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Tuscany Per Donna Estee Lauder Image

Estee Lauder

Tuscany Per Donna   

54 Reviews

As sensuous and luminous as the Italian countryside. This fragrance perfectly captures the warm light and relaxed sensuality of a romantic hillside villa. Even the name Tuscany Per Donna, which means Tuscany for Women, reflects the lush blend of blooming flowers and Mediterranean herbs, softened with rich sandalwood and sweet vanilla.

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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As sensuous and luminous as the Italian countryside. This fragrance perfectly captures the warm light and relaxed sensuality of a romantic hillside villa. Even the name Tuscany Per Donna, which means Tuscany for Women, reflects the lush blend of blooming flowers and Mediterranean herbs, softened with rich sandalwood and sweet vanilla.

  • DEBBIE POLLOCK04/03/2017

    This is my second favourite perfume after Chanel No 5. It has a spicy smell rather than flowery and that is why I like it so much. I love it. If you like a musky savoury scent this is for you

  • SYLVIE04/03/2017

    The world's beste perfume ever - don't know what I would do without ...

  • GEMMA DI NATALE03/26/2017

    Very happy, love this perfume ... Always get compliments.

  • SYLVIE05/19/2015

    The best perfume scent ever - nothing compares!I wear it everyday and get complimented on it regularly!...

  • MARJORIE HEWITT05/14/2014

    ...glorious perfume...

  • DEBBIE POLLOCK04/08/2013

    I love the spicy smell rather than a flowery one...

  • LINDA01/16/2012

    I absolutely love this fragrance! I wear it all the time & have been for about 9-10 years. Everywhere I go people always ask what scent I'm wearing. Women especially,compliment me & have asked what it is that smells SO great on me. In restaurants I've been stopped more than a few times on the way in or out& asked about the fragrance.

  • CATHLYN03/31/2011

    lovely fragrance! It does smell like Samsara... I just noticed that today!

  • LARA10/07/2010

    I love this- I wear it when I feel like being sexy!

  • PAM12/26/2008

    This fragrance is like no other. I get compliments all the time! I've worn it exclusively for over 10 years!

  • LIZ Z12/06/2008

    I loved this perfume. It smelled fabulous on me. Unfortunately I'm allergic to scents of all kinds now and even a dab behind my knees gives me a headache within 10 minutes. Not being able to wear this perfume is my biggest regret of my allergies.

  • MARINE11/11/2008

    This parfum was born in 1985,like me.It is 23 years old!I would like,I hope The Estee Lauder company will continue to make it,because for me this is my parfum,my personality for all my life!

  • RHONA MILLS02/26/2008

    i really love this perfume but unable to get it as they stopped making it people always used to ask where to get this but it could only be got in duty free no one else carried it would love to get this again

  • MARINE01/03/2008

    When I wear this parfume,I feel like woman.Wonderful and magical fragrance!

  • KRIS11/02/2007

    I used to wear Tuscany years ago, and for some reason stopped. I miss its uniqueness, and was hoping I could find a mini bottle of it to try again. I remember being in a club and I sauntered up to the bar to get a drink. I apologized to the man next to me for having to squeeze so close to him, and he replied, "You can stand next to me all night, if you want--you smell incredible!!!" It was the coolest compliment any guy's ever given me regarding a perfume!

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    I think they are the same sort of fragrance - dry chypres. It's not a bad fragrance, just didn't sit well on my skin. A little too bitter.

  • APRIL04/10/2007

    I get wonderful comments all the time about this perfume.It smells beautiful, and when I wear it I feel beautiful .

  • APRIL04/10/2007

    I get wonderful comments all the time about this perfume.

  • LISA09/28/2006

    you'll probably also like's a little richer without that little bit of "bite" that the lauder fragrances tend to have...both nice scents.

  • ALLISON R.06/07/2006

    I finally figured out what this scent smelled like to me. The original Guess perfume that came out in 1990. I was a teenager then and bought Guess perfume at local drug stores. Now a bottle from that era would cost a hundred dollars . Very interesting. This scent came out in the mid eighties so Guess probably copied it to some degree. I loved Guess perfume, because it smelled best on really hot days and nights, even though it was a heady oriental.

  • LINDA05/06/2006

    This scent smells like perspiration the longer it sits on you. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone and luckily the pump was faulty and I could return it!

  • LENA03/30/2006

    I'm 26 and I never forgot this smell. One time standing in line at the post office, I had to ask the lady what perfume she was wearing. TUSCANY! I told her that it reminded me of my kindergarten teacher. A few years ago, I ran into my kindergarten teacher when I was a substitute teacher and I asked her if she could tell me the perfume she wore. It was Tuscany! I LOVE this scent! Brings back good memories. It's amazing how different scents remind us of different things!

  • ALLISON03/16/2006

    I like some aspects. Others are like a punch to the nostrils. If this scent could be taken down a few notches it would be delightful. I'll give it a good rating, only because it could be alot worse considering it is an oriental.

  • GAYLA03/10/2006


  • JILLAINE12/20/2005

    Anyone else notice how closely TUSCANY and Guerlain's SAMSARA resemble each other? Almost smell-a-like twins. Either way though, both are fabulous. Warm florals, perfectly blended & long lasting.

  • DAWN07/10/2005

    I have used this for about 10 years, and periodically would try something else. I don't get the compliments with other perfumes like I do with Tuscany.

  • COURTNEY05/27/2005

    Ummm.. This one is one of my favorites. Very rich and warm. Best for cool weather in my opinion because it's kind of a heavier fragrance.

  • OLIVIA 04/13/2005

    this is a very rich( but not loud) and comforting scent. I get most compliments on this one. It's sweet, woody soft, very dreamy. A wonderful cool weather/evening scent!

  • LOISPOL02/13/2005

    This was my signiture scent in the mid 90's. I still love it and it is part of my perfume collection. It lasts and is a rich romantic scent on me.

  • JULES12/16/2004

    I first smelled it when I was 16 years old. I bought it right away...even though now I think it may have been a bit "older" than I was. I love this scent. Very strong. Perfect for winter. Try spritzing it on right before going out in the cold... It picks something up as soon as you walk out into the brisk air. Very lovely. The wierd thing is...I took a summer course in college and the professor wore this. I didn't like it. It was hot, it was a math class and it made me feel queasy. However, a spray or two is enough...I think this professor bathed in it.

  • RITA12/12/2004

    This frangrance is wonderful. I have a hard time finding the bath gel and body creme Glad to see you have the lotion. I have worn this for many years

  • SSDNC07/10/2004

    I love this fragrance. A friend gave it to me because she didn't care for it. It's very sexy, but a little definitely goes a long way. This scent, to me, smells exactly like Guerlain's "Samsara"

  • BETH05/02/2004

    I've worn Tuscany for years and have gotten so many compliments on it. People say it's "my" signature scent!! I know it's an evening fragrance but I wear it every day. Wish it was shown on the shelves more.

  • DEE04/13/2004

    I get the most compliments when I wear this perfume. I wish the stores still put it out front more. I always have to ask for it.

  • MARY K.04/12/2004

    This is a very warm, rich and sensual fragrance and long-lasting too. It reminds me a bit of Samsara.

  • MJ01/13/2004

    Tuscany has a very elegant smell. I stumbled on this perfume while traveling in the Bahamas (yr 99) and plans to keep this apart of my collection.

  • LISA09/12/2003

    This one is a woody oriental that isn't too strong and wears all of the Estee Lauder fragrances you don't need to use much, but it smells great.

  • STEPHANIE08/05/2003

    I've been wearing this scent since my junior year of high school...and I am turning 25. I found this fragrance by accident. I was looking for a scent that no one else I knew had. I'd never even heard of this, but it was so warm and spicy. I still get comments every day from men saying how wonderful I smell. This is the best scent ever!

  • SHAHEEN07/18/2003

    tuscany smells delicious .

  • LISA06/20/2003

    I've been wereing Tuscany since my husband bought it for me when we were dating. It's been 10 years now and he still goes crazy when I were. I love it!!!!

  • SIDNEY01/08/2003

    I love to wear this in the winter, it's so warm and sensual, it may be a bit strong for some. I love the woodsy spicy smell it's so comforting. If you like Dolce & Gabbana signature fragrance with the red cap then you'll like this one.

  • MARLIE01/06/2003

    Tuscany is beautiful! You feel like you're under the sun-drenched Tuscan sky when you wear this. The dry down is sensual-ambery and musk. Pricey but worth it.

  • POOKIE_MCDONALD12/23/2002

    Very Elegant Scent!

  • JESSICA12/05/2002

    Normally like real light scents but smelled this and there was just something about it that I absolutely loved. Wearing it makes me feel sexy!!!!

  • DEE JOH11/12/2002

    This perfume smelled pretty decent in the bottle, but it was very overpowering when I wore it. I couldn't stand to wait for the dry-down. A little too synthetic.

  • A.07/19/2002

    Balanced, refreshing, powdery and woodsy with some jasmine thrown in for a romantic touch. I think I'm going to wear it when I get married in a couple of weeks. Then I'll always have a pleasant association and special fondness for it.

  • JOANN06/24/2002

    I have to be so careful of scent. Most smell really bad on me but this is so good. It brightens my outlook all day when I wear it.

  • CYNTHIA06/03/2002

    This fragrance smells great in the bottle, but does not agree with my natural body oils. The smell is so over-powering and repugnant, it gives me headaches. I had to give mine away.

  • KRISTI03/16/2002

    My husband just loves this perfume. This is all he wants me to wear.He says this one drives him crazy when I wear it. Can't beat that can we ladies!!

  • CYNTHIA02/18/2002

    I'd have thought more women would have claimed Tuscany per Donna as their favorite fragrance. It wears well andsmells divine (esp. in cold weather.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Spicy-Soapy then Cold-Powdery.

  • PETRINA12/15/2001

    this is a classic..warm n fuzzy with a touch of spice...

  • EMILY12/07/2001

    I wore Tuscany per Donna for quite a while a couple of years ago during cold weather. Then I switched for the summer to something else and jsut recently started wearing Tuscany again. It smells kind of soft but spicy and makes me feel sexy and beautiful. And what woman doesn't appreciate that feeling!? I just bought another large bottle...

  • CATARINA08/21/2001

    This fragrance reminds me of house warming baskets, with lots of home made cookies, cinnamon smelling candles and good wine :o). It gives me a nice, fuzzy and warm feeling. It is also very affordable, but it doesn't seem to last as long as the other Estee Lauder fragrances, unless you wear a lot of it. I can't use it around my boyfriend though because he seems to hate it :o(

  • MEGANLOU04/23/2001

    This fragrance is a warm, somewhat musky vanilla scent. It wears very nicely, and wearing it, I feel sensuous, in an autumn sort of way.

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