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Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier Image

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male   

200 Reviews

Since Jean Paul Gaultier's first men's collection, he has shown men that they can indulge in the forbidden, and that a kilt or dress can be worn with virility. A reminder to them that nothing in life is totally black or white but always a blend. Just as he made the woman in a corset as the symbol and bottle of his feminine fragrance, Jean Paul more

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Since Jean Paul Gaultier's first men's collection, he has shown men that they can indulge in the forbidden, and that a kilt or dress can be worn with virility. A reminder to them that nothing in life is totally black or white but always a blend. Just as he made the woman in a corset as the symbol and bottle of his feminine fragrance, Jean Paul Gaultier now transforms the man in a sailor's T-shirt into both the symbol and bottle of Le Male. Notes include Wormwood, Bergamot, Cardamom, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Cinnamon, Cumin, Wood, Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.

  • LENNY12/24/2019

    Le Male set is not new on the market, but still has an excellent scent; use it from time to time as after shave and EDT.

  • JULIANA OLIVEIRA12/08/2017


  • TONY09/10/2015


  • KENNETH B.MARSHALL 01/27/2012

    This is a mature man smell,and not for the faint of heart.I wear this scent ,and a co-worker loves whenever i wear this to work!I can detect it whenever a man wears JPG.It is hard to describe it ,but it is without a doubt a sexy smell on a man. Take my advice as a straigth man of fifty,you cannot make a mistake with JPG!

  • DENETTE01/23/2012

    I can not get enough of this fragrance! I go crazy every time my husband wears this! It is sweet (which I love and look for in scents for him) and warm at the same time. The dry down is my favorite part! On him, it is a warm vanilla with a hint of cinnamon...yum! It has fair longevity on him (about 6 to 8 hours) and does great when he sprays it on his clothes. I am not crazy about the bottle, but the scent more than makes up for that! A definite repurchase!

  • IBRAHIM MOHAMED12/13/2011

    very hot cologne 10/10

  • LESTAT05/08/2011

    well got a sample from sephora.. good thing i didnt buy the bottle.. does not smell good on me.. and i only sprayed 4 sample size tiny sprays...

  • GUS05/02/2011

    I like it on some skins (not mine). Some times I like it, sometimes it nauseates me...

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • SLIMM06/29/2010

    I wear this fragrance for sentimental value. It reminds me of the smell inside this on barbershop my father used to take me when I was a kid. That aside, I've never been complimented on Le Male or its clones even once, although I know people smell me. In my opinion, after the first several minutes, it's just not that remarkable with its vanilla, lavender and amber drydown. Smells like metholnated vanilla toothpaste.

  • DRIZZY BABY04/01/2010

    This stuff is terrible imo. So much lavender and vanilla, it smells like a womens fragrance. This projects more than any other scent I own and last longer too, but that does'nt matter when it smells disgusting. Somehow its popular but I can't see why, this is a girly man cologne

  • JEEZY01/11/2010

    What more can I say about this fragrance? Mint and Vanilla till the end. Makes you feel fresh and sexy, but it can be cloying so don't spray over 2 times. Downside is that a lot of guys where it, especially in the clubs so I would wear it some other time.

  • ALIN09/07/2009

    This stuff smells nothing like a MAN's cologne should. 'NUFF SAID.

  • PATRICK01/19/2009

    I normally wear Armani Diamonds, Armani Code, Aqua Di Gio, and D&G. Theyre all excellent scents but I wanted something different. Something that stands out and is just fun, playful, and exciting yet sensual at the same time. I smelled JPG Le Male one day and just knew right away that that was what I was looking for. Ive always been really good at picking the scents that women are going to like and this is one of them. Its long lasting and the vanilla undertone is impossible to resist. Lets just say my other colognes are going to take the back seat for a while

  • BGURL12/17/2008

    Well I just have to say that as a woman, I smelled this on a man from a distance...and had to track the scent down..smells so sweet and good..makes a man in case any of you were interested. =)

  • LJS10/19/2008

    I have the nose of a blood-hound and fragrances are an area of interest to me, so I'll add my bit: Like a lot of modern mens fragrances, I feel this is too feminine. I am only 18 years of age but still I prefer the more classic styles and brands. In my collection I have Aramis, Brut, and 3 Dunhill aftershaves. Despite the fact that they are all old now, they all smell fabulous, sophisticated and above all manly, which is much more than I can say for contemporary plonk like this. Bottom line : DEFINATELY NOT worth its price and I would NOT reccomend this fragrance.

  • LESTAT09/25/2008

    I think it smells like EDP version of prada.. smells good. might be my next purchase

  • LJS08/30/2008

    Dillon has pin-pointed it exactly. It would definately be alright if you were a very outgoing, in-your-face, flamboyant male who doesn't mind showing a female side to himself. But for those of us manly males (who are proud to be men) we would not want to emasculate ourselves by wearing this stuff. Its not a horrible smell - just not manly enough for me.

  • ARIEL07/15/2008

    it smells like candies...too avant garde in my opinion..ariel from argentina

  • JAMES 04/13/2008

    Okay, if you want something with vanilla and cinnomon try Gucci Number2 it is not as gay as lemale and women still love it

  • JAMES 04/13/2008

    If you want to smell like you have had a lap dance by a hundred different strippers this is the cologne for you! Way too fem for me if tinkerbell farted this is the smell.

  • EVONET03/09/2008

    Before discovering this scent, I came across Perry Ellis White. I didn't realize it was for Men until I read some reviews. The reviews mentioned that it smelled exactly like Le Male. Well, I have a miniature size Le Male and it does smell exactly like it. So, if you are looking for a cheaper version of Le Male, you might consider trying Perry Ellis White. Also, this scent is so sweet a woman could easily pull it off also. I really like it for myself, but haven't tried wearing it out in public yet.

  • BARBARA W02/10/2008

    Hi :) Glad you're enjoying XR. I wish more men would wear it where I live. Thanks for letting me know how you made out!

  • ALIN02/07/2008

    I bought this because my then girlfriend loved the smell of it. It is NOT for everybody, but the ladies who enjoy a nice, sweet scent will love this. NOT my fav but I do appreciate its uniqueness.

  • DARRSHAN01/09/2008

    i started with just 40ml bottle. as something in it is a little plastic type smell, any way the fragrance is good and lasts more.

  • DARRSHAN01/07/2008

    after seeing so many mind blowing comments i tried in a mall, i liked it but there is some note in it which is synthetic smelling, now that disturbed me. well iam going to try again and then decide whether to buy it or not.

  • D.12/27/2007

    Arpege is a great scent. I still have a sample bottle of Arpege that I use when I got out in the evenings. I get compliments on the scent and I prefer Arpege when I am in a mood of a nice, warm and subtle vanilla frag. I would prefer rank Arpege as my 3rd or 4th favorite vanilla scent. I prefer over some of the other more popular and expensive vanilla fragrances on the market. As for Rochas Man, I'm not a fan of strong and sweet scented colognes. I would consider Rochas Man a little too strong and overbearing along with sweet fragrances like AMEN and Body Kouros.

  • J.RIV12/23/2007

    Roma UOMO and Minotaure are very similar. They are a tie in favs for me. But I'm very surprised you have not found Arpege PH a lady killer. That is a very large shocker. If that does not get you any compliments I do not know what will. That is truely a beautiful scent.. Plus the longevity is insane. I once sprayed it at 6 am, went throughout my day. Took a shower and it was stil there. Beautiful Vanilla and sandal wood. Oh and I know gourmand scents are hated by most guys... But rocchas Man is great... As the Mario Justiniani put it, "Le Male with balls"... Yes that describes it fine. Le Male with elegance and swagger... I personally find it okay.. But women enjoy it a lot.

  • D.12/16/2007

    I've tried Roma in the past and IMO, it is like Picasso's Minotaure. Roma seems like it's estranged brother or distant cousin. I'm not really a big fan of citrus of vanilla. I have a sample bottle of Aprege by Lanvin and a bottle of Versace's Dreamer. Both of which I use from time to time but not too often.

  • STEVE12/16/2007

    I've tried so many scents and I have a lot of favorites depending on my mood. From RL Romance to Versace and more recently Polo Black. But nothing compares to Le Male for me. The combinations with the sweet vanilla scent gets me more compliments then any other scent hands down. It may not be for everyone or for everyday but without a doubt it has to rank as my first choice as the last thing to put on before heading out on a date.

  • D.11/26/2007

    Hi Barbara, thanks for your post and input. I bought a bottle of XR more than a month ago blindly. I am glad that i did because XR is an excellent fragrance. I've tried Desire and Allure and just about every sweet scent there is. Though i preferred Allure over Desire at the time, Rouge is on the in between. Not too sweet like Desire but woodsy, warm and spicy. It just has an alluring and unique quality about it. I guess it is the Kumquat or Cactus as one of the notes. I've used it quite a few times and I have gotten plenty of compliments when I go out. I am beginning to like this scent more and more each time I use it. It is quickly becoming one of my signature out on the town scent. Thanks for your input as usual. I've sampled the others that you have mentioned. Of those I do like Hypnose by Lancome and Arpege PH by Lanvin.

  • J.RIV11/14/2007

    Oh... You want a lady killer? Try Roma UOMO, The Dreamer, Arpege Pour homme, XR, St Dupont and Rochas Man.

  • JUDE C11/13/2007

    Top notch stuff, very high quality great lasting. Just way to way to trendy. I live in san diego, I go downtown every Brazilian on earth is wearing this stuff. It smells great, but go with Body Kouros if you want something more sexy, but somewhat similiar, and much less trendy. That stuff rocks.

  • D.11/03/2007

    thanks J. for your input on Xeryus Rouge. I never was a big fan of Joop. I did order Xeryus Rouge over the internet without sampling it first. So, hopefully i will like it based on the things I heard about it. I've tried Platinum Egoiste but I wasn't sure if I would like to add this as part of my collection. D&G PH has been one of my favorite scents for the last 10 years. I am familiar with both D&G and PE. I was just looking into some colognes that attract the opposite sex and I figred PE might be one of those scents. As for Minotaure, not for me but to each their own. It is just too extreme when it comes to citrus and vanilla.

  • BARBARA W11/02/2007

    Hi there! Yes, I do prefer Xeyrus Rouge over Desire - Rouge is sweet like Desire, but more "grown up" and has something special and intoxicating in it that Desire lacks (yes, the aphrodisiac thing). BUT a little goes a long with Rouge - one spray and you're done. Otherwise, it's just too much of a good thing. J.Riv did a great job describing it, too. Also, Rouge should really be reserved only for evenings and romantic situations. I have to say I'm not a big fan of Egoiste Platinum, though I know it's popular and do appreciate it. It's just not something I personally enjoy. Smells a bit harsh to me. Of the recent releases for men, I love the new Burberry London, Hypnose by Lancome, Soir by Bvlgari, and Arpege pour homme. Hope I answered your questions! Take care...Barbara

  • DILLON11/01/2007

    Did Tinkerbell just break wind, or do I detect the cloying vapors of Le Male? Naturally, vanilla, cinnamon, and wildflowers abound in this perfume.... good news for those trying to showcase their flamboyant, feminine side, I guess.

  • PATRICCO10/25/2007

    too many ppl wear it these days, as well as desire and xeryus... great smell, but not unique anymore

  • J.RIV10/18/2007

    Hello I know you were talking to Barbara W the queen but I think I could assist you. XR: Xeryus Rouge is very very very sweet. BUT not cloying due to the fact there is no vanilla notes. If you have smelled Joop! you can see where Joop! went wrong. It went for actual sweet while Xeryus Rouge is Cactus fresh. It is delightful. An attention getter for sure. Very different. I do not know how sexy it is BUT it wil definetly leave an impression. I do not know what to compare it too... Platnium Egoiste: This is a very very loud fragrance aswell. A gaudy fragrance. If you have smelled Dolce & Gabbana it will definetly remind you of that. The Lavander and amber knows scream. Later it gets the dark floral smokey smell to it. The rosemary note is really nice. IMO if you want a head turner Xeryus Rouge will dominate this. But as far as EP goes as a fragrance it is pretty good. If you are looking for a scent which is diiferent from all else... check out Quasar. Smells like Banana peels and if you like. The whole loud scent thing. Then Minotaure. This is a personal favorite. Smells great and the sillage is excellent. Great fragrance. It is basically Orange Juice and Vanilla lol. But is a chick magnet. Also if thats too loud for you.. try Roma man. It is a lighter version of Minotaure. IMO it is more refined and way less loud. Hope I helped

  • D.10/14/2007

    Hi Barbara, First let me say i enjoy all your post here on PE. My question in regards to Xeryus Rouge.... do you prefer this over Desire or Chanel's Allure? I went over to the XR board and alot of people particularly woman likes the scent and would almost classify it as an aphrodisiac. This is off the subject but i would like to get your opinion on Egoiste Platinum. What do you think of Egoiste Platinum by Chanel, that is if you sampled it. Thanks for your input!

  • ROB H.09/27/2007

    ........I'll definitely try to get around and "resample" it, Barbara. It was probably some 7-8 yrs back when I remember sampling at a frag. store but can't place the scent now. Thanks Barbara and *a friendly wave back at you* ;-)

  • BARBARA W09/21/2007

    Just thought I'd throw in my two cents. If you like Dunhill Desire, give Xeyrus Rouge a try. It's similar to Desire but has some nice tobacco in the drydown that makes it a little more masculine. *friendly wave at Rob H*!! :-)

  • BARBARA W09/21/2007

    Just thought I'd throw in my two cents. If you like Dunhill Desire, give Xeyrus Rouge a try. It's similar to Desire but has some nice tobacco in the drydown that makes it a little more masculine. *friendly wave at Rob H*!! :-)

  • J.RIV09/16/2007

    Thanks for the advice... I smelled Pi and fell in love with it. I appreciate it. I smelled so many things in the last few days it was crazy...

  • ROB H.09/11/2007

    Since you like cinnamon & vanilla then I guess I'll throw in Diesel Zero Plus which has both. There is nothing at all classy, elegant, or sophisticated about this particular scent except that it's stricly casual and to me it smells like Wrigley's Big Red chewing gum. I would recommend it for guys 25 or younger. I did rate it at 5*s back in the day but I'm considering it to be more of a 3.5- 4* cologne. The drydown isn't the greatest either.

  • J.RIV09/09/2007

    Well JPG is probably the best club like colognes I've ever smelled. I smelled it and almost immediately said to myself that this is not a everyday cologne. If you do wearit everyday you probably come home ripped to shreads with lipstick marks in some odd places. I recently found 2 other colognes worth mentioning. Like Rob H said. Desire is really good. Seems odd to me though. The Vanilla can be smelled but doesnt stand out so much. Then Allure. I loved Allure. probably my most favored of Desire and Allure. But dont get it twisted. Desire is an excellent cologne try both because it could go either way depending on the person. All three recommended!

  • J.RIV09/09/2007

    Thanks for the list But if you could answer one question I'll be done. Where can I find 360 white?

  • ROB H.09/05/2007

    Humbly speaking, I'm just another fragrance fanatic on here. :-) Try everything that one of the "real" kings- Tony T (Mario Justiniani & W.B. are the others, Barbara W is the queen) listed and as for my recommendations..........try Alfred Dunhill's Desire(s), Dunhill Pursuit, my favorite- Vera Wang, Givenchy Blue Label and for evenings- R. Lauren's Romance(s), Spark Seduction and Basi Homme. Since you like vanilla, I'll throw in Ignition but I must warn you that all the scent is luscious super sweet VANILLA with average to below average longevity. Take care

  • J.RIV09/03/2007

    I want to smell good. im looking for a signature scent. I attract girls with my looks and charisma. I would like a good number of colognes to choose from. I recently sampled Egioste Platinium and that was excellent. But overall i just want to smell great.

  • TONY T08/29/2007

    the king will posts (rob H.) but so will i the prince of this site. le male is super sweet and sexy. if i was 17 i would get 360 white or britto to save some cash. also valentino v full of vanilla and pi by givenchy, vanilla and orange. also minotaure and burberry brit are good compliment getters also.

  • ROB H.08/28/2007

    Before I make a list of colognes that have cinnamon, vanilla or both in them...........are you trying to attract girls...........or their moms. I do highly recommend Le Male which I personally would wear to a club, formal occasions or on a date but not necessarily a first date with someone. At your age, this stuff would probably make you a pimp!

  • J.RIV08/26/2007

    I'm looking for a cologne thats absolutely sexy. I have Lacoste Pour Homme, 212 Men and Boss No .6 And recently discarded DOuble Black by RL. I'm looking for a cologne that describes me. Boss is like that but I want a more smooth smell. I love cinnamon and Vanilla like smells. Whats a really really good cologne thats sexy and long lasting also... when do you wear this cologne ideally? I'm 17 and thinking of buying this...Thanks

  • ALONSO07/24/2007

    my friend bought this cologne and honestly...i think it smells like soap..zest to be exact

  • BARBARA W05/20/2007

    Le Male is a fabulous scent, but it is really only appropriate for those times when you want to turn on the sex appeal - HOWEVER, spray too much and this stuff can turn awful very quickly. One spray should do the trick, then wait a while before leaving the house. It's definitely not appropriate for conservative jobs or when you want a subtle scent; it's bold, sweet, and has incredible sillage. I love to smell this on a man - in moderation!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD05/11/2007

    I had this once upon a time. Presently, I have Cuba Gold and 360 White. Although I like Lemale and its clones very much, I have yet to receive a single compliment. On top of that, my girl hates it. Maybe its my chemistry?

  • EDO05/02/2007

    It seems to me this cologne gives parallel competition to “lucky you”. Very nice, graceful, attractive, with a mischievousness to it, but it lacks that umpfff, that distinct quality that separates the men from the boys (for lack of better words). So Le male is always welcomed in my house. Mi casa es su casa Le male! Don’t expect me to wear it though.

  • BABE MAGNET04/29/2007

    This is STRICTLY a night clubbing pick up scent ( in the same league as JOOP) and should not be worn anywhere else! Will suit the younger immature clubbing boys- the scent seems to share common values with this audience. Definately not for the more refined, mature sophisticated clientele ( 28yr+).

  • ROB H.04/22/2007

    I'd have to say go out and give it a chance for maybe 3-4 weeks and see what the ladies think.......even get opinions from other guys too (friends, co-workers). Take care.

  • TO ROB H.04/15/2007

    H cologne master. You seems that you are an expert in perfumery. I´m agree with most of your reviews. As a parfum fan i preffer the sweet, woody and ambar vanilla like fragances. I recently tried gaultier 2 (not a regular fan of JPG parfums); and my first impresion was for a female fragance , but some hours later i reallly liked the vanilla-amber notes. I usually dont use unisex colognes, but i like sweet and warm colognes like dior homme (my favorite), l instant and V valentino. Do you think gaultier 2 could be good for me. Thanks for your advice and your excelent reviews.

  • JAMES R.04/02/2007

    First of all, this scent is so over rated its not even funny. The vanilla note is so overpowering that it masks the other notes below it, causing it to smell sweet, and feminine. This is NOT a masculine fragrance.......and believe me, alot of women do not go head over heels. They take a whiff of you and ask you if your gay, or why are you wearing womens perfume? If you want a scent that women go head over heels for it is: Acqua di Gio, Armani code, Euphoria for men by Calvin Klein, or Eternity by Calvin Klein.

  • KEVINB.03/20/2007

    i like le male, even though it does not smell as good on my skin as i hoped (not like it smelled on the person that i found out about it from). but when i wear "mont blanc's starwalker" it has that "it" thing that i smell from jpg in the bottle, but missing on my skin. i hope that makes sense, not saying the two smell alike, but there is a similar note that stays all day with starwalker, but fades away with jpg, and its that note that makes jpg smell so good in the bottle.

  • AMY03/20/2007

    i'm so glad i had the chance to sniff this one because i was instantly turned off by it. hard to believe this is a babe magnet. and i agree with the other review about this one being weird just like the designer.

  • RYAN03/14/2007

    I was reading your comments about the cologne called "Blue," and it is actually the fake/imposter version of Le Male. My roommate was actually lied to and told it was real Le Male, and when he got the bottle home we noticed it said "Blue." It smells similar, but IMHO, much cheaper and it doesn't last very long. In my opionion, if you want the best quality go for the real JPG!!!

  • R. SHREST03/06/2007

    I wouldn't quite say every female goes head over heels for this stuff as my girl and some others were almost of the same mind that Le Male lacked sophistication and the juice wasn't anything to get excited about. I blindly ordered this one and even straight off the bottle I was disappointed which rules out body chemistry playing foul here. And I don't quite get the generalization as I've had different reactions from different age groups for the same cologne as far as women go. Women older than me can't get enough of D&G on me while those my age get blown away by Blue Label, Individuel, etc. (I'm mid-20s) And about wearing colognes just for the girls, (I've gone over that in the Geir Ness section), I don't particularly wear a cologne just coz girls love the smell, I like to match it to my personality and there are tons that work on both accounts (Though it helps that I don't have to rely on colognes to turn women on). Thanks for the suggestions, I've sampled a few of those but have to resample on skin as paper test strips can be misleading sometimes and to test on skin you've to do more rounds of the fragrance counters which I'm not particularly fond of. Cheers fella!

  • TONY T03/03/2007

    every female loves this. the vanilla is so dominant and majority of females love vanilla, also anything sweet they dig. allure, desire just to name a few. to get chicks this absolutely rocks. to wear for yourself maybe not. then again do you wear cologne to turn you on or the ladies. bro if you like sophistication try the new soir by bvlgari or vera will like but the ladies will love and adore you.

  • R. SHREST02/28/2007

    Can't believe this stuff gets positive reviews from a few here with great taste in colognes. With Le Male I don't think it's an issue of body chemitry going wrong, I don't see how this stuff can be termed babe magnet. It's one dimensional and as weird as the designer himself. I did nothing but waste my cash on this stuff buying it blindly after the great reviews. As Mario J. said May the trend be with you. ;)

  • OSCAR01/21/2007

    This is trully one of my top favorites. Very Sexy smell that lasts.A must have for a man who wants to get the attention of the woman he loves.

  • GREGORIO01/03/2007

    This is the reason why it drives the ladies wild. I actually like this scent..not in love with it though...seems to be unfinished. I prefer Armani or Versace, but it is still a panty dropper cologne for sure.

  • GOTTI 12/19/2006

    this cologne can be worn whenever you feel, but IT IS DESIGNED TO GET WOMEN SEXUAL MOOD... wouldn't advise to wear it around your parents, or a family gathering, NOT a FIRST DATE COLOGNE... more for CLUBBIN or an anneversary with the mrs... or any other

  • PEPP12/18/2006


  • CHRIS11/08/2006

    is this a casual cologne you can wear every day or is it just for special occasions?

  • MM10/11/2006

    sorry for my english i'am french. i have le male and is awsome but i want to try britto man:is this more long lasting and overwhelming(stonger) than jpg? THANKS A LOT

  • CRIS KAANTO10/01/2006

    One of the greatest cologne creations for a man! This cinnamony-woody-vanilla aroma is bursting with sensuality and energy and lasts a long time!

  • STEVE08/20/2006

    My older sister has the women's fragrance and i just loved that smell, so i bought the men's without hesitation and i absolutley fell in love with it. It's my new favorite fragrance for men, next to burberry brit. it is a very sexy smell

  • MIKE08/13/2006

    i have recently purchased a bottle of this based on people i know who love it. but im not too sure when to wear it, is it a more casual cologne i can wear with jeans and a tee shirt when i go out or is it more of a special occasion fragrance?

  • ALCHIMIE08/10/2006

    Imma girl, but this is incredible! I love JPG for women but this for guys... oh my god... a killer for any girl... so spicy, so mysterious but not too heavy, not too old fashioned (like many spicy/oriental perfumes/colognes are). But the best word to describe it is SEXY!!!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD07/22/2006

    As stated in my previous post, I bought a bottle of this damn near empty.Regardless, I just wanted to sample it before buying a full bottle.I only have enough for one decent application.Ive been saving it because once the bottle is empty, I feel guilty saying it is a part of my collection with nothing in it.Fragrances Im sure I will never purchase again will always have some juice. I always thought this was a great oriental,but I began to move away from them for awhile. Nevertheless, periodically, I would sniff the sprayer, as I do all my fragrances.Last night I sprayed but a drop, trying to preserve the last of its contents.This smells so good. I sprayed a drop of A*men, a formidable opponent.A*men smells great also, though I smell more coffe than chocolate.Since I own both, this is no crisis. I can have both.One things for sure, I must have a full bottle of Lemale.

  • LE MALE07/14/2006

    when first spraying this on i thought it smelled a little flowery, to strong, it does get better once blended with the skin, the final smell of this cologne is great a minty vanilla, i enjoy it

  • BOBBY THE GREAT07/10/2006

    My good friend and club buddy introduced me to this,but he would NOT tell me for the longest what it was.Ive SEEN women TOTALLY STOP in their tracks and say"WOW,where is that good smelling man?" I have NEVER,EVER had anything but absolute RAVE reviews with this stuff.Itis a sho' nuff LADY-KILLER,boys!

  • SYNERGY06/28/2006

    Very sexy and energetic minty-woody hit from famed JPG is to me great for any occasion day or evening and a great money-savings version that smells identical and lasts equally as long is 360 White.

  • MARCO FROM CHILE04/16/2006

    This perfume have a great bottle, but nothing else. Too strong and oldfashioned perfume....Not for young guys, maybe for a lady of 90 years old of Beverly Hills. [email protected]

  • JPG LE MALE 04/12/2006

    Hi! this perfume is almost perfect, it´s meant to be worn by men but i just can´t resist it, it´s bold enough for a man to wear, but it´s got that bittersweet smell any woman can wear and make herself irresistible.. i´m thinking of buying a bottle for myself too ;) and i also wear Homme by Kenzo (his classic) smells soooo good, lots of sandalwood.. love it on my skin too =) buy yourself a bottle if you like it so much, i´m sure you won´t regret it!

  • CINNAMON 03/27/2006

    This fragrance is so powerful and seductive. Anytime I smell this fragrance on my fiancé I instantly get excited, I literally have to clench my jaws and take a deep breath. It’s pathetic , I just want to rip his shirt off whenever he wears it.

  • CR03/23/2006

    Julie, My wife and I wear this nice fragrance. If you like JP, go for it. Please don't let gender-demarcation guide your selection. Your reaction to a scent should carry more weight.

  • JULIE03/07/2006

    Does anyone think that a woman can get away with wearing this, as it has such a lovely smell, but I don't want to look stupid wearing it.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON02/21/2006

    Refreshing, energetic and sexy aroma from famed JPG opens with some mint and spices, dries down to some sensual florals and cinnamon and ends with soothing sandalwood and luscious vanilla. Sensual, sophisticated, stylish and very long-lasting.

  • RUB02/15/2006

    it smells like horrible morning breathe to me, I couldn't believe myself when I sniffed it for the first time

  • BRABUS02/12/2006

    Radiant and very sexy semi-spicy/woody love potion is one of my all-time favorites and has very good staying power.

  • TONY T02/02/2006

    and romantic,tantilizing scent ever. problem, at my job evry guy wears this from ages 20 thru 72. 2 bad but i can't wear to work.also it's been out awhile so it's been duplicated by cuba and perry ellis at a more affordable price. stellar no gimmick love concocotion.

  • S Z01/05/2006

    great stuff girls love it time... a friend was able to smell it 11 hours after a spraed it only twice on my neck!!!

  • LEBRON12/19/2005

    I just got this as a gift from my friend and for some reason it says "parfum" on it and not "eau de toilette", i'm wondering if this is a perfume for men. Also I have seen Jean Paul Gaultier by Jean Paul Gaultier, i'm wondering if its the same as le male.

  • X.G.12/16/2005

    I really like this scent a lot and I do receive nice compliments from both men and women wherever I go. I am a straight guy but in the past I have had a couple of my guy friends tell me it smells more like a homosexual's scent.

  • SYNERGY12/11/2005

    Very elegant, radiant and long-lasting sexy mens' cologne is spicy/woody with a luscious vanilla drydown.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD11/19/2005

    I just bought this to today.My dealer had a personal bottle of this which was about one-fourth empty.He thought it was over-rated.I bought the bottle for five dollars.Yes, thats what I said.Couldnt beat that deal.Im sure I will buy another bottle.It is sweet, but theres something else in there that I cant figure out.Cant gp wrong with this one.An all-around great scent.

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD11/15/2005

    Elegant and energetic babe-magnet is one of my top ten most favorite colognes of all time and one of the longest lasting scents I own.

  • SYLVIA J11/05/2005

    Oh so sexy! I just love it when my guy wears this super sexy fragrance or whenever I smell it in general on other men. Truly one of the greatest mens fragrances ever created.

  • M.R.10/24/2005

    Unusual combination of spicy/mint and vanilla but it works great on my skin and the women highly agree at the club.

  • BABYGRRL10/13/2005

    I LOVE Le Male!!! This is my boyfriend's scent of the monent, but I don't know if I will let him switch to anything else. It drives me CRAZY!!!!!! I'm getting it for him for Christmas, just to keep him in it a little longer.

  • HERMANN10/13/2005

    Le Male is the best cologne I have ever used so far. I get lots of compliments when I wear it and sometimes, women want to hug me just to get a sniff.


    A definite winner and keeper in my collection. This sexy, elegant and even sporty fragrance is great for formal occasions but even for the nightclub as well.

  • JOHN09/12/2005

    A few years ago I asked a friend of mine if I could borrow some of his cologne as we were going out and I had finished both bottles of my usual body kouros and ferrari red. He brought le male out and I loved it. My father recently bought my sister a bottle of Pure Poison and the woman at the counter get him small sample bottles of men's colognes. Le Male was there. I decided I need a bottle of this stuff for myself so off to the fragrance centre at the mall I went. SO far I really like the smell and get many compliments.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD09/10/2005

    This is one of the very few very popular fragrances I havent smelled.I will have to pressure my dealer to open a box since he doesnt have a tester of this.He has a product called "Blue" or something like that which has an almost identical bottle.He claims it smells just like the original, but we know better.I believe I will like it,though Im moving away from orientals.Im sure Ill be back.

  • KINGJON08/24/2005

    I really like this scent. But I might have smelled this from a female.... I remember smelling stuff like this when I was in middle school on a female... I forgot but I don't know.. I like but ... oh well, try it. doesn't smell like bug spray IMO

  • HANDSOME08/24/2005

    i love it i actually adore this smell. i cant explain the appeal of this fragrance.its so sexy and attractive. women love it but men also dig it that from where the smell is coming and surely asks what im wearing. young ones as well as mature guys if you want to spend your precious money on the right and best cologne buy this one with eyes closed.i guarentee you it will work for u in every sense.i love it i love it .mwaaah jpg

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI08/19/2005

    Or would that be La Femme? This is not a horrible cologne but its packaging and advertisement practically beg to be satirized. " . . .and that a kilt or dress can be worn with virility. " A dress?? Somehow I just can't envision Braveheart forsaking his kilt and wearing a sequined gown while uniting the Scots in battle. The cylindrical tube silver container and ambigous gender bottle are a hit, the biggest thing in advertising since Coca-Cola copied a woman's curves in its bottle almost a century ago. This is the most popular cologne in Europe, or at least one of the consistent top 10 along with Cool Water, Acqua di Watermelon (Gio) , Joop and, Farenheit. Zzzzzzz..... What is left after the hype is a rather uninteresting combo, but then if a forum like this had been available twenty years ago, just think of the rave reviews which that other Europen best seller, ARAMIS would have gotten. May the Trend Be With You.

  • TUSSIE08/19/2005

    To those men who think 'Le Male' is a sexy scent: Maybe, but to whom? To me, this fragrance smells like a typical homosexual scent. By the way, all my gay friends wear it. But if you want to attract women (and not men) there are far better scents out there, what about 'Eau Sauvage' (Dior) or 'Equipage' (Hermes)

  • KEVIN08/10/2005

    One of the best and close to my favorite. But don't spray more than once in the same spot. Two sprays max overall, or it will stink! "USE WITH CAUTION!"

  • ROBSGIRL07/28/2005

    This stuff smells AMAZING! My finance wears this and everytime I smell it on him, I just want to forget about whatever plans we may have that night and grab his hand and lead him straight to our bedroom. It's a very, very, very sexy scent, very sensual. I can't keep my hands off him when he's wearing this, (or anytime), but if we're out...I can't wait to get home. Love, love, love this stuff and it has to be one of the sexiest scents ever! Pick this up for your guy and you will know what I mean! This stuff is the best and I never get tired of smelling it!

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU07/25/2005

    I might be a bit too old to wear this but I think this is a fabulous fragrance for the mid 20's to early 40's age bracket. Excellent and long-lasting. I hope there's much more to come from JPG.

  • JOSE07/22/2005

    This is hands down the best cologne I have ever bought. Who ever says this is femenine or a gay fragrance is wrong, if you are secure about what you like and who you are, you can wear it with confidence-BELIEVE ME THIS IS GREAT STUFF!!!

  • R.J.07/21/2005


  • R.J.07/21/2005


  • NIKITA 07/19/2005

    I found one that smells just like JPG and it is called Romero Britto. They are alike but Britto doesn't have the bug spray note that Lemale has. I Am heading back to the mall to get it or either Burberry Weekend.

  • NIKITA 07/13/2005

    Romero Britto for men. I asked for Le Male and the lady was like try R.B. Somebody has to agree with me. I think it smells less strog and goes with my chemistry more than Le Male.

  • BENKIE07/13/2005

    Le maLe? ... I'm Lovin' it.. but, why gaultier didn't maKe a body lotion to maKe it perfect???

  • CRIS07/11/2005

    they mentioned a fragrance called blue that is an alternative for le male who makes it

  • BE07/10/2005

    hoooo my god, this is the sickest fragance on the market... horrible smell !! sweet but not atractive, spicy but not interesting.. nothing great in this bottle...

  • SAMI07/09/2005

    well, you should wait about an hour, to rate it..opens average, but dries down great... i must say, that i hate the bottle though..could be better..

  • DIDO07/04/2005

    this is scent is a dead ringer for Le Male and last and lasts all day long. The price is mega mega cheeper too! So if Le Male is out of your price range check out 360 White its new on the market.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE07/01/2005

    An awesome all around aroma that women everywhere love to smell and is truly one of my favorites. Definitely holds its value in every store and website I've browsed.

  • W.B.06/20/2005


  • W.B.06/20/2005


  • MEDEIROS06/07/2005

    This is the best cologne for men in the world. JPG is different and long lasting. The girls love it. I try another but i came back to JPG quickly.

  • JAMES06/05/2005

    This is a great cologne in the sense that girls absolutley love it. It is a very powder-sweet smell and should be applied lightly. Many girls flock to this scent... HOWEVER - if you are the type that needs a cologne that is non-offensive... this is not the one for you!!!!! if you dont care what people think fine.. but if someone in the crowd doesn't like it (and odds of course say that there will be someone who doesnt) then they will certainly be disgusted (offensive).. besides the offensive part its a great smelling UNIQUE cologne. However if you are looking for a cologne that will not offend ANYONE - go for DOLCE & GABBANA eau de toilette - you can't go wrong.. just reads its reviews on this site.

  • JAMES06/05/2005

    This is a great cologne in the sense that girls absolutley love it. It is a very powder-sweet smell and should be applied lightly. Many girls flock to this scent... HOWEVER - if you are the type that needs a cologne that is non-offensive... this is not the one for you!!!!! if you dont care what people think fine.. but if someone in the crowd doesn't like it (and odds of course say that there will be someone who doesnt) then they will certainly be disgusted (offensive).. besides the offensive part its a great smelling UNIQUE cologne. However if you are looking for a cologne that will not offend ANYONE - go for DOLCE & GABBANA eau de toilette - you can't go wrong.. just reads its reviews on this site.

  • JOEUSMC05/11/2005

    Unique scent, indeed. Smells almost like when you get your hair cut and they splash that smelly stuff on. I'm laughing because I just got this today and as much as it smells good I have one tiny question. Why, when you push down to spray it sprays for at least one full second? Of course you need only 2 sprays, my neck was dripping wet. Anyways, this cologne is a good scent, pick it up, smell good.

  • JON05/04/2005

    Awsome jelly bean type scent. It's delicious and irresistable.

  • CRISTINA04/27/2005

    Le Male is the most potent and seductive fragrance. It will definitely turn the heads of women and don't be surprised if the ladies attack you ;)

  • JC04/06/2005

    This EDT is a definite classic for those who love vanilla scents. I'm tired of all these fruity fragrances everywhere I go and this scent is a great break from it. All the notes are blended perfectly and makes this scent almost seductive. Definitely only wear this for special occasions or on a night out. It does however smell just a tad bit too powdery for my liking, but I still love this scent.

  • PIERRE04/04/2005

    how can u compare this to tommy???.. This is way classier and sophisticated french perfume... Im tempted to get this again, I miss Le male. I smlled it on another guy and gave me memories when i had it.


    This is definitely one cologne that i consistently renew in my collection. It is also one that I find consistently gets compliments from members of the opposite sex. If your not a fan of sweet smelling colognes this definitely wont appeal as there is a strong vanilla note but from personal experience this tends to appeal to alot of ladies tastes (as opposed to tobacco-ey/musky scents which probably get older women a bit excited but not the 18-25 age bracket). I disagree with anyone who says this isnt long lasting as a couple of generous sprays in the morning will last me until work is finished. Admittedly Le Male has become a bit too popular but i highly recommend it to younger guys who just want to smell nice (and get a few compliments in the process too)

  • CHRIS COLOGNE03/24/2005

    not a bad scent but your lucky if you can get it to last more then 20 mins on your skin. expensive too! save your buck and get Tommy (best scent ever made)

  • BILL JEE03/11/2005

    Nice scent. Too many people are wearing it these days though. Still it's nice to keep in your collection. One reviewer said it people wear too much and I agree. Apply a little behind the knees, so it won't choke whoever you're around. Colognes have to be worn wisely and some guys just don't know the meaning of moderation. Too much cologne is as bad as BO!

  • LAMAR03/03/2005

    this is the best cologne I ever smelled in my life. It makes me feel sexy when I smell it. Whoever doesn't like this is a hater. They must be used to those same citrus colognes that pollute the malls all the time. The only thing bad I have to say is that it smells strange on me because of my chemistry but I'm not going to give it a bad rating.

  • CYNTHIA03/03/2005

    This cologne will give you and the girls around you a terrible headache. Trust me!

  • PEPE LEPEW02/25/2005

    A little on the Vanilla side but it has a very nice blend with the spices. It's not a girly man scent just because it has vanilla in it and it doesn;t smell like perfume. It's actually a higher quality scent. If you can appreciate sophistication and aromatic scents rather than overly musky putrid urine smelling scents this is for you. Now I wouldn;t wear this to the ballgame with my buds but I'd wear it casually if I were with my girl or on certain days to work. Or even when I'm just daunting through the city on errands. You should have this in your collection.

  • NICK 02/07/2005

    I fell in love with this cologne 5 years ago. It was the best smell I ever smelled. FIinally i went to go buy some and it smelled so weird on me. It just didn't smell right even after I applied it lightlly and let it go away. Smelled like something evil and I don't know why. But I still love this classic scent and the way it smells on other guys. make sure you try it first. Instead I got CErruti Image which smells like pine cones to me now.

  • KATE12/27/2004

    Absouloutely gorgeous smell!! This smell can be recognised when worn!!

  • PAUL ROBERT11/23/2004

    Congratulations JPG. Le male is the best cologne for me. It is very long last. In all the place the people ask me: What are you using? Try Egoiste Platinum too.

  • MIKEY11/11/2004

    YOU MUST GET IT!!!!! It is the best cologne ever. I've had loads of comments off all the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DAVE210/29/2004

    This fragrance is absolutely phenominal, i dont know how i can hate this, it's that good! It does remind me of some old babershops. Go try it now b4 it's too late.

  • COLOGNE GUY10/28/2004

    This fragrance is very unique, a bit sweet but not to a point that it's feminine. I'd have to admit that it's one of the best smells around, it gets the job done if you know what i mean.

  • BURRE10/20/2004

    its definitely the best fragrance ever made. all the girls just love it. if i was you i would get one too.

  • JENNY T09/18/2004

    Guys, heres a womans perspective. I have been reading that girls are attracted to this scent. While this is true, please dont think that you can "seal the deal" on choice of perfume alone!

  • ANYDAY09/16/2004

    Now that i have your attention, yes, it really is sex in a bottle. Not the best of smells,way to sharp and strong for my liking (although a nice smell). However, and dont ask me why, but the girls just adore this fragrance. I cannot understand the female psych but all i know is that it works and that it is a hit with the ladies. I have been to many avenues- from walks down the beach to Miami's hottest nightclubs- and all chicks just adore this. Another intersting note is that since this scent is bold, it encourages the wearer to follow suit and take risks, especially at noghtclubs. And with JPG at your side, you have the upper and. I recommend this only for hardcore party animals who are players at heart and do nothing more than party like the hilton sisters!! Definately not for the faint of heart or the shy. But whatever you do, absolutely, positively, do not wear this to the office!!! It is a little too overwhelming and indiscreet for the office.

  • MR LONGROVE09/06/2004

    Le Male reminds me a little of Angel Amen but not near as strong and overbearing. Still a little of Le Male goes a long way, so go easy. I agree with the other reviewer that says it can be worn year round. It is a versatile scent. It can be worn casually or formally. Good stuff.

  • JJ08/23/2004

    This is an awesome scent for the cooler months of the year. It's not your typical aquatic, fresh summer scent. More like a holidays warm scent. Dry down is very good.

  • MARUKKA07/25/2004

    This is the best smelling cologne ever created. It's clean, fresh, sexy and stylish all rolled into one subtle package... the only draw back (besides the bottle) is that everybody and their grandmother wears it! There's a reason everyone wears it, it's the most attractive smell for men ever! There's nothing that smells like Le Male. Most of the time you can put colognes in categories and lump them all together but JPG is in a category all it's own.

  • JESSE K07/22/2004

    To be honest, i didn't like this scent at first i thought i smelled a bit funny, but then i began to like it after a while because of how unique the scent is. The scent is't as sweet as people said, there are sweet scents out there such as "joop" and "Calvin klien escape" that are alot sweeter than this one. This scent is refreshing and masculine.

  • ZAPPED07/18/2004

    This is a nice fragrance. It is long lasting and other posts already mention not to use too much. I wear this one low, around the knees usually and never above the stomach. Le Male is a popular fragrance so if you don't mind smelling like a bunch of other guys get Le Male.

  • DOE07/08/2004

    Overused and dated now. Most of my female friends are really tired of it. Ok, but nothing great on me anyway.

  • ROB H.06/04/2004

    This highly sophisticated as well as even sporty-type scent is a true winner in my collection. This could be a definite winner in your collection too, guys; for those of you that don't have a bottle or haven't tried it at all.

  • ALAN05/27/2004

    Recognizable smell. Strong so you might want to take it easy. I know if I over do it I will get a headache. But nice indeed.

  • R.J. 05/11/2004


  • RT04/05/2004

    This fragrance says "SEX" all over it! THis actually makes me weak at the knees... Very nice!

  • COLOGNEPIMPIN03/13/2004

    Lola: I respect your opinion so much about cologne. Could you please do me a favor and smell the Men's Le Male fragrances and tell me what you think. I think it is unbelievable and I just want an expert opinion. Thanks

  • BIGGIE03/04/2004

    I own many different brands of cologne, and i prefer this one over any others i have or have smelled

  • FLPLAYA2K402/25/2004

    I have been wearing this fragrence for about 4-5 years and while it is more popular, it is the best thing out. The ladies love it and the guys want it.


    Women loved, love, and will love this cologne. Everytime anyone I know wears this stuff, compliments always follow. It's really good stuff that you must own. A bit too strong for wearing in the office but a must for evening wear.

  • DANIEL01/14/2004

    This is probably the best scent I have evr tried. Kind of similar to Angel which is a good thing they both seem to have a note of vanilla.

  • ASCHKAEL01/03/2004

    Wonderfull deep and warm scent...I couldn't stop smelling it on myself the first time i wore it. Be carefull though, like stated before, this scent can be quite offensive, don't overdo it. Recommended for evening wear, this is just not for the office. If you like this scent, be sure to check out "The Dreamer" by Versace.

  • HEATHER D.01/02/2004

    This my absolute favorite men's fragrance ever. So yummy and sexy! I can't help but sniff my husband whenever he wears this!

  • CRYBABY12/22/2003

    i was accused of wearing those Cuba things when i was wearing JPG one day.... I got offended but now i hear it smells the same... oh well,

  • KOY12/17/2003

    it smells like a cough syrup. very vanilla. its ok to use it just b4 sex but dont over apply it cus it will b barrier to ur achievement and to ur partern's orgasm

  • DANIELE12/16/2003

    Interesting smell, but now other similar smells around, to rounded and boring, it doesn t open...Very long lasting. Makes me feel sad i don t know why.

  • W.B.11/18/2003


  • THOMAS11/07/2003

    In small doses it can smell very sexy. However I hate it if it's overdone and you can still smell it five minutes after the person who was wearing it passed by. But actually this scent is really too popular.

  • MAURICIO11/02/2003


  • PHOENIX10/22/2003

    I Just Love the perfume so much that I ( who am a girl) Bought it myself.. just to make it smell more "male" in my home..

  • DAVE10/16/2003

    It is a great scent. Vanilla lingers rather strongly however. What I like about this cologne is how it lingers for a LOOOONG while. Your clothes will smell for days! You get a lot of VALUE in this sense. HOWEVER, it's tooo damn popular. Its unmistakeable scent is EASILY distinguishable EVERYWHERE. Get a cologne that nobody wears that is a lady killer like Creed (THE BEST!) or the cheaper, thus more popular Gendarme.

  • JPG09/15/2003

    This is a sweet, and bubble-gum flavored scent. Strong and spicy. Girls love it. It's definately "out there"- not for the faint of heart! Good for a good night out on the town. Use cautiously if at office.

  • JUDE C09/14/2003

    This stuff is overhyped. It is good, but too expensive. Body Kouros and Kouros are much better. This stuff is not worth the money, but it is pretty good. I just think for the money go with great not good. Very modern, scent and does last. Just not as good as others in the high end of fragrances. Chanel - Antaeus blows this stuff out of the water. Try something else for the money, plus many people wear this - too trendy.

  • GOTTALOVEIT08/31/2003

    An absolutely unique scent. Doesnt wear off like most of the perfumes out there, and the smell attracts a lot of attention from people, asking what perfume im using. Definitely my favourite of the many perfumes out there. A must buy!

  • REV. CRAIG G. GREGORY08/28/2003

    Le Male is definitely God's property! I have received a maltifarious of compliments from my family of faith and fellow yokemen of the Gospel. Thanks for a refreshing fragrance that embodies the essence of my servanthood.

  • IMRAN08/14/2003

    Not good not bad, Just average. Nothing stunning in this fragrance.

  • MAYUTAKA07/30/2003

    Hi!! To me...I always get good compliment from all range...they said that it's really nice + sexy too...well, da reason y bcos I just splash some n never spray over than 2 times..1st spray all over my body..(with the rite technique) 2nd spray on my wrinkle n rub it at the back of my ears...that's wut I do....hehehe.....

  • RYAN07/29/2003

    Le male is a decidedly unmasculine fragrance and upon initial smell it's clear that it makes no ascertions to be so. It is very clean, smooth, light, and sweet. There is no trace of spice and it is not very full bodied. The initial fruit aroma will fade after several hours and the wormwood and vanilla attributes remain. A nice ocassional wear. Not designed for everyday use.

  • COLOGNE PRO07/26/2003

    Smells Like Spilled Coke

  • SINGPORMID07/23/2003

    I have been using this particular JPG scent for 3 years now and I have to say it is one of my favorite. It is longer lasting than most others I occasionally use and it is definately a chick magnet!!! Girls love it big time. I have some girl friends who just want to hug me for the smell ha ha so I have to say it has worked out well and I am thankful ha ha

  • BRIAN07/09/2003


  • SCENTGIRL05/28/2003

    My gay best friend loves this scent, but I was quite shocked by how feminine it is. The difference between the male and female fragrance is minimal. Smells nice, mind you, (and as a girl, I've borrowed it on occasion) but all the straight guys used to tease my friend about it all the time! Its even in a homoerotic bottle!

  • FERNANDO05/16/2003

    I tried this scent and thought it was too sweet in a feminine way. It would be fine for a women's fragrance, but it is so sweet that still would makes me sick. Actually, I am getting sick as I write this review and remember the scent. Maybe it's just too modern or sweet for my tastes, but I still believe this is not a masculine scent. Don't but this one without trying first.

  • AARON04/30/2003

    Best i've smelled so far. strictly for slick talkers and smooth walkers. when detected, girls love to hug for some reason.

  • DEVIN04/11/2003

    While I can't prove this statement, ( just an opinion as Trav stated) I find this a little too fancy for casual use.

  • MIKEY03/30/2003

    which cuba is le male? im just making shur b4 i go about ordering it lemme know! thanx

  • THE BIG R03/08/2003

    This is for informal and casual wear.

  • NATALIE03/07/2003

    Paco, I smell this perfume on a guy and i asked who was wearing cuba and no one answered. I walked up to where I thought the scent was coming from and found it on the guy and he said he was wearing JPG. I told he lied because my husband wears cuba (brown) and it is the exact scent (and yes we got it for 2 bucks). The man then proceeded to lead me to his car to prove that it was indeed JPG he was wearing and it was. Same bottle, but the scent was Cuba all the way. I even sprayed some on my arm and all the way home I just got Cuba. Buy Cuba and save yourself A LOT OF MONEY. All in all, JPG LE MALE is not bad at all.

  • MARIA02/19/2003

    I Like this a lot! My Husband wear this. Its like it let you see the soft side of a man that is inside the tough guy he is. Makes me want to hug him all the time! :)

  • LUCIA02/17/2003

    I agree with Zeus. This is definetely a sweet, soft and casual fragrance. A man's suit calls for something sharper than this.

  • ZEUS02/13/2003

    Yes, i'll agree as to not being a casual, t-shirt & jeans/shorts fragrance but I still cannot see this being an appropriate scent for formal attire. Looking sharp means a need to smell sharp not powdery. I said dress casual to me seems more appropriate but a man in a suit should smell strong and masculine not soft and fufu-like. Great fragrance though in my opinion, one of my favs.

  • TRAV02/08/2003

    Sorry Zeus, I disagree. I'm a Nordstrom's employee and while I understand that doesn't make me the world's foremost authority or some kind of pundit, I don't lack experience either. Warm, powdery, exotic orientals are almost always used exclusively for romantic/formal use. I don't know about anyone else, but I always dress up for these occasions. Casual scents are usually citrus based, cool, light, and clean (Cool Water, etc.). There are also other comments in the Cool Water forum regarding JPG for dressier use. Don't get me wrong, I respect your opinion and you're certainly entitled to it, but mine's just as valid because this is not a science, but an art. Blue jeans go just as well with a white shirt as they do a black one. I don't have the pleasure of knowing JPG, so I couldn't possibly know his mind or what he would say. Like I said, just an opinion. Best wishes.

  • CHRIS02/08/2003

    That's why it says "Just his opinion".

  • ZEUS02/03/2003

    What? Previous poster says to wear this with no-less than a suit? Are you kidding me, this cologne is definitely not suit worthy and JPG would agree. This fragrance is suited towards the dress casual to casual look. For a suit, stronger and more masculine scent is in order, ex: Givenchy Gentleman or Armani to name a couple but certainly not the powdery scent of JPG. This is definitely a great cologne but not for the dressy attire.

  • TRAV01/31/2003

    I don't wear this one personally, but I do think it's outstanding. It's part of that relatively new wave of colognes that breaks tradition. I especially love the mint note, which makes for a clean, yet non-acidic, powdery scent. It is also accented with vanilla, which is well known to get positive reactions from women. It's my feeling that this has the most sophisticated and pleasant drydown as well - it just seems to improve the longer it's worn. Just my opinion, but I don't think that this is suitable with anything less than a suit; a dress shirt at the very least, as this could be likened to say, Bostonian tassle loafers. So, it's not that versatile. Let's just say that it wouldn't complement jeans and a T-shirt. Exceptional nonetheless.

  • PACO01/31/2003

    Just stumbled upon a line of men's fragrances By San Salvador, these come in metal cigar shaped containers and come in 4 different varieties. Let me tell you that these sell online for around 15.00 each and are about 1 oz. or so and each type which are labeled One thru Four are I swear high priced designers fragrances in these other containers. I guess San Salvador is an actual line that can be bought at fragrance stores online and are comparable to Cuba etc. in the look, but do not be fooled, these contain exacts of Gaultier and versace to name a couple. I saw these at a discout odd lots store for $2.00 each, I thought heck, i would see if this stuff smells as cheap as it looks but HOLY SH*T to my amazement after I sprayed the type labeled "ONE" it was Le' Male by Gaultier and I mean the exact same stuff not an imposter or cheap imitation. I then sprayed the next labeled "Four" and it was Versace Metal Jeans, I did not try the other ones "TWO & Three" because they were out but I am going to trck more down. I purchased "ONE" and went home and tested it just to make sure I was not wrong with my JPG Le'Male and as I suspected, I was right. This is the same stuff but packaged differently. I guess what I am getting at, if you love JPG then track down a Big Lots or Odd Lots or any other lots store and look for this cigar shaped wonder called San Salvador and buy out the store at $2.00 each instead of paying $45-65 for the same stuff in a fancy bottle, you will not be disappointed and if you are, you truly do not like JPG because as I have repeated, it is the same stuff.

  • AZRA AKIN01/23/2003

    When you smell someone's wearing this, you will remember the smell FOREVER (including the person)!!!

  • MICHAEL01/21/2003

    Jean Paul Gaultier at his best!

  • STU01/16/2003

    Le Male is wonderous.

  • DONNA01/12/2003


  • RICH01/03/2003

    While I would probably wear it because I think it smells okay, it wouldn't be because I'd been called a fool or some other stupid comment like previous ones from CK and JENN X posted here.

  • LUCIA01/01/2003

    Lavender and vanilla. Powdery. It has a feminine touch to it, but that's just J.P. Gaultier and his boundary-crossing philosophy. I don't like this fragrance - I prefer cleaner, more subtle smells on men. However, my gorgeous 27-year-old husband wears it, and I pretend I like it because I can tell he feels sexy and sophisticated wearing this. Seeing him happy is what matters most, so five stars to you Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier!

  • CHICA01/01/2003

    distinctive & totally captivating...whenever I get a whiff of it I find myself inching closer to the guy wearing it just to breathe in the scent...NO other cologne has done that in recent memory (aside from YSL Jazz waaaaay back)

  • CK12/29/2002

    To coin it with a phrase, "babe magnet". Buy it you fools

  • JEFF12/28/2002

    I prefer Jacomo Ambro to JPG. Similar scent, but not so sweet and not as heavy. JPG is a little longer lasting, though. Over Christmas I smelled a new one only at Nordstrom and Sephora called "Romeo Britto Man".......identical to JPG and just as expensive.

  • RIC12/26/2002

    this is a great one. it is almost a classic and still incredibly popular with everyone. I think to the men who feel uncomfortable with this one, maybe there are other insecurities there as well? a clean vanilla, it is a beautiful light blue. great to wear lightly during the day and a little more heavily if out at night. either way, you cant go wrong. I have a quarter left in my bottle both because I am saving it and after a while it can get tiring for the wearer - not for everyone else around though.

  • CLARA12/21/2002

    i bought this for my husband because he asked for it, but i really wish i hadn't. it makes me gag. way too sweet. not manly at all.

  • GABRIEL12/20/2002

    this stuff is vile. boring too. just all around terrible.

  • JAMES12/20/2002


  • JENNY X12/09/2002

    I feel very much like a Woman Taster shrimp, so do my girlfriends. This one is for men, they make one for us ladies too. Hot babes think this is manly, getting easier????

  • STU11/07/2002

    No I don't know what you mean. Could you explain that? It makes no sense really.

  • BEN11/06/2002

    No I don't know what you mean. Do you mean you like men if you wear this? Even if that were the case, which it's not, adults don't care what others like, like no one cares what you think.

  • GOOD TASTE10/28/2002

    if you feel like a woman then you will like it . . . if you know what i mean-

  • K10/24/2002

    It is not my favorite, but let me tell you chicks dig this scent! BIG TIMe. It is finally growing on me, but why do we wear this stuff anyway? For chicks. I give it a good rating, but excellent for the chick factor

  • MICHEL10/12/2002

    Superb, if only it was not so strong, and agressive.

  • ERIC10/03/2002

    Really is overrated.

  • CWRAYZEE10/01/2002

    how can anyone like this?! I sampled it at a night club & it was so sweet I spewed chunks all over when I left and it wasnn't the alcohol I consumed either, bluh!

  • NIC09/28/2002

    Mmmmm-MMM! A guy I work with wears this - I just found out today from him that it was this scent. I love it so much that I'm getting some for my fiance. It isn't at all to overwhelming (at least to me) like a lot of musky men's colognes. Definitely a babe-magnet!

  • MR. WRIGHT09/25/2002

    The perfect scent for the perfect man.

  • DENIZ09/23/2002

    This cologne is definately worth having in your collection. Women become attracted to this fragrance.

  • TAPDANCER7808/21/2002

    This is one of the best colognes I've come across. It's VERY nice. :)

  • STU08/19/2002

    This doesn't come close to Roma or Pi. Nothing special about this unless you like being a clone.

  • MIKI08/08/2002

    the best fragance for a romantic use,like a pi,sculpture,roma or emporio :)

  • RON08/07/2002

    this colonge is great and I am 14 years old. excellent smell this is a good buy

  • STU07/22/2002

    Best stuff out there? Second best? Whatever. I beg to differ. I don't run to puke when I smell it but it doesn't make me want to run out and buy a gift set with bath gel, shave cream, etc. either. It's okay. Of course this is my opinion also. You like it buy it. Not everyone thinks this is swinging.

  • BRODIE07/09/2002

    Hey people I am planning on buying this cologne, but I don't know if it is worth the money, and another thing I saw it in a store but I didn't catch the price, if anyone could email me with a price in Canadian and a little to say about it. Thanks

  • KEN06/23/2002

    Whats with the can of beans it comes in??....Either than that the bottle has to be the best part of the fragrance....its way to powdery for me

  • SCORPIO05/24/2002

    i like it especialy as an after shave and shower gel

  • WYZIE05/16/2002

    I went crazy for this scent, a boyfriend of mine used to wear it, and I remembered seeing the bottle. Finally, (after breaking up with him and Le Male), I decided to hunt this cologne down. Take it from a woman, this is great.

  • DR. MOBIUS05/13/2002

    I first discovered 'Le Male' 2 years ago, back when only select places had it. Now everybody asks for it and everybody wants it. It is a good smell, very sweet with hints of lavander and vanilla, but now it is becoming like a cool water. It will soon no longer be a unique fragrance, so I must give it an average rating. I would suggest Body Kouros for a change. It is similar, but still unique and hard to find apart from the internet.

  • LISA04/11/2002

    I have to say, I get turned on when I get the JP smell! My boyfriend always gets the "ur smelling fine tonight" line by any girls he chats to!! Def one I'd recommend to any bloke.

  • ZEUS04/02/2002

    Mannnnnn, this stuff is hot, I love it because it is diffferent. I get mixed reviews from others who really like it or really hate it and on both accounts the reason is that it is very sweet smelling. Although you cannot argue against its uniqueness. I rate performance of the fragrance a B+ - A- depending on the age of women you ask, it seems younger like the basic Tommy Sport, Aqua Di Gio, and CK One type of citrus scent so do not expect too much progress with those under 22 yrs old.

  • TUM03/24/2002

    It's the real sweet thing.I luv it although some girls in my office hate it.

  • GOOSE03/08/2002

    Break out the condoms when wearing this fragrance. This is the answer to all of guys problems with attracting women. A sure attention grabber.

  • R. E. MYRA JR.02/14/2002

    One of the Finest I have ever worn! You want to get close to that hard to please one; well this will do it without a doubt... A Hell of a Value for the money!!

  • FLYGIRL02/05/2002

    We went to a film with a good friend of ours. We were standing in line, and I kept smelling this gorgeous scent. I couldn't figure out where it was coming was our friend, Nick. This is the finest men's colonge. Take it from a women's viewpoint..this fragrance is simply irristable. The bit of sweetness just makes it even better.

  • DOUG02/05/2002

    This is by far the best fragrance out there for men, it can be worn either day or night with confidence. And by the way, when I wear it I always get asked about it, really unique stuff.

  • GERRY 01/05/2002

    I loved this scent but the problem with it is it kept on running down my shirt which made really bad looking staines like a squirrel shit on me thank God for washing machines

  • SUSAN01/02/2002

    This is the most awesome men's fragrance ever, I love when my husband wears it, I just want to jump him.......Men, take my advice, get this one, you won't be sorry...

  • EJAYBEE01/02/2002

    It took a while to grow on me then Damn! I get a lot of compliments when i wear this stuff. Get the shower gel to go with, you wont be sorry.

  • PHILLIP12/23/2001

    I agree with LK, this is a pleasant fragrance but it is very sweet. Not the most masculine scent out there.

  • L.K.12/19/2001

    ...too sweet for man...

  • DAN12/18/2001

    One of the best around. It'll get you noticed in the best of ways.

  • LAVENDER11/30/2001

    When I smell this stuff on a man, it is completely irresistible! I love it! I always make a point to buy a bottle of it for a man that I plan to date for a while…just for my own pleasure!!

  • JDOE11/19/2001

    I bought this stuff and it was the best 40 bucks I spent..Chicks dig it

  • BEARUK09/30/2001

    The first time I tried Le Male I thought it was rather ordinary, but it just goes to show how much your state of mind - and time - can influence your tastes. Six months after I tried Le Male again, and now it is the ladies firm favorite at work. It wrestles for position as my personal favorite with Mugler's Angel Men

  • MR. COLOGNE09/28/2001

    Don't like the finish -- nothing especially distinctive in the bottom notes, and the head notes are too tart for my tastes. Charming bottle, though. Don't expect subtle from Gaultier. Could be fun nightclubbing fragrance. Until you start vomiting.

  • LICIA09/26/2001

    i bought this for my boyfriend and it smells wonderful. when he wears it, it drives me crazy

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    Terrific! I like it very much. One of the best male fragrances, and all women I know rave about it.

  • IZZY08/26/2001

    It smells great and lasts for a long time. if you havent got it i suggest you get will see the difference.

  • ELENA08/21/2001

    This is best men's fragrance on the market...i know only one which can stand the comppetion - 'EGOIST' by Chanel.

  • MISS SEPHORA07/06/2001


  • MIKE KAISER07/03/2001

    le male is here, and he is hott. This will drive your women wild. A good summer scent that will garauntee results.

  • STUD07/01/2001

    I must agree with the other messages; this smell is definately a lady's favorite!!

  • WC LIND06/29/2001

    never fails to get a "Wow. you sure smell nice"!

  • GP03/11/2001

    Every guy needs this stuff

  • SDSPEEDY02/17/2001

    This is everybody,s favorite oriental fragrance. If you don,t have it in your collection, you better get it. You don,t know what you are missing!!! Woman will want you, guys may chase you,whatever your bag, Jean Paul better be in it!!!!! Cheers, DTS

  • KEITH CLARK09/23/2000

    Is this parfum sold at certain retailers in the US.

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