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Ange ou Demon Givenchy Image


Ange ou Demon   

23 Reviews

Givenchy introduces Ange ou Demon perfume, an Oriental Floral perfume centered around the noble lily and magnified by the elegance of palissander and oak woods. A sensual and elegant fragrance with a high level of natural ingredients. Ange ou Demon perfume is packaged in a precious bottle that symbolizes luxury and femininity: a unique crystal more

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 3.4 oz Body Veil + Cosmetic Bag
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Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDP Spray + 2.5 oz Body Lotion + 2.5 oz Shower Gel
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1.7 oz EDP Spray
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Givenchy introduces Ange ou Demon perfume, an Oriental Floral perfume centered around the noble lily and magnified by the elegance of palissander and oak woods. A sensual and elegant fragrance with a high level of natural ingredients. Ange ou Demon perfume is packaged in a precious bottle that symbolizes luxury and femininity: a unique crystal droplet representing light and shadow. TOP NOTES - Crystalline Femininity: white thyme essence, mandarin from Calabria and saffron essence. HEART NOTES - Radiant Nobleness: noble lily, ylang-ylang, orchid maxillaria. BASE NOTES - Mysterious Addiction: tonka bean, vanilla, palissander wood and oak wood essence.

  • ANNE BROWNE11/22/2012


  • DESDEKID10/30/2012

    this is how I see this perfume. the first time I smelled it in a store I did not like it. I usually like warm florientals, with vanilla and sweet aromas, and this seemed like a spicy oriental, maybe too mature for me. But when I got it as a present, I decided to wear it at work, and keep my other perfumes for the "special" ocassions". I never dreamed this would grow on me this much and I would become so addicted to it. It's dark and sensual, but not cloying or too sweet. It's spicy and oriental, but still modern enough to be worn by women under 40 :) I am 29. It's also the first ever perfume my boyfriend said he liked as he cuddled to my neck, and we have been together about 8 years, and I own a lot of good fragrances all the time. I can feel the lily, but somehow it doesn't give me a headache, and I am not a fan of floral perfumes, and also feel the woodiness that makes the perfume interesting and not so girly-girly. It lasts all day, it stays on my clothes, scarf, and on my skin, and it has a good projection, I have a friend who asks me everyday if I stopped wearing anything else besides this :)

  • RAJUL02/18/2012

    this fragrance has an incense is very familiar for people who have visited india. we do incense sticks in sooooo many different fragrances n the composition of this frag is something i have definately smelt before. yet, it is a lovely fragrance.........not one i can use daily or call my signature, but, one i wud choose to wear on a long rainy drive into the countryside.......while the clouds gather above n threaten to burst into a thunderstorm.

  • WENDY MARKLEY12/21/2011

    well pleased with this item

  • CATHY04/19/2010

    It lasts, I have found, if I layer the shower gel, the body lotion and then the EDP. I also spray a bit on the shoulders of my outfit if the material will take it. I agree, the smell is wonderful!

  • SEVENTHSIGHT06/29/2009

    This fragrance is both Devil and Angel. At first the sweet Elizabeth Taylor passion mixed with a bit of Divinchy's Very irresistable is the angel and definitely stands out then the angel is overwhelmed. The Devil raises his smokey head. The Devil sensual yet dangerously nasty shoves the angel aside. On drydown this fragrance does develop into a somewhat warm and inviting scent. However, it still takes some getting use to. For uniqueness and daring this fragrance stands out. Beware ladies, this fragrance is not for everyone.

  • TEACHER12/26/2008

    My students comment all the time that I smell nice. I layer the spray with the oil for a lasting scent. I enjoy this scent because it does not cause me to choke when I first spray it on. I love the smell first thing in the morning as dressing. It seems to fade, but it is still on your skin and clothes. If you could smell it all day without putting your nose to your clothes, then it would be obnoxious to everyone around you. The secretary at my son's school uses to wear "Angel" by T.M. and the entire first floor of the school smelt and it annoyed everyone. Take my advice, if the scent is obvious to you every minute of the day, then it is too strong for day time anyway. I wish the extract was available in Canada as I am unable to order from Nordstroms in Canada

  • SEVENTHSIGHT05/27/2008

    At first I thought this was a rather smokey sickening scent. However after wearing it several days it morphed again and I like it. It has an addictive quality that is quite alluring. Part sweetness part smokiness. It settles into one of those soft feminine fragrances you cannot get enough of.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT05/19/2008

    This perfume has a very skanky cheap perfume odor with smokey undertones. It reminds me of a cigerette filled room mixed with heavy obnoxious perfume undertones with occasional whiffs of body odor. Unless this perfume changes the longer you wear it, I would not recommend it to anyone. Its a sad shame for such a lovely bottle.

  • SAMANTHA03/08/2008

    i tested this at a perfume store and i loved it so i got a sample size. unfortunately a couple guy friends and my bf couldn't stand it. they say it's "too sweet". glad i didn't buy a big bottle.

  • ALLYSA01/27/2008

    This fragrance does not down to earth at all. The scent is half smells like fresh baked cake and half smells like fruity blackcurrant. This is not a good combination at all for a fragrance. This is like a combination between very iresistible givenchy for men and stinky wet tissue. Fortunately, the base note is much better than the top and heart notes. If u like something smells like fresh baked cake I recommend you to try Nina by Nina Ricci.

  • CANDRA01/06/2008

    I love this fragrance, it's the best givenchy fragrance ever. I describe the fragrance as follows. It's both soft and strong. It's both powdery and floral. This is also represented in the design of the bottle. The bottle is clear at the bottom and dark on top. It's like yin and yang.


    I was really excited about this one but very disappointed upon testing, I have gone back and smelled it several times and still nothing:(

  • JEM11/23/2007

    I agree, this is Wonderful scent!! Was so glad to finally find something special that I loved and wanted to spend money on. But I had the same experience - never received compliments because NO ONE can smell it, and I use quite a bit. Only thing I can think of is to try 'layering' - using the shower gel, then lotion, then the perfume spray. Maybe that will work (I hope).

  • I LOVE RAIN11/22/2007

    Just like Angel and it's very powdery and very sweet. Scent for winter. For those who like it - great staying power.

  • LEELEE11/21/2007

    I received this last year as gift and loved it very much! On my skin, this fragrances lasts all day long.. it even lasts longer on my clothes. It's very oriental and spicy.. very mature for the sexy women i think. However, after a couple of months, the scent got very boring and started smelling very old-ladyish. i went back to hot couture which never seems to lose its wow when i spritz it on.

  • BAILEY11/18/2007

    I purchased this in another city, because they did not carry it where i live. I really liked it at first, but agree with the others, that it fades. I have only worn it a few times because it really smells odd on me after the dry-down.

  • AGNES03/26/2007

    Hi Jessica, I find ange ou demon very similar to my first perfume ever, which was called My Melody Dreams (german edition). I think it has been discontinued. Anyway ange ou demon gives rellay nostalgic feelings to me. First it really seems not lasting on my skin, but somehow it is there and I still smell it at the end of the day when I am turning or moving. Have you ever tride Dior Addict?

  • JESSICA03/19/2007

    i have never smelt a perfume more perfect, after years of trying and searching i had finally found 'the one' sadly i never recieve compliments on this one ( people can't smell it) when sprayed initially it smells unbelieveable, then 10 minutes later - gone. so sad, why do all the great perfumes never last ?? i have also found this with hypnose, and brit. my only hope is that givenchy will release 'perfume drops pure perfume' like they did for very irresitable.....anyone else think this perfume won't last or have any tips for making it last or something really similar?? xxxx jessica, Ireland.

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