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Jean Patou


41 Reviews

1000 perfume was created by Jean Patou in 1972 and is recommended for office wear. This feminine scent contains a rich blend of fresh-cut flowers such as Chinese Osmanthus, Jasmine from Grasse, and Bulgarian Rose.

Giftset - 2.5 oz EDP Spray + 6.7 oz Body Cream
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0.85 oz EDT Spray
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1.5 oz EDT Spray (Old Tall Style) (Unboxed)
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2.5 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
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1000 perfume was created by Jean Patou in 1972 and is recommended for office wear. This feminine scent contains a rich blend of fresh-cut flowers such as Chinese Osmanthus, Jasmine from Grasse, and Bulgarian Rose.

  • TONY MELCHIOR07/27/2016

    always great to be able to buy some of this for my wife as Jean Patou no longer manufactures it, and it is her "signature scent"..... thanks to Perfume Emporium I still can !

  • MARA11/14/2012

    After years of sampling all types of fragrances, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer chypres over all other types. I know I don't speak for everyone, but I love the woodiness of 1000. What a fantastic scent. It has become one of my new favorites. I also like Irisia by Creed. Another great chypre.

  • JULIE11/13/2012

    I wore this perfume in the 80s and it truly was exquisite. Lots and lots of beautiful compliments every time that I had it on. Thought to revisit it but have been very disappointed in the "newer" version. The new version smells very sharp and has none of the softness and warmth of the older version - infact doesn't smell like 1000 at all. I do not recommend this, try to seek out the old 1000 in its beautiful jade flask. If its not broke, why fix it?

  • SHARON07/24/2012

    I absolutely adore this fragrance!! It lasts all day and leaves quite an impression!!

  • ARLYNE GOLDBERG02/14/2012

    Please advise me whenever this perfume is available. It's the only fragrance I've used for 35 years!

  • FIONA HOBDAY06/29/2010

    I am at a loss when travelling as I can't take my 1000 with me - I had my last tube of 1000 body lotion conviscated by security recently. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make travel size products of 1000 AND Joy as I am a life long user of both fragrances. 1000 is my "signature scent" and I feel lost without it!

  • FIONA HOBDAY06/29/2010

    I am at a loss when travelling as I can't take my 1000 with me - I had my last tube of 1000 body lotion conviscated by security recently. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make travel size products of 1000 AND Joy as I am a life long user of both fragrances. 1000 is my "signature scent" and I feel lost without it!

  • JOSIE JAVAR12/02/2009

    I like the smell of Jean Patou,but really, I can't forget it, I used it when I was working as a Nurse in Saudi Arabia, It's very sweet and this is my favorite perfume ever.Very expensive but not comparable to other perfumes

  • ANNIE05/14/2008

    Don't waste your money on the edt, buy the edp - or the parfum if you can afford it. Patou 1000 is amazing in the parfum, but thin and nothing like what it's meant to be in the edt, in my opinion. Concentration here really makes a difference.

  • JAN06/20/2007

    Married in 1968 I was oh so lucky to honeymoon on St. Thomas, where my husband bought me my first bottle of Joy. When the second bottle of that ran out we took the option to try 1000. In retrospect it must have been very close to it first coming out. I went for decades wearing Joy as my "summer" and 1000 as my "winter" fragrances. More recently I have dropped the Joy in favor of the 1000 (just turned 60 this year) since it sems to be right for me all year-round. I do agree with the women who find that 1000 doesn't smell right when they say that it doesn't go with everyone's body chemistry. Thank god that it goes with mine!

  • CHARLOTTE05/02/2007

    Anyone who hates this perfume can send it to me. It has and will always be one of my very favorites!!! I just wish I could afford it.

  • REBECCA03/13/2007


  • MS.HILL12/20/2006

    Ms Bovary, you are absolutely correct! i'm a patchouli lover, and i get that when i wear 1000. i think that is why i love it so!

  • CHERY T06/07/2006

    To me this is a fragrance one wears to a $5,000 a plate fundraiser, an all-out black tie gala. But office wear?? I didn't consider it until I read the description on PE after my last post. I took the suggestion and tried wearing it at the office. I have to admit, wearing 1000 to work made me feel sort of snooty -- even while eating my $5 sandwich. Seriously, I am thankful for the suggestion. Now I see 1000 as a year round, all occasion fragrance that can go from office to country club to black-tie gala. A true first-class fragrance.

  • CHERYL T06/05/2006

    1000 is a truly unique, regal fragrance, and I always wanted to wear it. Unfortunately, only the EDT tester was available in most dept. stores, and on me it dries down to that musty, decayed flower smell. Recently, I was in an upscale dept. store that had the EDP tester, and wow what a difference! I liked it so much I bought a bottle the spot. Too bad I couldn't wait because if I bought it from Perfume Emporium I would have saved a lot of money.. But you know how it is when you have to have it right now!

  • PATTIE12/28/2005

    I purchased my first bottle in Nassau in 1980 and have loved it every since. This is a classy, fragrance, youthful not old.

  • DONNA ASHMUS12/21/2005

    I found 1000 on a scuba diving diving trip in the Bimini Islands and fell in love with the fragrance. Ever since then, when I wear 1000, I remember the islands and the sunsets.

  • DEBRA08/26/2005

    i so love the jean patou 1000 body cream that i order it two at a time so i am never without it. i love it. the 1000 parfum solide is fabulous also. i have even mixed the 1000 body cream with joy perfume...fabulous love it.

  • AIMEE08/25/2005

    It is one of the most rich, sensual scents I have was very dificult to find for a time, but thanks to "the net" I can once again have the pleasure of being asked repeatedly "what is that delicious scent you're wearing!".

  • MADI02/23/2005

    where do I begin? To tell the story of an umatched fragrance that I just found again. I couldn't find it anywhere and all of a sudden "The internet" Thank you for giving me back my scent.

  • FLEUR02/03/2005

    Luxurious, discreet, unique and maybe even a bit haughty. Mille is my secret pleasure.

  • SYLVIE01/22/2005

    Hi, Ms. Bovary. It's absolutely correct what you wrote about Mille (1000). Mille by Patou is classified in the olfactory-category: Pure FLORAL!!! But that's wrong: It's 100 % Chypre type of perfume. Excellent and posh style fragrance. Classic and legendary.

  • EMMA BOVARY12/30/2004

    1000 is not for is a chypre...a floral chypre. I smell patchouli when I wear is woody. A long lasting of Jackie O's faves. This is nothing like Joy..if you love florals...this is not for you..this is for chypre lovers only.

  • CLAUDIA T.12/26/2004

    I am a relatively young perfume user but have been always adoring Jean Patou's magic to mingle 1000 ingredients smoothly together since I was only a little girl. Therefore, this perfume for me is a must-buy. Yesterday I finally got my chance to try this perfume. What can I say? I had never experienced a perfume with such a sophisticated and profound grace before. I agree that this scent is a bit old style and mature, but its unique character seems to transcend it from time and it generates new scent layer by layer make me feel that it seems to never wear out, not like most trend perfumes so fluffy and flimsy. Also, it has great staying power that I can smell it totally 1 day after. I know I must go for it. It is a masterpiece.

  • PATTI05/24/2004

    beautiful fragrance. i have worn for 25 years and constantly receive compliments from both men and women.

  • MARIENNE11/01/2003

    This parfum is only, and exclusive for the womans with very special taste and classy, is the most fine and high class fragance... is not for everybody is for special woman's

  • JULIE ERNST09/09/2003

    Very classy fragrance. Total luxury in a bottle. Everytime I wear it I feel like a million bucks. Very nice sleek easy to handle bottle.

  • JOSIE08/15/2003

    My body chemistry must be similar to those who said this was terrible on them. It really does have an awful musty underscent. I remember that I sprayed some years ago at the Neiman Marcus, and just loved how it smelled. But recently, I purchased it online and was very let down. At first, I was excited to finally have a bottle of this classy looking, expensive perfume. And it smelled good when I first sprayed it on, but then a few hours later, it smelled like death! Absolute death - almost like decayed flowers! I gave it away to a friend, but I don't think she really liked it either.

  • MYLAAN07/27/2003

    Huge raves everytime I wear this.

  • LUCIA07/22/2003

    I was once told by a young lawyer that I was very attractive, but my fragrance was very "old-lady". I had on Jean Patou's 1000 that day. I still wear it on occasion, though.

  • MURKI07/22/2003

    Do like it, very elegant!

  • ELLIZA06/12/2003

    i got this because joy is so exquisite and was disappointed. to start, joy is so gorgeously floral. almost no floral to this. as a sultry woody scent, for a while this was allright -- overpriced but allright. then suddenly it went VERY sour on me. i put it on and it smelled bad, not in any way alluring or nice. i've tried to give it away, and it's wierd. some people smell really nice in it. i spilled a little in my car, and again, some people really liked it (it did eventually disappear though that took a while). but other people don't like it at all. a friend of mine's boyfriend "checked it out" for her (by spraying some on himself before playing a sports game!) and he smelled incredible. and liked it. but my friend has not really gone for it and while i'm a little disappointed, and don't want to see it wasted, i'm not entirely surprised. overall, i have to say aphrael's wonderful story notwithstanding, this one seriously disappoints, especially after the build-up. you are better off sticking with the gorgeous, gorgeous joy.

  • LILITH05/29/2003

    My favorite rose based floral of all times.

  • ZALE01/05/2003

    Sour on me unfortunately. Very nice when I first put on but I feel hours later I feel like I'm in a cemetery filled with decayed flowers around me. What a shame since I paid top bucks for this stuff!

  • BETH01/02/2003

    I keep trying to like this one. I tried it a few years ago, and didn't really enjoy it. I recently bought a miniature of it, and am glad I didn't get a big bottle. It's not horrible, but I just don't get anything floral out of it - it smells extremely woody to me.

  • APHRAEL11/07/2002

    Last weekend,I was at a pompous, boring,laahdeedaah corporate soiree with my husband.The men all looked like penguins,in black and white,and the women were all stuffed in tight black dresses,dripping with diamonds and smelling of the obligatory spicy oriental evening fragrance of the moment.YAWN...Since I've had to endure this type of thing before, (hey,it pays the bills),I knew what to expect.But this time I figured, hell no,if I have to spend another evening being " charming and delightful " to people whose only interest lies in the size of their bank account,(another mention of the stock market and I will barf on their Mahnolos,I swear),then at least I should be comfortable,in a fairly naughty,if not downright wicked way.So I showed up clad in ivory silk corset with no straps,but a plunging neckline to make up for it, and a pair of skinny capry cut ivory suede cigarette pants,and,a pair of matching ballet slippers.The only jewelry I had on were my wedding ring and a pair of platinum teardrop earrings.That outffit raised a few eyebrows,but what really took the cake was my choice for fragrance: 1000. Anyone who thinks of 1000 as a " buziness endeavour " scent ought to think again. OOOH,baby, what a rush!!! I had men AND women sniffing me all evening long, they all wanted to know what it was and I refused to tell.Only one lady guessed,and since she had the class not to tell out loud,but instead whispered it in my ear,I ended up spending the evening chatting with her,which was wildly entertaining, since she,too,seems to share my passion for perfume.(incidently,I did tell her about this site,maybe we'll get to know her better,some day) When my husband and I got home, around 3:00 am,he told me that my fragrance cause him to commit a few verbal blunders (anyone familiar with the old freudian slip?...He had a few),which,luckily had the people he was talking to laugh uproariously. More than a few guests were convinced that I was not his wife, but his girlfriend,and he said :"She's my wife and my girlfriend." Then at home he proceeded to prove it by honoring me like a king would his queen until the sun was way up in the sky.I get the feeling I will always have some very fond memories associated with 1000. Wouldn't you?...

  • LOLA08/27/2002

    Luminous,sensual,loooong lasting. I always get compliments with this one.

  • ANIKA06/14/2002

    Was incredibly disappointed in 1000 as Joy is one of my all time favorites. Unfortunately I tried this before I knew Chypres, in most of their variations, are generally not a good match for my body chemistry. The top note starts out lovely on me, but it quickly develops into an almost arid, dusty, musty sort of odor. It oddly reminded me of something very old, tired and dry. Wish I could wear this, but it just doesn't work with my body chemistry. Will have to stick with Joy.

  • KIM05/24/2002

    Slogan of 1000 "So rare... and availabe to so few... each flacon is registered." My comment, just one word: neat!

  • LISA05/02/2002

    I have worn this fragrance for over 20 years now and still have no desire to change. It is beautiful, subtle and classy. My husband loves it, and I love it because I don't smell like every other trend-following woman on the planet.

  • SHARON11/29/2001

    This scent is so seductive and pretty that I fall in love with it over and over again everytime I wear it.

  • JEAN ANDERSON10/23/2001

    Joy de Jean Patou was my fragrance, until I tried 1000. It is so refreshing. I love it!

  • H.05/31/2001

    Awesome scent!!!

  • MILLER02/01/2001

    This is a wonderful perfume. It is like springtime without the bees. It makes you feel wonderful!!!

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