG SPRAY? I think this stuff is the answer to all of your pest problems.

  • GTC03/06/2002

    Too overpowering to be chic!

  • VICKIE11/08/2001

    I bought this for my boyfriend on Valentines Day 1988! To this day, only wears Giorgio. He has very sensitive skin and loves the Balm !

  • JB05/25/2001

    An absolute classical fragrance. I reccommend it only for classy people. Very unique.

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